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thorwil"To assess learnability – what resources and experience do we provide for new contributors to learn the skills to participate?"15:03
darkmatterthorwil: I see your "0.o" and raise you a "lolwut?"15:08
thorwilshould we offer some kind of art/design course?15:11
darkmatterthorwil: no, that would be silly. we could offer a nice, clean set of general resources (links to quality reference material, maybe a bit of documentation where it is sorely lacking), a bit of a patience and a helping hand when absolutely required.15:19
darkmatterthorwil: I only believe in helping those who help themselves. all the teaching in the world is useless if passion/drive is lacking15:20
thorwilto me it looks like only very few people around are actually passionate about artwork and design :/15:23
dumbstupidhumanIve been looking at some links, is there a central location to see exactly what kind of art and design the group does?15:27
thorwildumbstupidhuman: the question of that location is among our current problems15:28
thorwildumbstupidhuman: you can find lots of stuff of the past from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/Incoming/15:28
dumbstupidhumanthanks, I keep asking people the same questions,15:30
thorwildumbstupidhuman: http://art.ubuntu-owl.org/ might become a central repository in future15:30
dumbstupidhumanis there a direction the group might be going to consolidate?15:30
darkmatterthorwil: it is a noticeable issue. an unfortunately passion isn't something you can learn. I suppose we could work on helping people fire their own imaginations (and thus help kindle a sparkle, much as one  encourages their own childrens development, or even as teachers (well, the good ones at least) attempt to fuel that same fire in their students), but the desire to do such has to be within the target to some degree already15:30
dumbstupidhumanah, beat me to it15:30
thorwildumbstupidhuman: direction is another problem :)15:31
dumbstupidhuman;) as long as we keep moving, a direction will happen15:32
thorwiloh, that's an interesting take15:32
thorwildumbstupidhuman: do you have a portfolio, online?15:33
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darkmattertha reminds me of a horde of lemmings, where the resulting direction usually ends up being the edge of a cliff ;)15:33
dumbstupidhumani do not currently have a portfolio online. been going to school the last year and have been neglecting15:34
dumbstupidhumanhaha, at least lemmings get to experience flight at least once15:35
dumbstupidhumani dont have much experience doing desktop beautification. Some icon work,15:37
thorwildumbstupidhuman: well, what can we do to help you taking a first step here?15:39
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jpgnizakthe artist formerly known as dumbstupidhuman15:42
thorwiljpgnizak: if you intend to build a series of work or take on any long term project, consider to create a blog about it15:42
jpgnizakgood idea15:43
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thorwilkwwii: how's things?18:42
kwwiithorwil: good and you?19:01
thorwilkwwii: not too bad :)19:01
kwwiigood to hear19:02
thorwilnobody cared about my claim on the ml that the design team doesn't like kittens and is disrespectful to ponies, it seems :}19:04
zniavrewith the last metacity update i loose 3 pixels in my metacity theme20:30
thorwilzniavre: and where do those 3 pixels end up?20:32
thorwili hope they don't end up clogging something up!20:32
zniavrewho knows ?20:32
kwwiineat when math changes overnight21:35

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