yofelcharlie-tca: btw, about your 'The "Report a bug" on it goes right to the bug reporting form', you're in bug control right? the redirect is disabled for us and teams above us00:01
nemofound the bug for my problem00:01
nemoaaand, dude had a fix!00:01
nemocan be done in gui and as kernel patch00:01
charlie-tcayofel: I forgot that part! Thanks for reminding me00:02
nemobug #54676900:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 546769 in alsa-driver (Ubuntu) "no sound with Realtek ALC269 - on Sony Vaio VPCEB1S1E" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/54676900:02
nemoHDA Analyzer suggestion by Pistolpete worked perfectly00:02
nemointeresting that he reported the solution 4½ months ago00:03
yofelwell, the kernel team follows a strict process, and nobody bothered to run apport-collect, which they maybe filter for automatically00:05
nemoperhaps people *tried* running apport-collect :-p00:06
nemoaaaanyway. works for me. life is good00:06
nemothat one was really irritating me00:06
nemoshame patching kernel is not quite as convenient under ubuntu as in source based distros like gentoo.  I'd rather stick to the distro sources.00:06
nemoah well, ubuntu still has more advantages than disadvantages00:06
yofelapport-collect will add one attachment at a time, not 20 at once, so it shouldn't be affected by that timeout bug00:07
cjae_Hi anyone running kubuntu meerkat successfully, like logout works and it doesnt freeze on the kubuntu kernel splash screen and such?00:07
yofelcjae_: works fine here (64bit, nvidia card), well, at least it worked the last time I tried it 2 days ago00:08
cjae_yofel: alright thanks, have ati card but should be ok00:10
cjae_yofel: do you know if its beta 1 or 2 yet?00:14
nemoBleah.  I've given up on update-manager to do updates. uses that stupid polkit authentication that fails in ssh -Y, in nomachine and (just recently discovered this) in fingerprint-gui00:20
nemoSynaptic Package Manager may not be as pretty, but at least it isn't crippled00:20
yofelthere is no beta2, the rc is due on the 30th. If you have all updates installed you don't have to bother with that anyway, as you're running the most up-to-date system that there is00:20
nemoyofel: yow. you guys are already approaching RC. man, I was really hoping we could get our game release together before that. clearly not gonna happen. we're all slackers00:21
nemowhiiiich means more begging to get into the next release :)00:21
nemooh. this is driving me a bit bonkers00:26
nemoevery time I open apport, it fires up google chrome00:26
nemoI don't want it to fire up google chrome. all my addons are in firefox, all my settings...00:26
nemoI'd rather not uninstall google chrome since I use it for browser testing.  but is there any way to get it to not do that?00:27
nemoI already ran update-alternatives x-www-browser00:27
nemoand confirmed that a link in nautilus opened in firefox...00:27
yofelI forgot how apport opened browsers, but iirc it was something like... 1) some gconf key, if fails 2) gnome-open, if fails 3) x-www-browser - well, something like that00:28
* nemo fires up gconf editor00:29
nemooh. and here's an odd one.  I right clicked, chose "create launcher", chose "link" in it, and entered http://google.com as the link00:30
nemo('cause I couldn't remember how to make a URL shortcut on the desktop for testing default browser)00:30
nemodoubleclicking on it in nautilus completely hangs nautilus for about a minute00:30
nemoafter which time it opens the link in firefox and does any other operations you'd tried to do in the interim00:30
nemono hits for chrom in gconf00:31
nemolet's try gnome-open00:31
nemoyep. gnome-open calls chrome. damn00:32
cjae_wow does having ubuntu-desktop installed in kubuntu 10.04 break alot of things!00:32
cjae_phonon + pulse ouch!00:33
nemohm. maybe it is because update-alternatives reports chrome as having a higher priority00:34
yofelphonon + pulse works fine so far here..00:34
yofelwell, once I told phonon to actually use pulse instead of my HDMI port -.-00:34
yofelcjae_: current00:34
cjae_ok well I did too, and now my volume upom booting kde or gnome is always muted00:35
yofelI heard about the muted on boot issue for gnome, works fine in KDE so far though00:36
cjae_and the volume dial only hits 5 10 14 and 50 the rest of the slider doesnt do too much00:36
* yofel wonders if he's settings are so messed up that his pc can't even properly break things anymore...00:36
cjae_virtualbox gtk wont load at all00:37
nemohuh. no way to adjust the priorities w/o reinstalling the links and potentially screwing it up in my ignorance00:37
cjae_but virtual box ose will00:38
cjae_yofel: so the 10.10 kde is still in alpha 3?00:40
nemogah. this priority mechanism is ridiculous. chromium literally has a bug for "putting its priority higher than other browsers"00:41
nemoand. if I set browser X as default,  I shouldn't have to fight w/ the system to get gnome-url to use it00:41
yofelhm? no, kubuntu 10.10 has it's beta released, it's just that I'm running a system with all updates installed, and that doesn't have anything to do with the beta snapshot00:41
nemoah-hah. update-alternatives man page does not (that I can see) say where it keeps its config, but there is no hiding from strace00:42
