godbykthat's no good then00:00
godbykjenkins: run 'sudo texhash' (with no args)00:01
godbykthen try 'kpsewhich ccicons.sty' again (from the root dir)00:01
jenkinsnow kpse... works00:02
jenkinshow do we get launchpad to run "make" ? and then extract the pdf?00:04
dutchieyou specify it in the debian/rules file00:04
jenkinsok I have no clue how to do that.00:05
jenkinsI will finish the ccicons stuff tomorrow as I will fall asleep at work at this rate. I just have this one bug left as everything else is ok00:06
jenkinsthanks dutchie we will have to work together on that one00:07
jenkinsnight all00:07
dutchieyeah, nighty00:07
dutchieer, night00:07
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, did you see if are there something wrong?01:32
godbykthe translations from launchpad haven't shown up in my inbox yet.01:42
ChrisWoollardping: godbyk08:17
ChrisWoollardHappy Birthday!08:17
thorwilgodbyk: happy birthday!08:33
humphreybcgodbyk: happy birthday08:50
humphreybchow everyone knew it was your birthday, I don't know :P08:50
ChrisWoollardit is listed on his skype account10:49
nisshhoh awesome! happy bday godbyk!10:54
nisshhits mine in just over a week as well :)10:54
godbykthanks, guys!15:17
ChrisWoollardno problem16:04
jenkinsevening all18:45
* jenkins starts on ccicons18:45
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* flan does... work.18:54
thorwilgood evening!19:00
jenkinshey thorwil19:03
jenkinscan anyone who is running maverick who would be able to test the ccicons package please pm me their e-mail19:09
jenkinsthey will also need latex in some form19:09
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* cassidyjames is away: Working.19:24
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jenkinsAlanBell: I have got ccicons 90% finished I am just trying to fix one more lithian tag about the copyright. As ubuntu is in feture freeze how are we going to get the package for it into maverick? Do you know any motu's that would sponsor it to make it quicker?19:55
AlanBelljenkins: is it going in to Universe?19:59
jenkinswell I guessed its that or debian. what other ways are there I ahev never tried to get a package in before20:00
jenkinsI guess it depends on how quickly we want to get a package in for the manual20:02
AlanBellI don't think it is going to get in to Maverick to be honest20:02
AlanBellgetting stuff in not via Debian is not being encouraged20:03
AlanBellso this should go to Debian TeX Maintainers I assume20:03
jenkinsI thought debian may be the way Iwill go and read about getting stuff in there. I just need to fix this no-copyright-file lithan tag .20:04
AlanBelljenkins: for Maverick and the possible post-release application process (which the manual might be barred from) could the ccicons content be stuffed into the package with the manual?20:05
AlanBellwhich would have to be packaged for /opt anyhow?20:05
jenkinsits not ideal not sure it would be liked but. I don't see why it can't be done20:06
AlanBellok, lets hold that as a possibility then20:07
jenkinsk thanks Alan20:07
AlanBellthe thing to do is get that ccicons into Debian and get it synced early in the Natty cycle20:08
AlanBellthen get the manual package into Ubuntu (which won't go via Debian - but has a good reason not to)20:08
jenkinsyep, do does debian have different repos like we do multiverse universe etc?20:09
AlanBellnot sure, but their tex list seems active http://lists.debian.org/debian-tex-maint/2010/09/threads.html20:10
jenkinsthanks I will look into it20:13
godbykThe ccicons bit is only needed for compilation -- not for end users of the manual.20:18
godbykAlso, doesn't it seem a bit strange to try to submit the Ubuntu manual to Debian for inclusion in Ubuntu?20:18
godbykIt serves no purpose to Debian -- only Ubuntu.20:19
jenkinsthe manual will not go to debian ccicons can20:19
jenkinsand will fingures crossed20:19
godbykjenkins: Ah, gotcha. Yeah, ccicons should be folded into one of the other texlive-* packages, ultimately.20:19
godbykDo you know if the Debian folks are packaging TeX Live 2010 yet?20:20
jenkinsI was expecting you to say that. erm not sure I will look20:20
jenkinsgodbyk: http://lists.debian.org/debian-tex-maint/2010/09/threads.html ctrl + f for 2010 they are working on it20:22
thorwilgodbyk: just pushed updated title page templates20:26
godbykSo what options exist these days to get periodic updates to (specifically, texlive) packages more frequently than every six months?20:26
godbykthorwil: awesome! thanks!20:26
godbykthorwil: I'm sure you'll be hearing from humphreybc soon. ;-)20:27
thorwilgodbyk: but bzr told me about missing SVGs, all the ones without "template" in the name (except the lulu one)20:27
jenkinsgodbyk: pass unsure, I think packaing texlive is a complex job20:27
thorwilgodbyk: problem is i have not the slightest clue why, how this happened20:28
godbykthorwil: when did it you tell about missing svgs? got any (error/info/whatever) messages I can google?20:29
thorwilgodbyk: it told me on commit. could be that i meant to remove them with bzr rm, but messed that up20:30
godbykthorwil: that's possible. if you removed files with rm but didn't use bzr rm, then bzr might whine that it can't find those files.20:31
godbykthorwil: you could run20:31
