dpmfta, fta2, hey, good morning. Ok, now both the FF and TB pages are made into a table09:24
fta2dpm, great09:24
fta2grrrr  /usr/include/cairo/cairo.h:1976: error: comma at end of enumerator list10:22
fta2prevents me from building my projects with -werror -pedantic10:23
micahgchrisccoulson: do you mind if I update deejayd over the weekend?11:37
chrisccoulsonmicahg - no, that should be ok12:13
micahgchrisccoulson: k12:13
bdrung_hi micahg and chrisccoulson. can you have a look at bug #645339?16:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 645339 in mozilla-devscripts (Ubuntu) "Drop transitional and removed packages from Recommends (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64533916:55
micahgbdrung_: I can run the rebuilds this weekend16:56
bdrung_micahg: for some of the main packages we need an ACK from ubuntu-release16:58
* micahg just found another thing that needs to be added from the mozilla-packageset16:58
micahgbdrung_: ubufox will need one, what else is in main?16:58
bdrung_micahg: mozilla-devscripts ;)16:58
micahgbdrung_: yeah, that's why it's not in the packageset ATM :(16:59
micahgbdrung_: no, that's in universe16:59
bdrung_micahg: strange: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bindwood16:59
micahgthe only other extension in main that I know of is mozvoikko16:59
micahgbdrung_: says universe17:00
micahgsays main on top and universe for each release17:00
micahgbdrung_: karmic updates were accidentally published to main17:00
micahgbdrung_: should we add a task for ubufox?17:02
micahgso they can ack both17:02
bdrung_micahg: yes17:03
bdrung_micahg: i already thought that we should open task for all affected extensions after we got the ack17:03
micahgbdrung_: well, they need to ack the ones in main, the universe ones I don't think need an ack17:03
chrisccoulsonplease don't do a rebuild of ubufox just yet, there's another change that needs to in before release17:08
chrisccoulson*needs to go in17:09
micahgchrisccoulson: k17:10
chrisccoulsonthanks :)17:10
chrisccoulsonwe need to update the start page URL (when it goes live)17:10
chrisccoulsoni pinged someone in OLS about that a couple of days ago17:10
bdrung_chrisccoulson: k17:12
chrisccoulsonbdrung_, i might want to make some changes to mozilla-devscripts in the next couple of weeks (or at the start of natty)17:15
chrisccoulsonto add support for packed extensions in FF4.017:16
chrisccoulsonalthough, i've not tried those out just yet17:16
micahgbdrung_: I have to run right now, I'll check back later to see if I need to do anything17:16
micahgBTW, if you need an example, all-in-one-sidebar hasn't been rebuilt since 0.2117:17
* micahg will bbiab17:17
micahgbdrung_: ^^^17:18
bdrung_chrisccoulson: do you have push rights?17:18
chrisccoulsonbdrung_, in debian? nope ;)17:19
chrisccoulsonor you mean to bzr?17:19
bdrung_chrisccoulson: to the bzr branch17:20
chrisccoulsonbdrung_, yeah, i can push to bzr17:20
bdrung_chrisccoulson: just push your changes there and let me know once m-d needs to be released to debian. i will review it and upload it. are you DM or DD?17:22
chrisccoulsonbdrung_, i'm not ;)17:22
bdrung_chrisccoulson: so: become one! ;)17:23
ftahttp://www.androidpolice.com/2010/09/16/comic-the-difference-between-android-and-iphone-this-pretty-much-sums-it-up/   :)17:34
micahgbdrung_: so we're good for the rebuild?18:37
bdrung_micahg: i think so.18:38
micahgbdrung_: k, I'll be offline from this evening through Sat night, but will check over the weekend for 0.24 and if it's there, rebuild the universe extensions18:39
bdrung_micahg: thanks18:40
micahgbdrung_: do you want me to take care of the eclipse -7 update as well?18:45
bdrung_micahg: eclipse -7?18:46
micahgbdrung_: 3.5.2-7 was uploaded to sid18:46
bdrung_micahg: but there is no reason for pulling it into maverick, are there?18:46
