duanedesignmy goodness, been a busy channel today00:04
duanedesigntaking me an hour to read the scrollback :P00:04
duanedesignjono: as you move forward with the community review to assess how accessible our community is for newcomers would you please keep the Beginners Team in mind as a vehicle for helping to simplyfy the onboarding experience.00:13
jonoduanedesign, will do00:14
duanedesignthank you sir00:14
cjohnstondoctormo: the other accommodations lists >300 meters.. should that be <1000 ft?01:05
doctormocjohnston: I'm not sure, do you think it needs to be specified? if so, please do add it to the wiki01:31
cjohnstonI was joking about the feet.. but you said greater than 300 meters... >30001:31
doctormocjohnston: Read it literally, less-than 300 meters01:52
doctormoBut the sign is the wrong way round01:53
cjohnstonI know what you meant.. but the > was backwards ;-)01:53
duanedesigndoctormo: ok got my flight01:54
duanedesigndoctormo: thanks again for the help01:54
doctormoduanedesign: Did you get the $65 too?01:54
duanedesigndoctormo: not as of earlier today01:54
doctormoWe're basically waiting on a few people to confirm their plans and I'll move forwards with the accommodation booking.01:55
duanedesignill check in a minute01:55
doctormoduanedesign: You know who to email about it :-) I'll leave it in your hands.01:55
* duanedesign adding his flight info to the wiki01:55
duanedesigndoctormo: yep. no problem there. I have talked to him a few times. Some issues with his bank in spain :)01:56
pleia2so nice to see this coming together, awesome work doctormo :)02:09
duanedesignyes i wouldnt even considered going had it not been for doctormos help02:13
duanedesignnext uds (when  i am not unemployed) i hope to return the karma and help someone else02:13
doctormoduanedesign: Ironically you could help me ;-)02:26
doctormoActually I retract, I meant coincidentally.02:27
duanedesigndoctormo: hello03:04
duanedesigndoctormo: sorry was on the phone03:05
doctormoduanedesign: np03:55
duanedesigndoctormo: did you still need help with something?04:01
doctormoduanedesign: nope04:01
doctormothanks though!04:01
dpmgood morning everyone!08:11
czajkowskipeeka boo08:26
dpmwow, lots of folk early in the morning :)08:35
* nigelb waves09:50
nigelbara: awesome site.  qa site now rocks :)09:50
aranigelb, thanks!09:50
nigelbis the tracks page on the new uds site broken only for me?09:52
nigelboh, that's all sorts of css broke :/09:54
nigelbI wonder if the code is in bzr somewhere...09:54
nigelbjcastro: ^^ ?09:54
=== kim0_away is now known as kim0
duanedesignmorning all12:14
nigelbmorning duanedesign :)12:20
* duanedesign waves at nigelb 12:23
jcastrodinda: I added my school to your list!15:40
dindajcastro: awesome!15:40
dindajcastro:  I can't get over some of the great work being done by kids and schools15:41
jcastroI know15:43
jcastroI wish we had the time/resources to do proper .edu work15:44
dindajcastro: I'm trying to make the business case right now :)15:44
Pendulumdinda: yay! :)15:46
czajkowskidinda: you rock15:47
dindaof course, supporting blog posts by community peoples wouldn't hurt ;)15:49
jcastrowhat do I need to point to?15:49
czajkowskidinda: heading to the one in limerick next week to do an interview15:50
Pendulumdinda: I assume you're in touch with cprofitt?15:50
dindaPendulum: yes but not lately15:50
dindajcastro: good question. . .15:51
dindajcastro:  that wiki list, the edubuntu site, any evidence that this is a growing sector/business area for us and that just in general Ubuntu and education just makes sense15:52
jcastroI'll wait until tonight, you're on top of planet and I don't want to mess that up yet15:52
jcastronew edubuntu.org does look pretty awesome15:52
jcastroakgraner: yikes, no one has signed up for OW yet except for Mark!15:56
* jcastro will make that his priority today15:56
jcastrodinda/highvoltage: want to do an education thing?15:56
dindajcastro:  yes - what do you mean by 'education thing'?15:57
jcastrosomething education related?15:57
jcastroopenweek will be more user-focused this time15:58
jcastroso maybe a session for students or something?15:58
dindajcastro:  when is OW?15:59
jcastroweek after release15:59
jonodpm, jcastro, kim0 logging into mumble16:01
jcastroOne sec!16:01
jcastromic problem!16:01
jonohmmm mumble not starting here16:02
jonook skype it is16:02
czajkowskiit's lashing so hard here, my car alarm was set off!16:02
jonojcastro, dpm, kim0 ^16:02
kim0niente problemo16:03
jcastroall set on skype16:03
dpmjono, all set on skype too16:03
