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pittiGood morning07:10
didrocksGuten Morgen pitti07:59
didrocks-hum, I didn't say hi there? weird, should be tired today ;))07:59
kenvandinepitti, good morning08:00
kenvandinepitti, can you push a couple packages through unapproved for me?  compiz and light-themes, both UIF exceptions that robbiew approved08:01
didrockskenvandine: the queue will be reviewed, I'll have a look at it08:01
kenvandinepitti, and if you could also do telepathy-butterfly and telepathy-mission-control-508:01
kenvandinedidrocks, thx08:02
kenvandinei am going to bed :)08:02
pittikenvandine: oh, another compiz?08:02
pittikenvandine: I'll have a look, yes08:02
kenvandinepitti, yeah... a few design tweaks08:02
kenvandinerobbiew approved the exception08:02
kenvandinejust some defaults08:02
kenvandineand the theme update too08:02
kenvandinethe telepathy ones are just getting us to the versions upstream recommends08:03
didrockskenvandine: enjoy your evening :)08:03
didrockskenvandine: you didn't beat me, that's a fail :p08:03
kenvandinehehe... i will enjoy the pillow08:03
* didrocks hugs kenvandine08:03
kenvandinedidrocks, i see it the other way... i win!08:03
didrocksyeah, for you health, i guess :-)08:04
kenvandinegood night everyone!08:04
didrocksgood night kenvandine!08:04
didrockspitti: can I grab you for a minute about a libindicator change?08:06
pittididrocks: what's up?08:06
didrockspitti: so, we have this bug for quite a long time (bug #637692)08:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 637692 in unity (and 6 other projects) "Action for top-level dropdown menu item not activated (affects: 3) (heat: 16)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63769208:07
didrockswhich prevent some applications to use the accelerators in appmenu08:07
didrocksand so menu item not activated08:07
didrocksted fixed it yesterday, but this require an ABI break08:07
didrocks(not enough free slots in a structure, has to be changed)08:07
didrocksso, we have 8 source package depending on that one08:08
didrocksand bumping libindicator0 -> libindicator108:08
didrocksdbarth explains it in comment #408:08
didrocksI can handle the transition today if the release team ack it08:08
pittididrocks: adding a new field at the end of a struct is an abi break?08:08
pittioh, do library clients have to fill it out, and the library expects it to be correct? then yes08:09
didrockspitti: I guess so, isn't it? as the structure doesn't have the same size?08:09
didrocksso, do I need to do some paperwork in addition to the comments on the bug? (we wrote that yesterday with dbarth)08:10
didrocksI think it's better to speak with you first :)08:10
pittididrocks: this doesn't sound too bad, so please go ahead08:14
didrocksalso, another note, the issue is that people will only see one part of the indicators during the transition08:14
* didrocks pastebin the summary he made yesterday08:14
didrockssome discussion with tedg because he wanted a conflicts08:15
didrocks(on the new bin package)08:15
pittibut updated08:15
pittididrocks: hang on, new binary package?08:15
pittiI thought we just need a new library soname?08:16
didrockspitti: libindicator1 instead of libindicator008:16
pittididrocks: why would you want a conflicts?08:16
pittilibindicator0 will be NBS, and all rdepends transitioned08:16
didrocksone second, pastebin one click away :)08:16
pittilibindicator1 can't conflicts: libindicator008:16
didrocksthat's why I told to ted08:17
didrocksI just summarize it there ^08:17
didrocksted is annoyed because some indicators won't show during the transition08:17
didrocksthe indicator protocol isn't versionned08:17
didrocksso, if the render uses the new library (with the soname bump), only those indicators will be shown08:18
pittiwithout understanding the details of his rationale, but Breaks/Conflicts of different library ABIs is a no, no, no, no08:18
didrocksok, you agree then :)08:18
pittiwhat you _can_ do is to add breaks to the rebuilt packages against libindicate008:18
* didrocks feels better now that pitti tells it :)08:18
pittibut of course that wouldn't help you for the partial upgrade case08:18
didrocksright, that's why I explained yesterday08:19