godbyk bzr revert FILES20:31
godbykto bring them back20:31
godbykthen 'bzr rm' them.20:31
thorwilgodbyk: we have nothing that relies on the non-template files (except lulu)?20:33
thorwildoes no good to spread such work over too many short sprints :/20:34
godbykthorwil: I use title_page_a4_en.pdf and title_page_letter_en.pdf as fallbacks (if the titlepage-LANGCODE.pdf file doesn't exist)20:34
godbykthorwil: lemme see what the script uses to autogenerate the baselines for other languages.20:34
godbykthorwil: ah, the script uses title_page_a4_template.svg, title_page_a4_right-to-left_template.svg20:35
godbykbut really, we can change the file names of any and all of those things.20:35
thorwilif i try to revert, bzr tells me the paths are not versioned. how the heck can they be missing then?20:36
thorwilgodbyk: no, it's fine then. except there currently are no title_page_a4_en.pdf and title_page_letter_en.pdf20:37
godbykthorwil: okay, I'll look into that.20:38
thorwilgodbyk: the lp file listing is identical to mine here, so all is well. wicked bzr confusing me like that!20:40
thorwilgodbyk: ping me if you need those 2 PDFs. would streamline things if we don't20:42
jenkinsI have contacted the latex guys about ccicons we shall see what they say20:51
godbykthorwil: yeah, I'm happy to reduce the number of PDFs to a minimum.21:02
godbykThe extra ones just confuse me.21:03
godbykjenkins: cool.21:03
jenkinsi would like the to say just put a ccicons package in. that way I will have a package in debian \o/ :)21:04
godbykjenkins: It *might* be possible to drop all the ccicons files into the same directory as ubuntu-manual.cls and compile it that way. But I make not promises.21:05
godbyk(The biggest issue would be getting the mapping stuff to work..)21:05
jenkinsI would prefer to do it the right way21:06
jenkinsI think the less things that can be faulted with the package when we try and get it in the better.21:07
godbykjenkins: agreed21:10
jenkinsare you a memeber of the list godbyk?21:11
godbykjenkins: The List?21:12
godbykSounds ominous.21:12
jenkinsthe debian tex maintaners mailing list :)21:12
godbykjenkins: Ah, nope.21:13
godbykI could subscribe, though.21:13
jenkinshttp://lists.debian.org/debian-tex-maint/ if you wish21:13
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, did you see if have syntax problem in pt_BR?21:39
godbykAndre_Gondim: I never got the translation file from Launchpad.21:39
godbykI'll resubmit the request and see if it comes through this time.21:40
godbyk(Usually it comes through in 10 minutes or less.)21:40
godbykAndre_Gondim: which branch were you working on again?21:40
Andre_Gondimlet me c, just a minute21:41
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual/lucid-e1/+pots/ubuntu-manual/pt_BR/+translate21:42
godbykI've requested the lucid-e1 translations.21:44
godbykThey should show up soon.21:44
godbykJust received it.21:47
godbykLet me unzip it and compile it for ya.21:48
godbykAndre_Gondim: There's a \dash that's misspelled as \dah.21:52
godbykSome context:21:52
godbyk...garantia de segurança\dah ao invés em vez...21:52
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, fixed it21:55
godbykLet me fix it locally and then I'll see what other errors exist.21:55
godbykanother bug:21:57
godbykthe following string ends with a closing parenthesis ) but it should be a closing brace }.21:57
godbyk\marginnote{Você também pode usar os atalhos de teclado \keystroke{Ctrl+C} e \\keystroke{Ctrl+V} para copiar e colar arquivos e pastas.)21:58
godbykAndre_Gondim: another:  "\menu{Editar \e então Localizar próxima}"  \e should be \then.21:59
godbykAndre_Gondim: Change ) to } again:  "Selecione \menu{Arquivo \e então clique em Salvar como) na barra de menu."  Also \e → \then.22:00
godbykAndre_Gondim: Forgot the closing brace }: "Pãgina do Rhythmbox: \url{http://projects.gnome.org/rhythmbox"22:02
godbykAndre_Gondim: There are some bugs in the \newglossaryentry translations, too.22:05
godbykAndre_Gondim: for 'ambiente de trabalho', ensure that the first occurrence is *not* translated.22:06
godbykAndre_Gondim: So it should be \newglossaryentry{desktop environment}{name={ambiente de trabalho}, description={...translated description...}}22:06
godbykSame with Porta Ethernet entry22:07
godbykAnd prorpietário22:07
godbykAnd conexão sem fios22:08
godbykAndre_Gondim: Changes all occurrences of \e to \then.22:10
godbykAndre_Gondim: Change \gls{conexão de rede com fio} to \gls{wired connection}.22:12
godbykAndre_Gondim: \Idots should be \ldots.  (Not a capital I, but a lowercase L.)22:13
Andre_Gondimhmmmmmm after gls{string} this string isn't translatable?22:13
godbykAndre_Gondim: Correct.  \gls{do not translate this}22:14
godbykAndre_Gondim: After you fix all those, it'll compile correctly.22:14
godbykAndre_Gondim: Have I scared you off completely yet? :-)22:32
Andre_Gondimno, I needed this to fix it all problem22:32
Andre_Gondimgodbyk, I think I fix all problem, can you check it? ... how may I check this?22:44
godbykAndre_Gondim: I think I have to wait a while before I can check it.  (It takes Launchpad some time to incorporate your changes in to the translation file it sends me.)22:45

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