andres_pipeep, duffydack how can i reach it00:00
duffydackandres_, it should auto mount00:00
duffydackandres_, /media/something.00:00
wizzi was accidentally lock my network configuration for desktop user, so i can't edit any connection now. how to make it appear again?00:00
pipeepandres_, should be in the places menu00:00
pipeepanyone know what's happening with my hd?00:01
duffydackjerry_,  backup your files.. always a good time to do that.00:01
pipeepjerry_, get another hd, and copy your important files over00:01
duffydackjerry_, do you have anywhere to backup to?00:01
pipeep(in a nutshell)00:02
mangconfigure.ac:7: error: must install xorg-macros 1.3 or later before running autoconf/autogen00:02
jerry_what do u mean srry new to this00:02
mangi have latest vers of xutils-dev00:02
andres_places has only home trash desktop find and fie sistem00:02
pipeepjerry_, take your files that you care about (Documents, work/school files, taxes, etc) and copy it over to a external hd00:03
pipeep(or dvds if you want to)00:03
duffydackjerry_, a good case for having /home on seperate partition...00:03
andres_places has only home trash desktop find and fie sistem cant go to my flash drive00:03
pipeepandres_, I don't know what to tell you00:04
Jon--Suddenly having problems launching Eclipse on my Ubuntu machine. Bit of a serious problem I do all of my C++ and Java development in Eclipse. Anyone with experience that can help me?  I can pastebin error when running with -consoleLog and -debug   I do get a runtime sometime when it's loading GUI, I can't make sense of it, missing file of some kind.  Worked fine a few days ago00:04
pipeepyou could look in /dev and stuff, but that's probably too much for you00:04
pipeepdoes your flashdrive work on other machines?00:04
andres_it does00:04
jerry_how can i change user setting back to custom00:04
pipeepHave you tried using different usb ports?00:04
andres_i have others and is working fine00:05
pipeepjerry_, most settings are stored in your home folder00:05
pipeepjerry_, in hidden folders starting with a period00:05
pipeepjerry_, go to the view menu in the file browser and click show hidden files00:05
pipeepanyone care to help me with my hd issues?00:06
acidflashok never mind, it was working all along, the limit was increased but the program is unable to create more file descriptors for itself00:06
acidflashhow do i allow a program to assign file descriptors to itself?00:06
SubCoolthat flood thing is getting annoying00:07
duffydackpipeep, jerry_ unless of course someone can fix an upgrade sound issue...00:07
SubCoolHey, is there an easy way i can use two Wireless cards on kubuntu to receive double the interenet? My hotel is being a snot and limiting me to 25kb/s00:07
pipeepduffydack, what is your issue?00:07
* duffydack calls down mr shuttleworth to fix upgrade issue.00:07
pipeepSubCool, that would be interesting...00:07
mark__Can anyone help me with a Citrix issue?00:07
duffydackpipeep, me?  nothing.  its jerry.00:08
acidflashSubCool: as far as i know that impossible00:08
andres_pipeep if u explaine me i can do it00:08
SubCoolpipeep, im sure u can with like ipkungfu or something..00:08
krabadorhow can i install dependencies AFTER installed a package with dpkg -i ?00:08
jerry_i dont understand00:08
pipeepandres_ you don't want to, trust me.00:08
duffydackpipeep, damn upgrades from 9.10.  Ive not heard 1 good story00:08
pipeepandres_ it sounds like a usb issue00:08
SubCoolhow woudl i google that?00:08
pipeepandres_ just try rebooting or something00:08
pipeepandres_ try another flashdrive, see if it works00:09
pipeepandres_, I bet you it won't00:09
pipeepdaffydack seems out of my league00:09
duffydackSubCool, if those 2 wireless are on different networks, and bridged they can00:09
SubCooli dont see why i cant shot gun it or something00:10
SubCoolloadbarring config :)00:10
pipeepoh, it's any clue, my harddrive issues only happen when coming out of sleep mode00:11
SubCoollol- well that is a pretty important clue pipeeep00:11
icewatermanhi, i have some trouble with ubuntu, pulse-audio and my microphone. my mic is connected to the ordinary microphone jack of the soundcard00:12
icewatermanbut yet pulse audio does not seem to find it00:12
icewatermanas a result i cannot record anything00:12
synackfinis there any way to get a report of which ecc+registered memory modules are bad (i.e. have to correct bad bits with ecc)00:12
pipeepSubCool, yeah, sorry, but it only happens sometimes00:12
pipeepI think depending on the phase of the moon00:12
pipeepsynackfin, like memcheck?00:13
pipeep*memtest sry00:14
andres_pipeep, i have try with 2 diferent flash drives00:14
pipeepandres_, and does it work?00:14
synackfinpipeep: no, ecc actively corrects bit00:14
jerry_is it any way to like restore are go back to a date00:14
synackfinpipeep: bits*00:14
synackfinpipeep: memcheck scans the whole stick, and has to be done offline00:15
MACscrmy apt-get upgrade isnt going well today, seemed to freeze at during one of the updates and i am seeing the following in my ps aux output: root      1347  0.0  1.2  62336 49044 pts/12   Ds+  07:59   0:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 49 --unpack --auto-deconfigure /var/cache/apt/archives/dpkg_1.15.5.6ubuntu4.3_amd64.deb00:15
MACscri cant seem to kill it00:15
MACscrany ideas?00:15
andres_pipeep, no one of 200:15
pipeepandres_ have flashdrives worked on your system before?00:15
andres_pipeep, im trying to update and restart00:16
andres_when i had use xp on this computer yes it did work00:16
pipeepandres_ always a good idea00:16
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mgarrettI need halp!00:17
pipeepoh I figured out my issue: EXT4-fs error (device sda4): ext4_journal_start_sb: Detected aborted journal00:17
=== antony87 is now known as anthony87
pipeepnow why does that happen00:17
anthony87can anyone help me with an issue? i dont apear to have a sources.list file but instead I have a sources.list.d directory00:18
mgarrettI have a question. Ubuntu doesn't support the Acer Aspire One 751h but Jolicloud does, and jolicloud is based on ubuntu?00:19
mgarrettI just want my graphics driver to work ;_;00:20
Sir_Konradok, so I want to create a persistent Ubuntu USB stick but I want to boot it on a Mac which requires a GUID partition. Tried a bunch of Windows tools, but to no avail. Anyone ever had any luck doing this?00:20
mgarrettcan i just install it off of my jolicloud CD?00:20
SubCoolpipeep, sometimees matters.00:21
Sir_Konradhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent <-- Tried some of this already, but no results that worked.00:21
mgarrett@Sir_Konrad Is windows installed on the mac?00:21
mgarrettOr is it a seperate PC?00:21
Sir_Konradmgarrett: yeah, I installed Windows on the Mac.00:21
anthony87can anyone help? i dont have a sources.list file, just a sources.list.d directory. I wanted to enable repositories00:21
Sir_KonradWindows XP. Running it right now. :)00:22
mgarrett@Sir_Konrad can't help you then, sorry :<00:22
SubCoolpipeep, good luck- its hard for me to diagnose it, but your HD might be hvaing issues with sleep mode, Is it Sleep or Hibernate? - Your sleep/hibernate settings could also be messed up with a hardware or something, Sleep mode is a real pester ifu ask me. Its nice, but messes soo much stuff up.00:22
Sir_Konradmgarrett: I can boot into MacOS. Could you help then?00:22
SubCoolSir_Konrad, If you dont mind sending me any info you got on howto make a Macos dsic, im soooo lost.00:22
mgarrett@Sir_Konrad nah, I haven't installed ubuntu on a mac since my old eMac with a PPC processor00:22
SubCoolbrb- food00:22
Sir_KonradSubCool: what's that? :\00:23
mgarrettMy issue is Ubuntu's poulsbo driver with GMA500 support apparently breaks everything00:23
mgarrettBut Jolicloud's worked just fine00:23
mgarrettCan I just grab it off the jolicloud CD or something?00:23
mgarrettor is it in the kernel? My linux knowledge is pretty bad00:23
anthony87can anyone help? i dont have a sources.list file, just a sources.list.d directory. I wanted to enable repositories00:24
pipeepfound a workaround online, thanks anyways00:25
mgarrett@anthony87 why don't you create a sources.list file?00:25
pipeepSubCool, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/438379/comments/12 <-- the workaround00:25
pipeepI'm going to try it now, wish me luck00:25
pipeepoh no, of course not: mount: cannot remount block device /dev/sda1 read-write, is write-protected00:27
NOMADICUSI have never bothered with anti-virus or anti-spyware software before when using Linux.  I get asked a lot about it though.  I say that I just don't worry about it.  But are there any concerns that I should have, and what is the optimum response to give someone who asks about this issue who is a non Linux user?00:27
=== Out`Of`Control is now known as Viper
spridelhow do i revert to a previous insstall of ubuntu? It seemest update i applied has broken my HID/USSB buffers00:28
NOMADICUSI am never concerned about defraging my hard drive either.  How come I don't have to do that?00:28
JackTheRipperi just got ubuntu last night, so i'm kinda a newbie at this right now. can someone help me with something?00:29
Trian3I have two SATA drives I'm trying to mount through the Thermaltake BlacX Duet (an external eSATA/USB HD dock) via the USB connection.  One is for audio files, the other for video.  Only one is recognized, however -- the video hd.  Both are formatted NTFS, and both are same make/model.  I've tried connecting only one at a time, swapping them out, changing positions in the dock.  Nothing I've00:29
Trian3done has worked to help linux recognize the Audio drive.  When I plug the dock in to my Windows machine, both drives come up fine.  What should I look for to help fix this?00:29
NOMADICUSJackTheRipper: What's happnening!00:29
typemorewhat's the right way to install sun's java sdk on ubuntu?00:29
mgarrett@JackTheRipper what do you need?00:29
JackTheRipperwell, i'm trying to look at the contents of a cd, but i don't seem to know how to do that ^^;00:29
JackTheRipperi'm running xubuntu00:30
ProfessorBaconNOMADICUS: the file system reduces fragmentation using a number of features.00:30
IndebiWhere would one find another to work on various projects with?00:30
NOMADICUSProfessorBacon: I would like to learn more about this.00:31
ProfessorBaconNOMADICUS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ext400:31
Trian3Indebi:  You might try www.elance.com00:31
kain_hi everyone, i would need help with my svn server, i've read a tutorial on how to set it up, but i get an error. Is there anyone that is good with svn  + apache?00:32
Trian3Can someone take a stab at my mounting issue?00:32
ProfessorBaconor rather an fstab ?00:32
mgarrett@professorbacon huehuehue00:33
Trian3Whatever will get the job done, I suppose.00:33
JackTheRipperso....can someone help with with my cd issue? :p00:34
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  browse to /media/cd00:35
sprideli'd help but seeing as all ofevices seemed to be working a a depreciated level00:36
=== rbow is now known as rbowes
JackTheRipperi should also mention that i have Xubuntu, slightly different than Ubuntu00:36
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  shouldn't make a difference for cds00:36
JackTheRipperalright let me try....00:37
seyfarthAny idea why my "Move window to workspace X" keyboard shortcuts aren't working? I can'te ven drag windows between workspaces :(00:37
Trian3I have two SATA drives I'm trying to mount through the Thermaltake BlacX Duet (an external eSATA/USB HD dock) via the USB connection.  One is for audio files, the other for video.  Only one is recognized, however -- the video hd.  Both are formatted NTFS, and both are same make/model.  I've tried connecting only one at a time, swapping them out, changing positions in the dock.  Nothing I've00:37
Trian3done has worked to help linux recognize the Audio drive.  When I plug the dock in to my Windows machine, both drives come up fine.  What should I look for to help fix this?00:37
JackTheRipper@well_laid_lawn: seems i don't have a cd folder within media :O00:40
g33kZombiehello ppl. i'm looking for a good book as beginner in programming PICs in C language so any recommendations? tyvm.. or i went off-topic to whichever reasons, then suggest me a good channel to discuss this issue.00:40
=== turtle_ is now known as turtle_zz
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  is there an entry in the file /etc/fstab for the cd drive?00:41
McLinuxhey im kind of new to web hosting.. whats a best practice in providing clients with web services ?00:42
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: you mean the last line? if so, i have this:00:42
JackTheRipper/dev/fd0        /media/floppy0  auto    rw,user,noauto,exec,utf8 0       000:42
mgarrett@JackTheRipper I was going to say "Restart your computer!" but then I remembered this wasn't windows. ha, ha, ha.00:43
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  that's for the floppy - should be something for the cd in there00:43
JackTheRipperyeah i have nothing regarding cds in there :/00:43
g33kZombiecan someone suggest a good book for programming PICs in C language? i'm a beginner in that field, PICs thing, but i know how to do programming in C. plz help & thx00:43
JackTheRippermgarrett: lmao00:44
mgarrettI'm not full of any useful advice, but I try to provide comidic support, because we all know linux is unbearably frustrating for the first 10 years you use it00:45
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: is there something i can do to add an entry for cds? that seems to be missing for me00:45
kain_does anyone know of a good tutorial to help me create a SVN server with apache to be able to use through https?00:46
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  sure - try something like   /dev/cdrom             /media/cd   auto    ro,user,noauto,unhide   0      000:46
g33kZombieman, i got used to it already, but the thing is that i want to know how to program those PICs to do some projects in mind so i just want to know a good book ( a source ) that i can rely on as a beginner then moving on to more advanced books which discusses the same thing.00:46
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: you mean like just copy and paste that onto fstab?00:47
* g33kZombie /* No Comment */00:48
* g33kZombie 0ut00:48
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  yep - try in terminal   gksu gedit /etc/fstab   to get write permission for it00:48
A71KR117« /nick A71KR11700:48
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)00:48
StSapphireI broke my path variable :(00:49
StSapphireHow does I fix it?00:49
mgarrett@well_laid_lawn he could also just use nano. does xubuntu have gedit?00:49
seyfarthStSapphire: usually fixes when you close and open the terminal or reboot, depending on what you edited00:49
well_laid_lawnmgarrett:  oops - forgot it was xubuntu00:49
StSapphireseyfarth: I think I accidentally ran 'set PATH' without anything else00:49
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  yep - try in terminal   gksu mousepad /etc/fstab   to get write permission for it00:50
ehcahHello, can anyone help me with the following error? "/etc/bind/named.conf.local:12: missing ';' before 'controls' "00:50
seyfarthStSapphire: straight in the terminal? just close and reopen it. the terminal has a startup config file that sets PATH automagically00:50
mgarrettMan, I hate the initial update for ubuntu.00:50
ehcahI've been able to get my DHCP server running, but I'm missing this piece in DNS.00:50
mgarrett-_______________- 300MB update on little DSL is icky00:50
StSapphireseyfarth: Oh good, thanks. Will I need to re-export the path variables I was trying to set, too?00:50
JackTheRipperwow i feel like even more of a noob now XD. i got lost. you mean i have to type gksu mousepad /etc/fstab in the terminal, then add in the cd entry in fstab?00:51
HexLaTorehcah, look for the file /etc/binf/named.conf.local and add a ";" before the word controls...that must close a "section"00:51
ehcahI'll try that.00:52
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  fstab is a system file so you need admin rights to edit it - gksu gives you that right00:52
Syco54645hello when using locate it is not searching my mounted drives. these are mounted at boot via fstab entries. what can i use that is similar to locate (i have cron run updatedb every night at 2 am so that my db will be fresh)00:52
spridelpostgrresql trace during boot a cause?00:52
A71KR117I need some help. My system won't boot, all I get is a blinking cursor. . .00:53
JackTheRipperalright, i edited fstab. guess i'll try it with a cd now00:53
ehcahHexLaTor: it's already there?  include "/etc/bind/rndc.key";00:53
ehcahcontrols {00:53
ehcahor, is the semi colon only finish the line above?00:54
HexLaTorehcah, try to pastebin the /etc/bind/named.conf.local and send me link00:54
JackTheRipperno i still can't see the cd folder in media :(00:55
DrupalJimhello everyone00:55
JackTheRipperi had no idea linux would be so frustrating >.<00:55
A71KR117 I need some help. My system won't boot, all I get is a blinking cursor. . .00:55
new2lucidmy nick should have been ''new2linux''00:55
new2lucidanyways, i hope you all must be in the best of your healths00:55
mgarrett@JackTheRipper once you have everything set up, Linux is absolutely gorgeousirrific00:56
DrupalJimhello everyone. i'm trying to setup vsftp virtual users. ive got this setup and the virtual user can enter the dir i set them to. but cant upload.delte,etc00:56
mgarrettDon't let it overwhelm you!00:56
JackTheRipperthats easier said than done ^^;00:56
mgarrettYeah, I know00:56
mgarrett<3 Win7, personally00:56
seyfarthStSapphire: yeah. generally you want to do like path=$path+":whatever", or something like that00:56
JackTheRipperanyway...where do i go from here? should i have done a reboot?00:57
mgarrettLinux runs a lot easier on my netbook00:57
mgarrettwin7 runs like a retarded boy in the olympics00:57
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  you need to run the command   sudo mount -av00:57
mgarrettLinux is like a robot, hard as $#!% to set up, but then you can make it shoot lasers and whatever00:57
new2lucidscreen resolution problem here00:57
new2lucidany VOLUNTEEER available ?00:57
mgarrett@new2lucid sup00:58
ZykoticK9!details | new2lucid00:58
ubottunew2lucid: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:58
mgarrett@new2lucid what's your issue00:58
new2lucidok mgarret00:58
new2lucidim having ubuntu lucid lynx00:58
mgarrettmost do00:58
mgarrettresolution issue, too low?00:58
SquarismCan one do SUDO but keep using the original user's SSH-AGENT?00:58
mgarrettneed higher resolution?00:58
new2lucidand i have the nvidia geforce fx5200 AGP card00:58
ZykoticK9!enter | mgarrett00:59
ubottumgarrett: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!00:59
new2lucidmy monitor resolution was alright00:59
new2lucidbut now00:59
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: i got his: [mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab00:59
JackTheRippermount: proc already mounted on /proc00:59
JackTheRippernothing was mounted00:59
new2lucidwhen i installed the driver for the 3d card00:59
mgarrettYep. damn nvidia cards can be a bummer. You installed the most recent restricted driver, I assume? And everything went hjbahvbfa?00:59
new2lucidi'm having 640x480....00:59
mgarrettOoh, that sounds like fun!00:59
new2lucidyes yes00:59
ZykoticK9mgarrett, have you gone to System / Admin / Hardware drivers and installed whichever nvidia driver is recommended?00:59
Syco54645nvm got it. prune path....00:59
mgarrettAlright. So probably just need to edit your xorg files00:59
new2lucidhahah your words come like a dinosaur hehe01:00
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  that warning means you need to open the fstab file and go to the end of the last line and hit enter the save the file01:00
ZykoticK9new2lucid, see my post above to the wrong person ;)01:00
new2lucidim not into any xorgssss01:00
well_laid_lawnto give it a newline at the end01:00
mgarrettI used to have that issue with 8.04/8.10 and my GeForce 8500.01:00
Pentium3so, new2lucid, have you used nVidia's display setup utility?01:00
=== zz_sailerboy is now known as sailerboy
new2lucidumm yeah01:00
mgarrettYes. I was just about to recommend that first01:00
=== Greyscale is now known as Greysc[a]le
JackTheRipperso it has to be a space separate from the previous line?01:00
new2lucidit isnt even taking my monitor01:01
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  it just wants an empty line at the end01:01
JackTheRipperoh lmao alright i'lkll try to edit that01:01
ZykoticK9new2lucid, i've you've already done the driver install - can you verify you are using an xorg.conf file by checking if one exists in /etc/X11?  if it doesn't run "sudo nvidia-xconfig" in a terminal.01:01
new2lucidlet me01:02
mgarrettI was about to post a link to a tutorial, but it was from 2005. So that's a bad idea.01:02
new2lucidVALIDATION ERROR: Data incomplete in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf.01:03
new2lucid                  Undefined Device "(null)" referenced by Screen "Default01:03
new2lucid                  Screen".01:03
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: i got his   mount: proc already mounted on /proc01:03
JackTheRippernothing was mounted01:03
new2lucidwhat's next ?01:03
ZykoticK9new2lucid, "sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.orig" to make a backup then "sudo nvidia-config"01:03
enyawixwas the ubuntu boot from CD cannot mount /dev/loop0 bug fixed01:04
vachoguys I have ubuntu installed on my VPS, how can I enable to I can send outbound emails??01:04
ZykoticK9new2lucid, typo alert! "sudo nvidia-xconfig"01:04
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  is there a folder in /media for the cd?01:04
JackTheRippernope :(01:05
enyawixnope :(01:05
new2lucidwithout the quotes ???01:05
enyawixnot cool01:05
ShwaiilQ: I'm following a tutorial on installing zendframework on ubuntu, and there's a line that is not clear to me that says Edit your ~/.bashrc or /etc/profile (or wherever you’d like to add the path) and add this line: PATH=/opt/ZendFramework/current/bin:"${PATH}"01:05
ZykoticK9new2lucid, yes no quotes01:05
Pentium3So, whats the minimum CPU/RAM configuration Ubuntu will work with?01:05
ShwaiilI'm wondering if its a file of ubuntu where I can add this line ? (i'm, new to linux ubuntu)01:05
new2lucidWARNING: Unable to locate/open X configuration file.01:06
new2lucidNew X configuration file written to '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'01:06
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  is the cd listed in the folder /dev?01:06
ZykoticK9Pentium3, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements01:06
new2lucidany progress ?01:06
ZykoticK9new2lucid, restart X with a terminal command "sudo gdm restart" - THIS WILL LOG YOU OUT!01:06
new2lucidand what then ?01:07
ZykoticK9!who | new2lucid see if it works...01:07
ubottunew2lucid see if it works...: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)01:07
vachocommon guys01:07
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: well i found a few cdrom files there, but no folder specifically. i did manage to find a cdrom folder under FileSystem, but theres nothing there01:07
new2lucid!tab ?01:08
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:08
ZykoticK9new2lucid, typo alert!  "sudo service gdm restart"01:08
new2lucid** (gdm-binary:7936): WARNING **: Failed to acquire org.gnome.DisplayManager01:08
new2lucid** (gdm-binary:7936): WARNING **: Could not acquire name; bailing out01:08
ZykoticK9new2lucid, type Z y TAB key01:08
new2lucidim not into irc or coding.... forgive me01:08
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:08
spridelpostgrresql trace during boot anyone suggest cause and fix?01:08
jagsoh lol01:08
new2lucidgarrett ?01:09
new2lucid** (gdm-binary:7936): WARNING **: Failed to acquire org.gnome.DisplayManager01:09
new2lucid** (gdm-binary:7936): WARNING **: Could not acquire name; bailing out01:09
DrupalJimlooking for some guidance with setting up virtual users in vsftp01:09
ZykoticK9new2lucid, typo alert!  "sudo service gdm restart"01:10
Pentium3hmm they've bloated the minimum reqs cause I'm running a p3 500MHZwith 256MB ram, I was just wondering if it would run under a pentium 2 with 128MB ram.01:10
ZykoticK9Pentium3, i'd check out lubuntu01:10
Pentium3k thanks01:10
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: no cd folder is located within the dev folder01:12
DrupalJimlooking for some guidance with setting up virtual users in vsftp01:12
mgarrett@drupaljim you were the one where no one could edit folders, right?01:12
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  ooh - that would make it hard to use it then - is the a /dev/sr0 ?01:12
DrupalJimmgarrett yep. i have it all setup. virtual user can login and list directories but cant do anything else.01:13
ZykoticK9Pentium3, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu#Intended%20Audience01:13
walkmanholy shit01:13
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: i'm afraid i did not understand that question XD01:13
ZykoticK9!language | walkman01:13
ubottuwalkman: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:13
mgarrett@DrupalJim i have some sort of FTP experience. Is it something simple, like file permissions? Did you CMOD them to be accessible to the users?01:13
DrupalJimit's a virtual user so there is no username on the system for them01:14
DrupalJimi tried to do a chmod user on teh dir but since they arent a user on the server then it wnt work01:14
DrupalJimim trying to make teh cirtual user the owner of teh dir01:14
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  since the cd isn't listed under cd it might be listed under sr0 in /dev01:15
mgarrett@DrupalJim well I'm stumped. XD01:15
ZykoticK9DrupalJim, the "virtual" users must map to a "real" user at some point...01:15
mrpink57hey gang.  I hear thunar can be run as a daemon.  I cannot seem to find any info on this?01:15
ZykoticK9DrupalJim, if you can upload, what is the actual ownership on files that are uploaded?01:16
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: the only thing i can find that says sr0 is a file, but not a folder. either way, it doesn't do anything. tried opening it and nothing happened01:16
DrupalJimi cannot upload or anything01:16
DrupalJimit just lists teh dir i have the chroot set for them01:16
Pentium3Does anybody know where I can get "Hydra?"01:16
ZykoticK9DrupalJim, i've never used vsftp or virtual users - so i'm no help.  good luck.01:17
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  that's fine - in fstab change /dev/cd to dev/sr0 then01:17
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  that's fine - in fstab change /dev/cd to /dev/sr0 then01:17
mgarrett@Pentium3 ANCIENT GREECE? herpderpderp. uh what hydra are you talking about?01:17
Pentium3The Hydra hacking tool01:17
Pentium3k thanks01:18
mgarrett@pentium3 np01:18
mgarrettBRB GUYS. if someone can help me eventually that'd be sweet<301:18
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: alright i changed it to sr0, but nothing new has happened. I used the command  sudo mount -av  but still nothing. same message as before01:20
Omicr0ncan anybody give me the command line unistall of the proprietary ati driver in ubuntu?01:20
tensorpuddingPentium3: it might be better to call it a "login strength tester" if you want people in the channel to think you have legal intentions01:20
Jon--What is the status of webcam-enabled MSN clients for Ubuntu? The recent WLM protocol change break ALL of them?01:20
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  if you press the button on the front of the cd drive does it open?01:20
mgarrettK, back!01:21
xbonesxI have compiz and cairo dock installed, When i run the GLX-dock and try to change the settings i get a info thing above the dock saying that i dont have the icon effects activated, how do i activate?01:21
adzyWhats up ubuntuers01:21
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: yeah it opened.....why?01:22
Pentium3Ok, sorry, I'm just really using it to show the weakness of his Windows Server '0301:22
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  just a check :]01:22
Pentium3It's all local.01:22
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: where are you going with this? o001:22
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  from what I know the cd should be available now - since it wasn't a check that it was getting power seemed appropriate01:23
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: where would I go to view it?01:25
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  in terminal run the command   dmesg   - any errors about sr0 at the end?01:26
JackTheRipperwell_laid-lawn: OMG! so many errors! O.O01:28
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  try a diff disk then :]01:28
JackTheRipperan example: [ 6310.275774] end_request: I/O error, dev sr0, sector 13083201:28
JackTheRipper[ 6310.275784] Buffer I/O error on device sr0, logical block 1635401:28
Omicr0nOmicr0n> can anybody give me the command line unistall of the proprietary ati driver in ubuntu?  SOLVED: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=52878401:28
well_laid_lawn!tab | JackTheRipper01:28
ubottuJackTheRipper: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:28
Pentium3Is there a way to control my ATI Mobility 1 tv output?01:29
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: i tried a different disk. it was an audio disk, and exaile opened up as if it were about to play the songs automatically, but it fails to read anything. it's as if there was nothing in the disk, but i know FOR A FACT that there are songs in that disk01:31
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  try a non audio disk if you have one pls01:32
JackTheRipperi suppose i can try a cd to install an external driver? lol01:32
Pentium3Is there a way to control my ATI Mobility 1 tv output? I would like to be able to hook my dell up to my Commodore 1702 for emulation purposes.01:32
CkhiKuzadIf there is anyone else here who has used Crossover, how do i create a bottle that is named, and i quote "default" ?01:34
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: Failed to mount "whatever the cd was". mount: mount point /media/cd does not exist01:34
JackTheRipperso it appears to be a mounting issue?01:35
mgarrettPlease help me :I I need GMA500 support on my PC without ruining my webcam/video playing01:35
essialSo is there any reason why when I compile a custom gcc on two different distros, then compile a library-independent binary with said compiler on both computers, the binary output is drastically different?01:35
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  in terminal do   sudo mkdir -v /media/cd01:36
vamsiHi, how can I change MD5 of a file ?01:36
Sargun_ScreenDoes anyone know anything like procmail but which will work on remote imap accounts?01:36
Sargun_Screenvamsi: you can't. MD5 is a cryptographic hash. There has been work done on crafting files with particular MD5s, you may want to look at that...01:36
tensorpuddingvamsi: if you change the file at all, the MD5 should change01:37
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: done. should i take out and reinsert the cd again?01:37
vamsiok..if I add some raw data to a file,,it will change right ?01:37
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  yep :]01:37
Sargun_Screenvamsi: if you add any data to the file it should change.01:37
SubCoolIs there a gadget or a giszmo that will tell me my ACTIVE Network Traffic measures? i have the sysmonitor, but it doesnt give me numbers..01:38
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: FINALLY! LOL IT WORKED!01:38
vamsiok..so please suggest a way to add some blind data..which doesnt't affect the file..I am trying to change the mash of .avi file01:38
JackTheRipperi don't think i've ever been so excited just to have a successful mounting of a cd XD01:38
Sargun_ScreenSubCool: iptraf.01:39
subichani was wondering... ddrescue has a setting that lets yo uspecify how many sectors to copy at a time.. what's the catch? it seems like the bigger the amount the quicker it goes but i think i'm not getting it fully01:39
xbonesxWhat might be too hot for a graphics card in a laptop?01:39
Jon--What is the status of webcam-enabled MSN clients for Ubuntu? The recent WLM protocol change break ALL of them?01:40
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xbonesxin Celsius?01:40
JackTheRipperwell_laid_lawn: thank you so much for the help, but there appears to be a problem still...audio cds still don't appear01:40
SubCoolIm getting mad- anyone wanna Chat, I am at a hotel and having Issues with my internet.01:41
well_laid_lawnJackTheRipper:  having the same issue here - we'll solve it soon01:43
JackTheRipperawww :/01:43
subichani was wondering... ddrescue has a setting that lets yo uspecify how many sectors to copy at a time.. what's the catch? it seems like the bigger the amount the quicker it goes but i think i'm not getting it fully01:43
SubCoolSargun_Screen, close- i was looking for something a little more of a Widget, or Gui interface. The Hotel is limiting my bandwidth and i wanna watch it before i figure out how to take action01:44
JackTheRipperdamn it, and i really like xubuntu, but why does it have to be so frustrating????? o001:44
JackTheRipperall i wanted to do was copy and burn a cd -_-01:44
SubCoolActually- Having the numbers next to the graph on system monitor would be great01:45
dan__Hey can someone please help me get my gt330m up and running on 10.04LTS 64bit? http://www.pastebin.org/101096901:45
ChogyDanJackTheRipper: erm, Im just jumping in, but have you tried k3b?01:45
Guest1941i am using open office, and i was wondering if it will work with blackboard?01:45
SubCoolJackTheRipper, ya - that or DD01:45
=== Guest1941 is now known as cable-summers
ChogyDandan__: have you tried testing out maverick?01:46
JackTheRipperChogyDan: shouldn't my comp be able to read the songs in the audio cd anyway?01:46
ChogyDanJackTheRipper: sorry, I don't know.  I just think k3b is the best for burning cds01:47
JackTheRipperChogyDan: well, i have brasero, but regardless of that fact, it still can't read the songs in the first place :/01:48
dan__chogyDan: I had burnt an iso with 10.10 on it, but could only get so far in the install until i got an error about being unable to load the useraccount gui i believe. It ended up somehow reformatting and i lost everything so I said fuck it im just gonna go with 10.0401:48
SubCoolis there a linux version of ANgry IP?01:48
CkhiKuzadit's been a couple hundred posts, so i can repeat this now.01:48
CkhiKuzadIf there is anyone else here who has used Crossover, how do i create a bottle that is named, and i quote "default" ?01:48
h00k!language | dan__01:48
ubottudan__: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:48
ChogyDandan__: have you tried 10.04 with the nvidia ppa?01:48
ThomasB2kHi, I have dual monitors set up. My second monitor is a 30" TV capable of 1920x1080. It's hooked up through a DVI port. The DVI input is on the TV and the HDMI is on my laptop, so I'm using an HDMI to DVI cable. I'm using the proprietary nvidia drivers. In Windows, I can do a resolution of 1920x1080 on it, but in Ubuntu I can only do a resolution of 1360x768. Does anyone have an idea why?01:49
SubCoolCkhiKuzad, ill give credit to paying attention, but i have no clue what ur talking about01:49
dan__chogydan: ppa?01:49
ChogyDanlet me see if I can track it down01:49
h00kdan__: If you're having maverick issues, head over to #ubuntu+101:49
SubCoolThomasB2k, you probably have to set the Resolution manually01:49
CkhiKuzadSubCool, it's a program similar to wine, but you have to pay for it. I got a 30 day trial, and i am trying to get the default bottle part working.01:50
dan__nope lynx issues01:50
SubCooli have been having issues with that too. -01:50
ehcahHey folks. I'm still struggling with a DDNS config problem: rndc: error: /etc/bind/rndc.key:5: missing ';' before end of file01:50
CkhiKuzadif i cant get it working, then NOPAYFORTHEM.01:50
SubCooloh- i dont beleive in paying for things..01:50
SubCoolmost of it never works..01:50
ehcahThe semi-colon is there.01:50
ThomasB2kSubCool, do you know how I would go about doing that?01:50
SubCoolIf it works, and i like it. I donate. I like that method.01:50
SubCooluh- kinda..01:50
SubCoolnot well enough to walk you through it.01:51
ChogyDandan__: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates01:51
SubCoolIts kinda easy, just annoying01:51
madjoeis there a channel for Apache-ubuntu?01:51
bastidrazormadjoe: #httpd is for apache related issues.01:51
SubCoolFor me, i would open/create a xorg.conf file..01:51
ThomasB2kSubCool, is it in a config file or something? I've been using Ubuntu for about a year. If you give me a general idea of how, I could probably figure it out01:51
madjoebastidrazor: thnx01:51
SubCooli have to create one for my setup, which is where my ATI is annoying.01:51
subichanwhat would you guys use to recover files from an hd which shouldn't really be dead but should only have a borked file system?01:51
