doctormojono: Should I start filling out this report or wait for an email?01:13
jonodoctormo, feel free to begin01:13
* doctormo has sent out the requests for information and will begin.01:21
doctormoOK that's a wrap for today, first draft of the art report and messages sent out to various communities about feedback.01:56
nigelbczajkowski: you're an early bird today :)06:09
nigelbgood morning!06:09
czajkowskinigelb: aye i need to go to kilkenny today and from there to dublin06:21
czajkowskiso lots of driving06:21
nigelbczajkowski: Have a good day then!06:23
czajkowskiohh new bones is out :D06:28
doctormoczajkowski: Would have thought the train would be easier?06:37
doctormoNot sure how Ireland compares to England with trains though.06:37
czajkowskidoctormo: not really an option i need to collect items go to places and then out to my sisters06:55
czajkowskiwould be far too expensive and time consuming via train06:55
czajkowskiright i'm off06:55
duanedesignhello all07:11
doctormohey duanedesign07:28
duanedesignhello doctormo. did you get my msg?07:32
doctormoduanedesign: which one?07:32
duanedesigndoctormo: probably about 12hrs ago. about uds.07:36
doctormoduanedesign: I dont _think_ so07:37
kim0good morning fellas07:59
dpmgoood Friday morning everyone!08:24
duanedesignaha, it is friday :)08:27
dpmgood morning again, everyone!08:40
dpm(IRC seems to be a bit flaky here today)08:40
duanedesigndpm: here too08:44
* duanedesign seems to remember receiving a global notice about a server going down for emergency maintenance08:45
dpmmorning duanedesign :)08:54
nigelbugh @ bug 60557709:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 605577 in yelp (Ubuntu) (and 4 other projects) "Help contents title bar shows cubes with numbers instead of a proper title (affects: 126) (dups: 65) (heat: 826)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60557709:02
duanedesignhello nigelb09:03
AlanBellnigelb: caused by the British trying to take over the world by the look of it09:13
AlanBellactually no, George Bernard Shaw was Irish09:14
vishdpm: your fav bug ^ ;)09:17
* AlanBell files bug 64665109:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 646651 in ubuntu-font-family "Include Shavian Alphabet Glyphs (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64665109:20
doctormomorning nigelb, vish and AlanBell10:15
doctormoOn one side it has mustard and on the other hp, but it's sausage all the way through. It is, BREAKfast sandwich! here to relieve the bordem of the day.12:46
Pendulumdoctormo: you are far too excited about breakfast12:49
nigelbfood, I could use some.12:49
* nigelb waves to penny :)12:49
doctormoPendulum: When your day is as mine, you relish every meal.12:52
nigelbjcastro: POKE.  PING.12:52
doctormoPendulum: I'm spending _weeks_ getting this apartment ship-shape and bristol fashion... so.. many... yarn.. balls.12:58
dpm\o/ back on Freenode!12:58
nigelbdpm: wait, where were you then? Canonical IRC?12:59
nigelbAh, today Freenode has some urgent repair stuff12:59
dpmnigelb, I could only get into the canonical servers, gimp.net, oftc and the others. Yeah, duanedesign mentioned it this morning13:00
nigelbdpm: we should have a backup on oftc :p13:00
nigelbWe do have the #debian-ubuntu there though ;)13:01
dpmah, I'm on only a couple of debian channels there, let me add that one :)13:01
Pendulumdoctormo: fun :P13:05
akgranerjcastro, do you know what Stephen Kelly irc nick is I can't seem to find them in Launchpad :-/  Also who is going to give the telepathy session it's still listed as TBD13:27
akgranerjcastro, all current sessions for App Dev Week are listed on the classroom calendar - and there is a block on the Fridge Calendar as well13:53
doctormoakgraner: When is the App Dev Week?13:58
akgranernext week14:00
akgraneryou'll see a reminder on the planet and fridge in about an hour14:00
