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russell5if i uninstall mythbackend from synaptic does it take config files with it?01:46
mrandrussell5: in general removing things via synaptic, apt, or aptitude only removes the executables, not config files01:53
russell5thats what i thought02:00
tgm4883russell5, mrand although you can get synaptic to remove config files too if that is what you are after02:17
russell5yeah i saw that thanks. i just compiled form source so wanted to remove the packages02:19
qwebirc97568Is it OK to ask for Mythbuntu custom live cd service (I will pay service) and/or for MythTV custom plugin?02:44
tgm4883it's ok to ask, I'm not sure anyone will help you02:44
qwebirc97568More clear, where is the best place to post it, because it is not about the help, it is job.02:47
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christipHi. I've installed mythbuntu 10.10 beta. I activated mythweb via mythbuntu control centre (I use password protection) but everytime I go to mythweb I only get a white page. The standard html "It works!" index file works prefectly. Does anybody have a hint to get mythweb working properly?19:27
rhpot1991christip: check your apache logs19:28
christipI use the latest mythtv weekly build (trunk).19:28
Gibbychristip: try adding /mythweb to the end19:31
Gibbyof your url19:31
christipI tried /mythweb withour success19:32
christipI get the following errors in apache2 logs:19:32
christipPHP Warning: file_get_contents(modules_path/_shared/lang/English.lang): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/classes/Translate.php on line 16619:34
christipPHP fatal error: Failed to open translation file: modules_path/_shared/lang/English.lang in /usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/classes/Translate.php on line 17019:35
christipFile does not exist: /var/www/favicon.ico19:35
christipI found a way to solve the problem (not a real solution, just one for me)20:22
christipThe mistake must be in the Translate.php. Instead of "$path = modules_path.'/'.module.'/lang/'.$language.'.lang'; I wrote the direct path to the German.lang20:24
ToastI've got an odd problem with a new mythbuntu system. The system is perfectly stable running stress or memory tests, and seems happy playing recorded TV, but when I try to play HD from BBC iplayer, after about 5 min, the machine hard locks up and needs to be power cycled. It's an Athalon 64 with Nvidia graphics. Any help debugging this would be appreciated.20:53
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