Trian3I have two SATA drives I'm trying to mount through the Thermaltake BlacX Duet (an external eSATA/USB HD dock) via the USB connection.  One is for audio files, the other for video.  Only one is recognized, however -- the video hd.  Both are formatted NTFS, and both are same make/model.  I've tried connecting only one at a time, swapping them out, changing positions in the dock.  Nothing I've01:52
Trian3done has worked to help linux recognize the Audio drive.  When I plug the dock in to my Windows machine, both drives come up fine.  What should I look for to help fix this?01:52
dan__ChogyDan: do i need all of them or just one? did you read the pastebin i posted?01:52
Gneasubichan: foremost tends to work01:52
cable_summersi am using open office and everytime i write a paper and attach as a file, the professor can not read my paper. has anyone here typed a paper and sent it through blackboard?01:52
SubCoolThomasB2k, i have been using int a lot longer, i just dont stick with it enough because it tickes me off too much. In your /etc/X11/ should be a xorg.conf edit it.01:52
SubCoolIn there you'll see a section.. Problem is- im use to ati,01:52
Gneacable_summers: what format are you saving as?01:52
Gneawhich .doc?01:53
SubCoollet me see what mines even says. i disconnected the monitor.01:53
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mgarrettRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I am so uncontrollably frustrated.01:53
subichanGnea: foremost is the name of a program? :p01:53
Gnea!info foremost01:53
ubottuforemost (source: foremost): Forensics application to recover data. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.5.6-1 (lucid), package size 41 kB, installed size 140 kB01:53
Gneacable_summers: you're sure?01:53
ChogyDandan__: oh, and there is the xorg edgers ppa too.  I think I only skimmed the pastebin.  I was just figuring an updated driver might help your needs01:53
SubCoolanyone got something for Network Traffic MOnitor - i just wanna see the KB/s01:53
Gneacable_summers: is your prof using word 2010?01:54
SubCoolThomasB2k, Ya, mines all f;ed up- i cant use it to compare.01:54
subichanGnea: you wouldn't advise dosfsck first?01:54
SubCoolI was havinig a lot of issues with Kubuntu confusing which monitor was primpary.. ugh01:55
dan__thats kind of it. I need to make sure its the correct driver. I tried the update under hardware drivers and it messed the display up. I know I need the gt330m driver from nvidia's website. What are ppa's and which files would I need on the link you sent me01:55
Gneasubichan: you didn't say what it was formatted with01:55
Gneacable_summers: just save it in word 2000 format and be done with it01:55
subichanGnea, fat32..01:55
SubCoolThomasB2k, either way, ur going to have a Screen0 and Screen1 i suppose. if it is already filled it, you can just edit the resolution yourself.01:55
ThomasB2kthank you01:56
SubCoolMine is not right now, so i cant give u anything to work with.01:56
Gneasubichan: not sure that dosfsck is going to help at this point... I'd just mount it and run it through foremost01:56
subichanGnea, it doesn't mount. i can only see it as a device01:56
SubCoolif you'd like- im sure u can gooogle the chipset version of ur Video, and see if anyone has something01:56
Gneasubichan: what happened to the partition table?01:56
SubCooli thought nvidia had an awesome vid setup screen01:56
dan__ChogyDan: How do I get to the edgers ppa also? and can you explain a little about ppa and edgers?01:56
cable_summers@gnea .wps01:57
ChogyDandan__: you just have to find the right page for it.01:57
ChogyDan!ppa | dan__01:57
ubottudan__: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.01:57
SubCoolPEOPLE, network Traffic -- All i want is the KB/s next to my System monitor.. thingy.. please?01:57
Gneacable_summers: what? no, I mean word2000 .doc01:57
ChogyDanSubCool: my system monitor does network traffic already01:57
Gneacable_summers: your school's IT department needs to get off of its duff - word 2010 supports .odt01:58
cable_summersthe  paper is saved as .wps; i am trying something now- give me a sec01:58
SubCoolChogyDan, but i want to see Kb/s01:58
subichanGnea, i don't know. as it's got no errors whatsoever, and everything got borked when i plugged it into a vista machine which froze for a while and kept the hd churning, i thought the FS was ruined, but i don't have a clue as to what the hd might *really* have01:58
Gneaor just hit the PDF button :p01:58
SubCoolChogyDan, mine has the graph, no numbers...01:58
ChogyDanSubCool: yeah..., same01:58
dan__ChogyDan: I know its a lot to ask.. but can you possibly assist with a semi-walkthrough01:58
subichanGnea, for errors i meant sector errors01:59
mgarrettwhy can't anyone help me?01:59
Gneasubichan: o.O I'd just run it through foremost asap before it gets worse01:59
SubCoolbbl- watching these lines kill me.01:59
xbonesxany fixes for the broadcast?01:59
subichanGnea, ok i'll try thanks01:59
xbonesxor updates?01:59
Gneamgarrett: why can't you stop whining like a 4 year old and ask your question like an intelligent human being?01:59
macoGnea: please be respectful02:00
Gneamaco: do the same02:00
ChogyDandan__: well, which do you want, x-updates, or xorg-edgers, Ill just give you the commands02:00
mgarrettI've been in here since around 7 and everyone's ignored me02:00
* McLinux ignores mgarrett02:00
macoGnea: calling names is not respectful02:01
ChogyDanmgarrett: have you tried following the ubuntu wiki page?02:01
Gneamgarrett: I can only imagine why, at this point. well, what's the problem?02:01
maco!coc > Gnea02:01
ubottuGnea, please see my private message02:01
mgarrettI need GMA500 drivers for Ubuntu. Jolicloud supports it flawlessly02:01
mgarrettI checked the wiki entry, and the link to the .sh file is dead.02:01
Gneamaco: possibly02:01
dan__im not sure? http://www.pastebin.org/1010969 if you have time could you read the pastebin because im sure you would know what to do a lot more than i would....like i said if you dont have time its okay, im asking a lot and i know there are other people on here that need help too02:01
ChogyDanmgarrett: what sh file?  I just see a few commands: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsPoulsbo/02:02
mgarrettAlso, it tells me that unofficial driver breaks everything, but lets me put my computer in the proper resolution!02:02
mgarrettoh, sorry, I'm looking at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AspireOne/AO751h02:02
SubCoolactually- anyone answer a basic networking question? Please PM me...02:02
Gneamgarrett: so what has a broken link? intel or nanoant?02:03
mgarrettGnea - no, Look at the 1366x768 psb module entry02:04
andres_hello again02:04
mgarrettFixing it by installing the newest Poulsbo drivers apparently breaks Webcam, compiz, etc02:04
ChogyDanmgarrett: yeah, that is fubar, that page should just link to the other page  ( i will change it)02:04
mgarrettSo my question is- Why can Jolicloud support GMA500 fine but Ubuntu can't?02:05
mgarrettI thought maybe it was something as simple as installing a driver or something from Jolicloud, but apparently that's not possible02:05
devdattahi .. in xterm I can press page up to go up on the terminal , but not in byobu - anyone know how I can do that ?02:05
ChogyDanmgarrett: did you try the commands?02:05
dan__Any luck ChogyDan:?02:05
andres_how can i make my open ofice to open the 2007 word files or excell02:05
mgarrett@chogydan which ones?02:05
ChogyDanmgarrett: i think it is a matter of just the driver not being very stable.  They won't include it until it is stable02:06
ChogyDanmgarrett: on the page I linked you02:06
mgarrett@ChogyDan it was plenty stable on jolicloud before i uninstalled it02:06
adzyOK so Someone give me something cool to do with Ubuntu! im bored and have spare time!02:06
mgarrett@ChogyDan yes, I got an error somewhere. I did that around an hour ago02:06
Gneamgarrett: have you seen this?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=918929402:06
ChogyDandan__: I was waiting for you to pick which way you wanted to go, risky, or very risky02:07
mgarrett@Gnea yes02:07
ChogyDanmgarrett: can you pastebin the error?  include the command you ran also if possible02:07
mgarrett@chogydan the thing about the 10.04 poulsbo support is that - Xv video output doesn't work (Totem, webcam, skype, etc)02:07
thinkl1Something odd has happened to my ubuntu installation. I get an "Unknown symbol compat_alloc_user_space" error when trying to modprobe synd and v4l02:07
mgarrettShould I just install 9.10 instead?02:08
dan__ChogyDan: very risky lets do it02:08
andres_sorry how can i make my abi word to open the 2007 word files or excell02:08
subichanGnea: i've read some webpages, as far i understand foremost lets you find specific files inside the hd.. is there no way to recover (almost) everything directly?02:08
adzyis there a command i can use to find out my IP/ports etc02:08
ChogyDanmgarrett: so the ppa and the install commands went ok?02:08
Gneasubichan: foremost will recover, just keep in mind that once a sector goes bad at the hardware level, you can kiss whatever data was sitting on those sectors gooebye02:09
Roastedlooking for an application that rsyncs data across the LAN, any suggestions?02:09
ChogyDandan__: please read the notes https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa02:09
GneaRoasted: hrm, rsync maybe?02:09
scott_inomgarrett, simply type the persons name followed by a comma you want to type to instead of using @nameofperson. it will show as a message in red for that person02:09
RoastedGnea, something with a GUI frontend if possible.02:09
mgarrett@ChogyDan no, it didn't. It tells me something about "Unstable dependencies will not be installed" and then something about "prerequisites not met"02:10
ChogyDandan__: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:xorg-edgers/ppa && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade02:10
cjaeis there a netbook channel?02:10
ChogyDanmgarrett: well, I could help with that, but I gota go02:10
Gnea!info grsync02:10
ubottugrsync (source: grsync): GTK+ frontend for rsync. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.9.2-1 (lucid), package size 92 kB, installed size 520 kB02:10
GneaRoasted: ^^^02:10
mgarrett@ChogyDan i'll just reinstall jolicloud, probably.02:10
dan__ChogyDan: This command does what exactly?02:10
ChogyDanmgarrett: I think you need to work through those errors, maybe try using aptitude instead of apt-get02:10
RoastedGnea, thanks bro. I'll look into that.02:10
ChogyDandan__: installs the ppa, then installs the updates that are in the ppa.  VERY risky, may crash one day to the next.  Make sure you are prepared for that, gl02:11
Gnea!eeepc | cjae02:12
ubottucjae: Information about installing Ubuntu on an Asus EeePC can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EeePC . The Ubuntu EeePC Channel is #ubuntu-eeepc , main EeePC discussion in #eeepc02:12
dan__ChogyDan do you know how to access the terminal outside of x?02:12
RoastedGnea, doesn't appear as if grsync can sync over the network tho...02:12
GneaRoasted: what do you mean?02:12
RoastedGnea, I want to set up an ubuntu box that backs up to my file server.02:12
GneaRoasted: okay? and why wouldn't grsync do that?02:13
RoastedGnea, from what I'm seeing its only giving me options to sync from 1 dir to another dir. I need to sync to a network share.02:13
shatlyOk, so my xserv config of nvidia drivers failed, so i first sudo nvidia-xconfig and that did not work so i  sudo apt-get purge nvidia and then reinstalled but it still says on startup nvidia drivers ar not found02:13
shatlyany iedas?02:14
GneaRoasted: it's asking for the whole path. with rsync, that generally includes the address of hte target system02:16
wcGary83can someone point me to a good resource for syncing videos to an ipod touch -lucid? thanks!02:16
wcGary83music is obviously no problem02:16
Gnea!ipod | wcGary8302:16
ubottuwcGary83: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:16
RoastedGnea, oh, I took that as /home/jason/whatever and didn't think I could do
GneaRoasted: you know, rsync works quite well via ssh too02:17
RoastedGnea, I know. I'm just trying to find a gui that doesn't suck.02:17
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rapagehello I have a serious questions, on microsoft word there is a layout to print labels on floppy labels but on oppenooce I open the same file and an empty docshow scan someone show mje how to fix ti02:18
rapagehello I have a serious questions, on microsoft word there is a layout to print labels on floppy labels but on oppenooce I open the same file and an empty docshow scan someone show mje how to fix ti02:19
rapageis importnat02:19
FloodBot1rapage: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:19
PertheriaHey, i assume that 10.04 -> 10.10 will be a seamless upgrade?02:20
Pertheriawhen its out of beta02:20
gino_Morning, I'm adding a user with the useradd command so that they can access my samba shares. The problem I hav is that I still need to logon with them first before samba can use their username/password. http://serverfault.com/questions/183054/users-not-added-untill-the-logon-first-ubuntu02:21
shatlyok, so my nvidia drivers have crashed, any iedas on fixing them?02:22
brandon420ummmm, im having problems getting my secondary monitor to 1280x1024 res, it has worked before, but not its not a option. ideas?02:25
SnakDocthere anyway to add a user with a password all in one line i tried -p with no luck02:25
ikeySnakDoc: You could always cheat and use something like chpasswd (therefore allowing a chained command)02:26
terrorinkis there a way to check all dependencys for a program b4 u config it02:26
Sargun_ScreenSnakDoc: can you elaborate on what you're trying to do?02:26
bardhi all02:27
SnakDocSargun_Screen: i have a list of names to creat accounts for i wrote a bash script to read in file of username and was just wanting to make them with a default password02:27
bardcan anyone teach me how to use weplab?02:27
ikeySnakDoc: definitely check out chpasswd then02:28
Sargun_ScreenSnakDoc: can't you run a few commands per username?02:28
ikeybatch-set passwords02:28
SnakDocthere are like 20 of them and i perfer not to Sargun_Screen02:28
Sargun_ScreenSnakDoc: why can't you use the -p option02:28
cjaeI have a netbook with an atheros ar8151 ethernet and a broadcom wifi card, so cannot burn to disk either and install packages like that either02:28
SnakDocSargun_Screen: not a clue isn't working for me tried on 2 different boxes02:29
cjaeso usb stick are there packages for these network cards?02:29
Sargun_ScreenSnakDoc: can you give me the exact command you're running02:29
Sargun_Screenis the password shadowed02:29
brandon420i cant seem to get my secondary monitor res to 1280x1024, and i have been able to in the past, anyone have ideas on why the option isnt there anymore? im using nvidia 8400GS02:30
shatlycrroct me if i am wrong but ctrl-alt-backspace use to restart xserv02:30
SnakDocSargun_Screen: i was trying adduser -pRandomPass username02:30
rames>'evening all, can someone tell me the search terms or program i'd use for "remap key to run a program in xwindows"? i've got the keycode, etc. just not sure how to make it happen02:31
cjaeI see there are packages you can download from websites but was wondering if there are packages so they will be updated with ubuntu as it updates02:31
well_laid_lawnshatly:  you're right it used to...02:31
shatlyhow do i make it do it again02:31
shatlylike it should02:31
xangua!ppa | cjae02:31
ubottucjae: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and should be used at your own risk.02:31
SubCoolOk- bad question, but i dont have time for the BS. Airpcap, i see there are no specific drivers to it- Infact it is shoooo shunned, which leads me to believe there is an exploit or something. I am trying to find the drivers, can anyone point in me in the right directions, and DO NOT said their homepage. For some reason, every goole search leads to that.02:31
well_laid_lawnshatly:  I think the key combo now is   alt+k+prtscr02:32
Sargun_ScreenSnakDoc: nah, try useradd -p '$1$VkXpH4MF$5R6oQVKgqdJALRI28Gw87.' $USERNAME02:32
ramesxangua: so ... are ppa's namespaced, etc?  I saw a ppa for "namebar" and was a bit confused by it02:32
Sargun_Screenthat should make their password "password"02:33
DormantOdenhey, anyone know how I can get a process back into the foreground using its name? rather than its id?02:33
bazhangSubCool, what does airpcap have to do with ubuntu02:33
tucemiuxHI guys, im wondering if it's a good idea to upgrade ubuntu remix karmic to lucid??02:33
SnakDocSargun_Screen: adduser not == to useradd that fixed it02:34
ramesdormantoden: pidof?02:34
Sargun_ScreenSnakDoc: okay.02:34
bazhangtucemiux, try the live cd.  please dont poll here02:34
ramestucemiux: defiitively NO(!!)02:34
Sargun_ScreenSnakDoc: so you're happy?02:34
SnakDocSargun_Screen: the pass have to be in shadow format02:34
lylatAnyone familiar with older releases of Fedora? (core 6)02:34
Sargun_ScreenSnakDoc: yes, the makepasswd program can do that for you02:34
hichamcan i create an ubuntu liveusb from iso using dd ?02:34
ramestucemiux: i just up / downgraded, it is crashy and they changed the launcher quite significantly02:34
bazhanglylat, try #fedora02:35
DormantOdenrames: perfect, how would i use that in conjunction with fg ?02:35
lylatthank you baz02:35
scott_inolylat, yes but this is an ubuntu channel02:35
tucemiuxrames, so you had to downgrade remix in your netbook?02:35
SubCoolbazhang, need a driver02:35
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal02:35
DormantOdenrames: can i just do fg pidof foobar?02:35
hichamcan i create an ubuntu liveusb from iso using dd ?02:35
ramesDormantOden: backticks are good to learn about ... try "echo xxx `ls` xxx"02:35
bazhangSubCool, the package name is airpcap?02:35
bazhanghicham, try unetbootin02:35
SubCoolbazhang, the product, network management02:36
SnakDocthanks Sargun_Screen and yes i am very happy just what i needed02:36
spridelUSB devices having an issue with HID speed several dropped packets and signals02:36
ramesDormantOden: and then "echo xxx $( ls ) xxx" ... (more properly subshell, backticks are a little dangerous due to nesting)02:36
tucemiuxbazhang, i sort of have a netbook, i cant use the CD02:36
ramesDormantOden: but i think fg works better with the output of "jobs", not pids, exactly02:36
bazhangSubCool, this is for what purpose? cracking wifi passwords?02:37
Dr_Willishicham:  dd wont work for that. It can work for a FEW other disrtos. but not ubuntu.02:37
=== douglas is now known as speedrunner
bazhangtucemiux, live usb then unetbootin02:37
DormantOdenrames: hmm,ok. Im just wondering how I can grab a process in the background and send it a command. This seemed like a good idea? you think its the best way?02:38
hichamthanks bazhang Dr_Willis02:38
ramesDormantOden: it looks like it might be tricky to do what you're wanting to do...02:38
DormantOdenjust want to shut down a server cleanly, rather than just killall -9 it =P02:38
cjaecan someone please check to see if they can select the accept button in this page or if it just sends them in random loop http://partner.atheros.com/Download.aspx?id=12502:39
ramesDormantOden: try "jobs | grep PROGRAM | awk -- '{print $3}'  "02:39
SubCoolbazhang, it has multiple uses, im using it for survaying. Any my stupid laptop wont use its onboard or my pciexpress wlan card.02:39
SubCoolbazhang, ya, i know the possibilities are crazy, but im not that far yet (obviously)02:40
ramesDormantOden: actually in that case if you're trying to send a signal to a running program, not a backgrounded process (backgrounded == "ctrl-z / suspended in shell")02:40
DormantOdenah, no im using & when running it02:40
ramesDormantOden: ah... well, the output of "jobs" is nice to know about anyway, but "kill -1 $( pidof PROGRANAME )" should do what you want02:42
HomerPdx75oh sweet, using android irc client to connect.02:42
DormantOdenrames: that would kill it again though?02:42
SubCoolHomerPdx75, what kinda phone u got?02:42
ramesDormantOden: kill -1 is the "hup / restart" signal02:42
DormantOdenso it would stop like it should?02:43
ramesDormantOden: sending signals (man kill) uses a pid... pidof FOO gives you the pid of program FOO02:43
HomerPdx75mytouch, rooted and installed cyangenmod02:43
shatlyok, i need help with my nvidia drivers, they were working up tell today, my xorg error file is here http://paste.ubuntu.com/498125/02:44
ramesDormantOden: or you can say "jobs" then "fg 1", etc. (should bring it to foreground)02:44
BobPOWHello everybody!02:45
ramesanyway ... does anybody know what program to use to map a key to run a program, i'm having trouble with the google02:45
HomerPdx75you need to reinstall your nvidia driver.02:45
shatlyHomerPdx75: i sudo apt-get purge nvidia-current02:46
lylatIs anyone here knowledgeable of LVPM to migrate Wubi to a partition?02:46
shatlyand then reinstalled02:46
shatlyand rebooted 2-3 times alredy02:46
HomerPdx75sorry limited typing. using irc on android.02:46
Roastedhey there- can someone explain the logic to me behind extended vs primary partitions? I have 820gb left and I need 2 partitions but I have too many primary partitions, so I need to create an extended partition to make this work. What I'm confused over is the extended partition is 820gb and the next one is 820 too. wow? I wanted 20/800.02:48
SubCoolHomerPdx75, ya- what kinda phone, im looking to get a linuxUser friendly phone. Staring at the epic, - trying to stay away from iphone. As much as i want it. what do u have?02:48
gino_Can someone tell me, or point me to a website that tells me what happens on a users first login?02:48
Dr_WillisRoasted:  you can have 4 primaries Max.. one of those can be a 'extended' that holds 'logicals'02:48
Dr_WillisRoasted:  the job of the extened is to hold logicals...02:48
RoastedDr_Willis, wait.. hold that thought...02:49
Roastedahh I think I get it.02:49
Dr_WillisThe sole purpose of extendeds.. is to hold one or more logicals.02:49
RoastedI thought the extended partition ITSELF was a useable partition. I didn't realize it was just a "place holder" for the other 2 partitions I needed.02:49
RoastedDr_Willis, so overall to have root/home, I should have extended - root/home. I thought root WAS the extended partition in this case.02:50
BobPOWMay somebody help me please?  When they get the chance that is.02:50
Dr_Willis(P1)(P2)(P3)(P4=Extended, that holds 1+ Logicals)02:50
xangua!helpme | BobPOW02:50
ubottuBobPOW: Avoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude02:50
IdleOneBobPOW: just go ahead and ask and if someone knows they will answer02:51
RoastedDr_Willis, right, so if I have an extended partition and I  need to house root/home yet, I would have P4=extended, root (logi) and home (logi), both under P402:51
Dr_WillisRoasted:  yep.02:52
Roastedthanks bro!02:52
st__BobPOW, it's *free* channel, so shut up02:52
IdleOnest__: what was that for? and please be polite02:52
Roastedlets be nice and flaunt optimism instead of hate...02:52
bazhangst__, stop that02:52
st__stop picking on me02:53
extraclassicis there a file I can edit to control what runs at startup....in arch I can edit rc.conf and control what daemons get loaded02:53
bazhang!attitude | st__02:53
IdleOnest__: start being polite02:53
ubottust__: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines02:53
RoastedDr_Willis, Is there any performance differences between partition types?02:55
Dr_WillisRoasted:  shouldent be.02:55
Dr_WillisRoasted:  they way it 'works' now is just how its 'evoloved' over theyears to make up for advances in PC tech/disk/sizes. :)02:56
BobPOWI am new to Ubuntu.  I have Ubuntu 10.10 installed on my bedroom computer.  It has no internet connection.  I downloaded the Wine 1.2 bz2 file off my computer in my den.  So using the den computer, I decompress the file using 7zip, and now I have a Wine tar file.  I put the Wine tar file on my bedroom Ubuntu computer via USB stick.  I extracted the tar file, which gave me a folder full of...02:56
BobPOW...Wine files.  What do I do with this folder?02:56
Dr_WillisRoasted:   You could argue that the front of the HD is afaster the the rear. and so on. but its not really noticeable.02:56
bazhangBobPOW, #ubuntu+1 for 10.1002:56
RoastedDr_Willis, yeahh. I just never dealt with extended partitions. I just moved vista to win 7 and win 7 has those two partitions, so it forced me (if I want partitions split) to have to use extended.02:56
RoastedDr_Willis, just wanted to learn as much as I could while I was having to do it is all ;)02:56
Dr_WillisBobPOW:  you dont want to use bz's you want to get teh proper .deb files.. and personally i would run a cable to update/upgrade/install things...02:56
BobPOWThanks Bazhang02:57
Dr_WillisRoasted:  check out the wikipedia pages for Disk partioning. :) good info02:57
AndrewMCBobPOW: just run sudo apt-get install wine in terminal02:57
Dr_WillisAndrewMC:  no internet connection he said. :)02:57
st__AndrewMC, wine in repo too old to be useful02:57
BobPOWDr_Willis: Where can I fine the Wine 1.2 deb file?02:58
NOMADICUSI am trying to find a command that will querry hard drive stats.  What command is optimum?02:58
bazhangAndrewMC, he's using maverick #ubuntu+1 for support02:58
AndrewMCBobPOW: yes what bazhang says is true please go /join #ubuntu+1 for support with Maverick02:59
ramesBobPOW: try following t his guide - http://beans.seartipy.com/2006/05/06/update-or-install-applications-on-debianubuntu-without-an-internet-connection/02:59
BobPOWOk, I'm at #ubuntu+1, it would be helpful to chat with me there.  All these chat windows are getting hard to follow03:00
ramesBobPOW: and there's another guide here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=573238 ... it should help you ask ~better~ questions03:01
ramesBobPOW: basically you have to determine all the packages that "some-program-foo" needs (apt-get --print-urls stuff)03:03
giikerI have a public gpg key in my desktop I want to use in other location (desktop) Do i just copy the public key to my desktop, or do I have to do some kind ox exporting ?03:03
IdleOnenothing like a good dose of non useful advice03:03
ramesBobPOW: then get them (the wget stuff) probably onto your usb stick  and then run the "dpkg-scanpackages ... Packages.gz" thing03:04
cjaehow can I install build-essential without internet connection? ubuntu 10.0403:04
macocjae: is on the cd03:04
cjaemaco: ok under?03:04
ramesBobPOW: finally, you teach the computer that doesn't have the internet connection that those packages are available on your USB stick (sources.list ... deb file:/.... stuff)03:05
macocjae: just add the cd as a repository in software sources then apt-get as usual03:05
IdleOnecjae: pop in the live cd (don't reboot) and then sudo apt-get install build-essential03:05
cjaemaco: I have an usb stick with an iso made with pendrive linux for a netwbook03:05
IdleOneyeah, you have to add it as a repos like maco said03:05
ramesBobPOW: and finally-finally you can install them - apt-get update && apt-get install some-program-foo ... lots of steps but you can follow the instructions on the guides03:06
cjaemaco: no cd drive03:06
macocjae: bleh. um in that case mount the stick and run "find . -name *.deb"03:06
macocjae: from within where its mounted03:06
macocjae: itll show you all the debs and you can install gcc and whatever else you need03:06
cjaek thanks03:06
macocjae: you'd use sudo dpkg -i /path/to/your/deb for all of me03:07
gino_Can someone tell me, or point me to a website that tells me what happens on a users first login? In relation to this: http://serverfault.com/questions/183054/users-not-added-untill-the-logon-first-ubuntu03:11
kevdogis maco a girl?? or is this someone else03:13
chroweI am trying to set up x11vnc to be an always on vnc server that persists when switching users and rebooting03:13
macokevdog: last i checked id had a few many birthdays for that but yes03:13
BobPOWThanks for helping me out.  I need to get off the computer for now.  See you all later.03:13
kevdogmaco: honored to be in your presence since you've been mia for awhile03:14
macokevdog: no i havent03:14
chroweI think I want to use -inetd but I can't find any documentation on it that I understand03:14
kevdogmaco: Ok maybe it was just bad luck on my part :) sorry03:14
darthganeshIs there any way I can acess touchpad data in my c program?03:15
helpmei need help with installing a usb ethernet card03:17
pelmenguys, for some reason my cpufreq stopped scalling. In scaling_min_speed always resets on restart to 2 ghz, and ondemand governor always runs at full speed03:17
pelmencpu is core2duo 2ghz03:17
well_laid_lawnthe ondemand governor is not used anymore03:19
helpmeanyway i have the driver source files i just need them compiled into a deb so i can install them to my ubuntu installation03:19
boywonderhi,im needing to install flash player do i just install the linux version?03:21
ubuntufanIf I install Ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop, can I also install lots of modern software?03:21
kevdogubuntufan: Yes, but that request is vague03:21
xanguaboywonder: sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer03:21
ubuntufanUbuntu 10.04 and 10.10 don't work very well on my laptop and don't support Wi-Fi and ACPI. Can I install 9.10 and get lots of the perks I would get from 10.04 and 10.10?03:22
boywonderxangua,  cool thanks03:22
xanguaubuntufan: no03:22
jeremyni have a windows xp CD i want to put onto a flash drive so i can reinstall it on a netbook that does not have a CD drive. has anyone done this using ubuntu tools? i tried usb-creator-gtk but it gave an error.03:22
xanguajeremyn: it only work in linux distros, not sure if it's specially focused in ubuntu03:23
boywonderxangua,  file not found?03:23
xanguayou also want to go to ##windows03:24
xanguaboywonder: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer03:24
boywonderem soz download failed xangua03:24
jeremynxangua: i am not sure the windows people could help, i am trying to create the usb drive using ubuntu so i need ubuntu software to do it.03:24
jeremynxangua: but i agree that usb-creator-gtk did not like working with a windows CD03:25
boywonderxangua, that worked thanks alot03:25
extraclassicjeremyn: you can do it with command line03:25
jeremynextraclassic: what software/commands should i use?03:26
extraclassicjeremyn: $dd if=image.iso of=/dev/sd[x]03:26
jeremynextraclassic: so you are saying i should make it two step, first get an iso off the CD, then use your suggestion to put the iso onto the usb drive?03:27
kevdognever understood why some people use dd when I thought cp would do the same thing03:27
extraclassicyeah, you need an iso03:27
jeremynextraclassic: i'll give it a shot, thanks for the idea03:28
extraclassicno problem03:28
ubottuTo install a Java runtime on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java. For the Sun Java products and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on older releases.03:30
phrostbiteWhat application is a good one to use to sync my ipod with ubuntu?03:35
bazhangrhythmbox phrostbite03:36
phrostbiteOk thank you :)03:36
phrostbiteIs it going to delete whats already on my ipod like itunes would?03:36
bazhangphrostbite, no03:36
phrostbiteOk thank you.03:37
pepeehi. apparently, a kernel update broke the ATI driver: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/642557 and http://securitytracker.com/alerts/2010/Sep/1024466.html03:37
E3bhello, someone can help me with openVPN please?03:40
pepeehttp://lkml.org/lkml/2010/9/18/45 yes it did :(03:40
typemoreis there a way to tell sshd to only listen on connections from localhost:? (this is for intsalling a git server)03:41
darthganeshwhat is the irc for c language03:42
tensorpuddingon freenode03:42
tensorpuddingthere are other channels on other networks probably03:43
dsajoelhi, what is the recommended way to upgrade an existing (faulty:networking not working) install of jaunty to lucid ? .. on that machine i am able to ping an ipaddress, but cannot resolve any hostname (eg: google.com) :(03:43
tensorpuddingtypemore: presumably using /etc/hosts.deny and /etc/hosts.allow, I think03:43
kevdogsounds like a dns problem to me03:43
dsajoeli tried to put in timewarnercable's dns servers manually in resolv.conf, no go03:44
AndrewMCdsajoel: try something else like google public DNS03:45
kevdogopendns -- Id set up your network connection manually at command line just to verify and see if everything works as a troubleshooting step and then go from there03:45
pepeedsajoel, try something like: $ dig @<some DNS server> somedomain.com03:45
pepeethat will check for somedomain.com in "<some DNS server>"03:46
pepeeeg: dig @ google.com03:46
dsajoelpepee, your command yeilded with (1 server found) google.com. 300 IN A etc.03:49
dsajoeli had tried dig@ google.com03:49
pepeedsajoel, well, try putting this servers in /etc/resolv.conf : and  (google DNS servers)03:50
dsajoelkevdog, i'm trying static for now .. i tried everything i knew from network settings front, finally thought I'd irc .. this is def beyond my understanding ..03:50
mgmuscariif anyone knows much about libpcap, please PM me03:50
dsajoelpepee, line1 should be nameserver and line2 .. correct?03:51
pepeedsajoel, yes03:51
pepeedsajoel, you need to restart the networking: # /etc/init.d/networking restart03:51
dsajoelpepee, no go .. still that darn unknown host google.com message03:52
mgmuscarior, if anyone wants to venture a guess as to why packets that i'm serializing over a TCP stream and then injecting back into a virtual nic on the receiving end are being padded with zeros, like so: http://pastie.org/1173640 , please let me know what your thoughts are :)03:52
pepeedsajoel, sorry, is: line1: nameserver  and line2: nameserver
dsajoelpepee, ya .. thats the contents of resolv.conf03:53
fission6is there a light program out there for sniffing http packets?03:54
macofission6: tcpdump?03:54
dsajoelfission6: wireshark03:54
fission6wireshark is not finding my interfaces03:54
seyfarthMaybe I'm blind, but does empathy not give me an ability to block contacts on AIM?03:54
dsajoelwell it isn't exactly light ;)03:54
spinningcompassseyfarth: No.03:54
seyfarthahh well. pidgin here I come03:55
dsajoelpepee, any changes needed to /etc/hosts ?03:56
pepeefission6, gksudo wireshark ?03:56
AbhiJitwhat is the package name of me menu?03:57
pepeedsajoel, don't think so (I'm not an expert..)03:57
boywonderxangua,  my computer is acting strange how do i uninstall bothe them commands?03:57
pepeedsajoel, I don't really know what is the problem, but I don't think you need to reinstall03:58
xanguadefine extrange and 'bothe them'03:58
dsajoeli would like to know if someone has had luck upgrading jaunty to lucid .. from say the ubuntu cd ?03:58
knixWhy are there upstart jobs that also have sysvinit scripts? Like openssh ships with both init/ssh and init.d/ssh03:58
knixAnd if you start it with init.d you can't use upstart commands03:58
boywonderxangua, booting wierd03:58
dsajoelassuming apache/other programs aren't disturbed .. in other words i dont have to format the machine03:58
xanguaAbhiJit: indicator-me03:58
pepeedsajoel, you need the "alternate" cd03:58
boywonderxangua, flashing scren when it didnt before03:59
MylanI have a question.  I'm trying to broadcast through Darkice, but can't figure out how to locate the program after I've downloaded it or set it up.03:59
AbhiJitxangua, thanks03:59
Pentium3Mylan: have you tried hitting alt+F2 and typing darkice in?04:00
adzyhow do i find out my ip thru console?04:00
MylanNo, let me try.04:00
AbhiJitwhere does buntu stores the soirce downloaded with apt-get source command?04:00
spinningcompassadzy: ifconfig will list the IP addresses of all interfaces, I think.04:00
Pentium3Mylan: ok04:00
adzyi tried that but its not picking up my wireless card ip....04:00
MylanTried hitting alt F2 and nothing happened.04:00
spinningcompassadzy: Are you sure you're online with your wireless card?04:01
boywonderxangua,  what was the flash package called?04:01
xanguaboywonder: adobe's flash plugin04:01
Pentium3Mylan: are you in the command line?04:01
adzyyep using it now :D04:01
MylanNo, should I be?04:01
spinningcompassadzy: Ah. :) OK. If you type 'ifconfig | grep inet', what do you get?04:01
boywonderi cant find that package? xangua04:02
Pentium3Mylan: hitting ALT+F2 in the GUI should open a dialogue.04:02
ratdogmy bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/64479304:02
xanguaboywonder: i don't see what relation has adobe's flash plugin with 'booting weird'04:02
xanguaflashplugin-installer * boywonder04:03
Pentium3Mylan: its ok04:03
adzyhink that worked04:03
Pentium3Mylan: is it working?04:03
boywonderok thanks xangua ,it might of been a loose usb disk?04:03
MylanOk...I typed darkice in terminal and got...DarkIce 0.20.1 live audio streamer, http://darkice.tyrell.hu/04:03
MylanCopyright (c) 2000-2007, Tyrell Hungary, http://tyrell.hu/04:03
MylanUsing config file: /etc/darkice.cfg04:03
MylanDarkIce: DarkIce.cpp:150: no section [general] in config [0]04:03
jagsI can't see my samba shares on my xp machine, no firewalls running, samba set as wins server, any ideas?04:04
FloodBot1Mylan: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:04
Pentium3Mylan: ?04:04
xanguaboywonder: no idea what are you trying to say04:04
