n8wive formated my swap partition n since then i keep gettin: swapon: cannot find the device for UUID=f3c84cbe-4f72-4921-a73c-1b7b7a7e330d00:11
Torchn8w: you cannot format a swap partition ;-)00:11
well_laid_lawnit prob has a diff uuid00:12
Torchn8w: the uuid has changed00:12
Torchn8w: adjust your /etc/fstab accordingly00:12
Torchn8w: get the new uuid with blkid00:12
n8wTorch:  ive been there,but i couldnt find the new UUID00:12
Torchn8w: from a shell, run blkid00:12
Torchn8w: it should list all file systems and swap partitions on your system00:12
n8wTorch:  ohh yee got it00:13
n8w/dev/sda7: UUID="798963f2-49d1-4eb8-8d1b-f5c211a50689" TYPE="swsuspend"00:13
n8wTorch:  hmm the weird thing is that gparted shows my swap partition as unformated00:13
Torchn8w: don't use gparted.00:13
Torchdolio: this is kubuntu ;-)00:14
Torchooops, sorry dolio00:14
Torchn8w: that was for you ;-)00:14
n8wTorch:  ;)00:14
Torchn8w: use kde partition manager if you want a GUI. or run swapon and swapoff from a shell to see if it works.00:15
n8wTorch:  hmm ive changed fstab,but after runin swapon -a i got this: swapon: /dev/sda7: software suspend data detected. Rewriting the swap signature.00:18
n8wTorch:  then ive run it again n i didnt get any output00:19
n8wTorch:  how do i test whether the swap is functional?00:19
Torchn8w: no output means no error.00:20
n8wTorch:  :)) though so00:20
n8wTorch:  shall i restart or smth?00:20
Torchn8w: cat /proc/swaps tells you if it's being used00:20
Torchn8w: no. this is not windows ;-)00:21
n8wTorch:  /dev/sda7                               partition       4208988 0       -100:21
Torchn8w: if the partition is listed, it's ok.00:21
n8wTorch:  aight;)00:21
n8wTorch:  thx00:21
n8wim gonna try to hibernate00:22
cjae_will kde 4.5 be given to 10.04 only through backports?00:41
well_laid_lawnthere's a ppa for it ...00:43
well_laid_lawnit's in the topic00:44
coreycan anyone see me?00:49
well_laid_lawncorey:  nope - just what you type00:50
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Torchwardgom: what's your problem?01:28
wardgomSorry, orchestra newbie.  You weren't supposed to see.that.01:29
Torchwardgom: well.. and the band plays on ;-)01:29
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stevenanyone know how to change my main hardrives and move all my system files02:16
well_laid_lawnsteven:  I use mondo and mindi for that - dd will work too02:17
stevendd? you got xvidcap02:20
well_laid_lawnnever used xvidcap - dd copies files/partitions etc02:21
stevenok just seeing if you can show me how to on dvd that how thay do it on youtube thank you.02:25
well_laid_lawnI don't know about that youtube clip at all - what did they use?02:28
multipassanyone able to help me with a Kate editor FTP problem?03:25
brian___I've got a good number of issues03:46
brian___and I'm wondering if anyone feels like helping me03:47
claydohbrian___: ask away, someone might be able to help03:53
brian___So after much deliberation03:53
brian___and a nice sale03:53
brian___I finally purchased a new laptop, an Inspiron 176403:53
brian___Now, I have come to discover, sadly, that it has a few issues with Kubuntu 10.0403:53
brian___The Wireless card installed doesn't work03:53
brian___as well as the hibernate function doesn't work either03:53
claydohbrian___: so it seems the suspend issue is already known03:55
claydohbrian___: the wireless need the broadcom sta driver it seems03:55
brian___Strangely it seems to say the wifi thing isn't a problem03:55
brian___I think I figured it out03:56
brian___But I still have to fix the suspend thing03:56
FloodBotK2brian___: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:56
claydohbrian___: I was just goinf to say  that  ^^^03:57
brian___I guess the broadcom sta driver wasn't enabled by default03:57
brian___But this non hibernating thing is a serious issue03:58
claydohbrian___: usually there should be a prompt to install  the restricted driver you need, but you can do that from the Driver manager applet03:58
brian___I've got the driver installing for the wifi03:59
claydohbut also note this wiki page is one person's report iirc, perhaps someone has discovered a fix03:59
brian___TThere is apost there04:01
brian___Who claims to be able to solve both wifi and the sleep function04:01
brian___but it involves screwing with the kernel04:01
claydohperhaps this is fixed in the next version04:02
brian___Thats not out to October 10th is it?04:02
claydohbut trying a different kernel isn't too hard, it adds an extra entry to your boot menu, so  if it does not work, you can boot back into the previous one04:03
claydohbut you might also try a livecd version of maverick to see if it does supend, i  *think* you can suspend from a livecd, never have tried that myself04:06
claydohnew hardware often has thos sort of trouble sometimes, as the kernel folks have to figure out how the bits work04:07