highvoltagejcastro: I did it the last 2 OW's, there wasn't particularly much interest (either that or we had bad slots both times), so I'm not particularly motivated to do another one16:03
czajkowskijcastro: me/loco council could do a session on how to get involved in your Loco ?16:03
jcastroczajkowski: sure, snag em up16:04
czajkowskijcastro: or how locos can improve by doing some really simple stuff.. like team reports!16:04
jcastrohighvoltage: that's a  bummer. :(16:04
jonoone sec guys16:05
jonogot grabbed16:05
jcastrovish: can you snag someone for a bug session?16:05
jcastroScottL: it's been a while since someone talked about Studio, you should grab a slot!16:05
jcastromaco: kubuntu sessions welcome!16:06
czajkowskijcastro: done16:07
jcastrodpm: kim0: translations and cloud stuff wanted! (focus on beginner stuff)16:07
jcastroalso, try to find new instructors16:07
jcastropeople must be getting sick of us by now16:07
popeyHas anyone measured the effectiveness of UOW/UDW? Do we have any goals for it?16:08
jcastrough, don't get all spatula on me dude16:08
jcastro(the teams who do the sessions would know I think)16:08
jcastroI was just messing with you16:09
jcastroI know the bugsquad has gotten volunteers in the past16:09
jcastroI casually measure participation16:09
jcastroit's usually 300ish people average16:09
jcastrotopping out at 400ish when mark talks16:09
jcastroand can get as low as 25016:09
jcastroNot A Metric(tm)16:10
Pendulumjcastro: are you basing those off numbers of people in -classroom? and if so are you counting the people who idle in there?16:10
jcastroyeah, I basically do /names16:10
popeycurrently 97 people in there with nothing happening16:10
jcastroand then it tells me how many people are in there16:10
popey(some bots etc)16:11
jcastroI said Not a Metric(tm)!16:11
popeyjust sayin16:11
PendulumI'd say about 100 people idling at one time is probably right16:11
Pendulumso take 100 off your numbers to get closer to exact ;-)16:11
popeyNOTE: Not exact!16:11
Pendulumpopey: yeah, but 100 is a lot to be off by!16:12
popeywell, yes :)16:12
popeyhence me asking.16:12
macojcastro: JonTheEchidna is who you want for kubuntu debugging info16:12
popeyI'm just looking at how much effort goes in, and what sausages come out.16:12
macojcastro: or am i reading your and vish's thing wrong?16:12
popeyand whether the sausages warrant the effort, and if not, what could be done to improve it16:13
Pendulumjcastro: were you guys going to set-up a survey this time around like we used for UUD?16:13
macoi cant do OW. i have 2 exams that week thanks to UDS ;-)16:14
maco(as in, would have had one, but convinced a prof to let me take early)16:14
jcastroPendulum: we could16:14
jcastrobut to be honest, UOW is more user-related16:15
jcastroso if we spend some time giving people tips on inkscape or whatever then that's fine16:15
Pendulumjcastro: I know, but I meant in terms of feedback for what people liked/didn't like16:15
jcastrodo we really need to measure that?16:15
jcastrousually I have a feedback session at the end16:15
Pendulum(aka, what will get more people to do user week)16:15
jcastroshould I do a survey instead?16:15
PendulumI think for us a survey worked because it meant it could get done at any point16:15
jcastrotrue dat16:16
Pendulumalso because they didn't need to ID themselves (which if you have criticism on something can be hard for some people to be IDed when giving the criticism)16:17
Pendulum(we did not, however, get responses that were overly negative, which is impressive since most people only fill our surveys when they have something to complain about)16:19
jcastroI think most people appreciate the effort given the limitedness of IRC16:23
czajkowskican I just say as ticket trackers go RT is god damn awful! #16:26
jcastroanyone on the beginner team?16:28
jcastrothat'd be a good session16:28
duanedesignhello jcastro16:30
duanedesignjcastro: what were you thinking. An overall primer on community entry?16:32
jcastrothink of it as an opportunity to get new volunteers perhaps?16:33
jcastroor what your team does16:33
jcastrohow people can help16:33
duanedesignyes of course, great idea.16:33
duanedesignjcastro: ill have a chat with handler ptag and cprofitt. We'll come up with a great session. :)16:36
jonocjohnston, quick q16:37
jonowhat was the wiki page I asked you to work on for the community info?16:37
cjohnstonUbuntu community rocks.. A user from belgium is visiting Florida, but his friend had to cancel at the last minute.. He jumped into the Florida channel, and is making plans with people to do stuff while he is here16:39
