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DizzoDoes anyone know where I can find this driver: DPO_RT3070_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.4_2010060408:20
Dizzoor an equivalent?08:20
DizzoNEver mind I found it!08:30
Silver_Fox_Hello AbhiJit , how are you?09:59
AbhiJitSilver_Fox_, just finished war with postgres!09:59
AbhiJitnow its working! :)09:59
Silver_Fox_Haha,  well done AbhiJit  :)09:59
Silver_Fox_Do you have any plans for the day ?10:01
AbhiJitjust sleeping ! and completing assignments!10:04
AbhiJitSilver_Fox_, what about you?10:05
Silver_Fox_Not a great deal,  just doing my rounds on the Ubuntu Forums  =)10:05
Silver_Fox_Might try and get some sleep ;)10:06
AbhiJitnow m going to sleep!!!10:06
Silver_Fox_Goodbye AbhiJit =)10:08
duanedesignmorning all12:14
mR0I need help....12:20
Silver_Fox_Please tell us what you require help with mR012:21
mR0Thanks Silver_Fox. but it just solved12:25
Silver_Fox_That is good mR0  .12:25
mR0ineed a little help here. Im using ubuntu 9.04 on my comp. and I use vlc  for movie player. but it can't still play any VCD although it can play DVD. any suggest?14:09
ubot2For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats14:16
shadeslayermR0: ^14:16
mR0yes shadeslayer14:16
mR0thanks ubot214:17
mR0I'll try14:17
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AndrewMC!hi | Silver_Fox_21:06
ubot2Silver_Fox_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu-beginners! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!21:06
Silver_Fox_Hello AndrewMC21:06
ubot2Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, or nhandler!21:15
jussiSilver_Fox_: please dont abuse the !ops call21:15
Silver_Fox_I was just reviewing the last irc team meeting logs.  It was supposed to be changed for a specific message for this channel.21:16
jussiSilver_Fox_: please use /msg ubot2 ops then ;)21:16
jussior /msg ubot2 ops-#ubuntu-beginners21:17
Silver_Fox_As it turns out the message has not been changed, quite odd.21:18
AndrewMCSilver_Fox_: but regardless only play with the bot in PM21:18
* phillw is now scared to try that in #lubuntu in case I get told off :-(21:23
Silver_Fox_Haha, phillw  :)21:25
phillwSilver_Fox_: I'm still learning this IRC stuff, whilst I am an OP in #lubuntu, the team is so small that there may be times when none of us are about and we have a 'problem'.21:27
zkriesse_phillw: need ops in lubuntu?21:28
zkriesse_and hey Silver_Fox_21:29
bodhi_zazen'lo all21:34
Silver_Fox_o/ bodhi21:36
zkriesse_its bodhi_zazen !!!!21:37
zkriesse_yo dude!21:37
keithtooI'm having trouble getting my ubuntu box to talk to any other computers on my network. I have 3 other machines hooked up - all MS - and they all share files just fine.21:42
keithtooany net-savvy folks on?21:43
keithtooI have crunched through hundreds of topics - literally - on the net regarding this issue, and probably jacked the system up pretty good.21:46
bodhi_zazenyou many need to add your windows boxen to /etc/hosts or install a dns server21:46
keithtoowill that work on a DHCP system?21:47
zkriesse_bodhi_zazen: how ya been?21:47
bodhi_zazenkeithtoo: yes, dhcp is not the same as dns21:49
bodhi_zazenAlthough if your router does dns, you should configure the router (rather then install a dns server)21:50
keithtoobodhi: I know - but the ip address is required to add an entry to hosts.21:50
bodhi_zazenSet static IP on servers21:51
keithtoono way to do this using the DHCP I'm using now?21:51
bodhi_zazenor try dnsmasq21:51
keithtooit's an ad hoc net - there is no "server" per se21:52
bodhi_zazendnsmasq is easy to configure and will do both dns and dhcp21:52