nemoWTH. push google chrome's priority down and gnome-url STILL opens it :(00:44
yofelalternatives configuration is in /var/lib/dpkg/alternatives   (WARNING: DO NOT TOUCH)00:44
yofelwell, ignore the warning if you know what you're doing or don't mind the consequences00:45
nemoyofel: already changed it00:45
nemoyofel: thus my confusion. had reduced chrome from 120 to 1200:45
nemoshows up correctly in --query00:45
nemobut gnome-url still opens it00:45
=== sidnei-dinner is now known as sidnei
nemoand here's a fun one.  sudo newgrp sambashare -   dumped me to a root shell00:45
nemothat's probably some sort of security hole right there00:46
coreyanyone care to help me with pigin when they get a chance?00:48
yofelcorey: for starters: what's the problem? we won't know if we can help if you don't tell us..00:50
coreyi want to skin pidgin but cant figure out how to do it00:51
coreyi see where in properties it says themes but i have none, cant find any online, and mine didnt come with any axtras even though i downloaded themes from package manager00:51
nemoyep. gnome-open is posessed of the devil00:52
coreyand im also having a problem with my cursor skipin when i type and im sure its not my mouse because i turned it off and it still skips00:52
cjae_so I see that the kubuntu 10.10 senses which desktop should be deployed (plasma-desktop or plasma-netbook) is this the case with the 64 version too! since most netbooks are 32 bit00:52
cjae_my netbook is 64 bit so this option would be good for both my computers00:53
yofelhm.. there are a bunch of things that are checked to make netbook only start when appropriate, but I don't remember it checking architecture00:54
yofelcould have changed since I last looked at it though00:55
nemodesktop/gnome/url-handlers was the problem. and somehow a search on "chrom" did not turn it up in gconf. also I'd swear I did not choose "set as default browser" - oh well. all better00:56
nemolooks like sudo newgrp dropping you to a root shell is a known issue, and the way to avoid it is never ever ever let non-admins run sudo newgrp00:59
cjae_yofel: 92% dl excited :) cause my current system is not too good01:13
cjae_do you happen to what version of k3b is installed?01:14
yofel!info k3b01:18
ubottuk3b (source: k3b): A sophisticated CD/DVD burning application. In component main, is optional. Version 2.0.1-1ubuntu3 (maverick), package size 488 kB, installed size 1844 kB01:18
cjae_didnt know there was a bot here :p01:19
yofelshe's pretty useful :P01:19
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu+1's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots01:19
cjae_I like them01:20
cjae_wonder if bluedevil is going to detect my  logitech mx5500 kb and mouse correctly01:21
=== corey is now known as Guest74920
cjae_need to get wiimote working too01:22
cjae_I see pulse is default in 10.10 should aleviate my issue as well01:24
cjae_anyway thanks, l8r01:24
javatexanwhere did my wine main menu items go?  I tried a clean uninstall and then deleted out of main menu thinking when I redid everything they would be back.....what happened?02:02
zeroedouthi. I want to upgrade quassel on lucid to the Marverick version. what's the best way to do this? I was thinking of adding the maverick repos, upgrading quassel, then reverting back to lucid ones. would that cause any problems?02:49
jiohdianyone know where I can find a decent tutorial about unity desktop02:53
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=== Dink|W is now known as Dink
kklimondazeroedout: it may be easier to rebuild maverick package for lucid03:01
kklimondazeroedout: or installing debs directly - but I'm not sure if quassel built for maverick is going to work with lucid at all03:02
zeroedoutyea, i was going to chase down dependencies by hand but upgrading webkit and other crucial qt stuff seems risky..... is there a generic guide on rebuilding a +1 package for current?03:05
ZykoticK9assuming cli applications have an exception to the rules layed out in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UnitsPolicy will "ls" be defaulting to base 10 in maverick?03:07
kklimondawell, you could use documentation for package maintainers03:07
kklimondazeroedout: ^ for example check pbuilder-dist documentation on ubuntu wiki03:08
kklimondazeroedout: or request a backport on Launchpad03:08
zeroedoutI'de rather do it myself, but maybe i'll place the request and see if a pro can beat me03:09
kklimondawell, if you can do it yourself they won't beat you - especially now, so close to 10.10 release03:10
four2zero_hello everyone, is there a fix for vino running on ubuntu-server 10.1003:51
Drooling_SheepI just updated my maverick 32-bit box after a few days of it being off and foomatic-db is failing to install05:07
Drooling_Sheephere is the pastebin http://pastebin.com/pZApTshc05:07
Drooling_Sheepit says it can't install a new version of a file because said file exists which doesn't make sense....but I checked and it doesn't exist, so I have no idea what the problem is05:09
Drooling_Sheepthe truly odd thing is that the file in question isn't a binary and my 64-bit box had no such problem05:11
