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TheMusobjf[afk]: I think we have a problem with alsa daily snapshots and missing/unknown symbols for both lucid and maverick. Had some users report bugs where they are using daily build packages, and no sound devices are found. Dmesg shows symbols not being found. I'm going to see what I can find out.01:34
TheMusobjf[afk]: I can reproduce on maverick, and about to do a lucid install on some hardware to attempt to reproduce there to be 100% sure.01:35
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TheMusobjf[afk]: Seems that some symbols are undefined at link time for some modules. I'll try and track this down some more tomorrow, not in a mental state atm to work out where to go from here, and dig hrough more autotools foo for alsa-driver...07:28
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avinashhmhi, any one familiar with this ??? "fs_initcall(inet_init);" .. i commented this and my linux isn't booting ... its running on an SOC ..12:53
smbavinashhm, It adds inet_init to the functions called when the system boots. There are various stages of this and fs_initcall ususally initializes filesystem related modules.13:02
avinashhmsmb, i dont need inet_init ... its something related to network .... So thought of remvonig it ... Is it very necessary for the system to run or we can remove ???13:03
avinashhmIt does something before last login time ... 13:06
avinashhminit: ureadahead main process (524) terminated with status 513:06
avinashhmLast login: Sun Jan  2 04:34:55 CET 2000 on tty113:06
smbAre you really sure you don't need it if you cannot boot after you remove it? Don't know where this is and whether maybe other people would not be happy about removing it. Also keep in mind that loopback is network, too and it is neaded.13:06
avinashhmSo after removing the initcall, it hangs at the arrow marked point ... 13:07
avinashhmI am testing it on an SOC ... We observe once in about 2 hours, it crashes in a fucntion rt_worker_func ...13:08
avinashhmThis function is in route.c ...So we thought we ll remove network related and removed the initcall ...13:08
avinashhmsmb, Whats loopback ?? 13:09
smblo0 the network device that represents the localhost13:09
smband a lot of things use it13:09
smbI cannot really help with details but I think removing that initcall sounds like a bad idea13:10
avinashhmoh .. .:-( .... seems like i can't get rid of it ...13:11
RAOFsmb: Sorry for not getting back to you re: those radeon patches; I've replied now.13:11
avinashhmsmb, thanks .. for the replies ... I ll try to have initcall and look what else i can do ... thanks again13:12
smbRAOF, He is alive! ;) Ok, thanks, I'll have a look13:13
RAOFsmb: Sorry; traveling from Toulouse to Hobart takes me through any number of un-wifi'd airport terminals.13:13
smbavinashhm, no problem and good luck13:13
RAOFAnd leaves me ~110% asleep.13:14
smbRAOF, Why do you need to live on the other half of the world. :)13:14
RAOFBecause I'm much cooler than you.  I live in the future, damnit!13:15
RAOFSpending 36 hours to travel anywhere is surely a small price to pay to live in the future :P13:15
smbRAOF, d-; ˙əɹnʇnɟ ʎɯ sɐ sıɥʇ ƃuıʇdəɔɔɐ ɯoɹɟ ʇuəsəɹ ı13:18
smbRAOF, Though I must admit its a good pickup line: "I come from the future and must warn you..." :)13:19
smbSo the answer seems to be we can take the patches or not. Whatever we want. So I guess if its ok well try with them13:20
RAOFThey seem to make sense, yes.13:20
smbOk, thanks a lot. Then we can go on to have them included in your world (the future, usually even more into it than you could ever live)13:22
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avinashhmsmb, how did you do that .. pasted invert :-) ...nice13:56
smbavinashhm, Used an upside down generator on the web and pasted the result. :)13:57
avinashhmsmb, )-: əuo əɔıu ʎəɥ13:59
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bjftgardner: fly to the other side of the world to have a public holiday? :-) (how are things going?)15:42
