poolie_whos' the on-call reviewer? does that concept still exist?00:04
lifelessthumper: http://nosql.mypopescu.com/post/619181345/nosql-graph-database-matrix00:06
lifelesspoolie_: it does, check #launchpad-reviews or the wiki page00:06
poolie_it's '-'00:07
mwhudsonpoolie_: that concept exists, but not really in this timezone00:07
lifelesspoolie_: that means noone is on.00:08
mwhudsonpoolie_: i can probably take a look for you00:08
lifelessmwhudson: lp in pypy would be intereseting00:08
lifelessmwhudson: so would lp in jython00:08
mwhudsonlifeless: right away, you need psycopg200:08
poolie_thanks mwh00:08
mwhudsoni'm not sure what else we have in the way of mandatory c extension modules00:09
poolie_mwhudson, could you sponsor landing https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/launchpad/mbp-trivial/+merge/3217300:09
mwhudsonpoolie_: i think you meant to propose against devel, not db-devel?00:10
poolie_i don't know why db-devel is the defalut00:10
poolie_(well, i do; i think it's a bad default though)00:10
poolie_i guess i can re-propose it?00:11
mwhudsonthat's probably easiest00:12
poolie_ok https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/launchpad/mbp-trivial/+merge/3651500:13
rockstarwallyworld, I've made myself available for you this evening in case you get stuck, although you may have plenty of people around.00:13
poolie_hello rockstar00:13
mwhudsonpoolie_: ta00:13
rockstarpoolie, hi00:14
wallyworldrockstar: thanks for the kind offer. i don't think i'll need you. feel free to have a glass or three of good wine without any guilt :-)00:14
mwhudsonthat would not be the guilt you are looking for, i suspect00:15
rockstarHello quotes page...00:15
mwhudsonpoolie: i don't mean to be a pain, but i'm not sure that comment you're adding makes sense, has it lost its first line or something?00:16
mwhudsonmake is blowing up for me00:20
mwhudsonIOError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'lazr-js/build/choiceedit/assets/skins/sam/choiceedit-skin.css'00:20
rockstarmwhudson, is this in launchpad or lazr-js?00:21
mwhudsonrockstar: launchpad00:21
rockstarmwhudson, shite.00:21
mwhudsonrockstar: ah00:22
mwhudson$ ls -l lazr-js/build/choiceedit/assets/skins/sam/00:22
mwhudsontotal 800:22
mwhudson-rw-r--r-- 1 mwh mwh 871 2010-09-24 11:20 choiceedit.css00:22
mwhudsonlrwxrwxrwx 1 mwh mwh 101 2010-02-26 13:42 choiceedit-skin.css -> ../../../../../../eggs/lazr_js-0.9.2-py2.5.egg/lazrjs/choiceedit/assets/skins/sam/choiceedit-skin.css00:22
rockstarmwhudson, yeah, this is stuff I'm going to attack tonight.00:22
mwhudsonrockstar: i just thought "you know, why don't i delete all these py2.5 eggs"00:22
rockstarmwhudson, hahaha.00:23
rockstarmwhudson, I HATE HATE HATE that we have to eggify javascript.00:23
mwhudsonso this is one of those, we use make, kinda sorta problems00:23
mwhudsonrockstar: yeah, i know00:23
wgrantmwhudson: Local codebrowse worked for me last week.00:23
wgrantBut I haven't tried it since.00:23
mwhudsonwgrant: ok cool00:23
* rockstar relocates00:30
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marsmwhudson, what exactly is a 'we use make' sorta problem?00:43
mwhudsonmars: make traditionally tracks dependencies00:45
mwhudsonso if you edit foo.c, foo.o gets rebuild and the foo binary gets relinked00:45
mwhudsonmars: but if you edit versions.cfg and run make, we don't get that kind of effect00:45
mwhudsonwell maybe in that precise case we do, but in general we don't00:45
marsah, yes.  foo.js gets lint, minified, concatenated, etc.00:45
marsyes, that makes sense, especially since most projects treat JavaScript as a compiled language now00:46
lifelesswe could use make properly if we wanted00:46
mwhudsonlet's use automake!!1!00:47
marsas for make versus bin/buildout - that is something I haven't managed to figure out - both have advantages and drawbacks00:47
mwhudson(not really)00:47
lifelessmwhudson: I said properly.00:47
mwhudsonone of the things i always liked about the cpython dev community: the appropriate amount of disdain for automake and libtool00:48
marslifeless, the problem with Make is that we did use it, but it is a rather special language, and I gather not everyone knows how to use it well00:50
pooliemwhudson: i'll look00:50
marslifeless, so our use of Make was not great00:50
pooliemwhudson: i have an autographed copy of the autotools goat book saying "I hope you never use this book -- Ben"00:50
pooliemwhudson: it's not cropped, it's just not a complete punctuated sentence00:52
pooliewhich jml told me the other day is the lp style00:52
pooliei can fix that00:52
mwhudsonpoolie: thanks00:52
mwhudsonpoolie: i'm not sure being a grammar nazi to the extent lp does is wise, but i do actually find that comment a bit hard to interpret00:53
poolie    166     while open_readers:00:54
poolie    167         # select() blocks for a long time and can easily fail with EINTR00:54
poolie    168         # <https://bugs.launchpad.net/launchpad/+bug/615740>.  Really we00:54
poolie    169         # should have EINTR protection across the whole script (other syscalls00:54
poolie    170         # might be interrupted) but this is the longest and most likely to00:54