pittibut *shrug*, if you do partial upgrades and don't upgrade one indicator, you'll break that indicator and get to keep both parts, yes08:19
didrocksI agree, and at least, they won't be uninstalled but people in a partial upgrade :)08:20
didrockspitti: ok, so thanks, I'm handling the transition today08:22
pittikenvandine: I followed up to the bugs, still some open questions08:28
pittididrocks: ok, let me know when you need unapproved/NEW poking08:30
pittididrocks: would be nice if you could add versioned b-deps to the rebuilds, so that we can accept them all at once and have the depwaits sort it out08:31
didrockspitti: thanks, I will (just rebuilding everything first)08:31
didrockspitti: will do :)08:31
didrockspitti: we have in addition 4 packages: xfce4-indicator-plugin, lxpanel, cairo-dock-plug-ins, ubiquity. So the total number is 1208:32
didrockslxpanel is FTBFS, I've already mentionned it to lubuntu guys and they will fix that later today, so I won't upload it08:33
pittidobey: do you still remember ./DistUtilsExtra/command/check.py? would you mind to change the license to GPL-2 or later, so that it matches the rest of the code?08:56
pittidobey: if you agree, can you please say so by mailing 597548@bugs.debian.org?08:57
RAOFMorning/evening all.09:05
pittihey RAOF, how are you?09:07
RAOFPretty good.09:07
RAOFBeing able to sleep in until 11 was a good call. :)09:07
didrockshey RAOF!09:08
RAOFdidrocks: Good... morning?09:08
pittiRAOF: hah, wearning off the jetlag?09:08
RAOFpitti: Yup.  I got back late yesterday afternoon.09:09
RAOFI no longer am so tired I feel physically sick.  Yay!09:09
didrocksRAOF: heh, how it is to be to the right side of the world? ;)09:09
RAOFNow that I'm back to the future, it's much better :)09:10
didrocksRAOF: hehe :)09:11
RAOFWere there any other firedrills due to my miscommunication while I was out of contact? :(09:12
didrocksRAOF: not a lot, no, there was something IIRC, let me look at my logs09:14
didrocksRAOF: false alarm, it will be for natty :)09:15
didrocksRAOF: just think to close your WI on http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/workitems/maverick/canonical-desktop-team-ubuntu-10.10.html09:16
chrisccoulsongood morning everyone09:26
pittihey chrisccoulson09:26
chrisccoulsonhey pitti, how are you?09:27
pittidoing well, thanks! how about you?09:27
chrisccoulsonpitti - i'm good thanks, although a little bit tired09:28
chrisccoulson6am start for 2 mornings in a row ;)09:28
pittiuh, how's that?09:28
didrockshey chrisccoulson!09:28
chrisccoulsonpitti - yeah, i get up with my daughter on tuesday and wednseday mornings, as my gf works a night shift on tuesday night09:29
chrisccoulsonhey didrocks09:29
chrisccoulsonooh, 2 bugs fixed for me already this morning. thanks to whoever approved my uploads :)09:31
pittiyou're welcome09:32
didrockschrisccoulson: do you still work on the gtk bug? (again, if you think you don't have the time, or don't have any clue, I can point you to other small bugs :)10:49
chrisccoulsondidrocks - yeah, i'm still spending some time on that11:02
chrisccoulsoni'm determined not to have to give up on it ;)11:02
chrisccoulsonbut i can look at some other bugs too11:02
didrockschrisccoulson: hehe, good luck then! :)11:03
didrockschrisccoulson: if you want to change a little your mind, maybe bug #644447 is small and easy, do you want that I assign it to you?11:04
ubot2Launchpad bug 644447 in indicator-application (Ubuntu) "When burning a disc with Brasero and with Ambiance theme can't read the text in the indicator applet (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64444711:04
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yeah, that ones fine11:04
didrockschrisccoulson: jujst to look if it's because of the indicator or brasero :)11:04
didrockschrisccoulson: if it's the indicator, I'll give it to tedg, ok?11:04
chrisccoulsonsure, no problem11:04
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fta2grrrr  /usr/include/cairo/cairo.h:1976: error: comma at end of enumerator list14:26
fta2fix is trivial, and already upstreamed. any chance we get an update?14:26