jcastrothat is awesome16:39
macomy attempt at doing that in #ubuntu-uk a couple years ago failed16:39
czajkowskipleia2: is coming to the Irish release party16:41
cjohnstonYou wanna fly me too czajkowski ?16:41
popeymaco: doing what?16:41
czajkowskiwe've had randomers just mail us and come along to the pub and meet them16:41
macopopey: finding people to hang out with16:41
popeynot surprised tbh16:42
czajkowskimaco: just depends tbh, if there is someone free and in the area.16:42
popeyWe're british after all16:42
czajkowskimaco: see you clearly went too far had you stopped off in Ireland we'd have met you16:42
akgranerjcastro, eek!17:04
akgranerI'll work on that tomorrow - writing up a Reminder about App Dev Week right now17:05
jcastrono worries17:05
jcastroI'll have it mostly filled today hopefully17:05
jcastrosee how quiet everyone is? they don't want to get voluntold. :p17:05
jcastroakgraner: I am trying to get new instructors17:06
jcastroso no, you can't sign up17:06
akgranerI wasn't going to this time - I was just going to go nudge a few people and write some blog posts about it ...:-P17:07
akgranerI love that word "Voluntold"17:08
vishoh! UOW!17:10
vishjcastro: i think i got one person willing to take a slot ! :)17:13
jcastrovish: yeah!17:15
jcastrovish: just have him grab whatever slot17:15
* popey wonders if http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-n/track/application_developers/ is supposed to give me python errors17:16
vishpopey: is GMT now at UTC+1 or is it -1 ?17:26
popeyUK is on BST, not GMT17:26
popeyBST is GMT+117:27
popeyand GMT roughly is the same as UTC17:27
popeyso right now the UK is UTC+117:27
paultagDavidLevin, deja-vu :)17:39
DavidLevinpaultag: and again hello17:40
jcastropaultag: user-level courses wanted! https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek17:58
paultagjcastro, I'll see what I can do :)17:59
jcastropaultag: ask around would ya?17:59
paultagjcastro, planning on it :)17:59
jcastroI'm sure jacob could do something awesome for example17:59
paultagjcastro, Yeah, I'll also post it to the UBT, see if anyone wants to do some stuff17:59
jcastrospecial love for whoever does an inkscape class18:01
jcastrobecause that's awesome18:01
Pendulumjcastro: maybe poke doctormo about that?18:02
akgranerjcastro, +1 on an inkscape class!18:04
doctormoPendulum: What leve lof inkscape class do you think?18:05
Pendulumjcastro: I think that question is meant for you18:05
akgranerdoctormo, novice - I need to learn more stuff :-) (totally selfish request there)18:06
doctormoakgraner: How did the UDS semi-session pan out for you?18:07
akgranergood but I need some more pointers18:08
akgranerat least that was enough to get me started18:08
vishjcastro: try getting mairin to do it... ;)18:08
akgranerbut in a hurry I still use GIMP more often than inkscape18:09
vishdoctormo: seen mizmo's blog about those inkspace clases?18:09
akgranerand I know inkscape would be better for most of the things I am wanting to do (fliers, cards, certificates etc)18:09
doctormoakgraner: Where you at UDS?18:09
* doctormo thought you were18:10
akgranerI was...:-P18:10
akgranerand I am able to do some simple stuff... but I need some refreshers and more pointers18:11
vishakgraner: this is a nice series : http://mairin.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/inkscape-class-day-1/18:14
jcastrodoctormo: openweek is the week after release, so I'm shooting for classes that are like "ok, I've got a shiny new OS, now what can I DO with it?"18:14
vishi havent gone through all the the18:14
vishall the days though..18:14
akgranervish thanks!18:14
akgranerI absolutely *hated* inkscape before doctormo gave us a quick 15-20 minute tutorial at uds18:15
pleia2me too18:18
AlanBellme three (although I didn't get to the doctormo masterclass)18:19
AlanBellit just needs that little bit of hand holding to get started18:20
AlanBellalthough doing freehand art stuff with it is still another world to me18:21
akgranerAlanBell, I am not even ready to think about freehand art  - I do well to make a stick figure look right  O.o18:23
AlanBellI couldn't do a stick figure18:23
doctormoAlanBell: Did you go to school?18:23
doctormoAlanBell: Because most kids at school learn to draw up to the age of 8-10 and then stop because of peer and self-presure.18:24
AlanBellI was rubbish at art18:24
AlanBellI could do technical drawing, isometric 3d stuff18:24