Pentium3Mylan: So you've got it running?04:04
ratdogmy bug, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/64479304:04
AbhiJitratdog, elaborate it with word other than 'my bug'04:05
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ratdogfglrx installer fail on Lucid AbhiJit04:05
boywonderxangua, well it booted gparted off the usb ,weird!!>??04:05
adzyspinningcompass - How did u know that command?04:05
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spinningcompassadzy: Because I'm Rick James! :)04:06
adzyrick james/04:06
AbhiJitratdog, its a bug so what do you want ?04:06
MylanI typed darkice in terminal and got Darkice 0.20.1 live audio streamer, http://darkice.tyrell.hu/ Copyright (c) 2000-2007 Tyrell Hungary, http://tyrell.hu/  Using config file: /etc/darkice.cfg  Darkice: Darkice.cpp:150: no section [general] in config [0]04:06
ratdogjust seeing if someone can help me fix it04:07
Pentium3I've never used darkrice, so is your problem within darkrice?04:07
MylanDarkice..and I just don't know wheree to locate the program to try running it.04:08
speedrunner-awayhey guys04:08
speedrunner-awaywhats the difference betwee n hibernate and suspend?04:08
Pentium3it appears you're already running it04:08
ratdogiv learn to like sudo apt-get install more then synaptic now04:09
speedrunner-awaylol im talking wileim away04:09
Guest6717soo bored04:09
cjaeso how can I make a usb stick with an .iso on it a repo?04:09
Pentium3speedrunner: suspend only slightly turns off hibernate saves RAM to disk and powers off04:09
Pentium3im away04:09
Guest6717ok Pentium304:09
stittelI am trying to run the 10.10 beta (netbook edition) inside a VirtualBox VM. However, Ubuntu is unable to load the netbook UI, it just hangs there showing the default wallpaper. I can "CTRL+ALT+F1" out of this and start a GNOME session with "startx" for example, but doing "sudo stop gdm" and "sudo start gdm" to get to the netbook UI will make if freeze showing just the wallpaper again.04:10
AbhiJitm back04:10
thecdggserieshi I have this problem: /etc/apt/sources.list04:10
Guest6717AbhiJit: hey04:10
Guest6717AbhiJit: hows it going04:10
speedrunner-awayoh, so if the power goes out.....suspend wont survive that04:10
Guest6717AbhiJit: glad to hear :)04:10
AbhiJit!details | thecdggseries04:10
ubottuthecdggseries: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:10
ratdogoh AbhiJit is back :(04:10
Guest6717ratdog: :o04:11
stittelIs there a known problam with the new netbook UI not starting? How could I try to start it from console without using gdm?04:11
MylanOk.  If I'm running the program why don't I see it on my screen anywhere?04:11
ratdogAbhiJit your a wonderful helper04:11
thecdggseriessorry for caps04:11
* ratdog rolls his eyes with ph33r04:11
AbhiJit!guidelines | ratdog04:11
ubotturatdog: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:11
ratdog !guidelines | ratdog AbhiJit04:12
ubotturatdog AbhiJit: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines04:12
AbhiJitratdog, now see if your question of bug withoutht details fits in there or not04:12
pepeeratdog, this bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/64255704:12
MashTomatothecdggseries: post your /etc/apt/sources.list please04:12
ratdogya know launchpad is there for a reasonj04:12
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:12
pepeeyou can't fix it, just wait for the fix or install radeon04:13
ratdogit gives you a better explination AbhiJit04:13
ratdogbut hey04:13
Trian3Can anyone help with some smb.conf issues?04:13
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ratdogmy launchpad link has all the detals that i could put in the ubunty pastebin, theres no diffrence04:14
MashTomatothecdggseries: remove lines 57 and 58 and try to reload apt with synaptic04:14
thecdggseriesMashTomato, That archive doesnt have 57 lines04:15
thecdggseriesit only have 48  i think04:15
MashTomatothecdggseries: lines 57 and 58 in your sources.list04:15
ratdogdoes Ubuntu have embassadors? Like openSuSE04:15
IdleOneratdog: no04:16
Trian3I'm setting up Samba for the first time, running through some tutorials, but ran into a problem when trying to test it.  Testparm doesn't agree with what's in the smb.conf04:16
thecdggseriesMashTomato, sorry04:16
Trian3Any ideas?04:16
thecdggseriesMashTomato, I can delete  how to?04:18
ratdogthecdggseries sudo apt-get remove *blah*04:18
thecdggseriesI just want to get to naitulis like a root04:19
ratdogwhats the package thecdggseries04:19
thecdggseriesI dont know04:19
IdleOnethecdggseries: in terminal type gksudo nautilus04:19
LinuxGuy2009If I copy all debs from the alternate CD to a folder and then point APTonCD to that folder and tell it to select "ubuntu-desktop" and to auto-select the dependencies, it will actually leave behind many of them. Is there any logical reason for this? I was trying to put together a repo disc with all of the desktop environments.04:20
MylanI'm going to try something.  Will return shortly if it doesn't work.04:21
LinuxGuy2009I wanted to to use it to build up a base install using the server CD.04:21
MashTomatothecdggseries: sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list04:21
thecdggseriesyeah thanks04:22
ratdogLinux, Beyond Computing. >:)04:23
ratdogLinux, Beyond windings04:23
cjaeok so i have a ubuntu netbook .iso on a usb stick and I did sudo synaptic --add-cdrom /media/PENDRIVE so that I can add it as a repo so I can install build-essentials to install network card drivers04:24
thecdggseriesMashTomato, It doesn`t say aything but it is the sign of stop04:24
thecdggserieson the bar04:24
MashTomatothecdggseries: even though you've removed lines 57 and 58 you still get the same error message?04:25
thecdggseriesnot the same04:25
cjaebut it says unable to locate package files , perhaps this is not debain disc or wrong architecture04:25
thecdggseriesit open the synapthics04:25
wasnikhi guys alsa does not detect my soundcards, aplay-l, lshw, lspci dont display my soundcard04:25
thecdggseriesbut it is the sign of stop in the bar04:25
Pentium3How do I control the TV output on ATI Mobility M1 so I can hook my Dell up to my Commodore 1702 (for emulation purposes)?04:25
MylanOk, I tried rebooting and still can't locate the program.04:26
wasnikhi guys also does not detect my soundcard, aplay -l, lshw, lspci dont display my soundcard04:26
drewbertI liked the system tray aka notification area!  How can I get similar functionality so that I don't have to click twice to bring up pidgin.04:26
MashTomatothecdggseries: right, if you have an account at ubuntuforusm.org, try to post your problem there, as it seems a little more compilcated as I thought04:26
MashTomatocomplicated* even04:26
Pentium3Mylan: I dont know, sorry, I just though you didnt know how to run it, try man darkice for a manual04:26
MylanIn my browser?04:27
thecdggseriesMashTomato, it does say any probem now04:27
cjaeand it is the right architecture04:27
Pentium3no in terminal, just type "man darkice" w/o the quotes04:27
MashTomatothecdggseries: alright, so you got it fixed :-)04:27
thecdggseriesI hope04:28
thecdggseriesMashTomato,  thanks04:28
Pentium3Mylan: k, sorry I cant help more.. :(04:28
MashTomatoyou're welcome04:28
Pentium3How do I control the TV output on ATI Mobility M1 so I can hook my Dell up to my Commodore 1702 (for emulation purposes)?04:28
Pentium3I dont know where or how to get the drivers to control it04:28
* cjae thinks that not having build-essentials installed is dumb, especially on a distro designed for netbook that may have crappy network cards04:29
fission6can i capture https packets using wireshark04:29
AbhiJit!tv | Pentium304:29
ubottuPentium3: http://www.linuxtv.org/ has extensive information about using TV cards under Linux. Available viewers for analog cards: Zapping, tvtime (GTK/GNOME), Kaffeine, kdetv (KDE), xawtv, motv. For digital cards: Me-TV (GNOME), Klear (KDE), dvb-utils. For both analog and digital cards, !MythTV is a powerful framework. Your card may work the !IVTV drivers. See also !TV-Out04:29
shatlyAny one here willing to help somone with a nvidia / xserv problum?04:29
AbhiJit!nvidia | shatly04:30
ubottushatly: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto04:30
Pentium3ubottu: thanks04:30
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)04:30
shatlyAbhiJit: yes, they were working, now i get "(EE) Failed to load module "nvidia" (module-specific error, 0)04:30
shatly(EE) No drivers available.04:30
shatlyat end of error file04:30
drewberthow can I get back the system tray?04:30
AbhiJit!paste > shatly04:30
ubottushatly, please see my private message04:30
Pentium3ubottu: thanks, but i'm looking to control the OUTput, the Commodore 1702 is a composite monitor.04:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:31
AbhiJitdrewbert, right clck on panel and add application04:31
shatlyAbhiJit: see the pastebin i linked04:31
drewbertAbhiJit: but it doesn't look like pidgin uses it anymore.. AbhiJit you mean the notification area applet?04:31
AbhiJitdrewbert, what do you actualy want?04:31
Pentium3I am aslo having a small display problem if I could get some help with that..04:32
drewbertI want it so that I get the little think in the panel that has the pidgin icon, that changes colors when people send me messages and brings up the window when I click on it.04:33
mr_chrisdrewbert: Tools -> Preferences Set Show System Tray Icon to Always04:34
shatlyAbhiJit: i take it that you will not help just use the bot?04:34
AbhiJitshatly, i dunno abotu your issue04:34
Pentium3I'm on a laptop that thinks it can display 69Hz, but it makes the picture fuzzy, so I change the refresh rate, but when I close the laptop and open it it reverts back to 69Hz04:34
drewbertmr_chris: yayyyyyyyy! thank you.04:34
mr_chrisPentium3: What's your issue?04:34
shatlyit was working up tell rebooting today04:34
mr_chrisdrewbert: np04:34
Pentium3I'm on a laptop that thinks it can display 69Hz, but it makes the picture fuzzy, so I change the refresh rate, but when I close the laptop and open it it reverts back to 69Hz04:34
shatlyis there a way to see a history of updates?04:34
iflemacjae in a terminal do gksudo nautilus and use it to navigate to the build essentials package. IF it complains something is missing, find that the install, IF it also compalins something is missing, the install that and so on until you all requirements are satisfied and buid-essentials instll completes04:35
mr_chrisPentium3: What type of laptop?04:35
Pentium3A Dell Latitude CPx04:35
drewbertThe indicator applet is obnoxious.  It's twice as many clicks, and I have to mouse past "chat setup mail and broadcast" none of which I ever use.  To get to pidgin.  But as my problem as been fixed I suppose I don't care anymore! MUAHAHAHA04:35
mr_chrisrunning Lucid?04:35
Pentium3mr_chris: yes04:36
iflemacjae install by double clicking04:36
mr_chrisPentium3: Can you please tell exact laptop model and if possible the type of video card you have? I'll try to research it.04:36
cjaeiflema: will try04:36
mr_chrisdrewbert: I agree. I usually uninstall all that.04:37
Pentium3Dell Latitude CPx model PPX with an ATI Mobility M1 i believe04:37
wasnikhi friends, alsa is not detecin my sound cards, aplay, lshw, lspci dont detect no soundcards04:37
mr_chrisAre you using the open source or proprietary drivers?04:37
drewbertmr_chris: they could have at least made it easier to control what shows up in that04:37
Pentium3mr_chris:  I'm pretty sure they're open source.04:38
boywonderxangua, seems like ive got a dodgy cdrom, is there a way i can switch it off?04:38
mr_chrisdrewbert: Agreed. I tried and failed at that.04:38
AbhiJitwasnik, do you have /proc/asound present?04:38
mr_chrisPentium3: That actually is a pentium 3 lappy! Nice!04:38
pedahzurWeird dependency problem: trying to install gitosis. Says it can't install because Depends: git-core (>= 1:1.5.0) but 1:1.7.3-0ppa2~hardy1 is installed.  Ideas?04:39
Pentium3mr_chris: yeah, she's pretty lightweight yet hauls for 500MHz.04:39
boywondercan anyone help me to turn off my cd rom>?04:39
boywonderor fix the problem?04:40
mr_chrisPentium3: No promises but I'll see if I can find anything.04:40
wasnikAbhijit, /proc/asound/cards says no soundcards04:40
Trian3I'm setting up Samba for the first time, running through some tutorials, but ran into a problem when trying to test it.  Testparm doesn't agree with what's in the smb.conf.  Any ideas?04:41
Pentium3mr_chris: ok thanks, by the way, I custom installed a 30GB hard drive the other day.04:41
AbhiJitwasnik, you tried reinstalling alsa?04:41
mr_chrismr_chris: Good stuff. I respect anyone who keeps old hardware going.04:41
wasnikAbhijit, did that twice now04:41
AbhiJitwasnik, was the sound present previous and just now it is not there?04:41
Pentium3mr_chris: Old hardware is my main hobby, my TV is a Commodore 170204:42
mcurrananyone know how to root or just add songs to a blackberry in ubuntu04:42
wasnikAbhijit, the sound never was there, mine is a new install04:42
AbhiJitwasnik, ohhhh04:42
AbhiJit!hardware | wasnik first check here is your h/w is supported or not04:42
ubottuwasnik first check here is your h/w is supported or not: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection04:42
AbhiJitwas if it is supported then get help from here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound04:43
wasnikabhijit,thans will have  alook04:43
drewbertreinstalling to fix problems?  what is this, windows?04:43
shatlywell next step: downgrade everthing that was upgraded04:43
mr_chrisPentium3: Assuming this is a bug, one thing you could try is writing a script that sets the refresh rate to 60hz then have it execute at the wake event.04:44
ratdog ::: More Schellabrating! --->TWINS WIN! ALCD CHAMPIONS!  :::04:44
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AbhiJit!ot | ratdog04:44
ubotturatdog: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:44
Trian3Anyone here know a little about samba?04:45
ratdog!ot | AbhiJit04:45
ubottuAbhiJit: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:45
Pentium3mr_chris: I do not know how to do so though..04:45
AbhiJitTrian3, if you are not getting reply here then try in #samba04:45
Trian3Will do.  Thx.04:45
fission6so how would i see https packers in tcpdump04:46
Pentium3mr_chris: Could you help me with the scripting?04:47
ratdoghi Destine04:47
Destineratdog, hi?04:47
mr_chrisPerhaps. I'll have to learn with you. First things first. How to run any script on wake. I think placing it in /etc/apm/resume.d/ may to it04:47
wcgary83does anybody know why ubuntu would sometimes boot to bash? it should auto-login (its my grandmom's computer...)04:47
mr_chrislet me try a test of that on my end. It will disconnect me briefly.04:47
Pentium3mr_chris: let me start writing this down04:48
pedahzurPentium3: Your IRC client doesn't have logging? ;)04:48
mr_chrismr_chris: Let's hope I'm write then =/04:48
HACKhalo2hello, i need help getting my mic working on Ubuntu 10.10. I got it to work once on a clean install but after that nothing seems to work. I installed the alsa backports kernel thingy and everything is turned up. any other ideas?04:48
ChogyDanwcgary83: maybe check /var/logs/Xorg.0.log04:48
wcgary83chogyDan: for what exactly? it usually happens on an update...04:49
ChogyDanwcgary83: to see why X isn't starting04:49
Pentium3mr_chris; by the way, i have  it set to "blank" or turn off the screen, not suspend04:49
wcgary83lol ok04:49
wasnikabhijit my soundcard is not listed in te list of hardware. i have a conexant hd audio smartcard04:49
AbhiJitwasnik, there is a link for conexant cards in that /sound/ page (not in h/w page) just have a look at it04:50
mr_chrisPentium3: What do you mean?04:50
wasnikAbhijit could u please let me know the link04:51
AbhiJit!sound | wasnik04:51
ubottuwasnik: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.04:51
HACKhalo2my computer is a Gateway nv5215u laptop, if that helps, not sure of the hardware in it though04:51
wasnikabhijit u mean https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound04:51
AbhiJitwasnik, yes04:51
Pentium3mr_chris: in the power managment settings under where it says "when the laptop lid is closed" i have selected blank screen (which just puts the screen into DPMS sleep), because standby is too time consuming on this old CPU.04:52
dubliskis there a reason why the 64-bit ubuntu desktop is "Not recommended for daily desktop usage" ?04:52
wcgary83ChogyDan: nothing strange, just the normal initialization of nvidia/mouse/buttons/etc...04:52
ChogyDanwcgary83: pastebin?04:52
wasnikabhijit, i dont see any link on conexant there04:53
sheyIs this also the channel for Ubuntu Server?04:53
mr_chrisPentium3: Ah. That's entirely different. I was assuming you were suspending. Hmm.04:53
Pentium3mr_chris; sorry..04:53
cjaeiflema: doesnt work04:54
AbhiJitwasnik sorry i just confused between modem and sound pages. see this another link https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToSetupSoundCards04:54
AbhiJitshey, no. #ubuntu-server for server04:54
sheyAbhiJit: ty.04:54
AbhiJitshey, np04:54
wcgary83thanks ChogyDan!    http://pastebin.com/PkK6GwAS04:55
axisyswhere can I get dos2unix ?04:55
Roeyapt-cache search dos2unix04:55
Roeydos2unix - convert text file line endings between CRLF and LF04:55
Roeyaxisys:  type sudo apt-get install dos2unix04:56
wasnikabhijit, this is where the article asked me to search for the module, but conexant is not lsted here either http://www.icewalkers.com/Linux/Howto/BootPrompt-HOWTO-8.html04:56
mr_chrisPentium3: You've stumped me on this one. I think you have a case of older hardware and proprietary less support video card. I would research how to modify your X configuration to only have the refresh rate you want available.04:56
typemorewhy can't I do "/etc/init.d/mysql start" anymore, and what's the right way to start mysqld?04:56
AbhiJitwasnik, is your conexant is called intel hda ?04:57
renedoxtypemore: try putting "sudo " in front of that04:57
mr_chrisPentium3: There may be some info here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Resolution#Problem:  Wrong resolutions, refresh rates, or monitor specs04:57
ChogyDanwcgary83: wait, is that from a failed boot?04:57
wasnikabhijit, didnt understand: are u saying my conexant is called intel hda04:57
Pentium3mr_chris: thanks for the help.04:57
AbhiJitwasnik, yah04:57
aci need help04:57
axisysRoey: you have a repo that I dont have04:58
typemorewhy can't I do "sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start" anymore, and what's the right way to start mysqld? (some crap about using "service start mysql", but that just hangs)04:58
AbhiJit!ask | ac04:58
ubottuac: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:58
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wasnikabhijit, so i go ahead doing the procedure outlined using snd-hda-intel04:58
axisysRoey: apt-cache policy dos2unix ?04:58
AbhiJitwasnik, only if its the same h/w as of yours04:58
acyou  know how to hack wifi??04:58
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=== KB1JWQ|Jst_Mrrie is now known as KB1JWQ
AbhiJit!hacking | ac04:58
bazhangac wrong network04:58
ubottuac: A hacker is a person who delights in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular, as defined by Request for Comments (RFC) 1392 - i.e. a good programmer  -- crackers on the other hand break systems, see also !piracy04:58
wasnikabhijit, didnt understand, my hardware is conexant, so u said i should use intel-hda04:58
icarus-c!ot | ac04:58
ubottuac: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:59
bazhangac please dont ask again04:59
typemorewhy can't I do "sudo /etc/init.d/mysql start" anymore, and what's the right way to start mysqld? (some crap about using "service start mysql", but that just hangs)04:59
aclol ok whos using backtrack?04:59
wcgary83ChogyDan: I logged in and started x manually04:59
mr_christypemore: It says that for all services. I'm not sure why myself.04:59
ethana3I'm trying to get my laptop down to 10 watts with the display on04:59
bazhangac people in #backtrack-linux04:59
ethana3I've got it down to 11 with the display off..04:59
acwhat is this program for?05:00
AbhiJitwasnik, because that was the case with me. but that was with modem i think. you forget what i said about it . because i am not sure about hardware. now since your h/w is not supported i dunno what to do. may be report a bug or request a driver for your h/w? or try asking in ##linux?05:00
ethana3I'd like to power off each and every device I'm not using, firewire, usb, ethernet, dialup, optical, everything05:00
mr_chrisWould anyone else be able to help Pentium3 with his refresh rate problem?05:00
HACKhalo2is there any infomation on the gateway NV series laptops?05:00
bazhangac this is ubuntu support only backtrack is not supported here05:00
icarus-cac, http://www.backtrack-linux.org/05:00
ChogyDanwcgary83: yeah, I don't see any errors myself.  I dunno though.05:00
Roeyaxisys:  http://pastebin.com/7giNHjgB05:00
axisysRoey: oh.. u r using maverick already... doh!05:01
axisysRoey: its not in lucid05:01
Roeyoooh right right I remmeber05:01
RoeyI was looking fo05:01
RoeyI was looking for dos2unix but did not find it in lucid05:01
AbhiJitwasnik, see if you get driver here http://www.linux-drivers.org/audio.html05:01
axisysRoey: google found one05:01
dubliskCan I have an unbuntu server host different version of ubuntu for network installation?05:02
axisysRoey: sudo apt-get install tofromdos05:02
axisysRoey: then symlink trick05:02
acso what program am i using now?05:02
wcgary83ChogyDan: thanks for looking... it kinda sucks cause if it happens to her she's lost!05:02
bazhangac your chat client?05:02
icarus-cac, you are using xchat on Ubuntu :)05:02
Roeyaxisys:  http://pastebin.com/26qxCgeA05:03
acxchat but its from backtrack4-final05:03
Roeyaxisys:  I used that simple script a while back05:03
bazhangac so offtopic here. dont ask for help here05:03
axisysRoey: thanks05:03
Roeyso Barack Obama...05:03
bazhangRoey, ?05:03
Roey<bazhang> ac so offtopic05:03
mr_chrisaxisys: Try tofrodos. "sudo aptitude install tofrodos"05:03
Roeyg'night everybody!05:04
Roeyaxisys:  also try uniconv05:04
axisysmr_chris: yep.. thanks05:04
RoeyI know because I just installed it today05:04
=== Termana_ is now known as Termana
axisysRoey: what does uniconv do ?05:04
axisysmr_chris: someone should teach ubottu that ..05:05
axisysmr_chris: /msg ubottu dos2unix comes with no output05:05
Roeyaxisys:  http://pastebin.com/yXSvxEuF05:05
Pentium3Is it possible to code MAC OSX programs to ubuntu seeing as macs run linux now?05:05
AbhiJitaxisys, you can make suggestion about ubottu in #ubuntu-bots05:05
axisysRoey: wow! lot more powerful05:05
axisysAbhiJit: ok05:05
Trian3Can anyone help w/ a minor samba issue?  The #samba room is dead.05:05
Roeyheh, I hope it's in lucid!05:05
Roeyaxisys:  cool05:05
Roeyaxisys:  g'night!05:06
cjaei never thought operationg without a cd rom would be so hard05:07
mr_chrisPentium3: Macs do not run Linux. The run a form of Unix. A lot of program have already been ported to OS X but they often require the X11 app for their display.05:07
Whammohi I'm in the middle of resizing a partition on a usb hdd via gparted and it's been a couple hours now. what can I expect?05:07
mr_chrisPentium3: http://www.macports.org/05:07
JesdiscipleAnyone happen to know about the FoxyTunes/TwittyTunes Firefox extension? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100921210006AAL13K205:07
JesdiscipleWhammo: check /var/logs/syslog05:08
mr_chrisPentium3: However Linux and what OS X are is very different.05:08
drewbertWhammo: you can expect it to either finish, freeze, or throw an error05:08
Pentium3mr_chris: thanks, by the way, do you know where xorg.conf is located?05:08
JesdiscipleWhammo: I just had a mishap with unetbootin where the dpkg locks could be acquired05:08
wolteris there a method of creating 'meta folders'? Like those windows 7 libraries05:08
JesdiscipleWhammo: and it hung forever05:08
mr_chrisPentium3: It's no longer used. Most everything is handled automatically now. See here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config05:09
st__wolter, mount -o bind05:09
JesdiscipleWhammo: I didn't know it wasn't doing anything until I checked syslogs05:09
WhammoJesdisciple: i see05:09
init-bandaguys, Need little help designing a ideal init process05:09
init-bandafor the linux describution05:09
init-bandaespecually the signal handling part05:10
mr_chrisPentium3: Oh wait. You said OS X to Linux. That's even more difficult.05:10
JesdiscipleWhammo: And that would be /var/log/syslogs - sorry05:10
tensorpuddinginit-banda: this isn't the channel to ask for that, this channel is for ubuntu support questions05:10
=== AndrewMC is now known as SpockVulcan
mr_chrisThe closest thing is the gnustep project. OS X using Objective C, what it uses for display is entirely different, and there's a lot of OS X specific stuff that goes on.05:11
Viking667hmmm... what package is gtk-config in?05:11
ethana3Anybody know anything about completely powering off arbitrary PCI bus devices?05:11
wolterst__, only root can do what? Don't get why05:11
Viking667:f gtk2.0-config05:11
init-bandatensorpudding, sorry05:11
init-bandaIs there is better place to find answers for this05:12
AbhiJitinit-banda, try in ##linux05:12
drewbertmy cat has trouble understanding the concept of "quit standing in front of all the shit I am doing05:12
init-bandathats AbhiJit05:12
Jesdiscipleinit-banda: you could try #linux, that seems most relevant imo05:12
AbhiJitdrewbert, sudo /proc/pet/cat stop05:12
cjaeok if I take and make a folder in home directory called ubuntudisc and extract a ubuntu.iso to it can I not use that folder as a repo? tried deb file:///home/myuser/ubuntudisc and does not work05:12
Pentium3drewbert: at least you dont have 2 pits who think they're still pups try to sit on your laptop..05:13
drewbertAbhiJit: That seems a bit drastic, is there any way I can hibernate the process?05:13
typemoredoes mysqld work for anyone here?05:13
AbhiJit!ot | drewbert :P05:13
ubottudrewbert :P: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:13
WhammoJesdisciple: checked log and log.1, neither of which evinces parted being run05:13
Jesdisciplecjae: what tool are you using with the extracted iso?05:13
Chr|s If I install Ubuntu using wubi, how much of a difference of system performance will I see? and in what aspect05:13
WhammoJesdisciple: err syslog and syslog.105:14
drewbertAbhiJit: et tu, AbhiJit?05:14
cjaeJesdisciple: what ever is install in ubuntu05:14
tensorpuddingChr|s: compared to a clean install?05:14
JesdiscipleWhammo: kk - it was rly a wild shot based on recent experience05:14
WhammoJesdisciple: cool thanks anyway05:14
Chr|stensorpudding, compared to dual booting05:14
Chr|sside by side05:14
tensorpuddingChr|s: Since Ubuntu is the only thing running when you boot in through Wubi, it should be similar performance-wise, the only hard part could theoretically be disk I/O05:15
Jesdisciplecjae: I don't follow... how did you access this program?05:15
papalevieshey can someone help me setup my lg HBM-220 bluetooth headset in 10.04?05:15
andres_some help over here just a cuestion05:15
=== SpockVulcan is now known as AndrewMC
Whammoso how can I check either progress or status of the partition resize in progress?05:15
wolterst__, also, I find that when I mount a second folder, the bond contents of the first folder are cleared off05:16
joebFor the life of me I can;t change the permissions on a mount point. Can someone help me fix this?05:16
dubliskis it possible to do a network install directly from ubuntu, i.e. without a local PXE server?05:16
AbhiJitpapalevies, whats the issue?05:16
cjaeJesdisciple: right click on iso05:16
andres_what is the software like publisher?05:16
papaleviesIt identifies, connects and pairs but there is no audio device in alsa or pulseaudio05:16
andres_4 xubuntu05:16
AbhiJitohh :o05:16
Jesdisciplecjae: did you click Extract Here?05:17
andres_and in what category it is?05:17
emmananybody know a good source of info to help me with installing and setting up zoneminder05:17
Viking667hmmm... stuff isn't working here.05:17
papaleviesthat is no audio device for bluetooth, only the others05:17
AbhiJitpapalevies, does this page helps? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup05:17
cjaeJesdisciple: ya in a folder the I created, what does that matter, I believe I have the syntax wrong or something for the sources.list05:18
mast`Is it possible to "merge" an empty partition (by let say destroying it) with my current ubuntu partition without damaging my installation?05:18
Jesdisciplecjae: so after you extracted it, are you using any other program?05:18
AbhiJitmast`, do you have separate '/'??05:18
jiohdimast`: possible... likely?05:19
ratdoglife without walls&windows LINUX05:19
mast`AbhiJit:  one of the partition is empty, it could be unformatted space05:19
Jesdisciplemast`: delete the empty partition in gparted, resize your / partition, and see whether gparted says it's going to format05:19
cjaeJesdisciple: no05:19
shatlyone quick question, is this normal for uname -r  under ubuntu desktop edition 2.6.32-25-server05:20
cjaeJesdisciple: just trying to add the folder to the repo source list in synaptic05:20
papaleviesAbhiJit, I really don't want to mess with bluez 'cause I have other bt devices configured (wiimote, cell phone) but if all else fails I'll give it a try. Last time it failed though05:20
Jesdisciplecjae: alright, are you wanting to install to your hard drive or another device?05:20
shatlythe -server part05:20
Jesdisciplecjae: o, ok05:20
AbhiJitmast`, if you have separate '/' (root) and separate /home then merge that empty partition to /home and not to / thus reducing the risk of damage. if you dont have such separte / adn /home thne there will be always a risk of damage. do that carefully05:20
AbhiJitnot the damage - the merging!05:20
st__ratdog, and your question is&05:20
IdleOneshatly: no but if you installed using the server cd and then apt-get install ubuntu-desktop, yes05:20
MTeckwhat's the command to sync partition tables?05:21
AbhiJitpapalevies, ok05:21
Jesdisciplecjae: just a sec plz05:21
shatlyIdleOne: i installed using the alternet ubuntu 10.04 cd05:21
IdleOneshatly: hmm not sure but I wouldn't worry bout it05:21
quiescensi don't know why everyone keeps on assuming that damage to /home or damage to a user's own files (because they "aren't root") is so much less important than damage to the system05:21
shatlyIdleOne: i think it may have been the reasion why my nvidia drivers stoped working05:21
U-b-u-n-t-uhow do I check to see what driver my webcam is using?05:22
st__how to protect my executables and libraries from modification?05:22
Viking667lsmod ?05:22
Viking667oh, hang on. There's a lspci switch for that05:22
Viking667lspci -k05:23
IdleOneshatly: have you had a recent kernel upgrade?05:23
papaleviesMy system hogs, especially firefox when extracting .rar files, anyone else have this problem? CPU usage is fairly low, but windows become unresponsive05:23
st__I mean /sbin, /lib, /usr/bin, /usr/share/bin etc05:23
Jesdisciplecjae: here we go - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1937805:23
IdleOneshatly: you might need to re-enable them in System > Admin > Hardware Drivers05:23
U-b-u-n-t-uViking667,  thanks05:23
Jesdisciplecjae: that's from five years ago, however I imagine it hasn't changed05:23
papaleviesspecs: i7 920, 3GB DDR3, Ati 477005:24
Jesdisciplecjae: this would definitely work but I doubt you have connectivity: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=92537&postcount=305:24
shatlyIdleOne: i recompiled my own kernal, just the server part messed me up05:24
quiescenspapalevies: its vaguely possible that i/o is being saturated even though most of the cpu is free05:25
shatlythis is after uninstalling them and reinstalling a few times05:25
shatlyand downgrading packages that i could05:25
shatlythings like that05:25
cjaeJesdisciple: actually I just need all the packages included in build-essentials so I can manually install a ethernet driver05:25
IdleOneshatly: that would be the reason. custom kernels are not supported.05:25
papaleviesquiescens, how is that? Any way to fix it?05:25
AbhiJitst__, wht type of modification?05:25
st__AbhiJit, removal, changing, deleting etc05:26
kermitpapalevies: i have that problem too, even thoguh i have 4GB of ram, if the disk in in use, most everything freezes (waiting for disk ,i imagine, but waiting for what i dont know)05:26
IdleOneshatly: what I mean is that we can't really help you with any issues because of the kernel not being default05:26
shatlyIdleOne: my kernal was not custom before, it was stock, jsut after last update stoped working for nvidia05:26
st__AbhiJit, except for one specific user (or group)05:26
quiescenspapalevies: i just mean, if you are extracting a large archive, chances are your hard drive or whatever is working as hard as it can and things are having to wait for it05:26
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
IdleOneshatly: the upgrade of the kernel may have caused the nvidia drivers to stop working05:27
AbhiJitst__, see if apparmour does the thing you want05:27
* ethana3 took his question to ubuntu stackexchange instead05:27
shatlyIdleOne: even with apt-get purge the drivers and the reinstall the current05:27
Jesdisciplecjae: although that is overkill then, I'm pretty sure it would work05:27
papaleviesquiescens, that may be true in some cases, but even when the drive is a secondary one?05:27
Jesdisciplecjae: although it takes some geeky fiddling from the looks of it05:27
IdleOneshatly: unfortunately I can't help you much05:27
lordganeshis there any opensource software for gesture recognisation in touchpad?05:28
dubliskis there no public PXE server to install ubuntu off say ubuntu.com ?05:28
cjaeJesdisciple: cant for the life of me install build-essentials, ubuntu 10.04 has an achieve mounter so no need for the mount -o iso9660 -loop stuff, adding it to synaptic that way didnt  work etiher05:28
shatlywell, after 2 hours i figured it out... just still wodering WTF i got a server kernal when the only server like app i have is openssh-server05:28
st__and how to get and install apparmor?05:28
Jesdisciplecjae: did you edit sources.list?05:29
IdleOnest__: apt-get install apparmor05:29
cjaeJesdisciple: tried sudo synaptic --add-cdrom /media/wheremyisois05:29
quiescenspapalevies: i guess if it has to access anything on that drive while its going on there will be delays, if not then I don't know05:29
AbhiJitlordganesh, this project had user face verification. see if they have added functionality for touchpad http://groups.google.nl/group/linux-biometrics/browse_thread/thread/55dd4428f1ddf80b/408d9db802cf38d7?lnk=st&q=facial+recognition+ubuntu#408d9db802cf38d705:29
Jesdisciplecjae: when I mount an archive, it's not in /media05:30
Jesdisciplecjae: it goes to achive://05:30
cjaeJesdisciple: and sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list   then  adding deb05:30
Jesdisciplecjae: open the archive in Nautilus05:30
Jesdisciplecjae: and copy the path05:30
U-b-u-n-t-uI can send webcam just fine but when I start to receive it the client (skype or GyachE crashes)05:31
loutaskeris there somewhere i can download an alpha version of 10.1005:31
wasnikabhijit, i have installed conexant-hd-driver, but the decription says it a modem driver05:31
U-b-u-n-t-uloutasker, #ubuntu+105:31
loutaskeri'm just installing a new system now (over arch) and i don't want to do it twice, i'd rather install 10.10 now and deal with any possible glitches for 3 weeks05:32
AbhiJitwasnik, yah thats the confusion i have. between modem and sound cards. that modem driver is messing with sounds. i dunno much about your issue05:32
IdleOne!10.10 | loutasker05:32
ubottuloutasker: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+105:32
AbhiJitwasnik, your hardware is not supported. try asking in ##linux05:33
incidenceWhat's the lowest rights I can give to /etc/ ? I don't want users to browse it.05:33
kermitincidence: 71105:34
st__ok and where is it (apparmor) in menus?05:34
AbhiJitlordganesh, http://my.opera.com/mazwarbz/blog/easystroke-multi-gestures-recognition-for-your-touchpad05:35
Jesdiscipleincidence: can you use the Nautilus Properties dialog?05:35
AbhiJitlordganesh, http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/6055705:35
incidencekermit: Right, thanks. Trying to make my own other server a bit more multi-user "proof".05:35
AbhiJitst__, it is no where you need to install it05:35
AbhiJitst__, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor05:36
kermitincidence: there are distributions that let you pick the security paradigm on install.. one, i dont recall which, had / perm 711 on install under 'paranoid'05:36
st__so is there some gui app to configure it?05:37
incidencekermit: Yeah, but Linode vps. You don't get to choose such options, but thanks for helping :) Would posix acl help me to improve my multi-user environment? Any idea?05:38
kermitincidence:  i don't know ACL, sorry05:38
incidencealright, thanks anyways05:39
cjaeJesdisciple: would you say this is proper syntax deb file:///home/switch/ubuntudisc05:40
Jesdisciplecjae: no, for me an archive at /home/chris/Downloads/mini.iso05:41
Jesdisciplecjae: is mounted to archive://file%253A%252F%252F%252Fhome%252Fchris%252FDownloads%252Fmini.iso/05:41
