ScottKI think it's great if people use REVU for stuff aimed at Debian.00:00
ajmitchlfaraone: what do you mean by automatically marked? they appear in one huge list on the front page which has packages dating back 18+ months00:00
sladenScottK: yes, precisely, this is FartApp, MooCow, UDS-NCalendarApp, SABDFLBuzzwordBingo etc00:00
ajmitchScottK: I think using REVU for debian is fine if they were clearly marked as such00:00
lfaraoneajmitch: well, in m.d.n there's a "mark this package as looking for sponsorship"00:00
ajmitchcurrently there's no way of saying that a package is being considered for debian first instead of ubuntu00:01
ScottKajmitch: I've seen people leave a comment to that effect.00:01
ajmitchthere's also the problem of new upstream versions on REVU, since it's not really a fast-moving process by any means00:01
ajmitchScottK: right, I want a separate section on REVU for these00:02
ajmitchwhich means that I should just add it :)00:02
directhexm.d.n does an awful job of connecting packagers to *relevant* sponsors. it doesn't matter so much in ubuntu w/ weak package ownership, but in debian, you need a sponsor who is relevant to your package - that sponsor may not be on m.d.n00:02
ScottKthe current 'official' process doesn't use REVU for new upstream versions, IIRC.00:02
ajmitchdirecthex: it's more a convenient file hosting location00:03
ajmitchsponsors should be sought separately from just uploading to m.d.n00:03
ajmitchwhereas with REVU it's meant to be mostly self-contained00:03
lfaraoneajmitch: well, I've picked packages from the "needs sponsorship" list on m.d.n list before and uploaded them if they're error-free.00:03
ScottKShortly after I became a DD, I trolled through m.d.n looking for stuff to sponsor.  Didn't come up with much and didn't go back.00:04
ajmitchlfaraone: right, it's not the common workflow from my experience, though I'm doing vague hand-waving on who does what00:04
ajmitchdarn, jono fled00:04
ajmitchScottK: so I expect you'll take our concerns & feedback to UDS with you?00:05
lfaraoneajmitch: that's probably realistic, most DDs don't sponsor at all ::)00:05
ScottKSure.  I'll yell about that and everything else that's pissing me off.00:05
ajmitchwe'd expect no less00:05
ScottKAny suggestions on a easy way to find out what thing recently ate several hundred megabytes of hard drive space?00:07
ajmitchnothing obvious beyond du00:08
ajmitchor baobab is a useful gnome tool that displays a graphical layout of disk usage, I'm sure there'll be a kde util for the same00:09
* ajmitch hopes 512MB RAM in a VM is enough to run REVU00:12
achiangScottK: i wrote a stupid script to sort the output of du -h into human readable form: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/499368/00:13
ScottKachiang: Thanks.00:13
wgrantajmitch: REVU isn't LP.00:35
wgrantSo 512MB should be fine.00:35
wgrantWhat're you doing to it?00:36
ajmitchwgrant: I know, the only spare VM I had for it had a gnome desktop installed, so it's better to grab a new server iso00:36
ajmitchplaying around with separating out packages that are intended for debian, since people want to use it for that, and seeing if I can come up with a sane way of looking at branches on there00:37
ajmitchplus whatever else annoys me at the time00:38
ajmitchwgrant: do you think you've got time to setup a new vm on stratos so we can play with having REVU on there?00:39
ajmitchor is there documentation on the right way to do it on that host?00:39
wgrantI can set up a new one, sure.00:39
ajmitchit may just make things a bit easier in future if we can be on lucid or more recent distros00:40
* freeflying 03:57
iulianScottL: Ta.10:12
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blueyedDo need bugfix-only things ubuntu-release ACK for universe? (I've just used requestsync). I guess so?! re: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/boinc/+bug/64693217:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 646932 in boinc (Ubuntu) "Sync boinc 6.10.58+dfsg-3 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Wishlist,Confirmed]17:33
blueyedApparently it's ok like it is according to "For packages in universe that aren't seeded in any of the Ubuntu flavors, this final freeze is nominal; packages must be manually accepted by the archive admins, but no additional approval is required. " (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FinalFreeze)17:41
ScottKJust make sure ubuntu-archive is subscribed and not just the release team.17:50
philsfhi, I'm reading on quickly, and noticed the default template is for python. Is there a template for perl modules?18:23
lucidfoxThe *default* template? So there are templates for languages other than Python?18:24
ScottKI know someone is working on a vala template, but that's it AFAIK.18:26
lucidfoxVala template? Awesome18:27
lucidfoxI just hope they don't use autotools :(18:27
ScottKIt was mentioned on p.u.c recently.18:31
lucidfoxI seem to have somehow missed it, even though I have Planet on RSS18:32
lucidfoxfound it18:33
lucidfoxby Shane Fegan18:33
lucidfox* Fagan18:33
lucidfoxBuildJ, hmmm18:33
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philsflucidfox, I'm not even sure there are other templates in quickly19:12
sistpotybdrung_: are you taking care for the rebuilds in bug #645339? want me to start uploading a few?19:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 645339 in webfav (Ubuntu) "Drop transitional and removed packages from Recommends" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64533919:52
kklimondalucidfox: autotools is still a better option then few others22:09
kklimondaon the other hand Shotwell has a really nice, hand-written Makefile22:09
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