MuscovyI see I missed a busy few hours last night.00:07
UndiFineDindeed you did00:46
UndiFineDupdating my eeepc, at misses request, and I am going to make a virtualbox for screenshots00:48
Muscovyhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour/Screenshots has screenshot spec stuff.01:01
MuscovyThere's a handy ISO linked on there with the latest themes and stuff, plus the user ubuntu_tour.01:02
UndiFineDsave me some trouble01:03
MuscovyI was actually just about to boot into it to take some.01:04
MuscovyWhat were you planning on covering?01:04
MuscovyI thought I'd clean up the old/incorrect-user ones on about-ubuntu.01:04
UndiFineDI hate the ones I made before01:05
UndiFineDand making them in a vm is required for context menu's01:06
MuscovyContext menus?01:06
UndiFineDbesides that, it will be lower resolution too, as my 1920x1050 is a bit much01:06
UndiFineDlike clicking on the network icon, or selecting properties on a file/folder01:07
UndiFineD1265 kB/s, very nice01:09
UndiFineDnot the fastest, but pretty good01:09
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UndiFineDi hate doing updates for the eeepc, it is such a long time taking process01:28
UndiFineDdoing 450 updates is slower than downloading and installing a new iso01:29
MuscovyI only did one dist upgrade, then I learned that.01:44
MuscovyA cronjob of apt-get update && apt-get upgrade -y might be handy for updates to the eeepc.01:45
MuscovyI would do that with my computer, but I tinker enough to need to see the updates.01:46
undifined_well, I don't want it to do all updates just because there is this minor thing01:52
undifined_it has been a few weeks / months since last update01:52
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Muscovy'night all.04:42
MuscovyI've done some screenshot fixing updates.04:42
MuscovyHopefully tomorrow I can get on taking new ones.04:42
webrskHi MadnessRed :) I would like to have a quick discussion with you.19:36
MadnessRedhow can I help?19:36
webrskI would like to contribute more in programming .19:36
MadnessRedok, do you know python?19:37
webrskYa I have built some tools using Python , PyGtk :)19:38
MadnessRedok kl,19:39
webrskMore exp in Php/MySQL but not sure that will be useful for ubuntu-tour .. :)19:39
MadnessRedwell php implies html/javascript knowledge which could be useful for making the tour side look pretty19:40
MadnessRedbut you are welcome to help with the project, many thanks for your offer :)19:41
MadnessReddo you know how bzr works?19:41
webrskYes i just updated 2 revision on our branch ..19:42
webrskI got the code played a bit with it :)19:42
MadnessRedok kl19:43
MadnessRedwhat did you do?19:43
webrskI just updated the css heading and changed the image path :)19:44
MadnessRedif you look at tour.py, near the bottom it makes a html page19:45
webrskBecause im not sure about the plans for the backend..So i just want to have a discuss with you after that can proceed based on the priority :)19:45
webrskyes the start.html acts like a header and end.html acts like a footer for the html pages..19:47
MadnessRedim not sure what the plans are at the moment, there have been a few mockup's going round the mailing list19:47
MadnessRedbut I think for now we need to get the tours worked out, do you know regex?19:48
webrskok !! regex ya worked on php but not in python , but its manageable :)19:50
MadnessRedcould you create a regex find replace in tour.py, near the bottom in the format html section,19:53
MadnessRedand expect a tag like:19:53
MadnessRed<screenshot width="100" height="100" tooltip="Screenshot" src="images/screen.png" />19:54
MadnessRedand change it into a image, inside an a, and when the a is clicked on, it opens something like lightbox, which will show a larger preview19:54
MadnessRedso change it to something like:19:55
MadnessRed<a href="#" onclick="lightbox('images/screen.png'); return false" tooltip="Screenshot"><img width="100" height="100" src="images/screen.png" /></a>19:56
MadnessRedjust to make it easier for tour designers to add screenshots which would have a consistent look19:56
webrsk:) :)  Sure , Ill try it out ..... so inside parse_html function ?19:56
webrskya its a good idea our regex will surely help for this :)19:57
MadnessRedyes please, I think regex is the best way to do it, but I never really got regex,19:57
MadnessRedI think if you could find <screenshot *** /> And you found the start and end of that tag, it would be fairly easy to do, you could also specify default screenshot widths and heights19:58
webrskyes you are right :) I got the logic ...19:58
webrskbut as of now there is no page using screenshot tag . am i right ?19:59
MadnessRedsorry yes you are right, there are no pages20:00
webrskok so once we implement this function , we can ask user to add a tag like screenshot wherever its required.20:01
MadnessRedalso the tooltip="" is not correct, but I am planning another replace using wz_tooltip20:01
MadnessRedI will also convert a few of the tutorials, to use it, to show how it works20:01
MadnessRedif you want there is a tour called html-test, feel free to put any tests/demos in there20:02
