rickspencer3kklimonda, can I fix that in my Python code?00:00
kklimondarickspencer3: yes00:00
rickspencer3so if test() returns True, all is good?00:01
rickspencer3in your sample?00:01
kklimondarickspencer3: well, either True or False (see http://pygtk.org/docs/pygtk/class-gtkspinbutton.html#signal-gtkspinbutton--input for what should be returned in your case)00:02
rickspencer3let me try it00:02
rickspencer3still crashing for me00:06
rickspencer3before my signal handler is even called00:06
rickspencer3yeah, even without the handler connected it crashes00:07
kklimondarickspencer3: that's weird - it didn't crash when callback wasn't connected before00:08
kklimondarickspencer3: and adding return True to __changed in grid_filter.py fixed it for me.00:08
rickspencer3weird, not for me, I must be missing something really simple00:08
kklimondarickspencer3: http://pastebin.com/1WyryErp - that's for grid_filter.py from the tarball you have uploaded to the bugreport00:10
kklimondaargh, not this - http://pastebin.com/bedubE7c00:11
kklimondaI was supposed to paste a patch, not whole script :)00:12
rickspencer3kklimonda, so, it's not working for me, but I'm suspecting I am doing something really silly00:13
kklimondarickspencer3: hmm.. if you tested the patch and not script I've pasted before (which was unpatched) then I'm not sure..00:15
kklimondarickspencer3: does spin.py work for you?00:15
rickspencer3kklimonda, it was me being stupid00:16
kklimondawell, it happens to all of us from time to time.00:17
rickspencer3it happens to me every day, so I'm used to it :/00:18
rickspencer3(hadn't set the PYTHONPATH properly when running the test script)00:18
rickspencer3kklimonda, sweet, so not the widget is working properly!00:21
rickspencer3thanks a million00:21
kklimondano problem, glad to be of help00:23
rickspencer3kklimonda, so ...00:29
rickspencer3more to the point, you're not supposed to use the "input" signal handler in Python at all00:29
rickspencer3you're supposed to use "value-changed"00:29
rickspencer3if ever there was a face-palm moment, this is it00:29
kklimondarickspencer3: :)00:30
kklimondarickspencer3: good to know00:30
RAOFMorning all01:01
RAOFArgh!  I just spent 30 seconds wondering why my mouse pointer wouldn't go to this screen… which is driven by a different computer.  Bah!01:03
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rickspencer3hey RAOF01:35
RAOFrickspencer3: Good evening!01:35
rickspencer3RAOF, back in Sydney?01:35
RAOFHobart, yeah.01:35
rickspencer3Oh, right, Hobart01:35
RAOFNot Syd-en-ee :)01:35
rickspencer3how was the conference?01:35
RAOFToulouse is a pretty nice town and there were all sorts of interesting conversations.01:36
RAOFWe cornered krh at one point and made him explain wayland in detail :)01:37
RAOFIt's pretty interesting architecturally.01:37
RAOFAnd has its own special IPC mechanism, and object-based notification system.01:38
RAOFAnd is not an X server in any way :)01:38
rickspencer3RAOF, how is xorg-xserver looking for Maverick?01:39
RAOFAlthough he gave a neat demonstration of a couple of X servers + some flowers running under wayland with funky animation.01:39
RAOFxorg-server is looking pretty good.01:40
RAOFThere are some edge-cases in mesa on strange hardware I need to look at, and to get kde to log out without crashing the server.01:41
RAOFThat's on intel.01:41
rickspencer3well, Kubuntu is in much better shape with the new mesa, right?01:42
RAOFI've got the kde thing half done; now it just needs to log _in_ succesfully the second time ;)01:42
AmaranthRAOF: Although Wayland is basically X the way modern applications really use X01:42
AmaranthRAOF: It gives you a pixmap to draw to and tell it when you're done01:43
RAOFKubuntu is *much* better with the new mesa.  And the new mesa helped Chase's multi-touch in unity demonstration, too, because it made unity actually work on his ati laptop :)01:43
AmaranthAnd that's pretty much it on the client side of drawing, the toolkit or app has to handle subwindows and such by itself01:43
AmaranthWhich they all do anyway01:43
RAOFAmaranth: Right.  It's not terribly difficult to port things to it.01:43
AmaranthAlthough it still needs libxkb and some major work in the input area in general01:44
RAOFThat might need to wait until we actually figure out how to do input properly :)01:44
AmaranthAnd apparently it's still possible to write an application that hooks in to the wayland compositor to provide effects01:44
rickspencer3well, so long as you can draw flowers, I guess that's all that matters01:45
RAOFBut libxkbcommon is getting split out and depended on by X, so Wayland will be able to have xkb working more easily.01:45
AmaranthIt just gives you flicker free screen updates and transparency, compositing 101 stuff01:45
RAOFYeah.  Actually, the goal appears to be to make your compositor link to libwayland and be a display server itself.01:46
RAOFSo unity-wayland would be the display server and compositor and shell.01:47
AmaranthBut the major problem with wayland is it lacks all the standard we have for how windows should work, EWMH and such01:47
RAOFBy design!01:47
AmaranthSure but you need to provide some of that, somewhere01:47
RAOFIn the desktop shell, or so says krh.01:48
AmaranthSo each compositor/display server should implement their own version of docks and always on top windows and such?01:48
AmaranthOh boy, that's going to be a mess for a few years01:48
RAOFOr, alternatively, should provide a separate interface to make those writable.01:48
AmaranthUntil someone reinvents half the X11 standards01:48
RAOFOver dbus!01:49
AmaranthYeah, I imagine it'd all be over dbus01:49
AmaranthSetting properties on the root window is such a hack01:49
AmaranthI've been tempted to get wayland running on my computer, now that you don't have to build the entire stack to do it01:50
RAOFYeah.  And something you can't do in Wayland, because clients can't communicate.01:50
RAOF(Over wayland, at least)01:50
RAOFYou can expect a wayland PPA pretty soon.01:51