Seven_Six_TwoI have logged in to a remote Solaris server with ssh -X and started gnome-session to get a desktop. I get the desktop successfully, but I can't get a panel because I can't stop gnome-panel without it restarting. The only guide I could find said to look for session manager, but that's not listed in my menus. Is there another way to temporarily disable gnome-panel without having to start it by hand every time I log in?05:15
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DanaGSay, are kernel-ppa kernels supposed to have INOTIFY disabled?06:22
DanaGPowertop is telling me it's disabled.06:24
DanaGOr maybe the option just doesn't exist anymore (and is always enabled).06:26
DanaGinit: mounted-tmp main process (483) terminated with status 107:14
DanaGmountall: Event failed07:14
DanaGI get that... and then it mounts root read-only!07:14
DanaGOkay, that's even weirder.... I changed console=ttyS0,115200n8 console=tty0 to serial console last, and now it boots fine.07:17
DanaGargh, stupid heisenbugs... when I try to boot normally, it fails... but when I have serial console last (so kernel stdin/stdout go there), my system boots just fine.07:26
Jordan_Uwhereami: What error do you actually get?08:01
whereamiJordan_U, nothing very specific... update-grub failed.08:02
Jordan_Uwhereami: Try following this guide for installing grub from a LiveCD and pastebin the full error (if any): http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide08:04
vishwhen do the dailies for the day get built?08:04
whereamiJordan_U, I'm going to check Seven_Six_Two's suggestion of a bios-locked MBR first, but if that's not it, I'll try that, thanks.08:06
th3hateI upgraded ubuntu to 10.10, now launching ubuntu-kernel.35 only brings a terminal screen. Could someone help?08:06
Jordan_Uwhereami: I've never heard of a BIOS write protecting the MBR, and I'm sure sure it's even possible. Plus, update-grub doesn't write to the mbr.08:07
whereamiOh, okay, I've never heard of it either, and I'm not finding anything in the bios menus.08:08
th3hatehow do i get ubuntu 10.10 to start normally instead of bringing a terminal screen with Desktop Login:08:12
whereamiwhy does the installer window have a silly horizontal scrollbar?08:24
=== FireCrotch_ is now known as FireCrotch
whereamiokay, this time it got past update-grub, but the installer crashed... I wonder if my disc didn't burn right. Is there a way to check that?08:51
Jordan_Uwhereami: Press any key early in the boot of the LiveCD (first 5 seconds) and you'll get a boot menu, one of the options is to check the disk's integrity.08:53
whereamiJordan_U, thanks.08:56
Jordan_Uwhereami: You're welcome.08:56
whereamiHmm, no errors.. why would it fail in two different places, though?09:03
th3hateCould someone check the error i get when i boot ubuntu: http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/3453/20100924002.jpg09:07
johnxth3hate, got it working good with 3D and everything?09:50
AlanBellanyone else seeing a very tall evolution preferences window?09:55
AlanBelllooks like about 768 px tall, and won't resize smaller than that, so it won't fit between the top and bottom panels on my 1366x768 laptop09:56
om26erAlanBell, me10:00
=== iConfused|sleep is now known as iConfused
om26erAlanBell, bug 58920410:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589204 in evolution (Ubuntu Maverick) "Evolution Setup Assistant dialog too large for netbook screens" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58920410:01
AlanBellhmm, not sure that is the same dialog10:05
AlanBellactually it probably is10:06
AlanBellit is a bit of a regression on Bug #862910:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 8629 in Evolution "Evolution setup wizard does not fit in 800x600" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/862910:13
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jjcvHi all.11:22
Machtinwhere's alsa-lib? :o11:39
Machtinah, never mind11:41
tarzeauis there a way to make ctrl-alt-f1 working again?12:30
ChrisBuchholzIs it possible to install the application menu on 10.10 beta and have it running "normally" -> where applications' menu is hidden and the application menu is shown by default, instead of me having to call the menu to open with every program?12:55
* duffydack installs une on his mini 9.13:17
rockhopperHi, last time i downloaded the 10.10 maverick beta, I couldn't boot on my netbook. I tried both UNR, the desktop edition.13:34
bazhangsounds like a corrupt iso or bad burn13:34
rockhopperBut, when i update from the update-manager, I was able to boot from the old kernel, but not the new kernel13:35
rockhopperbazhang, I tried it with a usb key.13:35
bazhangrockhopper, using what to write13:35
rockhopperbazhang, I used the bootable usb app on the ubuntu os as well as the bootable usb application for the windows os given in the ubuntu.com/netbook webpage13:37
bazhangrockhopper, unetbootin?13:37
rockhopperNo, the universal usb installer, i selected the UNR 10.04 for it.13:40
rockhopperas there was no 10.10 option in it bazhang13:40
bazhangrockhopper, should work anyway, if you got the iso.13:40
rockhopperBut, I couldn't boot after updating to 10.10 from the update-manager of 10.04 UNR.13:41
rockhopperbazhang, I couldn't boot from the live-usb13:42
