bilalakhtarDoes anyone over here have an idea where ben is?13:32
bilalakhtarOr if he is involved with the project any more?13:32
bilalakhtar(of course he is)13:32
dutchieasleep, i think13:34
dutchiehe's UTC+1313:34
dutchieor 1213:34
thorwilbilalakhtar: i think this project is still looking for a release manager, as it looks like Ben will only have enough time each second cycle, due to studying (and nobody knows if he's too optimistic in his projection, there, yet)13:42
nisshhbilalakhtar, yes, bens asleep, he is UTC + 12 (4 hours ahead of me) and its 9pm here as it is13:48
bilalakhtarhello there Ryan Mac nisshh ! thanks..13:49
nisshhhehe :)13:49
nisshhbilalakhtar, from now on your Mr MOTU :)13:49
vishnisshh: do you know bilalakhtar is the youngest motu *ever* ;)13:57
nisshhvish, yes, i know :)13:57
bilalakhtarbut guys, jpds is older than me by just a few months|!13:57
bilalakhtarso I narrowly came in13:58
vishjpds is 14 too!!!!!!!!13:58
bilalakhtarjpds joined when he was 14 and 9 months13:58
nisshhoh wow13:58
vishgah.. i feel very old now!13:58
bilalakhtarI joined on 14 and 3 months13:58
* vish wonders if this is a good time to pick on older folk like pope-y and be happy ;p13:59
nisshhvish, from the sound of it, your in your 20's?13:59
vishheh.. i wish!13:59
bilalakhtarpopey: ping from vish :D14:00
nisshhearly 30's?14:00
vishwell, my late 20's14:00
nisshhvish, haha! im younger than you!14:00
vishdamn it!14:00
vishnisshh: phew! thanks :)14:00
* bilalakhtar would like to stop the age talk, he makes people embarass14:00
bilalakhtarsorry for the spelling14:00
* dutchie is the youngest 14:02
dutchieUMP regular14:02
popeybilalakhtar: hmm?14:02
dutchie13:59:19  * vish wonders if this is a good time to pick on older folk like pope-y and be happy ;p14:02
* popey pokes you all with his walking stick14:02
* popey goes back to sleep14:02
* popey tickles aquarius 14:15
* bilalakhtar notices popey is awake14:15
* aquarius is tickled14:15
vishEtickle !14:16
* bilalakhtar calls popey as 'poppy' which actually means _________14:16
popeyI have been called worse14:19
jenkinsgodbyk: ping15:05
godbykjenkins: pong16:51
jenkinshey godbyk, did you see the last e-mail that was sent about ccicons on the tex mailing list?16:52
jenkinsI am thinking of putting a ccicons package in as they will not be doing 2010 untill squeeze is over. (which has no release date)16:52
godbykThis one?16:52
godbykThis heavily depends on how much time we can invest. We won't do16:52
godbykanything before release of squeeze and after that -- I can't tell. If16:52
godbykyou need it faster you can provide them as separate package, but16:52
godbykplease inform us about that so we can remove these fonst from the TL16:52
godbykpackages. The package tex-common should contain some guidelines about16:52
godbykpackage TeX related software.16:52
godbykI saw they were waiting on squeeze.  But there's no release date for squeeze?16:53
jenkinsyep thats what I thought, so i think ccicons package it is16:53
godbykIs it possible to bypass Debian in the process then and just get our own texlive packages in Ubuntu directly?16:54
jenkinsI am not sure, how much adjustment needs to be done to the texlive 2009 pacakge system. Its complex to package. Also I think that would be treading on a lot of toes. and cause issues on the next debian import16:55
godbykIs there a way we can help the Debian folks with the 2010 packages and get them in Ubuntu immediately, rather than wait on squeeze?16:55
jenkinsI can ask that on the mailing list and see. tbh it would be a steep learning curve16:56
jenkinswe can try16:57
godbykI don't know. But waiting an indefinite period of time for TL2010 to be packaged isn't terribly helpful.16:57
jenkinsyep i agree16:57
jenkinsI will send that tonight when i get back in16:58
jenkinstalk later16:59
godbyk'kay. see ya, jenkins16:59

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