rlameiroyay backport update for ARDOUR mute bug :DDD00:33
rlameiroScottL: !!00:33
ScottLhi rlameiro , yes it is nice01:56
ScottLthat sad thing is that it will really only effect 10.04.1 or 10.04.2 or whatever ISO build is next01:57
ScottLTheMuso, did you have any luck with the foomatic bug ?01:58
ScottLrlameiro, but its a good step for a LTS version to make sure it works for people who will download it though :)01:58
ScottLit's a powerful act01:59
TheMusoScottL: Haven't even looked yet I'm sorry, got my hands full with some other stuff. I'll do my best to take a peak today at some point.01:59
ScottLTheMuso, is there something i can do to help?01:59
rlameiroScottL: indee02:00
TheMusoScottL: Not really, once I explain what has to be done it shoudl be easier to comprehend, but I have to do it first.02:00
TheMusoOh wait. Colin made the change, but there hasn't been a metapackage upload, in which case, its a package upload away from a fix.02:01
* TheMuso dos that now.02:01
ScottLTheMuso, i had seen that colin had done that and thought it was the fix until astraljava pointed out that it was two weeks old (or so), then i thought it was the catalyst of the problem :P02:03
TheMusoah ok02:04
TheMusoAnyway, I am updating the package nosw.02:04
TheMusonow even02:04
ScottLTheMuso, are you running the ./update command to update the package? (trying to understand the process)02:05
persiaI thought it would have been caught by ScottL's metapackage upload02:05
TheMusoScottL: yes thats what I am doing.02:06
TheMusopersia: Oh I forgot about that...02:06
* persia may be misremembering timing02:06
ScottLbut i thought i did that more than two weeks ago02:06
persiaOh, yeah, it was more than two weeks ago.  Sorry.  That must have been for another change that was breaking stuff.02:07
persiaTheMuso, If you're doing a -meta upload, would you mind disabling ia64/sparc whilst you're at it?02:07
persiaScottL, Right.  Your upload was about the kernel headers.02:08
TheMusopersia: sure.02:08
* ronj is happy to see this bug closing. ScottL could you post to the mailing list once it's fixed and included in the isos?02:08
ScottLpersia, yes, that it was it. sadly i could not remember what it was for, which is surprising since it was my first experience, and you would expect to remember such an experience02:08
ScottLronj, sure02:09
ScottLTheMuso, persia: is this something like the "old days" during studio's formative years?  people hanging around, talking about stuff, doing things, fixing stuff?02:11
* persia wasn't around in the beginning02:11
ScottLi ask because it seems markedly different compared to when i began to hang around02:11
persiaI'll say that there have been previous periods where folks would share bugs, test reports, fix stuff, etc.02:12
persiaWhen you started was a particular low point.02:12
persiaBetween you and holstein, lots of wonderful things are happening.02:12
holsteinthanks persia  :)02:13
* holstein is still learning02:13
ScottLholstein rocks! (tm)02:13
persiaholstein, Really, I can't remember the last time there was this volume of helpful support in our support channel.  Thanks so much!02:14
holsteinthats great02:14
holsteinsometimes i feel like i should be capable of helping more02:14
TheMusoI wasn't around at the very beginning either.02:14
holsteincoding or something02:15
holsteinbut i can only do what i can do02:15
holsteinand im glad to be part of it :)02:15
ScottLholstein, persia is right, you are the cornerstone right now of #ubuntustudio02:16
ScottLthat should earn you membership right there in my opinion02:16
holsteineh, its the least i can do02:16
holsteini learn alot hanging in there trouble-shooting too02:16
ScottLand you should go for your membership, akgraner wants you to as well02:16
ScottLbut you already knew that02:17
holsteini need to get back on that02:17
holsteini had to bail on bugsquad :/02:17
holsteinand i quit a bunch of channels02:17
holsteintrying to thin it out, and focus a bit02:18
TheMusoOk, updated metapackage uploaded, bug task for ubuntustudio-meta added to the bug, which the package will address when approved in the queue.02:24
persiathe bit that confuses me most is that I thought the CD was generated from the task, which comes from LP from the seeds, rather than from the metapackage.  What don't I understand there?02:27
TheMusopersia: There are two pieces to it. The disks are created from the seed bzr branch, and the metapackage. The metapackage governs what is installed and shipped on the disks, and the seeds govern what is shipped on the disk, and a dependency of the metapackage. Colin may be able to explain it better than I can, but they have a tightly woven relationship.02:35
persiaOK.  I'll have to dig through that more: most of my image creation work has been with live images, where the task matters and the metapackage is an afterthought.  Thanks for the outline.02:36
scott-workrlameiro: have you ever had time to check the latest ISO image and see if you could configure your network connection the the patched gnome-network-admin?21:32
scott-worki am having doubts21:33
rlameirois the iso fixed?21:33
rlameiroi am waiting it to be fixed to install it21:33
scott-workand my two 100W monitors with 12" speakers arrived today, i'm so stoked about it :)21:33
scott-workrlameiro: luke updated and pushed the ISO last night, presumably it was fixed today21:33
scott-worktomorrow would probably be a safe time to test it21:34
rlameirook tomorrow i will download it21:34
scott-workrlameiro: i meant, tomorrow would be a good day to DOWNLOAD the ISO to test it21:34
scott-workdownload tomorrow, just in case today's ISO didn't get the fix21:34
scott-workrlameiro: the reason i'm worried about this is because i received some correspondence from someone on ubuntu forums that is having trouble configuring his network but seems to understand what needs to be done22:01
* scott-work is heading home to play with his new monitors :)22:02

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