poolie    171         # hit, and doing it perfectly in python has proved to be quite hard in00:54
_mup_Bug #615740: test_on_merge.py doesn't handle eintr <Launchpad Foundations:In Progress by mbp> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/615740>00:54
poolie    172         # bzr. -- mbp 2010092400:54
poolieis that clearer?00:54
mwhudsonpoolie: yes, that's much nicer, thanks00:55
pooliewhen you start insisting on passive voice i'll worry :)00:55
mwhudsonpoolie: i think i just wanted a subject for "blocks" really00:55
poolieanything else?00:59
lifelesshow busy is staging db right now ?01:04
wgrantDebian just started running apt-ftparchive in parallel.01:06
wgrantThat's actually not a bad idea.01:06
rockstarbzr is MUCH slower when I run `make schema` at the same time.01:12
marsrockstar, check your loadavg01:12
rockstarmars, I'm being a bit facetious.  EVERYTHING is much slower when running `make schema`01:13
rockstarI just wanted to rag on the bzr team for not being fast enough.01:13
rockstarlifeless, :)01:15
poolierockstar: you could iorenice psql01:31
lifeless    Hard / Soft  Page ID02:16
lifeless     129 /  224  CodeImportSchedulerApplication:CodeImportSchedulerAPI02:17
lifeless     108 /   19  DistributionSourcePackage:+filebug02:17
lifeless     107 /  319  BugTask:+index02:17
lifeless      58 /   13  Distribution:+search02:17
lifeless      18 /   15  Archive:+copy-packages02:17
lifeless      16 /   44  Milestone:+index02:17
lifeless      16 /    9  DistroSeries:+queue02:17
lifeless      13 /    5  Person:+bugs02:17
lifeless      11 /  103  RootObject:+login02:17
lifeless      11 /   29  Archive:+packages02:17
rockstarpoolie, ah! iorenice is quite cool.02:40
rockstarFor creating new database models, do we still want to use SQLBase?02:49
rockstarlifeless, ^^ I seem to recall some discussion about performance issues with the sqlobject compatibility layer.02:49
wgrantAll my new stuff has descended from Storm.02:53
rockstarwgrant, yeah, that's what I was wondering.02:53
lifelesswe need a base class02:54
lifelessanything using just storm is buggy02:54
wgrantEven if you're not using cachedproperty?02:54
rockstarlifeless, ELACKOFCLEARANSWER02:54
lifelessbecause it doesn't do IPropertyCacheManager(self).clear() on __storm_invalidate__02:54
lifelessrockstar: so, I guess I'm saying 'use SQLBase' or 'add a base class we can use with no gunk, and a storm invalidate hook'.02:56
lifelessit would be nicer still to tell storm to have a global invalidate hook, I guess02:56
rockstarlifeless, is there an example of a storm invalidate hook somewhere?  I guess I have no idea what that entails.02:58
marslifeless, how ofter are you running manual rollouts of revs that have passed QA?03:07
mars'ofter' - there's a new word03:07
poolie"works well with otters"03:57
rockstarmars, lifeless, the test suite seems to be running faster on ec2.  If you did that, THANK YOU.  If you didn't, say you did.04:02
wgrantmars: Why are the QA reports private?04:21
wgrantThey aren't for production-stable, so it seems unnecessary.04:21
marswgrant, they don't have a good public home yet - we want to set up lp-qa.canonical.com as a public place to publish them04:23
* stub wonders where last night's ec2 test run ended up04:38
pooliemwhudson: can you help me understand the failure from mbp-trivial?05:31
poolieis it spurious?05:31
mwhudsonpoolie: hadn't seen it, one sec05:31
pooliemaybe i should keep a count of how many spurious rejections i get? my guess is around 50% of attempted landings05:34
* mwhudson stares at offlineimap05:35
mwhudsoni wonder what it's doing05:35
pooliei pasted the summary on https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mbp/launchpad/mbp-trivial/+merge/3651505:35
mwhudsonpoolie: what a helpful failure mode!05:36
poolieyeah, there are some nasty cases in subunit where it falls in to "lost connection" like here05:38
mwhudsonpoolie: i have no reason at all to think that this is anything other than spurious05:39
mwhudsonpoolie: i can just shove it back in again if you'd like?05:39
pooliei guess so :(05:39
mwhudsondoing so05:40
mwhudsonhaving stuff like this officially being Someone Else's Problem is one of the nicest things about no longer being an official launchpad developer05:41
pooliei'm especially grateful for you doing it when you don't really have to05:42
pooliethere's no more information in the subunit stream afaics05:44
poolielifeless: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad-foundations/+bug/646563 from your comments about testbrowser yesterday05:53
_mup_Bug #646563: want a way to make a TestBrowser logged in as a particular user <testing> <Launchpad Foundations:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/646563>05:53
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wgrantmwhudson: Ahem.06:33
wgrantSomething is wrong with Launchpad, then? :P06:33
mwhudsonwgrant: probably06:34
mwhudsonwgrant: but launchpad at least has the moral position of being large06:34
wgrantBut yes, I don't get that Django thing.06:34
wgrantIt's stupid.06:34
mwhudsonare you criticizing the runserver thing or the whole project? :)06:35
wgrantThe fact that it doesn't serve static media.06:36
