araev, good morning09:04
araev, one question, what packages are installed if I select "Install 3rd party sw" during the installation?09:05
* persia suspects ubuntu-restricted-addons09:08
evgood morning ara09:10
evara: persia is correct09:10
araev, persia: OK, thanks both!09:10
evwell, that and everything that jockey installs for the broadcom driver, if it finds the hardware09:10
evbcmwl-kernel-source, being the main one09:11
araev, is there any documentation about this change? (i.e. a spec in the wiki)09:11
evjust the giant installer redesign specification: https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/foundations-m-installer-redesign09:12
persiaev, Does jockey only get invoked with install-3rd-party?09:12
evpersia: correct09:13
evunless you use it in the live CD dekstop09:13
evthen it will copy the packages over to the installed system09:13
evpackages> packages it needed to install09:13
persiaJust out of curiosity, from where did the name "Third Party Software" come?09:18
persiaThanks :)09:22
evwith support from Andrew and Amanda09:22
persiaOh, I trust it's safe to say that, I just have reservations about calling it "external" from our repositories, and wanted to know who to chat with about emerging semantic concepts :)09:23
evah, of course :)09:24
evhe's your man then09:24
persiaYep :)09:24
* mpt hides09:41
persiampt, heh.  Just something to add to the agenda next time we sit and chat.  My experience is generally that I hear more good things from you than I have things to complain about :)09:45
ograparty !!!10:18
ograparty can never be bad :)10:19
ograand external means that its not you who has to clean up afterwards ... thats a good thing ! :)10:20
ograev, so i notice that it takes about 20sec between oem-config-gtk vanishing and the aptdaemon UI piece showing up on omap4, during that time (and during the whole aptdaemon run) the mouse cursor doesnt show the busy corsor, is there a possiblity we can enable that for this part as well ?11:54
* ogra wont file a wishlist bug if its tecnically complicated, thats why i'm asking12:00
evogra: does this fix it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/498397/12:12
ograev, oh, that requires some tinkering and a new install, will take some time12:16
* ogra is just doing tests on the installed system12:17
CIA-28base-installer: cjwatson * r403 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog library.sh):13:29
CIA-28base-installer: * Backport from trunk:13:29
CIA-28base-installer:  - Set Dir::Media::MountPath to /media/cdrom as well as13:29
CIA-28base-installer:  Acquire::cdrom::mount, as otherwise apt doesn't consistently read from13:29
CIA-28base-installer:  the right one.13:29
CIA-28base-installer: cjwatson * r404 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.107ubuntu213:30
ograev, hmm, if we set the hostname during oem-config, we should actually restart sevices that make use of it (syslog and avahi-daemon at least)13:46
ograi still see the old hostname in the logs and can only connect to <hostname>.local after manually restarting avahi13:51
Riddellev: are you planning on uploading ubiquity-slideshow-kubuntu at some point?16:03
evah, I hadn't seen that you made changes16:04
evand that I forgot to debcommit -r16:04
evafter our team meeting16:04
Riddellsounds like I got in just in time :)16:05
ograev, so testing your busy cursor patch from above makes aptdaemon not start at all ...16:14
cjwatsonlucid wubi install, upgrade grub-pc to maverick, IT STILL BOOTS16:15
* cjwatson tries a full dist-upgrade16:15
evwell whoops16:16
evcjwatson: so I'm quite keen to pick your brain on how we might automatically test Wubi16:16
ograi see a busy cursor for a second though :)16:16
ograbefore it switches to gdm16:16
evogra: it's probably some variation on that, I've just clearly failed in my copy and paste madness16:16
cjwatsonev: wow, er, not sure how to handle the Windows side of it and the multiple reboots ...16:17
evcjwatson: exactly16:17
cjwatsonespecially given the already complex interaction with grub16:17
ograev, but its not that important, more a cosmetical thing, what i find more important are the syslog and avahi issues i pointed out above16:17
evyes, my main concern is identifying grub failing as an actual failure and not wedging the test machine16:17
ograesepcially avahi ...16:18
evI think I can roughly accomplish it using a machine that supports boot on power and a timeout, but that seems a bit dirty16:18
ev(assuming we can cheat a little and change menu defaults)16:18
cjwatsonI can't think of any other way to do it16:20
cjwatsonI mean, if grub fails, it's not like you can run code16:20
evyeah, indeed16:21
evhm, maybe kvm-autotest?  But that would mean no hope of doing it on real hardware16:21