* claydoh would love to have the problem of new hardware :)04:08
claydohno complaints, but my  7 year old laptop is just beginning to show its age04:09
lordganeshHow to establish internet connection to bsnl dsl modem in Knetworkmanager?04:48
apple_catlordganesh: How are you connecting to the modem?04:50
apple_catlordganesh: I'm assuming you want to use the internet on a kubuntu computer using your dsl modem. If you are connecting through ethernet in most cases the connection will be automatic, but if you are trying to connect through wireless it probably won't be automatic as you might have a password to use the wirless04:52
juankrlosaqui se abla español? or speak englis?04:56
apple_cathi juankrlos, if you want kubuntu help in Spanish there are language specific help channels04:57
apple_catjuankrlos: #kubuntu-es #ubuntu-es04:57
juankrlosok thanks04:58
apple_catjuankrlos: : ) no problem, if those rooms are no help you're welcome to come back here and ask, but it's an English channel here04:58
Destonedthis may seem stupid, but i am in a big rush.. I need someone to help me set up WOM CLIENT on ubuntu 10.04. I cant figure it out05:31
DestonedWom CLIENT is a custom client wrapper for Minecraft05:31
Destonedanyone amiliar with .sh files/Minecraft/WOMCLIENT05:40
apple_catDestoned: Are you following a tutorial on how to set it up on a different linux distro and need help with kubuntu specific stuff?05:41
apple_catDestoned: Could you give some more details about what you want help with05:48
cjaehow do I change login sounds kde 4.5?05:48
* cjae hates the new system settings05:49
apple_catcjae: System Settings -> System Notifications -> KDE System Notifications05:52
cjaeapple_cat: never saw the drop down box, ok which one for login05:53
cjaekde workspace05:54
apple_catcjae: If you're on the screen I think (hope) you are, there will be a list starting with 'Logout, Information Message, Wastebin: Emptied, ...05:55
cjaeI see now thanks05:56
apple_catcjae: No problem : ) So that's all fixed then?05:56
cjaeapple_cat: yep06:11
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lucidfoxIs it possible to make the embedded console in Kate black-on-white, and the regular Konsole white-on-black?06:57
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tishhi, anybody knows how to put kmail in the message indicator in kde 4.5.1?09:07
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IIVQmorning all09:24
IIVQI started up kubuntu this morning and I have no window borders/titlebars09:24
=== niels_ is now known as nielsbusch
IIVQand the keyboard stays in the last open window (i.e. firefox) even though I can mouse to other windows09:25
IIVQanyone know what I can do with this?09:27
IIVQthere just seems to be no WM at all09:32
supermagnumhello, does anyone know if the driver for intel 82852/855GM chipset supports openGL ?09:47
IIVQhi super09:48
IIVQI don't but thsi channel seems pretty dead09:49
supermagnumim am trying to run freeorion, but it looks like theres some problem with openGL since i get a segmentation fault error..09:50
well_laid_lawnsupermagnum:  tried reading the log to find out?09:51
supermagnumwell_laid: thats the only message in the log09:51
supermagnum:~$ freeorion09:52
supermagnumSegmentation fault09:52
well_laid_lawnsupermagnum:  I meant the X ;og - /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:52
well_laid_lawnsupermagnum:  I meant the X log - /var/log/Xorg.0.log09:52
supermagnumill take a look09:52
supermagnumthats a huge logfile..09:54
supermagnumis there a place i can paste it ?09:55
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:57
supermagnumwell_laid : http://www.heypasteit.com/clip/NAL09:58
well_laid_lawnsupermagnum:  you can use the tab button to complete nicks - try typing wel and hitting the tab button09:59
supermagnumwell_laid_lawn: ok10:00
well_laid_lawnsupermagnum:  looks like you are using the vesa driver there10:02
well_laid_lawnnot the intel one10:02
supermagnumah.. how do i fix that ?10:02
supermagnumthe one that supports intel is installed10:03
well_laid_lawnthe old school way (which will still work) is to make a xorg.conf file or google for one, and put it into /etc/X11/ and restart the x server10:03
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well_laid_lawnI would google   intel 82852/855GM xorg.conf10:05
supermagnumwell_laid_lawn: what it i do unistall the vesa drivers ?10:05
well_laid_lawnsupermagnum:  you don't need to uninstall it - just offer X a new config filre10:05
supermagnumi changed the "vesa" value in the file to "intel".10:10
well_laid_lawnI don't think that is the driver name10:11
well_laid_lawnoops - it is the right name supermagnum10:12
supermagnumwell_laid_lawn: hehe10:12
well_laid_lawntry logging out/in10:12
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Destonedlucky ur not the one banned11:58
Acido-so are you using kubuntu11:58
Destonedare u a fag?11:59
Acido-I like penis11:59