wgrantAnd its URL system is painfully awful.06:36
wgrantBut apart from that it's not bad.06:36
mwhudsoni think a global settings module is an idea that deserved to be strangled at birth06:38
wgrantAnd its mandatory app structure is inconvenient.06:39
wgrantI'm struggling with that at the moment.06:39
poolieif i want to make the feature-rules page visible to only developers, what would be a tasteful way to do that?07:28
poolieadd permission launchpad.Developer and then register an adaptor for it?07:29
wgrantDo you have a FeatureFlagSet sort of thing?07:33
poolieand, to be tasteful, does ~launchpad need to become a celebrity?07:33
pooliewhat sort of thing do you mean?07:33
wgrant~launchpad should already be a celebrity07:33
wgrantWell, what does this view live on?07:33
wgrantILaunchpadRoot, or something else?07:33
pooliei'm open to moving it07:34
wgrantYou could for now reuse ILaunchpadRoot's launchpad.Edit07:34
wgrantIt's ~admins + ~registry07:35
poolieah yes, so it is07:35
wgrantIt's currently used for managing featured projects.07:35
wgrantAnd is roughtly ~launchpad + ~canonical-bazaar + a few others.07:35
poolieso it would be launchpad.Edit on the readonly mode07:36
poolieand launchpad.Admin on the edit mode07:36
wgrantIt's a bit of an abuse.07:36
pooliewgrant: works for me, thanks08:04
maxbwgrant: On the offchance you're still around, do you know who needs to be poked about builds that bounce between buildds whilst only pretending to start?08:11
wgrantmaxb: It needs a LOSA to fix, but the first step is to get someone with log access...08:12
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wgrantnoodles775: Can you see what's going on?08:12
wgrantIt's been failing like this a bit lately.08:12
noodles775wgrant, maxb: sure, I'll check the logs - maxb do you have a specific build I can look for?08:13
maxbnoodles775: bzr/proposed PPA, bzr 2.2.1-0~bazaar1~{karmic,jaunty,maverick}108:13
noodles775wgrant: do you know the background to the issue (what has been the cause for other builds doing this lately?) - I've been a bit out of the loop.08:13
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wgrantnoodles775: I don't know, sorry.08:14
wgrantadare and ross are known to be problematic, but that doesn't explain PPA builds.08:14
noodles775losa: Hi! is devpad down? I can't ssh to access logs.08:15
spmyup. probably because yout logged into it noodles775,  you should know by know it's senistive!!!!!08:16
StevenK  File "/home/steven/launchpad/lp-branches/ids-limit-packagesets/lib/lp/testing/__init__.py", line 78, in <module>08:16
wgrantdevpad seems to have been rather unwell lately.08:16
StevenK    import fixtures08:16
wgrantStevenK: make08:16
StevenKWhy does this keep turning up?08:16
wgrantA new egg was added a few days ago.08:16
noodles775spm: ;)08:16
* StevenK blames lifeless 08:16
wgrantThat's right.08:16
spmwgrant: indeed it is. I think everything in the h/w has been replaced and it still smashes.08:16
wgrantspm: Is crowberry at least happy again now?08:17
spmnot sure. I know stuff was done overnight to make things happier.08:17
noodles775wgrant, maxb: the most recent build of that package that I can see was dispatched to americium without an issue, but then the next entry for that buildd is: 2010-09-24 07:00:49+0000 [-] <americium:http://americium.ppa:8221/> communication failed (User timeout caused connection failure.)08:23
maxb"User timeout" ?08:26
noodles775losa: it looks like the last build that finished on americium was 3 hours ago: https://edge.launchpad.net/builders/americium/+history08:26
noodles775Do you have instructions for resetting the buildd, or is it something only lamont does?08:27
spmdepends on how wedged they are08:27
noodles775It's still trying to build new items.08:27
spmnoodles775: but supposedly it started on a new bzr build 8 mins ago?08:27
spmor is that the problem? starts but barfs?08:28
maxbALSO, the PPA publisher hasn't published something that was accepted 88 minutes ago08:28
noodles775Yeah, it seems to be.08:28
spmahh that sounds like the fun we noticed yesterday08:28
spmnoodles775: can you ensure bigjools knows about the repeat of the fun with find/xargs?08:29
jtvjelmer: did you Q/A your branch for bug 128259?  The bug is still marked qa-needstesting.08:29
_mup_Bug #128259: Buildmaster should not call "uploader" script for processing incoming binaries <buildd-manager> <qa-needstesting> <soyuz-build> <Soyuz:Fix Committed by jelmer> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/128259>08:29
noodles775jtv: jelmer is not available this week.08:29
noodles775spm: sure, is there a bug we can collect info on?08:29
* noodles775 looks08:29
jtvnoodles775: argh… afaict that branch is probably keeping >200 revisions from being deployed, including a pressing one I'm trying to get in.08:30
spmnoodles775: unsure. he knows what it is tho. i think he emailed the dev list as well08:30
noodles775spm: great.08:30
spmbasically publishing/cron.daily-ppa is locking and blocking the publishing for 2+ hours08:31
spmwe don't actually know HOW long for, as we kill it before it finishes.08:31
jtvnoodles775: of course there's more branches waiting for q/a, but I think if we could get this one out of the way it'd make a big difference.08:31