cyphermoxcould someone please take a look at bug 625696, I have a branch ready for merge, or alternatively I could make a debdiff for sponsoring :)14:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 625696 in nautilus (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 4 other projects) "Nautilus crash when IM preedit (affects: 18) (dups: 7) (heat: 109)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62569614:38
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, i can't sponsor nautilus, but didrocks might be able to take a look :)14:44
didrockscan do it, but not just know14:45
cyphermoxdidrocks, all good14:46
cyphermoxdidrocks, is a branch fine or do you prefer debdiffs?14:46
didrockscyphermox: can you subscribe me to the merge request?14:46
didrockscyphermox: just do a merge request :)14:47
didrockscyphermox: your source is ~ubuntu-desktop/nautilus/maverick, right?14:47
cyphermoxsure, I'll do that.. there isn't even a merge rq yet14:47
didrocks~ubuntu-desktop/nautilus/ubuntu :)14:47
cyphermoxoh wait no14:47
didrocksit's a debian/ branch only14:47
cyphermoxwell, i'll subscribe you ;)14:47
kenvandinei am doing murrine, btw14:48
fta2didrocks, anything you can do for cairo? (problem described above)14:49
didrocksfta2: not like if I'm already postponing important changes for hours :)14:50
didrocksis it making something failing?14:50
fta2didrocks, can't build anything that has quite aggressive flags and werror14:51
fta2it's a trivial 1 line fix14:51
fta21 char fix even14:51
didrocksfta2: sure, can you send me a patch? I'll handle it when it's quieter there14:51
fta2didrocks, debdiff? (it's been fixed ~12d ago upstream: http://cgit.freedesktop.org/cairo/log/)14:52
didrocksfta2: what is better for you :)14:53
chrisccoulsondidrocks - any other bugs? :)14:55
chrisccoulsonbug 644447 is a theme issue btw14:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 644447 in light-themes (Ubuntu) "When burning a disc with Brasero and with Ambiance theme can't read the text in the indicator applet (dup-of: 617192)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64444714:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 617192 in light-themes (Ubuntu) "[maverick-beta] Disabled menu items unreadable (affects: 20) (dups: 5) (heat: 200)" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61719214:55
didrockschrisccoulson: can you ping Cimi on #ayatana?14:55
chrisccoulsondidrocks - yeah, sure14:56
didrocksthanks :)14:56
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nessitapitti: ping15:17
pittididrocks: no new libindicate in maverick yet?15:18
pittihey nessita15:18
nessitapitti: hello! I was wondering if could help me with lp-project-upload15:18
nessitaif you*15:18
pittinessita: sure; doesn't it work for you?15:18
nessitapitti: it does, as long as my project doesn't have more than one series... is there any way of using it with more than one serie? like having trunk and stable-1-015:19
pittisorry, not with the current version15:19
* nessita cries15:19
pitti    if len(proj.series) != 1:15:19
pitti        print >> sys.stderr, 'Does not support creating releases if more than one series exists.'15:19
* nessita cries some more15:20
pittinessita: so, it wouldn't be too hard to add support for that, you were just the first one who asked :)15:20
didrockspitti: all is ready and we are testing and rdepends, but there is still an issue with dbusmenu not building15:20
nessitapitti: I *love* lp-project-upload15:20
didrockspitti: ted is looking at it15:20
nessitapitti: how much for that feature? /me bargains15:21
didrocksnessita: I have my local patched version to add to latest series :)15:21
pittinessita: how about a beer at UDS? :-)15:21
pittididrocks: shhh :)15:22
nessitapitti: cheater! you have that ready already ;-)15:22
pittinessita: I'm in a meeting right now, and then I have a job interview, but I can probably get to it later this evening15:22
nessitapitti: ok, thanks. No rush though15:22
pittinessita: no, I haven't..15:22
nessitapitti: I'll borrow's didrocks patch if he allows me to15:23
pittinessita: if "latest series" is enough for your immediate need, that sounds fine15:24
nessitapitti: I may tweaked it to the oldest series or latests as I see it fit :-)15:24
nessitadidrocks: can I borrow that patch?15:25