* AlanBell considers himself duely reminded14:00
akgranerif I scheduled the post correctly - :-)  if not I'll post it manually14:00
nigelbyay 5 back-to-back foosball victories!14:00
akgraneralso all instructors will get an email from me14:00
vishjcastro: i think bilal will be giving a session too for UOW ! akgraner helped.. :)14:06
akgranervish, yep scheduling it now14:07
akgranerhmmm - I marked myself as back but it's not showing me as back14:07
akgranerit's on the schedule now :-)14:12
=== ara__ is now known as ara
jcastroakgraner: yeah the telepathy one might be TBD until we start14:31
jcastrothanks for your work on that!14:31
akgraneryou're welcome14:34
nigelbJFo: where in the world are you?15:14
* nigelb curious about "getting here was eventfull enough"15:14
* AlanBell thinks JFo is to the east of nigelb 15:15
* nigelb suspects that too.15:16
* nigelb is trying to figure how easterly.15:16
scott-workhello everyone :)15:16
AlanBellthere is a canonical OEM enablement thingie in Taipei15:17
nigelbAha, could be.15:17
duanedesignnigelb: is it 7:50 pm where you are?15:21
JFonigelb, Taiwan15:21
nigelbduanedesign: yep15:21
nigelbJFo: aaaaah15:21
JFoUbuntu Hardware Summit was today15:21
JFogreat time15:21
duanedesignnigelb: i use FoxClocks to keep track of time in everyones locale15:22
nigelbJFo: ooooh, that's great to know!15:22
nigelbduanedesign: heh, me too!15:22
* JFo is soooo tired now :-/15:22
nigelbJFo: was there great partcipation from hardware vendors?15:22
JFonigelb, we had about 200 people there15:23
nigelbJFo: WOW15:23
JFoyeah, great talks all around15:23
duanedesignthats good :)15:23
JFoColin King's was my favorite... Dustin's was also great15:25
nigelbtoday's xkcd rocks15:25
JFowell, I'm off to bed. Car pick up is at 6AM15:26
nigelbjcastro: POKE  again :)15:33
* nigelb writes script to poke him every 30 minutes15:33
nigelbjcastro: ah, the UDS tracks page could use some css love15:33
nigelbdaviey asked me to talk to you15:33
jcastroworking on it now15:34
nigelbjcastro: no, the uds.ubuntu.com/tracks page is what I'm talking about15:34
nigelbit isn't on LP :(15:34
jcastrowhat do you mean not on lp?15:34
nigelbjcastro: it is?15:34
jcastroI don't understand the question15:35
jcastrooh, you want to modify the CSS for that page?15:35
nigelbjcastro: http://uds.ubuntu.com/tracks/ the css is broken, how can I help fix it?15:35
jcastroI am not sure, we're using whatever wordpress template we got from somewhere15:35
jcastrojono would know, he set that up but I am running it15:35
nigelbif you can give me the code, I'll fix it for ya15:35
jcastroI will ask him15:35
jcastroI have wp admin privs15:36
jcastrois that enough?15:36
nigelbnope, need ftp access I think15:36
jcastroI dunno anything about that, I will ask15:36
jcastroI think we have one theme for all ubuntu wp instances?15:36
AlanBellwp-admin might be enough15:36
nigelbAlanBell: yeah? /me doesn't do wordpress that much15:36
AlanBellif the user wp is running under (www-data probably) has write access to the theme files then they can be poked about with in the integrated theme editor15:37
jcastroi think I found it15:37
nigelboh yay15:37
jcastroit appears to be the Loco light theme15:38
nigelbbut this particular sytle seems to be applied inline15:38
jcastrois the URL in the theme15:38
nigelbI suspect hardcoding15:38
nigelbAlanBell: thoughts?15:38
jcastroit's using div loco-columns15:38
nigelbjcastro: yes, but style is inline, do you see it applied inline?15:39
jcastroit's just some h3's and ul''s15:40
nigelbcan you give me access to view content or something for 10 mins?15:40
nigelb(or copy paste the html source someplace for me?)15:40
jcastrothat's all it is15:41
* nigelb facepalms15:41
nigelbwhere is that inline style coming from :(15:41
nigelbjcastro: do you have some time to play around with it?15:44
AlanBelloh, I see, the grey loco-columns box should contain the li bits15:45
