javatexan#ubuntu is too busy talking about video games...LOL.  Can someone help...Wine die on me, so i completely uninstalled it and erased the shorcuts out of main menu (so it wouldn't duplicate), but when I install wine now, I get no shortcuts in gnome main menu....02:26
javatexanis there a way to regenerate the shortcuts in main menu?02:27
paultaghumm, interesting02:27
paultagjavatexan, shucks, I'm not sure. I usually use it on the command line :/02:27
javatexanI heard from Wine-headquarters that ubuntu generates them02:27
paultagjavatexan, aye02:27
paultagjavatexan, let me see if I can find anything on it02:27
javatexanthanks paultag....unfortunately my friend google has come up blanks for me.02:28
aveilleuxjavatexan: When you delete Main Menu items, they're placed under a "deleted" category in the configuration files, ie. they won't be created again02:28
paultag<3 aveilleux02:28
javatexancan I delete them out of ther aveilleux?02:29
javatexanso they will be recreate02:29
aveilleuxjavatexan: You can try and dig them out... but the easier way to do it would be to just recreate the WINE shortcuts yourself through the menu editor.02:29
aveilleuxjavatexan: I can walk you through that if you would like02:30
javatexank...will check it out or try to recreate by hand02:30
aveilleuxjavatexan: For reference... the WINE configuration tool is called "winecfg", the "Browse C: Drive" shortcut command is "nautilus ~/.wine/drive_c/", and the uninstallation app is crap so don't bother with it02:31
javatexanlol, I found out the last one the hard way, that is why I had to reinstall :(02:32
bpatelI need help getting wifi running on my laptop ThinkPad T510 Intel Wifi Link 625004:51
bpatelhow to install drivers?04:53
shahanbpatel: doesnt it connected automatically?04:55
bpatelhow to i install drivers?04:57
bpateli need help getting wifi running on my laptop04:59
zkriessebpatel: ok05:02
zkriessebpatel: specs?05:03
bpateli have a lenovo thinkpad t51005:03
bpatelintel wifi link 625005:03
zkriesseUbuntu 10.04?05:03
ubot2Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:04
zkriessetake a look at that page...might get you going05:04
bpatelim on the beta version05:05
zkriesseah 10.1005:05
bpateli will review the doc will you be online for a bit?05:06
shahanbpatel: you take a look... no problem .... There are many experts waitting for you to solve ur problem :)05:07
zkriesseshahan: Experts eh?...lolz05:07
shahanzkriesse: ya.... :)05:08
Mohan_chmllol :P05:08
zkriessebpatel: yes Ill be online for another hour or so...05:08
zkriesseJust cause my cloak is Ubuntu/member doesn't mean Im super man lol05:08
bpatelthanks guys, breaking up with microsoft windows is hard :(05:10
Mohan_chmlbpatel: try dual boot first and then throw it off =]05:13
Mohan_chmlHello jimboz05:15
jimbozanyone know how to adjust the color saturation in ubuntu?05:15
Mohan_chmlyou are talking about windows and fonts etc.?05:17
Mohan_chmljimboz: ^05:17
jimbozMohan_chml, yeah, total display saturation... like you'd find in display properties in windows05:18
Mohan_chmljimboz: look system-> preferences-> Appearance and then click customize and goto font tab05:19
Mohan_chmlI think that will help you (:05:19
jimbozhrm, i don't see saturation there05:20
AndrewMCjimboz: System> preferences> monitors05:21
AndrewMCTry there I'm not in front of my ubuntu box right now to make sure that's what you want so I'm running on memory lol05:22
jimbozAndrewMC, don't see anything like that05:22
jimbozi'm looking for a graphical EQ for my whole display, so OS wide saturation and gamma05:22
AndrewMCjimboz: http://superuser.com/questions/173123/how-to-change-the-color-depth-in-ubuntu-10-0405:25
jimbozdepth is bit depth, not saturation :)05:25
Mohan_chmlGoogle is not helping with that ):05:26
AndrewMCjimboz: You might want to try #ubuntu05:26
bpateli need help installing these drivers http://www.intellinuxwireless.org/?n=Downloads05:43
bpateli think its asking me to edit the kernal05:43
Mohan_chmlbpatel: I have a question for you. Is your hardware not detected in system-> Administration-> Hardware drivers ?05:45
bpatelit only see one my video card05:45
Mohan_chmlIts not detected? Ubuntu actually checks for drivers and Installs them automatically05:46
Mohan_chmlI Can see install instructions in the link you gave05:47
Mohan_chmlbpatel: ^05:47
bpatelya i though thats what it did becaue i can get to the internet from the wired connecton05:47
bpateland going from System\Admin\aditional Drivers, it was able to get my video drivers but nothing eles05:48
bpatelone bit of good news i got bluetooth is working my laptop :-)05:48
Mohan_chmlyour wireless driver should be automatically installed05:48
bpatelam i just missing how to enable the device?05:49
