nemook... I've reported a few bugs over the years. and answered in some00:13
nemobut I never bothered messing with bug settings. I assumed I didn't have permissions00:13
nemowell, I found this bug recently, problem w/ a new laptop of mine - bug had a fix that had been reported 5 months ago00:13
nemoand... I happily commented about how awesome it was, then, wellll, clicked on status got a menu, and tried clicking confirmed.00:14
nemo... and it worked.00:14
nemoI was kind of surprised00:14
nemonow I'm wondering.  why did it work (this was someone else's bug)  and. did I commit some breach in protocol?00:14
* nemo pokes yofel 'cause he's an opinionated person00:14
yofelno, everybody can change the status of a bug, except for 'Triaged' and 'Won't Fix'  - those are restricted00:15
nemocool, cool00:15
yofelsee https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status about when to use what status00:16
nemook. confirming seems appropriate since I had same hardware, same laptop, and the fix worked00:16
nemo(and same problem of course)00:17
yofelwell, kernel bugs are a bit different, as you should always have your own report and shouldn't mess with other peoples bugs (if apport let's you..)00:20
charlie-tcaconfirming is good as long as any other information/attachments asked for are there.00:21
yofelas the kernel team doesn't consider you affected by the same bug unless you have the same hardware, I mean *exact* same hardware, bios version, whatever firmware version etc...00:21
yofelwell, that's true00:21
charlie-tcaThat's true, yofel00:21
charlie-tcakernel people ignore any other comments than the original reporter most of the time00:22
nemowell. his fix requires a kernel patch00:23
nemo(that or manually toggling every time I reboot)00:23
nemoalso he wasn't the original reporter00:23
nemosoooo, I guess I'll be manually toggling a lot :)00:24
charlie-tcaIt is because most of the time, they have to change the patch for each individual piece of hardware, even version changes.00:24
nemosure, makes sense00:24
nemoafter all, if this realtek driver didn't work on any realtek cards.00:24
nemoit would have been fixed by now00:25
rusiviI am cutting my newb teeth on bug 14720301:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 147203 in linux (Ubuntu) "Netgear WG111T not auto-sensed (dups: 2) (heat: 24)" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14720301:02
rusiviI know it is not high heat, nor super huge but I felt compelled because I have been in a similar situation where I went to a store, bought a XYZ USB bluetooth/WiFi dongle just to be sadly disappointed...01:03
rusiviBoth Windows & Ubuntu01:04
hggdhisn this device an USB dongle?01:16
rusiviWhy do you ask?01:16
hggdhit would be nice to have a 'sudo lsusb -v' with the dongle attached, and simple lsusb without and with it attached01:17
hggdh(the simple lsusb with/without will tell us which device it is, if at all mounted)01:18
rusiviyes it looks like he had it with only...01:18
hggdhno, he had a 'lspci'... this is not PCI...01:22
rusivisorry I was trolling his dmesg and saw bluetooth activity... granted I am a serious newb but taking one step at a time.01:24
rusivi0.977436] Bluetooth: RFCOMM ver 1.1101:25
rusivi[    0.977455] powernow-k8: Processor cpuid 681 not supported01:25
hggdhyeah. Not much to do there right now. If I had one of these dongles, it would be easier01:26
hggdh(apart from asking the OP for the lsusb's -- and saying something like 'sorry, we did not notice it was an USB device.., could you please etc'01:26
rusiviOP = ?01:29
ldunnOriginal Poster, i.e whoever reported the bug01:33
ldunnHm. I think bug 641082 should be marked as medium importance01:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 641082 in samba4 (Ubuntu) "testparm.samba4 crashed with ImportError in <module>() (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64108201:54
cjaeok so can I report kubuntu 10.10 bugs here?03:43
persiaWe don't accept reports: those are better sent to launchpad.03:43
persiaBut we're very happy to talk about them, and make sure they get triaged, once they are filed.03:44
persiaWe can't offer support, really, but at least can help make sure the bug is known about and tracked properly.03:44
nigelbcjae: Also, if you feel its a bug in KDE per se, please file it on the KDE bug tracker :)03:48
