JamesPagedoko:  ttx mentioned to me that there was a situation developing in Debian re ant - can you fill me in on the details?09:06
ttxI thought it was about adopting the ant1.7 and ant (1.8) debian packages, but we seem to already have them09:15
* ttx is a bit confused as well09:15
JamesPagettx: we do - lucid has 1.7 and maverick has 1.809:19
ttxJamesPage: maverick also has "ant1.7" that is bound to 1.709:21
ttxfor packages incompatible with ant 1.809:21
persiaI suspect the "situation developing" was that some software suddenly didn't work with 1.8, and needed to be switched to build with ant1.709:21
persiaI suspect it to be mostly "developed" at this point, but there may still be things needing modification.09:22
ttxpersia: doko wanted us to handle something when Natty opens09:23
ttxso I think he had something specific in mind09:23
dokoJamesPage, ttx: we still have ant1.8 in the archive, which should be removed, I see that the default is already 1.8, so maybe I wasn't awake when telling you about getting it fixed early for natty10:35
JamesPagedoko: ok - will ant1.8 be removed for maverick or natty?10:41
dokoJamesPage: yes, if you take care of it ;p10:51
dokofile a bug report and subscribe ubuntu-archive10:51
dokoif we don't have any b-d's or b's on ant1.8 we could do it even now10:52
JamesPageNo b-d's or b's on ant1.8 in either lucid or maverick - I'll file a bug report now :-)10:59
JamesPagedoko: should this be removed for just maverick as its now the default ant option?11:00
dokoJamesPage: yes, I introduced ant1.8 late in lucid to get a recernt ant without changing the default. debian did decide to update to 1.8 and provide an ant1.7, but that was too late for lucid11:04
JamesPagedoko: OK understand - just read the bug report associated with the lucid FFE11:04
JamesPagedoko, ttx: raised under bug 64506311:09
ubot2Launchpad bug 645063 in ant1.8 (Ubuntu) "Please remove ant1.8 from maverick archive (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64506311:09

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