wasnikabhijit. also i cannot open alsamixer, it says command does not exist05:41
Jesdisciplecjae: but you should load the mount point in Nautilus to be sure05:42
Jesdisciplecjae: from the side menu05:42
AbhiJitwasnik, then you dont have alsa insatlled.05:42
wasnikabhijit, nope  i have alsa installed05:42
AbhiJitwasnik, first remove alsa with tihs command sudo apt-get remove --purge alsa-utils then install it again with sudo apt-get install alsa-utils05:42
wasnikabhijit, just did that same status, alsamixer no such file or directory05:44
cjaeJesdisciple: using neybook edition so its not quite the same05:45
AbhiJitwasnik, sudo apt-get install alsamixergui05:45
AbhiJitwasnik, actully i cant help much because your h/w is not supported at all!05:45
Jesdisciplecjae: well I'm also on 9.10 - but whatever loads fromt eh sidebar is right05:45
Jesdisciplecjae: from the sidebar*05:45
wasnikok thannks for the time abyway abhijit05:46
st__sp where can I find instructions for securing directories with apparmor and some GUI tool for profile management?05:46
wasnikabhijit, what is the alternatice to alsa05:46
AbhiJitwasnik, oss05:46
ehcahHello. Can anyone help me with the following error: "could not create key from $KEY_HMAC: bad base64 encoding". I have been systematicaly working through errors on getting DDNS up and running.05:46
wasnikabhijit, but i tried that too no results05:47
shatlyIdleOne: i think i know where the kernal got replaced, i tried installing xen yesterday05:47
AbhiJitwasnik, how much old is your computer? not when you bought it - when the company released it?05:47
AbhiJitwasnik, i mean its old then may be older version of ubuntu or linux kernel may have driver support for your sound card?05:48
U-b-u-n-t-uok I have searched the forums and some people have the same problem but no solution... I am running Ubuntu 10.04 with a logitech 9000 and it works great... but when I try to receive cam from friends my chat clients crash... any ideas?05:48
wasnikabhijit, i  think the laptop is more than 2-3 yrs old05:49
xanguaU-b-u-n-t-u: what chat client¿05:49
U-b-u-n-t-uskype and gyache05:49
AbhiJitwasnik, have you searched on that linux-drivers site?05:49
U-b-u-n-t-uand amsn05:49
AbhiJitfor drivers05:49
wasnikabhijit didnt find nothin tehre either05:49
xanguaU-b-u-n-t-u: all of them¿05:49
U-b-u-n-t-uI can send perfectly05:49
U-b-u-n-t-ubut not receive05:50
AbhiJitwasnik, ohh. now you ask in ##linux or do one thing submit a bug on launchpad requesting driver for your h/w05:50
xanguai can understand if you have problems with gyachi or amsn, but you shouldn't with skype U-b-u-n-t-u05:50
wasnikabhijit, what is launchpad and how do i send a request for driver, i have already written on alsa mailing list05:50
U-b-u-n-t-uyeah and its the same problem I just can't receive05:51
xanguasince i am leaving i can only wish you luck, good night05:51
AbhiJitwasnik, ok then wait for their reply. lanuchapd is ubuntu's bug managing system. users can submit bugs there05:51
AbhiJitwasnik, why dont you ask in ##Linux now?05:51
wasnikabhijit, btw i remembered i had installed ubuntu a month back and the sound worked for sometime05:51
U-b-u-n-t-uI looked up the webcam driver etc everything is what its suppose to be... and the cam works perfectly just something about receiving05:51
wasnikabhijit no one is respondin on linux05:51
AbhiJitwasnik, ok05:52
AbhiJitwasnik, which version was that you intalled one month before? and which version is this you dnot have suond now?05:52
AbhiJitahhh typo05:52
wasnikabhijit but that ubuntu bersion had problems so i installed a newver version05:52
twister004hi guys!...05:53
twister004have a query on BIND in ubuntu... if i add a CNAME in the db.xx.xx file, do I need to restart/reload the BIND service on the DNS server?05:53
wasnikabhijit a month back i installed whateber was available on ubuntu site then, just as this is the new version i have now05:53
JRummy16Question: I have a file that has several lines that have the same word but I only want to change the first line. I can get the line by doing:    grep what_im_looking_for /the/file | sed -n "1{p;q;}"          my problem is I don't know how to go about actually changing the line. Any help?05:53
st__sp where can I find instructions for securing directories with apparmor and some GUI tool for profile management?05:54
AbhiJitwasnik, i am sharing my exp with you - this may BREAK YOUR SYSTEM COMPLETLY - but just read - due to some reason i lost drivers for my sound cards. previously there was soudn in my ubuntu. but after that 'some' reason it vanished. and insatlling all alsa related things etc all of them not working. so what i did is installed the prevsious version of kernel. then during the insatllation, taht kernel installed the necessary drivers for my sound card a05:55
AbhiJitnd whn i come to my current kernel i have sound! you can do the same. only remember that only use synpactic for any kernel related things. and still TIHS MAY BREAK YOUR SYTSEM05:55
Trian3Can anyone help w/ a minor samba issue?  The #samba room wasn't helpful.  I'm trying to figure out why testparm is giving me different results than what my cmb.conf shows.05:56
AbhiJitwasnik, now you said taht you had sound in some previous version of ubuntu. so you can install kernel of that ubuntu05:56
andres_<sorry wht is the software like publicher 4 xubuntu05:56
wasnikabhijit, but i lost the sound later in that version05:57
AbhiJitohh! :o05:57
wasnikabhijit, so i went about reinstallin a new versio and now sound does not work to beginw ith05:57
AbhiJitwasnik, ohhh may be try another distro? see one by one which one of them support your hardware and install it?05:58
wasnikabhijit, how do i find out of distros that support my hardwares, do they list such things05:59
AbhiJitwhenever i ask question in xchat no one answers! and as i close xchat and come out someone comes searching for me and give me the answer! :(05:59
AbhiJitwasnik, you need to check each distro's supporting sound cards list in their release notes or supporting hardware list06:00
AbhiJitwasnik, 1st go check with fedora06:01
wasnikabhijit i downloaded fedora, but it had its own issues, where the disto was not gettin installed, was givin some weird error06:02
AbhiJitwasnik, but does it had the sound?06:02
wasnikabhijit, i couldnt boot the os to begin with06:02
AbhiJitlordganesh, did you received all my msgs?06:02
AbhiJitwasnik, ok06:02
lordganeshAbhiJit: upto lordganesh, http://www.networkworld.com/community/node/6055706:03
AbhiJitlordganesh, ok06:03
andres_hi what is the software like publischer 4 xubuntu ?06:04
AbhiJitandres_, one ubuntu forums post says try scribus06:06
AbhiJitandres_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19371506:06
andres_AbhiJit, but dont you know if it is in the place of add and remove software of xubuntu?06:09
AbhiJitandres_, if its not then install from .deb or source?06:09
AbhiJitandres_, ask in #xubuntu06:10
xbonesxanyone know where the files are saved for use with the gnome appearance preferences?06:10
AbhiJitandres_, http://www.scribus.net/?q=debian06:11
AbhiJitxbonesx, may be .gnome in your home folder?06:11
xbonesxAbhiJit: ty06:11
ehcahHello. Can anyone help me with the following error: "could not create key from $KEY_HMAC: bad base64 encoding". I have been systematicaly working through errors on getting DDNS up and running.06:12
atulahow do I force a synching of raid devices when I see syncing=PENDING ?06:13
drewbertI am so sleep deprived from school that it isn't healthy06:13
blinkybhi. every time I open a folder with too many pictures it just keeps on loading. how can i prevent that from happening??06:15
typemoremysql hangs on startup on ubuntu 10.04 -- is this a knkown problem?06:15
rifterhas anyone else been having trouble with this channel?  Recently I started getting bounced to #ubuntu-unregged even though I am registered and logged in, and it was working right before06:15
rifterand I checked I am registered, logged in, and I still can't join the channel unless I talk to the floodbot06:16
Dulakrifter: I had that happen today too, not sure what's up06:16
rifterDulak, well there was a message in the topic for #ubuntu-unregged to check https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration, but help.ubuntu.com has been unreachable at least for me all day.  It is reachable now, and it does not say anything about any recent trouble.  it only gives directions for registering and logging in, which I had already followed06:17
st__sp where can I find instructions for securing directories with apparmor and some GUI tool for profile management?06:21
sprungI keep losing my /etc/resolv.conf settings every time i reboot. What am I doing wrong?06:23
typemorehow doI start mysqld on ubuntu?06:24
sprungsudo service mysqld start06:24
Dulaktypemore: sudo service mysql start06:24
typemoreDulak: does that work for you? it hangs for me06:24
sprungmaybe there's something wrong06:24
typemoresprung: does it work for you?06:25
Dulakcheck the log, it works for me06:25
typemorewhere is the log?06:25
typemoreSep 21 22:24:30 x kernel: [ 6322.645390] type=1505 audit(1285133070.005:208):  operation="profile_replace" pid=20985 name="/usr/sbin/mysqld"06:25
typemorethen it hangs06:25
sprungtypemore, #mysql will help you with that06:26
typemoreit appears to be an ubuntu problem06:26
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash06:26
typemorehttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1475798 <-- anyone else have this problem of mysql hanging on ubuntu 10.04 ?06:26
[V]ortexhello; after installing ubuntu on another partition, i can't see that drive if i'm using windows xp; can anyone help? thanks06:27
sprung[V]ortex, There is nothing wrong. Windows XP can't see ext3 file volumes. there are third-party programs for windows that you can use, but you would need to google to find them.06:29
[V]ortexi see.. is there a way to format ext3 from winxp?06:30
[V]ortexor do i have to do it from within ubuntu?06:30
sprung[V]ortex, yes, using various programs like Partition Magic or just use the gparted boot disk06:30
sprungif you use gparted you are doing it from a cd06:30
sprungit doesn't take very long just to format, minutes for even large volumes06:31
sprung[V]ortex, you are aware that from ubuntu, you can see your windows xp volume right?06:32
[V]ortexthanks sprung, is there any other way other than partition magic or gparted? like can i go and format from within ubuntu?06:32
[V]ortexi'm assuming both gparted and partition magic are propietary software?06:32
sprung[V]ortex, i don't know why you would want to06:32
sedulous[V]ortex: gparted is free06:33
sprung[V]ortex, gparted is free and open source and runs on a linux build on the cd06:33
sprung[V]ortex, i'll save you the decision making process, just use gparted.06:33
[V]ortexok, actually i want to uninstall ubuntu and revert the partition back to ntfs, so i can install win7 over it06:34
[V]ortexso i should use gparted?06:34
sprung[V]ortex, that's what i said06:35
chibithi. I cant get my sound to work at all yet ubuntu detects my soundcard.06:35
[V]ortexok thanks sprung!06:36
chibitive read a few different forums and tried all thats there and still nothing06:36
ratdogtrouble installing ATi drivers lucid06:36
sprung[V]ortex, one last thing06:36
sprung[V]ortex, if installing anything newer than windows XP, check out item #14 here before doing so (print it out) http://gparted.sourceforge.net/faq.php06:37
sprung[V]ortex, just to save you a common headache06:37
avinashhm hi, i have a list of files in list.txt, .. in these files i wan't to grep for a word ... how to do this .. .. i tried cat list.txt > grep word ... didn't work .. can some one help ??06:39
[V]ortexok sprung, now i'm confused; bascially, i'm dual-booting with ubuntu and winxp, now i want to remove ubuntu; what's the best way to go about doing so?06:39
sandGorgonanybody know the correct postgres upgrade command for 9.0 ? mine fails : http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/0FXhQUZC06:39
AbhiJit!cli | avinashhm06:39
ubottuavinashhm: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro06:39
phperoavinashhm, try grep word `cat list.txt`06:40
sprung[V]ortex, really it's easier than falling off a log with gparted, just read the instructions, the menu will guide you06:40
phperoavinashhm, with backticks06:41
sprung[V]ortex, if you have any problems with windows xp booting look at #13 on the same link i gave you a moment ago06:41
ActionParsnipphpero: you don't have to cat the file dude. grep word file will work06:41
[V]ortexokk thanks sprung06:41
sprung[V]ortex, i am assuming you are wanting to expand out your windows volume too, gparted lets you do that as well06:42
phperoActionParsnip, avinashhm wants to search for word in a list of files contained in a file06:42
avinashhmphpero, this worked ... awesome .. thanks :-)06:42
phperoavinashhm, you're welcome06:42
ActionParsnipphpero: aaah I see. Nicely done :)06:42
Eryn_1983_FLok guys i tried install the  new  version of  netbook ubuntu06:43
Eryn_1983_FLi think i might have a  bad copy  going to  redl it again and  do the md5sum on it06:44
ActionParsnipEryn_1983_FL: did you md5 test the first one?06:44
wildc4rdany recommendations for avi video editors from the package list, would like to be able to add text and music06:44
phperomy system's language is spanish, and some commands work acording to this setting... for example, sort, its -M option expects month names in spanish and the file I want to sort has them in english... any1 knows how to override this?06:45
sprungwildc4rd, check out pitivi and avidemux06:45
Eryn_1983_FLi should of though06:45
ActionParsnipEryn_1983_FL: indeed06:45
ActionParsnipwildc4rd: http://techcityinc.com/2009/02/04/top-10-free-video-editors-for-ubuntu-linux/06:46
[V]ortexsprung, ok thanks i'll go read up about gparted and how to use it06:46
ActionParsnipwildc4rd: 10 to go at there06:46
avinashhmubottu, thanks for the links ...06:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:46
sprung[V]ortex, ok great, it's really not very difficult, read the FAQ too06:46
ActionParsnip[V]ortex: if you like you could use fdisk instead06:49
[V]ortexhey sprung, i realised you can format hdd from ext3 to ntfs within winxp06:51
[V]ortexjust go to admin tools in control panel and computer management; den click disk mgmt on left06:51
sprung[V]ortex, you didn't say that you wanted it to be NTFS06:51
sprung[V]ortex, you simply said you wanted to format it06:51
phperoActionParsnip, don't forget that [V]ortex should restore XP's MBR to remove GRUB before deleting Ubuntu's partitions and resizing the NTFS one06:51
icarus-c[V]ortex, so you just want to overwrite the ext3 file system to ntfs ?06:52
[V]ortexoops ok yup ntfs06:52
ActionParsnip[V]ortex: you can also right click My computer -> manage06:52
sprung[V]ortex, thats what you get for not giving enough information06:52
[V]ortexyes, that's right, i just want to format the ext3 and change it to ntfs06:52
[V]ortexmy bad, sprung06:52
[V]ortexthanks ActionParsnip06:52
poormanwhisi've been trying to get my wireless card working on lucid. tried native drivers, tried ndiswrapper, tried disabling ipv6, tried disabling acpi, i can see the network and connect i can even get on the internet and then after about 5 seconds nothing will load in firefox06:53
[V]ortexphpero, what do you mean by restoring xp's mbr to remove grub?06:53
ActionParsnippoormanwhis: if you run: sudo lshw -C network | grep -i product ,what is the product line for the wireless?06:53
phperoif you don't remove grub it will keep on annoying you at startup, [V]ortex06:54
phperoand may be giving errors06:54
[V]ortexphpero, how do i remove grub?06:54
phperothere, i sent you an url with the explanation by notice06:54
lotus-bladecan anyone help me with ssh?  I have ssh installed, but when I go to connect i can only connect locally.  with ip and localhost.  I try from anouther computer on the same network and it can not connect06:54
ActionParsnippoormanwhis: the lshw will show the chip, automatically using ndiswrapper is a bad call dude. There may be a native driver06:55
[V]ortexok thanks phpero, but will grub still remain even though i wipe the drive compeletely?06:55
ActionParsniplotus-blade: firewall settings maybe?06:55
phperothat's how you restore window's MBR [V]ortex06:55
lotus-bladenever set any firewall up06:55
lotus-blade is there on by default on the livecd?06:55
[V]ortexphpero, i'm wiping the drive completely before installing a new win7 on it; i don't think grub will remain wil it?06:56
ActionParsniplotus-blade: can the other systems ping the ssh server?06:56
phpero[V]ortex, are you dual-booting your system from a single drive?06:56
lotus-bladeping time out both ways06:56
ActionParsniplotus-blade: there's iptables as normal but its open and unconfigured06:56
phpero[V]ortex, oh, then there will be no problem06:56
[V]ortexphpero, dual booting, but from another hdd06:56
[V]ortexok thanks06:56
phpero[V]ortex, np06:57
ActionParsniplotus-blade: did you change the port or have you not changed it in sshd_config06:57
ActionParsniplotus-blade: can the other systems telnet to the socket?06:57
ActionParsnipWow, hmm06:57
poormanwhisno i tried both the native rtl8187 and then ndiswrapper after i had problems06:57
ActionParsnippoormanwhis: ok well when it drops run: dmesg | tail ,it should give clues06:58
ActionParsniplotus-blade: if you scan the server with nmap does it show?06:59
st__sp where can I find instructions for securing directories with apparmor and some GUI tool for profile management?06:59
ActionParsniplotus-blade: could also try changing the port to something weird, restart service and connect to that06:59
lotus-bladeall 1000 scanned ports are filtered07:00
drhe1skti am dual booting windows 7 and a wubi install of 10.04. can i triple boot with another wubi install of 9.10?07:00
ActionParsniplotus-blade: how do you mean filtered?07:00
lotus-bladethat is all it says07:01
lotus-bladedid net stat and port 22 is open on
sweetpilotus-blade: if its not a firewall issue, then do you even have network connectivity on the box running the ssh server?07:02
ActionParsniplotus-blade: try setting it to port 2202 on the server or something like that. See if it plays nicer. If you can ping then the logical path is there07:02
ActionParsnipsweetpi: both directions ping fine07:03
sweetpiActionParsnip: he said both directions time out07:03
ActionParsnipAhhhh misread07:03
ActionParsniplotus-blade: if you ping via ip is it nicer?07:03
lotus-bladenope and there is nothing in the ssh_config file either07:04
ActionParsniplotus-blade: as sweetpi says, ssh is fine. Its the networking between07:04
sc_hello i have a ques07:04
ActionParsnipsc_: ask away07:05
poormanwhisactionparsnip, it doesn't drop it stays connected to the router but i get dns errors and cant even ping ip addresses, the wireless works fine in windows, but i can only get on the internet for about 5 seconds and then have to disconnect and reconnect until i can get it to load again, i really want to get this working, i really need to be able to get on the internet in ubuntu07:05
gr0kk3dhi folks. I am running the 10.10 Beta. However, I still cannot get the fglrx to run. ATI graphics card HP6930p laptop07:05
ActionParsniplotus-blade: try a traceroute between07:05
ActionParsnip!10.10 | gr0kk3d07:05
ubottugr0kk3d: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+107:05
gr0kk3dubottu: thanks will head there07:06
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:06
ActionParsnippoormanwhis: set a static dns of and
sc_i have lost main menu bar in folders,no bar no buttons for back forward up etc07:06
lotus-bladeping works on local system, but not on external comps07:06
poormanwhisok be right back07:06
ActionParsnippoormanwhis: in you network manager set the if to dhcp address only07:07
sc_only text file edit view07:07
ActionParsnipsc_: press ALT+V -> toolbars ,maybe07:07
sc_i will try thanx07:07
ActionParsnipsc_: I'm guessing you mean in nautilus07:07
phperolotus-blade, are you firewalling the server?07:08
sprungActionParsnip, if i set my /etc/resolv.conf to read-only, networkmanager can't override, right? i have a much better list of nameservers than my ISP has07:08
ActionParsniplotus-blade: wait, are you trying to ssh from outside your lan07:08
lotus-bladeno inside07:08
sc_no in nautius mode with sudo its ok but after sudo to normal mode no main button bar in folders07:08
ActionParsnipsprung: it will, right click network manager -> edit connections07:08
ActionParsnipSc_: I hope you meangksudo, not sudo07:09
sprungActionParsnip, your answer was ambiguous, you're saying networkmanager can overwrite it?07:09
ActionParsnipsprung: set it there then network manager will change it to what you want07:09
ActionParsnipsprung: I believe it will still edit it. Disable the interface you use then re-enable. See what happens to the file.07:10
sc_i tried alt v but in view menu no option for main bar07:10
ActionParsnipsprung: personally i'd just apply the setting in the app which is writing the file, makes sense07:10
ratdogthere a complete .den installer for eggdrop07:10
sc_only text file,edit...07:10
ActionParsnipSc_: is there toolbars in the view menu?07:11
sweetpilotus-blade: are you sure your connected to the network?07:11
sprungActionParsnip, sudo nm-applet -> An instance of nm-applet is already running.07:12
sprungActionParsnip, whats going on07:12
sc_but in nautilus mode it is ok07:12
ActionParsnipsprung: nm applet in the system try. Do NOT run gui apps with sudo ever07:12
lotus-bladeping yahoo perficly fine07:12
xbonesxwhat would i type in terminal to find a dir? that i know the name of...07:13
sprungActionParsnip, "how do i open networkmanager"07:13
ActionParsnipsprung: its the network icon in the indicator applet, usually near the time07:13
sweetpilotus-blade: and what about the other computer, its connection is fine?07:13
sprungoh i think i removed that i will readd07:13
kartheexbonesx: find -type d  dirname07:14
lotus-bladeconnects to inet perfectly.07:14
lotus-bladeboth on  same network and ion same ip pool07:14
ActionParsnipsweetpi: routing table flush maybe on pc and router07:14
sprungActionParsnip, ok now i feel dumb because i don't see it on Add To Panel07:15
ActionParsnipsprung: alt+f2 and run: nm-applet07:15
sprungActionParsnip, alt+f2 does nothing07:16
xbonesxActionParsnip: find: paths must precede expression: apps07:16
ActionParsniplotus-blade: turn off and on your router, may help07:16
xbonesxUsage: find [-H] [-L] [-P] [-Olevel] [-D help|tree|search|stat|rates|opt|exec] [path...] [expression]07:16
ActionParsnipsprung: what WM are you using?07:16
sc_gconf-editor may help on it?07:16
kartheexbonesx: what exactly you want to do ?07:16
xbonesxfind the apps directory07:17
ActionParsnipsprung: alt+f2 brings up the default gnome / kde etc launcher app. Its default in ubuntu07:17
sprungActionParsnip, gnome. OH, i know what you mean, yeah for some reason the switching to different terminal screens isn't working in this install, got any reason why? i'd like to have that back07:17
ibrahim-kasemI have this problem and I couldn't solve it. :( http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Fix-the-Big-and-Ugly-Plymouth-Logo-in-Ubuntu-10-04-140810.shtml07:17
sprungoh wait that was ctrl+alt+F1-407:17
ActionParsnipsprung: no idea, not used that07:17
sprungi am using gnome07:17
xbonesxActionParsnip: /apps/metacity/general/theme07:17
sprungand alt+f2 does absolutely nothing07:17
ActionParsnipsprung: alt+f2 loads a screen like this:07:18
kartheexbosnesx: find  -type d  apps07:18
sc_hey hello all any one got this problem before?in folders no toolbar!!07:18
sprungActionParsnip, i really am pressing alt+f2, used both alts even07:18
sprungnothing happens07:18
xbonesxoh: did that but it gives me this... find: paths must precede expression: /apps07:18
xbonesxUsage: find [-H] [-L] [-P] [-Olevel] [-D help|tree|search|stat|rates|opt|exec] [path...] [expression]07:18
sc_only file,edit,...etc menu07:18
Dulaksc_: view->main toolbar should toggle it back on07:19
ActionParsnipsprung: do you use compiz?07:19
sprungyes and i tweak wine around a lot07:19
ActionParsnipsprung: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85170207:19
sc_yes dulak i know it but nooption for it either07:19
kartheexbosnesx: ops sorry ...... find  -type d  -name apps ..07:20
ActionParsnipsprung: you could run it from a terminal I guess but the app will die when you close the terminal, doesn't matter though as its only a config app07:20
Dulakfind /path -type d -name namehere07:20
Dulakfind requires a path07:20
sprungActionParsnip, you know what i mean by dropping to bash from window manager by pressing ctrl+alt and F1,2,3 or F4, right? i also can't do that and i want that back07:20
sprungActionParsnip, whats the app's name so i can run it from terminal07:21
ActionParsnipsprung: I know what you mean. Just no idea how or where its configured as I don't use it07:21
ActionParsnipsprung: nm-applet07:21
sprungActionParsnip, "An instance of nm-applet is already running."07:21
ActionParsnipsprung: if it says its already running, kill it off then rerun it07:22
xbonesxsprung: when the list ends up being really long i cant view stuff at the beginning???07:22
sweetpiActionParsnip: true, but he acted as though he didnt change anything07:22
ActionParsnipsprung: it will appear in the indicator07:22
xbonesxDulak: that messege for sprung was for you07:22
xbonesxDulak: when the list ends up being really long i cant view stuff at the beginning???07:23
ActionParsnipsweetpi: true but a good router kick every now and again is good07:23
Dulakxbonesx: pipe it to less: find /pathhere -type d -name namehere | less07:23
Dulakxbonesx: then you can scroll up and down as you like07:23
xbonesxwhat does less do?07:23
xbonesxoh ok ty07:23
sprungActionParsnip, running nm-applet did nothing it just hangs with a blinking cursor07:24
Dulakxbonesx: lets you scroll through output07:24
sweetpilotus-blade: have you tried resetting your router?07:24
sprungActionParsnip, then i ctrl-c'd it and it said it was shutting down07:24
ActionParsnipsprung: launch a gnome terminal in the desktop and run it there07:24
sprungActionParsnip, i did exactly that07:24
sprungjust a blinking cursor07:24
DizzoHi all, I am quite new to Ubuntu and I am having some trouble getting my Wireless USB adapter to work on Ubuntu because the build instructions on the CD are really confusing me. Help? http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2268229/README_STA_usb.txt07:25
ActionParsnipsprung: weird, nm-applet is also default in ubuntu. When you boot do you see a little icon showing network connections etc?07:25
sprungActionParsnip, here we go: when i ctrl+c'd it it says ** (nm-applet:2687): WARNING **: <WARN>  constructor(): Couldn't initialize the D-Bus manager.07:25
ActionParsnipDizzo: what wireless chip is it?07:25
sweetpilotus-blade: if it still doesnt work, try "ip route flush table main" on both boxes07:25
sprungActionParsnip, i do not, no.07:25
ActionParsnipsprung: that's just the process dying07:25
DizzoActionPars: I think it is RT3070??07:26
ActionParsnipsprung: how do you manage networking then?07:26
SubCoolhow do you mount an .img file?07:26
ActionParsnipDizzo: ok let me see what I can dig up07:26
sprungActionParsnip, i use dhcp and its always worked by default but i want my dns nameserves not my isp'd07:26
DizzoActionPars: Thanks!!07:26
SubCool didnt work07:26
DulakSubCool: you have to convert it to an iso to mount it07:26
ActionParsnipsprung: wired connection?07:26
greenmang0hello friends, i am trying to install flash4linux on ubuntu lucid, i am stuck at compiling it, since it says 'qcanvas.h' not found, can you please tell me which package i need to install in order to get that file?07:26
sprungActionParsnip, yes.07:26
SubCoolDulak, what? y?07:26
SubCooli used this, /media/iso/ -t udf -o loop07:27
sc_another try for my problem?07:27
DulakSubCool:  because an img file is not an iso and can't be mounted directly, especially if it's a mac img with compression07:28
DizzoThese are all the files that come on the installation CD for Linux Support: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2268229/2009_0811-3_RT3070_Linux_STA_v2.1.1.0_USB-N13.zip07:28
ActionParsnipsprung: http://azimyasin.wordpress.com/2007/10/02/network-manager-over-rides-dns-in-ubuntu-fix/07:28
sprungActionParsnip, ok07:28
DizzoDo all Wireless USB adapters have to go through this process? Are there ones out there that just work when you plug it in??07:28
SubCooldamn- .. ok. how do i do that? isit simple, or complex and i should google.07:29
DulakSubCool: the package named ccd2iso should let you do it, iirc07:29
SubCooloh- cool. thanks07:29
wac_hello, I am trying to learn how to make commands run in terminal one after the other using some sort of script. if someone could point me in the right direction it would be most helpful07:29
xbonesxDulak: what if you trying to find a file and not a directory how would 'find / -type d -name <name>' change?07:29
sprungSubCool, enjoy your pirated media lol07:29
ActionParsnipSubCool: http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/04/howto-mount-isos-in-ubuntu-easy-way.html07:29
SubCoolsprung,  lol- thanks07:30
tensorpuddingwac_: there are tons of tutorials on shell scripting out there07:30
wac_is that what it is called shell scripting?07:30
Dulakxbonesx: -type f, or leave off the type completely to get any type that matches the name07:30
wac_lol I did not even know what to call it07:30
wac_!help shell scripting07:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:30
SubCoolim beat and tired, soory- i've had wayy too much more than i can handle..07:30
sprungwac_: yes and if you learn how to do it (it's not hard) you can make a lot of money07:30
ActionParsnipwac_: you can use && between commands to be super safe ;07:30
tensorpuddingwac_: shell scripting can do what you want and a lot more07:30
xbonesxDulak: TY :)07:30
sprungand where shell scripting ends, perl begins07:31
wac_nice, anyone know of a good book I could get?07:31
wac_shell scripting for dummies lol07:31
sprungwac_, oh there's lots07:31
logan_wolfhi all07:31
Dulakwac_: the bash scripting howto is alright, for a free resource07:31
tensorpuddingwac_: http://steve-parker.org/sh/sh.shtml a quick search brings up this07:31
sprungoh yuck Dulak are you kidding me07:31
sprungthat howto is awful07:32
sprungactually nearly all howtos are awful, except maybe the one for vi07:32
shcherbakgoogle advanced bash scripting (abs) best how to for bash ever made07:32
wac_thanks alot for your answers!! I have alot to read now lol07:32
Dulakthat howto has all the info you need and it's free07:33
wac_advanced bash scripting thanks man07:33
sprungwac_, yeah and like i said, where bash scripting ends, perl begins. learn scripting first, then move on to perl07:33
infidis there a way to stop disable gnome-terminals keyboard shortcuts? they interfere with my other shortcuts07:33
wac_I got a few sites pulled up now. I appreciate it. I see alot of jobs for pearl scripting. something I would not mind getting into07:33
Dulakpython is a better place to start than perl, it's much simpler and easier to master for a noob, imo07:34
sprungwac_, perl not pearl, pearl is a thing in an oyster perl is a language07:34
shcherbakinfig: you mean Alt-Ctrl-t ?07:34
sprungDulak, python is that easy?07:34
sprungi didnt know that07:34
Krishnandusprung, Ya...Python is really easy to learn07:34
sprungi came from c++ and i was like wtf, why didnt i just use perl this whole time07:34
Dulaksprung: 31 keywords in the base language, very easy to learn07:35
shcherbakinfid: you mean Alt-Ctrl-t ?07:35
tensorpuddingpython is a good bit more simple than perl07:35
Dulakperl is great but it's very complex, all the shortcuts leave noobs confused07:35
KrishnanduCan you suggest how to start gtk+ / qt. I've used Visual C++ before. Now I'm willing to learn gtk+. Can anyone guide me in a right way..??07:36
KrishnanduI think gtk+ is for gnome and qt for kde right..??07:37
MichealHKrishnandu: The is lots of stuff online (its open source)07:37
sprungc++ is more complicated than perl and thats what i learned how to program in07:37
icarus-cKrishnandu, you should say : GNOME uses gtk+ , kde uses qt07:37
sprungi was like wtf why didnt i use these simpler languages07:37
KrishnanduMichealH, Ya...I saw that...But I just want the right guidance...like how and where to start...07:37
MichealHIf you just type GTK Programming tonto google then there will be tons od Documentaiton07:37
sprungcivilization 4 was coded in python07:37
Krishnanduicarus-c, Okies..!!07:38
MichealHKrishnandu: Start with some basic things and make achallenges for yourself :)07:38
KrishnanduWhat is glade..?? I think an interface designer for gtk+07:38
MichealHKrishnandu: Glad es for designing GTK+ Apps07:39
MichealH*Glade is07:39
KrishnanduMichealH, No...I mean the documentation would be enough to master it...??07:39
MichealHKrishnandu: I guess so07:39
KrishnanduMichealH, So you mean I can use glade to design rather than manually coding for the design..??07:39
MichealHKrishnandu: Yeah07:40
sprungoh no... hey somebody help me out with a default /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf i just overwrote it with something that it should not be07:40
sprungplease pastebin it07:40
KrishnanduMichealH, Thanks..!! :)07:40
MichealHsprung: Okay, se07:40
sprungMichealH, thank you07:40
tensorpuddingKrishnandu: Glade allows you to design GUI layout in a similar way to Visual Studio, the layout is stored in XML documents I believe07:40
Krishnandutensorpudding, Okies..!! )07:41
sprunglol i skipped a step in my head and cp'd /etc/resolv.conf to /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf don't do that kids07:41
tensorpuddingIt allows you to drag and drop widgets, it's available for GTK as well as wx07:41
tensorpuddingerr, wxWidgets07:41
KrishnanduI know it's a dumb ques...but which will be better gtk+ ot qt..?? I go thru the documentation of both and looks like both are somewhat similar07:42
Dulak!best | Krishnandu07:42
ubottuKrishnandu: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.07:42
logan_wolfhey guys I just installed lucid on this box and I am not able to install some softwares from software centre though I can do the same if I do sudo apt-get install07:42
Krishnandutensorpudding, Ya heard that name...but cant figure out what it is used for..??07:42
logan_wolfany clues why07:42
MichealHsprung: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/498249/07:42
sprungMichealH, thanks07:43
tensorpuddingwxWidgets is a cross-platform C++ library that uses native widgets on each platform07:43
infidshcherbak: shift+ctrl+t, etc07:43
MichealHsprung: No Problem!07:43
=== Greysc[a]le is now known as Greyscale
Krishnandutensorpudding, Ohh...You mean I can develop apps for windows, linux, mac, solaris anything with wxWidgets..??07:43
tensorpuddingthe goal being to create a single code that will work on all three platforms while having a decent-looking result07:43
Krishnandulogan_wolf, Whats your query..?? Can't understand..07:44
DulakI think wx looks ugly07:44
stanley_robertsohi all07:44
Dulakgtk looks the best to me07:44
KrishnanduDulak, Ya..!! Atleast screenshots says that..!!07:44
tensorpuddingwx doesn't translate equally well everywhere07:44
logan_wolfKrishnandu, I tried installing xchat from software centre ... it didn't work07:44
Krishnandutensorpudding, Thanks..!!07:44
tensorpuddingit will look inferior to native cocoa apps, for sure07:44
quietonetrying to access web via mobile phone. nm shows a connection, but I can't ping anything, any web page access results in a connection reset error. ideas, please..07:44
Krishnandulogan_wolf, sudo apt-get install xchat07:44
stanley_robertsologan_wolf, which version of ubuntu you are using ?07:44
logan_wolfKrishnandu, then I tried installing it using sudo apt-get install07:45
logan_wolfit worked07:45
st__sp where can I find instructions for securing directories with apparmor and some GUI tool for profile management?????07:45
logan_wolfstanley_robertso, lucid07:45
Krishnandulogan_wolf, enable partner repository from souftware sources07:45
MasterofPuppetsHey guys. My laptop's wireless won't connect to my wireless network, but it shows it. My drivers are installed. Advice?07:45
dospodcan somebody help me restore the wifi card applet in gnome ?07:45
logan_wolfKrishnandu, and how can I do that07:45
MasterofPuppetsdospod: right click the panel, click add, add notifications.07:45
shcherbakinfid: Alt-Ctrl-t you can disable in Preferences > Keyboard (gnome), rest belongs to terminal so will not work unless window of terminal is focused07:45
Krishnandulogan_wolf, System > Administration > Software Sources07:46
logan_wolfMasterofPuppets, what happens when you click on your wireless name07:46
Krishnandulogan_wolf, Go to other software and enable partner repository07:46
MasterofPuppetslogan_wolf: it says it's connecting then disconnects.07:46
dospodMasterofPuppets: thank you07:47
MasterofPuppetsdospod: No problem :)07:47
sweetpiMasterofPuppets: double check mac filtering on your router, and encryption type and key07:47
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: I did, everything is the same07:47