bdrung_micahg: otherwise we have to pull lucene2 2.9.3+ds1-118:47
micahgbdrung_: ah, that's the part I didn't check yet18:47
micahgI wanted to see if we needed something like that18:47
bdrung_micahg: we could pull the *squeeze1 packages (eclipse and lucene2)18:48
bdrung_micahg: feel free to do that18:48
Dimmuxxhmm it seems that #438868 behaves different in firefox 418:48
micahgbdrung_: that was my next thought18:48
micahgbdrung_: the version in maverick should be sufficient18:49
micahgaccording to the depends18:49
Dimmuxxinstead of not showing hits it just replaces the letter you write all the time so s->a->v->..18:49
micahglucene I mean18:49
bdrung_micahg: "Made (Build)-Depends on lucene2 and sat4j stricter" means that eclipse will complain if you want to install a newer lucene2 or sat4j version18:50
micahgfrom testing:                    adep: liblucene2-java  (>= 2.9.2+ds1)18:50
micahgliblucene2-java | 2.9.2+ds1-1 | maverick/universe | all18:50
micahgsame for sat4j18:51
micahgbdrung_: if you don't think we need that, then I won't do it18:51
bdrung_micahg: we could need it and as you wrote the uploads to testing-proposed-updates can be used for maverick.18:52
micahgbdrung_: k, so if you like, I"ll make sure it builds and then request the sync18:52
bdrung_micahg: good plan18:53
micahgbdrung_: I like to keep things as close to Debian barring Freeze violations18:53
bdrung_micahg: me too18:54
micahgNow, I just need to get more involved in Debian, so it's a simple sync vs merge for most things18:55
micahgbdrung_: any idea when iceweasel 3.6 will transition to sid?19:00
bdrung_micahg: after squeeze is released19:00
bdrung_micahg: that's due to xulrunner. they want only one version of xulrunner in the archive19:01
micahgthat means most likely, we'll need to do the extension updates in Ubuntu first and then update Debian once 4.0 is in experimental19:01
micahgbdrung_: we'll be discussing the transition at UDS19:03
bdrung_micahg: what speaks against doing the extension update in debian? will the updates support 4.0, but drop support for 3.5?19:05
bdrung_micahg: BTW, UDS - what's the status of having scripts for browser plugins?19:06
ftahmm, my ssh server is slow to accept connections today.. regression?19:08
ftatimeout on avahi-daemon.. interesting19:09
ftaindeed, killing avahi-daemon fixed it19:10
micahgbdrung_: that's fine if it works :)19:12
micahgbdrung_: some extensions might drop support for 3.x, that's what I"m worried about19:13
micahgbdrung_: you mean the idea I had before the last UDS, I guess I can look into it before UDS, that would be nice to have since we have to migrate everything this cycl19:14
bdrung_micahg: if they do, we will have to do more work19:14
bdrung_micahg: yes, bug #51635019:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 516350 in mozilla-devscripts "provide plugin build/install assistance (affects: 1) (heat: 2)" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/51635019:15
micahgbdrung_: yeah, i can try to look at that after Maverick release19:15
micahgI'll be working up to the deadline of fixing stuff for maverick, trying to sync/merge RC fixes19:16
ftajdstrand, hi. Please correct me if i'm wrong but if i understand the minutes of the last TB meeting correctly, 1/ chromium is doomed to stay in universe forever - no main, no default, ever, 2/ it should fallback to no system libs at all and 3/ no more SRU, just blind uploads.  Is that correct?22:12
jdstrandfta: I think 'forever' for '1' is not quite accurate. certainly for now22:13
jdstrandfta: '2' fallback, yes, but can continue to use them as long as it doesn't cause problems22:13
jdstrandfta: '3' that I was not clear on, since it didn't get added to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions22:14