nigelbAlanBell: its supposed to contain all the bits? I thought only the headings15:46
AlanBellthat might be a bit tricky to arrange15:47
nigelbAlanBell: a bit of hard-coding needed15:47
AlanBellum, quick fix that won't break other stuff that uses the loco-columns class would be to add an inline style with a height declaration15:47
nigelband also set height for h315:48
AlanBellso something like <div class="loco-columns" style="height:15em;">15:48
nigelbwow, how did you get the em's right? :)15:48
AlanBellfirebug ftw15:48
nigelbhaha, I calculated 45px15:48
jonohey all15:49
nigelbheya jono15:49
jonojcastro, I forgot to mention, I am not going to be able to make the UDS planning call as I am on holiday today recording solos15:49
jonohey nigelb15:49
nigelbwe're trying to break....er fix I uds site :p15:49
jcastrowhat UDS planning call?15:49
scott-work'ello jono15:49
nigelbjcastro: I like that :p15:49
jonojcastro, 9am Pac15:50
jcastrooh nm, I see it15:50
jonojcastro, whats wrong?15:50
jonowhy the sigh?15:50
jcastronothing, this stupid SQL15:50
jcastroI think we got it sorted15:50
jonowhat SQL?15:50
jcastroto make summit work15:50
nigelbAlanBell: the effect I thought was: http://imagebin.org/11550215:50
jcastroto add the time slots, etc.15:50
jcastroI think it's almost ready though15:51
jonojcastro, ok thanks15:51
jcastrothe "sigh" is because I hate computers today15:51
jonojcastro, ahhh ok15:51
jcastro(more than normal)15:51
jonoso long as everything is OK15:51
jcastrowe'll find out on monday when summit is a molten slag! Mwahahahaha15:51
jcastrowith that note, some caffeine for me15:51
AlanBellnigelb: ah, I see. I try not to use pixel heights when it is supposed to line up with the height of a font, I think ems scale with the font15:52
nigelbAlanBell: let me try to use em to get that effect15:53
nigelbAlanBell: 4em for the style and 3 em for the h3 seems to work okay.15:54
nigelbjcastro: so, I got a fix for you.15:54
AlanBellagreed, but will that break h3 anywhere else?15:54
scott-workjcastro: tonight i will talk with my wife about taking a slot for ubuntu studio in open week,  i need to make sure i can block out the time and there are no other plans15:54
nigelbAlanBell: should override css on that page15:54
jcastrono worries15:54
jcastroscott-work: anyone from your project can do it15:54
jcastroit doesn't have to be YOU per se15:54
AlanBellnigelb: ok, that sounds safe15:55
jcastronigelb: pastebin it somewhere15:55
nigelbjcastro: will do15:56
jcastronigelb: be back in 8 minutes, then I'll post it15:56
nigelbjcastro: awesome, thanks :)15:57
nigelbjcastro: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/499766/15:59
nigelbAlanBell: ^^ does that sound right?15:59
AlanBelldo both in the style block15:59
nigelbjcastro: the div thing, you'll have to do twice15:59
nigelbohh, I didn't know that15:59
nigelbAlanBell: ah, that16:01
nigelbjcastro: ^^ AlanBell's solution is much better, just put that style on top :)16:02
jcastrotrying it now16:07
jcastrook how's that?16:08
* nigelb has tears in eyes16:08
nigelbok, not really.  But you get what I mean :p16:09
jcastrothe sweet taste of victory!16:09
nigelboh YES!16:09
Technovikingjono: belated pong, what is up16:12
nigelbok, off for the day16:14
nigelbg'nite :)16:14
dpmbye nigelb, have a great weekend!16:15
nigelbdpm: thanks, you too!16:15
* nigelb hugs AlanBell 16:15
nigelbTeam work ftw!16:15
* AlanBell hugs nigelb 16:15
* AlanBell tried to tab complete hu<tab>16:15
jonoTechnoviking, ahhh hey16:16
jonoTechnoviking, see http://www.jonobacon.org/2010/09/23/taking-a-step-back-with-fresh-eyes/16:16
jonowant to do the report for Support?16:16
Technovikingjono: sure16:16
jonothanks Technoviking!16:17
Technovikingno problem16:18
jcastrohey mike16:22
Technovikingjcastro: sup16:22
jcastrowho's been working on the theme for the forums?16:22
Technovikingjcastro: me16:22
czajkowskiwhat is gerry cars irc nick ?16:23