doctormoThen mental block is easy to understand, we're not born skilled at drawing, no one is. It's persistence and an ability to be complacent about how rubbish our drawings are.18:25
doctormoAccepting and continuing to draw :-) that's the plan.18:25
vishcan someone answer the question on -meeting ?18:33
vishakgraner / czajkowski / jcastro ^?18:33
akgranervish, just did18:33
vishthx .. :)18:33
paultagheyya akgraner18:34
akgranerpaultag, hey!18:34
paultagakgraner, hows life?18:34
akgranerpaultag, getting better daily :-)18:35
akgranerpaultag, thanks to the talk I gave at OLF and the emails I have gotten sense I am working on a From Burnout to Balance series  - still nervous about talking about it all so publicly but it should be good18:37
paultagakgraner, if you want to use me as an example that's 100% fine, I have no problem with talking about that kind of stuff18:38
paultagakgraner, ( only if that will help )18:38
akgranerThe feedback has been awesome!! Thanks for helping with the talk...18:39
paultagakgraner, I did nothing! Just gave out free stuff ( what I do best, really )18:39
akgranerand took pics and gave moral support!18:41
akgranercough jcastro cough ... missed the talk :-P18:43
jcastroBARK BARK sorry amber BARK BARK18:43
akgranerI was just teasing you!18:44
akgranerwell gotta finish these posts bbiab :-)18:44
sensegood evening18:47
duanedesigngood evening18:51
czajkowskijono: still on for later?18:53
czajkowskidinda: is it ok to edit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Education/UbuntuSchools  learning hub is Limerick not Dublin18:56
jcastrohi sense18:56
sensehi jcastro!18:56
jcastrohey sense, are you on the deluge app indicators?18:56
jcastrobecause I have karl standing by but didn't want to step on your toes18:56
macoczajkowski: is a wiki. is what its for!18:57
sensejcastro: I haven't given it much attention lately, so if Karl is ready to work on it, I have no objections. I'm right in the middle of moving to a different place and preparing a university application, so my time is limited.18:57
sensejcastro: You still have the links to the bugs and branches concering the Deluge AppInd?18:58
czajkowskimaco: was asking in case she knew of another one other then the one in Limerick :)18:59
czajkowskimaco: there is usually method to my crazyness :)18:59
senseIs Ustream down? I cannot view the page of Jono's show.19:10
doctormoDoes anyone know much about qemu? I can't seem to ssh into my emulated server :-( unlike VirtualBox which can get an IP from my Eth network.19:15
popeyhow did you start qemu? what networking options?19:22
popeyif nothing then qemu starts firewalled/natted off from your network with a 10.x.x.x address internally19:22
dindaczajkowski: yes, please feel free to edit wiki19:23
popeyyou have to explicitly tell it if you want to open a port to 22 on the box or if you want to make it publicly accessible on your lan dinda19:23
popeyer doctormo19:23
popeysorry dinda :)19:23
vishhighvoltage: could you reply to the mail on -artwork? something hinting at "yeah we are thinking about a direction, we'd let you know"  so that it is more clearer to everyone that you guys are on board ;)19:24
doctormopopey: I see, I've been reading some guides, it seems like I need to set up a tum/tap networking bridge which doesn't look like it's supported by NetworkManager19:24
dindapopey:  np19:24
doctormoWhich would mean ripping out ubuntu infrastructure :-(19:24
popeydoctormo: that used to be the case, but I don't think you need to do that anymore19:24
doctormoSo using qemulator19:24
dindadoctormo: I have friend selling a whole set of "how to draw manga" books, like 13 or so, if you know someone who might be interested19:25
doctormodinda: Where abouts are they based?19:25
popeyis there a specific reason for choosing qemu doctormo ?19:25
paultaghey nigelb, I got some voodoo working :)19:25
dindadoctormo: seattle/portland - let me check19:25
doctormopopey: dog-fooding FOSS stuff.19:25
popeydoes the machine have vt extensions doctormo ?19:26
dindadoctormo: Eugene, OR19:27
jcastro<-- caffeine refill bbi 10minutes19:30
highvoltagevish: will do! I'm in the middle of a bunch of kernel updates for clients so I'll do it a bit later today, but if I forget feel free to pest :)19:34
vishsure.. ;)19:35
popeydoctormo: personally I'd use virtualbox or kvm rather than qemu, both of which are FOSS19:37
doctormopopey: I think I've learned enough about qemu, I'll move back to VB19:37
doctormodinda: Is facebook down? I'm getting a timeout19:44
dindadoctormo: fine here too19:47