spmmaxb: that should happen "RSN" for values of 'soon'08:31
noodles775jtv: k - let bigjools know, he'll organise QA for it I'm sure (I can't do it right now).08:32
jtvnoodles775: will do, thanks08:33
wgrantjtv: Last I heard the plan was to QA that, get it individually CP'd on Monday (so we can roll back easily if necessary), then resume normal mass-CPing once we're confident it works.08:33
wgrantSince it's a big, risky change.08:33
maxbspm: thanks08:34
maxbtitanium hasn't built anything for four days08:34
jtvwgrant: I see…  maybe lifeless will make an exception and still let me cherrypick my fix then.08:34
jtv(There's a few other branches less far behind that are also blocking mine.  I'm Q/A'ing one of them now.)08:34
maxbcharichuelo nothing for 22 hours08:35
maxban awful lot of other buildds claim to not have built anything in 3 hours08:36
noodles775maxb: yeah, I'm just creating a bug listing all the builders showing that same error... I'll ping you when it's done in case you've more to add.08:37
adeuringgood morning08:40
noodles775wgrant, maxb, spm: bug 646635 - but checking the histories now looks like communication has been restored between the buildds and the buildmaster?08:48
_mup_Bug #646635: communication failed - user timeout caused connection failure <Launchpad Auto Build System:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/646635>08:48
* wgrant blames Nafallo sleepwalking through the DC and tripping over cables.08:50
wgrantIt does look fairly happy now.08:52
wgrantHopefully on Monday the latency will disappear, and problems will be a lot more obvious.08:52
mrevellGood morning08:59
jtvhi mrevell!08:59
lifelesswgrant: my bugtask:+index is on on prod, if you're interested.09:17
lifeless370 queries for bug/1 still09:18
lifelessjtv: normal process for cp's applies if the cp isn't listed in https://devpad.canonical.com/~lpqateam/qa_reports/launchpad-stable-deployment.txt09:18
wgrant,lifeless It was 600, so that's not too bad.09:19
jmlGreetings Earthlings09:19
* noodles775 wonders what the air is like today in "the hut"09:19
jmlrelatively clear.09:21
jmlupdateBuild gets called 12 times over the course of 600 lines of doctest.09:22
pooliehello jml09:23
* jtv wonders if he falls under "earthlings"09:23
jtvhi jml09:23
wgrantjml: Please destroy buildd-slavescanner.txt :)09:24
jtvlifeless: the one I want to deploy (codehosting only) is 11599.09:24
jmlwgrant, that's basically happening slowly.09:25
wgrantIt's soooo big :(09:25
jmlthe problem for me is that I'm not sure whether it's testing the builder itself or binary package build behaviour09:25
jmlprobably both. :(09:25
wgrantWell, they were one and the same.09:25
wgrantSo it's both.09:25
noodles775I'd assume both - when we factored out the separate behaivours I didn't take the time to do more than ensure the current doctests still passed.09:27
jmlyeah. that sounds right.09:28
wgrantWe destroyed bits of it.09:28
wgrantBut there was so much of it there.09:28
jmlin our work here we're getting a little bit closer to separating out the tests into the two layers09:32
maxbnoodles775: shipova just ejected my build, it's now starting again on thorium09:32
jmlthere's probably still more that could be done to make the separation of concerns clearer for both for tests and for the interfaces themselves09:32
wgrantjml: Even just splitting it into unit tests would be a huge step forward.09:33
noodles775maxb: I'll check the log and confirm whether it's the same and updated the bug. Thanks.09:33
wgrantSo you don't move one test out, and find that something breaks 1000 LINES later.09:33
jmlwell also, perhaps it will make the intents of the tests clearer09:34
maxbnoodles775: for the record, that build on shipova had most definitely started. It had been running for an hour, and was displaying build log output09:34
jmlthat's the biggest problem here09:34
bigjoolswe've already murdered a couple of doctests09:35
wgrantjml: Right, but making the intet of tests clearer is easier if you can actually change them.09:35
bigjoolsit felt good09:35
wgrantWhich is much easier when the doctest isn't 3000 lines.09:35
wgrantOr was that archive.txt? I forget09:35
bigjoolsthere are problems in the air today09:37
jmlbuildd-slavescanner is now ~800 lines09:39
noodles775maxb: so you build on shipova looks like something went wrong with the builder itself (or it was manually set to not-ok) - 2010-09-24 08:30:53+0000 [-] shipova was made unavailable, resetting attached job09:41
* noodles775 checks for thorium09:41
bigjoolsa load of builders went to Enablement not that long ago09:44
noodles775bigjools, maxb: that would certainly fit with the fact that shipova is no longer listed.09:45
bigjoolsthey have the ability to pull builders out of the pool at any time09:45
bigjoolsthe build has to be re-dispatched elsewhere09:45
jtvWhy does this show devel 11566 as the oldest undeployable revision?  AFAICT r11399 hasn't gone through Q/A yet (though at least one branch for the same bug has)09:47
jtvDamn, lost the bug now.  Maybe I got it all wrong.09:48
lifelessjtv: so, 11566 is jelmers half-landed branch09:48