jcastrohas someone from design been helping you?16:23
TechnovikingInayail give me some resources.16:25
TechnovikingWe probably will not change the theme till we upgrade to vB4, the theme engine between the two version is vastly different16:25
jcastrothat was my guess16:26
jcastroTechnoviking: I gave up and joined the signature crowd16:26
czajkowskii mailed ivanka re the LD and she got someone to look at it and give us some feedback16:26
jcastrowhen in rome!16:26
TechnovikingInayali Leon16:26
czajkowskinow we have more bugs :)16:26
czajkowskijcastro: whats gerry carrs irc nick ?16:26
jcastroczajkowski: he's usually gerry16:26
czajkowskijcastro: thank you my dear16:27
jcastroTechnoviking: heh, I've not heard of her until just now16:27
Technovikingjcastro: I apoligize for that discussion, the forums folk were far to rude.16:27
jcastroit's ok, I've been on the forums for 6 years, I can handle them16:27
TechnovikingLP needs a system to flag comments as approicate16:28
jcastroI just ignore them16:28
TechnovikingOf Mad Dog always says never make technical solution for human problems:)16:28
Technovikingjcastro: get the new Distrubed album16:31
jcastroI heard the single16:31
jcastroI haven't decided yet16:31
TechnovikingAlex wanted it, so I listen to the whole album to see if it was safe for a teenager:) I enjoyed it16:32
jcastroI've liked their last 216:32
jcastroI've been stuck on sara bareilles' new album though16:33
jcastrough, 14 bucks, dang 7 digital16:34
jcastro9 bucks on amazon16:34
jcastrowhy does supporting Aq always cost me more money?16:34
Technovikingjcastro: Alex ask me to help him download some Bob Marley last week, In the era of Bieber, I was so proud16:35
jcastrothey really fixed the speed of ubuntuone16:40
jcastrothat was fast16:40
duanedesignjcastro: they have16:51
duanedesignjcastro: while on the topic. Have you noticed the changing metadata triggering a redownload bug in awhile, or specifically on Maverick?16:52
jcastrodunno, I have no clue what my U1 clients are doing at any given time16:55
duanedesignjcastro: have you seen magicicada? It is a GUI for the syncdaemon. Shows a lot more info16:58
duanedesignbut the lack of feedback is one of the most common issues users have17:01
jcastroyeah I just haven't used it yet17:02
jcastroI am aware it exists17:02
duanedesignim anxiously awaiting couch replication to be turned back on.17:04
duanedesignI really want to test OneConf and get back to working on Stipple17:08
jcastrotsimpson: http://uds.ubuntu.com/participate/remote/18:16
jcastroI got the room list18:16
jcastroI doubt we'll use that many18:17
jcastrobut I figure it's easier to remove them than add them last minute18:17
Pendulumjcastro: wow is that going to be confusing :-/18:17
* tsimpson bookmarks18:19
AlanBelljcastro: what is the plenary room?18:20
AlanBelloh, just -uds I guess?18:20
AlanBelljust hope icecast is going to be all set in time for http://ubingo.libertus.co.uk18:21
PendulumI hope the plenary stream works!18:21
* Pendulum is not counting chickens before they hatch18:23
* AlanBell goes to check for eggs and count chickens18:24
jcastroPendulum: it won't be that many rooms18:25
jcastrothey just haven't decided which are ours and which are linaros18:25
jcastroso I figure add them all now18:25
jcastroeasier to delete later than add them a week before18:25
Pendulumjcastro: yeah, definitely. it's more the fact that most of them are the same base name with the number after them18:26
jcastroI am kind of hoping for just like boinaire 1-818:27
jcastrothat way we can just use numbers and not care about the name18:27
Pendulumoh, can I PM you about something?18:28
Pendulumjcastro: ^^18:28
jcastroI am stepping out for 5, so just pm and I'll respnd when I get back18:28
Pendulumokay :) I need to head out shortly myself, but just leave a message :)18:29
jcastroanyone got a smartphone?19:06
