ronjhi there01:38
ronjScottL, did you have any feedback from Luke about the resolution of the foomatic iso install bug? I just got a pcmcia firewire card to test my audio gear and want to do some rt testing01:39
holsteinTI chipset?01:40
rlameiroronj: nice, you remind mee, i also need to buy one express card with a TI chip....01:40
ronjholstein, dunno yet, part of the fun will be to see whether it works or not...01:40
holsteini had a via one that worked well too01:40
rlameirois it TI ronj ?01:40
holsteinpci card with via chip01:40
rlameirocan you give model and brand?01:41
ronjthis is what I bought: http://www.pc-bits.co.uk/0069-900878-B000UZMZQW-Startech_1_Port_USB_20_and_2_Port_FireWire_ExpressCard_Laptop_Combo_Adapter_Card.html01:41
ronjit is a 34mm PCMCIA card01:42
holsteinits the agere 's that i can get to do anything01:42
ronjgreat :)01:42
ronjand on my production machine it's whatever dell put and I never had any problem01:43
holsteinronj: it might be cool01:43
ronjwhy are you interested in this? is this exotic? are there usually compatibility issues01:43
rlameiroi cant get my latency down because of the chipset01:43
holsteinyou never know what chipset they put in there really01:43
holsteinTI chipsets are the goods01:43
holsteinfor linux01:43
rlameiroTI is the most stable chipset for audio01:43
ronjoh sure, I guess some chipset are better than others01:44
rlameiroholstein: not only linux01:44
holsteinronj: nah01:44
holsteinsome just plain suck01:44
ronjwell wait let me boot a livecd and see what's in. what should I use for this pcmcia thing? lspci ?01:44
holsteinrlameiro: the agere that xruns like hell on my macbook01:44
holsteinruns fine under OSX01:45
holsteinronj: lspci should do it01:45
rlameiroYAY ronj01:47
rlameiroits TI01:47
rlameirolook at technical details01:47
holstein^^ thats the one i got01:47
holsteinrlameiro: sweet :)01:48
holsteinronj: you got the goods :)01:48
rlameiroTI XIO220001:48
ronjweeeeeeell good but I'm unable to see it in lspci :-/01:48
ronjooooooh: "expresscard: disabled" in the BIOS01:49
ronjmust explain this01:49
rlameiroronj: usually that is called an EPIC FAIL01:49
ronjrlameiro, heh at least I realized it, so it must be a semi-EPICFAIL01:50
rlameirowell, on that you are very true01:51
rlameirojust FAIL then01:51
rlameirowell, most of people would shout out to everyone saying that linux sucks, that nothing works01:51
rlameiroetc etc etc....01:51
ronjyay! FireWire (IEEE 1394): Texas Instruments XI02200(A)01:52
ronjlucky boy01:52
rlameiroyou got the nice stuff01:52
ronjoh by the way, [announce] I recently bought two control surfaces: a Korg nanoKontrol as a portable cheap mixer, and a Behringer FCB1010 as a foot controller for sampling / triggering. if anyone here has similar crap and would like to share tips/advice, would be great01:54
persiaSome BIOS implementations provide user interfaces to enable/disable parts so that folks who don't use stuff can save power.  Often these are end-user adjustable.01:54
holsteincool ronj , you should announce that in #opensourcemusicians01:55
holsteinive seen chatter about that foot controller01:55
ronjholstein, thanks, didn't know this channel, is it on freenode?01:55
rlameiroronj: I have a FCB1010!!!!01:55
holsteinrlameiro: i bet you were the one chattering about it ;)01:56
ScottLronj, i do not yet, i haven't heard from him but i'll give him a poke though :)01:56
rlameiroholstein: probably01:56
ronjthanks ScottL01:56
rlameiroronj: its a pain in the ass to programm it, but there is some guys that make a firmware for it, and then its way more easy , and you can programm it on your computer :D01:57
ronjrlameiro, yup I just ordered a UnO chip01:57
rlameirolol :D01:58
ronj16euros, fine bugfixing and nice addons, I'm sold01:58
rlameiroi need to order mine01:58
rlameiroI just use the default settings it comes from factory01:58
ronjoh you have a FCB1010 too?01:58
rlameiroi love puredata :D01:58
rlameiroyes I have01:58
ronjrlameiro, cool. I'm just discovering it and am fiddling with sooperlooper and rakarrack. do you have interesting software / advice to share?01:59
rlameiroronj: i use it on this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNsOtl8ia0k01:59
rlameiroronj: my advice is puredata, but i know that that its not for everyone02:00
rlameirowell, need to go to bed, cya tomorrow, good luck ronj , bye holstein02:01
ronjrlameiro, I never ever tried puredata (quite intimidating at the beginning) but ok I take note02:01
ronjthanks rlameiro, good night02:01
holsteinrlameiro: GN :)02:01
mammigta souris commence à deconner09:28
mammignot the good window09:28

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