tgardnerbjf, s'okay. its hot here though.15:45
tgardnerreally hot.15:46
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jjohansenogasawara: how soon do you want the AA patches?  I have them but I am still working on updating regression testing17:37
ogasawarajjohansen: definitely no hurry as they likely won't get uploaded until after the 10.10 official release.  So maybe just get them to the list by beginning-mid next week or earlier if you want.17:40
jjohansenogasawara: earlier, I just want to make sure they are thoroughly tested17:41
ogasawarajjohansen: ack17:41
vanhoofhello friends :)17:55
vanhoofim willing to buy someone a beer if they can build me a kernel on a machine with actual power :)17:55
ogasawaravanhoof: I can kick a build off for you17:56
ogasawaravanhoof: what's the patch you need and what arch?17:56
vanhoofogasawara: http://git.kernel.org/?p=linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux-2.6.git;a=commit;h=e259befd9013e212648c3bd4f6f1fbf92d0dd51d17:56
vanhoofogasawara: amd6417:56
vanhoofogasawara: on top of the latest mav kernel17:56
ogasawaravanhoof: ack, gimme a few minutes and I'll get it going17:56
vanhoofogasawara: \o/ thank you17:56
vanhooflast time it took me 4 hours to build :D17:56
bjfvanhoof: you need tgardner to give you access to tangerine17:58
* vanhoof is down for that17:58
vanhoofI don't need to build often, but when i do i cringe17:58
ogasawarasmb, sconklin, bjf: EtienneG is inquiring about bug 55456918:03
ubot2Launchpad bug 554569 in gentoo (and 6 other projects) "[lucid] Blank screen with KMS on Thinkpad X201 with Arrandale (i915) (affects: 43) (dups: 1) (heat: 300)" [Unknown,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/55456918:03
ogasawara[10:00:37] <ogasawara> EtienneG: no worries, anything you need me to ping them about?18:03
ogasawara[10:01:02] <EtienneG> ogasawara, yes, status of bug #554569 in lucid18:03
ogasawara[10:01:18] <EtienneG> it is marked fix Commited, and milestoned for 10.04.218:03
ogasawara[10:01:38] <EtienneG> i was wondering if the patch will appear in an SRU earlier than 10.04.218:03
ogasawara[10:01:53] <EtienneG> and if yes, approx ETA for that18:03
vanhoofits sitting in -proposed18:03
vanhoofits been bumped twice by security18:04
ogasawaraI always love the ETA questions18:04
smbeta somewhen18:04
vanhoofthat bug has a special place in my heart18:04
bjfvanhoof: it really hasn't been bumped by security, the clock has not been reset on it really18:11
bjfvanhoof: it's just that that patchset was so large the sru team wanted to let it bake a while18:12
smbon the status page yes, but that should not matter that much. it also suffered from not really many people doing verification on their bugs18:12
vanhoofbjf: well it has been once at least18:14
vanhoofbjf: how has the clock not been reset?  it went from ~18 to 3 last i checked?18:14
smbvanhoof, Yes but that probably can be argued with the sru team18:15
vanhoofdo you say that since the bugs that has been verified stayed verified?18:15
smbwe know it has been out longer18:15
smbYes, the verification tags do not get reset18:15
vanhoofah ok18:17
lamontwhy does the maverick kernel have a 25GB footprint on the build machine?18:23
keeslamont: lots of flavor?18:24
lamont23GB in lucid, 14GB in karmic18:24
lamontkees: and a build process that doesn't believe in /bin/rm18:24
smband each compiled with debug info which is only stripped on packaging18:24
lamontwell, lucid fails to build on most of our ppa builders, and maverick will only be worse18:24
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smbHm, I was not aware that there are problems with it18:26
ogasawaravanhoof: I'm seeing build failures with that patch, gimme a sec to see if I can get it fixed up18:26
lamontit helps even less that when it fails, it sometimes decides to just loop18:26
lamontand what I'll assert is likely the second largest package in the archvie (openoffice.org) has a build footprint of a "mere" 6.5GB18:27