lifelessjtv: julian is cping it monday09:49
lifelessjtv: your thing you can cp with the normal process; what I'm doing is doing stuff thta passes under the *new process* which is less exception orientated: I'm finding the glitches so we don't have a panic when we start doing more of it.09:49
jtvlifeless: I guess this is also going to reduce a lot of the risk of conflicts and false conflicts with cp candidates…  I actually based my branch on devel instead of productiond-devel.09:51
lifelessjtv: it will help, as long as we don't let it fall behind :)09:51
jtvquite :)09:51
stubjml: Seen anything like this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/499557/10:21
jmlstub, what in particular?10:22
stubIt exploded and it is very unclear why10:22
jmlstub, oh, I see it's a make run10:23
stubits ec2 land output10:23
jmlstub, I've seen errors like "Usage: test [options]" before. That means zope.testrunner has become confused and isn't spawning child processes properly.10:23
stubI've tried to submit the branch a few times - same failure each time.10:24
jmlstub, what happens when you try locally?10:24
stubI just did test_layers locally - fine.10:25
stubI'll try ./test_on_merge.py -vv "--subunit -vvv"10:26
jmlstub, may I see the full subunit output?10:26
jmlstub, I'd be surprised if it's an issue with ec2 test per se.10:27
jtvIs there any way to figure out if the branch scanner on staging is invoking my ITipChanged handler?10:27
jmllooks like it fails fast, at least.10:30
jmlstub, when I try to test your branch locally, I get the same crash with or without subunit10:44
stubSorry, distracted. Yes. Fails here too with test_on_merge10:45
jmlstub, I tried "./bin/test -vvv" and "./bin/test -vvv --subunit" fwiw.10:48
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deryckMorning, all.11:59
jtvgood night & good weekend, everyone12:08
gmbSo... now that I've put some code in lazr-js - woot, etc. - how on earth do I get my local copy in my LP branches to use that code?13:14
jmlgmb: versions.cfg; ./bin/buildout; see doc/buildout.txt13:15
gmbjml, Ta.13:17
deryckgmb, oh but wait ;)13:17
gmbOh bother.13:18
deryckgmb, you'll have to coordinate with rockstar.  He's updated yui in the latest release and there are some blockers to deploying a new lazr-js.13:18
deryckI've got a fix about to land in lazr-js, too.13:18
gmbderyck, Okay. I'll hang fire.13:18
deryckgmb, so I would suggest work on the lp stuff you need to support the widget, and I'll coordinate with rockstar on getting this landed ASAP.13:19
gmbderyck, Right. Will do.13:19
deryckgmb, great, thanks.13:19
gmbderyck, Shall I mark the integration card for the Wizard blocked?13:19
deryckgmb, yes, indeed.13:19
deryckgmb, and once you get stuff in lp you want to play with in the widget, you can symlink to your lazr-js build from lp tree, I think.13:20
deryckjust to keep working13:20
gmbCool. Will do.13:20
deryckgmb, regarding bug 575911 and a bugwatch referenced in a bug message with no imported comments.... is this something we're doing when setting up bug watches from links in comments?13:48
_mup_Bug #575911: Trying to delete a bug watch results in a non-OOPSing IntegrityError <Launchpad Bugs:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/575911>13:49
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gmbderyck, Aaaaah, this is the other half of my problem with the deletion of bug watches. Thanks; I was just trying to debug that.13:53
gmbderyck, Yes, it's caused by us being too strict about what counts as deletable.13:53
deryckcool, glad my question helped your thinking then.13:54
gmbDon't know why it doesn't OOPS, but that blows my theory about mangling the response before the OOPS machinery gets to it away.13:54
gmbderyck, Amusingly, I triaged it. I appear to have no memory of this.13:54
deryckToo many bugs.13:55
deryckI appreciate you helping triage malone's bugs, though, gmb.13:55
gmbderyck, Natch. I think it's an easy bug to fix for a Friday afternoon. I'll look into it and if it's as simple as I think, I'll fix it today.13:56
deryckgood deal13:57
* deryck steps away for a few minutes to dress the waking baby and hand her off to grandparents13:57
gmbderyck, Ah!13:57
gmbOh, no.13:58
gmbClever thought was not clever.13:58
gmbNever mind.13:58
gmbderyck, So, I think the thing that causes the problem is an easy fix, but we'll have to do some data cleanup to make the currently non-deletable watches deletable.14:06
gmbI'll update the bug once I'm sure, but I'll fix the initial problem now since it's quick and easy.14:06
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deryckgmb, sounds good.14:26
cr3gary_poster: hey dude, I hope your stack is better now :)14:33
gmbadeuring, Were you able to solve your OOPS-not-being-raised error?14:48
adeuringgmb: not really. But spooted another missing OOPS report14:49
gmbadeuring, Are you getting the Please Try Again page?14:50
gmb(instead of an oops)14:50
salgadosinzui, I'm getting http://paste.ubuntu.com/499723/ when make running.  any idea what's wrong?14:50
gmbI'm asking because that's what happens when you try to delete a bug watch https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/575911, and the error being raised there is an IntegrityError. Don't know if that helps you any.14:50