keithtookk - that was installed some time... how to run it?21:53
bodhi_zazenyou then disable dhcp on your router21:53
keithtoonot sure if I can do that. There's a network printer in the mix as well - it's DHCP configured, and nothing I can do will change that21:56
bodhi_zazenIt should take 5 min to set up21:56
bodhi_zazendnsmasq should do dhcp21:56
bodhi_zazenyour printer should not know the difference21:57
keithtoodnsmasq would run on the linux box though. The printer - a lexmark all in one that isn't supported - only speaks to the windows boxes21:58
bodhi_zazennot if it uses dhcp to get an IP from your router21:59
bodhi_zazenunless your router is running windows =)22:00
bodhi_zazenIs there some hardware incomaptibility that your all-in-one printer will not work with Ubuntu ?22:01
keithtooyes - the Lexmark x4530 is totally unsupported22:02
keithtooThe goal here is simply to be able to share files between the machines... it looks like dnsmasq is overkill, no?22:03
bodhi_zazenyou can22:04
bodhi_zazen1. Use the command line22:04
bodhi_zazensudo mount -t cifs //windows_ip_address/directory /mount/point -o options22:05
bodhi_zazen2. Use nautilus - to do this you need to either manyally edit /etc/hosts to include your windows box by ip22:05
bodhi_zazenyou can either set static IP or install a dns server22:06
bodhi_zazenup to you to decide which is easier22:06
bodhi_zazenThere are other protocols, you can us ssh22:07
bodhi_zazeninstall a ssh server on Ubuntu, and connect from windows with winscp22:07
bodhi_zazenOr you could install a ftp server22:07
bodhi_zazenas long as you are behind a LAN, both ftp and ssh are viable22:07
bodhi_zazenssh is better over the internet22:08
keithtoothe only sharing is while we're all on the same router...22:09
bodhi_zazenWhich box(s) is the server ?22:11
bodhi_zazenI assume windows ?22:11
keithtoojust using simple share22:11
bodhi_zazenWell, you have to have a server, otherwise us a flash drive22:11
bodhi_zazenwhat is "simple share "22:12
bodhi_zazenis that a windows thing ?22:12
keithtooit's an option that allows you to hook up computers on your own router22:12
bodhi_zazenIf so , you are trying to use Ubuntu as a clinet to connect to a windows file server22:12
bodhi_zazenYou have to have a network protocol22:12
keithtooyou set up shares, and enable simple sharing. This allows computers to be able to see the published shares without authenticating22:13
bodhi_zazenWhere did you set up shares ?22:13
bodhi_zazenOn the router or on a windows box ?22:13
keithtooall the windows boxes can see each other and can transfer data without a problem22:13
keithtoosupposedly, Ubuntu has the same functionality22:14
bodhi_zazenI think you are using what is called samba22:14
bodhi_zazenWhat happens when you22:14
bodhi_zazensudo mount -t cifs //windows_ip_address/name_of_shared_directory /mnt22:15
bodhi_zazenls /mnt22:15
keithtooI'll try it22:15
keithtoomount error(110): Connection timed out22:17
Bizurkedoes samba come installed by default?22:18
bodhi_zazensudo apt-get install smbfs22:19
bodhi_zazenthen try mounting again22:19
keithtooif it didn't, I have surely installed it by now22:19
Bizurkethere is a samba gui also. iirc22:19
bodhi_zazenAnd if the connection timed out, firewall ?22:19
keithtooyep - I have the samba gui up22:20
bodhi_zazencan you connect , by ip address, with the samba gui ?22:21
bodhi_zazencan you ping the windows box from ubutnu ?22:21
keithtooyes - I can ping all the win boxes from the ubuntu box22:22
keithtoosamba server gui only allows me to add shares from MY side22:22
bodhi_zazenfirewall ?22:22
Bizurkemaybe nmap it22:22
keithtoonot sure of firewall... might have been something I ran into a week ago...22:23