didrocksnessita: sure, one second :)15:25
* nessita only has 2 series, so oldest-latest is enough :-D15:25
pittithere goes my beer .. *sod*15:25
pittij/k, /me hugs nessita and didrocks15:26
nessitaand the hug show starts!15:26
* didrocks hugs pitti back :)15:26
didrocksnessita: http://paste.ubuntu.com/498521/15:26
* nessita hugs back as well 15:26
* bcurtiswx_ watches the "show-the-love-ometer" peak15:26
didrocksI didn't propose it to pitti as "last serie" isn't best for everyone I guess15:27
didrocks(be careful series = proj.series[-1] doesn't work with launchpad objects)15:27
pittididrocks: oh, just -1? does it have a guaranteed ordering?15:28
nessitadidrocks: it does not??? I was *about* mentioning it. Thanks!15:28
didrockspitti: yeah, I've tested a lot on different project and it seems to be historically ordered15:28
didrockspitti: I tried in staging with crazy cases :)15:29
didrockspitti: not sure launchpadlib ensure it will stay like that15:29
nessitapitti: can I propose a branch? if so, where to?15:29
didrocksnessita: yeah, it doesn't… got trapped at the beginning :)15:29
pittinessita: it's in ubuntu-dev-tools15:29
pittinessita: so, http://codebrowse.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/ubuntu-dev-tools/trunk/changes15:30
nessitapitti: ack15:30
pittididrocks: I was just wondering because there's an xfce4-indicator-plugin in the queue15:34
pittididrocks: I'll keep it until the new libindicator actually hits15:34
didrockspitti: oh? is it mine?15:34
* didrocks checks15:34
pittididrocks: the changelog says so15:34
pittididrocks: oh, just -1? does it have a guaranteed ordering?15:34
didrockstoo many things in // ;)15:35
didrocksI pushed also cairo-dock15:35
didrockspitti: the build-dep should be fine normally15:35
nessitapitti: are there any tests for ubuntu-dev-tools?15:36
pittinessita: not sure, it's been a while since I touched it15:36
nessitapitti: ack15:36
pittinessita: but I wouldn't propose a simple "use the last one" for merging, I'd rather add a --series option15:36
pittiotherwise it's way too easy to accidentally hit the wrong series15:37
nessitapitti: I agree15:37
bcurtiswx_didrocks, empathy 2.32.0 will be released monday FYI15:37
didrocksbcurtiswx_: I know, the all GNOME 2.32 is due to next Monday :)15:37
didrocksthanks ;)15:37
bcurtiswx_OK, i now know all gnome 2.32 is due Monday..15:38
* bcurtiswx_ adds this to the learn something new everyday ;)15:38
* bcurtiswx_ is also a chat killer apparently :P15:41
Tm_Tno, you're not capable of killing others by that kind of chat15:42
didrockscyphermox: can I trigger the nautilus crash easily?16:21
cyphermoxdidrocks, yup. right click in the typeahread popup in icon view, then select any "special" input method, it doesn't have to be IBus16:23
cyphermoxe.g. Cyrillic, Vietnamese, tend to work quite well16:23
didrockscyphermox: oh right16:24
didrocksok, getting your merge now16:25
devildantehi guys :)16:43
bratschedidrocks, kenvandine: Have you guys by any chance noticed any bugs reported against gtk+ or gnome-panel that might be related to submenus remaining on the screen but not responding to updates?  Then if you drag another window over that area you see parts of the other window left behind?  Screenshot: http://imgur.com/OzDXz16:53
didrocksbratsche: urgh, not really… apart when apps are not responding, but otherwise, no…16:54
kenvandinebratsche, not that i have noticed16:54
didrocksrodrigo_: hey16:57
rodrigo_hey didrocks16:58
didrocksrodrigo_: is it a known bug that I can show/hide the ubuntu one in right-click->ubuntu one… but I see no effect in nautilus?16:58
rodrigo_didrocks, yes, there is no way to tell nautilus to stop displaying the ribbon16:58
bratscheHey rodrigo_ how's it going?16:59
rodrigo_didrocks, we can easily fix though, listening to the gconf changes and hide/show the ribbon16:59
rodrigo_didrocks, it just didn't happen in time, but I can do it16:59
didrocksrodrigo_: oh, right, I remember about that API16:59
rodrigo_hey bratsche16:59
didrocksrodrigo_: well, just do what you think it's better for the user. I think the current behavior is just weird from a user point of view :)16:59
rodrigo_didrocks, yes17:00