AmaranthWe'll probably end up with a new org.freedesktop.WindowManager interface every shell/display server implements01:51
AmaranthOr even better, a library everyone uses01:51
kklimondaRAOF: if wayland a real [1] project that is aimed at replacing X at some point [1] as opposed to a tech demo of sort :)01:51
RAOFOooh, I don't know about that!01:51
RAOFkklimonda: krh was talking about Meego(?) switching to wayland in the near future; it's not actually a tech demo.01:52
kklimondaRAOF: sweet01:53
AmaranthAlthough the nice thing about the xserver is if you don't have a driver you can still use it01:53
kklimondaRAOF: so when do we follow? :)01:53
AmaranthYeah, apparently Nokia is looking in to using it for Meego01:53
Sarvattkklimonda: meego as in the phone UI for meego :)01:53
kklimondaSarvatt: I know, j/k ;)01:53
RAOFkklimonda: Right now!  Just as long as you don't want anything to run! :)01:53
AmaranthBut if you had a seamless way of starting a rootless X server for legacy apps...01:54
RAOFBut, more seriously, we might want to use wayland in the next couple of cycles as an intermediate compositor for switching between X servers.01:54
kklimondaRAOF: meh, as long as it runs terminal I'm all set ;)01:54
kklimondaRAOF: hmm, sounds interesting - what's the usecase?01:54
AmaranthThe nice thing is you could implement that org.freedesktop.WindowManager interface for X11 too that would just set the appropriate properties and such so apps wouldn't have to care01:54
AmaranthRAOF: That sounds like the exact idea I was pushing at UDS Seville using Xgl :)01:55
RAOFkklimonda: Keith gets his way and X is entirely out of the trusted path so each user runs one (or more) X server(s) and you want to be able to log in smoothly.01:55
RAOFAmaranth: :)01:56
AmaranthYeah, if wayland is running at root and managing input you could run xservers on top of it as the user running the session and expose much less code to root access01:56
AmaranthAnd have a spinning cube to switch user sessions or something :)01:57
RAOFAmaranth: That's what krh was suggesting.  Keith was going further; *no* display server manages input, and you push input arbitration into the kernel.01:57
kklimondanow that's something users would actually care about :)01:57
RAOFIn what seemed like a very reasonable (and small) change to the input code.01:57
AmaranthRAOF: ha01:58
AmaranthThat'd be a nice way to work around not having a revoke() syscall01:58
RAOFThe idea being, you don't need revoke if the input devices don't broadcast but instead go to only one fd (as serial devices do now?) + some way for consolekit to tell the kernel which fd should get it.01:59
RAOFIt seemed very reasonable in a room full of 40-odd X hackers :)01:59
RAOFWoot!  A new fglrx which actually works on Maverick!02:00
ajmitchisn't that sort of an important thing to have before release? :)02:01
RAOFYes.  And we've now got it.02:01
Sarvattwe do?!02:02
* Sarvatt jumps for joy02:02
RAOFAccording to my bug mail, yes.  Looks like Alberto just uploaded it.02:02
Sarvattoh ATI you never cease to confuse the heck out of me02:03
Sarvattbeta driver that works with xserver 1.9 doesn't have newer kernel support added in the public releases for the past 4 months :)02:03
RAOFLaunchpad wishlist: The ability to add a regex to a bug, so when anyone enters a comment matching that you can pop up some text saying “We've repeatedly said that this applies to the E6410 and *not* to the E6510.  Do you *really* want to add a comment about how this fix doesn't work for the E6510?”02:05
TheMusoIt will be nice once all ATI cards have open source support out of the box... If that is indeed the eventual aim...02:06
RAOFThat's getting pretty close.02:06
RAOFI *think* we're even be supporting Radeon 5xxx series 3D out of the box on Maverick, although I don't have any hardware to determine how useful this is :)02:09
Sarvattyup, no 2D acceleration though funny enough02:11
Sarvattdon't worry, 6xxx series will be out really soon and drivers will lag 6 months again :)02:11
* ajmitch just wants fast, stable & complete 3D support :)02:12
SarvattRAOF: our friend eDP?02:14
AmaranthHey, once all the gallium dreams happen having 3D support will get you 2D support for free02:14
AmaranthNeat, i just got root on my laptop. Without putting in my password02:14
Sarvattthe xorg state tracker seems to be on life support, I think only vmware cares about it02:15
RAOFSarvatt: Indeed.  We talked of eDP in hushed tones at XDS, so as to not traumatise Jesse any further :)02:15
AmaranthSarvatt: That's why I said dreams :)02:15
AmaranthI suppose I'll get it the same time I get native Direct3D support02:16
AmaranthOh, wait...02:16
Sarvattyeah speaking of that, adding wine-dev to the mesa build-deps sure is fun! it's bad enough mesa depends on x which depends on mesa in xorg-edgers for vmwgfx02:17
GrueMastercrimsun: Need your help again with Marvell Dove audio in Maverick.  Seems the new board changed codecs.05:20
TheMusoGrueMaster: What has changed exactly? Mixer elemt names?05:59
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pittiGood morning06:41
RAOFHeya pitti06:50
GrueMasterTheMuso: Hey.  No, the entire codec chip.07:01
GrueMasterIt used to use an AD1980, now it uses an ALC655.07:01
TheMusoGrueMaster: oh ok07:07
bratscheHey pitti, how's it going?07:07
pittihey bratsche; pretty well, thanks!07:07
GrueMasterTheMuso: I have found in my research that there are several x86 motherboards that use the same codec.  I am trying to decipher the pci/ac97 code for similarities, but coming up short.  Alsa speaker-test works, but nothing through pulseaudio.07:09
GrueMasterTheMuso: If you get a chance, scan http://paste.ubuntu.com/499485.  The ASoC machine driver is exporting AC97 HiFi, AC97 LFE, and AC97 Surround.  Not sure what pulseaudio needs.07:13
GrueMasterIf you have any insights, leave me a note, thanks.  I'm off to bed for now.07:16