_mup_Bug #575911: Trying to delete a bug watch results in a non-OOPSing IntegrityError <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by gmb> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/575911>14:50
adeuringgmb: the problem appeared in connection with the speical Librarian error message ("feng shui in the server room")14:51
adeuringthat page does not mention an OOPS ID14:51
sinzuisalgado, I have seen that on a dirty shutdown. I kill all procs, then rm /var/tmp/*.pid14:51
adeuringbut an OOPS _should_ have been raised. problem was that I found IIRC one OOPS report where I would have exected 10 or 2014:52
sinzuisalgado, the mailman pid could be from weeks ago if you have not use run all in a while14:52
salgadosinzui, right, that made it possible to run, but I was wondering about the "ImportError: No module named mailman.monkeypatches.defaults" error14:53
salgadothat one persists14:53
sinzuisalgado, sorry, I see another error. is your trunk up to date. I moved moneypatches to lp/services/mailman a few days ago14:53
salgadoyeah, I just ran rf-get14:54
salgadosinzui, looks like lib/mailman/Mailman/mm_cfg.py wasn't updated?14:54
sinzuisalgado, I think that is generated14:55
gmbadeuring, That is indeed "special." Where "Special" translates as "Nutzlos."14:55
adeuringgmb: exactly ;)14:56
sinzuisalgado, regardless, I have a new pristine branch and will try now14:56
salgadooh, indeed it is auto-generated.  I'll try removing it14:56
sinzuisalgado, I have from lp.services.mailman.monkeypatches.defaults import *14:57
salgadocan't seem to get it to be generated again, now that I've removed it14:59
* sinzui thinks15:00
sinzuisalgado, make compile should call buildmailman,py15:01
sinzuisalgado, make clean will purge the whole mailman dir15:01
salgadoyeah, but that's called by make run15:01
salgadoI was trying to avoid a make clean because it takes too long to rebuild after that.  I'll live without that file for now and once it causes problems I'll rebuild15:02
salgadothanks sinzui15:02
salgadojcsackett, do you have some sample URLs for the pages you've changed in unknown-translations-service-643545-0?15:04
jcsackettsalgado: yes, i've posted links in the MP15:05
jcsackettsalgado: my last comment on it is a list of links and what's on them.15:05
salgadojcsackett, oh, as comments, I see them now.  was looking at the description15:05
jcsackettsalgado: ah, yeah. sorry about that.15:06
salgadono worries.  thanks for adding the demo data to exercise the changes. :)15:06
jcsackettsalgado: thanks for the suggestion of doing that in your last review. :-)15:08
gmbUrsinha, matsubara: Do either of you have any idea why the OOPS machinery wouldn't catch an IntegrityError raised by BugWatch.destroySelf()?15:11
matsubaragmb, don't know. how do you know it's raising an IntegrityError and no oopses is being generated?15:12
gmbmatsubara, I'm reproducing it locally and instead of an OOPS page I get a ProxyError.15:12
gmbmatsubara, I can talk you through reproducing it if that helkps.15:13
gmb(Also, nothing is showing up in my /var/lperr directory)15:14
matsubaragmb, I can try to reproduce locally15:14
gmbmatsubara, Okay. I'll paste some instructions for you, hang on...15:14
gmbmatsubara, This is https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/malone/+bug/575911, FTR.15:15
_mup_Bug #575911: Trying to delete a bug watch results in a non-OOPSing IntegrityError <Launchpad Bugs:In Progress by gmb> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/575911>15:15
gmbmatsubara, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/499735/15:17
sinzuimars, retarget questions, not assign them. https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/126444 need to be in launchpad-registry so that all answer contacts are notified15:22
marssinzui, garh, sorry15:23
matsubaragmb, looks like it's failing before the oops code have a chance to log it. line 568 in webapp/publication.py. not sure why though15:29
matsubaragary_poster, can you help gmb diagnose why an IntegrityError is not being logged correctly as an oops report?15:30
gary_posteron call will ping15:32
gmbmatsubara, gary_poster: Thanks.15:33
rockstarderyck, have you landed your patch I reviewed yesterday yet?15:41
deryckrockstar, yup.  Just did an hour or so ago.15:42
rockstarderyck, good.  I'm wrangling lazr-js and our launchpad build system as we speak.15:42
bdmurrayas zope's test browser doesn't correctly set the referrer how can I test "ReturnToReferrerMixin" in a story?15:51
gary_posterbdmurray: have you already surveyed similar tests?  I don't remember if the answer is there, but I remember confronting it. :-/15:53
gary_postergmb, ok looking now...15:53
bdmurraygary_poster: yes, I didn't find anything obvious15:55
gary_postergmb, ok so the only way to get a traceback is to dupe, eh?  Trying.15:55
gary_posterbdmurray: did you find the tests dealing with REFERER, and they used another mechanism, or you didn't find pertinent tests?15:56
bdmurraygary_poster: All the clicking of Cancel tests I could find didn't seem to use ReturnToReferrer in the view15:59