dindamaco:  question about one of your flickr photos19:47
macodinda: aye?19:47
dindamaco:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/maco_nix/3472747840/19:47
dindamaco:  did he ever get membership?19:48
macodinda: yes. he's now a motu and a DD19:48
dindamaco:  wow, he looks really young19:48
paultagdoctormo, I'm getting a timeout too19:48
doctormodinda: Can you screenshot and send to me?19:48
macohe just turned 17 2 months ago, so i guess he was 15 or so at the time? maybe 14?19:48
maco2008, so 1519:49
senseHe's about my age!19:49
dindamaco:  wondering if he and you would mind if we used that pic as part of some promotional material for ubuntu in education19:49
vishsense: yea.. you are young too ;)19:50
macodinda: i dont mind19:50
* dinda is trying to find good pics to show ubuntu being used in schools, by kids19:50
macohe's afk right now (probably in class) tu-motuht19:50
doctormodinda: Do you have any pics from the MA school?19:51
macohe's afk right now (probably in class) but you can catch him on #ubuntu-motu later tonight19:51
doctormoMark Shuttleworth visited that school and I bet there are pics19:51
dindadoctormo: nope, would love them19:51
doctormodinda: I don't have any, but I'm sure they exist.19:53
dindadoctormo: I saw reference to that visit in the forums but no links to photos. will ask around19:53
doctormodinda: http://baronselva.edublogs.org/files/2007/11/img_1489.jpg19:56
dindadoctormo: thanks, contacted the blog author to see about the license20:02
doctormopopey, pleia2: I'm building a version of librsvg for servers, so it can be used with gnome, gtk deps. What should I call it and should I attempt to get it into debian somehow?20:06
popeydoctormo: "NotPornViewOhNoCertainlyNot"20:06
pleia2doctormo: assuming the gtk deps are ok with debian, you should absolutely attempt to get it there too20:07
doctormocurrently it has gnome and gtk deps, but I'm removing them.20:07
pleia2oh, gotcha20:08
pleia2maybe librsvg-nogtk ?20:08
doctormoIt's only because it has a gnome theme engine and a tool in librsvg2-bin which is gtk based. There is no reason for it otherwise.20:08
pleia2like libgpod4 and libgpod4-nogtk20:08
jcastrohey popey20:09
jcastrohave you checked oneconf lately?20:09
popeynot tried it at all actually20:09
jcastronor me20:09
czajkowskipopey: skype or mumble20:11
popeyczajkowski: need to reboot, will use skype20:11
popeybah, installing skype czajkowski20:13
czajkowskipoor popey20:14
macodoctormo: mark with hair!20:21
AlanBelljust a rounding error by your standards though20:23
senseI'm off, good night everyone! Don't go to bed too late, sleep well and don't forget to turn on your alarm clocks!20:31
doctormoI failed to extract gtk from librsvg :-( It's just too ingrained. This is my problem with the gnome project, they produce libs which are fantastically useful but with needless dependancies. installing librsvg for instance needs hicolour icons, avahi and libgtk-bin for some unknown reasons.21:46
jonoczajkowski, can we do our call in 5mins or so?21:47
czajkowskijust buzz when ready21:50
jonoczajkowski, just wrapping something21:52
czajkowskijono: no bother , you've mail to go wit it21:54
ScottLjcastro, i would be willing to do that, i will need to coordinate the time with family though22:36
ScottLjcastro, i'll look at the schedule tonight22:37
jcastroScottL: think of it as a recruiting opportunity. :D22:47
ScottLjcastro, :)22:50
nhandlerjcastro: I would need to talk to the rest of the classroom people (we have a meeting tonight), but do you think a session about giving classroom sessions would be helpful? I haven't checked, but I don't think we have had one for a while (if at all). It would also be a chance to remind people about the tools/resources that they have available22:57
jcastronhandler: maybe as an individual session prior to openweek?22:58
jcastroto prep people?22:58
jcastroI think that would be great22:58
nhandlerjcastro: Great. And do you know who is going to be doing the daily summary blog posts? It would be great to have them posted on ubuntuclassroom.wordpress.com with our other classroom stuff22:59
jcastronot sure22:59
jcastroprobably me or akgraner22:59
nhandlerjcastro: When you guys figure that out, poke someone in #ubuntu-classroom-backstage so we can make sure you are able to post to that blog23:04
ScottLjcastro, if you ever need to get a hold of me quicker than i responded today anyone call look for 'scott-work', atta be me :)23:20
* cjohnston notes to bug scott-work23:23

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