bazhangrockhopper, this sounds like two separate issues13:42
rockhopperIt gives me the options for booting live, installing on the HDD and etc.13:42
bazhangwhat does update-manager have to do with usb installer13:42
rockhopperI can install, but not even boot live.13:43
rockhopperIt just gives me a blinking cursor and nothing happens.13:43
bazhangnot clear what you  mean; two separate issues13:43
rockhopperbazhang, I tried updating to 10.10 from 10.0413:44
rockhopperand the other time, i tried installing the 10.10 from the beta iso from the testing page.13:44
bazhangrockhopper, so currently nothing bootable on that computer?13:45
rockhopperIn both the ways, I couldnt boot.13:45
rockhopperBut when i updated from the 10.04 to 10.10, i was able to boot by selecting the 2.6.32-24 kernel.13:46
rockhopperWhen i try booting from the new 2.6.32-35 i think, I couldn't boot.13:46
rockhopperbazhang, maverick's not bootable.13:48
rockhopperSo, i had to reinstall 10.04 UNR again.13:48
bazhangrockhopper, sounds like a corrupt iso or bad "burn"13:48
bazhangmd5 the iso and try again13:48
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:48
rockhopperbazhang, I had the same issue when updated from the update manager in 10.04.13:51
rockhopperIf we run the update-manager-d13:51
bazhangrockhopper, well file a bug, or wait til its released. you have two separate issues here13:52
rockhopperI think its only one issue.13:54
rockhopperThat the bug's in the new kernel 2.6.32-3513:54
bazhangworks fine here. try filing a bug13:55
rockhopperok, where can i do that?13:55
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots13:56
rockhopperbazhang, Thanks. I'll try filing it.13:56
whilo_ i have installed 10.10 on one of my machines and to my surprise the radeon 5750 worked both with kernel mode-setting and even with kwin opengl composition14:17
whilo_it has some delays (feels like slow motion effect) in animations though and full screen video (especially flash) is too slow, even though it is a quadcore14:17
whilo_is this likely going to improve until the release?14:18
whilo_fglrx is giving me a black screen after plymouth booting btw14:19
crevoxHello, I'm a beginner and I was wondering, once 10.10 is out should I upgrade or still use 10.0414:22
crevoxWhat differences are there between 10.10 and 10.04?14:22
EvilPhoenixcrevox:  i recommend sticking with the LTS14:23
coafcvcrevox: if you want long term support, you'd stick with 10.0414:23
EvilPhoenixwhat coafcv said14:24
crevoxSo I'll keep the 10.04 then.14:24
crevoxWhat bothers me is that I have BIG problems with ati drivers.14:24
coafcvcrevox: which card and what drivers are you using?14:24
crevoxI thought there will be an update that will fix my issue.14:24
crevoxhd4330 on a laptop.14:24
crevoxThose from the repositories...hardware manager.14:25
crevoxI tried the ones from the ati website, and still the same.14:25
coafcvhave you tried using the radeon drivers?14:25
coafcvcrevox: those two are the same.14:25
coafcvcrevox: what are the "BIG" problems you are talking about?14:25
crevoxVideo lag on heroes of newerth.14:25
crevoxI have 4 gb, t4300 intel hd4330 ati..14:26
crevoxAnd I can't play this game :|14:26
BajKso, finally removed pulseaudio from 10.10 and now everything's fine again :914:26
crevoxI have major lagspikes...14:26
crevoxVideo lagspikes14:26
crevoxNot lag as in latency...14:26
BajKdon't know who thought it was a good idea implementing pulseaudio in Kubuntu 10.10 by default, it still sucks as it did in 10.0414:26
coafcvcrevox: you might want to try the open-source radeon drivers. I used the official ATI drivers and my computer froze every now and then. then I uninstalled them and used the radeon driver. it works flawlessly ever since.14:26
robin0800BajK: works fine here14:27
crevoxcoafcv,  Open source drivers only provide 2d acceleration for my card.14:27
coafcvcrevox: oh :( they do provide 3d acceleration for my ati card.14:28
crevoxcoafcv, open source drivers can't provide 3d acceleration on my card, I have checked.14:28
BajKrobin0800: can you choose between multiple/different playback devices? Can you set channels differntially?14:28
crevoxcoafcv, desktop card ?14:28
coafcvcrevox: ATI HD 485014:28
BajKrobin0800: i cannot. fonon just recognizes "Pulseaudio server" and the only audio device displayed in kmix is "Default Audio Device"14:28
crevoxcoafcv,  Laptop or desktop?14:28
coafcvcrevox: Desktop.14:29
coafcvcrevox: sorry, I'm out of ideas then :(14:29
crevoxcoafcv,  Thanks anyway. Only idea is to make them release their source code..14:29
crevoxI'm sick of them...14:29
robin0800BajK: in kde the pulse audio server is not installed by default14:29
BajKrobin0800: it is in 10.1014:30
coafcvcrevox: they are releasing some specs for a while now, I heard.14:30
coafcvcrevox: but your card seems to be too old?14:30
crevoxcoafcv,  They'll better release the drivers or there will be some *nerd rage*14:30
crevoxcoafcv,  My card is not old. :)14:30
crevoxIt's a laptop card.14:30
robin0800BajK: works on ubuntu and has for a while14:31
coafcvoh ok. I haven't figured out their numbering scheme yet.14:31
BajKrobin0800: but not Kubuntu ...14:31
BajKthat's why I cannot understand it being bundled with it by default14:31