rodrigo_didrocks, if you file a bug, I'll fix it for maverick17:00
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rodrigo_didrocks, if I file the bug and provide the fix, it doesn't look like a good way to convince the release team :)17:00
didrocksrodrigo_: right, will do then, ubuntuone-client, right?17:01
rodrigo_didrocks, assign it to me, yes, u1-client17:01
didrocksrodrigo_: will do, thanks!17:01
ftadidrocks, http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/cairo/17:13
kenvandinejames_w, ping17:37
james_whi kenvandine17:40
kenvandinejames_w, you've had a look at python multiprocessing... mind taking a quick look at a patch?17:40
kenvandinethat definitely makes startup of the client snappy... but seems like a hack to me17:40
kenvandineand i suspect it would prevent those dbus call_blocking errors17:40
kenvandinei would love to fix that before i do a release in a few minutes...17:41
james_wkenvandine: I don't know, it feels wrong to me17:42
kenvandineyeah, that was my thought too...17:42
kenvandineso right now, if you start gwibber when gwibber-service isn't running, the client doesn't show until the first set of jobs complete17:42
kenvandineand sometimes it times out17:43
kenvandineso this bypasses that17:43
kenvandinebut definately seems like it could cause other problems17:43
kenvandinehowever, this does help knowing where that is happening17:44
james_wdoes it need to call get() at all?17:44
kenvandinethen we don't get the failures17:44
james_wthat would be cleaner than what is there17:45
kenvandineactually that might not be bad.... we don't do anything with the timeout exception yet anyway17:46
kenvandinewhich i am sure is why he did this17:46
james_wwell it's just ignoring it there17:46
kenvandineyeah... we basically ignore it anyway17:46
james_wwhat he has done is just ensure that call takes 0 time17:46
kenvandinethe idea was someday we might have some retry...17:46
james_wyou can do that in cleaner ways17:46
james_wseeing as it's in a thread anyway, can't you not call get() with a timeout, and implement a polling loop with your own timeout?17:47
kenvandineyeah... but we might not need to do that anyway17:47
james_wseeing as the result of that call isn't used, and you have a callback, I don't think you need to call get()17:48
kenvandinei think the idea was we wanted to be able to get the Timeout exception17:49
kenvandinebut timeouts are generally transient17:49
kenvandineand curl operation will timeout if it has to anyway17:50
kenvandinejames_w, good compromise :)17:50
kenvandinejames_w, thx17:51
nessitaquestion: what's the recommended way of sending a signal to a process when installing a package upgrade?18:24
devildantenessita, you mean via dbus?18:25
nessitadevildante: nopes, in a preinst script for example. I'd use killall, but lintian will not approve :-)18:25
nessitakillall -signame18:25
devildantehmm, don't know... not enough experienced, I guess :p18:26
nessitadevildante: thanks anyways. I think I'll trying with pkill18:26
chrisccoulsonnessita, usually something like "kill -s HUP", but the process needs a handler for that signal18:30
chrisccoulsoni'm sure someone asked the same question a few days ago for U1 ;)18:30
nessitachrisccoulson: but you need the pid for the process in order to use kill. I was hoping to use the name of the process18:31
nessitachrisccoulson: I think I got it, I was using pkill without the -f option, that's why my process wasn't killed18:31
chrisccoulsonnessita, "kill -s HUP `pidof <name>`"18:31
nessitathat's awful! :-)18:32
nessitachrisccoulson: and the pidof doesn't work for process like "/usr/bin/python /usr/lib/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-login"18:33
nessitachrisccoulson: pkill -f -HUP works :-)18:33
nessitaok, sponsor hunter time! is anyone available to sponsor/upload https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu/maverick/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-client-1.0.2/+merge/36352 ?18:35
chrisccoulsoni don't think i can sponsor that :(18:39
chrisccoulsoni'm not special enough ;)18:39
robbiewdidrocks: around?18:42
didrocksrobbiew: yeah18:43
nessitachrisccoulson: thanks anyways18:44