lucidfoxwhat an... insightful and mature conversation12:00
ner0xHow can I find the UUID of an ipod to put in fstab?12:31
Techtronicner0x: You can find all detected device by uuid with ls: ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid/12:35
ner0xTechtronic: Thanks! I found blkid in the meantime.12:35
ner0xTechtronic: What happens if it doesn't show the id? /dev/sdd3 isn't an option?12:40
ner0xIpods are worthless. :-/13:05
esi108hola cabrones13:06
esi108soy gay13:06
esi108im gay13:06
FloodBotK2esi108: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.13:06
esi108I like suck enormous dicksss!13:06
apple_catHi, how do I disable the OSD for kmix when adjusting volume with laptop shortcut keys? Whenever I am watching flash videos full screen and change the volume using the shortcut keys, the window will automatically exit fullscreen13:17
phoenix_is there a channel for general computer hardware queries13:42
Piciphoenix_: ##hardware13:42
phoenix_Pici: its not working13:43
Piciphoenix_: You need to register/identify to join13:43
Pici!register | phoenix_13:43
ubottuphoenix_: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode13:43
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phoenix_firebrdPici: i joined the channel .thank you13:53
=== jk_ is now known as mr_roboto
phoenix_firebrdPici: are you there14:13
Piciphoenix_firebrd: yes.14:13
=== mr_roboto is now known as mister_roboto
phoenix_firebrdthe guys in the hardware a talking out of topic and also political rubbish. i need small help from you to configure  harrware monitoring widget14:14
phoenix_firebrdPici: the guys in the hardware a talking out of topic and also political rubbish. i need small help from you to configure  harrware monitoring widget14:16
whilo_i have installed 10.10 on one of my machines and to my surprise the radeon 5750 worked both with kernel mode-setting and even with kwin opengl composition14:16
Piciphoenix_firebrd: I'm a bit busy here at the moment though, perhaps someone else could help you.  Or perhaps try #ubuntu14:16
Piciwhilo_: Maverick support is in #ubuntu+1 only.14:16
whilo_it has some delays (feels like slow motion effect) in animations though and full screen video (especially flash) is too slow, even though it is a quadcore14:16
whilo_Pici: ok thx14:17
phoenix_firebrdPici: its ok i will manage. thank you14:17
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eMylleri've just installed newest xorg stuff14:25
eMyllerand i can't use desktop effects anymore. :)14:25
eMyllerif i disable functionality checks, i can't even click a button, it becomes to slow14:26
eMyllerhow do i revert a dist-upgrade? :D14:26
well_laid_lawnI would check the X log first14:28
eMyllerwell_laid_lawn: any specific information to find in it?14:30
eMylleri see nothing relevant...14:31
well_laid_lawnsomething about dri or gl not being enabled I would think14:31
eMyllerhm, nothing. i'm tailing the log and all i see after trying to re-enable effects is:14:32
eMyller[  1291.102] (II) intel(0): Printing DDC gathered Modelines:14:32
eMyller[  1291.102] (II) intel(0): Modeline "1280x800"x0.0   68.90  1280 1301 1333 1408  800 801 804 813 -hsync -vsync (48.9 kHz)14:32
well_laid_lawntry a grep -i  for dri14:32
eMyllerwell_laid_lawn: http://dpaste.com/248356/14:34
eMyller'k' what? :P14:35
well_laid_lawnseems fine there - k = ok I'll look14:35
eMylleroh, ty14:36
eMylleryeah, it seems fine... but it doesnt work.14:36
well_laid_lawnline 35 says dri2 is enabled so that isn't the issue14:36
eMylleri shouldnt've installed edge versions. :S14:36
sobokuIm sure this has been covered but can someone give me the url to add firefox 4 to kubuntu 10.10 software managers source list?14:37
well_laid_lawnyou play with fire you'll get burnt sometimes :]14:37
eMyllerhehe, yeah. this is not the first time. :B14:37
well_laid_lawnsoboku:  I'm sure someone in #ubuntu+1 would have done that14:37
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+114:38
eMyllerwell_laid_lawn: if i remove the edgers' ppa and add a stable one, how can i revert? :D14:38
eMyllerpurge xorg && install xorg14:38
sobokuok thanks14:38
well_laid_lawneMyller:  purging xorg might take kde with it14:39
eMyllerhm, actually just the meta packages kubuntu-desktop and xorg.14:40
eMyllernothing else.14:40
well_laid_lawnthat'll be fine then - the meta package is an mt thing14:41
eMylleralso it'll do nothing. :\14:41
vbgunzim looking for a way to one click my system into going beast and consume all power for performance and then one click to go professional jew. anybody know of something like this?14:45
well_laid_lawnI use cpufreq and a bash script I made for that vbgunz14:46
vbgunzwell_laid_lawn: I have an idea how to set up solid-powermanagement in a script for that but that doesn't effect nvidias power management. I am only thinking in terms of cpu/gpu here. am I missing something or are those the only two that matter?14:47
