charlie-tcahmm, They want to know if we can do an UbuntuOpenWeek session - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek16:11
charlie-tcaI know we can. Who wants to do it?16:12
charlie-tcaOpportunity knocking! let's get some exposure to the end users16:22
TheSheepcharlie-tca: I'm sorry, I have another conference around that time.16:27
charlie-tcaanything we want to talk about there?16:28
charlie-tcaor should I just babble?16:28
TheSheepit's better to not do anything than to babble, imho16:28
charlie-tcaheh, I could see that16:29
TheSheepsome summary of what's new and whats coming would be nice16:29
charlie-tcaI guess I could work something up. I just thought it would be nice to get some more people involved in the talks16:30
TheSheepit would, sorry again16:30
charlie-tcaNo problem. When the first email came out, they asked specifically for new people to get involved, and that wasn't me16:32
charlie-tcaUnfortunately, that seems to apply to most of us that do these sessions on a regular basis now.16:34
charlie-tcamr_pouit, pleia2, cody-somerville, ochosi : any opinions on this? Anyone want to do the session? anyone want anything in particular brought up during the session?16:37
pleia2charlie-tca: unfortunately I'm going to be out of the country that week on vacation w/ limited internet access16:57
charlie-tcaWell, got any ideas?16:57
pleia2I think the "what's new" thing is good, and during my user days session on xfce people quite liked the screenshots and when I discussed how xubuntu is still kinda like old ubuntu (ships with gimp? didn't move the window control buttons? yay!)16:58
charlie-tcaGreat! I will do the session, I suppose. I really want the exposure for xubuntu. Without these sessions, we kind of get lost in the users minds16:59
pleia2yeah, and lately lxde/lubuntu has stolen some of xubuntu's thunder16:59
charlie-tcatrue. We need to publicize more, I believe. 17:00
charlie-tcaOMG! I forgot about my internet connection crawling. Three installs at one time; down to 40kB/s17:05
* charlie-tca slaps head... good time lag on xchat too. 17:06
charlie-tcamr_pouit: did we have someone working on appindicator support for Xfce? 19:10
ochosihi charlie-tca 19:18
ochosihey mr_pouit :)19:19
charlie-tcaThaks, mr_pouit 19:19
charlie-tcaHello, ochosi 19:19
ochosiwas away, just wanted to stop by for the session-thing19:19
charlie-tcaYou want to do it, or you got ideas?19:20
ochosiif you need help/feedback on what you're planning for the session let me know19:20
ochosimy problem is that during that week i'll be in germany19:20
ochosiso most likely no interwebs...19:20
charlie-tcahmm, where can I be... Everybody else is going to be somewhere :-)19:20
ochosiyou're @home?19:21
ochosigood ;)19:21
ochosi*someone* always has to be19:21
charlie-tcayeah, it is good to be at home sometimes 19:21
ochosiif you want you could set up a wiki page for people to contribute ideas/materials for your talk19:22
charlie-tcahmm, I hadn't thought of that. It is a good idea19:23
charlie-tcaA wiki page to put ideas for UbuntuOpenWeek session for Xubuntu - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/UbuntuOpenWeek20:39
charlie-tcaThanks, ochosi 20:39
ochosicharlie-tca: yw20:40

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