jordancasonhey guys i have a script here and i need some one to explain each step to me. its not big about 10 lines. will some one help if i post it up02:55
doctormoAh hell, I could have helped05:41
pleia2doctormo: this week has been horrible busy-wise, I can temporarily trust you with sudo on dagobah if you promise to be good and just do the art thing :)06:06
pleia2maybe tomorrow, I need to hit the sack now, ate something bad last night and have been dealing with the consequences all day (plus being busy at work! it's been a rough day :))06:10
doctormopleia2: Sure thing, have a good night and we'll talk tomorrow about it.06:36
pleia2doctormo: I should be around all day (working, and busy, but I will respond to pings, so just let me know when you want sudo for art)20:04
doctormopleia2: I figured we would talk first, I don't think we're in such a rush as for you to give me keys to a shared box. It's security after all.20:05
doctormoI can wait for next week if you like.20:05
pleia2I should have time in about 5 hours20:06
pleia2(after work :))20:06
doctormopleia2: I got a nice Joy of Propaganda button for you: http://imagebin.ca/view/yiNwASH.html20:08
pleia2although, I do quite like my job, I am doing some neat xen to kvm migrations this week20:09
doctormoI found some other wonderful stickers: "Buy More Shit" which I stuck to my Ubuntu mousepad in the background and the ever lovely "Bad things come to those who wait too."20:10
doctormoShame the company is no more, their tshirts were the best.20:10
doctormoI don't thing these are legit, but this tshirt was very popular on postmaster: http://www.cafepress.com.au/+jop_gender_stereotypes_black_tshirt,3688961620:12
doctormopleia2: So your moving your chinese philosophy to a keyboard video and mouse?20:12
doctormoHey bodhi_zazen20:26
pleia2doctormo: yes, that's exactly what I'm doing20:27
pleia2(except it has more to do with virtualization)20:27
bodhi_zazen'lo all20:28
pleia2g'day bodhi_zazen :)20:28
doctormopleia2: A virtual chinese philosophy into a virtual keyboard and mouse?20:28
doctormoI know what you mean of course, I just love how technical words are often confusing.20:28
pleia2I wish kvm had a better mascot20:29
pleia2xen came up with the so cutest one this year <320:29
pleia2just as we're switching to kvm :(20:30
doctormopleia2: Link to Xen mascot?20:30
doctormoThat's really cute, god damn it.20:31
doctormoI'm trying to think of something good but not used by other technical parts, hard to pick because of Tux.20:31
doctormoEven KVM is such a bad name, I'll just call it Kevim. Like "It's so cool because Kevim manages all my virtual computers, he's so super cool."20:37
doctormoJust like I like to call SQL "Squirrel", because having a No-Squirrel database is much better than having to deal with Squirrel Injection Attacks. Etc, sounds better off the toung.20:39

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