Mohan_chmlclick system-> preferences -> network connections and add a wireless device and check for it05:49
Mohan_chmlIt surely is installed05:49
bpateli ran the following command <sudo lshw -C network> and got *-network UNCLAIMED06:05
seidosbpatel, you might have to load the module manually with modprobe.  run lspci | grep Wireless to find out what kind of card it is06:09
seidosthen maybe we can find what module you need to use it.06:10
seidosbpatel, if there is no module available for your device, you'll have to use ndiswrapper06:11
seidosbpatel, but if there is a module, you can just type sudo modprobe modulename and see if it works.  like if you have a realtek 8180 you can type sudo modprobe rtl818006:12
bpateldevice is Intel Corporation centrino Advanced-N + WiMax 625006:13
bpateli checked ndiswrapper and it looks like my device is not supported http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/ndiswrapper/index.php?title=Category:Intel06:14
seidosbpatel, this might help you:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=152999306:15
bpateloh thank god06:15
seidoswell, in summary, try sudo modprobe iwlang06:18
seidosand if that doesn't work, try turning off the wireless via on/off switch, then turning it back on.06:18
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bpatelaccording to the form i need to install the microcode, and i got the following instruction http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1529993 do just need to move the file to /lib/firmware via command <% cp iwlwifi-6050-4.ucode /lib/firmware>06:27
bpateli am getting (FATAL: mODULE IWLANG NOT FOUND06:30
seidosbpatel, did you go here yet?  http://intellinuxwireless.org/?n=Downloads06:31
bpatelyup that is were i went to get the file06:33
bpateli am not sure if i installed it correctly06:34
seidosthere is a readme that comes with the .ucode file06:34
seidoshmmm, i'm not sure06:36
seidosstill reading06:36
seidosdid you install the lucid backports as well?06:36
seidosbpatel, ^^06:36
seidosyou might need the lucid wireless backports in order to get iwlang.06:37
seidosi'm not sure what good the microcode is without the module06:37
bpatelis this the command ?06:38
bpatelsudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-wireless-lucid-generic06:38
seidosbpatel, should work, if that is the name of the package.  looks right to me.  i'm running karmic.06:39
bpatelbrb, might be diconnected for a bit, dont have a switch or a so i need to move the internet cable06:39
seidosbpatel, i'm thinking that once you cp the .ucode file like you have, then run the modprobe command, it should work06:40
seidosall right06:40
seidosbpatel, you can just see if you can ping the gateway06:40
bpatel_ok im back06:43
seidoshow'd it go?06:44
shahan /msg shahan group 65432109:09
hobgoblinwas my thought :)09:12
Mohan_chmlshahan: Pm please :P09:13
hobgoblinor use /msg ;)09:13
Mohan_chmlheya hobgoblin =]09:14
* Mohan_chml will be off for the next two hours. :/ (Power cut ):)09:16
Mohan_chmlheya shahan09:20
shahanSilver_Fox_: hi10:48
shahanSilver_Fox_: how r u?10:48
Silver_Fox_Hello shahan ,  I am fine thank you. How are you ?10:56
shahanSilver_Fox_: alhamdulillah (all praise to allah)10:56
shahanSilver_Fox_: :)10:57
Indigo_Studiohallo :)12:21
Silver_Fox_Hello Indigo_Studio12:22
Indigo_StudioSomeone tells me he i will get help for my beginner-questions :)12:22
Indigo_Studioi installed an screensaver but i cant use them :(12:24
Indigo_Studiowhy ??12:26
Indigo_Studiocan someone helps me ??12:58
dumbstupidhumando you know of an easy way to change my name?15:35
dumbstupidhumanirc name?15:36
AbhiJit /nick name15:37
AbhiJitdumbstupidhuman, ^^15:37
Mohan_chmldumbstupidhuman: what nick name you want..?15:38
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bobobobhey guys, does anyone know of a product that just installs a basic os to run VMs and then lets you cycle through VMs with say CTRL-F keys?  Just curious, that would be cool...15:53
bobobobor opensource project15:53
bobobobi was installing ubuntu server and saw the VM option and it made me think of that say for a laptop15:55
bobobobokay, I can tell from the deafening silence that someone has already asked this one.  :D  LOL15:56
hobgoblinor possibly that there is no-one constantly monitoring the channel :d15:57
bobobobLOL, well that could be true too :)15:57
hobgoblinbut I've not heard of such a thing - but agree it would be useful tool15:57
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hobgoblinoly562: hi18:59
DizzoHi, I am trying to get Flash to work on Chrome, but when I try to download the files, I get "Your Google Chrome browser already includes the latest Adobe® Flash® Player built-in." Help?19:00
jimbozdoes anyone know how to change the number of lines the mouse wheel scrolls per click (currently its at 3 i think)19:04