mvopitti: hey, good morning. do you think its ok to get http://paste.ubuntu.com/499517/ in? its both bugfix and feature (in order to fix the bug) - the problem is that brasero calls the packagekit session interface to find what provides the cdrdao binary and this is a nice and elegant way to fix the problem (and any other app that searches for binaries)08:38
mvoits currently broken (throws exception, so its going to be hard for the change to make it worse ;)08:39
didrocksgood morning08:43
pittigood morning mvo, hey didrocks08:44
didrocksGuten Morgen pitti :)08:44
pittimvo: oh, haven't seen try:/except:/else yet; so else is run when there's no exception?08:45
pittimvo: it looks like an elegant solution indeed08:46
pittifine for me08:46
* didrocks like also try:/except:/finally: ;)08:47
mvopitti: thanks! I think its a win too, I tested it with brasero and its really nice, you insert a audio cd and it will prompt to install cdrdao and continue just fine afterwards08:47
pittimvo: I just thought that having wodim and growisofs would be enough08:53
pittiI don't remember that I installed cdrdao to burn an audio CD08:53
pittithis sounds like something which ought to "just work" in a default install?08:53
pittimvo: so brasero doesn't use wodim any more?08:53
mvopitti: not sure, I haven't looked into brasero myself. but I agree, it should just work08:57
mvopitti: oddly with the current brasero it crashes :/ I worked on that branch a couple of days ago so I think its a regression08:57
mvodidrocks: do you know about this? what brasero is using for audio cd burning?08:58
didrocksmvo: hum, I haven't tracked brasero recently. Let me have a look08:58
didrocksin 2.31.3: Fix wrong report of speed with both cdrecord and wodim08:59
didrocksso, sounds like it's still works with wodim, let me look the changelog from that09:00
didrocksburn-wodim.c as a plugin09:01
didrocksI don't see it in the plugin list, weird… will try to have a look when having some time09:06
pittialternatively we could drop wodim and just install cdrdao?09:06
pittiwell, I guess wodim is still needed for data CDs09:07
mvoeh, so I have a fresh install here09:08
mvobut no wodim09:08
mvoI guess that is the problem then :) ?09:08
mvono installed wodim09:08
mvoI have a look09:10
mvowodim seems to be prefered over cdrdao when I read the plugin order correctly09:11
pittishouldn't brasero depend on either of those?09:11
mvofor some reason it got dropped09:11
mvoI check the bzr history09:11
pittiin wodim it did09:11
pittiDepends: [...] wodim, genisoimage, dvd+rw-tools,09:12
pittiall of those are gone09:12
pittican we please put them back?09:12
mvoyeah, in lucid it was all there09:12
mvosure, I can do that now09:12
mvoI just want to see who/why so that I can send my wrath ;)09:12
* pitti hugs mvo, cheers09:13
* mvo makes his best grim face and hugs pitti back09:13
pittiyour best grim face still isn't very scary, sorry :)09:13
pittibut I'm sure whoever committed it won't ever have a successful dist-upgrade again09:14
mvoI need to practise more09:14
* pitti thinks mvo's revenges are a little more subtle than mere grim faces09:14
mvoif uid=="name": raise ResolverGeneratedBreaks("The resolver generated breaks, %s" % random.choice(apt.Cache())09:15
mvothere is a new brasero-cdrkit09:16
mvomaybe its enough to seed that09:16
mvoit seems to have all the dependencies09:16
pittibut that doesn't have dvd+rwtools?09:16
pittimvo: I'd actually prefer this to be a recommends: of brasero09:17
pittiit sounds more correct to me09:17
mvothe dvd+rwtools? or wodim-cdrkit (or both)?09:17
pittiThey are only needed for the09:17
pitti following operations in Brasero:09:17
pitti  * Audio CD burning with CD-Text information09:17
pitti  * Video DVD creation09:17
pittimvo: I meant that brasero-cdrkit doesn't depend on dvd+rwtools09:18
pittibut lucid's brasero did09:18
mvoodd that this was unoticed for so long, it seems like its missing since Jul (the first merge)09:18
pittiwell, what's a CD?09:18
pittiUSB sticks FTW :)09:18
mvohaha, true09:18
mvoshows how the world has changed09:18
pittimvo: brasero-cdrkit promoted to main09:18
mvopitti: nice, thanks09:19
* pitti leaves this in mvo's capable hands and goes back to fixing OEM stuff09:19
mvoI add dvd+rwtools as a recommend sand upload09:19
mvothanks for your help/time pitti09:19
pittiif dvd+rwtools is still being used, that sounds good09:19
pittimvo: and you'll add brasero recommends: -cdrkit?09:19
mvoeither that or seeding, I don't have a preference09:20
mvorecommends is fine09:20
pittiI think recommends: is better, for derivatives or people without the metapackage09:20
pittior chroots, and whatnot09:20
mvomakes sense09:20
* mvo prepares the upload09:20
pittiand we need a brasero upload anyway09:20
mvooh, what for?09:21
pittimvo: I thought you wanted to add the dvd+rwtools dependency?09:21
mvoI just checked, it gets in via the libbrasero-media1 dependency09:22
mvobut stil, the derivates argument makes sense09:22
mvohey glatzor! thanks for your sessioninstaller merge \o/09:52
glatzorthanks for your patchm mvo!10:02
didrockspitti: I'm interested in your opinion on bug #64556110:20
ubot2Launchpad bug 645561 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) "gnome-keyring prompts lack way to set default timeout (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64556110:20
didrocksmaybe reverting to seahorse-plugins for this release for GPG key is the solution10:20
didrocks(as mdeslaur suggested)10:20
chrisccoulsonhi didrocks10:21
didrockshey chrisccoulson, how are you?10:21
chrisccoulsondid you have a chance to look at the gdk-pixbuf change yet?10:21
chrisccoulsoni'm good btw thanks :)10:21
chrisccoulsonhow are you?10:21
didrockschrisccoulson: not yet, just jumping on it in a few :)10:21
didrockstired ;)10:22
chrisccoulsonyeah, i feel a bit tired too ;)10:23
chrisccoulsonurgh, the new hamster-applet is really broken10:30
chrisccoulsonok, it's pretty much not usable10:37
didrockswhat? ;)10:37
chrisccoulsonthe new hamster-applet10:37
didrocksah… (sorry, as just reconnected, no context) :)10:38
didrockschrisccoulson: so, what should I do? at least I have a graphical GNOME interface, which means gdx-pixbuf should work :)10:38