EvilPhoenixcoafcv:  you mean the .04 and .10 numbers?14:32
jetienne_!info ruby14:32
ubotturuby (source: ruby-defaults): An interpreter of object-oriented scripting language Ruby. In component main, is optional. Version 4.5 (maverick), package size 21 kB, installed size 120 kB14:32
coafcvEvilPhoenix: no, the ATI numbering scheme.14:32
EvilPhoenixah x]14:32
jetienne_hmm what is the default ruby version on ubuntu+1 ?.14:32
EvilPhoenixit says it there jetienne_14:33
EvilPhoenixVersion 4.5 (maverick), package size 21 kB, installed size 120 kB14:33
EvilPhoenixbut after yo uinstall it14:33
jetienne_EvilPhoenix: unfortunaly no :) ruby is like 1.8 or 1.914:33
EvilPhoenixi see14:33
EvilPhoenixi'm guessing 1.8 or 1.914:33
* EvilPhoenix google14:34
jetienne_EvilPhoenix: yeah hence my question. which one is it14:34
EvilPhoenixyou could look at the package info for ruby14:35
* EvilPhoenix looks around for it14:35
Rajasunjetienne_: both 1.8 & 1.9 are available in Maverick14:35
jetienne_Rajasun: cool. which one is the default ?14:35
EvilPhoenixRajasun:  jetienne_ wants to know the default14:35
EvilPhoenixthat comes installed by default14:35
EvilPhoenixwith the image14:35
EvilPhoenixi'm guessing 1.814:36
EvilPhoenixbut idk14:36
jetienne_or more if i do "sudo apt-get install ruby" which one gonna be installed14:36
EvilPhoenixit'll install whatever the "ruby" package is14:36
Rajasunjetienne_: 1.814:36
jetienne_Rajasun: sure ? ok14:36
Rajasunjetienne_: yup14:36
jetienne_EvilPhoenix: Rajasun: thanks14:37
Rajasunjetienne_: np14:37
sobokuIm sure this has been covered but can someone give me the url to add firefox 4 to kubuntu 10.10 software managers source list?14:40
sobokuhum guess no one knows14:44
Rajasunsoboku: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa/ubuntu maverick main14:46
sobokuThank you Rajasun ill give that a try thanks14:46
Rajasunsoboku: np14:47
pindongahi, anyone can help me out sort an issue testing the maverick netbook iso? I am using testdrive, and after I log in (past gdm) the screen just keeps blank (only the wallpaper)14:48
pindongaI see two errors in .xsession-errors:14:48
pindongaUnable to find provider '''' of required component 'panel'14:49
pindongaUnable to initialize Clutter14:49
plovsanybody got picasa working on 10.10?15:03
plovsi get a segfault15:04
howlymowlyhi poeple.. in most recet maverick...  first problem:   warning, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 53034 package 'virtualbox-3.1':15:05
howlymowly error in Version string '3.1.6-59338_Ubuntu_karmic': invalid character in revision number15:05
howlymowlyhow do I get rid of that error?15:05
howlymowlyops lol my error decriptiion lgas of some information...  so  I have recently upgraded to maverick beta and have some problems running apt-get first error is this one:   hi poeple.. in most recet maverick...  first problem:   warning, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/status' near line 53034 package 'virtualbox-3.1':15:08
howlymowly error in Version string '3.1.6-59338_Ubuntu_karmic': invalid character in revision number15:08
charlie-tcahowlymowly: you have something outdated in sources.list? maybe a ppa or something? VBox in maverick should be 3.215:25
Ejdesgaardi have installed 10.10 and evolution-mapi... In general it works fine, i have the calender and i can recieve e-mails from everyone. I can send e-mails to external addresses, but not to our local.tld.15:25
howlymowlycharlie-tca: yeah I upgraded from lucid to maverick..  hmm. maybe I should try to "reseet my sources.lis..15:26
Ejdesgaarddo you guys think it's a bug locally or some odd setup on our exchange 2007 server?15:26
charlie-tcaTake a look at your sources. See if there is something in there for virtualbox, either from sun/oracle or ppa15:27
howlymowlycharlie-tca: no luck :(15:30
howlymowlyi have now only the two default entries from maverick in my sources.list  but nothing else  but after apt-get update and  upgrade the error still remains15:31
blue_annaI get this error trying to upgrade with the update manager: W:Failed to fetch http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/maverick/Release  Unable to find expected entry  partner/binary-powerpc/Packages in Meta-index file (malformed Release file?), E:Some index files failed to download, they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.15:42
charlie-tcahmm, check synaptic package manager for the version of virtualbox. If it is 3.1, remove and reinstall. If you don't purge, it will work without making any changes to anything15:43
jpdsblue_anna: Why are you looking for partner on ports?15:43
jpdsblue_anna: http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-ports/dists/maverick/Release doesn't have any mention of partner/ .15:44
blue_annaI'm not particularly doing that. I'm just clicking upgrade after running the command15:44
blue_anna(LANG=C && update-manager -d)15:44
blue_annajpds, its part of the upgrade script, I suppose15:46
blue_annayes indeed15:54
blue_annajpds, any suggestions for how to work around this problem with the update-manager install script itself being screwed up?15:54
jpdsblue_anna: Can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list file?15:57