oly562dizzo there are many issues with flash, may I ask if your using 64amd cpu?19:06
Dizzowhat should I do?19:06
oly562if that doesn't work then there is another link im trying to find for you... sb19:08
Dizzooly562: thanks!19:09
Dizzothat link seems to work19:23
DizzoI got some warnings after I enable it19:23
Dizzobut I can ignore those right?19:23
Dizzo[5903:5903:17127102349:ERROR:chrome/common/json_pref_store.cc(44)] Error reading Preferences: File doesn't exist. /root/.config/google-chrome/Default/Preferences: No such file or directory19:26
Dizzoxdg-settings: unknown desktop environment19:26
Dizzo*** NSPlugin Viewer  *** WARNING: unhandled variable 18 (<unknown variable>) in NPN_GetValue()19:26
DizzoBut it works!19:26
serfussomeone here use Rubyripper? ripping with it is extremely slow20:05
ubot2Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic20:11
kristenim really REALLY new at this and i think i may have done something stupid. wondering if someone could help20:12
serfuskristen, talk to us :)20:12
kristeni cant get my cd rom to run, it makes a start up noise but then nothing20:12
kristenso like an idiot i just kept clicking on things thinking that it would help. like if i reinstalled every program20:13
serfusso what's now?20:14
kristenso now i tried to download my driver for my new printer off the website and it just gives me...well a page of garble20:14
kristeni just want to resore my system back to june when i got it20:15
kristencan you help?20:15
serfusbut your printer used to work?20:15
kristenthe printer that presently installed works fine20:16
kristenits the new one that i cant get hooked up20:16
serfusoh, you want to restore... hum i'm not sure if it's possible20:16
kristenok so what are my options?20:16
kristenthanks for helping me by the way:)20:17
serfusi'm confused, what is that you are trying to achieve now?20:17
kristenim getting rid of my old printer20:17
kristenand i just bought a new one today20:17
serfusto install your new printer or to restore your computer?20:17
kristenthe cd rom drive isn't working20:17
kristenso i cant install the driver for the new printer20:18
kristenand for some reason i cant download the driver off the webiste either20:18
serfuswhat happens when you try to download the driver?20:18
kristeni just want the cd rom to work and my new printer to work20:18
kristenould not open the file /home/kristendecamilla/Desktop/hplip-3.10.6.run using the Unicode (UTF-8) character encoding.20:19
kristenand the screen is bright red20:19
serfushow are you trying to run that file?20:20
serfusjust run it20:20
kristenlike i said i tried and it keeps not letting me20:20
serfusdo you know how the check if it's have executing permissions?20:21
kristenbut i can follow directions:)20:23
serfusright click on the file, then properties and then go to permissions tab, there check the "allow executing file as program"20:23
serfusi think this should do the trick20:23
serfuskristen, succeeded?20:27
kristeni dont know20:27
kristenhow do i find out20:27
serfuskristen, you did what i said?20:28
serfusnow just double click on that file20:28
serfusand run it20:28
kristenshould they be read files or read and write files?20:28
serfusit should have the x permission20:29
serfusso you can execute it20:30
kristenits working20:30
kristennow im confused20:30
kristenwhat do i do when it saysd this20:31
serfuskristen, if it's long use pastebin20:31
kristenit wont let me20:31
kristenhang on20:31
kristenits working20:33
kristeni love you20:33
kristenwho eveer you are20:33
Mohan_chmlserfus: you got one :P20:33
serfusthe pleasure is mine :)20:33
GaleoHi. I'm currently using wine to install a wireless adpater with the windows drivers, everything goes fine until it says to plug-in my adapter to continue installation. I plug the adapter in, and it says it is not found despite the fact that the adapter is recognized when I type lsusb in cmd.20:34
serfusMohan_chml, hehe ya... i suppose you have masses20:34
Mohan_chmlGaleo: Suggestion 1: Never use Wine20:34
Mohan_chmlserfus: :P20:35
Mohan_chmlGaleo: why you like to use Windows Drivers??20:36
GaleoMohan_chml : until now, I didn't want to, but I can't get it installed another way, and even friends of mine skilled in Ubuntu can't get it through...20:36
Mohan_chmlHmmm..! But It is not good to work with Wine as it will corrupt Us. And Can you explain what happened to your wisreless driver in Ubuntu?20:38
Galeoit is the D-Link DWA-125 wireless n 150 usb adapter, I found a lot of explanations on forums, but it never worked.20:38
Mohan_chmlGaleo: you read about wvdail or something like that?20:38
GaleoI'll read about it. Thx.20:40
Mohan_chmlGaleo: tell me what you read coz I am tired of googling :D20:40