gary_posterbdmurray: lemme do a grep; I probably can't help easily, but I'll give it a quick whirl...16:00
gary_posterbdmurray: see if lib/canonical/launchpad/pagetests/standalone/xx-offsite-form-post.txt helps16:04
bdmurraygary_poster: looks like it will thanks16:10
gary_postercool, np16:10
bigjoolsgary_poster: do you know of a context manager (or similar) that does the same as the @write_transaction decorator?16:13
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gmbgary_poster, Yes (sorry, was OTP)16:14
gmbgary_poster, I don't know why that IntegrityError isn't becoming an OOPS.16:14
gmbI know why the error is happening, and I'm fixing that, but I think it's worth making sure that this not-oopsing issue doesn't happen elsewhere, too.16:15
gary_posterbigjools: no, I don't think we have one.  If you look at the write_transaction impl in lib/canonical/librarian/db.py, you can see how to manage it manually.  a context manager might be nice.16:16
gary_postergmb: understood and agreed16:16
bigjoolsgary_poster: yeah I am going to move it out of that location, it causes circular imports :(16:17
gary_posterah :-/16:17
bigjools(I need it in a database class)16:17
bigjoolsI'll maybe write a context manager sometime16:17
gary_posterit would be reasonable to put in the transaction library16:17
gary_posteras would a CM16:17
bigjoolsmaybe in the next century when I get some free time16:17
bigjoolsgary_poster: I am looking at putting it in lp/services/database/__init__.py16:18
gary_postersounds very reasonable bigjools16:19
bigjoolsok thanks gary_poster16:19
gary_postergmb, I don't see how to do step 2 in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/499735/16:20
gmbgary_poster, Expand the top bug task using the little expander thing on the left hand side16:22
gmb(Old school, this)16:23
gary_postergot it thanks16:23
gmbgary_poster, And yes, "None, the report is updated manually" is listed twice. It's age-old, that bug.16:23
gary_posterah ok, so it doesn't matter which one16:23
gmbgary_poster, Nope. I just use the first one.16:24
gary_posterok yay, duped16:24
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gary_postergmb, the reason is that the error happens within the transaction commit, which is outside of the application code.  This is a bug, though not one that will be solved soon, because it will involve replacing or changing the core Zope publication library (I'd like to replace, but as you might expect, that's not a small project).16:30
gary_posterI don't think we have a bug for this particular instance of OOPS tools not catching things.  Would you be up for creating one, or shall I?16:30
gmbgary_poster, Can you do it please? I'm desperately trying to to switch context in the middle of a ZCML horrorshow.16:31
gmbtrying *not16:31
gary_postergmb, will do.16:31
gmbgary_poster, Thanks.16:32
EdwinGrubbsabentley: ping16:35
abentleyEdwinGrubbs, pong16:35
EdwinGrubbsabentley: hi, I've finally wrapped my head around the TwistedJobRunner, so I wanted to discuss with you the two possible ways I see to have it run multiple different job types in parallel.16:37
cr3in launchpad tests, should Fake classes for testing purposes be located in the tests themselves, like in test_foo.py, or under a testing directory? does it depend on whether the Fake class can be reused across more than one test module?16:37
abentleyEdwinGrubbs, okay.  Did you want to do this on IRC or voice-to-voice?16:37
jmlcr3, pretty much.16:37
jmlcr3, also you should look for test doubles that already exist before writing your own.16:38
EdwinGrubbsabentley: mumble might be easier.16:39
cr3what about Fake implementations for interfaces, so that getUtility(IFoo) returns the Fake implementation in a testing context, I haven't noticed Fake utilities registered in ftesting.zcml16:39
EdwinGrubbsabentley: I added the ampoule channel to mumble. Can you join that?16:40
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salgadosinzui, deryck[lunch], have you seen that the heading text is broken on https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad?16:57
sinzuisalgado, I do not see that16:58
deryck[lunch]me either16:58
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salgadothe "There are currently no open bugs filed against Launchpad itself."?16:58
salgadomight be a chromium isssue16:58
sinzuithat is true16:58
sinzuisalgado, the bugs were retargeted to the app16:59
* deryck fires up chromium16:59
deryckah ha16:59
salgadoit works on epiphany16:59
* sinzui is using chromium16:59
deryckthought this was fixed already.  Must have regressed.16:59
salgadosinzui, I mean that the sentence is broken here; the first two works show up beside the search form17:00
salgadoand the rest below it17:00
salgadoderyck, you see that too?17:01
sinzuiepiphany and chromuim look identical to me. I see the search box, and below it I see a bold statement and below that I see a link a report a bug link17:03
derycksalgado, yes, I see it.  Sorry on call now.17:04
salgadosinzui, are you on chromium 7.0.531.0 (nightly build)?17:09
derycksalgado, I'll reopen the bug about float issues in chromium.17:18
salgadoderyck, cool, thanks17:23