well_laid_lawnI wouldn't worry about the gpu personally14:48
vbgunzif I leave nvidias power facility to remain at adapative I get some bad effect performance. everything feels just a tiny bit choppy. if I put nvidia at full performance, effects work out like a champ. so it does effect experience somewhat14:50
well_laid_lawnI no nothing about nvidias power management sorry14:53
vbgunzwell_laid_lawn: its cool. I just thought there would be a magical plasma widget that would balance this for me. I looked through them all and could find various monitors but nothing along the line of one click monster/wimp14:54
well_laid_lawnvbgunz:  evidently it is not too hard to make plasma widgets tho I haven't tried14:55
James147vbgunz: the battery widget can switch powermanagment profiles14:55
well_laid_lawnyou would still need cpufreq tho14:56
James147vbgunz: (also krunner)14:56
vbgunzI thought solid-powermanagement did this stuff. is that an aliad for cpufreq? I can using solid-pm query and set performance for my cpu14:57
vbgunzusing krunner and searching for cpufreq, a plasma widget did come up saying I need plasma-cupfreq14:58
well_laid_lawnthere you go then :]14:58
well_laid_lawn"a magical plasma widget"14:59
James147vbgunz: I would set up profiles in the powermanagement part of system settings, then use the batterywidget or krunner to switch profiles (you can set scripts to run when a profile is switched if it dosent have the settings you need14:59
vbgunzwell_laid_lawn: I can't help but think this will only affect my cpu performance. I was looking for something that would affect all performance including nvidia. btw, no repos seem to have the plasma-cpufreq package. an apt-cache search shows nothing either :/15:00
vbgunzgonna search for cpufreq, see whats up15:00
vbgunzright now I am using miserwares granola application. I am gonna see if that helps15:01
avihaysay, how do I switch between powerdevil profiles?15:02
James147avihay: the battery widget or type in krunner "power profile XXX"15:02
well_laid_lawnvbgunz:  afaik changing the gpu power profile is a fairly new thing - but I am far from all knowing...15:04
avihaysay, how do I switch between powerdevil profiles?15:04
well_laid_lawn<James147> avihay: the battery widget or type in krunner "power profile XXX"15:05
avihayoh, thats new. thanks well_laid_lawn15:06
well_laid_lawnavihay:  best to thank James147 - all I did was copy/paste :]15:06
avihayoh, thanks James147. my connection is *insert corny metaphore for unstable*15:09
vbgunzoh damn15:12
vbgunzgotta test hibernation15:13
James147avihay: no problem :)15:13
* James147 waves vbgunz good luck15:14
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chinmayaI want to know is kdelibs a part of the KUbuntu distro or it needs to be installed separately ?15:31
James147chinmaya: if it wasent kubuntu would be kubuntu :)15:31
well_laid_lawn!info kdelibs15:31
ubottukdelibs (source: kdelibs): core libraries from the official KDE release. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:3.5.10.dfsg.1-3ubuntu2 (lucid), package size 2 kB, installed size 84 kB15:31
well_laid_lawn^^ says it is optional tho15:32
James147!info kdelibs515:32
ubottukdelibs5 (source: kde4libs): core libraries for all KDE 4 applications. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.4.2-0ubuntu4 (lucid), package size 7220 kB, installed size 29364 kB15:32
James147^^ thats the kde4 one15:33
well_laid_lawnthat's better :]15:33
chinmayahow to check which packages come with the KUbuntu distro15:33
well_laid_lawnI didn't think it made sense...15:33
well_laid_lawndpkg -l   ?15:34
chinmayacant we see it in KpackageKit ?15:34
James147well_laid_lawn: on a freshinstall at least ^^15:34
James147chinmaya: you can15:35
James147well, by catigory...15:35
James147dpkg -l is easier :)15:35
* James147 cant wait for kpackagekit in maverick :D15:36
chinmayawas trying to install Maverick today and it crashed at the installer window . :(15:37
well_laid_lawnchinmaya:  at this stage of it's developement that prob means a bad cd burn or iso15:38
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows15:39
James147^^ check the image first woulld be a good step15:40
James147oo, kpackagkit in maverick can list all installed packages :D15:40
chinmayain october its geting officially released ..any idea on the date15:41
* James147 also likes the import/export packagelist in it15:41
James147chinmaya: think its normally the first few weeks... will check now15:42
James147chinmaya: set for 10th, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MaverickReleaseSchedule  it is sometimes slightly late depending on last miniute problems15:42
chinmayahmm..thats gud to hear ...i downloaded the beta version dvd today..15:43
James147chinmaya: I would check the cd and image to see if they are cruppt, it could have just been that15:45