Mohan_chmlGaleo: If you could explain a bit more, It will be helpful and read http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=156340620:42
Mohan_chml46 th and 47 reply sounds that the problem is solved. But idk whether it is your problem20:43
Mohan_chmlserfus: you found anything about Rubyripper?20:44
Mohan_chmlHmmm..! I was talking all alone >:|20:46
Galeomsg\ Mohan_chml : sorry, it seems I'm having issues with irc.  May I private msg you ?20:51
Mohan_chmlGaleo: Sure20:51
serfusMohan_chml, ya, seems like this is a known problem but i can't find any solution :(20:54
Mohan_chmlserfus: try looking for it =]20:55
serfusi am! and google is not helping me20:55
Mohan_chmlserfus: sometimes google may fail. But you can find a solution soon ;)20:56
serfuslooks like an awesome tool for ripping, but idk why dosn't like ubuntu or rather ubuntu dosn't like it20:56
Mohan_chmlserfus: try looking for alternate softwares20:57
serfusthere is a bunch of good ripping tools but they don't have some of the features rubyripper has21:00
Mohan_chmlserfus: then design one Ripper by your own ;)21:01
suprengrserfus: throggen?21:02
serfusMohan_chml, sure... the best thing i can do now is to " print "hello world"  " :D21:03
serfussuprengr, uhm?21:03
suprengrdvd ripper21:04
suprengr... can deal with drm if really wanted as well21:04
serfusi want to use rubyripper to rip audio not dvd21:05
suprengrsoz... has assumed u  had audio on dvd in need of it21:06
serfusno. i have audio cd and want to rip it to flac, but it's ok... i used plenty of tools, just having problems with this particular one21:07
bodhi_zazenAnyone want to look this over ?22:34
Mohan_chmlbodhi_zazen: It looks kewl22:37
bodhi_zazenMohan_chml: just put it up, looking it over for final touches at the moment, if you see any mistakes ...22:46
bodhi_zazenYou may wish to refresh the page22:46
stlsaintbodhi_zazen: sup22:50
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bodhi_zazenT for looking at my page Mohan_chml23:03
Mohan_chmlbodhi_zazen: I have no other busy work than reading ot at 3:30 AM ;)23:04
bodhi_zazenWell, it should put you to sleep =)23:05
Mohan_chmlbodhi_zazen: I was also re-building the structure of www.cvoid.com23:05
Mohan_chmlso Its not a big deal =]23:05
earthling_Is there a gui for laptop-mode-tools ?  and is it ok to install it on a desktop computer?23:06
Mohan_chmlearthling_: I don't think that a GUI is available for that23:08
Mohan_chmlI saw a link about this. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94061223:09
Mohan_chmlearthling_: ^ take a look23:09
earthling_looks good23:10
earthling_I just installed the laptop-mode-tools, made the hard drive alot quieter :)23:12
earthling_I was looking for weeks for something like that23:13
Mohan_chmlTry searching the Forums before looking at anything earthling_ . You can find solution for all issues =]23:18
earthling_yeah, I think I found it there23:21
earthling_other than the hard drive noise, my ubuntu experience has greatly exceeded my expectations23:22
earthling_in 1.5 months time23:22
Mohan_chmlearthling_: Its worthless saying that Ubuntu is not User friendly, w/o trying it. If you try it, you will never get back to M$ :D23:24
earthling_I would agree with that23:26
* Mohan_chml needs some sleep. But haz a lot of works to be done :/23:27
earthling_cya Mohan_chml23:27
Mohan_chmlearthling_: I will be leaving at 5 AM alone =]23:28
Mohan_chmlIts only 423:28
earthling_ah ok23:28
earthling_I think it would be great if there was Ubuntu stores similar to Apple stores23:29
earthling_where people would find out about ubuntu for the first time and try things out before they do the usb drive23:30
Mohan_chmlearthling_: they are marketing their product for money but we are marketing which we like and want the world to look at it23:30
Mohan_chmlso, we are standing tall ;)23:30
earthling_there's a certain credibility that goes along with a brick and mortar store23:31
earthling_among the general public23:31
earthling_those stores are kindof fun, expensive stuff though23:33
phillwearthling_: there is a 'ubuntu store', where you can purchase merchandise with with the branding; but I you have a read of http://forum.phillw.net/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=37 that will give you a better idea of what / who we are,23:35
phillwearthling_: the shop, btw, can be found at https://shop.canonical.com/23:37
earthling_I recall seeing something on the desktop about that23:38
earthling_Ubuntu One Store or something?23:38
earthling_thats for music I think23:39
phillwearthling_: the on-line store is gradually being developed, it will be a part of the the Ubuntu Software area eventually. I can go dig out the announcement, but it may take me a while :-)23:42

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