cjaeok so I had issue with the default ati driver in 10.04 and krandr, when set as vga = primary monitor and hdmi = tv out (plasma) the monitor resolution is fine but the tv has too large a resolution like when I add a panel on the tv at bottom of screen I can barely see it this happened with gnome too03:48
cjaeand now it exists in 10.10 as well03:49
cjaeI filed a bug about I believe I will check brb03:49
ubot2Ubuntu bug 637808 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "only using properitary ati driver can plasma (panasonic plasma) via hdmi be used (affects: 1) (heat: 487)" [Undecided,New]03:51
cjaesince I am a noob at reporting is there anything missing from that report?03:52
cjaecause it would be really nice not to have to use the properitary drivers03:54
cjaeoh and no hardware drivers show up on this system now using jockey and there is clearly stuff that needs it03:55
cjaeyea an actual list of the details, in the details tab on kpackagekit :)03:57
ldunnwould bug 646466 be wishlist, or is it big enough to go Brainstorm?06:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 646466 in ubuntu "Integrate PayPal purchase into software-center (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64646606:37
persialdunn, Belongs upstream or in brainstorm: not the sort of thing we do as a distribution patch.07:55
ldunnHm. Right. ok.07:55
vishanyone any idea when the dailies for the day get built?08:04
persiavish, Each one happens at a different time.  You can check yesterday's as a rough guide.  When I tried to pay closer attention, I found that there was considerable variation over time.08:12
vishpersia: where do i check yesterday's?  [i usually just use testdrive..]08:13
vish.. if needed i just change the modified date of the iso to force an update..08:13
vishhmm, i think i have the url!08:15
vishhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/daily-live/current/ \o/08:17
vishhuh, netbook got built for today already ;p http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-netbook/daily-live/current/08:18
persiavish, Drop the "/current/" and you can see a list: some flavours have a few days worth.08:33
vishooh! nice yea, they seem to be built at around 9am utc..!08:35
vishanother half hr or around that..!  ;)08:35
* vish plans to do a reinstall asap :D08:35
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cjaethe broadcomm wireless driver does not seem to work in kubuntu 10.1010:28
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rsajdokHi, Why Can not I find package? http://packages.qa.debian.org/g/gizmod.html11:46
hggdhrsajdok: because there is a bug in packages.qa.debian.org. packages.debian.org returns a "sorry, your search gave no results"12:58
hggdh(a 404 in oher words12:58
nigelbhggdh: because the package isn't there in debian.12:59
persiaIndeed.  because someone (me) said they would update and push to Debian and didn't.13:01
nigelbheh, what package is it?13:02
* nigelb goes to google13:02
persiagizmod is an input multiplexor13:03
persiaSo if you have i keyboards, j mice, k game controllers, l remote controls, m knobs and buttons, n joysticks, o MIDI controllers,  p random HID devices, and a brain-computer-interface you can find a way to make them all do interestingly different things.13:04
persiaYeah.  That's why I wanted not to drop it from Ubuntu.  Now I just have to fix it: I've dug up most of my controllers, but probably another month or two before I exercise it properly, and have something for upload.13:07
nigelbpersia: Oh, OH, OHHHHH - You're the author!13:07
* persia is just a happy user, and the motivator behind it being packaged for Ubuntu13:08
persiaOr, *was* a happy user with a previous computer, and wishes to be a happy user again.13:08
* nigelb misunderstood "This is my pet input multiplexor framework"13:08
persiaOf all the input multiplexor frameworks I tested, it was the best.13:10
persiaMind you, the set of folks who have any use for input multiplexors is kinda small: most folk are happy with a keyboard and pointer.13:11
persiaOn the other hand, some people dream of finding a pristine-condition Microsoft Sidewinder Strategic Commander for use to improve their computing experience.13:11
nigelbI've always wanted to play flight simulator on a sidewinder13:12
persiaUm, the Strategic Commander isn't that kind of device.13:12
* persia uses a Saitek X52 for flight simulators13:12
