poolie_if you have a local copy of them perhaps the fastest way out is to rename-away the branch on launchpad and re-push00:00
wgrantpoolie: Maybe we want to provide a little script which goes in and edits branch.conf00:25
wgrantSInce doesn't reconfigure need the branch to not be broken?00:25
sluimersHey there, I reinstalled my linux computer and now I lost my sftp key for PPA00:25
sluimersHow do I get my SSH key back?00:25
wgrantUnless you backed up the private key, that is impossible.00:26
wgrantThat's the point :)00:26
wgrantIf you didn't back it up, you'll need to create a new one and replace the old one on LP.00:26
sluimersah, I need to replace it00:28
sluimersthanks wgrant00:30
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sluimers...I made a new key, but I'm still getting the same error00:48
wgrantsluimers: What's the error?00:51
sluimers  ika-engine_0.63.737~0maverick1~ppa1.dsc: Permission denied (publickey).00:51
sluimersUnable to connect to SSH host ppa.launchpad.net; EOF during negotiation00:51
sluimersE: Error uploading file.00:51
wgrantYou uploaded your new id_rsa.pub to Launchpad?00:52
mwhudsonsluimers: can you run "ssh bazaar.launchpad.net" ?00:53
sluimersnope, same problem00:54
sluimers Permission denied (publickey).00:54
wgrantHas your username changed?00:54
mwhudsonwell, that's good in some sense00:56
mwhudson(the two use the same authentication backend)00:56
mwhudsonsluimers: is your local username the same as that on launchpad?00:56
wgrantWas it before?00:56
sluimersMy name on launchpad is r-m-sluimers and my desktop name is rogier00:56
mwhudsonsluimers: try ssh r-m-sluimers@bazaar.launchpad.net then00:57
sluimersOh that works now00:57
sluimersI added the config file00:57
sluimersso it works now00:57
mwhudsonso you need to tell dput about your use name00:57
mwhudsonah ok00:57
sluimersno wait, it's there already00:58
sluimerslogin = r-m-sluimers00:58
wgrantssh r-m-sluimers@ppa.launchpad.net00:58
sluimersPermission denied (publickey).00:59
sluimersonly r-m-sluimers@bazaar.launchpad.net works01:00
wgrantThat's odd. It works OK for me.01:01
sluimersWhat's the name of your key file? Maybe I need to enter something in dput that will lead to it?01:01
mwhudsonsluimers: you could try ssh -v  r-m-sluimers@ppa.launchpad.net and see what's going on01:02
wgrantMine's just the usual id_rsa01:02
sluimersThat's what I thought.. I either need to rename my key file back to id_rsa or tell dput something else01:03
sluimers... I'll just rename it back to id_rsa01:04
sluimersworks now01:06
sluimershurray \o/01:06
sluimersthanks mwhudson and wgrant01:06
* sluimers dances01:06
sluimerssee you later guys01:06
mwhudsonhuh surprising, but cool that you've got it working01:06
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progoneany admins on?02:11
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poolieprogone: what's up?02:27
progoneI have some personal info I needed deleted out of an entry02:28
maxbI have builds bouncing between buildds, can someone slap the buildfarm in whatever manner is required?08:00
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poolielosa ping ^^08:14
poolieoh i see you already did08:14
mdkeis there anything that can be done about a user who keeps (unintentionally, I imagine) reporting the same bug over and over again? I have about 10 duplicates from the same user. I have emailed them to ask them to stop but it hasn't worked.08:29
fta2bigjools, hi. when i dput in ftp to upload.u.c, i get ~100Mbps, when i dput in sftp to ppa.l.n, i just get ~10Mbps (but from the same box, i can sftp to other places at >100Mbps)09:46
bigjoolslosa ^ any clues?09:46
bigjoolsfta2: is that a PPA upload?09:47
fta2yes, chromium09:47
bigjoolsfta2: I said to upload to ppa.l.n please09:47
fta2bigjools, i do now, but it's way slower09:48
mthaddonfta2: how about upload speed to ppa.l.n via ftp?09:48
fta2mthaddon, no idea09:48
mthaddonwell I think that would be a first troubleshooting step09:49
fta2sure, will try that for my next upload, i have a bunch of upgrades to do today09:50
fta2(will hammer the builders i'm afraid)09:50
bigjoolsyay :/09:53
fta22010-09-24 linux/stable (6.0.472.62 -> 6.0.472.63)09:53
fta22010-09-24 linux/beta (6.0.472.62 -> 6.0.472.63)09:53
fta22010-09-24 linux/dev (7.0.517.8 -> 7.0.517.13)09:53
fta2+ maverick09:54
fta2i dropped jaunty from all my dailies btw09:54
fta2mthaddon, bigjools: 96.6Mbps in ftp/anon toward ppa.l.n09:57
bigjoolswhen we get the download stats working it will be interesting to see which of your builds are getting used09:58
fta2(probably more but i have a 100M switch somewhere)09:58
geserbigjools: how hard is it to make the buildds recognizes DEPWAITs in maverick again? they are all FTBFS now because of an output change in apt (according to wgrant)09:58
fta2bigjools, i have a script ready; i just need you to populate the stats09:59
mthaddonok, so it's not the pipe, it's most likely sftp slowing things down09:59
bigjoolswe found  lot of bugs09:59
FloSoftHi, can i let launchpad mirror an subversion repository into an bazaar branch?09:59
bigjoolsI wonder if it's using a different route to get to the box10:00
fta2bigjools, any idea how long it will take? thought it was just a matter of finding a losa to run a script10:01