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abentleygary-lunch, I have some questions about how view configuration works when there are multiple potential matches.19:19
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marssinzui, jinx!19:35
gary_posterabentley: having another conversation/pursuing bug, but can follow along here too probably19:38
abentleygary_poster, We have shared code for "comments", where comments can actually be bug comments, code review comments, revisions, package diffs, and I'm adding incremental diffs to the list.19:41
abentleygary_poster, There's a "default" comment header that I don't want incremental diffs to use.  But it's being used anyway.19:42
gary_posterhow is it registered, and how is the one you want registered?  Alternatively...19:43
abentleygary_poster, here are the configurations: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/499890/19:44
gary_posterthe order of preference for a multi-adapter like a view is to try to match the first element (context in this case) as much as possible, and then go to the second (request).  For eact item, interfaces directly declared on the instance have precedence, after which interfaces declared on the class, in __iro__ order for each interface and standard Python base class resolution order for the bases19:45
gary_posterabentley: my guess is that class effectively resolves so that lp.services.comments.interfaces.conversation.IComment comes before lp.code.browser.branchmergeproposal.IIncrementalDiffComment19:46
abentleygary_poster, I will examine that.  It could be that it's declared to implement ICodeReviewComment directly, I guess.19:47
abentleygary_poster, thanks.  That looks like it solved it.19:50
gary_postergreat, abentley19:50
cr3heh, just came across this comment from 2005: if steveIsFixingThis :)20:25
rockstargary_poster, if I make a library available in PyPI, do I need to worry about putting an egg into lp-sourcecode-whatever?20:53
gary_posteryes, but very easy: comment out "install-from-cache = true" from buildout.cfg, specify version in versions.cfg, and run buildout.  Then it will be in lp-sourcecode-whatever20:54
gary_poster(then uncomment)20:55
rockstargary_poster, so then I have to commit the egg in lp-sourcecode-whatever?21:04
gary_posterrockstar: yes (or if you want to test it on ec2 first there's a flag for that)21:04
rockstargary_poster, hm.  I fail to see the benefit in putting it on PyPI then.21:05
gary_posteropen source?21:05
gary_postercollaboration in the Python community? :-D21:05
rockstargary_poster, yeah, I'm not sure that these tools would be of use to anyone else.21:05
gary_posterthen there is no benefit.21:06
rockstargary_poster, at least in this case, I'm probably going to eggify locally first, and then worry about PyPI later.21:06
rockstar(I'm sure we can make the tools effective enough to be of value to others)21:06
gary_posterbye all.  back Wed.21:06
EdwinGrubbsabentley: did you get a chance to look at my email?21:38
abentleyEdwinGrubbs, I started, but got distracted.  Lemme look again.21:39
mwhudsonpoolie: that branch landed the second time :/21:39
abentleyEdwinGrubbs, yeah, that's the basic idea.21:42
EdwinGrubbsabentley: ok, I'll try to get that into review by Monday.21:42
abentleyEdwinGrubbs, Be careful of lock files.  It would be easy to have each forked process prevent the others from running.21:44
EdwinGrubbsabentley: good point21:44
abentleyEdwinGrubbs, if you make queued-job-runner a commandline argument, it becomes easy to configure different JobSources for different machines.21:45
abentleyEdwinGrubbs, I might do if getattr(section, 'runner_class', 'JobRunner') == 'JobRunner'.21:47
rockstarSince when does Launchpad INCORPORATE GAME MECHANICS?21:47
* rockstar goes to a corner to sob.21:47
abentleyEdwinGrubbs, oh, and I think you want to _exit() if pid == 0 after script.lock_and_run21:50
abentleyrockstar, stand-up?21:51
EdwinGrubbsabentley: yes, there are plenty of bugs in it still.21:51
rockstarabentley, absolutely.21:51
rockstarabentley, hm, I seem to have forgotten my skype headset.  Lemme see if it would be cheap to POTS call you.21:52
abentleyrockstar, I can SkypeOUT you.21:52
rockstarabentley, yeah, but then you have to pay for my absentmindedness.21:52
abentleyrockstar, yeah but so little I don't really care.21:53
rockstarabentley, if it's alright, then sure.21:53
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abentleyrockstar, there's also Truephone, which is a lot like Skype, but supports Android.  We could try that next time you forget your headset.22:17
rockstarabentley, oh yeah.  That would be good.22:17
rockstarabentley, I try to come down and cowork on Fridays. Otherwise, I start having long philosophical conversations with my dog.22:18
abentleyrockstar, :-)22:18
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pooliethanks mwh22:56
mwhudsonpoolie: actually i didn't land22:57
mwhudsonpoolie: because of testfix22:57
poolieoh ok, but we know it passed22:58
poolieso lp-land will send mail direct to pqm, assuming that you have already run the tests on ec2 or locally?22:58
mwhudsonpoolie: yeah, i think lp-land is the tool for this job22:59
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