James147chinmaya: anyreason you dled the dvd? for most people the cd should be enough (save on bandwidth/time)15:45
chinmayausually i dwnld the dvd15:45
chinmayatakes about 3 to 4 hrs for me a 3.5 gb dvd15:46
James147chinmaya: :) the cd should be enough. and will dl much quicker... most the time you would only use whats on the cd anyway, and download the rest form the online repos15:46
chinmayai have installed suse , ubuntu dvd's and also i am running the 10.04 version but it never crashed15:47
James147(its more designed to install this off of if you done have a fast connection to one computer)15:47
chinmayahmm..thats true15:48
chinmayain windows we do have system restore ..do we have something in kubuntu as well ?15:49
=== test___ is now known as dyli
Torchchinmaya: yes. it's called "sane package management" ;-)15:52
virenhi there16:52
TaggnostrI'm having some problem configuring two monitors with an nvidia card. The first is connect through DVI and has 1920x1200 resolution and it works fine. The second is connected through VGA and has a 1680x1050 resolution, but the nvidia control panel shows 1280x1024 as max available resolution. How can I set 1680x1050?16:53
glaucous(From #ubuntu) Is there a way to suppress sleep when a specific application is running? Amarok for instance, doesn't suppress sleep when playing music.17:01
LinexWhat brand of wireless mouse and wireless keyboard is good for linux ?17:04
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ScuniziWhere do I find the Akonadi control error logs?17:20
dasKreechScunizi: I think you can look at them from the akonadi systray applet17:22
dasKreechMostlikely they are in ~/.kde/share/apps17:22
ScunizidasKreech: ok.. I'll take a look.. on every boot Kontact report and error with Akonadi.. after stopping Akonadi and restarting it, it syncs fine and I have access to my contact data.. but the Akonadi server self test report a red "X" next to 1> No resource agents found 2> Previous Akonadi server error log and 3> Current Akonadi control error log.... drives me nuts.17:24
dasKreechScunizi: wouldn't #akonadi be a good place to query?17:25
Scuniziprobably.. didn't even think to see if they had a channel.. thanks.17:25
vbgunzI want to try uswsusp to try and hibernate/resume. installing uswsusp is not the only thing I need to do and the man page ain't helping me. how do I tell 10.04 to use uswsusp for hibernate/suspend?17:48
=== v3n``afk is now known as v3nd3tta``
vbgunzwell, gonna test uswsusp17:59
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ubuntui have dualboot with windoze vista and my ubuntu home partition is located at d:\ubuntu\disks\root.disk. some time ago i got something like 'the disk drive for / is not ready yet or not mounted' in fstab / is /host/ubuntu/disks/root.disk18:58
=== gabriella is now known as GERON
ubuntuhow can i fix this?18:58
ubuntui guess UUID's are unsuitable in this situation18:59
ubuntuanybody? bump!19:07
yzraellalguien que me pueda ayudar19:10
yzraellplease who can help me19:10
BluesKajubuntu, run sudo blkid  and look for something like dev/sda1: UUID="5FF950D1187A8626" TYPE="ntfs"19:10
BluesKaj!ask |yzraell19:12
ubottuyzraell: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:12
ubuntuBluesKaj: already did this. if i mount /dev/sda3(D:\) by uuid in fstab, would ubuntu work?19:12
yzraellchanel in spanish i'm new in ubuntu19:13
=== ghost is now known as Guest13733
ToxinPoweyzraell: #archilinux-es19:13
BluesKajubuntu, don't think so , my windows partition isn't even listed in fstab19:14
ubuntuthe part of my fstab is "/host/ubuntu/disks/root.disk /               ext4    loop,errors=remount-ro 0       1"19:15
BluesKajubuntu, mtab seems to handling the whole drive including windows partitions19:16
ubuntuhow do i get rid of "the disk drive for / is not ready yet or not mounted" error?19:16
BluesKajubuntu, check etc/mtab for your windows partirion , mine is : /dev/sda1 /media/disk fuseblk rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096 0 019:17
ubuntuthe same but for /dev/sda319:18
yzraellalguien que me peuda ayudar por favor19:19
ubuntuand i can see ubuntu/disks/root.disk there19:20
ubuntuwhat's the matter then?19:20
ubuntuwhat's user_id=0,group_id=0 in /etc/mtab?19:27
chaayai've been using kontact for imap mail to three accounts, and starting on wednesday, for no apparent reason, it will not update the email, will not open email, and provides no errors/dialogs. just... no go.19:29
chaayayou open it, it shows the mail folders as they were on wednesday, and that's it. if you reply to a message in list, a dialog about download the message comes up, and nothing happens, it just sits there.19:29
BluesKajubuntu, so what isn't working for you ..we need to get back to basics here , what is your computer not doing that we need to fix ?19:30
ubuntuBluesKaj: on load it says "the disk drive for / is not ready yet or not mounted" and prompts for 's' or 'm' i.e. skip or fix manually19:31
