JamesPagettx: enjoyed you blog post today :-)14:09
ttxJamesPage: I needed to write that for posterity14:17
ttxalso I don't like unsubstantiated "I hate Java" posts14:18
JamesPageJamesPage: :-) read that one to!14:18
JamesPagettx: I think that the idea of a reference platform is a good idea14:31
JamesPageso it might make sense to push development features into the platform first14:32
ttxJamesPage: that's basically what we do with Eucalyptus14:32
JamesPageso that it gets better development adoption14:33
ttxJamesPage: ask them to build on our platform14:33
ttxsupport our versions14:33
ttxthe main issue is that our platform is really Debian's14:33
ttxso it changes unexpectantly14:33
ttxand in some cases eucalyptus can't align themselves14:34
ttxso we use some copied packages14:34
ttx(limited code duplication)14:34
ttxworks with Eucalyptus because they wanted us as a conduit for mainstream distribution, so they accepted to comply14:35
JamesPageguess the question is how do we make it work with the rest of the open source java community14:36
ttxI think JPackage was a neat idea. It's just herculean work though14:37
JamesPageSo supporting a wider range of build toolsets and development frameworks and tools (such as Hudson)14:37
JamesPagemight  drive people to the platform due to the features its provides14:37
persiaThe issue of "changes unexpectedly" can also be addressed by closer integration with pkg-java15:23
persiaWe don't need to be surprised, if we're coordinating tightly.15:23

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