chrisccoulsonwhen i fill in the "Description" field for a particular task (or even leave it empty), it shows the wrong description in todays list of tasks, and the description seems to change depending on where i put my mouse10:38
chrisccoulsonso i can't trust that any of the information it's displaying is actually correct ;)10:39
didrockschrisccoulson: ahah, some kind of $random in it, sweet!10:39
chrisccoulsondidrocks, oh, that's good gdk-pixbuf works :-)10:39
chrisccoulsoncould you run gdk-pixbuf-query-loaders through strace, and put the output somewhere for me to look at? :)10:39
didrockschrisccoulson: here we go: http://paste.ubuntu.com/499564/10:41
pittididrocks: yes, sounds good to me10:41
pittididrocks: and filing a bug upstream about making the timeout configurable?10:41
chrisccoulsondidrocks - oh, this commit looks suspicious - http://git.gnome.org/browse/hamster-applet/commit/?h=gnome-2-32&id=4b40e64c536a79329adbd0cae3d17c615f3904e010:41
chrisccoulsoni think i might test that and then backport it if it works10:41
chrisccoulsoni really on the hamster applet ;)10:42
didrockspitti: ok, so removing the conffile for gnome-keyring-gpg.desktop and filing the upstream bug :)10:42
chrisccoulsondidrocks - ok, that output looks fine10:42
chrisccoulsoni think it's good to go :)10:42
didrockschrisccoulson: ok, great t;)10:42
didrockschrisccoulson: needs sponsoring for that one?10:42
chrisccoulsondidrocks, yes please10:42
chrisccoulsoni can't upload that yet ;)10:43
didrockschrisccoulson: ok, doing then :)10:43
chrisccoulsonthanks. i'll get ia32-libs done then, once that's been approved10:43
didrockschrisccoulson: great, setting it as fix commited10:44
didrocksthank to you :)10:44
didrockschrisccoulson: so, there is nothing do to on ia32-libs?10:54
chrisccoulsondidrocks - i need to refresh ia32-libs with the new gdk-pixbuf version, and also add a postinst hook to create the loaders.cache on install10:54
didrockschrisccoulson: ok, keep me in touch ;)10:55
chrisccoulsonok, hamster-applet is fixed10:59
chrisccoulsonwill upload that too10:59
didrocksgreat ;)11:01
didrocksdo you want to work on other bugs too?11:01
chrisccoulsondidrocks - yeah, sure :)11:02
didrockschrisccoulson: I think that one can be interesting to fix (bug #630753)11:02
ubot2Launchpad bug 630753 in gnome-screensaver (Ubuntu) "gnome-screensaver activates while watching a movie in totem (affects: 2) (heat: 206)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63075311:02
chrisccoulsonyeah, i can take that one11:03
chrisccoulsoni saw that too11:03
didrocksthanks :)11:03
didrocksmaybe totem issue as vlc isn't impacted11:03
chrisccoulsonVLC uses a different mechanism to do this11:03
didrocksoh ok :)11:05
chrisccoulsonright, i've got to pop out for a little bit to pick up my car :)11:06
didrockssee you!11:17
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didrocksRAOF: can you have a look at your WI list and state on them, please?12:05
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dpmdidrocks, I'm not sure who I should best ask, but you and Robert seemed to do the latest changes for yelp, so here goes the question :)13:15
dpmcould someone have a look at bug 605577 and remove the en.po translation?13:15
ubot2Launchpad bug 605577 in yelp (Ubuntu) (and 4 other projects) "Help contents title bar shows cubes with numbers instead of a proper title (affects: 127) (dups: 65) (heat: 830)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60557713:15
dpmI've explained in my last comment. This will still not fix the bug (we'll need a new full language pack for that), but at least will I think prevent the wrong en.po getting into LP with the next upload13:16
didrocksdpm: don't we refresh the full yelp on 2.32.0 upload normally?13:16
dpmdidrocks, if that's planned, that's fine, that would take care of it13:17
didrocksdpm: I mean, take from launchpad, as create this patch13:17
didrocksdpm: yeah, next week, we will have 2.32.013:17
dpmok, cool13:17
didrocksI should just add a task to remind me about it :)13:17
didrocksoh no13:18
didrockssorry, we have 2.30.113:18
didrocksI think it's the webkit transition13:18
didrocksso, we wont update13:18
didrocksdpm: the best fix it to take from launchpad and refresh the patch?13:18
didrocksrather than deleting en.po13:18
dpmdidrocks, yeah, as it will fetch new translations in other languages people might have done13:19
didrocksdpm: think it worthes it, adding a task for me :)13:19
didrocksdpm: btw, bug #61981613:19
ubot2Launchpad bug 619816 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "Battery status line too long (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 20)" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61981613:19
dpmawesone, thanks didrocks13:19
dpmok, let me have a look13:19
didrocksdpm: not sure it will be accepted or not, still didn't ask, but maybe it worthes it13:19
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dpmdidrocks, ok, commented on it, thanks for the pointer13:32
didrocksthanks dpm :)13:33
dokowho can tell me something about the libindicator uploads?13:51
dokois it correct to demote libindicator-tools  ?13:51
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didrocksdoko: I think you should ask tedg about it when he's around13:53
dokodidrocks: could you remind me/ask him?13:53
didrocksdoko: yeah, I will13:53
didrocksdpm: can you join #ayatana?14:16
didrocksthanks :)14:23
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didrockstedg: hey14:33
didrocks14:51:24          doko | is it correct to demote libindicator-tools  ?14:33
didrockstedg: ^^14:33
tedgdidrocks, What does "demote" mean in this context?14:34
tedgOh, to universe?14:34
tedgI don't think there's any reason those need to be in main.  They're just debugging tools.14:34
tedgdoko, ^14:35
dokotedg: ok, thanks!14:35
didrocksyeah, it's my feeling as well :)14:36
kamstrupdpm, we have a problem with https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu-translations/+bug/64665314:36