ubuntui'll post fstab and mtab now19:31
BluesKajubuntu, use F key , mine does the same once in a while , dunno whay19:32
BluesKajerr why19:32
ubuntuhttp://pastebin.ca/1948285 mtab19:32
ubuntuBluesKaj: what do u mean/ Just pressin' 'F' key when i see this message?19:33
BluesKajthat's at boot up, right ?19:33
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ubuntuhttp://pastebin.ca/1948286 fstab19:34
BluesKajI saw that19:34
BluesKaj yeah just hit the F key for fix .sometimes you have to hit it twice , there's a small bug causing the problem akaik19:35
ubuntuit shows kubuntu logo and a progressbar below, after which i got this eror19:35
ubuntuBluesKaj: Thanks, will try that19:35
* ubuntu leaves19:36
BluesKajubuntu, is your pc 4yrs or older , it sems to be a prob on some so called older pcs19:36
chaayaanyone else having Kontact issues?19:44
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QwertHow to find package memory details from KPackageKit?20:14
PiciQwert: What do you mean by 'Memory details'?20:17
QwertPici: Like how in synaptic, we can find the amount of MB being downloaded for a particular package..20:17
QwertPici: I only want to know the memory/size of package20:19
PiciQwert: I personally don't know, but was trying to see what you were looking for.20:21
QwertPici: No problem. Anyways thanks :)20:22
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skaftihow can i choose what programs open automatcly in startup }20:36
skaftiI used this program 2 months ago and it still opens when i start the computer up :)20:37
glaucousskafti: Checked Autostart?20:37
glaucousskafti: Otherwise do 'cat /etc/rc.local'20:38
glaucousAnd see if it autostarts there20:38
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ubottuTo mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.21:07
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto21:09
Qwertv3nd3tta: What are you looking for?21:09
v3nd3tta``idk a friend wants to install mint 921:09
v3nd3tta``is there a mint chan here?21:09
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org21:10
v3nd3tta``ty maco :>21:12
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Scunizido Synaptic Package manager and kPackageKit make use of the same database or method of knowing what is and isn't installed?21:49
xliveumm hay guys21:49
James147Scunizi: as far as I know they do... they can also be used with apt-get or aptitude21:49
xliveI kinda need a help acctually I should be on ubuntu channel .. but accidently I pasted some porn link out there21:49
xliveactually it was in my clipbored .. and I thougth pasted somthing else21:50
xliveand I just got banned ..21:50
xliveumm Im using irssi . I dont know how to use thing thing clearly .21:50
xlivekinda new to linux21:50
ScuniziJames147: thanks.. kpackagekit doesn't have a reinstall or purge option..21:50
James147Scunizi: hmm, yeah, kpackagekit is the newist packagmangment software and so is missing quite a few features... the one in maverick is shiny though :)21:51
James147(not that you should upgrade... yet... :)  )21:52
James147Scunizi: I tend to every now and then run: "sudo aptitude purge ~c" to clean up the config files :)21:53
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James147( ~c  matches packages that have been removed but still have config files about: "aptitude search ~c" will list then)21:53
dasKreechThought that would match the home directory of anyone named 'c'21:54
James147dasKreech: not in aptitude as far as I know... at least I think it was ~21:54
James147yeah, ~c in aptitude matches removed (not purged) packages21:55
dasKreechah ok21:56
James147dasKreech: also, cd ~j jsut says no file or directory found, dosent seem to match home21:56
dasKreechJames147: because you don't have a user named j21:57
dasKreechtry cd ~root21:57
James147ahh yeah :)21:57
dasKreech~/j is your user's directory labeled j under your home directory21:58
James147dasKreech: not sure how aptitude gets the ~c then :) ... but it does21:58
dasKreech~j is the user j's home directory21:58
James147 (also ~i for installed and ~p for not installed)21:59
dasKreechJames147: probably it's a fall through. If bash finds a user named c then it will replace that with a path since there isn't then it passes it along as is which Aptitude then uses21:59
* James147 wonders what happens if he creates a user named c22:00
dasKreechadduser d will probably break that22:00
dasKreechor c22:00
dasKreechtry it22:00
ScuniziJames147: yea.. I use apt-get a lot.. but sometimes I find a need for the graphical interface just to find a package that I'm not sure of how to spell or really even what it is.22:01
James147dasKreech: yup, it breaks it (silently :S )22:01
* James147 uses aptitude search for that...22:02
dasKreechJames147: thought so. Remove the user (or at least the home directory entry in /etc/passwd and it should work again22:02