jcastrotest that please!19:06
jcastroakgraner: that calendar looks jawesome19:08
akgranerthanks! I tried to make sure it was all in place :-)19:08
akgraneryou and jono should have an email that was just sent to all the session leads19:09
jcastroI saw19:09
akgranerthere are a few people I don't have email address for or couldn't find an LP page for19:09
akgranerI'll email you so you can forward it to them if you don't mind19:10
AlanBellakgraner: what level of lernid use are we going for?19:10
akgranerAlanBell, we aren't pushing lernid this time19:10
AlanBellok, does that mean don't do slides?19:10
akgranerif people are familiar with it we are going to make sure it is available19:10
akgraneryou can if you want - lernid will be available19:10
akgranerbut I was told since it is not maintained then not to tell people to use it - if they already know about it and want to use it to let people know it will be available19:11
AlanBelllernid is not maintained?19:11
akgranerThat's what I was just told by nigelb19:12
akgranerwell earlier today - I missed the classroom meeting on Wednesday where it was discussed19:12
akgranerso they wanted me to know not to push lernid this time :-/19:12
duanedesignjcastro: qrcode works :)19:24
duanedesignAlanBell: i know [n]handler was working on a Lernid bug. He is , self admittingly, not a Python developer so i imagine they are in need of some python peeps to show the package some attention19:31
doctormoduanedesign: Any specific bugs need help with?19:33
duanedesigndoctormo: i was just trying to figure that out :)19:38
doctormoduanedesign: I will fix one python bug for you :-)19:43
duanedesigndoctormo: i just started a new project. I read the post on the Planet about 'password cards'. The author mentioned it was not open source. So I thought I would make one19:46
duanedesigndoctormo: i pinged nathan to find out about lernid. I know one bug he was working on was bug 53327919:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 533279 in lernid (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Remove need for .lernid configuration files (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/53327919:47
doctormoduanedesign: If he's working on it already what should I do?19:54
PendulumAlanBell: no one has heard from the maintainer for lernid in months so, yes, it's pretty much unmaintained now19:55
AlanBellmust . . . not . . . volunteer19:56
doctormoAlanBell: lol, it's a controversial bug IMO. Not only is it really 4 bugs rolled into one, but it's swapping out a flat file with fields for proprietary online services. (yea ok ical can be served from anything, but we're using google calendar for this.) Real solution: steal some loco directory code and make a _very_ simple single use form website which can add events which generate the lernid confs and the icals.19:58
AlanBelldoctormo: yeah, first bug filed against lernid, by me20:00
doctormoActually it's so small I'd be willing to use it as an example to teach some aspiring person how to make django/python websites. It's technical mostly copy and paste anyway.20:00
doctormoForget front facing, we'll just use the django admin interface, which kills all css and html requirements. Next use existing code, 4) profit!20:01
jcastroanyone know what's up with fullcircle's feed on planet?20:52
jcastrogood idea getting them on there (whoevers it was)20:53
akgranerok I'm outta here for this evening - gotta go play band mom :-) Have a good weekend y'all!21:01
doctormoakgraner: Thanks for the updates and the hard work21:35
doctormowow 5pm already, day just went zooming past22:17
doctormoWhere is everyone btw?22:18
cjohnstondoctormo: im here22:58
doctormocjohnston: How are you?22:59
cjohnstongood... spent most of the day sleeping though :-/22:59
doctormoI wish I was... or my body wishes it were23:00

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