jdstrandfta: but bzr did22:14
jdstrandfta: I can follow up on that22:15
ftajdstrand, please do.22:15
jdstrand16:16 < kees> jdstrand: I think a final proposal needs to be made by fta to TB,  which includes the feedback given during the last meeting.22:16
ftajdstrand, uh? what info should i provide that has not already been provided by chrisccoulson, you and kees?22:21
jdstrandfta: I guess you need a formal request that meets the criteria in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions along with any other pertinent information22:23
jdstrandfta: I've not requested one before. you might ask kees or pitti or someone else on the TB for more info22:23
ftaok, i'll try that. thanks22:32
chrisccoulsonbdrung_, did m-d get sync'd?22:34
chrisccoulsonnot yet, it seems22:34
chrisccoulsoni need to upload ubufox to switch the start page really :/22:35
bdrung_chrisccoulson: rhetorical questions...22:35
chrisccoulsonactually, it's not live yet22:35
bdrung_chrisccoulson: i could use syncpackage22:35
chrisccoulsonbut it will be soon :)22:35
bdrung_chrisccoulson: or ask an archive admin22:35
bdrung_chrisccoulson: how will the start page look like?22:36
chrisccoulsonbdrung_, AFAIK, it's mostly the same (but it has a new URL)22:36
chrisccoulsoni'm not entirely sure there though22:36
ftajdstrand, upstream just landed libsrtp in trunk, i assume there's no point trying to bend the build system to make it use our system libsrtp0, right?22:37
chrisccoulsoni need to make this automated really, so we don't have to keep updating ubufox to pick up the new start page22:37
fta(assuming it's even the same lib)22:38
jdstrandfta: if google plans to maintain it as part of chromium, then I suppose not, no22:39
ftajdstrand, they actively maintain all the libs they host in their tree, and that's quite a lot: http://src.chromium.org/svn/trunk/src/DEPS22:40
bdrung_jdstrand: here's ^ the reason why i like to get it processed22:41
ftabdrung_, referring to chromium?22:43
bdrung_fta: no, referring to my discussion with chrisccoulson about mozilla-devscripts22:44
ftaoh, n-m then22:44
chrisccoulsonjdstrand, fta, sorry, i've not looked at the TB discussion for a few days now. is there anything i need to be doing?22:45
bdrung_fta: n-m?22:46
ftachrisccoulson, i have to admit what i read from the minutes makes me wonder if chromium is really welcome. the PPAs seem to be enough22:46
ftabdrung_, never-mind22:46
ftachrisccoulson, but at the same time, there's not enough resources with the number of daily recipes and translation jobs taking over the build farm22:47
chrisccoulsonfta - yeah, that's a real pain right now. i noticed it with the mozilla dailies too22:48
ftachrisccoulson, not to mention that PPAs only attract techies, not regular & casual users22:48
chrisccoulsonfta - are you still building for jaunty?22:48
ftachrisccoulson, yes but i think i should stop22:48
chrisccoulsonfta - yeah, you should stop jaunty on all dailies really, that's going EOL in a few weeks anyway22:49
bdrung_chrisccoulson: thanks to jdstrand: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mozilla-devscripts/0.2422:49
chrisccoulsonalso, i'm wondering whether there's any value in doing the ff-4.0 dailies on anything earlier than lucid22:49
chrisccoulsonseeing as those releases will never see ff-4.0, and most users running the dailies aren't going to be using hardy or karmic22:49
bdrung_chrisccoulson: valid reason22:50
ftai wanted to extract some stats from lp but it's not ready. i keep pushing the lp guys to complete the task though22:52
ftaseems the remaining work is trivial22:53
chrisccoulsonyeah, that would be useful22:53
ftai'll try again tomorrow morning22:55
ftafta@cube:/data/bot/confs $ perl -i -pe "s/, 'jaunty'//" *.conf22:56

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