DizzoCan anyone recommend me a Wireless USB adapter that is compatible with Windows 7 and Linux BUT will work with Linux simply by plugging it in?07:47
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: I was connected about 7 hours ago, shut off my laptop before going to work, came back and it's not connecting07:47
logan_wolfMasterofPuppets, are you able to connect to wireless from some other machine07:47
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported#Wireless%20USB%20Adapters07:48
MasterofPuppetslogan_wolf: yes07:48
Eryn_1983_FLok um guys i dont know what i did wrong..07:48
jorgeUSA channel?07:48
Eryn_1983_FLthey md4sum is  correct for  both the downloads of the  ubuntu netbook07:48
logan_wolfMasterofPuppets, did you try connecting through wire??? and did it work07:49
Eryn_1983_FLthere is what i got http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683422073607:49
DizzoMasterofPu: Danke!07:49
=== lonix^bnc is now known as lonix
MasterofPuppetslogan_wolf: LAN works07:49
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: No problem, some of those are pretty outdated, but the drivers don't tend to change too drastically07:49
quietonewhat does it mean when `route` takes several seconds to display the gateway?07:49
sweetpiMasterofPuppets: I was going to suggest checking the "wireless off" button on your laptop, but you said you can see the access point?07:49
KrishnanduGuys...I can check md5sum in ubuntu easily but why not in windows..?? Does it require something to install..??07:49
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: Yes, it's just that I start connecting and then the connection drops07:49
shcherbakinfid: but if you really need to mess up, Gnome-terminal > edit > keyboard shortcuts07:49
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: I know that the adapter is fine because aircrack-ng is showing activity in terminal, the connection just won't stay up07:50
Eryn_1983_FLwhat wait...07:50
Eryn_1983_FL its  64 bit WTH07:50
sweetpiMasterofPuppets: what about signal strength?07:50
KrishnanduGuys...I can check md5sum in ubuntu easily but why not in windows..?? Does it require something to install..??07:50
ShredMasterhello, how do I know if my computer is i386 or AMD64 ?? I have AMD Processor. Is i386 for Inter Processor????07:50
stanley_robertsologan_wolf, i tried just now07:51
stanley_robertsoit went fine07:51
stanley_robertsowithout any errors07:51
KrishnanduShredMaster, use MAD6407:51
sweetpiShredMaster: amd64 is for intel and amd 64bit cpus07:51
ugliefrogim going to try and install osx...i know that grub will get messed up am i correct in that all i have to do is use the rescue cd to repair it them im good07:51
MichealHryaxnb: 64-bit can be installed for 64-bit capable computers07:52
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: fluctuating at about -30 power, so basically full strength07:52
MichealHSorry ryaxnb07:52
ShredMastersweetpi: ok thanks07:52
MichealHEryn_1983_FL: 64 bit is for 64 bit computers but 32 bit will work on both07:53
dospodI freaking love conky07:53
Eryn_1983_FLare you sure which  version i need though ?http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E1683422073607:53
Krishnandusweetpi, actually amd provides 64bit frm the vry first...tats why it's amd64 but meant for both intel and amd 64bit proccy07:53
Eryn_1983_FLi got the  i386  netbook  version..07:54
Krishnandusweetpi, sorry07:54
KrishnanduShredMaster,  actually amd provides 64bit frm the vry first...tats why it's amd64 but meant for both intel and amd 64bit proccy07:54
sweetpiKrishnandu: yes I know, but he they didnt ask WHY it was named that, just if it would work on intel07:54
MichealHEryn_1983_FL: Go for it07:54
Eryn_1983_FLi tried before its not working :(07:54
Krishnandusweetpi, ya...sorry...I was about to post it to ShredMaster07:54
stanley_robertsohi sweetpi07:54
Eryn_1983_FLis there some  linux software i can use to  make the  usb  disk?07:54
sweetpiKrishnandu: ah I see :)07:54
Krishnandusweetpi, )07:55
Krishnandusweetpi, :)07:55
Eryn_1983_FLi am running karamic at the moment so idont know how to make those boot  disks  thingie07:55
sweetpiMasterofPuppets: check dmesg07:55
AbhiJitEryn_1983_FL, unetbootin07:55
Eryn_1983_FLhow do i install it07:55
sweetpistanley_robertso: hi(?)07:55
AbhiJitsudo apt-get install unetbootin07:56
AbhiJitstanley_robertso, hi07:56
tasslehoffHey. I have a laptop with ATI graphics and an external monitor connected. When I close the laptop lid, I want it to switch to the external monitor. Is that doable?07:56
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: It associates and then deauthenticates itself07:56
Eryn_1983_FLnow its workin..07:56
cjaehowto reinstall windows mbr via usb stick?07:56
AbhiJitcjae, ask in ##windows07:57
Krishnanducjae, You need to make windows bootable usb first for that07:57
avinashhmhi, can we exclude 'net/built-in.o' from our kernel image .. even after disabling, "Networking support" in menuconfig, i find this included in kernel ...07:57
AbhiJit!windows | Krishnandu cjae07:57
ubottuKrishnandu cjae: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents07:57
KrishnanduAbhiJit, :)07:57
ShredMasteranyone, my internet is pathetically slow. I came with a silly idea. If I could use opera Mini for Mobiles in PC, the websites would launch faster. Agree?07:57
KrishnanduShredMaster, lol...thats for j2me phones..!!07:58
icarus-cShredMaster, you could change your useragent so that website think you are on a mobile so they give you mobile mode i suppose07:58
KrishnanduShredMaster, better configure opera / ff as per your needs, like turn off images..!!07:59
sweetpiMasterofPuppets: Ive had that problem with a faulty antenna or maybe it was a driver problem. I had to use a static ip and try 3-4 times before it would stop acting like that07:59
icarus-cwouldn't work for ALL site though07:59
ShredMasterKrishnandu: I used opera mini is Windows using a software called (I forgot)07:59
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: Everything is unchanged, though. The driver shouldn't stop working and the antenna is fine07:59
sweetpiMasterofPuppets: yeah I agree. maybe reboot the access point or check for mac conflicts?08:00
AbhiJitiForgot - by apple?? :o08:00
KrishnanduShredMaster, Ohh ok...But there is no reason to use opera mini on pc. Rather configure to turn off images and other options like that to consume bandwidth. Or you can visit the mobile site with normal browser too.08:00
Krishnandu*save bandwidth08:00
ShredMasterKrishnandu: ya! good ideas. thanks...08:01
MasterofPuppetsGuess I'll do that. One sec.08:01
KrishnanduShredMaster, welcum :)08:01
st__well!!! can anyone direct me to software to configure applarmor in ubuntu?!08:01
Eryn_1983_FLwell here goes again will let you know what happens08:02
dandraHi anybody here?08:04
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: I ran dhclient wlan0 and I can ping the router08:05
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: so it's definitely something in the GUI08:05
niluHi everyone..08:05
niluhow to update *.dat files in ICU4C ? Have any idea pls..08:06
sweetpiMasterofPuppets: network-manager is one of the first things i kill, I use wpa_supplicant. maybe try deleting your entry for your AP in n-m and add it again08:07
MasterofPuppetsI just tried wpasupplicant, it's just stuck in a loop though08:08
MasterofPuppetsEr, sweetpi08:08
quietonecan anyone help me connect my laptop via my mobile phone?08:08
MasterofPuppetsquietone: as in you're tethering you laptop to your phone?08:08
quietoneMasterofPuppets, what is tethering?08:09
MasterofPuppetsquietone: what are you connecting the two for?08:10
quietoneMasterofPuppets, I need to access the web when I am not at home08:10
MasterofPuppetsquietone: Then you're looking at tethering. Basically, you use your phone to give your laptop internet access08:11
MasterofPuppetsquietone: What kind of phone is it?08:11
quietoneMasterofPuppets, nokia 2730c. it can access the web. I can 'talk' to it via bluetooth (don't have a cable)08:12
airtonixWhats the status on full support for ALPS touchpads so far ?08:12
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: I think you're going to love this, by the way, but I just fixed it by turning the wireless on the laptop on and off.08:12
ratdogwhats does it mean on launchpad it says status : invalid08:12
HomerPDX75quietone, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tethering08:13
sweetpiMasterofPuppets: hehe nice08:13
MasterofPuppetsHomerpdx75: That's just going to tell him what it is, it won't help him08:13
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: It's disgusting, I should have thought of that first. Well, thanks haha08:13
guest1048939ok hold on08:14
MasterofPuppetsquietone: Tethering through bluetooth is possible, are you aware of your cellphone carrier's data charges?08:14
MasterofPuppetsquietone: Just because I don't want to help you commit financial suicide by racking up the world's biggest phone bill08:14
guest1048939hi everyone, is there a way to defragment my computer?08:14
sweetpiMasterofPuppets: I imagine the laptop went to sleep while you were at work?08:14
quietoneMasterofPuppets, yes. my only choice is my phone or a vodem and they both have the same fee.08:15
MasterofPuppetssweetpi: I guess so, and lucid must not agree with turning the adapter back on when it wakes up08:15
MasterofPuppetsquietone: Alright, good. Have you set up your bluetooth drivers?08:15
MasterofPuppetsquietone: As in, can you connect the two?08:15
quietoneMasterofPuppets, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1578329   will tell you what I have done08:16
Krishnanduguest1048939, I think you won't need that in Linux08:17
guest1048939Hi, is there a program that can let me defragment my computer, and clean the registry08:17
guest1048939does it automatically defrag?08:17
Krishnanduguest1048939, System > Administration > Computer Janitor08:17
Krishnanduguest1048939, No registry. That will be all..!! :)08:18
icarus-cguest1048939, Linux ext* file system optimize file fragmentation in the very first place. no defragmentation is really ndeed08:18
icarus-cguest1048939, and Linux doesn't use registry at all08:18
gino_Can someone tell me, or point me to a website that tells me what happens on a users first login? In relation to this: http://serverfault.com/questions/183054/users-not-added-untill-the-logon-first-ubuntu08:18
MasterofPuppetsguest1048939 Linux has no registry and ext filesystem doens't really fragment08:18
guest1048939ok, thanks everyone for all of the fast answes :D08:18
guest1048939thx thx, linux is really cool08:18
MasterofPuppetsChalk it up to FAT32 for being a bad filesystem08:18
MasterofPuppetsquietone: do you know what bluetooth manager you have on ubuntu? bluez-gnome etc.08:19
Krishnanduguest1048939, :)08:19
guest1048939i joined linux because i heard it doesnt have viruses :)08:19
guest1048939i found it on a website08:19
icarus-cguest1048939, i would say not that linux is particularly cool, but just Windows sucks so hard08:19
guest1048939oh, one last question08:19
guest1048939it was hard for me to find a linux release because there are so many, but i think i found ubuntu08:20
guest1048939which seems to be the latest one.. is that right?08:20
icarus-cguest1048939, define latest?08:20
quietoneMasterofPuppets, bluez  on lucid08:20
guest1048939like the best one08:20
MasterofPuppetsguest1048939: Ubuntu is just one distribution of linux, a distribution isn't quite a version as it is a separate system08:20
guest1048939like windows 7 is later than windows 9808:20
DizzoDoes anyone know where I can find this driver: DPO_RT3070_LinuxSTA_V2.3.0.4_2010060408:20
Krishnanduguest1048939, There are many distro's...all distro's have their latest version..!!08:20
Dizzoor an equivalent?08:20
icarus-clatest ubuntu release is  10.0408:20
icarus-cguest1048939, ^^08:21
guest1048939ok, im kinda confused :(08:21
st__MasterofPuppets, stop spreading lies about fragmentation08:21
icarus-cguest1048939, ubuntu isn't a distro that ship extremely bleeding edge software though.08:21
Krishnanduguest1048939, fedora 13 is latest for fedora, opensuse 11.3 is latest for opensuse and ubuntu 10.04 is latest for ubuntu08:21
MasterofPuppetsst__: Or truths? :P08:21
Krishnandulike this..08:21
guest1048939but the same software is in the software centre right?08:21
st__MasterofPuppets, the thing is if FS is > 60% full it does fragment, and quite bad08:22
icarus-cguest1048939, what you meant by "same software" here?08:22
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: http://www.ralinktech.com/support.php?s=2 seems to be a lead08:22
Krishnanduguest1048939, Don't think like windows. Windows and Linux is a OS. But Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE are different distributions of Linux. Is that clear now..??08:22
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: Or the closest I can see08:22
st__guest1048939, it's the same software but it compiled and packaged differently08:23
Krishnanduguest1048939, All distro maintains their own repository of software. So it's ofcrs not the same one..!!08:23
guest1048939thank you krishnandu, icarus, master of puppets!08:23
Viking667... mostly the same, though occasionally distros will "patch" to suit it a little more.08:23
DizzoMasterofPu: Yeah I was there and I can't figure out which is the equivalent08:23
Krishnanduguest1048939, welcum )08:23
Viking667(to suit the distro setup)08:23
DizzoThought someone here might know08:23
MasterofPuppetsquietone: You could try a different bluetooth manager and see if that helps08:24
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: The double-edged sword that is the technology market, my friend. A million different drivers to do the same thing = hell for tech support08:24
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)08:24
Viking667:f gtk-config08:24
ubottuSSH is the Secure SHell protocol, sshd is the server (or daemon) of SSH. For setting up the SSH server, please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/openssh-server.html . Advanced SSH uses: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Advanced . For SSH client information, see !ssh . Related: !scp (Secure CoPy)08:25
Viking667bah. wrong command08:25
DizzoMasterofPu: :(08:25
Viking667!f gtk-config08:25
DizzoMasterofPu: I've been trying to follow these instructions and I am stuck on the driver step! http://ubuntu-ky.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1444746&page=708:25
Krishnandulaeg, whats goin on buddy..!! :P08:25
cjaeok so if my usb stick is /media/pendrive what is the equivalient in /dev/?08:26
Viking667cjae: dmesg would likely tell you.08:26
quietoneMasterofPuppets, at this stage I will try anything. what are the other ones I can try?08:26
Viking667i.e. pull the drive out, plug it in, dmesg will end up with messages as the pendrive disconnects and reconnects08:26
Viking667make sure the filesystem on the pendrive's unmounted first though08:27
sweetpicjae: mount | grep pendrive08:27
Viking667sweetpi: sheesh. Why didn't I think of that??? <grin>08:27
MasterofPuppetsquietone: There are a bunch. gnome-bluetooth, bluez-gnome, depends on what repositories you have and what's updated08:27
DizzoMasterofPu: Do you think this one is it? RT8070/RT3070USB(RT307x)08:28
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: found it!08:28
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: Yeah, I just clicked that one too08:28
DizzoMasterofPu: where??08:28
DizzoIt's that one??08:29
Dizzoyou sure??08:29
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: If you click on it and try to download it the filename matches the one you provided08:29
sweetpiViking667: :)08:29
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: Well, you're not through yet, but at least that's one step down ^_^08:29
xerossI seem to be having a similar error to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/642518 how would I circumvent this to still get the vid drivers08:30
quietoneMasterofPuppets, it looks like I have gnome-bluetooth and bluez installed. Do you think that is a problem?08:30
MasterofPuppetsquietone: I'm not sure, bluetooth is one of my less-knowledgeable areas. They shouldn't conflict if you've only set one up, but as I said, I can't be sure08:30
neil_dis there a command line I can enter as root to force a user to log out?08:32
llutzneil_d: kill his login-shell (not nice)08:32
[thor]gah!! installed SSL update just now, and i cannot mount/unmount my external drives ( Not Authorized )08:32
[thor]any help would be greatly appreciated08:32
sweetpineil_d: maybe "sudo killall -u username" is what you want?08:32
quietoneMasterofPuppets, I've been mucking around so much I'll purge and start from scratch. Thx for listening.08:33
MasterofPuppetsquietone: No problem, good luck!08:33
MasterofPuppets[thor] I'm assuming it said that and you were in super-user mode?08:33
sweetpineil_d: like llutz said though its not clean.. not sure of a safe way to do it08:33
neil_dsweetpi: that worked (or seemed to)08:33
[thor]MasterofPuppets: normal user.. through the GUI08:34
Krishnandu[thor], gksu nautilus08:35
Krishnandu[thor], hope u  r using ubuntu..!! Not kubuntu..!!08:35
[thor]yes, i am using ubuntu 10.0408:36
MasterofPuppets[thor] What he said, or if you know the drive's # you type sudo mount /dev/sda# /media/storage08:36
MasterofPuppets[thor] to see the disk's number type ls /dev/08:36
bubuzzzhello all08:37
bubuzzzi installed qt4 config to my xubuntu08:37
bubuzzzhowever, if i switch to gtk them in the config08:37
[thor]MasterofPuppets / Krishnandu: this has only happened in the last 10mins, after rebooting for a SSL update. Can this be related? Will the permissions go back to normal once i unmount with su?08:37
bubuzzzall the kde app will appear in a different language08:37
bubuzzzhow can i solve this problem ?08:37
coz_bubuzzz,  do you just want to change the theme for kde applicaions?08:39
coz_bubuzzz,  ok   sudo apt-get install systemsettings08:39
coz_bubuzzz,  then run  systemsettings without suod08:40
coz_bubuzzz,  there you can change kde application themes from kde to gtk208:40
bubuzzzeven the open office after installation also like that when i install openoffice-gtk08:40
coz_bubuzzz,  you can  also match exactly the gtk2 theme colors there08:40
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps there are  some small partitions on my netbook what could they be?08:40
MasterofPuppetsEryn_1983_FL Recovery partitions08:41
MasterofPuppets[thor] Possibly, and possibly :P08:41
Eryn_1983_FLone is like 7 gb and  the other 49 mb08:41
coz_bubuzzz,  if you want precise color matching you may also want to install  agave  then click the color patch and use the eyedropper to sample the colors on the gtk2 theme08:41
Eryn_1983_FLi am so  blowing them away i can recreate them later..08:41
MasterofPuppetsEryn_1983_FL They're likely recovery, but remember, if your hard drive explodes or gains sentience we're not legally accountable08:42
VagaStorm Im trying to install ligtening following this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ThunderbirdLightning (ubuntu 10.4) and I get an error on the thunderbird version, so I edited install.rdf (that page says it should work) but after restarting thunderbird, thers no record of the plugin....08:42
Eryn_1983_FLi now08:42
Eryn_1983_FLi know08:42
sweetpiEryn_1983_FL: 7gb is maybe recovery partition and 49mb is diagnostics partition. you likely wont be able to recreate them08:42
apersonin your crontab, can you specify @reboot @daily on the same line?08:42
Eryn_1983_FLthen how am i suppose to dualboot?08:42
bubuzzzis it the problem of the color ?08:42
Eryn_1983_FLi can only have like  4  partitions08:42
bubuzzzit appear correctly08:43
[thor]MasterofPuppets: loading nautilus with gksu doesn't show any external drives, mounted or otherwise.08:43
bubuzzzonly the language is different08:43
sweetpiEryn_1983_FL: resize your windows partition and add an extended partition after windows08:43
bubuzzzhere is the screenshot08:43
MasterofPuppets[thor] type ls /dev/ in terminal, then08:43
coz_bubuzzz,  oh oh  I see...ok let me check systemsettings here hold on08:43
Eryn_1983_FLit wont let me08:43
Eryn_1983_FLthere are  5 of them08:44
Eryn_1983_FLtwo ntfs  and  one fat32 and an  unknown  50 mb one08:44
MasterofPuppets[thor]: Wait, hold on, outdated command08:44
Eryn_1983_FLall sda so its not like i got another hdd08:44
sreA friend of mine just installed ubuntu and seconds after i called me 'Moonlight plugin doesn't' work at all. I googled it for a few hours and found that there was no solution for that problem. I began to investigate and a few hours later I finally got enough debug data to see the problem. I couldn't find any documentation from ubuntu on this problem nor solution. Should I contribute with my solution or does anyone know if it's allready there ?08:44
[thor]MasterofPuppets: http://pastebin.com/xBtZsLR408:44
coz_bubuzzz,  in systesmsettings  there is "Regional & language  "  I believe you should be able to change the language back to yours08:45
MasterofPuppets[thor] Is the drive connected to the computer?08:45
[thor]yes, both are08:46
MasterofPuppets[thor]: Try sudo mount /dev/sda108:46
bubuzzzi am trying to install systemsettings08:47
bubuzzzneed to download 63 MB08:47
bubuzzzis there anyway to go around the systemsettings :D?08:47
[thor]$  /dev/sda1 already mounted or / busy |||| $ according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is already mounted on /08:48
sweetpiEryn_1983_FL: it wont let you resize a partition? maybe run check disk08:48
coz_bubuzzz,  not that I am aware of for kde apps on a gtk2 DE however  ....this is ONLY kde applications with different language...yes?08:49
coz_bubuzzz, `  try either  #kubuntu or  #kde  channels08:49
Eryn_1983_FLi could but i could not  make a #6 partition08:49
bubuzzzit also like that in open office08:49
Eryn_1983_FLthis is in  the  netbook ubuntu install  software08:49
bubuzzzright after i install openoffice-gnome package08:49
MasterofPuppets[thor] Try sda2, sda508:49
Eryn_1983_FLbut i move it  around  so i am good now08:49
sweetpiEryn_1983_FL: you have 4 partitions right now, correct?08:49
MasterofPuppets[thor] and then sdb, sdb108:50
Eryn_1983_FLi had 508:50
sedgeHow do i "nice" a usb file transfer?08:50
uLinuxwhat's the difference between Autopackage executable and .deb? What should I use for Ubuntu?08:50
coz_bubuzzz,  mmm  look in the preferences for each application to see if you can change the language settings....also try the #xubuntu channel as well08:50
uLinuxdammit I closed the window08:50
bubuzzzthank you very much08:51
etherealiteI want to build code that is written for libc4 32 but will run on a 64 bit ubuntu system. Is this possible?08:51
bubuzzzi switch to #xubuntu now :D08:51
bubuzzzit is weird08:51
sweetpiEryn_1983_FL: not sure about your layout, but you could verify what is your diagnostics partition and either back it up and delete it or just delete it if your not worried. then you should be able to resize one of your ntfs partitions and add a new partition08:51
bubuzzzi never had this problem when still on gnome08:51
Eryn_1983_FLsweetpi:  i got taken care of i  dont think i need a  recovery partition for windows anywyas08:52
coz_bubuzzz,  yeah I am not real familiar with xfce settings  but I bet the people in #xubuntu or #xfce might know08:52
uLinuxso what's the diffente between autopackage exec and .deb?08:52
Eryn_1983_FLbtw yall picked a good color for the  bakground love the purple!08:52
sweetpiEryn_1983_FL: famous last words :)08:52
Jesdisciplewhich client shows background?08:52
Eryn_1983_FLcomeone its windows what am i gonna do with it?08:53
Eryn_1983_FLplay a game ona netbook?08:53
Jesdisciplebah, not talkin bout IRC =p08:53
Eryn_1983_FLits there just incase i foobar  linux08:53
Jesdisciplewell you can have Linux there in case you foobar Linux ;) that way you might be able to fix it too08:54
sedgeMy CPU is 100 percent saturated during a USB file transfer. What process controls that?08:55
sweetpiEryn_1983_FL: point. just making sure you understand if you need to reinstall windows on a netbook your going to have fun times unless you have a cd drive on it or a recovery partition08:55
=== toasmos is now known as avogadro
[thor]MasterofPuppets: sda1 yields --->  according to mtab, /dev/sda1 is already mounted on /    || sda2, sdb, sdb1, sdc, sdc1 yields ---> can't find /dev/sd?? in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab || sda5 yields ---> mount point none does not exist08:56
Eryn_1983_FLcan i use a usb  dvd drive?08:56
MasterofPuppets[thor]: Odd... one second08:57
sweetpiEryn_1983_FL: as long as your bios supports booting from usb, and you have the restore cd08:57
avogadroThere is no easy way to make an usb stick bootable with windows install media from linux08:57
Eryn_1983_FLwell its booting now, and i got pleny of  cds  laying around with winxp08:57
[thor]i don't suppose there is an easy way to undo these recent updates?08:57
sedgeYou haven't lost your recovery partition for sure until "testdisk" tells you that you have.08:58
MasterofPuppets[thor]: It's a bit of a hassle, I'd say08:58
FunkyDudecan anyone help me, I changed the ownership of the var directory, and then my mysql database stopped working, so i switched it back to root, but now i can't create databases in phpmyadmin08:59
[thor]MasterofPuppets: if it gains me access to my TBs of data sitting behind this error message, i'm willing to wade through pretty thick muck.09:00
MasterofPuppets[thor]: We know that sda1 is your internal hard drive, I just need to figure out what the externals are09:00
MasterofPuppets[thor]: if you don't mind, run sudo fdisk -l09:00
[thor]sda5 is swap i think09:00
MasterofPuppets(that's an L, not a 1)09:00
MasterofPuppets[thor]: So I'm gonna go with sdb1 and sdc1 being your two externals09:02
Cryptorchilddoes anyone know why sometimes a double quotation mark (??) appear on bmon?09:02
[thor]MasterofPuppets: that seems like the logical choice09:02
MasterofPuppets[thor]: Do you have a directory you want to mount them to?09:02
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=== lorenzo is now known as lorenzom
gino_where can I find ubuntus initial login script for users?09:02
[thor]MasterofPuppets: not particularly.. i'll take anywhere as a start.. i think it has something to do with my authorization settings, or auths set on the drives before reboot.09:03
MasterofPuppets[thor]: Well, if you're ok with anywhere, we can keep it simple. Type this into the terminal: sudo mkdir /mnt/hdd09:04
etherealiteI want to build code that is written for libc4 32 but will run on a 64 bit ubuntu system. Is this possible?09:04
MylanHello again.09:04
MasterofPuppets[thor]: Then, try sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/hdd09:04
MylanI founda program that should work...icecast...but when I try to run it it says could not write log file [/var/log/icecast/stats.log]. Exiting.09:05
xerossThe DKMS part of my ATI driver installation is failing, how can I fix this ?09:06
[thor]MasterofPuppets: great success! CLI worked just fine that time.09:06
[thor]MasterofPuppets: checking to see if i have permission in GUI09:06
MasterofPuppets[thor]: Excellent! I should have asked you to fdisk sooner *blush*09:07
avogadroIs there a place where I can find a xorg.conf file that will provide vga output and work with Intel 945GM graphics ?09:07
DizzoMasterofPu: SUCCESS!!09:07
DizzoI have wireless Internet now!09:08
MasterofPuppetsDizzo: Huzzah! Good to know it worked out for ya :)09:08
zxy_64hi, is it possible to use OTR with empathy and if so, how to do it on ubuntu. Synaptic doesnt show anything.09:09
rwwzxy_64: no09:09
rww(I know this because it's one of the complaints I hear about Empathy often :\ )09:10
Viking667Meh. How come that whenever I use :echo -e ....: inside a bash or make script, I end up with -e in the output?09:13
[thor]MasterofPuppets: navigating to /mnt/* works fine in nautilus now, but the drives don't show up on my desktop unless i " sudo umount /dev/* "09:15
ChaosRhow can I see the permissions of / ?09:15
uLinuxwhat's the default key for /apps/gnome_settings_daemon/keybindings/eject09:16
[thor]MasterofPuppets: after that, clicking a drive shows me an error dialog again09:16
etherealiteI want to build code that is written for libc4 32 but will run on a 64 bit ubuntu system. Is this possible?09:16
coz_uLinux,  you want to eject the cd tray?09:16
ChaosRnevermind, ls -la / :D09:16
MasterofPuppets[thor]: That's the problem with ubuntu (that I dislike); as it becomes more like Windows, the GUI gets more and more convoluted09:17
uLinuxcoz_: i can eject using the terminal but i deleted that key09:17
MasterofPuppets[thor]: In other words, I'm not sure how to help you find where the problem lies. I'm a terminal sort of guy :P09:17
Maikuhi. I'm trying to get timidity working in ubuntu 10.04. I have installed timidity and freepats and I've since restarted. I'm trying to play a midi file with it, but it outputs a few lines that say "No instrument mapped to tone bank 0, program 43 - this instrument will not be heard" and I hear nothing.09:17
uLinuxit's XF86 something09:17
coz_uLinux,   mm the default command for  open cd tray is    eject -T   and   eject -t  for closing it09:18
[thor]MasterofPuppets: http://uppix.net/5/b/c/deff6630df528d0ab0acf10ee74b2.png09:18
pretendercan anyone tell me how to install gnome simple scan in ubuntu 9.1009:18
uLinuxn1 coz_ better than use the buggy button form the harddrive09:18
coz_uLinux,  what I usually do is use  ctrl+tab for  eject -T  and ctlrl+grave  for eject -t09:19
uLinuxcoz_: what's the "grave" key09:19
[thor]MasterofPuppets: as long as i can access the drives with /mnt/ i am ok.. the rest of the mystery will be solved eventually09:19
coz_uLinux,  the key right before the #1  above  the letters  not the numpad09:20
coz_uLinux,  well if you have a US keyboard that is09:20
coz_uLinux,  fine it  it is t he  ` and ~  key09:20
uLinuxit is XF86Eject i suppose lol09:22
uLinuxcoz_: the default is XF86Eject :p09:23
coz_uLinux,  mm09:23
coz_uLinux,   well I usually use compiz to set the keybinding for this  I generally dont do it in gnome-keybindings09:23
etherealiteI want to build code that is written for libc4 32 but will run on a 64 bit ubuntu system. Is this possible?09:23
uLinuxcoz_: gnome compiz metacity..09:24
coz_uLinux,  ok so you use compiz ..yes?09:24
avogadroIs there a way to re/detect VGA output after the system has booted ?09:24
coz_uLinux,  ok open ccsm  then go to general  /  general options /  commands09:25
uLinuxcoz_: it's easier to use keyboard shortcuts thing09:25
coz_uLinux,  you can set  eject -T  as one of the commands and eject -t  as another and go to either  keybindins tab or  edge bindings09:26
MasterofPuppets[thor]: Unless gksu nautilus works for you, I dunno09:26
coz_uLinux,  you can set it there...and believe me it is way nice to have this  when running compiz... i would go nuts without it :)09:26
uLinuxcoz_:  menu key next to alt gr09:29
uLinuxit's not used09:29
coz_uLinux,  ok... of course you can set the keybinding you prefer for this  :)09:29
simoncpui want to trolololol09:29
kermitwhenver my disk is in heavy use, my wireless disconnects.  i'm betting its something to do with that wacky NetworkManager.09:30
coz_uLinux,  menu key?09:30
simoncpuuLinux: is that Mu?09:30
=== mantiz is now known as tushar
uLinuxsimoncpu: ?09:31
=== tushar is now known as mantiz
=== mantiz is now known as ferronica
coz_uLinux,  what is your country and what is the model of the pc you have ?09:31
uLinuxmodel? what matters is the keyboard09:32
coz_uLinux,  yes of course...which keyboard is this09:33
uLinuxit's a normal one from Portugal..09:33
coz_uLinux,  ah ok let me find a screenshot hold on09:33
uLinuxcoz_: i could use pause break too it's useless09:34
=== ferronica is now known as mantizz
coz_uLinux,  it looks like one of these ?  http://www.google.com/images?hl=en&q=portuguese%20computer%20keyboard&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&biw=1280&bih=798&sout=109:34
uLinuxcoz_: mine is this http://www.digitalsaonline.co.za/catalog/images/Logitech%20Classic%20Keyboard%20200.jpg09:35
uLinuxbut that's not portuguese lol09:36
coz_uLinux,  ok  that is pretty much the US layout as well09:36
coz_uLinux,  are you sure compiz is running?09:36
coz_uLinux,  and you enabeld the "Commands" plugin?09:36
uLinuxcoz_: lol im not using compiz09:36
coz_uLinux,   ok as I said I have not tried this in gnome keybindings at all ... I only use this when compiz is running09:37
uLinuxcoz_: im using pausebreak to eject it closes and open..09:37
coz_uLinux,  nice keyboard by the way09:37
uLinuxit's kinda small09:38
coz_uLinux,  mm it opens and closes immediately or you have to press it again to close it?09:38
mantizzhow do i update my nvidia 7300GS graphic driver card on ubuntu 10.04 64bit gnome09:38
uLinuxcoz_: press to open and close09:38
uLinuxusing eject -T09:38
avogadrois there a guide for troubleshooting vga for external monitors on laptops?09:38
coz_uLinux,  and it is working for you this way?09:39
X_USB devices don't automount..09:39
uLinuxcoz_: yeah .. weird huh09:39
DARUDEI'm sorry guys09:39
DARUDEI switched off ubuntu09:39
DARUDETo windows xp09:39
coz_uLinux,  well...if it works then cool :)09:39
uLinuxDARUDE: why?09:40
Maikuok, looks like installing the fluid-soundfont-gm helped. I guess freepats doesn't contain all of the fonts this midi has :)09:40
DARUDEI tried, the laptop kept freezing09:40
DARUDEIt was unacceptable09:40
nikolamThis /spambots/ checks are a bit crazy. I am obviously not a bot..09:40
=== X_ is now known as Xae
DARUDEIt's either the laptop somehow doesn't support Ubuntu09:40
DARUDEOr the laptop doesn't like ubuntu09:40
uLinuxDARUDE: which version?09:41
DARUDEi installed it 2 days ago09:41
randy2009Hi,  i have a problem, users can't login with ssh, it hangs. this is after that the server is being coppied to another host (it's a vm). This is the logging: http://pastebin.com/r3pGfTEw09:41
nikolamI identify on nickserv, etc, but why that is needed even to enter the channel (i think for new users, etc)09:41
uLinuxcoz_: "Menu" key is the look with paper and mouse pointer09:41
chenhello,somebody help me09:41
nikolamok ok, thats how its defending channel, but I suppose most people will understand this as "get bent" to new users.. and i don't like that09:42
coz_uLinux,  oh ok I am not familiar with that09:42
rwwnikolam: It's better than the alternative.09:42
XaeDARUDE, my laptop is also slow as hell09:42
coz_I have to break here...bad toothache09:42
chenI can't connect to the internet09:42
Xae9.04 worked better for me09:42
DARUDEdid uLinux give up on questioning me ;p09:42
Xaeanyways, who can help me with my USB Automount problem..09:42
DARUDEXae, It wasn't slow, just freezing at random points.09:42
tasslehoffI have ATI graphics, and want a dual monitor setup with separate X-sessions. But how?09:42
DARUDEWhich was getting to ridiculous.09:42
uLinuxDARUDE: maybe your pc is too slow for Lucid09:42
nikolamI think kicking new users and kicking for even unwillingly nick change (timeout, etc) are not happiest things in the world.09:42
uLinuxDARUDE: try older versions.. older doesnt worse09:43
DARUDEAMD64 1.6ghz  1.2gb of ram09:43
chenhow do I connect to the internet using pppoeconf09:43
DARUDEit randomly freezes uLinux09:43
DARUDEit makes no sense09:43
uLinuxDARUDE: weak CPU09:43
DARUDEyes, but it shouldn't freeze09:43
rwwnikolam: Since this isn't related to Ubuntu support, consider complaining in #ubuntu-offtopic instead.09:43
nikolamrww, right09:43
uLinuxDARUDE: try to run 9.0409:43
DARUDEtoo late09:43
DARUDEI am on WinXP now09:43
airtonixDARUDE, so you came here to gloat ?09:43
XaeuLinux, should i also hop back to 9.04?09:43
uLinuxlol have fun09:43
ubottutrolling / trollish behaviour is behaviour that is considered annoying by other channel users, this includes going offtopic, asking the same question time and again getting answered and not acknowledging the answer, and these are not the only ways behaviour can be considered trolling, please see /msg ubottu guidelines - if this applies to you, you may find yourself outside the channel09:43
chenhow do I connect to the internet using pppoeconf09:44
DARUDEairtonix, I came here to say I am sorry09:44
DARUDEI tried.09:44
airtonixDARUDE, your point ?09:44
DARUDEI just made it.09:44
* Xae still has a usb problem..09:44
Xaeguys, don't feed the troll09:44
uLinuxDARUDE: try to install vista or win7 and ull see what's freezing.. lol09:44
uLinuxok Xae09:44
st__can anyone direct me to software to configure applarmor in ubuntu?!09:45
Xaeanyways, usb devices wont automount09:45
DARUDEWhy install another windows that require higher requirements09:45
ShredMasterhelp, when I press DEL button, the window Restores, not delete. Why?????09:45
uLinuxXae: i had that problem and didnt fix it09:45
DARUDEWindows XP is its native09:45
airtonixst__, there isn't any yet.09:45
st__airtonix, 'yet'?09:45
airtonixDARUDE, Do you have a ubuntu related support question ?09:46
EkipsHrm, why is apt-get update trying to access non-existing ipv6 routers? (Failed to fetch http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/partner/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404  Not Found [IP: 2001:838:2:1::30:67 80])09:46