blue_annajpds, sure, thank you.15:58
blue_annajpds, http://nopaste.dk/p246415:59
jpdsblue_anna: Comment out lines 47 and 48 and try again.15:59
howlymowlyalright, charlie-tca  a simpl "sudo dpkg --purge virtualbox-3.1 helped with that error :)16:00
blue_annathank you jpds16:02
nOStahlhi guys16:07
nOStahldownloaded three copies of the maverick meerkat, and having trouble booting it up.16:07
nOStahldrops to busybox init errors16:07
nOStahlthis a known issue?16:08
howlymowlysoo..  another apt-get related problem on maverick:   when trying to upgrade the package "plasma-widget-addons" i get the error:   dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/plasma-widgets-addons_4%3a4.5.1-0ubuntu3_amd64.deb (--unpack):16:12
howlymowly trying to overwrite '/usr/share/kde4/services/plasma-applet-systemloadviewer.desktop', which is also in package plasma-widget-system-status 0.6-0ubuntu116:12
howlymowlyany idea about this?16:12
howlymowlyor do i just have to wait until a non-broken package is released?16:12
Typherm, what happened to Software Sources?16:13
charlie-tcahowlymowly: try this - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingInstallationIssues#package%20is%20already%20installed%20and%20configured16:14
charlie-tcaTyph: it went away16:14
volodyaok, I must have got the most stupid question ever, but -- is it normal to have load average of 2.0 on a machine that does absolutely nothing?16:15
charlie-tcaYou can see them now in Synaptic Package Manager16:15
Typhcharlie-tca: I can see that.16:15
Typhcharlie-t: I can see that.16:15
charlie-tcaIt was a duplicate type app; not needed16:15
Typhit appears to be the same app. Just removed from the menu.16:16
charlie-tcasorry, Typh. some people ask things like that to see if they are alone in missing it.16:16
* Typh adds it back to menu16:17
Typhthanks :)16:17
charlie-tcano problem16:17
volodyaoh, I've got a dozen of kded4 process in <defunct> state. Anybody happens to know what that means?16:27
ulisse'lo guys16:30
ulissecan somebody tell me what's the state of fglrx drivers in maverick? I'd like to upgrade, but my card sucks with free drivers...16:31
nOStahlso whats this gnome shell I keep hearing about16:32
ulissenOStahl: gnome-shell is a new GNOME interface, it's ubercool and it is sustantially why I'm willing to upgrade :)16:33
ulissesadly it doesn't compile smoothly on 10.0416:33
ulissenOStahl: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=147624116:33
nOStahlwhats it do different16:34
ulissewell, basically it organizes stuff in a way it won't bug you when not needed16:36
ulisseit has a hidden panel that you call out bi clicking on "activities" on top left, from where you run programm, access places etc16:37
ulisseand when in that mode, you can add/remove workspaces and organize stuff on them16:37
ulisseI find it very usable, but you have to try it yourself to decide if it is for you16:38
ulissenOStahl: what distro/version are you running?16:38
nOStahlnetbook remix16:38
ulisseuhm, on 10.04 gnome-shell is broken atm16:39
ulisseif you were on 10.10 you could easily give it a spin, justi apt-get it and run "gnome-shell --replace"16:39
nOStahlI downloaded daily build this morning of maverick meerkat but the installer drops out to a console before booting into live.16:39
nOStahlwatching youtube vid's right now, looks like it just shows you all your virtual desktops when you want to see everything thats running?16:40
nOStahlis it live view?16:40
nOStahlie if you were watching a movie on virtual desktop 316:41
ulisseyep, it should continue to play16:41
nOStahli'll be back later I gotta run and do a delivery.16:41
ulissek, bye16:41
nOStahlso how's maverick meerkat?17:41
nOStahlany ground breaking changes?17:45
Rajasunn0Stahl: Running it for 3 weeks now, there are a few hiccups with some apps (e.g. deluge freezing on quit) but on the whole stable enough for my needs. Some of the repos like medibuntu & getdeb aren't ready for maverick yet though.17:45
Rajasunand no sopcast-player too :(17:46
nOStahlim not sure I like the new netbook thing17:46
cromagi'm trying to upgrade from lucid to mav. but i get the "can not calculate...." error. I'm really not sure what to do in this case17:46
nOStahli'd like to talk to someone about /boot partitions17:47
charlie-tcaIs there a "do it anyway" button?17:47
nOStahli've never had one in the past... what does a boot partition do for me.17:47
plovsnOStahl: it is secure and usually your first partition, on some boxes you'll have boot-problems if the kernel is not located at the beginning of the drive17:49
nOStahlI have an ssd that Im installing on.17:49
nOStahli've always just mount it as /17:49
nOStahland my second ssd /home17:49
charlie-tcassd can still have partitions17:49
nOStahlhow big should the /boot be17:50
plovsyou can look at yor current boot: du -hs /boot17:51
charlie-tcarecommendation is normally 100MB, but keep in mind, if there are too many kernel updates, it will run out of room17:52
IdleOnemy /boot is 40M17:54
RajasunNever ever had a separate /boot partition in my 8 years of using any distro for a desktop. Never saw the need for it, not then, not now.17:57
yofelyou need one currently if you want to use btrfs for root, and it does have a few use cases, not for the general user though18:00