bigjoolsStevenK: when you have a sec, would you mind checking to see if you can get the sftp server to go faster than 10 Mb/s on a loopback10:01
fta2maybe sftp hammers the cpu on the other side (definitely not on mine)10:02
bigjoolsfta2: I'll look next week, but I expect I'll be fixing the buildd-manager first10:02
* bigjools -> sprint, AFK10:02
mptI'm having a connection problem with Launchpad10:03
mptEvery page loads fine, *except* when I click a "Delete Bug Watch" button, then I always get a "Please try again" error10:04
persiaThat doesn't sound like a connection problem.  That sounds like a typo.10:04
mptoh, hm, apparently I reported this as bug 575911 in May. I have no memory of that at all.10:10
ubot5`Launchpad bug 575911 in Launchpad Bugs "Trying to delete a bug watch results in a non-OOPSing IntegrityError (affected: 2, heat: 3)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57591110:10
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jkakarDo I need to do anything special to create a project group or do I just complete the normal 'Add a new project' workflow?10:54
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Ddordahey guys, i'm having troubles with my username in lp15:07
Ddordafor some reasons it says my nick is d-dorda, while i've always been ddorda15:07
marsHi Ddorda15:07
Ddordawhen i tried changing it, i got an error that the username is being used in another team?!15:07
Ddordamars: hey there :)15:08
marslooking now15:08
Ddordamars: many thanks15:08
marsDdorda, where does it incorrectly say your nick is 'd-dorda'?15:09
marsThat is a real user, but I assume it is not you: https://edge.launchpad.net/~d-dorda15:10
Ddordait is me15:10
marsDdorda, ok, and this user? https://edge.launchpad.net/~ddorda15:10
Ddordai don't know any more Ddorda's in that world :)\15:11
marsHeh :)15:11
marsyou never know - OSS is quite cosmopolitan :)15:11
marssinzui, ^ this may be a problem for your team - split accounts?15:12
Ddordai know, but i'm 100% it's me, it's just something wrong i've done made thi split15:12
Ddordawth? now it's become to me again15:13
Ddordathis is extremely odd15:14
marsDdorda, sinzui is the expert on these matters.  Give him a few minutes - if he isn't around right now, I may ask you to file a Launchpad question about it so his team can look at it later15:14
marsDdorda, it usually has something to do with Ubuntu SSO interacting with Launchpad15:15
Ddordamars: i see. okay, i'll be patient.15:15
Ddordafor now15:15
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rvalyiHello, I'm a launchpad mailing list admin and we got some confidential data posted in a mail, we would like to have it removed from the archive, any Launchpad admin out there that can help me to do that please?15:43
Odd_Blokemars: ^15:44
marsrvalyi, could you please post a question to https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad?  I can then hand it to the appropriate team15:45
rvalyimars: yes, I'll do,15:48
rvalyihowever, I prefer not to point the exact messages to be removed in a public forum15:48
rvalyiso I'll ask help here first15:49
rvalyi(I mean here  https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad )15:49
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rvalyimars: sorry, I actually forgot to send you the pointer, here is my question https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/12669616:23
marsthanks rvalyi, I'll send it along16:24
marsrvalyi, it looks like it is already being handled16:24
mars(thanks sinzui!)16:24
rvalyimars: yep, thank you very much16:28
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prettyrobotsgpg: skipped "Alan Gutierrez <alan@prettyrobots.com>": secret key not available16:39
prettyrobotsI'm getting that at the end of my build.16:39
prettyrobotsow do I make my key available? I can sign from the command line, with a prompt for my password.16:39
prettyrobotsdebsign -k"Alan Gutierrez" also works.16:39
persiaYeah, but that also indicates you are sponsoring a package you didn't do, which has interesting effects when you upload it.16:43
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prettyrobotspersia: It is one that I built.16:56
prettyrobotsMyself for PPA.16:56
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james_wprettyrobots: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Uploading?action=show&redirect=DeveloperGuide/Uploading#Signing%20the%20package17:00
prettyrobotsI'm trying to package moduldes for Node.js.17:21
prettyrobotsThey are installed from npm.17:22
prettyrobotsA package manager, so no tarballs.17:22
prettyrobotsHow does that change my process, any suggestions?17:24
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prettyrobotsSo I uploaded a package to Launchpad.18:17
prettyrobotsAnd it said the signature was okay, uploaded, and then done.18:17
prettyrobotsBut it doesn't appear in the PPA page.18:17
prettyrobotsDoes it take some time?18:17
prettyrobotsOh. I got an email saying:18:19
prettyrobotsUnable to find distroseries: unstable18:19
prettyrobotsKeep trying.18:19
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ChrisBuchholzHey guys. Is it possible to "starre" a project on launchpad? Would make it easier to keep track on things22:06
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