DARUDEI just wanted to try Ubuntu on it, because I know it's superior. But unforunately it kept freezing to no end.09:46
uLinuxXae: actually i reinstalled ubuntu (not just because of that09:46
=== lonix is now known as lonix^bnc
airtonixst__, at the moment you'll have to edit configuration files.09:46
uLinuxDARUDE: use Ubuntu 9.04 or something09:46
flo_Hi. I've got a question about TB3. I would like a new mail icon when new mail is comming. However, the "new mail icon" extension is not compatible with TB3. I've try "gnome integration", but there are the following drawbacks i) there are X mails icons if i've got X mails ii) mail icon don't disapear when i read the mail iii) it doesn't open TB on the new mail when i click on the icon.09:47
=== Nwab is now known as Benwa
kartheeHi .. I am not able to mount a partition .. karthik@karthik-desktop:~/Downloads$ sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/   -  mount: you must specify the filesystem type09:48
st__flo_, thunderbird 3 is beta and not supported not included09:48
fhermeniWHen I boot a VM, the associated SSHD starts during init.d, but then ...restarts 3 seconds later. Is there a way to get the cause ? It seems my network start is restarted09:48
kartheeit is /dev/sda4           19188       30401    90076455    5  Extended .. I tried with -t ext4 .. Still not able to mount09:48
flo_st__, it's TB2 which is not supported by ubuntu 10 !09:49
rww!info thunderbird lucid | st__09:49
ubottust__: thunderbird (source: thunderbird): mail/news client with RSS and integrated spam filter support. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.8+build2+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 10170 kB, installed size 28656 kB09:49
XaeuLinux, usb devices started working now, only, it mounts usb0 and tells me that i am not root, and it's not in fstab...09:50
st__flo_, it's still not supported, Evolution is official E-mail lient for Ubuntu. if you deviate, you're on your own09:50
nogo_i just unistalled it09:51
kneauxhi, i'm trying to kill gnome-screensaver, dead, and it just - won't - die.09:51
flo_st__, ok, i didn't request an official support. just an eventual tip of one user..09:51
uLinuxIsn't 9.04 the most stable version?09:52
AbhiJituLinux, no09:52
AbhiJiti mean yes09:52
AbhiJitbut uLinux its going to end of life09:52
rsavuhello all. anyone having problems with java playing sound too fast?09:52
rsavuis there anyway to fix that?09:52
uLinuxAbhiJit: Lucid has a lot of crag and bugs09:52
Karen_mit used to work, now all of a sudden my Network just has "Windows Network" and does not discover the other computers anymore.  Why?  I rebooted thinking it was something temporary but nope...09:52
AbhiJituLinux, then use 9.1009:52
st__flo_, submit a bug in gnome integration package09:52
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps09:53
uLinuxAbhiJit: I hope they improve it with 10.1009:53
uLinuxei Eryn_1983_FL09:53
Eryn_1983_FLwhats the package for samba filessytem mounting in  ubuntu lucid09:53
AbhiJituLinux, you can wait for 10.10 only 19 days remaining!!!09:53
kneauxbefore i had it so i could killall gnome-screensaver and i'd be fine until i rebooted, but now something keeps running it...i don't know, whenever it feels like. every time i log back in gnome-screensaver is running again, and i don't know why.09:54
st__OT: I hope they change the crappy wallpaper09:54
ShredMasterhelp, when I press DEL (or Canc) button, the window Restores, not delete. Why?????09:54
st__is there some program to paint a picture on the desktop?09:55
flo_st__, dammit, the website of gnome integration is in spanish :)09:55
uLinuxXae: I had that automount problem because I formated the pendrive to NTFS using gparted then Ubuntu couldn't mount any other pendrive09:55
st__or just fill it with color? right now it's ugly black09:55
uLinuxvery strange09:55
nogo_st__: crappy wallpaper of what?09:55
st__my desktop is plain black, how to put a picture on it or change color or something?09:56
Eryn_1983_FLi need the helper  program for mount k peeps09:56
nogo_st__: click your right mouse button, then select the last item09:57
arvind_khadrihi, when I try to install likewise-open, i get an error, telling that the post-installation script couldnt be completed. I had it working, but then i removed it and wanted to install again, since then this problem. i have tried purging, but it doesnt help. Please help me.09:57
XaeuLinux, am gonna uninstall usbautomount now.09:57
=== rww is now known as zoombini
=== zoombini is now known as rww
uLinuxXae: and now im facing a thumbnail but didnt fix it yet09:59
st__is there some program to paint a picture on the desktop or chacge its color?10:00
* Viking667 grumps - where the ***** is /usr/include/gtk?10:01
zambezi_hello people, i have a question, i am a beginner and do not much about ubuntu, i followed some tutorial on installing xubuntu, and i was succesfull in doing so, however for GUI remote viewing i installed VNC, x11VNC, now to configure remote connections the tutorial notes that i have to navigate to Applications -> Settings -> Login Window, interestingly enough i cannot find the Login Window selection, any help? thanks10:01
Viking667or, better still, what commands do I use to find that out without going to the web@large?10:02
Lrevohi all10:02
Lrevoplease tell me about this error:  Depends: libqt4-opengl but it is not going to be installed10:02
cjaehow do I find out what the ?10:02
Viking667zambezi_: are you wanting to configure connections TO your xubuntu machine?10:03
cjaehow do I find out what the /dev/    syntax is for Bus 004 Device 002: ID 0424:0fdc Standard Microsystems Corp. Floppy10:03
zambezi_VNC connection, i got the SSH working10:03
zambezi_I am connecting from a Vista machine10:03
ubottuTo mount floppy disks, see here : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MakeFloppyDriveAvailableToEveryone10:03
Viking667wish I could help. If it had been the other way around (connecting to the Vista from Ubuntu)... but then that has its own troubles10:03
rwwhrm, never mind. yay out of date wikipages.10:04
zambezi_thanks, np.10:04
Lrevoany idea about:  Depends: libqt4-opengl but it is not going to be installed10:04
uLinuxTotem Movie Player "Video thumbnailer for Nautilus" thats why I can't see  Thumbnails lolz10:04
st__could someone help me to get this wretched machine to do something useful? it has black desktop and cannot browse network10:04
st__definitely there should be some programs to fix it.....10:05
zambezi_Just a quick question, if there is an option missing in the applications->settings menu, how would i go about installing it?10:05
Lrevowhen i wanna install some packs i get this error  Depends: libqt4-opengl but it is not going to be installed10:06
shreyWe have an Iomega StorCenter ix4-200d in our office. for past two days the shared public folder is not getting mounted. but it's working fine through the web interface i.e user can upload/download.that rules out the permissions problems.10:07
Viking667tried choosing libqt4-opengl?10:08
Viking667(that was for Lrevo )10:08
uLinuxomg i need to install Totem for thumbnails and apple trailers? ..10:08
=== mm_ is now known as _mm_
LrevoViking667: ya but there are some more errors with it10:09
Viking667such as?10:09
st__is there some program to paint a picture on the desktop or chacge its color?10:09
LrevoViking667: Depends: libqtcore4 (=4:4.6.2-0ubuntu5.1) but 4:4.7.0~beta1+git20100522-0ubuntu1~lucid1~ppa1+appmenu20100819 is to be installed10:09
FunkyDudeam i suppose to change the permissions on htdoc or www directories? i tried installing apache/mysql/php and them xampp, but had the same problem with both10:09
limonatahow can I search a directory recursively for a file content on lucid ?10:10
limonatasearch must look into file contents10:10
st__limonata, grep will do if it's plain text10:10
Viking667Lrevo: ugh. So you're using other repositories... great.10:11
LrevoViking667: Oh! so what can i do now??10:11
etherealitehow can i force a configure script to use gcc-3.310:11
Viking667Lrevo: frankly, I don't know.10:11
philsturgeonhey, having some trouble with graphic drivers. i am running in basic graphics mode (screwed resolution) and when I go to System -> Preferences -> Monitors I get this: It appears that your graphics driver does not support the necessary extensions to use this tool.  Do you want to use your graphics driver vendor's tool instead?10:11
philsturgeonthen I get: You do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.10:12
Viking667anyhow, I'm heading off from here while I go babysit a compile10:12
philsturgeoni run that, and next time I boot X crashed ans i have to run in failsafe X mode10:12
limonatast__: can you please give me example on what should be the command10:13
zambezi_Hello, is there any way i can use cmd to obtain the Login Window option in the settings menu? Thanks10:13
st__grep -r 'text' /path/to/dir10:13
limonatast__: thank you!10:14
st__ehem, each time I open terminal it says: 'ls' is not currently installed, you may install it by 'sudo apt-get install coreutils' WTF is that?!10:14
turtle_zzno list today :(10:15
limonatazambezi_: which settings menu do you mean?10:16
st__zambezi_, try 'gdmsetup'10:16
zambezi_The one in the Applications menu10:16
st__how can I browse Wondows network from Ubuntu machine?10:17
|GaiJin|are anyone else having problems after updating that wifi won't work?10:17
turtle_zz|GaiJin| : yes massively10:17
|GaiJin|any fix, or packs I should avoid?10:18
turtle_zzand a few others too10:18
turtle_zzi wont be able to help, but what problem are you having?10:18
Balsaqi lost a small portion of my upper panel10:18
limonatast__ : I can browse through places - network - windows network10:18
turtle_zzI could see wifi networks, try and join them, it would ask me for the password, but then it would just not connect10:18
Balsaqjust the on/off switch and my name10:18
st__i don't ahve Places or Gnome at all, I need some alternative tool10:19
zambezi_thanks st_, however that command gives me the login screen option, not the login window preferences option10:19
|GaiJin|I added the bt repository, and updated last night... suddenly my wifi was non responsive, and only way I knew how to fix it was a clean install10:19
Balsaqhow can i restore my upper panel10:19
kneauxwhatever happened to xmms10:19
st__zambezi_, what do you mean?10:19
airtonixst__, you might like to take care of the lack of basic commands first.10:20
|GaiJin|turtle_zz, and I have been having that problem too. Espesially if I disconnect from a network, I have to reboot to join anotherone10:20
kneauxnow i've got nyxmms2, gxmms2, xmms2d, and god knows what else - i just wanted my good old winamp 2.x clone10:20
airtonixst__, if you can't use ls on the terminal, then who knows what else is missing10:20
zambezi_st_ : i cannot configure my remove vnc viewer window from the login screen option (which is what i get when i sue the command), I need to use the login window preferences to do so.10:20
st__airtonix, i checked but have coreutils installed10:20
turtle_zzwhats the bt repository?10:21
=== ldunn[laptop] is now known as ldunn
turtle_zzi haven't been using ubuntu that long10:21
Morten_kneaux, tried audacious?10:21
turtle_zzwell, 3 days10:21
Morten_kneaux, it is very close to the feeling og winamp 2.xx - and it can use winamp skins.10:21
mantizzhow do i update my nvidia 7300GS graphic driver card on ubuntu 10.04 64bit gnome10:21
airtonix|GaiJin|, backtrack is not supported here10:21
kneauxMorten_, of course, i forgot10:21
|GaiJin|I know10:22
uLinuxstill not showwing video thumbnails10:22
|GaiJin|airtonix, I know, wasnæt asking for support to it, was asking whether someone else was having problems after updating UBUNTU, and if there where a fix:D10:22
flo_Why the official package for Kile in Lucid is a beta version ?10:22
flo_Therefore, I've got a lot of problems with it (lot of bugs)10:23
st__!backtrack > st__10:23
ubottust__, please see my private message10:23
airtonix|GaiJin|, you won't get a relevant answer because you're soruces is polluted with an unsupported soruce of binaries10:23
FunkyDudehow come you have to install a web server as root, but then you cant edit or create files as a user10:24
uLinuxlol i moved the video to another folder and now it shows the thumbnail10:24
st__OMG "sudo: aptitude: command not found"10:24
airtonixFunkyDude, ? you can't. /var/www should owned by the www-data user and group10:25
|GaiJin|so what you suggest is me updating my newly installed ubuntu, and see if I am lucky and it works now?10:25
uLinuxst__: "sudo aptitude" not "sudo: aptitude"10:25
airtonix|GaiJin|, not update. clean install.10:25
|GaiJin|airtonix, I am on one now...10:25
maedoxst__, sudo apt-get install aptitude?10:25
|GaiJin|airtonix, just rebooted, and installed chromium and xchat10:26
st__maedox, why would on earth it be not installed in first place?10:26
airtonix|GaiJin|, im confused... you just said update.10:26
FunkyDudethis is retarded10:26
maedoxst__, don't blame me :P10:26
st__cool ls is back10:26
|GaiJin|airtonix, might have been abit ehm confusing there... I admit10:26
MylanI'm back.  I have eberything set up for icecast on Ubuntu...but according to the server there is no source.  Am I doing something wrong?10:28
zambezi_st_, any ide?10:28
st__good. so back to question of network browsing without gnome....10:28
zambezi_st_, any idea?10:29
|GaiJin|airtonix, I had a clean install, added the repository of bt, and then updated the files ubuntu said was new. Then my wifi stopped working, and after fiddeling around for 5 hours, I got annoyed, and did a fresh install. And what I am really asking is whether or not someone here have had the same problem. If not it was most likely the 2 packs from BT that made my head hurt. If not. what ubuntu update makes my wifi to be unresponsive?10:29
st__zambezi_, I would like to know first whih window you mean,,, can you link a screen shot?10:30
traubisodai'd like to install the 10.10 unity enviroment to my netbook. is there a command like 'apt-get install ubuntu-desktop' for this?10:31
airtonixst__, gigglo10:31
st__st__, what?10:31
airtonix!find gigglo10:31
ubottuPackage/file gigglo does not exist in lucid10:31
nogohe says you are a man whore10:32
airtonixst__, http://theubuntunews.blogspot.com/2010/08/gigolo-easily-manage-connections-041-on.html10:32
zambezi_st_, I am talking about this option : http://images.bit-tech.net/content_images/2007/06/build_your_own_server/vnc06.jpg10:32
st__zambezi_, this window was removed a couple of years ago10:33
zambezi_st_, that option does not appear in the settings menu, the path to that option is Appliations - settings - Login Window.10:33
zambezi_st_, oh ic, would you know what i can use today?10:33
st__zambezi_, sorry, have no idea10:34
zambezi_st_, thanks10:34
nogotoday is full moon10:34
nogothe wolf man will appear, be careful10:35
airtonixst__, http://www.ubuntumini.com/2009/11/gigolo-it-mounts-what-its-told-to.html10:35
* nogo tastes juicy babique10:36
uLinuxI disabled ballon tips but they still show up in bottom panel. solution?10:37
nogouLinux: why do you disable it? you're computer is too slow?10:38
uLinuxnogo: they are annoying10:38
uLinuxi just hover and popups notifications10:39
jollymanHi, I installed alternate ubuntu with LVM and can only boot, when my USB-stick, I used for installing, is attached on computer startup. I need some help with GRUB so, thanks10:39
nogoi guess, your mplayer and vlc are glitch, so you want to fine-tune your computer10:39
kevrnogo: stop trolling10:40
kevrnotifications are annoying as fuck10:40
FloodBot1kevr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:40
st__ok but gigolo asks me for server name and share name, it's not exactly browser and I;m not very disposed to learn all my share names.... aren't there nothing better?10:40
=== Greyscale is now known as Greysc[a]le
zambezi_st_, can i use xrdp to view my server desktop remotely?10:41
zambezi_st_, thanks in advance10:41
nogomaybe, but i just unistalled it as usual10:42
st__and it keeps telling me the password is invalid.... what the crap?10:42
Destonedim running ubuntu 10.04 and when i right click the panels all that comes up is "help" and "about panels"10:44
Destonedhow do i get all the options?10:44
nogoDestoned: you drops in a wrong channel, you should go to #ubuntu+110:45
popeynogo: que?10:45
popeynogo: 10.04 is current release10:45
uLinuxnogo:  stop trolling10:45
Destonedhow do i do that?10:45
kevrThat fool is just fucking with people10:45
furryotter10.04 LTS10:45
kevrDestoned: ignore this douche10:45
uLinuxDestoned: it's because the panels are locked10:46
furryotterLTS = long term support, not dev version10:46
nogosorry, i mistake 10.04 with 10.1010:46
Destonedhow do i unlock the panels uLinux?10:46
uLinuxDestoned: alt+f2 gconfig-editor10:46
koltrollHi. I'm trying to create a swap. When I'm doing swapon /mnt/2048Mb.swap I'm getting operation not permitted. I'm logged in as root, and I did try running su <command> as well. No luck.10:47
Destonedsays no such file or directory10:47
popeyits gconf-editor not gconfig-editor10:47
Destonedok a window opened10:48
uLinuxmy bad10:48
Destonednow what10:48
uLinuxwait Destoned10:48
uLinuxDestoned: apps > panel > global10:49
Simon_Hi there dudes i have a question about ubuntu, how do i inactivate my wlan ? even tho i have it on hardware "off" its on10:49
uLinuxDestoned: then disable lockdown10:49
uLinuxbtw you could use Ubuntu Tweak for that stuff10:49
Destonedooh thank you very much10:50
Destonedi have ubuntu tweak10:50
uLinux:=) thats why you change it lol10:50
=== kim0_away is now known as kim0
Destonedchange what?10:51
zambezi_Can i use XRDP as an alternative to VNC?10:51
nogono ballon10:51
uLinuxUbuntu Tweak > Gnome settings > complete lockdown of all panels10:51
Destonedoh there it is10:52
uLinuxDestoned: then dont forget to lock them again :P10:52
Destonedmeh, i might just leave them unlocked10:52
Destonedil forget how to unlock later10:52
uLinux< nogo> no ballon  why dont you stop trolling10:53
HiddenHeroDHsomeone can help me with this: time -o log ls  -->  -o: command not found10:53
st__is it too much to ask so that pile of second-rate crap would work as it should in 2010?? why still problems?10:54
turtle_zzwhat second rate pile of crap is this?10:55
HiddenHeroDHsomeone can help me with this: time -o log ls  -->  -o: command not found10:55
llutzHiddenHeroDH: /usr/bin/time -o log ls10:55
llutzHiddenHeroDH: "time" uses bash-builtin10:55
mtx_initturtle_zz: its linux, which is an ubuntu10:55
philsturgeonhey, having some trouble with graphic drivers. i am running in basic graphics mode (screwed resolution)10:56
philsturgeonYou do not appear to be using the NVIDIA X driver.  Please edit your X configuration file (just run `nvidia-xconfig` as root), and restart the X server.10:56
turtle_zzah didnt realise what st__ was getting at10:56
st__the gigolo, the gvfs, the samba and all that stuff beneath it10:56
philsturgeoni run that, and next time I boot X crashed ans i have to run in failsafe X mode10:56
Destonedhow do i make "docky" go to the right side of the screen instead of the bottom10:57
kevrmtx_init | turtle_zz: its linux, which is an ubuntu10:57
kevrgot it backwards bro10:57
st__still... why would that thing reject my password?10:57
kevrst__: you make two passwords, a root pass, and a user pass, in ubuntu10:57
uLinuxAAAAAAAAAAH i think it's this sudo chmod -x /usr/lib/notify-osd/notify-osd10:57
turtle_zzi actually think quakelive is gona work10:58
Karen_mNetwork browsing is BROKEN.  All of a sudden, after a reboot... now under Network I have a new icon that says "Windows Networking", but i click in and nothing gets found.  Nor does anything get found under networking, where it used too... what is going on?10:58
turtle_zznext problem is im using an on board graphics card =(10:58
mtx_initkevr: nah.  Linux is actually a debian which itself is an ubuntu, I should have been more clear10:58
HiddenHeroDHllutz: thanks10:58
agronholmhi...can someone instruct me on how to automatically get me ssh key added to the gnome keyring?10:58
st__lol Karen_m i never was able to browse it first10:58
kevrexcuse me?10:58
agronholm*my ssh key10:59
kevrdebuan and ubuntu are branches off of linux, the linux kernel10:59
Karen_mst__, it worked for me.. my other windows machine would pop right up.  Now, it's gone.10:59
kevrlinux is more bare than either of them10:59
piyushmishrahi I have ubuntu instslled in one of my drives. I want to add xp to a new partition/drive. how do I do it?10:59
kevror any linux distro for that matter.10:59
kevrits more like10:59
kevrubuntu is a linux distro*10:59
mtx_initkevr: you're pretty bad at the internet10:59
FloodBot1kevr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:59
st__kevr, ubuntu is a parasite on debian body10:59
xerossjoin #ubuntu-nl10:59
mtx_initit was a joke10:59
nogoylmf is a joke too11:00
uLinuxdidnt work11:00
furlongHi, is there a 64bit Netbook distro?11:01
Simon_Hi there dudes i have a question about ubuntu, how do i inactivate my wlan ? even tho i have it on hardware "off" its on11:01
flo_I try again. Why the official package for Kile in Lucid is a beta version ? Therefore, I've got a lot of problems with it (lot of bugs)11:01
st__Simon_, if hardfware swith says OFF, it's off11:02
furryotterwhat should I put in my input iptables chain to drop all connections unless specified above?11:02
Simon_well my wlan button is green11:02
popeySimon_: some hardware switches aren't hardware switches, they're software ones, and the driver doesn't see the toggle11:02
andreiutzHi ! I want to install ubuntu netbook 10.04 on my HP mini 210 but I still want to keep windows 7. The problem is that the ubuntu installer does not recognize my windows 7 installation and profiles. What can I do to be sure that after I install ubuntu I would still be able to boot win7 too ?11:02
philsturgeonMY TURN :)11:03
st__andreiutz, shrink win7 partition11:03
Simon_but how do i turn it off then11:03
popeyandreiutz: can the ubuntu installer see the win7 partition okay? even if it can't see the profiles to migrate?11:03
Simon_if that switch doesnt work11:03
philsturgeonnobody ever seen the error i've posted twice for NVIDIA X Drivers? it'll bet its pretty common11:03
popeySimon_: click network manager and unselect wireless network11:03
llutzfurryotter: iptables -P INPUT DROP        sets defualt policy to drop. define11:04
andreiutzpopey, yes the installer sees the partition when I manually created the linux partitions11:04
llutzyour exceptions11:04
popeyandreiutz: great, shouldn't be a problem then11:04
st__why would gigolo reject my password when I', trying to connect tp share11:04
andreiutzpopey, but a after I pass the username and password setup screed the installer says "There were no users or operating system suitable for importing from"11:05
popeyandreiutz: yup, it cant read the profile, but the install should still work11:05
st__andreiutz, ubuntu installer do not migrate anything from windows11:06
furryotterty llutz11:06
Karen_mHOW do I troubleshoot network browsing?11:06
andreiutzpopey, if I continue with the installation I will be able to boot win7 too ?11:06
obiobihi people, i've been messing the top panel icons. one of them was the layout switcher. (keyboard indicator). i managed to restore it, but now instead of showing the layout (before it showed ESP for spanish, RUS for russian, etc), now i have just a 'weelchair man' icon. i'd like to enable the layout initialisms i had before. i couldn't find anything simmilar in the 'add to panel' or in keyboard preferences settings.11:06
andreiutzthe grub would make an entry for win7 ?11:06
st__obiobi, keyboard layout switcher is not applet11:06
uLinuxI just added a panel and it shows up like this: http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/7060/selection001l.png11:06
popeyandreiutz: i see no reason why not11:06
uLinuxhow is that possible11:07
andreiutzpopey, thank you very much11:07
andreiutzst__, thank you very much11:07
st__obiobi, the icon is put there by gnome session daemion11:07
shreykaren_m: could u pls state the exact prob ?11:07
Destonedis there a way to have ubuntu running on one of my desktops and windows 7 on another?11:07
obiobisorry st__ what is it then? i don't know what i had before, but i had one icon in the top panel showing ESP, ENG, etc for each layout11:07
obiobist__: oh you mean by rebooting i will have it back?11:08
st__obiobi, open keyboard properties and check the 'show indicator' box11:08
llutzDestoned: using virtualbox, vmware, kvm or another virtualizer. yes11:08
Destonedwhich would be the best choice?11:08
uLinuxis this a bug or from Ambiance theme? http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/7060/selection001l.png11:08
llutzDestoned: whatever works for you and you feel familiar with11:09
st__uLinux, works as intended11:09
supervhswhats with the floodbot?11:09
Karen_mshrey, I used to go to Places->Network, and my other computer would pop right up.  Now I have "windows network" there, and when I click into it, nothing pops up11:09
Destoned(how do i change the color of my irc name11:09
uLinuxst__: it looks so ugly.11:09
st__uLinux, switch the theme11:09
uLinuxst__: cant find the right one11:10
Xaefurryotter, wtf x11:10
acidflashhow do i add a job to cronjobs ?11:10
llutzacidflash: crontab -e11:10
acidflashllutz: this is permanent ?11:10
llutzacidflash: if you save it, yes11:10
st__why would gigolo reject my password when I'm, trying to connect tp share11:11
furlongIs there a way to turn a 32bit netbook edition into a 64bit one? Or is there a 64bit one already?11:11
acidflashllutz: thanks11:11
uLinuxst__: and i still could not turn off these ubuntu notifications.. dammit11:11
st__furlong, why would you need 64-bit edition?11:11
obiobist__: couldn't find that option :(11:11
st__obiobi, it should be on the tab with layout list11:12
madjoehi! is there an app tohat could help me with a new installation of Ubuntu... I'm using Karmic, and on the other PC I'd like to install a fresh Ubuntu 10.10, but I'd also like to install all appz from my huge list (Synaptic) from Karmic... is it possible and how?11:12
AlbertNeand put it on uC11:13
AlbertNeLINUX on 100MB ????11:13
st__AlbertNe, tinycore11:13
santra_Hi I have some problem with MacBook 7.1 wi card11:13
AlbertNecan it do RealTime task?11:14
st__AlbertNe, i doubt it11:14
AlbertNecan it reognze a webcam?11:14
obiobist__: in layouts i have : add, move up, print, remove, move down. and 2 checkboxes: separate layout for each window, new windows use active windows's layout. then 2 buttons. generic 105-key (intl) pc, then Options (i get a list of options there, almost all about shortcut, and neither of em concerns layout icons), reset to defaults and apply-system wide. then the 'type to test settings' textbox and then help / close buttons. none of all11:14
madjoeAlbertNe: http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=puppy11:14
AlbertNeGOD, thankssss....... ill dig it11:15
AlbertNeTHANKS <st__>11:15
AlbertNe(i need it for robot stuff)11:16
st__why would gigolo reject my password when I'm, trying to connect to share??11:16
nogobecause you are a chinese11:17
koltrollGuys. On a server. Is it a good idea to keep packages up to date? I'm using webmin and I can see that there are 32 packages, a bunch of apache2 packages, that wants to be updated.11:18
AlbertNe...WHY Linux have to be SLOW on BOOT...11:18
AlbertNei need something like XP HIBERNATE11:19
koltrollThe good thing is that keeping a system up to date is that it might stay secure, but the bad thing is that it might (?) break. As I see it.11:19
santra_I am using 2.6.32-24-generic in my MacBook 7.1. I am unabe to connect to acess point, although I can see the acess point in iwlist scan.11:19
shreyKaren_m: can u connect to that computer using "connect to server" ?11:19
=== Rangasamee is now known as dude
AlbertNeXP HIBERNATE... something Linux dont have11:22
st__koltroll, definitely unless you want your server to be a spambot11:22
Karen_mshrey, i have to get a guide to teach me that11:22
koltrollst__, you don't see any risks that something will break with a update ?11:23
st__koltroll, that's why you test the updates on dedicated machine11:23
koltrollst__, oh jeez that sounds abit to serious to me :)11:24
madjoeis there an app that could help me with "transferring" my applications from Karmic to 10.10?11:24
madjoeon a different PC...11:24
koltrollst__, but yea, that makes sense. and wouldn't be too much work considering I'm using a vps. I'd just clone it, install updates, check if everything is fine, delete the clone, and make the update on the production server.11:25
jribmadjoe: "my applications"?11:26
madjoejrib: all the applications I've installed on my Karmic11:26
maedoxmadjoe, you could move your home folder for the settings, though you might want settings in /opt and /etc too. possibly other places. look into debfoster for creating a list of packages you have installed.11:26
jribmadjoe: when you upgrade, they are kept11:26
jrib!upgrade > madjoe11:26
ubottumadjoe, please see my private message11:26
turtle__that was a weird one, just spent the last 15 mins trying to turn my computer on11:27
turtle__each time it got a little further, bizzare11:27
Destonedim trying to install gnome shell, and it says fix broken crap first.. What do i do?11:28
pretenderhow do you install gnome scan in ubuntu 9.1011:28
jribDestoned: pastebin details11:28
madjoejrib:but I don't want to upgrade... I'm using Wubi (Karmic) now on one machine for testing, but I liked it so much so I'll buy a new laptop make a dedicated partition just for a new 10.10.. and I'd like to keep my applications... with as less troubles as possible :)11:28
jrib!clone | madjoe11:28
ubottumadjoe: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate11:28
madjoemaedox: debfoster... noted, thanks!11:29
vngHello all,11:29
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning11:30
madjoeok, thanks jrib11:30
Destonedok Jrib11:30
DestonedCould not apply changes!11:31
DestonedFix broken packages first.11:31
XantiosCan someone tell me,if its posible to run Ubuntu on a VIA machine? i've heard that there was this custom distro with the drivers/modules included.. though,i cant seem to find it....11:31
shreykaren_m: hey jst go to places > connect to server11:31
jrib!pastebin | Destoned and you need to actually tell us what you did to get the output...11:31
ubottuDestoned and you need to actually tell us what you did to get the output...: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:31
Destonedi just copy/ pasted it, it did 2 lines by itself. I ussually have most of my text in one line11:32
Destonedthe error comes when i click install in ubuntu tweak. Trying to install Gnome Shell11:32
vng!backup | vng11:32
ubottuvng, please see my private message11:32
jribDestoned: erm, ubuntu tweak is not supported11:32
Destonedsomeone from here told me to use it -_-11:33
madjoemaedox: Just wondering when you go to the debfoster website it says depreciated in favor of aptitude.11:33
uLinuxi found this: turn off tooltips on Lucid http://www.tipstrs.com/tip/14555/Turn-off-tooltips-in-Ubuntu11:33
XantiosCan someone tell me,if its posible to run Ubuntu on a VIA machine? i've heard that there was this custom distro with the drivers/modules included.. though,i cant seem to find it....11:33
Xantios(i didnt got any answer,so i thought t woudnt harm to ask again :P maybe didnt read it ?)11:34
DestonedIm trying to install Gnome Desktop Environment ON Ubuntu Software center and i get this error after i clcik install * JohnFlux has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)11:35
Destoned* Tricks has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)11:35
Destoned<madjoe> maedox: Just wondering when you go to the debfoster website it says depreciated in favor of aptitude.11:35
Destoned<uLinux> i found this: turn off tooltips on Lucid http://www.tipstrs.com/tip/14555/Turn-off-tooltips-in-Ubuntu11:35
Destoned<Xantios> Can someone tell me,if its posible to run Ubuntu on a VIA machine? i've heard that there was this custom distro with the drivers/modules included.. though,i cant seem to find it....11:35
FloodBot1Destoned: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:35
Destonedok, uh, i just clicked paste11:35
jribDestoned: you've used ubuntu tweak.  That's likely why you're system is messed up now11:35
jribyour system too :P11:36
iTrollhey guys, is smartmontools still the accepted way to check SMART status?11:36
uLinuxDestoned: im master of ubuntu tweak what is your question11:36
pepeeXantios, why not just try?11:36
DestonedLol, Ulinux TOLD me to use it11:36
Destonedi doubt thats why its screwed up11:36
Xantiospepee: ive tried ubuntu 10.04 but that was nuked by resolution11:37
amanita_My ubuntu one is broken, I cannot sync files anymore.11:37
uLinuxyou had it installed before i told you.. and you wanted just to unlock the panels11:37
Xantiosi just coundt see a thing,11:37
uLinuxamanita_: try to reinstall?11:37
jribDestoned: you can doubt it, but it's a third party app that does sometimes not so smart things.  Thus making it a pain to support people who use it11:37
Xantiosjust ban it >,< its crap!11:37
Destonedisnt prity much everything linux 3rd party11:38
Destonedall the downloadable content11:38
jribDestoned: ubuntu tweak is not in the repositories11:38
uLinuxDestoned: what did you do wrong with ubuntu tweak11:38
jribDestoned: anyway /I/ won't support it11:38
Xantiosno its not11:38
pepeeXantios, try an old livecd? eg ubuntu 9.1011:38
Xantioshmm,yeah that might work11:38
uLinuxUbuntu Tweak is good you need to learn how to use it lol11:38
jribDestoned: if someone else wants to help you with it, that's fine.  But I'd recommend not using it11:38
uLinuxDestoned: what do you want to do now?...11:39
Xantiosproblem is its like... an typical Via board... so its not compatible with anything but M$11:39
randy2009Hello, i installed nfs-common on my unbuntu server. I can't start it, service nfs-common does not exist, nfs-common doesn't exist in /etc/init.d11:39
pepeeXantios, you said the resolution was too high, wasn't it?11:40
Destonedhow do i use that ubuntu pastebin thing so i dont flood again11:40
Xantiosit seems like its a way to high reso11:40
randy2009in the documentation they all speak of /etc/init.d/nfs-common11:40
pepeeXantios, well, I suppose that it means ubuntu worked :P11:41
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:41
Siriussudo apt-get moo11:41
Xantiospepee: ofcourse ubuntu works >,< it always does!11:41
pepeeXantios, try using other monitor or something like that11:41
Destonedim trying to download something using Ubuntu Software Center, and when i click install i get this error = PACKAGE DEPENDENCIES CANNOT BE RESOLVED = This error could be caused by required additional software packages being missing or not-installable. Alternatively, there could be a conflict between software packages that are not allowed to be installed at the same time.11:41
Xantiosyeah,i dont feel like bringing a 24" on my back >,< the pc isnt at my house... its at a club im doing the linux stuff11:42
amanita_uLinux,  u1sync says among others: gnomekeyring.BadArgumentsError11:42
st__why would gigolo reject my password when I'm, trying to connect to share??11:42
uLinuxamanita_: if im not wrong (probably i am) gnomekeyring has to do with passwords11:43
uLinuxbut im just a noob trying to help11:43
amanita_uLinux, my gnome keyring works well with empathy11:43
amanita_uLinux, also I cannot launch ubuntuone from the sys menu anymore.11:44
amanita_uLinux, I mean it do nothing when I click on it11:44
uLinuxamanita_: i dont know much about ubuntuone neither empathy i never used them sorry11:44
uLinuxbut i would reinstall ubuntu one if i had problems11:45
pepeeXantios, xrandr is a command you can use to change the resolution11:45
maedoxrandy2009, you need nfs-kernel-server to run a NFS server.11:48
Destonedso when i have virtualbox installed, i just pop in the windows disc and install it..?11:49
randy2009maedox, it's the client11:50
maedoxrandy2009, then you need nfs-client :)11:50
randy2009hmm ok :)11:50
randy2009i followed the online tutorials11:50
randy2009they speek of nfs-common11:50
randy2009let's see if i can find nfs-client11:51
dhruvasagarHi, I have a Dell machine, sound through inbuilt speakers work but the headphone jack is not working, any help ?11:51
maedoxrandy2009, oh wait, no you don't. you might need portmap though.11:51
guest194839i tried installing wine, but them my mouse had a frozen animation so i used gnome monitor to close software centre11:51
guest194839and now im trying to reinstall wine, but i cannot uninstall it, nor can i install it.11:51
guest194839i get this error: The installation could have failed because of an error in the corresponding software package or it was cancelled in an unfriendly way. You have to repair this before you can install or remove any further software.11:51
guest194839what can i do?11:51
FloodBot1guest194839: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.11:51
guest194839ok, sorry floodbot1, i didnt know11:52
Destonedno answer?11:52
maedoxwow the bots are sensitive :|11:52
maedoxwhat is this, 1994?11:52
dhruvasagarDestoned: maybe you should try sudo dpkg --configure -a11:52
CkhiKuzadit is not, in fact, 1994.11:52
pepeeguest194839, purge the package11:52
* uLinux hates Ubuntu popups11:52