didrocksthanks tedg14:36
ubot2Ubuntu bug 646653 in unity (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "The number of items message in the Unity trash does not load translations (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Critical,Triaged]14:36
kamstrupdpm, it's getting late and I can not for the life of me figure out why ngettext() isn't working14:36
kamstrupdpm, So my last resort is to change the string into something without nggettext()14:36
dpmhey kamstrup, does gettext() work there?14:37
kamstrupdpm, So either (if n_items == 1) _("1 Item in trash") else _("%d items in Trash") - and pretend plural forms don't exist14:37
kamstrupdpm, yes14:37
kamstrupdpm, or simply "Items in trash: %d" - which seems a bit awkward14:38
kamstrupdpm, what's your take on this?14:38
dpmkamstrup, I think it might be awkward, but at this point it might be the best solution as the if/else option would only work for some languages14:38
kamstrupdpm, ok will do that then - should I notify the mailing list?14:39
dpmkamstrup, yes, please, that would be great14:39
dpmkamstrup, and thanks a lot for the work on this14:40
dpmdidrocks, the conversation on the g-p-m time string has reminded me about bug 579134 - I know it's too late, but it might be worth reassessing the importance, as per pitti's comment there, so that it stays on the radar for natty perhaps14:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 579134 in indicator-datetime (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "The date and time indicator should respect the locale setting for time format (affects: 23) (dups: 2) (heat: 126)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/57913414:47
pittidpm: ugh, does that thing still display 12 hours only? :-(14:47
dpmpitti, I think there was a workaround to use a translatable string to specify the format, but I haven't tried it yet, as we haven't finished translating it in our team14:48
dpmI might try with another locale14:49
pittidpm: but that's rather broken -- that's already specified in the locale14:49
dpmpitti, I know, I know, I'm just mentioning it14:49
geserpitti: what do you expect from "A very, very simple clock"?14:49
pittiI understand that we don't want to use strftime(%c), but we can certainly ask the locale for whether it's 24 or 12 hours, and the AM/PM strings14:50
didrocksdpm: can you remind me that later? It's one of the blocker I set to not put indicator-datetime to the desktop this cycle14:50
pittigeser: to at least show the correct time? :-)14:50
dpmdidrocks, sure14:50
pittitedg: ^ WDYT about just asking the locale for the format?14:50
geserpitti: 50% of a day it's correct :)14:51
tedgpitti, I couldn't find a way to ask it that simple of a question.  But, what we do is make the default string translatable.14:51
pittigeser: only if you work from 6 to 18, which is not quite the most preferred part of the day for geeks..14:51
tedgpitti, There's also a gsettings key for those who don't like their locale's setting.14:54
rickspencer3good morning all15:03
pittitedg: so from a shell this would be "locale -k am_pmÄ15:03
pittihey rickspencer315:03
pittitedg: of course you'd use the libc function for that, but if it has a value, it shows the localized strings for AM and PM; if it's not set, it's 24 hours15:04
pittitedg: with that we can use the info from the locales, instead of having to re-translate them all over agani (which is also quite error prone)15:04
didrockshey rickspencer315:07
rickspencer3hi didrocks15:07
mterrytedg, pitti, dpm: I remember looking at that bug.  I think one problem I had was that en_GB doesn't translate the string to say 24 hour time.  Also, stfrtime can give you the time in locale format, but it has seconds attached, and there's no clean way to strip that15:07
pittimterry: right, that's why I suggested asking the locale instead of strftime()15:08
pittimterry: but en_GB uses 12 hours?15:09
mterrypitti, no?  I thought not.  I've used it in the past to show 24h15:10
mterrypitti, this is complicated.  language-support says en_GB is 24h.  with LC_TIME="en_GB.UTF-8", date --date="8PM" gives 20:00:00.  But locale -k am_pm shows am_pm="AM;PM"15:12
pittimterry: oh, indeed; seems I misremembered15:12
mterrypitti, I think locale -k is lying?15:12
pittiapparently so15:12
pittimterry: I just checked the locale source, and it sets it to empty15:13
mterrypitti, so currently indicator-datetime is 12h for en_GB but should be 24h if someone would add that translation15:13
mterrypitti, sets am_pm to empty?15:13
pittiright, which means "24 hours"15:13
pittiso date can interpret it correctly, just locale -k shows it wrong15:13
mterrypitti, odd.  Is there another way of asking?15:14
* pitti checks15:14
mterrypitti, is there a library that 'locale' and 'date' are using?  What's the lowest level way besides scraping the locale files?15:14
mterrypitti, so nl_langinfo ?15:15
pittiright; I used that in the past for something different15:15
* mterry waits for giant glibc manual to load15:17
* pitti writes a quick test program15:17
mterrypitti, actually, strftime %p seems like it gives the info we need.  Empty string means 24-hour, else it gives AM or PM15:19
pittimterry: hm, nl_langinfo() gives me the same as locale -k15:20
pittimterry: ah, good15:20
mterrypitti, hrm, it doesn't work for en_GB when I do date +%p15:20
mterrypitti, gives me AM15:20
pittisame nl_langinfo() presumably15:21
* pitti RTFS in glibc15:21
mterrypitti, which argument to langinfo did you use?  I see three relevant ones: T_FMT_AMPM, AM_STR, and PM_STR15:21
pitti    printf ("T_FMT: '%s', T_FMT_AMPM: '%s', AM_STR: '%s', PM_STR: '%s'\n",15:22
pitti            nl_langinfo (T_FMT), nl_langinfo (T_FMT_AMPM),15:22
pitti            nl_langinfo (AM_STR), nl_langinfo (PM_STR));15:22
pittimterry: it seems AM_STR and PM_STR aren't a good indicator15:22
pittimterry: they are present in the locale so that you can alternatively use 12 hour format (GB probably had used it in the past)15:22