vanhoofogasawara: cool, i hope its not too much trouble18:29
lamontsmb: sounds like time for me to file a bug, I guess18:29
smblamont, most if that footprint really is that the compile stage is done with full debug symbols. Maybe it would be possible to clean between flavour builds, but I am not sure. Yes, if that needs to change I guess a bug will remind us to...18:30
vanhoofwow, my tv viewing just got screwed up pretty bad for the next few months :\18:47
vanhoof"For Thu: Ghost Whisperer: Season 1: Disc 1"18:47
vanhoof... I sure didnt put that in queue, I bet I know what's coming after that18:48
ogasawaravanhoof: are you testing this kernel yourself or giving to someone else to test?19:03
vanhoofogasawara: myself19:03
vanhoofogasawara: and Sarvatt 19:03
ogasawaravanhoof: so I forgot to tweak the version, but I can change that and rebuild, will be about 10 more min19:04
vanhoofogasawara: cool, thank you very much!19:25
ogasawaravanhoof: http://people.canonical.com/~ogasawara/test-build/vanhoof/19:27
Sarvattvanhoof: it may not be just that patch :( 20100921 resumes with a garbled display, 20100922 is fine19:27
Sarvattthanks ogasawara! testing now19:28
vanhoofwas on the phone19:30
* vanhoof grabs kernel19:30
vanhoofSarvatt: i tried 22, and did not resume at all19:30
vanhoofi guess we'll know here in a second :D19:31
Sarvattyeah, 0921 comes up at least but its garbled and 0922 with it works right and it doesn't come up at all on maverick19:31
vanhoofSarvatt: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2963119:32
ubot2Freedesktop bug 29631 in DRM/Intel "[Huron River] Resume does not work on HR CRB (resume screen corruption issue)." [Normal,Resolved: fixed]19:33
vanhoofwhich i found from https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3019919:33
ubot2Freedesktop bug 30199 in DRM/Intel "[Huron River] render corruption after S3 resume (with tiling)" [Major,Resolved: fixed]19:33
Lollipop56hi there19:36
Lollipop56I was wondering why Ubuntu doesn't allow software to auto-update itself instead of working with PPAs, Ubuntu uses the Linux kernel whereas OSX uses the Darwin kernel. Now, both are stable, if not Linux is even more stable, so why??19:37
scrllock2anyone know if this kernel: http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v2.6.36-rc5-maverick/  has been patched for the recent root exploit? (http://www.ubuntu.com/usn/usn-988-1)20:32
ogasawarascrllock2: all the patches for CVE-2010-3081 and CVE-1020-3301 should be upstream as of 2.6.36-rc520:37
ubot2ogasawara: ** RESERVED ** This candidate has been reserved by an organization or individual that will use it when announcing a new security problem.  When the candidate has been publicized, the details for this candidate will be provided. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2010-3081)20:37
scrllock2ogasawara: thank you very much.20:38
jjohansen-> Lunch20:39
rsalvetiargh, sometimes I'm getting a weird issue with my radeon card at my thinkpad t40021:01
rsalvetimy monitor suspends after a while, and when I try to wake him up sometimes the display just goes blank21:02
rsalvetiX turns dead, but I still get console21:02
rsalvetiand at my kernel log: [90595.959747] [drm:drm_mode_getfb] *ERROR* invalid framebuffer id21:02
rsalvetidoesn't happen all the time21:03
rsalvetiwith current maverick21:03
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lfaraoneogasawara: btw, what was changed in linux-meta that casued the ABI bump? the changelog gives me no hints.23:31
ogasawaralfaraone: nothing in the linux-meta package changed, but the linux package required an ABI bump which resulted in the ABI bump for linux-meta23:33
lfaraoneoops, I should have looked at "linux".23:33
lfaraonebackground: after upgrading today, resume-from-suspend stopped working, and disabling nvidia drivers didn't help. I'm thinking of rolling back to 21 to see if that was the cause.23:35

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