dasKreechJames147: Not being able to spell greatly hampers conducive search without an autocorrect22:02
James147dasKreech: have you seen my spelling :)  and does kpackagekit autocorrect spelling?22:03
James147Scunizi: but eitherway, you sould be fine to use any commbonation of apt-get, aptitude kpackagekit or synaptic  without issue22:04
dasKreechJames147: I was speaking about Scunizi's comment. searching on the command line without having an auto correct and bad spelling is a little difficult22:05
James147(they all, essentually rely on dpkg )22:05
dasKreechThe comand line makes the assumption that you know what you are doing22:05
dasKreechThe Gui will do search as you type or some ridiculous thing like that22:05
dasKreechhelps a lot if you are clueless (which a lot of guis assume)22:05
James147dasKreech: the way I have seen kpackagekit work, it seems to work the same as if I did a aptitude search  (was ment to be my comment)22:06
Scuniziit seems I have Adobe flash player browser plugin installed for version 1:2.8.2 for my 64 bit install... :(22:06
* dasKreech shrugs. Don't really use it that much22:06
ScuniziHow do I tell what version of flash in currently installed?  (Non free version)22:07
James147Scunizi: the non free flash is in package: flashplayer-installer22:08
James147well... that package installes it :)22:08
James147(it should grab it from the web and install it)22:08
James147sorry, flashplugin-installer22:08
ScuniziJames147: ah .. I was wondering why I couldn't find it.22:09
dasKreechYou are not allowed for #sex22:14
ScuniziWell... that fixed my flash problem... installed 10.1 and the right plugin and viola!  an online work app driven by adobe air with a .net middleware now works on 64 bit..22:16
* James147 votes for html522:17
Scunizime too...22:17
WaleedI can not log to the desktop, the system freezes after inserting the password, can anyone help plz22:53
James147Waleed: try switching to a tty stopping kdm (sudo stop kdm) and running "startx" see if it tell you anything useful22:54
WaleedJames147: it does not respond to anything its just freezes22:55
incentienthi, can someone help me find out how ls, ps, netstat become owned by haldaemon on my karmic kola installation22:55
incentientwont let me use ls anymore...22:55
incentientsimiliar thing happens on 10.04 been happening for the last few months no rhyme or reason22:55
Waleedeven when I choose the recovery boot and choose filsesafe, it does not boot22:55
dasKreechWaleed: wHERE does it freeze on the recovery boot?22:56
dasKreechincentient: check your cron jobs?22:56
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WaleeddasKreech: it does not freeze when I use recovery boot only work on terminal and when i do startx it freezes after entering the password22:58
incentientsets path and shell22:58
incentientin crontab22:58
incentienta few other things actually..  not entirely sure what i'm looking at lol22:59
incentientsome reports22:59
incentientyea its just the default crontab22:59
Waleedcan anyone help me to remove a process from starting up with the system through the tty23:02
Waleedwhen I do startx in the tty it stops at a black empty screen23:05
dasKreechWaleed: checked your ~/.xsession-errors file?23:05
Waleedno dasKreech23:06
dasKreechincentient: is there a last accessed date on the files? or any process owned by that user?23:06
Waleedhow can i do so23:06
dasKreechWaleed: less ~username/.xsession-errors23:06
incentientthe file size changed23:07
incentientto 3969623:07
incentienton both broken installs..23:07
incentientsays like 200923:07
incentientbut i was going to say, on my working installs the size is 11403223:08
dasKreechPerhaps a backup being written into the filesystems?23:08
incentientaccess dates stayed the same 2009-10-0623:08
WaleeddasKreech: it has a lot of lines in it23:08
incentienthmm i really have no idea, all i set these up to do is host a php application my company makes23:10
incentientmysql, apache, squid a few other things23:10
incentienti have similar setup on my vm inmy macbook for months this never happened23:11
incentientonly on production servers23:11
incentientthink this was a rootit?23:12
James147incentient: i would be supiscous... but I cannot say for sure, my ls is 114k23:13
James147s/114/112/ :D23:14
WaleeddasKreech: there is a line says: could not access kephald, falling back to QDesktopWidget23:14
incentienti think i found it23:15
incentientthats exactly what happened23:15
incentientyea mine too on good ones23:15
Waleedcan a anyone help plz23:19
James147Waleed: sorry, i got distracted :) ... what happened when you tryed startx23:20
Waleedit loads at black empty screen23:21
dasKreechWaleed: look for ones that say EE23:21
dasKreechWaleed: Alt+ctrl+F1 doesn't work?23:22
James147Waleed: alt+printscreen+k  should bring you back to the ternimal... did it say anything intresting?23:22
James147(or what dasKreech said)23:22