randy2009maedox, i also installed portmap11:53
guest194839pepee how might i do that11:53
maedoxrandy2009, ok, and then what did you do? what exactly are you trying to do? You want to connect to some NFS server right?11:53
randy2009sudo apt-get install nfs-client does install nfs-common11:53
dhruvasagarDell laptop, headphone jack not working, any help ?11:53
pepeeguest194839, sudo dpkg --purge wine11:54
st__why would gigolo reject my password when I'm, trying to connect to share??11:54
sandGorgon!xubuntu | st__11:54
ubottust__: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels11:54
st__it's not xubuntu11:54
|GaiJin|I've tried Cairo dock and the avant one... are there any others I should try?11:55
sandGorgonst__, I know... I just thought that since it is more popularly used in XFCE, u might be better helped there.11:55
maedoxrandy2009, alright, but you shouldn't need it. I'm looking through my own docs on how I do it on our servers.  Server: apt-get install nfs-kernel-server portmap nfs-common    Client: apt-get install nfs-common portmap   Then you need to add shares (exports in nfs) in /etc/exports on the server and mount them on the client.11:56
randy2009maedox, i have 2 servers, 1 host and 1 vm (kvm), the host contains 1 big ammount of space. I want to use nfs to connect to the host and mount it11:56
randy2009maedox, that is also what i did11:56
santra_If possible, can some one tell me, if someone is faceing with the smae issue. ? I am using 2.6.32-24-generic in my MacBook 7.1. I am unabe to connect to acess point, although I can see the acess point in iwlist scan.11:57
randy2009on the server if i do: mount IP:/data/upload /mnt/upload i get an error:11:58
guest194839can someone read this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/498387/11:58
Destonedhow do i join the server quakenet?11:58
randy2009mount.nfs: mount system call failed11:58
Guest66687Hello all!11:59
maedoxrandy2009, looks like a firewall is in the way11:59
guest194839when i run that command i get "i get: dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove wine which isn't installed."11:59
guest194839the wine i installed is: Wine Microsoft Windows Compatability Layer (BETA RELEASE) from the software centre11:59
Guest66687Does anyone have any experience with phpScheduleIt ?11:59
pepeeguest194839, how did you install wine?11:59
guest194839i used the software centre and i searched for "wine"11:59
guest194839i installed the second one, not the "dummy layer"11:59
randy2009Sep 22 11:45:59 upload kernel: [ 1108.790057] rpcbind: server not responding, timed out11:59
pepeeguest194839, install the first one...12:00
maedoxrandy2009, either the server is not started or the connection is dropped by a firewall.12:00
randy2009sudo ufw status12:00
randy2009Status: inactive12:00
maedoxrandy2009, but that IP is WAN, so there might be some physical firewall.12:01
randy2009maedox, that ip is the host12:02
randy2009they are in the same subnet12:02
leonid44ubuntu is the best!12:03
randy2009ps -aux | grep nfs:12:03
randy2009root       576  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        S    11:27   0:00 [nfsiod]12:03
randy20091021      4826  0.0  0.0   6160   656 pts/0    S+   12:58   0:00 grep nfs12:03
Destonedno its reaaly not =]12:03
randy2009no nfs-common12:03
Destonedthere is no Best OS12:03
leonid44in my opinion :)12:03
viddycause they are all crap!12:03
maedoxrandy2009, most importantly no nfsd12:03
maedoxrandy2009, there should be no nfs-common12:04
randy2009(it's on the client side)12:04
noipWhat's the simplest way to install Ubuntu 10.04 from a USB drive? (I don't want to dual boot with that other OS. I just want to format the drive in EXT3 and install Ubuntu.)12:04
maedoxrandy2009, alright, how does it look on the server?12:04
maedoxrandy2009, careful with pasting text to the channel12:04
randy20098* nfsd12:04
maedoxrandy2009, ok, good.12:04
randy20091x nfsd4 and 1 nfsoid12:04
maedoxrandy2009, same as here, so that's fine.12:05
randy2009yep, but on the client side, according to the tutorials i should start nfs-common (/etc/init.d/nfs-common)12:05
randy2009but it does not exist12:05
vinokguys any of you experience problem using wine + word 2007? mine only prints the first page =(12:06
maedoxrandy2009, there is no service on the client side. you only have to mount the location.12:06
randy2009i'll try telnetting12:06
maedoxwhat does your server /etc/exports look like?12:06
=== DaZ is now known as MoarCats
well_laid_lawnrandy2009:  did you set the export file up?12:06
randy2009. /data/upload,sync,no_subtree_check)12:07
randy2009exportfs -ra12:07
randy2009(IP is correct :) )12:07
maedoxthat . shouldn't be there, but I guess that was to avoid irc trouble.12:08
randy2009rpcinfo -p on server: 6x nfs12:09
randy2009on port 204912:09
maedoxrandy2009, I'm out of ideas. Are you sure there's nothing between the servers stopping you?12:09
greywolf210Hello, I'm new to Linux, my graphics look a little wonky so I tried to get drivers from nvidia and I get an error /tmp/UcLBe9P2.bin.part could not be saved, because the source file could not be read. any advice?12:09
maedoxgreywolf210, Firefox right? That bug is annoying as h***.  Did you try the Hardware Drivers tool under System -> Administration?12:10
randy2009i'll call my provider, brb, they said nothing should block things12:10
greywolf210no, I'll try that now, didn12:10
greywolf210didnt know that was there12:10
=== bastidrazor is now known as bastid_raZor
LonelyDragon757 quicky question...  fairly novice with linux/ubuntu.   my question... how do you do a direct connection to a serial port...  like if I wanted to send direct AT commands to a modem or connect a console cable to a switch or whatever...  can you do that directly from the shell?12:11
st__why would samba reject my password when I'm, trying to connect to share??12:11
llutzLonelyDragon757: echo foo >/dev/ttyS0(...x)12:11
koltrollWhat software do you need to have installed in order to use php's mail()-function ?12:11
maedoxst__, because the password or user is wrong, you didn't use smbpasswd, setup is wrong maybe more...12:12
koltrollI'm not sure I have something installed, but I don't know what to look for :)12:12
st__what does smbpasswd do?12:12
greywolf210Thanks maedox it looks like thats going to work.12:12
maedoxgreywolf210, great :)12:12
achow do i download linx backtrack?12:12
tensorpuddingst__: it creates smb users12:13
st__and how setup may be wrong? I cannot see any control panel to customize it12:13
tensorpuddingst__: if you have user level security I think you need it12:13
llutz!backtrack  >ac go to backtrack.org12:13
ubottuac, please see my private message12:13
maedoxst__, it all depends on the setup of samba. I'm not an expert, but smbpasswd is used to create users/passwords for samba shares.12:13
copernicok my grub died, and now I have the problem that I don't have a livecd that supports ext412:13
vinokst__, samba password is different with the box password. moreover the username should exist to the box your connecting to.12:13
tensorpuddingst__: Samba is configured using /etc/samba/smb.conf i believe12:13
coperniccan you write a new livecd using an old livecd ? :)12:13
st__i don't have shares, they are on windows machine12:13
st__and I don't have any idea what should I put into config and why12:14
LonelyDragon757thanks llutz.. let me try that12:14
tensorpuddingst__: is a password set on the shares?12:14
maedoxst__, haha, it's all in the details man ;) you should have said that to begin with. you are on #ubuntu not #windows :P12:14
tensorpuddingst__: you don't need to configure the samba server if you just want to view shares on another machine12:14
tensorpuddingst__: if it asks for a password, you might just try a blank one if you didn't set any restrictions12:15
st__tensorpudding, no, it's standard NT share, not a 9x one with password12:15
st__maedox, the network was working perfectly fine until #ubuntu came along12:16
Destonedanyone here know how i can run womclient on the ubuntu?12:16
st__and it is working now btw12:16
tensorpuddingmaybe it was a blip of some kind then12:16
LonelyDragon757llutz.  ok. maybe I may need to rephrase.  can I open up a direct connect to get response back too?  cause i dont know if it sent anything   I am use to hypertermal from my windows days...12:16
maedoxst__, it's a layer 8 issue. :D    ok, good. It's just Ubuntu works with samba slightly differently than you are used to.12:16
llutzLonelyDragon757: use minicom12:17
LonelyDragon757i am attempting to use IPCOP as my connector to my cisco switch12:17
acwhich backtrack should i downloaad?12:17
aciso simage?12:17
aciso image12:17
=== uLinux is now known as uLinux_
jrib!backtrack | ac12:17
pepeeac: #backtrack12:17
ubottuac: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (support in #backtrack-linux)12:17
acwhat is linux?12:18
st__and honestly I cannot understand why in 2011 a modern up-to-date distribution cannot connect to network server from 2001 preferably out-of-the-box12:18
icarus-cac, Linux is a kernel of operating system12:19
tensorpuddingac: Linux usually means an operating system that runs the Linux kernel, available at www.kernel.org12:19
pepeest__, man smbclient12:19
st__pepee, ok12:19
pepeekonqueror supports the smb:// protocol12:19
tensorpuddingac: Linux usually consists of a distribution of software that is distributed as a coherent OS, usually using tools provided by the GNU project as well as other software.12:20
acshould i download it?12:20
jribst__: you're living in the future? :P12:20
tensorpuddingac: Ubuntu is a Linux distribution12:20
st__is it normal that samba man pages are in english?12:20
tensorpuddingac: The linux kernel is like the engine to a kit car.12:21
st__jrib I'm just rounding numbers properly )12:21
tensorpuddingac: Most people buy cars which are pre-built, because building them by hand is a pain, and you can't get support12:21
acohh ok  so ima download it then12:21
tensorpuddingac: You can build a Linux distro by hand, and there is a book on how to do so, called Linux From Scratch, but you don't want to do that.12:22
tensorpuddingac: You want to download a distribution, not the kernel itself12:22
zolii installed vmpk - Virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard on Ubuntu Lucid12:22
zolihow to configure it so that i get some sound ?12:22
zolii have Timidity also installed12:22
accan you send me link?12:23
icarus-cac, i would suggest you clearly distinguish Linux kernel & linux distribution before actually doing anything12:23
randy2009maedox, what nfs prog's do run under you're server?12:24
randy2009no firewalls in betwee12:24
maedoxrandy2009, the same one's as you had.12:24
maedoxrandy2009, very odd that it doesn't work.12:24
jawadsafii hope you all be in the best of your healths !12:25
jawadsafiTRUE ?12:25
maedoxrandy2009, can I have a look at the guide you used?12:25
llutzrandy2009: you have installed nfs-common + portmap on client, portmapper is running?12:25
jawadsafineed help12:25
jawadsafii have the lucid lynx12:25
adzyanyone have trouble installing flash player to  firefox??? mine wont do it12:25
jawadsafino sound12:25
acim downloading linux kernal12:25
jawadsafiinter d865glc board12:26
jawadsafibuilt-in sound card didnt work12:26
jawadsafii bought a PCI creative sound card12:26
jawadsafia simple one12:26
* uLinux_ kills uLinux12:26
jawadsafilucid lynx doesnt take it at all12:26
=== uLinux_ is now known as uLinux
pepeejawadsafi, are you sure isn't muted?12:27
maedoxac, seriously?  this is what you want to try first: http://www.ubuntu.com12:27
jawadsafiit isnt.12:27
st__bah, smbclient says: session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE  <-- what can be wrong?12:27
jawadsafinamastey abhijit12:27
icarus-cac, i have feeling that Linux kernel by itself is not what you are looking12:28
AbhiJitNamaskar jawadsafi12:28
pepeest__, is the server an xp machine?12:28
st__ac if you'll install vanilla kernel ubuntu won't start up12:28
st__pepee, yes12:28
icarus-cac, you are like.... "i'm going to get NT kernel"  instead of "i'm going to get Windows"12:28
jawadsafii tried to get help yesterday but someone gave me a restart command .... :P ..... and then i wasnt able to login to lucid....12:28
AbhiJit!details | jawadsafi12:28
ubottujawadsafi: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:28
maedoxicarus-c, he's messing with us :P12:28
pepeest__, disable the firewall, or configure it12:28
noipDoes Ubunut's startup disk creator create a Wubi disk, or a regular live cd installation?12:29
acok whats ubuntu for?12:29
st__pepee, it's not a firewall problem because other computers in same subnet can connect12:29
icarus-c!ubuntu | ac12:29
ubottuac: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com12:29
jawadsafii have a problem or maybe the sound card has a problem with me12:29
randy2009llutz: i have it running12:29
jawadsafiubuntu 10.0412:29
pepeest__, try scanning the machine, use nmap12:30
jawadsafii tried to download several packages but nothing happened12:30
randy2009maedox, i did this: tcpdump -i <interface> port 2049 and on the client telnet server 2049, the packages arived12:30
pepeenmap -f -p135,139,445 <IP>12:30
jawadsafithe pci sound card is not even READ by the hardware manager/updater12:30
acwhich one to download12:30
randy2009so no firewall in between12:30
pepeejawadsafi, does it work with the livecd?12:30
maedoxrandy2009, sounds good. then it's probably something up with the config.12:31
jawadsafiwhat could i expect of an LTS ....just think yourself.12:31
AbhiJityou can expect long term support12:31
pepeest__, sudo nmap ...12:31
jawadsafididnt try it12:31
jawadsafii have XP12:31
jawadsafiit works in that12:31
jawadsafiits a plug n play card12:31
jawadsafiHAHA @ abhi12:32
pepeejawadsafi, try playing something while running the livecd12:32
icarus-cac, for desktop, get Desktop edition,  for server, get server edition, for netbook, get netbook edition12:32
jawadsafiintroduce me to the live cd please12:32
pepeeac, goto #backtrack-linux12:32
jawadsafias i installed the lucid with WUBI and then rebooted and finished installation that way12:33
acsays im banned12:33
maedoxjawadsafi, you haven't told us which model it is(?)12:33
acidk why?12:33
icarus-cac, you may choose from 32bit or 64bit as your preference, but if you don't know what they are or just not sure, get 32bit12:33
st__it has http, auth, msrpc, microdoft-ds, multidropper and mysql port opened12:33
vinokguys any of you experience and solved wine + ms word 2007... cause mine only prints the first page. i dont kno why12:33
pepeejawadsafi, http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/download12:33
jawadsafithe sound card ?12:33
LjLac: probably because you're IRCing as root12:33
jawadsafii have the 10.04 LTS (aka lucid lynx)12:33
acwell i dont know how to login..so i root12:34
icarus-cac, what OS are you on..12:34
acwhats OS12:34
pepeeac is probably trolling12:34
icarus-cpepee, i agree12:35
st__bah, smbclient says: session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE  <-- what can be wrong? (ports are opened I believe)12:35
acim on vmware/backtrackfinal 412:35
nogoiirc, it comes with a built-in irssi12:35
Viperac: xchat 2.8.6 Ubuntu12:36
pepeest__, the machine can't connect to the remote server12:36
AbhiJit!hi | jawadsafi12:36
ubottujawadsafi: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!12:36
jawadsafifeels to me like im helped by bots12:36
nogomore like a replayed log12:36
pepeejawadsafi, just download the livecd and try it, if it works, then ubuntu is not the problem12:37
jawadsafi!maedox helpp12:37
acgota go im bough to go 2 school12:37
maedoxbough yo12:38
st__pepee, nope, both 139 and 445 can be. checked with telet12:38
acyou know what i mean12:38
randy2009maedox, this is the tut i tried:12:38
nogoi am a worm in your body12:38
jawadsafii downloaded the livecd.... extracted it with poweriso.... and then installed it through WUBI....!!! do i have to put that into a CD, necessarily ?12:38
acwho using vmware12:39
randy2009and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/network-file-system.html12:39
pepeejawadsafi, nope, but is the quick way to find what can be wrong12:39
pepeealso, it's a good thing to have your live cd12:40
pepeeto use it when you have problems12:40
pepeest__, sorry, no idea then12:40
Dr_Willisjawadsafi:  i think you could of just downlaoded the wubi.exe installer, and the iso. and it could see/use the iso. No need toexctract the iso files.12:40
fachexhello fellows!12:41
randy2009netstat -anp | grep 2049 gives me:12:41
randy2009tcp        0      0  *               LISTEN      -12:41
randy2009udp        0      0  *                           -12:41
pepeest__, but again, just disable the firewall for a while12:41
maedoxrandy2009, it's probably good as it's from ubuntu.com :)  did you restart nfsd after changing the exports file?12:41
fachexis xchat the most similar irc client to mIRC?12:41
jawadsafiahum well then take it that way...12:41
jawadsafibut i installed the full thing12:41
randy2009i restart everything12:42
rxdu can use custom initrd so u get ubuntu frugal install12:42
randy2009nfs common, nfs server12:42
jawadsafiis there any other place where i can find some real linuxians ???12:42
maedoxjawadsafi, ##linux12:42
maedoxjawadsafi, no need to be rude. We don't owe you anything.12:43
AbhiJitjawadsafi, u can ask for help in you lug or loco12:43
rxdhow do i get rid of a boot loader or is there any other thing than a boot loader12:43
randy2009maedox, what should i do with portmap?12:43
maedoxrandy2009, hopefully nothing. I can't remember having done anything to it other than install it.12:44
rxdi mean grub syslinux12:44
st__do every one kernel modules get loaded in memory ?12:44
Dr_Willisst__:  modules get loaded as needed. thats one of the main points of modules12:44
jawadsafiim not rude .... O COME ON BROTHERS.12:44
st__or they are loaded one by one and then unloaded?12:44
Dr_Willisjawadsafi:  theres alwyas the forums.12:45
Dr_Willisst__:  the hardware 'system' watever that is.. loads them for the proper devices as needed normally.12:45
jawadsafiactually ive been surfing the net DUMBLY :P, and ofcourse im completely new to the linux based Os's12:45
randy2009i remember that 1 manual said that you have to mount you're directory which will be mounted12:45
Dr_WillisIt used to be HAL i think. now its somthing else...12:46
xbonesxIs their a way to restart the gnome desktop without completely restarting the whole system, doing skin testing...?12:46
maedoxrandy2009, anything in /var/log/messages on the server when your client errors out?12:46
jawadsafibut i thought i might get something to download , maybe12:46
randy2009so /home/upload should be mounted as /export/upload, and the /export/upload should be in the config12:46
st__but it cannot tell if such device exists until the module is loaded? or i'm not getting something?12:46
jawadsafii tried the ALSA ... no luck.12:46
Dr_Willisxbonesx:  you mean other then loging out/back in?  what 'skin' are you refering to?12:46
pepeexbonesx, "logout"12:46
Dr_Willisst__:  'dmesg' will mention devices seen, that may not even have linux support or modules loaded for them.12:46
randy2009i didn't do that12:46
xbonesxlol i didnt know if logging out would take care of business but now i do hahaha12:47
xbonesxnot skin testing either really im going to make my own...12:47
AqazHow to repair broken packages from terminal?12:47
ChogyDanAqaz: can you pastebin the error?12:47
st__so there is some table that maps devices pnpids and stuff to module names?12:48
pepeest__, use modinfo12:48
jawadsafist__ ive been suffering the same12:48
st__jawadsafi, with samba? or what?12:48
maedoxrandy2009, one moment, I'll send you what I have in our wiki for NFS setup.12:49
AqazChogyDan: It says 203 packages brojen12:49
ChogyDan!paste | Aqaz12:50
ubottuAqaz: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.12:50
pepeebye ppl12:50
AbhiJitbye pepee12:50
jawadsafican we have an application or some package through which we are able to see which drivers we have and if we want to update them or a software like driverupdater through which we can update our drivers12:50
AqazChogyDan: Yes ChogyDan. I know about it. I can only see that packages are broken.12:50
st__oh so I can just delete excessive modules without hurming the kernel?12:50
ikoniajawadsafi: linux doesn't work like tht12:50
ikoniajawadsafi: what is the issue you are having ?12:51
ChogyDanAqaz: what command are you running?12:51
jawadsafiits the sound12:51
jawadsafithat im not having12:51
AqazChogyDan: Aye.. ubuntu says about it on startup!12:51
ikoniajawadsafi: can you explain exactly the problem, have you ever had sound, or is it just some applications, etc12:51
ChogyDanAqaz: can you open up a terminal?12:51
jawadsafiall that the hardware manager shows is the 3d card driver12:51
AqazChogyDan: Yes.. next?12:52
ikoniajawadsafi: that's not what I asked12:52
ikoniajawadsafi: has the sound ever worked, is it all sound, is it just some applications12:52
jawadsafiwell the answer is coming now12:52
ChogyDanAqaz: pastebin the output of `sudo apt-get install -f`12:52
jawadsafithe sound worked in mint12:52
jawadsafinot here12:52
jawadsafinot at all12:52
ikoniajawadsafi: are you using ubuntu or mint now ?12:52
maedoxrandy2009, http://pastebin.org/1077667   it's kinda hard to read in plaintext, but hopefully you'll get something out of it. It's basically just a line in /etc/exports on the server and then mount it on the client.12:53
st__where are kernel modules stored anyway?12:53
jawadsafiubuntu 10.04 LTS (lucid lynx)12:53
ikoniajawadsafi:  is it base install, or is it a wubi install (I saw you mention wubi earlier)12:53
jawadsafiwubi install12:53
sipiorst__: generally /lib/modules/<kernel id>12:53
ikoniajawadsafi: was mint a wubi install ?12:53
jawadsafidoes wubi ignore some files ???12:53
ikoniajawadsafi: was mint a wubi install , yes/no12:53
maedoxthere's your issue right there jawadsafi. There are some weirdness happening alle the time with wubi install.12:53
jawadsafino.... mint was a MINT4WIN install12:53
jawadsafijust like wubi12:54
konobi1234How to see what processes connects to the internet?12:54
ikoniajawadsafi: ok, that is wubi, so it's the same,12:54
jawadsafioh thanks for the acknowledgment12:54
ikoniajawadsafi: what sound card is in the machine ?12:54
st__smbclient says: session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE  <-- what can be wrong? (ports are opened I believe)12:55
nogomaybe he choose a intel platform12:55
randy2009maedox, thnx, i'll look into it12:55
jawadsafiits the PCI creative (notmal) soundcard12:55
llutzkonobi1234: lsof -i12:55
ikoniajawadsafi: not an xfire is it ?12:56
jawadsafii got if from a friend.... plug n play something... wide shaped card12:56
nogojawadsafi: type: lshw && lsusb && lsusb12:56
ikoniajawadsafi: the shape makes no differences and all cards are plug and play thes edays12:56
ikonianogo: why lsusb ?12:56
jawadsafitype if where ?12:57
ikonianogo: why lsusb though12:57
nogolist all your hardware12:57
ikoniait's a sound card, not a usb device12:57
jawadsafiishw && isusb && isusb12:57
nogojawadsafi: type: lshw && lspci && lsusb12:57
jawadsafiin the terminal ???12:57
ikonianogo: again - why lsusb ?12:57
nogoin the console12:57
jawadsafiL or I ?12:57
ikonianogo: it's a soundcard he's having a problem with12:57
Rapphi everybody12:58
st__is there's some tool like lsmod but giving a flat output?12:58
ikoniast__: lsmod is a falt output12:58
jawadsafilet me.12:58
Rapphow do i make the wifi configuration system wide? right now, i am using networkmanager / kde. however, this is a static desktop machine. no mobility, and also it should be in the network, even when i am not logged in.12:58
st__ikonia, for me it's not, it has 4 columns and header12:59
AqazChogyDan: http://pastebin.com/aR2cSU7C12:59
TurbolinuxHello everyone. I want to set up DNS adresses but Ubuntu doesn't apply them. What is the reason of this problem? Thank you for your help.12:59
ikoniast__: yes, those colums are needed.12:59
jawadsafia long list came12:59
Dr_WillisTurbolinux:  you mean you want to set the DNS servers your system is using?12:59
nogojawadsafi: if you are in the gnome, you can use an app called 'system profiler and benchmark'12:59
jawadsafiikonia how do i write to you so that the font shows RED in color13:00
ChogyDanAqaz: wow, that's allot of language packs13:00
ikoniajawadsafi: I have no idea, that depends on your client13:00
TurbolinuxYes but the ''Apply'' button is inactive. What is the reason?13:00
st__jawadsafi, include 'iconia' in the text13:00
AqazChogyDan: Yes plus ubiquity.. but why?13:00
jawadsafii have the KONVERSATION13:00
VirusTBis there is C compiler for the OSX ??13:01
Dr_WillisTurbolinux:  you could just edit  /etc/resolv.conf   , somehow i got a custome DNS entry in there in addation to my isp's13:01
ChogyDanAqaz: well, I think the main concern is those packs, did you install any language stuff recently?13:01
Dr_WillisVirusTB:  i imagine there is..13:01
ikoniaVirusTB: ask the apple guys, this is ubuntu support13:01
jawadsafican i please get help from IKONIA only at the moment.... sorry in advance.13:01
nogojawadsafi: wtf is that card?13:01
rockhopper Hi, I have a wireless HSIA usb modem and a wifi connection. If i forward a localport through ssh using the internet connection from the usb modem, can the other computer connected to the wifi router access internet from my computer's port?13:01
AqazChogyDan: Nah..fesh install13:01
RappVirusTB: Specify... os x comes with gcc et al if you install xcode13:01
AqazChogyDan: *fresh13:01
ikoniajawadsafi: ? nogo is guiding you, listen to what he's saying13:01
jawadsafithat is aN IRC CLIENT hehe13:01
icarus-cVirusTB, well at least GCC does work on OS X13:01
jawadsafiok NOGO.13:02
Rappanyone? i notice that in the network settings there is a disabled checkbox "system connection"13:02
jawadsafiGUIDE ME13:02
TurbolinuxDr_Wills: Which section in configuration file?13:02
lordganeshIs Synaptics(touchpad) sdk abailable for ubuntu?13:02
jawadsafiwhere is the system profiler ?13:02
maedoxkonobi1234, lsof | egrep 'TCP|UDP'13:02
Dr_WillisTurbolinux:  the file /etc/resolv.conf has the DNS server settings used by the system. But network manager might overwrite/change that file.13:02
VirusTBikonia:  sorry lol wrong room :P13:03
jawadsafinogo where is the system profiler ?13:03
nogojawadsafi: in your menu?13:03
AqazChogyDan: So what should I do?13:03
ChogyDanAqaz: aptitude why language-pack-aa13:03
SentynelI'm building VLC and ffmpeg from source, but I already have them installed as packages and there are things that depend on them. How do I remove the apt-get packages and build from source without screwing up the dependencies?13:03
rockhopperIs anyone here good with ssh/portforwardin13:03
TurbolinuxI asked which area is suitable for setting in configuration file but NM doesn't do this process.13:03
hungryhubbywhy does every time i open chrome i get message "please check that you sufficient privilages to open "13:03
aa_hi, on booting up UNE installer for my netbook, it gets stuck at a page with a small man in a circle with an = sign and a keyboard. Does this page have a name so I can google it?13:04
konobi1234maedox thx, also i found netstat -p | egrep 'tcp|udp'13:04
TurbolinuxIt doesn't set them.13:04
sipiorrockhopper: lots of folks here, i suspect. easier if you just pose your question to the channel directly :-)13:04
icarus-cSentynel, you better make a package for them13:04
llutzkonobi1234: netstat -tulpen13:04
TurbolinuxDr_Wills: It doesn't apply them.13:04
rxdaufs on / type aufs (rw,append:/apache2) <-what does my root tells me13:04
nogojawadsafi: there is another app called 'gnome device manager', it can tell you the hardware info from hal.13:04
Aqazaptitude why language-pack-aa13:04
jawadsafinogo im installing it now13:04
Aqazi   language-pack-aa-base Depends language-pack-aa (>= 1:10.04+20100421)13:04
rockhoppersipior, i've posted the question already13:04
Sentynelicarus-c: I'm building git versions, how would I go about doing that?13:04
AqazChogyDan: ^^13:04
koltrollWhat do I need to have installed in order to be able to send mail from a website?13:05
Dr_WillisTurbolinux:  i just edited my /etc/resolv.conf by hand.. and  the change took affect. I rarely use network manager to change the stuff like that.13:05
aa_you know like a keyboard = \o/13:05
rockhoppersipior, here again  Hi, I have a wireless HSIA usb modem and a wifi connection. If i forward a localport through ssh using the internet connection from the usb modem, can the other computer connected to the wifi router access internet from my computer's port?13:05
sipiorrockhopper: this is irc. people come and go. people aren't always paying attention to the channel.13:05
ChogyDanAqaz: aptitude why language-pack-aa-base13:05
Dr_WillisTurbolinux:  you may need to set it to be a static ip in network manager. i seem to recall others having to do this int he past13:05
icarus-cSentynel, the package may have been on PPA already13:05
jawadsafiok nogo bro .. i got it13:05
AqazChogyDan: $ aptitude why language-pack-aa-base13:06
AqazBB  language-pack-gnome-aa Depends language-pack-aa-base (>= 1:10.04+20100421)13:06
aa_or maybe there is a channel for UNE ?13:06
sipiorrockhopper: yes, look at the -D option for ssh, which sets up a SOCKS proxy for you to point the other machine towards.13:06
Dr_WillisTurbolinux:  i notice that network manager has a 'auto DHCP - address only' setting.. that would i think let you change the dns13:06
ChogyDanAqaz: again!13:06
ChogyDanAqaz: with gnome-aa13:06
TurbolinuxBut I could change them before.13:07
Sentynelicarus-c: I'm building latest git here, there isn't. (The same goes for Amarok, but I don't have any dependencies on that one so it's not been a problem.)13:07
TurbolinuxI could do this.13:07
nogojawadsafi: what matter?13:07
AbhiJithow to add sound icon back to panel?13:07
rockhoppersipior, I normally use this syntax If i'm only on ONE network only, ssh user@host -L bindaddress:port:localhost:port13:07
TurbolinuxNow it doesn't do. This is strange.13:07
AqazChogyDan: aptitude why language-pack-gnome-aa13:07
AqazUnable to find a reason to install language-pack-gnome-aa.13:07
rockhoppersipior, But my question is, will that usb internet access shared over the wifi network?13:07
Dr_WillisTurbolinux:  the user you are logged in as has sudo rights?13:08
ChogyDanAqaz: hmmm, let's try removing all of them: sudo apt-get remove language-pack*13:08
Rappanyone here with an idea for my wifi problem? (how to make wifi settings system wide, not user-specific)13:08
nogojawadsafi: have you installed 'gnome device manager' and 'system profiler and benchmark'?13:08
TurbolinuxYes it has superuser capabilities.13:08
jesus_hi there13:08
AqazChogyDan: Serious?13:09
ChogyDanAqaz: either that, or install them all13:09
AqazChogyDan: Wouldn't it mess my system?13:09
TurbolinuxIt has ''Sudo'' rights.13:09
Dr_WillisTurbolinux:  no idea then. I can change them here with no issues. Or i can just edit the /etc/resolv.conf if i want to change it quickly. but NM may overwrite tose changes on the next reboot.13:10
jawadsafiit has two things in the multimedia audio controller ....1. Ensoniq 5880B [audioPCI] 9rev2] //// 2. intel corp 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 audio controller [rev2]13:10
ChogyDanAqaz: yeah, it would, but you only need the language you need, which would be english I assume13:10
g4tsuhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=688872 <- I make all the things but I've got => authentication failure when I boot13:10
jawadsafibogo yes i did13:10
nogojawadsafi: ?13:10
AbhiJithow to add sound icon back to panel in lucid?13:11
jawadsafinogo it has two things in the multimedia audio controller ....1. Ensoniq 5880B [audioPCI] 9rev2] //// 2. intel corp 82801EB/ER (ICH5/ICH5R) AC'97 audio controller [rev2]13:11
sipiorrockhopper: yes, if i understand your question correctly. then again, if the other machine is already connected to your wireless router, i'm curious about why you want to go through the other machine anyway. trying to get around some sort of access control?13:11
nogojawadsafi: it's time to use google13:11
jollymanAfter the alternate-installation with LVM, I can only start the OS when the USB stick I used for the installation is inside the slot. What to do?13:11
jawadsafinogo what should i search for ?13:12
rockhoppersipior, I want to share the internet from the usb over the wifi network13:12
nogojawadsafi: don't tell me that you don't know how to search13:12
nogojawadsafi: you have a lot of info about the chip...13:12
AqazChogyDan: Yes.. http://pastebin.com/zk65hrc213:12
lordganeshIs Synaptics(touchpad) sdk abailable for ubuntu?13:12
jawadsafinogo haha13:12
AqazChogyDan: The o/p crossed the terminal screen. Couldn't scroll up to start13:13
jawadsafinogo i have a huge list but if i'm going to download some package or do some coding then forgive me13:13
jawadsafinogo IM ZERO AT IT13:13
ChogyDanAqaz: try: sudo apt-get install language-pack-gnome-en-base13:13
nogo jawadsafi , wait... it's like a virtual sound chip in kvm something13:13
xbonesxis anyone familiar with gstyle?13:14
nogo jawadsafi , don't tell me you misconfig the kvm...13:14
sipiorrockhopper: if you want to do that in general, easier just to set up connection sharing, instead of mucking about with multiple ssh tunnels. see here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing13:14
jawadsafiim not sure what magicall words you using nogo13:15
jawadsafii promise nogo13:15
cjjnjusthello, I install wireless driver by ndiswrapper, but ifconfig can't find it13:15
nogojawadsafi: are you in a vm?13:15
nogojawadsafi: oh13:15
xbonesxI would like to try out the cubemodels, but gstyle doesnt recognize that i have compiz installed?13:15
jawadsafisound always works in VM13:15
jawadsafii used that13:15
st__is there some program to paint a picture on the desktop or chacge its color?13:15
jawadsafinogo : device manager---> audio controller --->Intel ICH5 with AD1985 Sound Card13:16
xbonesxtheres a way to right on the desktop with like a pen... COMPIZ13:16
mirecis IRC still alive ?13:16
rockhoppersipior, But, i have my vps well secured. I wanted to know if it can be done over ssh13:16
sipiorrockhopper: i've already answered that question. twice now, actually.13:17
jawadsafinogo the sound card is ad1985 i guess13:17
jawadsafinogo : it has a question mark over it !13:17
blinkybhi. i just restarted my pc and sound doesn't work anymore. indicator shows no sound at all.13:18
cjjnjustsomeone use Atheros 9271 wireless card.13:18
jawadsafinogo the audio controller has several repeated stuff like ALSA (capture, control, playback) OSS (mixer, pcm).13:18
rockhoppersipior, hmm. Actually, If m sure, I'll have to buy the usb device. I don't have it now.13:19
jawadsafinogo .... i have to move on ...... some emergency ......13:19
jawadsafipray for me13:19
jawadsafinogo .... will know from you some other time , if time permits.13:19
nogojawadsafi: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems13:20
nogoi just did a search13:20
mirecblinkyb, try sudo alsa force-reload  and check alsa-mixer13:20
jollymanHello, after installing Alternate with LVM, I can only start up the system, when the USB stick I used for the installation is attached. I checked all BIOS settings, and it only works, when I set it on USB first and afterwards HD13:20
AbhiJithow to add sound icon back to panel in lucid?13:21
nogojawadsafi: another link for you: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1111920.html13:21
felipeguima ops13:21
AqazChogyDan: http://pastebin.com/7t6Zvben13:21
jawadsafinogo it says pulseaudio crashed13:21
st__evening brazil13:21
jawadsafinogo i have sent the report to the team of developers13:21
nogojawadsafi: upgrade your pulseaudio and all its relatives13:22
ChogyDanAqaz: try sudo apt-get update, and then try again13:22
nogojawadsafi: can you use alsa without problem?13:23
jawadsafinogo will continue from here .... NEXT TIME.13:24
nogoha ha?13:24
jawadsafihaving an emergency ... nogo i have to leave13:24
jawadsafinogo : thanks for the help till now13:24
AqazChogyDan: Same thing for upgrade and the command you suggest,,13:24
jawadsafinogo : EVERYTHING IS APPRECIATED.13:24
nogoi fixed my pulseaudio though13:25
ChogyDanAqaz: did you update?13:25
jawadsafinogo : i will be back after 1 hour or so13:25
ubottuTo ignore joins, parts, quits in irssi:  /ignore #ubuntu +JOINS +PARTS +QUITS13:25
AqazChogyDan: Yes13:25
* nogo goes to babique13:25
ChogyDanAqaz: apt-cache policy language-pack-gnome-en13:26
AbhiJithow to add sound icon back to panel in lucid?13:26
AbhiJithow to add sound icon back to panel in lucid?13:26
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com13:26
st__is there some program to paint a picture on the desktop or chacge its color?13:26
* AbhiJit is feeling ignored.13:26
nogoAbhiJit: put the indicator applet back13:27
rockhoppersipior, when using the network manager, I don't see the share connection in ipv4 settings!13:27
nogoapplet or panel13:27
AqazChogyDan: http://pastebin.com/q2W2pHK613:27
AbhiJitnogo, -- ** how ** --13:27
nogoclick the right mouse button on the panel13:28
rockhoppersipior, how ever, i can see shared conection for ethernet port, wifi port, but not for this mobile connection!13:28