evsomething to ponder16:21
cjwatsonI'm hoping for a bit less of this provided nobody asks for this spare laptop back16:21
cjwatson(this> wubi grub failures for extended periods of time in future)16:22
evcjwatson: also, do you think it's worth it to try to suck out enough individual bits of dependencies of d-i components to test the interactions between them and ubiquity plugins, or should I just go full bore into a chroot?16:22
cjwatsonsuck out in what way?16:22
evThe latter seems slow and unreliable, but possibly the best option16:23
evas in everything console-setup needs to run, for example16:23
evI guess some dh hackery built on top of the existing build, I haven't thought of the implementation much16:23
cjwatsonI suspect the latter will involve less time spent swearing at build systems16:24
evunreliable> as in if the archive is in an inconsistent state, though I did have an idea to leverage an ISO16:24
evit would be great if we had a reliable userspace union mount16:25
evthen we could mount the ISO, copy on write with the union mount, then copy over the bits for the test and run16:25
evwhich would be much, much quicker16:25
ogradoesnt unionfs-fuse work for that ?16:27
evoh yeah, hrm16:28
evwill have to toy16:28
cjwatson"quicker" may not be the right adverb for unionfs-fuse16:28
ograat least not the "much, much" part :)16:30
CIA-28ubiquity: evand * r4391 trunk/ (3 files in 3 dirs):18:15
CIA-28ubiquity: Correctly use the plugin_translate hook in the KDE frontend18:15
CIA-28ubiquity: (LP: #645092).18:15
araev, I tried to create a 10.04.1 netbook usb disk using usb-creator (on Maverick) and it does not boot on my mini918:18
araev, bug against usb-creator? known one=18:18
evara: is there a 'ui' keyword in your /syslinux/syslinux.cfg file?18:22
araev, no18:25
evI want to say "change the part that reads 'gfxboot' to 'ui gfxboot'", but I seem to recall it being slightly more complicated than that18:30
evotherwise superm1 would've fixed that with his commit18:30
evI suspect incompatible syslinux binaries18:30
evbut my brain is somewhat melted from the day18:30
araev, OK, I'll call it a day as well18:31
araev, will file the bug tomorrow18:31
aragood night!18:32
superm1it's incompatibilities for syslinux binaries afaik18:32
evah ha!18:32
evso yeah, not fixable for Maverick18:32
superm1yeah don't think so18:32
ScottKSounds like release notes material.18:36
evusb-creator Maverick, so cutting edge that it doesn't look back (because it breaks if you try)18:37
superm1well it might be a worthwhile solution to provide an error in the 10.10 usb creator that it's known not to work with earlier media or something when selected18:38
evadded to the release notes18:40
evand indeed18:40
EtienneGhey guys, got a d-i question19:50
EtienneGcjwatson, you are probably the best guy for that :)19:51
EtienneGi am trying to preseed apt-setup from an early_command using debconf-set, and it does not work19:51
EtienneGfrom the shell, if I do, say, "debconf-get apt-setup/local0/key", it returns nothing19:52
EtienneGbut I did set it using "debconf-set apt-setup/local0/key ..." in the preseed/early_command19:53
EtienneGam i missing something?19:53
cjwatsonrun the entire installation with DEBCONF_DEBUG=developer and send me the log19:53
EtienneGcjwatson, doing that!19:53
EtienneGcjwatson, thanks, must be late in your place19:53
cjwatsonI bet you forgot to register the question.  there are smarter tools but I'll need to check your log19:54
cjwatsonalso send me your preseed file19:54
EtienneGcjwatson, sure thing19:55
EtienneGcjwatson, but ... what is this "registering the question" thingy ...19:55
EtienneGshould I declare the value outside of my early_command too?19:55
EtienneGthat just might be my mistake19:55
cjwatsonI'll explain when I've looked at the log19:56
EtienneGcjwatson, you need only /var/log/syslog?20:02
EtienneG(and the preseed)20:02
EtienneGcjwatson, in your inbox20:05
EtienneGcjwatson, just fyi, what I am trying to do is to have a location-aware preseed20:06
EtienneGbased on the location, the mirror is at well-known, such as 10.x.10.1020:06
EtienneGwhere x is variable20:06
EtienneGso I look at the default route, figure out x, and then preseed apt-set/local0/... accordingly20:07
EtienneGif there is a better way to do that, I am all ears!20:07
EtienneGcjwatson, poke, have you had time to look at what we discussed earlier?   (I know it is very late for you now, so it can wait until tomorrow if you did not)21:27
cjwatsonit's evening, no21:28
cjwatsonmostly been putting kids to bed21:28
EtienneGcjwatson, ah, the routine!  I have been away from home for three weeks, looking forward to do some of that.21:38

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