mterrypitti, but T_FMT_AMPM is?  that would work en?15:22
pittimterry: but I think T_FMT_AMPM is better15:22
pitti$ LANG=en_GB.utf8 /tmp/timefmt15:22
pittiT_FMT: '%T', T_FMT_AMPM: '%l:%M:%S %P %Z', AM_STR: 'AM', PM_STR: 'PM'15:22
pitti$ LANG=en_US.utf8 /tmp/timefmt15:22
pittiT_FMT: '%r', T_FMT_AMPM: '%I:%M:%S %p', AM_STR: 'AM', PM_STR: 'PM'15:23
mterrypitti, (why is this so hard?  :))15:23
mterrypitti, oh, but T_FMT_AMPM forces seconds15:23
pitti%I is hour (1..12)15:23
mterrypitti, one could grep the returned string for %I15:23
pittimterry: I think we should grep for %p or %P15:23
mterrypitti, to determine if it's 24h.  /me shudders15:23
pittifor de_DE.utf8:15:24
pittiT_FMT: '%T', T_FMT_AMPM: '', AM_STR: '', PM_STR: ''15:24
pitti(we don't use 12 hour format, ever)15:24
pittii. e. it'll just be empty15:24
pittiso it seems T_FMT_AMPM =~ '%[pP]' is a good indicator15:24
mterrypitti, but en_GB has %p and should be 24h15:25
mterrypitti, wouldn't %I be better?15:25
pittimterry: en_GB has %l there, which confusingly is described as "The  hour  (12-hour clock) as a decimal number (range 1 to 12)"15:26
mterrypitti, I think T_FMT_AMPM is also broken for en_GB...?15:26
pittiwell, no; it looks correct for a time which you request in 12 hour form15:27
pittiphone, brb15:27
mterrypitti, oh right.  T_FMT_AMPM is inherently non-24h.  I don't get why you care about %p though.  The goal I thought was to find a way to detect that en_GB is 24h.  %p gives a false-negative for that15:28
pitti(phone, brb)15:29
mterrypitti, sure, no rush :)15:29
* pitti chuckles about some h4cks in glibc15:32
pitti#  define ampm (L_("AMPM") + 2 * (tp->tm_hour > 11))15:32
pittimterry: so it seems that date +%X gets it correct15:34
pittiooh, of course15:35
pittimterry: T_FMT == '%T' -> 24 hour; T_FMT == '%r' -> AM/PM15:35
pittimterry: the alternative is to just use strftime('%X') and removing seconds15:36
pittithe format is predictable, after all15:36
pitti(i. e. HH:MM:SS (AM|PM)?15:37
pittibut I think using T_FMT is what we actually want15:37
pittiand that's what strftime uses for %X15:37
pitti#  define ampm (L_("AMPM") + 2 * (tp->tm_hour > 11))15:37
pittitedg: so, seems we have two alternatives15:38
mterrypitti, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2507726/how-to-display-locale-sensitive-time-format-without-seconds-in-python tells how to remove seconds15:40
rickspencer3pitti, hey15:46
rickspencer3bug #60557715:46
ubot2Launchpad bug 605577 in yelp (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 6 other projects) "Help contents title bar shows cubes with numbers instead of a proper title (affects: 127) (dups: 65) (heat: 830)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60557715:46
rickspencer3seems lang pack related, and is really ugly15:46
rickspencer3pitti, do have a chance to check in and see how we can fix this asap?15:47
pittirickspencer3: I'll have a look ASAP15:48
rickspencer3thanks pitti15:48
chrisccoulsonyeah, it's a broken langpack. i came across the same issue when we updated the language packs in all the other releases for the firefox update15:48
chrisccoulsonand it got fixed in those15:48
rickspencer3chrisccoulson, well, it's really really ugly15:48
rickspencer3and very salient15:48
chrisccoulsonrickspencer3, yeah, it's fairly noticeable15:49
pittimterry: that would bring it to the next level (locale dependent hour/minute separators), but it looks a bit ugly15:49
chrisccoulsonremote debsign ftw :-)15:50
chrisccoulsonthanks for the suggestion yesterday pitti ;)15:50
didrocksrickspencer3: pitti: will do it on Monday as dicussed on this channel :)15:50
pittichrisccoulson: heh15:50
chrisccoulsoni can do this whole update whilst only using a few bytes of my own bandwidth :-)15:51
didrocksit's just about taking the new LP translations which removes the en.mo15:51
tedgpitti, I looked at that, but my concern was whether the format was predictable... I hate the idea of parsing format strings :-/15:51
pittitedg: right; I think checking T_FMT is more robust15:51
rickspencer3didrocks, the status on the bug is making robbiew worry15:52
didrocksrickspencer3: oh, I can change that15:52
rickspencer3perhaps you could update it there when you get a chance?15:52
pittitedg: if it's %T or %r, we know what to do15:52
* robbiew has corrected the settings...so it shows up on our radar ;)15:53
didrocksgood, should be fixed on Monday, just hadn't the time still :)15:54
robbiewno worries15:54
pittidpm: do you already know whether bug 605577 is fixed in the translations?15:55
ubot2Launchpad bug 605577 in yelp (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 6 other projects) "Help contents title bar shows cubes with numbers instead of a proper title (affects: 128) (dups: 65) (heat: 842)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60557715:55
mterrydidrocks, I swear the top pixel isn't working!15:59
didrocksmterry: go hunt and hit njpatel then ;)15:59
didrocksmterry: are you in the UNE session?15:59
mterrydidrocks, yeah15:59
didrocksor trying to run it from desktop15:59
mterrydidrocks, running unity from desktop?15:59
didrockshum… really, I can't reproduce it, I was thinking first your were talking about the other bug :/16:00
didrocksmterry: with mutter --replace blablabla :)16:00
njpatelmterry, one sec, you need to hit jason16:00
mterrydidrocks, ah.  I'll bug njpatel to see if that's the best debugging method16:00
mterrynjpatel, or jason16:00
DBOwassup homies16:01
njpatelDBO, meet your picking patches biggest fan, mterry16:01
njpatelmterry, let him have it16:01
mterryDBO, you're jason?  :)16:01
gordIts a trap!16:01
DBOwe cannot repel bugs of this magnitude16:01
DBOmterry, no16:01
mterryDBO, OK, so my top pixel in UNE maverick still doesn't work.  (it works for GtkStatusIcon indicators like NM, but not indicators, window controls, or the logo button)16:02
mterryDBO, ok16:02
DBOyeah I got that bug report this morning16:02
DBOI am looking it over (again) now16:02
mterryDBO, any way I can provide debugging stuff?16:02