AbhiJitnogo, next?13:28
st__rockhopper, don't use network manager, as you'll have to remake sharing on each reboot13:28
nogochoose the first item13:28
AbhiJitnogo, customer application launcher13:29
ChogyDanAqaz: sudo apt-get install language-pack-gnome-en13:29
rockhopperst__, If it can't be done using the network manager, can't it be done using gateway method  as well?13:29
nogoAbhiJit: can you see two icons with a big 'i' char?13:29
sipiorrockhopper: the mobile connection is currently active?13:29
rockhoppersipior, Yes13:29
AbhiJitnogo yah and first one if custome application launcher13:29
AbhiJitnogo, no wait13:29
nogoAbhiJit: lower13:29
st__rockhopper, it _can_ be done with NM, but it will not survive reoot13:29
sipiorrockhopper: try using iptables, as mentioned later.13:30
AbhiJitnogo, they are indicator applet and indicator session applet but they are not the first in the list13:30
rockhoppersipior, ok. I'll try that13:30
AqazChogyDan: same as before13:30
nogoAbhiJit: that's it13:30
Guest66687can anyone help? ive downloaded the necessary wireless driver for my intel wireless card in my laptop and extracted. any ideas on how to install it?13:30
ChogyDanAqaz: can you pastebin?13:30
st__Guest66687, compile it13:30
AbhiJitnogo, which one?13:31
rockhopperst__, the only options i see are automatic (PPP) and automatic (PPP) address only13:31
Guest66687cheers st__, does that install it?13:31
ChogyDanAqaz: unless you are sure it is exactly the same13:31
nogoAbhiJit: my panel has power,monitor and sound indicators13:31
nogoAbhiJit: try13:31
AqazChogyDan: http://pastebin.com/0c0RQJ2j13:31
AbhiJitnogo, indiacator applet or indicator session applet? which one?13:31
nogoAbhiJit: you can delete the wrong one later13:31
ravibnI do not have the latest kernel updated How do I update this? (Lucid 10.0413:32
st__Guest66687, it should13:32
ChogyDanAqaz: are you sure you ran sudo apt-get update?13:32
AbhiJitnogo, i added indicator applet but it by default ads the me menu and there is no option to customize it13:32
Guest66687can you guess what the next question will be? :)13:32
nogoAbhiJit: eh?13:32
AqazChogyDan: Yes13:32
AbhiJitnogo, indicator only loads me menu13:32
ChogyDanAqaz: ok, next package up is: sudo apt-get install language-pack-en-base13:33
nogoAbhiJit: are you using ubuntu?13:33
AbhiJitnogo, yes13:33
st__Guest66687, there must be instructions in README or INSTALL file13:33
prowerhello :> i'm trying to find a package that provides the file /usr/lib/libgtkembedmoz.so...it used to be in libxul-dev in karmic but now i can't seem to find it in any package at all :/13:33
prower(in the ubuntu repositories)13:33
Guest66687ok, ill have a look...13:33
ChogyDanAqaz: another idea, try opening Sys > Admin > Language Support, and see if you can set things up there13:34
nogoAbhiJit: maybe your sound card is dead13:34
AbhiJitnogo, if i run gnome-volume-applet or something like that then volume icon comes. but its not the default lucid icon its vr. but as i exit terminal itcon vanishes13:34
nogoAbhiJit: try to reboot13:34
AbhiJitnogo, sound is there i can play all sounds13:34
well_laid_lawn!find libgtkembedmoz | prower13:34
ubottuprower: File libgtkembedmoz found in kompozer13:34
AqazChogyDan: You are sking me to run same commands again13:34
AqazChogyDan: Alright, hold on13:34
nogoAbhiJit: try to logout then login13:35
AbhiJitnogo, tried no luck13:35
prowerwell_laid_lawn, odd...it's packaged with a program but it's not available as a general library in any of xulrunner's packages :> i'll have to give it a try anyway thanks13:35
ChogyDanAqaz: yes, but with different packages13:35
AqazChogyDan: Languague support says - Software database is broken13:35
ravibnI do not have the latest kernel updated How do I update this? (I am running Lucid 10.04)13:35
AbhiJitnogo, thanks for your time. now i added that command to startup aps let see what happens13:36
ChogyDanAqaz: and the install command?13:36
AqazChogyDan: Huh?13:36
ChogyDanAqaz: sudo apt-get install language-pack-en-base13:36
nogoha, i just uninstall all zh packs13:37
GhaggHello, When I try to mount my hardrive I get this, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/gJG9GDNk What do i do?13:37
g4tsuis somebody already remaster a live cd ?13:37
nogowhat live cd?13:37
AqazChogyDan: http://pastebin.com/QyAJtZs513:38
AbhiJit!remaster | g4tsu13:38
ubottug4tsu: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility13:38
rxdhaha i have remastered myself13:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:38
ChogyDanAqaz: actually, you may want to use aptitude, this is certainly a pain tracking these packages down, one at a time.13:38
GhaggShit, well nobody can help.13:38
g4tsuAbhiJit, already seen but it doesn't work13:38
ChogyDanAqaz: now language-pack-en13:38
mantizzhow to setup VNC on startUP13:39
GhaggHello, When I try to mount my hardrive I get this, http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/gJG9GDNk  What do i do?13:39
AqazChogyDan: Please specify me the solution :)13:39
well_laid_lawnGhagg:  do like it said - boot into windows and run chkdsk13:39
ChogyDanAqaz: is that all aptitude says?  doesn't give any options?13:39
mantizzhow to setup VNC(Remote Desktop) on startUP in ubuntu 10.04 gnome 64bit13:39
ChogyDanAqaz: o well, language-pack-en13:39
Ghaggwell_laid_lawn, how about an alternative that is GNU and not disgusting closed source oppression? :)13:39
mantizzhow to setup VNC server(Remote Desktop) on startUP in ubuntu 10.04 gnome 64bit?13:40
well_laid_lawnGhagg:  it is windows filesystem that is borked - you need windows to fix that13:40
sKeithi have process that wont die. tried kill -9 PID but still wont die.13:40
AqazChogyDan: aptitude: http://pastebin.com/Jmmyi6Ej13:40
ravibnmantizz : try System > Preferences > Startup Applications13:40
rxdmantizz: get x11vnc and add them to start-up app13:40
jollymanCan only boot when the USB stick, I jused for installation is plugged in. Someone can show me a thread, where someone had the same problem, or can help me please?13:40
nogosKeith: then you have a zombie13:40
F0XXhello everyone13:41
Ghaggwell_laid_lawn, there has to be a way13:41
ChogyDanAqaz: say yes, be happy  :)13:41
well_laid_lawnGhagg:  you prob could have it fixed by now...13:41
rxdmantizz: and maybe see xinetd13:41
AqazChogyDan: What?13:41
F0XXthat's right ignore the newbiw13:41
ChogyDanAqaz: y13:41
ravibn I do not have the latest kernel updated How do I update this? (I am running Lucid 10.04)13:41
ChogyDanravibn: which kernel do you want?13:42
AqazChogyDan: I didn't get what you meant by that..13:42
mantizz<ravibn><rxd>: ii want to get VNC from login window. so that can login from another PC13:42
sKeiththe process is holding a mount open and cannot umount until process gone. how do i kill zombie13:42
ChogyDanAqaz: line 493, y13:42
ravibnchogyDan : latest one13:42
ChogyDanAqaz: Accept this solution? [Y/n/q/?]                   <----   Y13:42
pksadiqhow to change resolution of tty?13:42
AqazChogyDan: http://pastebin.com/0YNa29gP13:42
ChogyDanAqaz: are you using more than one terminal?13:43
mantizz<rxd>: by default Remote Desktop is enough for me, i just want control from login page of ubuntu13:43
jollymanI cannot find the network-manager in the "add to panel" content. How can I put it there and bring it back to my panel?13:43
ubottuTo get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution.13:43
AqazChogyDan: No. No software centre. No synaptic, no terminal13:43
Ghaggwel_laid_lawn, as much as I'd love moving a 3 kilo hard drive, try to fix something on the broken, unfixable kernel that is NT and windows, I'd prefer using my BRAIN and using linux13:43
maedoxsKeith, zombies as already dead. umount -f  if you're sure about it.13:43
sKeiththanks maedox13:43
mantizz<rxd>: remote desktop is already in startup application..13:43
ChogyDanAqaz: well that is weird, but...13:44
mantizz<rxd>: Is there any way :(13:44
ChogyDan!aptlock | Aqaz13:44
ubottuAqaz: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »13:44
GhaggNow well_laid_lawn, Since I too exist, I should be entitled to an answer that does not involve using a retarded OS. Fair? Fair.13:44
AqazChogyDan: Yes.. don't know13:44
rxdmantizz:  so what's the problem if it does work already13:44
AqazChogyDan: kk ...sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a13:44
well_laid_lawnGhagg:  you can keep fighting the obvious if you want but don't include me pls13:45
AqazChogyDan: http://pastebin.com/RdeLZeNU13:45
Ghaggwell_laid_lawn, your answer is illogiccal and broken, you are now considered a troll, stop trolling now.13:45
AqazRemenber I'm deleting previous pastebins as well :)13:45
mantizz<rxd>: not gettin login window of ubuntu from my other system, i have first go to ubuntu to login to get VNC13:46
sKeithstill won't dismount. (umount /mnt/snapshots/main    umount2: device or resource busy) (fuser -m /mnt/snapshot/main = 10803) 10803 is process that wont be killed13:46
ChogyDanAqaz: are you sure you cleared that first aptitude commmand?  otherwise just say Y13:46
mantizz<rxd>: want to check13:47
rxdmantizz: a daemon...read xinetd13:47
AqazChogyDan: [1]+  Killed                  sudo aptitude install language-pack-en-base13:47
ChogyDanAqaz: hmmm, looks like you hadn't finished with that other command, maybe you hit ctrl+z or something, anyway, try again13:47
maedoxGhagg, did you do what the error message suggested? You are trying to mount a frikkin screwed ntfs volume in Ubuntu, which is asking for trouble.13:47
AqazChogyDan: Yes..okay13:47
GhaggWell maedox, what do you think will fix all the problems ever?13:48
GhaggMagic pony?13:48
mantizz<rxd>: what is that for13:48
ravibnmantizz : look at this http://www.softpanorama.org/Xwindows/vnc.shtml you may get what you want13:48
maedoxGhagg, format the drive with mkfs.ext4 ;)13:48
AqazChogyDan: Its upgrading..13:48
mantizz<rxd>: okay i will check13:48
rxdmantizz: search from google...x11vnc xinetd13:48
AqazChogyDan: Removing language-pack-af ...13:48
AqazRemoving language-pack-am ...13:48
AqazRemoving language-pack-an ...13:48
maedoxGhagg, yes, a magic pony might actually work :D13:48
Ghaggmaedox, great. and the 112 gigs of my brothers windows based suff...it can do what? dissapear then re-appear?13:49
AqazChogyDan: and all :)13:49
ChogyDanGhagg: the standard advice for dirty ntfs partitions is to bootup windows, just so windows can clean it up13:49
ChogyDanAqaz: perfect  :)13:49
cellDhi all13:49
maedoxGhagg, it will disappear, but it will mount properly.13:49
AqazChogyDan: Hold on but13:49
sKeithis there a more forceful umount than -f13:49
ravibnchogyDan : you did not tell me how I can go abt updating my PC with latest kernel13:50
st__sKeith, reboot13:50
Billhepl with v10.10 beta13:50
AqazChogyDan: What was the command that did this?13:50
ChogyDanravibn: just update as regular.  You will get kernel updates over time13:50
maedoxsKeith, no, don't force it. A reboot might be needed to get rid of the zombie.13:50
cellDif i delete /etc/fstab and reboot what would happen ?13:50
sipiorBill: you'll want to ask in #ubuntu+113:51
maedoxcellD, you would get a bunch of errors and no filesystem.13:51
philinuxBill: either the ubuntu+1 channel or here http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=38513:51
=== denny_ is now known as denny
quiescenscelld: probably bad things™13:51
ChogyDanAqaz: the problem in the first place?  I don't know.  You may want to make sure ubuntu-desktop is installed13:51
ravibnchogydan : that regular updates are happening but I am not sure with the kernel updates13:51
cellDactuallu i wanted to remake my fstab.. coz i changed my HDD sequencing due to a sta cable error13:51
cellDreplaced it by a new open my fstab is a mess.13:51
sKeithit hangs on reboot, stops at a login shell but no keyboard allowed, except alt+f1 etc works so that part of keyboard is still allowed.crtl+alt+del does nothing etc. so i thought i'd try fix before rebooting13:51
danieldd1Is there any way I can see all the folders I've mark as "Shared folders"?13:52
maedoxcellD, use sudo blkid to find the UUID of the drives installed, then edit fstab very carefully.13:52
ChogyDanravibn: well, the kernel only goes through a major upgrade with new releases13:52
cellDwill try it13:52
maedoxcellD, make a backup of the file first, so you can fix it with a live-cd13:53
cellDi just installed Macubuntu, a new theme pack..its awesome :)13:53
st__is there some program to paint a picture on the desktop or chacge its color?13:53
st__smbclient says: session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE  <-- what can be wrong? (ports are opened I believe)13:53
quiescensst__: system, preferences, appearance, background usually13:54
st__quiescens, i don't have gnome13:54
cellDyou can also try Bisigi themes13:54
cellD google it :013:54
quiescensst__: that could have been mentioned13:54
jollymanI only can boot when the USB drive is attached, need to change some GRUB settings maybe? any idea?13:55
quiescensst__: the most basic way would be to use xsetroot13:55
cellDthn whats your DE?13:55
well_laid_lawnjollyman:  sounds like you put grub on the usb13:55
GhaggWow who knew, it worked without using windows13:55
GhaggIsn't that FUNNY eh, lawn?13:56
GhaggFunny, HMMMM?13:56
jollymanwell_laid_lawn: It was the default installation, but I stoped it, at the point, where it wiped the swap drive, because it took too long13:56
GhaggHow it worked. Without windows. Which was what you said can only help. But it didn't and it hasn't and you were wrong.13:56
EmryIt won't let me embark on top of an elven or human city. :P13:56
GhaggHmm, odd?13:56
PiciEmry: Er?13:56
EmryWrong window. :P13:57
EmrySorry.  ^^;;13:57
PiciEmry: :)13:57
EmryThat was meant for the Dwarf Fortress channel I am in. hehehe :)13:57
jollymanwell_laid_lawn: my USB drive wasn't deleted, and I cannot see any "grub" entry13:58
An_Ony_MooseEmry, what is that channel?13:58
well_laid_lawnjollyman:  maybe stopping it wasn't a good idea - installed much on it?13:59
st__how to specify a color for xsetroot?13:59
maedoxjollyman, you stopped the installation when it wiped swap and you wonder why it doesn't boot?13:59
jollymanI am just finished configuring everything and back to normal work :/13:59
jollymanmaedox: yes, because it said, installation is finished..14:00
sipiorst__: "man xsetroot" shows all sorts of options for you to play with14:00
pksadiqI couldn't change reslution of tty as said in !tty14:00
jollymanmaedox: can I somehow do anything now?14:00
st__sipior, except the color format14:00
maedox!grub | jollyman, if the installation finished ok, you can install grub to your harddrive14:01
ubottujollyman, if the installation finished ok, you can install grub to your harddrive: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.14:01
maedox!grub2 | jollyman14:01
ubottujollyman: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub214:01
jollymanmaedox: thanks, If I mess that up, it might still boot from usb I guess?14:02
jollymanor is that easy with the GRUB entry?14:02
sipiorst__: it won't accept hex code colours, if that's what you mean :-) have you tried just giving it the name of a colour?14:02
jollymanI'll try thank you all14:02
AqazChogyDan: Thanks :)14:03
billibob2Hello all, is this a good place to look for info on a TV tuner i have to run under ubuntu? - yes i did try google14:03
philinuxjollyman: Use this tutorial to reinstall grub to the pc. http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-recover-grub2-after-windows.html14:04
SipuHi i cant get aircraft manager to work on ubuntu 10.04, i get to install it and i can press the icon but it doesnt start up, any auggestions why ?14:04
quiescensst__: its just '#000000' through '#ffffff', or any named colour in /etc/X11/rgb.txt14:05
pksadiqhow to ignore joins and quits is irc?14:05
well_laid_lawnSipu:  you can try and start from the terminal to see errors14:05
sipiorquiescens: does it in fact accept hex code colours? that's good to know. (i don't think it did the last time I checked, but that was around 1996 :-)14:06
Sipuif i launch it as start in terminal it just shows "wifi status" nothing else14:06
well_laid_lawnSipu:  does it have a -v switch for verbose?14:07
Sipuno idea ;P14:07
turtle__I have a mobo here, it has trouble posting, sometimes it will get to grub, sometimes it will get past grub, sometimes it will work for a while, however it has crashed out of Ubuntu with yellow lines on the screen, is it most likely a replacement job?14:07
b0otI have a device that is supose to do serial and ip over usb and when i plug it in the ip comes up fine but the serial devices don't seem to come up... is there a way to check to see if anything is going over the existing serial ports or is there something i need to do that will enable my "added" virtual serial ports to come up?14:07
st__is # means something in bash?14:08
billibob2can anyone help me find any info on a "KWorld USB Tv tuner" to work on ubuntu? - its the UB499-2T version.... I've tried googling it but cant find anything on this model14:08
quiescensst__: yes, that's why I said '#000000'14:08
sipiorst__: yes, it's a comment.14:08
st__even in command line o_O14:08
sipiorst__: same parser running...14:09
jollymanphilinux: thank you!14:12
koltrollDoes postfix need sendmail in any way? If not, should I remove sendmail - because it's then rather pointless to have it installed yes?14:12
koltrollPerhaps I even could run into some problems if I'm having both installed ?14:12
erUSULkoltroll: yes remove it... i thought that apt wouldn't let you have two mta's installed.14:13
koltrollerUSUL, Well I managed :p14:14
koltrollerUSUL, but I'll try to remove it! :)14:15
philinuxjollyman: Good one14:15
koltrollerUSUL, oh. It seems like when installing one mta the other one gets removed automatically!14:15
quiescenskoltroll: are you sure sendmail is actually installed, postfix does supply a binary called sendmail to support applications that are expecting it to exist14:17
turtle__is there any way of getting different icons on different virtual desktops?14:17
st__turtle__, probably no as they are illusions14:17
randy2009maedox, i'm out of options, i'm going to search for samba information, thx for you're time!14:19
erUSULb0ot: do « tail -f /var/log/messages » and plug the device. new messages will appear. look if any of them mentions serial or /dev/ttyUSBn devices14:20
maedoxrandy2009, that's too bad. sorry I couldn't help you.14:20
SipuHi i cant get aircraft manager to work on ubuntu 10.04, i get to install it and i can press the icon but it doesnt start up, and when i run it in termal it only shows me "wifi status",any auggestions why ?14:22
crankygeek01How do I kill a certian TTY seesions without killing my own open session?14:23
b0oterUSUL, I get a lot of bad CDC descripters messages about (8 of them) and then I get a usbcore: registered new interface driver rndis_host and usbcore:registered new interface driver rndis_wlan14:23
jollymanI need a live version for installing the Grub2 but only have a 128 mb usb stick and no cd drive. Can I do that also with a non-ubuntu distribution?14:24
jerome__bonjour tout le monde14:24
ImaginaryFriendthx for temp14:24
ImaginaryFriendi must use webirc - weird corporate standards ;)14:24
erUSULb0ot: so only nic driver discovered :(. have you googled the device model? maybe it needs something like usb_modeswitch ?14:25
jerome__est ce qu'il y a un français ?14:26
st__smbclient says: session setup failed: NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE  <-- what can be wrong? (ports are opened I believe)14:26
b0oterUSUL, the manufacturer has a driver for windows but not linux14:26
turtle__st__ still struggling with samba?14:27
st__yes (14:27
maedoxst__, did you try Places > Connect to Server , Windows share ?14:27
turtle__good luck sir. i had a nightmare trying to set it up on a network with 3macs and 2 pcs14:27
st__maedox, I believe it boils down to same samba library that powers smbclient...14:28
maedoxst__, turtle__, it works fine, you just need to do it right. :D14:28
turtle__thats where the problem comes in :]14:28
quiescenswouldn't logon_failure imply an authentication problem14:28
st__maedox, and gvfs gui for it just keeps asking password14:28
maedoxst__, I can connect fine to our file server at work with the Connect to server thing and via nautilus smb://..., and mount it with cifs. works like a charm, that is also with username password in LDAP. At home I'm using samba on Ubuntu to share with a WDTV box.14:29
maedoxnever tried the smbclient in CLI14:29
silasdavisIs openssh-server started by upstart in ubuntu, or is there a sysvinit script?14:29
crankygeek01Is there a way I can kill a certian session, without killing all the sessions from the same user? I have tried killing the PID but it doesn't seem to work14:30
st__quiescens, like?14:30
edbiansilasdavis, It's a service.  It's started by upstart.  upstart replaces sysvinit14:30
edbiansilasdavis, Although I'm pretty sure you can still use the sudo /etc/init.d/scriptname doSomething commands14:30
astrojpUpdate Manager is not installing updates. I select the 'Install Updates' button (it starts the process as usual, like it's about to start updating), but then it just brings me back to to the beginning, it's like it's not able to connect to the servers or something. Any having the same problem? Suggestions?14:30
edbianastrojp, Use sudo apt-get upgrade to update on the cli and get some error messages.14:31
astrojpedbian: thanks.14:31
BluesKajhello all14:31
maedoxst__, is this a normal manual share on windows (version?), not a system share? (e.g. c$)14:31
edbianastrojp, Yep!14:31
ehcahDoes anyone here have experience setting up dyndns without installing their update client locally?14:32
silasdavisedbian: so is it service start sshd?14:32
st__maedox, it;s plain and simple share on windows xp prof14:32
edbiansilasdavis, Yeah?  I don't remember the syntax exactly and I'm not on an Ubuntu machine right now14:32
zimmerservice sshd start14:32
silasdavisnor am I..14:32
silasdaviszimmer: thanks14:32
crankygeek01ehcah: are you using the update client built into your router instead?14:33
ehcahTrying to set it up the server itself to keep in touch.14:33
b0oterUSUL, if I knew what chip was in there would that help... I believe the device is using: http://www.maxim-ic.com/datasheet/index.mvp/id/4296/t/do14:33
crankygeek01ehcah, you will need an update client installed then, there are others out there you can get that will run on the server version of Ubuntu14:34
quiescensst__: what arguments are you using for smbclient? do the usernames/password match? etc14:35
ehcahcrankygeek01: Does it make sense that I was running F12 and OpenDns without a client?14:35
ehcahI would have thought I could do the same with Ubuntu.14:35
st__quiescens, i;m providing -U <name> and enter password from console14:35
=== ZNC_shookees is now known as shookees
GHHhaving problem with C source code14:36
erUSULb0ot: can not find anything relevant ... sorry14:36
ImaginaryFriendi cannot set quotas for user in my system (ext3) on my power-pc based NAS - is there any alternative to limit user space other than quota? I cannot modify partitions nor kernel14:36
astrojpedbian: 'sudo apt-get upgrade' updated my machine. Maybe it was an Update Manager gui "thing". Thanks again.14:37
crankygeek01ehcah: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DynamicDNS   and    http://www.dyndns.com/support/clients/  There is some good info there that should get you up and going....14:37
edbianastrojp, Alright then!  Problem solved?14:37
b0oterUSUL, how hard/is it possible to rewrite the windows drivers for linux or to fix the bad CDC desciptors?14:37
jmalickianyone know how to set priority for default routes when you have multiple NICs with networkmanager?14:37
sipiorImaginaryFriend: what sort of error do you get when trying to set quotas?14:37
erUSULb0ot: i do not think you can "rewritte" per se. you would need to writte a driver from scratch14:38
ImaginaryFriendsipior can i prv?14:38
erUSULb0ot: maybe asking in linux-usb#vger.kernel.org ?14:38
ehcahcrankygeek01: Thank's for the url's. I will go through them. As an FYI, I think I am close. I'm down to the last error when I run the update commands fron dyndns. My last problem is: $key_hmac errors14:39
sipiorImaginaryFriend: easier to keep the conversation in channel. if you've a lot to paste, have a look a ta pastebin14:39
sipior!paste > ImaginaryFriend14:39
ubottuImaginaryFriend, please see my private message14:39
vinokis the samba problem solved already?14:39
ImaginaryFriendthing is im at work - error msg referred to kernel14:39
GHHsomeone can help installing C source?14:39
erUSULb0ot: maybe asking in linux-usb@vger.kernel.org ( a mailing list) ?14:39
sipiorGHH: can you be more specific?14:39
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)14:39
st__GHH, look inside README or INSTALL14:39
ImaginaryFriendi learned you have to configure kernel for supporting ext3 quotas14:40
GHHst__, everything OK but error when "make"14:40
st__GHH, paste last few lines14:40
quiescensst__: are you able to smbclient -L //hostname -U username14:40
erUSULImaginaryFriend: afaics; ubuntu kernel has quota support14:40
b0oterUSUL, forgive the stupidity of this question but what exactly do i ask them?14:40
erUSULb0ot: if your device ( include model and the link you give me) has a driver for linux14:41
hwildehello, how to diagnose intermittent kernel panic during boot?14:41
sipiorImaginaryFriend: which kernel is your NAS running?14:42
GHHst__, http://paste.ubuntu.com/498490/14:42
b0otok thanks erUSUL14:42
erUSULb0ot: clearly there is driver for the network part. you want to know if the serial-usb linux driver could support the serial part of it14:42
ImaginaryFriendgive me 2 minutes - i will remote there and check14:42
sipiorGHH: does it work when the optimisation is removed?14:42
st__quiescens, same error (14:43
GHHsipior, nothing see without this14:43
GHHst__, ?14:43
van7huabout bochs in ubuntu14:46
van7huit's default installed in ubuntu14:46
Picivan7hu: Is there a question there?14:46
van7huit's called "out of the box" version14:47
SeaOrificeHie my laptop is lenovo g460, when i plug my headphones, the speaker doesnt shutoff, how do i fix this ?14:47
van7hunow I want to have another14:48
van7hubuild from source code14:48
AqazIs there Adobe Distiller for Ubuntu?14:48
van7hudid anyone do it before ?14:49
edbianAqaz, What does adobe distiller do?  Adobe Distiller may work in wine.  It is probably better / easier to just use some other app that does the same thing but is native on Ubuntu.14:50
quiescensst__: I don't know, that error should really only ever be for failed authentication, wrong username or password, I'm not aware of any issues with smbclient14:51
Aqazedbian: I'd like to optimize pdf files..14:52
edbianAqaz, Optimize them?14:52
turtle__how come when i bring up tty consoles, it cuts the audio? it didn't do that yesterda?y14:52
Aqazedbian: for example to use it for mobile devices..14:52
edbianAqaz, http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/open-source-linux-pdf-writer.html  ??14:52
=== Smoodo_Office is now known as Smoodo
SeaOrificeedbian: could u help me too ?14:53
edbianSeaOrifice, If we're quick about it.  I have about 3 minutes.  What's your question?14:54
MACscrhow do i kill a defunct process? ive already killed off the parents14:54
SeaOrificemy laptop is lenovo g460, when i plug my headphones, the speaker doesnt shutoff, how do i fix this ?14:54
maedoxMACscr, what's the process?14:54
edbianSeaOrifice, You headphones and speakers are on separate channels from one another.  I'm not aware of a way to automate switching them like you're looking for.  Perhaps you can just use the sliders in the sound preferences.  System -> Preferences -> Sound14:55
MACscrmaedox: root      1347  0.0  1.2  62336 48612 pts/12   Ds+  07:59   0:00 /usr/bin/dpkg --status-fd 49 --unpack --auto-deconfigure /var/cache/apt/archives/dpkg_1.15.5.6ubuntu4.3_amd64.deb14:55
edbianMACscr, kill <processID>14:55
MACscrits seemed to have frozen up while trying to do a simple upgrade last night14:55
turtle__oooh thats clever, it will only use the sound from the user you log in to14:55
turtle__fair play14:55
MACscredbian: lol, as i stated, kill isnt working14:55
MACscrkill -9 either14:55
edbianMACscr, kill -9?14:55
MACscrboth dont seem to do anything with this process14:55
maedoxMACscr, lsof -p 134714:55
SeaOrificeedbian: tried that , no fix14:55
edbianMACscr, Last time that happened to me I had to restart.14:55
Aqazedbian: Well I've used that before. It cannot optmise pdf files14:55
edbianSeaOrifice, You can't control the volume on your speakers / headphones?14:56
SeaOrificeif i change the volume, it changes for both14:56
edbianAqaz, I don't know then.  I don't know anything about editing pdfs.  I just googled "linux pdf editor"14:56
MACscrmaedox: http://pastebin.com/PZbyE6BL14:56
edbianSeaOrifice, Sounds like a hardware issue then?  I'm not sure! :(14:56
quiescensMACscr: state D is uninterruptible sleep, usually means its waiting for I/O14:56
MACscri would really rather not reboot. I do that every few weeks14:57
SeaOrificeok no problem14:57
maedoxMACscr, what kill signals did you send it?14:57
MACscri tried kill -9 134714:58
bullgard4[GNOME] How can I determine what program will be called if I press Indicator Applet Session > Hibernate?14:58
Slasher`is there an easy way to generate a list of installed packages so when i reinstall ubuntu, i can just refer to that list?14:58
maedoxMACscr, ok, next time do  kill -15, kill -2, kill -1   kill -9 is very hard. You will probably have to reboot. I would also run a fsck.14:59
Diverdudewhy can i not synchronize events from my evolution calender with google calender? If i put an event in my evolution calender it does not appear in google calender14:59
AqazWhich package can help me attain this:  http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/pdfs/MobileReaderWhitePaper.pdf14:59
popeySlasher`: dpkg --get-selections14:59
Aqazedbian: http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/pdfs/MobileReaderWhitePaper.pdf14:59
Slasher`thanks popey14:59
BluesKajhow does one configure a dns update software client/clients to run on a network with several different OSs ?15:00
geirhaMACscr: kill -9 should never be used. It is only useful for developers.15:00
james296can anyone here tell me why I cant import music when Ubuntu One is installed in Rhythmbox?15:01
nikolamNoscript update for firefox, just killed itself, leaving firefox in "restart me to activete plugin" state15:02
mintuxis it a bug? in ubuntu 10.04 I don't have edit address in nautilus locations also dialog box . I need to copy a address from dialog box to open it in nautilus . why do they disable it ?15:02
rocket16How can we edit .xmodmap file to print "Rupee" symbol? I tried Foradian font, and it works nicely. But switching the font is disturbing.15:03
mintuxI just can click on previous path like a button . before when I double click on it. I can edit it15:03
rocket16It is &#8377; in HTML, and U+20B9, so can I set Ubuntu to print the sign?15:04
maedoxmintux, press ctrl-l15:05
mintuxmaedox: nothing happened15:05
mintuxin dialogbox ?15:05
maedoxmintux, open nautilus and press and hold the ctrl and the press the letter L15:06
maedoxI can't type :P15:06
mintuxhmm worked15:06
maedoxmintux, yes, I know :D15:06
xbonesxmaedox: haha15:07
Chr|sI am having issues adding the medibuntu respository. Something is wrong with the the link15:07
SmoodoAre there any GUI apps that help manage file & directory permissions that support ACLs, and setting all that UMASK junk?  File permissions seem ridiculously complex in Ubunut when sharing files or having a work directory for collaboration.15:07
xbonesxwhat are some good repositories to add to ubuntu?15:08
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/project/about-ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories15:08
st__Smoodo, try eiciel15:08
st__Smoodo, but POSIX ACLs are very primitive, I doubt you can achieve anything with them15:08
BluesKajxbonesx, medibuntu , and in the package manager  : canonical partners and other software sources15:09
bullgard4[GNOME] How can I determine what program will be called if I press Indicator Applet Session > Hibernate?15:09
mintuxmaedox: but in dialog box how can I do that ? I don't have no preview on thumbnails. for custom icon for create desktop shortcut (before I can see the list of the icons ) but now a file browser open it . and when click on each icon . I can see the preview of it .it's very boring. so I have to find my icons in nautilus with preview and select it in dialog box15:10
xbonesxi have the two originals that were their when i installed plus the rep for Gstyle15:10
kad__heys!! need help!! i install samba4, how i can share there's no configuration for samba under /etc, i need to make Share folder15:10
erUSULSmoodo: a working dior for colaboration is easy. you set up a group for the users that need collaborating and set up a dir with sgid set15:10
* mintux doesn't know why ubuntu decrease when it's going to new15:10
Chr|sI am unable to install Medibuntu Respository. it failed to verify the key. Something is wrong with the link15:10
geirhaSmoodo: And/or set up a VCS15:11
maedoxmintux, I'm sorry, I did not understand anything of that. o_O15:11
xbonesxLMAO love it15:11
kad__for what then samba4 use for15:12
Diverdudewhy can i not synchronize events from my evolution calender with google calender? If i put an event in my evolution calender it does not appear in google calender15:12
mintuxmaedox: here http://up.iranblog.com/Files/33e5da68ac7d40a68826.png how can I copy the path like nautilus ?15:12
Eryn_1983_FLhe i am linking this  new ui on the netboook15:13
Eryn_1983_FLfeeels like appleish15:13
st__mintux, press pencil icon on the left15:13
mintux st__: I did it. but as you see its empty15:14
xbonesxcan you install an xpi file on ubuntu?15:14
maedoxmintux, open the folder and do the ctrl-l magic I told you.15:14
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.15:14
mintuxmaedox: it doesn't work for me15:14
mintuxin dialog box . have you tried ?15:15
maedoxmintux, oh I get it, this is not nautilus, it's an open file dialog. you can't copy the path from there I think.15:15
HaPK_PerCarI have a bit of an issue... I intalled the whole kubuntu-desktop package some time ago but I can't seem to update anything from the KDE desktop!15:15
HaPK_PerCarcan somebody help me there?15:15
anodesniHi, I've just installed ubuntu on an old machine to run a transmission-daemon. I've edited settings.json and added "invoke-rc.d transmission-daemon reload" to /etc/rc.local". Now transmission complains I don't have write access to the download folder. It is owned by root. What user is running the transmission-daemon?15:16
OneMillionDollarwhat's the best media player for ubuntu15:16
ZykoticK9!best | OneMillionDollar15:16
ubottuOneMillionDollar: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:16
maedoxOneMillionDollar, some might say VLC15:16
ZykoticK9!best | OneMillionDollar ;)15:16
ubottuOneMillionDollar ;): Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.15:16
mintuxmaedox:it's awful . before for select a icon there is no open file dialog. and I can see all icons in window and select it . and also in  open file dialog. we can edit path . gnome sucks here . because it decrease the facilities15:16
HaPK_PerCarOneMillionDollar, it depends on your hardware, and what you'd like to do with it15:17
euptcxbonesx that screenshot makes you laugh you a off?15:17
mintux** we could15:17
Diverdudewhy can i not synchronize events from my evolution calender with google calender? If i put an event in my evolution calender it does not appear in google calender15:17
maedoxmintux, is that ubuntu?15:17
st__mintux, it's non-standerd dialog from some lame toolkit, it's not gnome15:17
ZykoticK9maedox and I'd say mplayer ;)  (sorry for repeat OneMillionDollar accident)15:17
OneMillionDollarthe default media player is like ........80's player15:17
mintuxmaedox: yeah . with different theme15:17
OneMillionDollarso uninteresting and strange15:17
Resnikanyone familar with setting up squid on ubuntu?15:17
mintux st__:so who worked bad?15:18
geirhaOneMillionDollar: Try *mplayer and VLC15:18
HaPK_PerCarOneMillionDollar, and amarok while you're at it15:18
maedoxZykoticK9, yes, I might agree with you, but I guess it all depends. Let's leave it to the bots to fight it out :P15:18
xbonesxeuptc: yes i get a kick out of the availability of desktop enhancements compared to windows15:19
kad__how i can share folders! i install samba, there's no /etc/samba/smb.conf  like old ubuntu15:19
euptcoh ok15:19
OneMillionDollaris mplayer = totem media player ?15:19
maedoxResnik, yes, just ask your question instead of asking if anyone knows it.15:19
pznI don't have cmos password to chose "boot-from-cd", and winshit has overwriten grub in an update... is there any way to reinstall grub from win? any ubuntu cd of usb image that I can use for this?15:19
HaPK_PerCarOneMillionDollar, nope15:19
HaPK_PerCarI have a bit of an issue... I intalled the whole kubuntu-desktop package some time ago but I can't seem to update anything from the KDE desktop!15:20
geirhaOneMillionDollar: No, entirely different. It doesn't even have one of those control panels UIs (though there are some GUI wrappers that add that.)