robbiewdidrocks: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/utouch-grail/+bug/644385 needs some assistance in sponsorship....oubiwann and MT would thank you greatly ;)18:44
ubot2Ubuntu bug 644385 in utouch-grail (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Update version of utouch-grail to 1.0.14 (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Confirmed]18:44
robbiewdidrocks: it's been ack'd by pitti already18:44
didrocksrobbiew: if I can sponsor without testing I can do it now. if it needs testing, I'm still on the libindicator transition and unity new release, so I can queue it :)18:45
robbiewoubiwann: ^^^?18:45
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nessitahey kenvandine, would you be available to sponsor a new ubuntu-sso-client release? merge proposal located at https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu/maverick/ubuntu-sso-client/ubuntu-sso-client-1.0.2/+merge/3635218:46
oubiwannrobbiew: thanks... didrocks: gimme a sec, and I'll let you know how thoroughly it's been tested18:47
didrocksoubiwann: sure :)18:47
kenvandinenessita, /me looks18:47
ari-tczewnessita: I suggest ask on #ubuntu-motu for sponsorship.18:47
rydbergjust joined, oubiwann18:47
oubiwannrydberg: cool18:48
nessitaari-tczew: really? I was told this was the proper place to do it...18:48
didrocksari-tczew: not for things in main…18:48
kenvandinenessita, i am on it :)18:49
nessitakenvandine: thanks!18:49
ari-tczewdidrocks: I heard that also for main.18:49
rydbergdidrocks, oubiwann: the grail changes have been tested in desktop and unity settings since sunday, on five or six different machines, build tested, runtime tested, corner-case tested.18:49
ari-tczewit's a new18:49
nessitaari-tczew: where did you hear that? /me wants to hear as well18:49
didrocksari-tczew: can be, but we are used to work that way with people we know and we keep doing that18:50
didrocksrydberg: great, just signing then :)18:50
ftadidrocks, the fix for cairo i talked about earlier: http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/cairo/18:50
didrocksoubiwann: ^^18:50
didrocksfta: yeah, queuing it too :)18:50
kenvandinenessita, looks quick, i have another call in 10m... crazy day :/18:50
* didrocks will soon be at 30 uploads today18:50
oubiwanndidrocks: thanks!18:50
kenvandinedidrocks, wow18:50
rydbergdidrocks, thanks man :-)18:51
kenvandinedamn libindicator change!18:51
kenvandinedidrocks, i rebuilt all of those 4 times yesterday :)18:51
didrockskenvandine: I hate hate hate now! :-)18:51
ari-tczewnessita: from developers on #ubuntu-motu18:51
kenvandinei plan to sleep tonight :)18:52
didrockskenvandine: seems to start badly for me :)18:52
didrocks14h-16h maybe I'll reach 18h today :)18:52
didrocksoubiwann: rydberg: uploaded18:54
kenvandinenessita, did you publish the tarball?18:54
oubiwanndidrocks: phenomenal, thanks!18:54
rydberg*bows* much obliged18:54
didrocksoubiwann: rydberg: yw, for just a gpg signature, it's not a lot compared to building and testing :)18:54
rydbergbut its important :-)18:55
nessitakenvandine: I did, in the stable-1-0 release, which is the one binded to maverick18:59
nessitakenvandine: shall I change the watch file in a way that uscan detect that tarball? I was wondering about that...19:00
nessitakenvandine: tarball was uploaded to http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/stable-1-0/1.0.2/+download/ubuntu-sso-client-1.0.2.tar.gz19:00
nessitapitti: https://code.launchpad.net/~nataliabidart/ubuntu-dev-tools/multiple-series-for-project-upload/+merge/3635419:03
didrockskenvandine: did you update telepathy-gabble, btw?19:14
kenvandinedidrocks, no... i couldn't19:18
slomofta: cairo fixes? which?19:18
kenvandineit requires telepathy-glib update19:18
didrockskenvandine: ok, it was the gir issue :)19:18
slomofta: the trailing comma one? that should only be a problem if someone is misinformed enough to compile stuff with -pedantic :)19:19
ftaslomo, hit me already a few times since it landed. and it doesn't hurt to have the fix. it's also fixed upstream19:20
didrockskenvandine: thanks for the info, I can close one tab :)19:21
ftaslomo, and i don't consider -pedantic bad, it often help spot weird situations19:21