WaleedJames147: Alt+Ctrl+F1 give me something i will write down23:23
dasKreechWaleed: does it say login ?23:24
dasKreechWaleed: put in your user name and password to login on the command line23:24
WaleeddasKreech: no it give ane error with (WW) flag23:24
dasKreechoh great :)23:25
dasKreechwhat's the WW ?23:25
dasKreechWW is a warning normally doesn't mean anything drastic but still23:25
* James147 wonders if Waleed has kubuntu-desktop installed...23:25
Waleedfglrx: No matching Devices section for instance (busid PCI:0@1:0:1)found23:26
incentientthanks again for the help23:27
incentientwow im screwed lol23:27
dasKreechJames147: :-)23:27
dasKreechincentient: Ha ha get a live CD and scan for rootkits23:27
WaleedJames147: i think its not installed23:27
WaleedI figured that out now23:28
James147Waleed: what was it ?23:28
dasKreechWaleed: ha :) ok from your recovery console run sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop23:28
dasKreechtechnically you don't need the sudo but ...23:28
WaleeddasKreech: I did that but it hangs with replace mysql-server-5.123:29
James147Waleed: hangs for how long?23:29
v3nd3tta``uhm mysql is buggy23:30
WaleedJames147: never respond again23:30
dasKreechstop mysql then run apt-get install mysql23:30
v3nd3tta``maybe you have to kill the process to be finished23:30
WaleedI have to restsrt the system23:30
Waleedcan i install the kubuntu-desktop only without installing the updates?23:31
James147Waleed: I think you problem was caused by intrupting an upgrade... best to try to fix all the packages :)23:32
WaleedJames147: 3 days now trying to fix this mysql thing but it does not fix23:33
dasKreechWaleed: yes23:33
dasKreechWaleed: unless you started one then stopped it23:34
dasKreechdpkg needs to finish it in which case try runing apt-get -f install -a23:34
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WaleeddasKreech: I want to pass the mysql installition to install the kubuntu desktop firstly23:36
dasKreechWaleed: if it's any KDE past 4.3 it will want mysql23:36
dasKreechfix mysql23:36
dasKreechstop it running23:36
dasKreechthen run apt-get -f install mysql23:36
Waleedhow can i stop it23:37
dasKreechsudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop23:38
WaleeddasKreech: my kde is the latest23:38
dasKreechWaleed: stop mysql and then update just it with apt-get install -f mysql23:39
dasKreechthe -f means fix it23:39
Waleedwhen I do stop it hangs too23:39
dasKreechWaleed: ha ha nice23:40
dasKreechyou mean you stopped it then did the apt-get -f install23:40
dasKreechor trying to stop it hangs the system ?23:40
WaleeddasKreech: when i try to stop mysql the system hangs23:41
dasKreechWaleed: great :)23:41
Waleedit back to the command line23:42
James147Waleed: (for your informations, ctrl+c asks the current process to stop when is doing)23:43
dasKreechWaleed: ok ps aux | grep mysql23:43
dasKreechWaleed: Sorry Ctrl+C asks the shell to stop the job from working. It ends it doing any work23:43
dasKreechYou can have it continue work by pressing Ctrl+z if it's stuck23:43
James147(not much point in it continuing in the abckgroud if its not doing anything :)23:45
dasKreechJames147: I know just informing23:45
dasKreechWaleed: did the ps aux | grep mysql command report anything ?23:46
James147dasKreech: :) so was I... sorta23:46
James147(other then finding the grep command)23:46
WaleeddasKreech: it only gives the grep process23:47
dasKreechWaleed: Excellent23:47
dasKreechtry apt-get -f install mysql23:47
WaleeddasKreech: couldn't find package mysql23:48
dasKreechha it lies ... maybe23:48
dasKreechtry mysql-server ?23:49
WaleeddasKreech: the installtion done23:50
James147Waleed: now try "apt-get -f install"23:51
WaleedJames147: all the packages installed now23:52
James147Waleed: have you install kubuntu-desktop as well?23:52
Waleedback to my desktop23:53
RouninHello! I want to install the new beta, but it says it's going to remove network-manager-kde?23:53
Waleedthaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you guys23:53
dasKreechRounin: yep23:53
RouninSo does it use something else instead?23:53
dasKreechWaleed: ha ha sure. Some command line fu will get you through anything that is above hardware failure or you deleting your USB and network drivers :)23:54
dasKreechRounin: yep23:54
dasKreechif you ware worried just install it when you are done23:54
RouninWell, that's interesting... But what does it use then?23:54
James147Rounin: might use the plasmoid23:55
James147although, its intsatlled on my netbook (running maverick)23:55
Waleedthank u very much dasKreech and James147 I will back through my system after minutes23:57
James147Rounin: check for "plasma-widget-networkmanagment" ... if you have that you dont need the other23:58
James147(infact instaalling that remove the otherone)23:58
RouninAh yes, you're right, James14723:59

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