persiaWikipedia categorises the Strategic Commander as "exotic" vs. "game pad", "wheel", "joystick", "keypad", etc. which are used for other sorts of controllers.13:13
persiaIt's a W/Z HID + buttons.13:15
persia(where mice tend to be X/Y)13:15
hggdhmorning folks13:37
nigelbpersia: ah, ok!14:03
nigelbThe only reason for flight simular on sidewinder is the feedback :p14:04
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kamusindo you know is there is a page for how to submit a bug using 8.04? I tried to install apport and apport-cli breaks while is sending or doing something at 85% ..16:46
charlie-tcakamusin: you can use this - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Filing%20bugs%20at%20Launchpad.net16:55
charlie-tcaapport works part-time right now16:56
kamusinI know but would be nice if exists another form to do it from  the terminal heh16:56
kamusinanyway, the bug that I tried to report in otrs2 package is already filled :) thanks16:57
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bcurtiswx_10.10.10 isn't too far away either :)18:08
bcurtiswx_whoops wrong chan18:08
devildanteyou got lost :p18:09
bcurtiswx_my dog byte led me the wrong direction :P18:09
devildanteheh :p18:09
devildanteoh, so the next meeting is 12 Oct? this wasn't present on the topic before... great :)18:12
bcurtiswx_yup, figured maybe more people will attend if they see it in the topic18:13
bcurtiswx_we have a meeting bot too, that will take minutes for us18:13
charlie-tcawe are gaining...18:13
charlie-tcadevildante: do you need any help setting up the BugDay?18:20
devildantecharlie-tca: not for now, but I'll be sure to ping you if I have some problems18:20
charlie-tcaOkay. Thanks18:20
devildanteThank YOU for offering me your help :)18:21
bilalakhtardevildante: Hello there! Appears you are going to host a class for UOW, what would it be on? decided?18:21
devildantebilalakthar: Hi! :) I just modified the title, It will be "How to contribute to Ubuntu"18:22
devildanteI'll be sure to "link" to your session :)18:22
bilalakhtardevildante: CLASH!18:22
bilalakhtarfine then18:22
bilalakhtarbut I was aiming for one like this!18:22
devildantebilalakhtar: yours is about development, mine will be general (code, translations, art...)18:23
devildantebug triaging :p18:23
bilalakhtarokay then18:23
devildantebilalakhtar: ping18:31
bilalakhtarThanks devildante !18:31
devildanteno problem :)18:31
hggdhenjoy: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2010/09/24/sysadmin_file_tools/19:14
bcurtiswx_hggdh, this is a bug support channel! :P .. good article tho19:25
* bcurtiswx_ runs19:25
rusiviI was newb'in around in bug 147203 and it looks this is the next step to focus on: Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0001 Linux Foundation 1.1 root hub21:17
rusiviBus 001 Device 002: ID 1385:4251 Netgear, Inc WG111T (no firmware)21:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 147203 in linux (Ubuntu) "Netgear WG111T not auto-sensed (dups: 2) (heat: 26)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/14720321:17
devildantecharlie-tca: ping21:19
rusiviThat was from Netgear USB Adapter lsusb plug/unplugged21:20
charlie-tcago ahead and confirm it21:20
rusiviYes sir!21:21
devildantecharlie-tca: is there a graph for bugs with the jaunty tag?21:21
charlie-tcamy brain is slow aghain21:21
rusiviWould you like me to silent confirm or post a little of my above mentioned thought process?21:21
charlie-tcadevildante: if you add that part to the bugday, the graph gets created, I think21:21
devildantewaaaaaa? automatically or what?21:22
charlie-tcaautomatically or bdmurray creates it21:23
devildantecharlie-tca: how could it even be created automatically? via a script?21:24
devildanteah... thanks :)21:24
charlie-tcano problem21:24
rusiviI'll just confirm and let my progress stand21:25
charlie-tcasetting up system 6 for testing21:25
devildantecharlie-tca: so I can just leave the graph url as is, just changing the TARGET bit?21:25
charlie-tcaI think it will work.21:25
devildante'kay, thanks :)21:25
bdmurrayI'm not sure it will21:25
charlie-tcaheh, well, there's the person that really knows21:26
devildantebdmurray: I'll do http://people.ubuntu.com/~brian/complete-graphs/jaunty/plots/jaunty-1day-triaging.png21:26
devildanteDo you want me to put another URL?21:26
charlie-tcaNo, just leave the graph off it21:26