bodhi_zazenDisable your windows firewall for a minute then22:24
bodhi_zazenAnd on Ubuntu if you enabled it22:24
bodhi_zazenAnd please post the exact mount command you used22:26
keithtookk - firewall on the Win7 box is down.22:28
keithtoo$ sudo mount -t cifs //VAIO-Laptop/Public /mnt22:28
keithtoomount error(110): Connection timed out22:28
bodhi_zazenVAIO-Laptip is not an ip address22:29
bodhi_zazensudo mount -t cifs //192.168.1.xx/Public /mnt22:29
bodhi_zazenyou need to use the ip address of the laptop22:29
bodhi_zazenIn windows open a terminal and enter22:30
keithtoo$ sudo mount -t cifs // /mnt22:31
keithtoothat command did NOT timeout...22:31
bodhi_zazenls /mnt22:31
bodhi_zazenyou will see your shares22:31
bodhi_zazengksu gedit /etc/hosts22:32
bodhi_zazenadd at the bottom22:32
bodhi_zazen192.168.0.16  VAIO-Laptop22:32
bodhi_zazensudo umount /mnt22:32
bodhi_zazensudo mount -t cifs //VAIO-Laptop/Public /mnt22:32
bodhi_zazenand your graphical tools, nautilus in particular should now work22:33
bodhi_zazenYou can probably re-enable your windows firewall22:33
bodhi_zazenFYI : Your VIAO laptop is acting as a (file) server and Ubuntu is a (samba) client22:35
keithtoohmmm.... after adding the IP to the hosts file (which was done earlier), mount times out again22:35
bodhi_zazenpastebin your /etc/hosts file22:36
bodhi_zazenping VAIO-Laptop22:36
ubot2For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:36
keithtoomy bad... spun the IP numbers as I typed them...22:37
bodhi_zazenList your laptop only once22:38
bodhi_zazenin /etc/hosts22:38
bodhi_zazenYou should be able to unmount ths share , and then mount it graphically, with nautilus22:40
bodhi_zazensudo umount /mnt22:40
bodhi_zazenthen browse to your network and you should see your share22:40
keithtookk - I can now see the system from the mount22:40
keithtoonot from nautilus though22:40
bodhi_zazenunmount it first, then try mounting it from nautilus22:41
bodhi_zazensudo umount /mnt22:42
keithtooUnable to mount - failed to retrieve share list from server22:43
bodhi_zazennautilus is such a pain =)22:44
bodhi_zazenThis is a somewhat longstanding bug in nautilus22:44
bodhi_zazensudo mkdir /media/VIAO-Public22:44
bodhi_zazensudo mount -t cifs //VIAO-Laptop/Public /media/VIAO-Public -o uid-1000,gid=100022:45
keithtoopublic? or laptop?22:45
bodhi_zazenWhatever you like to call it22:45
bodhi_zazenYou can add an entry in fstab if you like22:45
bodhi_zazenand you can use file amd dir modes22:47
bodhi_zazensudo mount -t cifs //VIAO-Laptop/Public /media/VIAO-Public -o uid-1000,gid=1000,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0666,iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode22:47
bodhi_zazenYou can add all that to /etc/fstab22:47
bodhi_zazenand manually mount22:47
bodhi_zazenor use autofs22:48
keithtoosudo mount -t cifs //VAIO-Laptop/ Public /media/VIAO-Public -o uid-1000,gid=1000 - gives me a usage error?22:48
bodhi_zazenautofs takes a few minutes to wrap your head around, but it is slick22:48
bodhi_zazenYou have a space in your command22:49
keithtoocutting off my thumbs now... geez22:49
bodhi_zazenuid=100=, sorry about the -22:49
bodhi_zazensudo mount -t cifs //VIAO-Laptop/Public /media/VIAO-Public -o uid=1000,gid=1000,dir_mode=0777,file_mode=0666,iocharset=utf8,codepage=unicode,unicode22:49
ubot2Ubuntu bug 316862 in gvfs (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Nautilus fails to browse windows shares (affects: 2) (heat: 26)" [Low,Incomplete]22:51
bodhi_zazendid that mount command I gave you work ?22:54
bodhi_zazenDo you know how to convert that to an entry in autofs or fstab ?22:54