DBOnot sure whats wrong since the math all makes sense in my head16:02
* didrocks updates DBO for getting the missing case16:03
didrocksand update the symbol file as well16:03
* DBO wonders if mterry really thinks he is not Jason16:03
mterryDBO, you lied to me?!  Man, I'm too trusting16:04
DBO/whois DBO wasn't a clue?16:04
mterryDBO, didn't need to, I had your gentleman's word16:04
DBOmterry, but you met me in real life16:05
DBOyou *know* I am not a gentleman16:05
mterryDBO, :)16:05
DBOlittle more than a man-child truly16:05
mterryDBO, didrocks suggested trying to run mutter from desktop session (not netbook session).  Would that be a useful test?16:10
didrocksmterry: no, this was in case you've done that16:11
DBOmterry, if you can manage to click the "top pixel" of a window...16:11
mterryDBO, nope!16:11
DBOI actually wrote a utility for that16:11
didrockssometime, mutter doesn't align very well, when started over compiz (the mouse was aready moved by some offset)16:11
DBOyay mouse warp16:11
bratschedpkg-source: error: none of the filenames in ---/+++ are relative in diff `evince-2.31.92/debian/patches/03_gesture.patch' (line 3)16:12
mterryDBO, but I find it odd that the GtkStatusIcons get it right.  Or should I not be surprised since those are xembeds?16:12
chrisccoulsonright, i am done with ia32-libs \o/16:12
DBOmterry, no surprise16:13
dpmpitti, sorry, I was on the phone. re: the yelp bug, I fixed it in LP, it's only that the delta export did not pick up the change (the corrected en.po file), but the full export should. I talked about it with didrocks earlier on, and we should also make sure that the patch with translations from LP in yelp does not contain en.po, otherwise we'd be reimporting it into LP I think16:18
pittidpm: ah, thanks; so the problem is that yelp has some patch with LP-imported translations, and it messes up the encoding along the way?16:19
dpmpitti, not exactly. Somehow an en.po file with en@shaw translations was imported into LP. That en.po file was exported in langpacks wreaking havoc in yelp. In addition to that, when adding translations to yelp from LP we also put that en.po translation in the patch. So we should fix this in two places: language packs and yelp16:21
pittidpm: I just don't understand why we manually patch in LP translations to yelp?16:22
pittidpm: but thanks for the heads-up!16:22
dpmpitti, because we include some additional Ubuntu-specific strings to the documentation. I understand that that's the only way to use those translations. I think it's "Assistive Technologies" and something else perhaps (in the main index page shown when starting yelp)16:24
pittidpm: ok; I'll probably talk to you on Monday about this16:25
dpmpitti, sure, but I'm away on Monday and back on Tuesday, but in the meantime seb128 should also be aware of the yelp-patching part (most probably better than me)16:26
dpmand didrocks too16:26
didrockspitti: I've already done that for 2 or 3 release, not sure why yelp need manual translation, right16:27
didrockspitti: new gnome-keyring to fix the gpg issue uploaded btw16:27
chrisccoulsonthanks to whoever approved ia32-libs already :-)16:33
didrockschrisccoulson: oh? it's done?16:34
chrisccoulsondidrocks - yeah, it was approved a couple of minutes after uploading it16:34
chrisccoulsonright, totem next16:34
didrockschrisccoulson: thanks! ;)16:35
cyphermoxdidrocks, I'm able to fix 575160 by using the in-tree cairo, about to push a package to my PPA for testing, but I already have a merge request.16:40
didrockscyphermox: oh nice!16:42
didrockscyphermox: One more bug dead ;)16:42
cyphermoxdidrocks, I'm not sure if it fixes things for lucid though, I'll look in a minute16:43
didrockscyphermox: just keep us updated.16:43
didrockscyphermox: well, focus on maverick, no hurry for lucid I think16:43
chrisccoulsoncyphermox, did any other distro's switch to in-tree cairo too?16:43
cyphermoxrickspencer3, did you make that wallpaper? if so, nice work on the saturation16:43
cyphermoxchrisccoulson, looks to me like it's exactly what opensuse did16:44
didrockscyphermox: you bought it? :)16:44
rickspencer3cyphermox, no16:44
rickspencer3I had a wallpaper, it was a picture of my dog16:44
cyphermoxdidrocks, yeah I did16:44
rickspencer3but someone replaced it :/16:44
didrocksurgh :/16:44
cyphermoxrickspencer3, we have snails, why couldn't we have dogs?16:44
rickspencer3there are dogs, and there is my dog16:44
rickspencer3I guess there was concern that the wallpaper would have been considered some kind of act of aggression16:45
rickspencer3international incidents ensue16:45
dokochrisccoulson: looking at the firefox package, is there a reason that binary packages are still in the control file (the ones which are not built anymore)?16:47
chrisccoulsondoko - which packages are those?16:48
chrisccoulsonwe cleaned all the transitional packages in maverick, so they should all be gone now16:48
dokochrisccoulson: sorry, was looking on the wrong machine16:49
chrisccoulsondidrocks - a quick look at the error messages from bug 632594 suggests that dbus is not running16:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 632594 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "xvfb 1.9 and/or metacity not working on the buildds (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63259416:52
chrisccoulsonwhich makes sense in the buildd ;)16:52
chrisccoulsoni have similar issues with firefox unit tests too16:52
didrockschrisccoulson: right, I really didn't give a look at it16:52
chrisccoulsonyeah, me neither. that's just a guess from the error message16:53
chrisccoulsonbut you need dbus to talk to gconf16:53
didrocksisn't there this --direct option?16:53
didrocksignore me16:53
didrocksI was thinking a testsuite using gconftool16:54
didrocksso, if it's only the testsuite which fails, deactivating this part will fix the issue16:54
chrisccoulsonreally, the test-suite needs to start metacity with dbus-launch16:55
chrisccoulsonbut that's pretty hacky16:55
chrisccoulsoni'd just ignore those warnings tbh ;)16:55