plovsif your comp is new(ish) and you don't want anything fancy (read-only fs, btrfs etc) then it is just complicating things18:01
RajasunAs it stands, and as as far as I recall, btrfs ain't default in Maverick, will consider having a separate /boot if that is indeed what it is required and if and when I decide to switch to btrfs. Anybody knows if nilfs requires a separate /boot partition too?18:04
vishhmm , is there no conky for maverick?18:06
plovsRajasun: anything that grub doesn't understand needs a seperate boot, and ext2 for boot is super-fast18:07
cromagi'm trying to upgrade from lucid to mav. but i get the "can not calculate...." error. I'm really not sure what to do in this case ...18:07
cromagi have universe enabled18:08
cromagbut it seems xorg is making it hard to upgrade18:08
Rajasunplovs: K. Not been updating myself with the latest development with grub so hmmm18:09
charlie-tcaI am running conky on maverick18:11
charlie-tcavish: conky is in universe18:12
vishdoh! hehe been a while since i did a full reinstall :)18:12
charlie-tcaMight have changed the name to conky-all now though18:12
vishcharlie-tca: thx..18:12
vishhmm.. i do have universe on..18:15
* vish looks harder..18:15
vishoh come on! SC was just toying with me! :/18:18
vishif i search now, it shows conky! :(18:18
JontheEchidnamaybe it was in the middle of re-indexing or something18:18
vishyea.. probably.18:18
Epiphanywhats the best way to backup a dvd?18:52
shcherbak! dd18:58
bcurtiswx_getting things gnome, does it link up with multiple computers?19:20
bcurtiswx_what does everyone use for task management in Ubuntu?19:23
elvirolohi everyone!19:32
elviroloi'm just testing maverick, and i have two problems. First, the sound appelet doesn't show up, and second since yesterday's upates the computer doesn't take sound from the microhpne19:33
mischiefcan someone tell me how to get fglrx working in 10.10 beta? i installed the fglrx package and its listed in 'alternate drivers'. fglrxinfo/glxinfo segfaults when i try to run it. any help?20:03
mischiefadditional drivers*20:03
wirechiefmischief you might find someone in the #phoronix channel who has had success with it and 10.1020:21
* BUGabundo says the poor sick guy20:21
wirechiefhey BUGabundo20:22
charlie-tcaHello, BUGabundo20:22
charlie-tcaHope you are feeling better20:22
* wirechief hopes he is not getting ready to let loose another joke20:23
jbroomeyou should hold onto your jokes20:26
BUGabundocharlie-tca: the same. just under pain killers20:27
BUGabundonot that they are doing squat20:27
ePiratis there a way to downgrade? my graphic card doesnt workt with 10.1020:27
BUGabundoePirat: No20:28
jbroomereinstall 10.0420:28
BUGabundoI mean, you can downgrade packages20:28
BUGabundoif you still have them on your cache20:28
ePiratjbroome: but then all my data will get lost, or?20:28
jbroomeif your /home/ isn't on a separate partition, yeah it's gone20:29
yofelnot really, you don't need to format the driver when installing, ubiquity will delete conficting system files20:30
ePiratany idea why the UI isnt working with my graphic card?20:30
ePiratyofel: what about my all the packages i installed, willl they too be deleted?20:31
yofelePirat: how is it not working? black screen on boot?20:31
jbroomeePirat: it'll be like an install, but use the stuff from 10.0420:32
yofelePirat: yes, re-installing will get you a clean system20:32
ePiratyofel: no... strange colors on the screen, only works in the cernel console mode20:32
yofelyou could save a list of the installed packages before reinstalling though20:32
yofelePirat: what graphics card?20:32
ePiratyofel: i think its ATI... How can i find out wich one is it?20:33
yofellspci | grep VGA20:33
yofelI don't know anything about ati though, not sure if fglrx in ubuntu works yet20:33
ePirati will look... i am not sure what graphic card i have... wait pls20:36
ePiratyofel: how to make the | at ubuntu?20:37
zniavrealt gr + 620:39
yofeler.. should be on your keyboard somewhere, it's altgr+< on my german one (wasn't it somewhere near the return button on us?)20:39
ePiratyofel: speak german?20:39
charlie-tcaIt is a shift + \ on my english keyboard20:39
yofelePirat: I do20:39
ePiratyofel: good to know, because my english is not soooo good...20:40
yofelePirat: german maverick support is in #ubuntu-de+1 btw. if you speak german, not too many people there, but worth to try sometimes20:41
ePiratVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility X700 (PCIE)20:41
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nOStahllooks like I might need to switch to ubuntu desktop on my netbook soon...20:51
nOStahldont think im liking how the unity sounds20:51
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navjotcan I get help with ubuntu one contacts sync? I get an error that read "Unable to open address book21:24
navjotThis address book cannot be opened.  This either means that an incorrect URI was entered, or the server is unreachable.21:24
navjotDetailed error message: Address Book does not exist"21:24
navjotim using evolution21:25
navjotcan someone maybe tell me what couchdb server i should be using?21:29
nOStahlwow avatar was rendered with kubuntu21:32