keithtooit did... I can see the directory from the command line22:55
keithtoocan't get it from nautilus22:55
keithtooand... don't know how to work autofs or fstab yet22:55
bodhi_zazenOpen nautilus and browse to /media/VIAO-Public, or wherever you mounted it (in /media I hope)22:55
keithtoosweet! there it is...22:56
keithtoook - now, once the DHCP lease expires, I'll have to do that all again right?22:58
bodhi_zazeneither that or set a static IP22:58
keithtooseems to me that I have to nail the IP addresses of all the home net down22:58
bodhi_zazenshould be easy to do from your router, most allow you to set a static IP22:58
bodhi_zazenOr set a static IP in Windows22:58
keithtooYep - just have to set all the boxes to go with a static IP too22:59
bodhi_zazenOr install dnsmasq, and allow Ubuntu to do teh dhcp and dns22:59
bodhi_zazenOr use a central server for all your shares22:59
keithtooI've been thinking along those lines.... I have an older box collecting dust in a corner here...23:00
bodhi_zazenOld box + Ubuntu server FTW23:00
keithtooThink it has feisty or edgy on it23:00
bodhi_zazenThat is what I do23:00
bodhi_zazenOld box + Debian + kerberos23:01
bodhi_zazen+ NFS mounted autofs23:01
bodhi_zazenkerberos is a bit beyond you at the moment, but we can change that ...23:01
keithtooI've been around... ;)23:02
keithtoojust have to switch my mindset from WIndows "I'll do it for you" to Linux's "What do you REALLY want to do"23:02
bodhi_zazenI use kerberos for the encryption (wireless LAN) and nfs + autofs is easy enough for my command-line-impaired family to use23:03
bodhi_zazenWell, actually, you just ran into 2 issues :23:03
bodhi_zazenno dns server to resolve your host name23:03
bodhi_zazenand a (nasty) bug in nautilus23:03
bodhi_zazenIMO this bug should recieve higher attention , but it is an "upstream" bug for sure23:04
keithtoowell - it looks like we only fixed half the problem though... although I can see the linux box from the laptop, accessing it is a different matter23:05
bodhi_zazenDid you install samba server on the ubuntu box ?23:05
bodhi_zazenOpen nautilus23:06
bodhi_zazenshare a file in your home23:06
bodhi_zazenthen on windows mount that directory23:06
bodhi_zazendo not share home23:06
bodhi_zazenand when you access it from windows, use you Ubuntu user name and password23:06
keithtoodoesn't ask for authentication... Windows says the network path was not found23:08
stlsainthey anyone know why ubuntu would just start removing half the apps installed on my system?23:09
stlsainti ran aptitude safe-upgrade and half my apps were removed23:09
bodhi_zazenkeithtoo: add an entry in you windows hosts file for the ubuntu boxen23:11
stlsaintbodhi_zazen: sup23:12
keithtooSame issue only the other way.... figures... I'll give that a try in a bit.23:12
keithtooThanks for your help on this - I've got something to chew on for a bit now23:12
bodhi_zazenstlsaint: how is iptables going for you ?23:12
stlsaintbodhi_zazen: would you happen to know why the command aptitude safe-upgrade...would go deleting apps on my system?23:12
bodhi_zazensounds borked though23:13
bodhi_zazenI stopped using aptitude23:14
bodhi_zazenapt-get FTW23:14
stlsaintwell the system still works fine, just alot of apps went *poof*, apps that i dont use really23:17
bodhi_zazenis this a bad thing ?23:18
bodhi_zazenTry installing one of the apps, and we can look at teh dependencies or conflicts23:19
stlsaintbodhi_zazen: meh, i will look into myself, maybe i can learn something :D23:20
stlsainteverything updates fine still though23:20
bodhi_zazendid you upgrade to 10.10 ?23:21

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