webrskok :) sure ill make use of it.. And one more thing guess for tooltip and lightbox there is no code in the present revision , so i shall add a style for it !!  rite..20:04
MadnessRedyes please20:05
webrskCool then :)20:05
Phaiax@webrsk: i've purposely set the img path to ../en. It schould be easy to copy for other language editors. So they don't come up with the idea to copy the whole image in their own language-image-folder.20:06
MadnessRed:) thanks, if you need anything feel free to ask,20:07
webrskHello Phaix : Is that so. I have checked the other pages but it has been set to images so i thought to make it unique..20:07
MadnessRedif I am not on my email is madnessred [at] gmail [dot] com20:07
webrskSure MadnessRed, Nice to meet you here :) will mail you once im done with it :)20:07
MadnessRedok thanks,20:08
webrsk@Phaiax: Each language will have their own screenshots where textual content is applied and for general images it can be common. correct me if im wrong. !20:11
Phaiaxi'dont know if i understand you correctly, but if i do, i would say: you're right20:14
Phaiaxbut there is the point where to put common images20:14
Phaiaxi tought they belong in the english folder because 'en' is ubuntus default fallback language20:15
Phaiaxbut we can also create a language independent image folder...20:16
Phaiaxi'm not a softwaredesigner (but programmer and my design is sometimes terrible) ... so i'm not shure what to do20:16
webrskI can understand your design and plans for the language/images.20:18
webrskLet me give an example : The top panel image is now parked in images folder , but actually it should be in en/images folder because the screenshot is in english.20:22
webrsk@Phaiax: is that right ?20:23
webrskbecause that image is common for all languages!! for spanish there will be a different image.20:24
Phaiaxit is currently in the en/images folder20:24
Phaiaxthere is currently no common folder or am i wrong20:25
webrskok yes you are right !!20:25
PhaiaxNotice for all: The paser translates all line-breaks in source into real linebreaks in the view (I don't know why, but it does). That means: no linebreakes on the top of the source code20:29
Phaiaxfirst line should be: <h2>Title</h2><div>Text of first paragraph..... foobaa..... all without linebreaks20:29
webrskYou are right Phaiax , actually in about-ubuntu without linebreak it has been written , so like that it need to be follow on remaining topics.20:33
MadnessRedIt only parses linebreaks if you give it a plain text file21:22
MadnessRedhtml file, which end .html do not do this21:22
MadnessRedthe idea is that you put plain text files without a suffix and html files with the suffix21:23
Phaiaxand is there a reason why we don't do that?21:41
Phaiaxthat means we schould rename all files with html code to .html21:42
UndiFineDgood evening :)21:45
UndiFineDseen the topic MadnessRed  ?21:45
Phaiaxand best use <p>tags for paragrapfs21:45
MadnessRedoh thanks :),21:46
MadnessRedno I didn't see that the topic wasn't expanded so I couldn't see the end21:46
UndiFineDI had asked ChipX86 about the issue21:46
UndiFineDhe wrote it21:46
UndiFineDso libsexy moved on into libsexy221:47
UndiFineDand python-sexy integrated with gtk21:48
UndiFineDbut I am sure, if you have some questions he can anwers them21:48
MadnessRedok thanks :)21:56
UndiFineDPhaiax, I wonder about chapter 12 for about-ubuntu .. as it is a duplicate for what is in chapter 921:57
UndiFineDas you undid my doings :)21:57
Phaiaxyeah, i know... i'm translating the german part currently21:58
Phaiaxdid i?21:58
UndiFineDyes, revisions 178 and 17921:58
Phaiax:-D Sorry, this was the first time i use bzr...21:59
UndiFineDeither, the panel propersites should be separate, but in chapeter 1021:59
UndiFineDor just merge with 921:59
UndiFineDsame here21:59
Phaiaxi'v testet in my +junk rep with merges and co... but i am confused a little bit21:59
UndiFineDit is ok, I think it is a great learning xp for starting bzaar22:00
UndiFineDwell, if you have questions, just ask, I did my translation tasks into dutch very quickly (2 days) and now I need to get those screenshots done22:02
MadnessRedi gtg, be back soon22:03
UndiFineDI am waiting a bit for the english texts to have settled a bit, so I can check my wordings later22:03
UndiFineDhave fun MadnessRed22:03
UndiFineDwhat is the package name for the virtualbox gui machine manager ?22:05
PhaiaxVirtualBox case sensitive: big V22:07
Phaiaxmaybe i hate bzr22:08
UndiFineDI normally do: bzr pull && bzr add && bzr commit -m "" && bzr push lp:ubuntu-tour22:15
UndiFineDfilling the comment ofcourse22:15
UndiFineDso I always pull before i submit22:15
UndiFineDand by pulling first without immediate commit, I can see what has changed before I push22:16
UndiFineDand do something about my changes that may be in conflict with what others did22:17
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UndiFineDhandcounted 25 unique persons that submitted22:20
UndiFineDthat is about 30% of the people that signed up22:22

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