slomofta: sure, having that fix is fine i only didn't want to upload a new version just for that :) -pedantic is often really pedantic and using it doesn't guarantee that you only use language parts of the currently selected standard anyway19:22
ftaslomo, it enforces good practices, such as forcing you to check return values from almost everything, good to create resilient code19:24
ftaalso avoid bad casts19:25
slomofta: it does? well, for all these things there are -W flags too and they don't enable the nitpick mode in gcc that doesn't show any real problems ;)19:29
kenvandineok... what is the right way of referencing a download file in a watch file for a series?19:49
kenvandinehttp://launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+download?start=10  .*/ubuntu-sso-client-([0-9.]+)\.tar\.gz19:50
kenvandinei am not thrilled with that19:50
kenvandinei tried putting the series in the url... and even the version but it doesn't like that19:50
nessitakenvandine: yeah, I tried that myself. I was hoping that http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/stable-1-0/+download would work19:55
kenvandinei uploaded with this change to the watch file... but there must be a better way19:56
kenvandinei guess http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+download has some magic in it19:56
nessitakenvandine: any idea who can we ask?19:57
kenvandinepeople i don't want to bother atm19:58
kenvandinedidrocks probably knows... but he is busy and i want him to get some rest at some point :)19:58
nessitakenvandine: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-sso-client/+download?start=10 is not listing the stable-1-0 release for me, is it for you?19:58
kenvandineyes it is...19:59
didrocksfor uscan?19:59
kenvandinewell, actually it finds the tarball19:59
didrocksuscan --verbose first for debugging :)19:59
kenvandinewasn't useful19:59
didrocksit finds the tarball? what's the issue then?19:59
kenvandineit seems hacky19:59
didrockshum, not good20:00
didrocksI have example in unity20:00
didrocksone second20:00
kenvandinei wonder if i used --verbose when i hate the typo in the series...20:00
nessitadidrocks: we need uscan to download released from a given series20:00
didrocksnessita: oh for a serie20:00
didrocksI've already done that somewhere…20:00
didrocksnessita: if it can wait tomorrow, I can dive into my archives :)20:01
didrocksjust that I need to finish unity stuff20:01
nessitadidrocks: sure, go ahead20:01
kenvandinedidrocks, not important20:01
kenvandinewe worked around it for today :)20:01
kenvandinejust in the future it would be nice to fix20:01
avi_Hey guys, anyone out there have experience deving with Quickly (or know where I should go for help with it)? Thanks!20:20
kenvandineavi_, #quickly is the best place20:20
avi_Ooh i didn't know it had a channel.20:21
* didrocks hides20:35
devildantenessita evolved into nessita1! :p21:29
nessita1devildante: yeah, silly net connection21:30
=== nessita1 is now known as nessita
devildantenessita1 devolved into nessita!21:30
* devildante needs to stop being silly21:30
* nessita killed the other one21:30
chrisccoulsonok, this g-s-d crasher in really making my head hurt now21:46
devildantewhat is g-s-d?21:49
rickspencer3devildante, gnome settings daemon21:51
devildantethanks :)21:51
htorquedevildante, when your ubuntu looks like windows 95, then that's a crashed g-s-d :P21:51
devildanteah yes I remember :p21:52
* devildante has bad memories21:52
devildanteI'll have nightmares tonight :p21:52
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GrueMasterI have a couple of bugs that I don't think are armel specific, but more netbook image related.  Problem is I don't know what to file them against.22:12
devildanteGrueMaster: you should head to #ubuntu-bugs22:13
GrueMasterOne is when I insert a USB drive, I get two file managers and a dbus error window.  Second is gnome-codec-install will fail if universe is not available in /etc/apt/sources.list.22:13
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coafcvhey. how can I make totem show the current title played when listening to an internet radio station? It did this with 9.04, but 10.04 doesn't show it.23:36

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