devildanteokay :)21:27
devildantecharlie-tca: btw, you said jpds was in charge of the screenshot uploading stuff. Should I ping him?21:29
charlie-tcano, I said mdke, I thought.21:33
devildanteah, thanks :)21:33
charlie-tcaHe hangs out it #ubuntu-doc21:33
charlie-tcajpds probably get upset with that idea :-)21:34
devildantecharlie-tca: aaaaaand another question: is there no bugnumbers in maverick?22:00
charlie-tcaThere should be bugnumbers22:01
devildanteI mean the bugnumbers command, from the bughelper package22:01
charlie-tcaI don't know. I do the listings manually, using the openoffice technique22:01
devildanteokay, thanks a lot :)22:02
devildantecharlie-tca: seems the CONCATENATE formula is not working :(22:29
charlie-tcaLet me find it here22:31
charlie-tcahmm, here is the real formula - =CONCATENATE("||<rowstyle="background-color: ;"> [[https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/,A1,"|",A1,"]] || ",B1;" ||  ||" )22:39
charlie-tcaI think22:39
charlie-tcaI apparently changed it a bit, when I used it.22:39
charlie-tcaoh, that semicolon after B1 needs to be a comma22:40
charlie-tcadevildante: did that one work?22:46
devildantecharlie-tca: sorry for being late. no, it didn't work :(22:47
charlie-tcaWell, there is the complicated method I used, then.22:47
charlie-tcaline 1 of OpenOffice spreadsheet - ||<rowstyle="background-color: ;"> [[https://launchpad.net/bugs/|]] ||  ||  ||22:48
charlie-tcaWell, that isn't right either, huh?22:49
devildanteI'll try, don't be hasty :p22:49
devildanteDoesn't do anything... or do I have to add CONCATENATE?22:50
charlie-tcaOkay, lets do it one at a time22:50
charlie-tcaA1 = ||<rowstyle="background-color: ;"> [[https://launchpad.net/bugs/22:51
charlie-tcaB1 = |22:51
devildanteoh, so I add a new line to the top?22:51
charlie-tcaC1 = ]] ||22:51
charlie-tcaThat has a space after the symbols22:52
charlie-tcaD1 =  ||  ||22:52
charlie-tcaspace before the symbols22:52
charlie-tcabug numbers in A2 down22:53
charlie-tcadescription in B2 down22:53
charlie-tcaformula for C2 down22:53
charlie-tcapasted just like that22:53
charlie-tcaChange A1 to ||<rowstyle="background-color: ;"> [[https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/22:54
charlie-tcaif we don't use the right url, it messes up the hugday tool22:55
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devildanteit works only for the first row (C2)22:58
charlie-tcaYou copied it down the column?22:58
charlie-tcaYou have to copy it to each cell in column C22:59
devildantesilly me, there must an automatic way :p22:59
charlie-tcaTook me 4 hours to figure it out from the wiki23:00
devildanteit needs some serious fixing23:00
charlie-tcayeah, I guess it does23:01
charlie-tcaI fixed it some, guess I just didn't go far enough, huh?23:02
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devildanteyeah :p23:02
charlie-tcaSo, you think I have to put all of this in there?23:03
* devildante is a complete n00b in OpenOffice, he can't seem to know how to copy the formula in all the cells23:03
devildantecharlie-tca: Idk, some opinions would be necessary, I think23:03
charlie-tcaClick the cell you want to copy, Then click edit - copy23:04
charlie-tcaThen hilite the cells you want to copy to, like C3 to C10023:04
charlie-tcaThen click Edit - Paste23:04
charlie-tcaThen ignore that flashing cell and work normal23:05
devildanteit pastes only for the upper cell of the selection :(23:06
charlie-tcaI guess you have to paste each one, then23:07
devildanteI have like 150 bugs here, I can't do that :p23:08
charlie-tcaOh, yeah23:08
charlie-tcaAre all your C column lined up, or is it spread all over?23:08
devildantewhat do you mean? It's, like, normal :p23:09
jpdscharlie-tca / devildante: Screenshot uploading stuff?23:09
devildantesolved by mdke the nice man :)23:09
charlie-tcaOkay. Mine the columns were merged bad23:10
charlie-tcaDo all the descriptions start in the same place, so the column is aligned?23:11
devildanteThey start at the same place, although most of them are breaking the limits of their column (but they all are in the B column)23:13
charlie-tcawater on the keyboard, if it quits, I will be back after I change it out23:16
* devildante will sleep nevertheless23:16
devildantecan we continue tomorrow?23:16
devildantethanks and bye :)23:17

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