didrocksyeah, sounds the safe option :)16:55
didrocksdbus + buildd aren't good mate :)16:56
* cyphermox -> lunch16:59
pittididrocks: upower fix uploaded FYI17:08
pitti(I think..)17:08
didrockspitti: are we already Monday?17:08
* didrocks should have get some rest :)17:08
pittididrocks: I'll deal with yelp on Monday17:08
* didrocks hugs pitti thanks!17:08
didrockspitti: oh, you want to work on it? thanks!17:09
* pitti does some more queue review and then waves good bye17:09
didrocksoO(gnome-keyring, gnome-keyring…)17:09
didrocksthanks pitti, enjoy your week-end!17:09
pittididrocks: right, those17:10
pittididrocks: you tested the gnome-keyring update, I figure? i. e. seahorse still works well for gpg?17:11
didrockspitti: running seahorse from yesterday17:11
pittiooh, dpkg-maintscript-helper; nice, it's the first time I see that in production17:11
didrocksyeah, it's working well it seems17:11
didrocksI tried without changing the content17:11
didrocks-> removed17:12
didrockswith changing the content17:12
didrocks-> renamed :)17:12
pittididrocks: nice, so 2.31.92 does make it configurable already?17:12
didrockspitti: yeah, with gsettings, not sure there is an UI (didn't check yet)17:12
pittiah, gsettings;17:12
pittiok, let's keep seahorse for now17:12
didrocksit's desrt's fault :)17:12
pittigood night, have a nice weekend everyone!17:25
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didrocksenjoy pitti17:33
DBOmterry, you here?18:28
mterryDBO, yup18:28
DBOI seriously have my doubts about you being on the right mutter18:28
DBOI just cant reproduce the bug18:28
DBOtop pixel works18:28
mterryDBO, 2.31.5-0ubuntu718:28
mterryDBO, did you see that sabdfl reproduced it too?18:28
DBOerm sorry latest clutter18:29
mterryDBO, libclutter-1.0-0 1.2.12-0ubuntu1318:29
DBOI can video it working on my system though I suspect you will take my word it works here18:29
mterryDBO, yeah, obvi otherwise there would be a million people complaining.  I'm suspecting it's not a 100% reproducable thing.  (though I can 100% reproduce it)18:30
mterryDBO, want video card info?18:30
mterryDBO, I'm on some sort of Intel18:30
DBOneed more than that18:31
mterryDBO, :)18:31
mterryDBO, Intel Corporation Mobile GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller18:31
DBOGM965 then18:31
* mterry shrugs18:31
DBOwtf then18:32
DBOhey do me a favor18:32
DBOyou are running unity now?18:32
DBOsend me a screenshot of your desktop18:33
mterryDBO, ok18:33
mterryDBO, I think I can see the pixel sabdfl was talking about at the top18:33
DBOthats what I am worried about18:34
DBOI am going to use gimp to find out for sure18:34
mterryDBO, in the bug18:35
DBOwell fuck me sideways18:36
DBOthe whole thing is offset by a pixel18:36
DBOno wonder the top pixel isn't working18:36
mterryDBO, :)18:36
DBOjoin me in the dx chat room please18:37
didrocksenjoy your week-end :)19:12
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dokochrisccoulson: ia32-libs: why are the packages not refreshed?20:47
chrisccoulsondoko - they are refreshed aren't they?20:47
chrisccoulsonit's picked up the new gdk-pixbuf anyway :/20:48
dokochrisccoulson: all?20:48
chrisccoulsondoko - yeah, everything that was out-of-date has a new version now20:50
dokochrisccoulson: sorry, my mistake20:50
Laneyjust seen bug 61900320:54
ubot2Launchpad bug 619003 in gdk-pixbuf (Ubuntu) "multiple warnings during installation (affects: 4) (heat: 20)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61900320:54
Laneymight be worth a poke20:54
* chrisccoulson wipes brow20:55
chrisccoulsoni thought that was because of my upload today ;)20:55
chrisccoulsonbut that bug is quite old20:56
chrisccoulsoni nearly died there ;)20:56
chrisccoulsoni wouldn't be popular if i broke gdk-pixbuf in time for the weekend20:56
devildantemvo: ping21:01
mvohey devildante!21:02
mvodevildante: how is it going?21:02
devildantehi mvo :) all is fine :)21:03
devildantemvo: I just wondered if there are any bugs targeted for fixing in 10.10 in USC or update-manager21:03
mvodevildante: there is a nasty race 507836 in s-c21:05
devildantebug 507836?21:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 507836 in software-center (Ubuntu) "[master] software-center crashed with DatabaseModifiedError in _database_gen_postlist_iter() (affects: 89) (dups: 58) (heat: 527)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/50783621:05
mvodevildante: but a bit of triage would be cool, all the stuff with apport traceback is probably worth a look21:05
devildantepff, you just said in the comments you fixed it :p21:06
mvono really :)21:06
devildantesilly me, it's only the UI :p21:06
mvojust made the effects go away, the root is still there21:07
mvothe "fix" just recovery nicely21:07
devildante'kay :)21:07
mvowell, "just" is already good, but fixing the root cause would rock21:07
mvoI have no good idea currently :/ but maybe a fresh brain is needed :)21:07
devildanteso we need some triaging before determining the root?21:07
mvofor this bug I think the root is a race condition between the apt-cache-reopen and the xapian-db-rebuilding (or finish rebuilding). if both overlap, the problem appears21:08
mvobut a general triage of the bugs in NEW state would be great, I'm sure there are some low hanging ones21:08
mvo(i.e. easy to fix ones, if we get good backtraces from apport)21:08
devildanteDon't have time, I have to prepare a hugday :p21:09
mvoon what package is it?21:10
devildanteNot a specific package, it will be jaunty bugs21:10
devildantewe "need" to treat these bugs before jaunty goes EOL21:11
devildantenot really need, but it would be great :)21:11
mvocool :)21:21
devildanteis it that great? :p21:21
mvoits cool to do this kind of gardening21:21
devildanteheh :)21:21
robbiewmvo: up late?21:42
mvorobbiew: yes21:47
mvorobbiew: merging a python-apt fix that looked super-simple and turned out to be not quite-as-simple as anticipated21:48
robbiewah...a common trap in coding ;)21:48

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