nOStahlI didnt know that.21:32
bjsnidernOStahl, who says?21:36
blue_annahey, how do I get the new sound menu in 10.10?21:44
nOStahlmark shuttleworth says21:45
quidnuncCan someone give me the name of a service that I can restart (I'm trying to see if upstart is working)21:48
blue_annaquidnunc, ls /etc/init.d21:49
blue_annatry getting the status instead21:50
blue_annalike "service ntp status"21:50
blue_annado you have the new volume panel app? Im wondering if I have to wait or have somehting to install still -- I still have the old 10.04 volume panel app21:51
quidnuncblue_anna: No I have the old one21:53
quidnuncMy dovecot service won't start21:53
quidnuncWhat does "dovecot start/killed, process 924" mean?21:54
quidnuncservice dovecot status21:54
ChogyDanany deluge users?  my is broke21:55
blue_annamy firefox started running my cpu usage up above 100% since installing 10.10 .. somehtings silently breaking I think .. but most stuff work :)21:56
quidnuncChogyDan: Deluge was working fine for me except that it always crashed on exit.21:57
ChogyDanquidnunc: mine starts getting errors about too many files open, then slowly freezes up with %100 cpu and memory leaking21:58
quidnuncChogyDan: I don't know anything about that. I have very few torrents.21:58
ePirati solved the graphic problem22:20
nOStahlI think im doomed, my netbook has intel gm945 graphics, and the linux drivers are just not cutting it to play anarchy online...22:21
geoffmccfew differet groups of updates came out today, the latest makes it so when i log in threw ssh the welcom to ubuntu & server stats are repeated twice22:26
geoffmccdoes not happen on my 32 bit version22:26
geoffmcci also now notice since updates today, not only does welcome message repeate twice - running w does not even show me as being connected its just blank, but on 64bit version works fine22:32
nOStahlare there new and better intel graphics drivers in meerkat?22:39
yofelnewer than lucid yes, better is something very subjective22:44
charlie-tcaBUGabundo: Your notices appear to get to indenti.ca, but I don't know if responses get back to you22:44
BUGabundoyeah, I seee that too :(22:45
BUGabundocharlie-tca: http://brainbird.net/BUGabundo/replies its empty22:45
wifmpziwHi.  Is there a bootlog I can look at or some boot options/switches to get to a command prompt?  I've tried recovery.22:47
wifmpziwIf some software updates fail for some reason, causing the system to hang, is there a way to fix packages on my hard disk using the live cd?22:49
wifmpziwnOStahl: Thanyou22:50
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Stormx2Hi all. I can't get nautilus to open. it manages my desktop fine, but when I select something from "places" a file browser doesn't come up. Running from terminal doesn't help - the process just returns straight away23:09
gerzelQ: I downloaded 10.10beta last night and attempted to install it today.  During the boot process it landed in a busybox console and seemed to be complaining that it was unable to mount something called loop4.  Sorry but I didn't write down the exact wording and have forgotten.  Are there any known issues/workaround with the 10.10b amd64 cd I should know about?23:13
bjsnidergerzel, what did you download, precisely?23:16
EvilPhoenixsounds like some kind of wubi thing... o.o23:17
gerzelbjsnider: 64-bit PC (AMD64) desktop CD from http://ftp.wayne.edu/linux_distributions/ubuntu//10.10/  on a Core2 Quad system.23:17
ubottuDaily builds of the CD images of the current development version of Ubuntu are available at http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ and http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/23:18
bjsnidergrab that instead23:18
gerzelok.  Thanks.  I'll do that.23:18
gerzelDoes it make a difference which I grab?23:19
bjsnidergrab the amd64 desktop image23:19
bjsnider.iso in other words23:19
gerzelI meant which of the two sites I use.  I'm in North Carolina if that makes any difference(if one is particularly close by, say over at UNC.23:20
bjsnidercloser the better23:20
Jordan_Ugerzel: Did you install using wubi ("within windows")?23:24
gerzelJordan_U.: No I did not.  Booted the computer from the cd directly.23:25
Jordan_Ugerzel: You won't have to download as much if you use zsync, "zsync http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/maverick-desktop-amd64.iso -i /path/to/beta.iso"23:26
gerzelJordan_U: ah thank you.  I'll try that.23:27
Jordan_Ugerzel: It was the CD that failed to boot not the installed system, correct?23:27
Jordan_Ugerzel: You're welcome.23:27
gerzelJordan_U: I was unable to get the CD fully booted yes.  The live system did not come up and it ended in a session.23:28
gerzeler terminal session.23:28
bjsniderwell the beta you downloaded is 3 weeks old and has hundreds of old bugs, and you also could have a corrupt download23:30
Jordan_UThat's another thing I like about zsync, it automatically checks the md5sum and if you did have a corrupt download previously it will redownload just those corrupt parts.23:31
gerzelJordan_U: I'd think it would have to, otherwise it would have to download all the file to check for different bits.23:40
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