pteaguethis is weird... for some reason some of my recordings seem to randomly change between left & right audio & right audio at normal level & left audio almost non-existent... any ideas on what i can try to balance the audio?00:36
maeglinOooops, I hosed my videometadata table by doing a scan from a partially configured frontend. I have an backup, but it appears to be the .22 version of the table. Can someone point me to the new schema or the .22 -> .23-1 upgrade script? I'm getting a "Unknown column 'releasedate' in 'field list'". Much thanks.03:33
rhpot1991maeglin: /usr/share/mythtv/sql03:35
rhpot1991I think03:35
maeglin/usr/share/mythtv/sql is empty03:39
rhpot1991maeglin: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythtv/mythtv-fixes/annotate/head:/debian/mythtv_0.23.0.sql03:43
Zinn[bazaar.launchpad.net] ~mythbuntu/mythtv/mythtv-fixes : contents of debian/mythtv_0.23.0.sql at revision 32103:43
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* syb is here looking for rhpot199105:42
rhpot1991syb: whats up?05:47
sybrhpot1991: How do you like to take patches to MythExport?05:48
rhpot1991syb: whats the patch do?05:48
sybI found that the latest package for Maverick, and trunk code, has newsetupsave.cgi instead of setupsave.cgi05:49
sybin usr/share/mythtv/mythexport/setup.cgi05:49
rhpot1991oh well thats not good05:49
sybrhpot1991: I decided to look for you on IRC... because a 3 letter change in a single file doesn't really require a patch or bug report if you can edit it now-ish? :-)05:50
rhpot1991syb: bug report would be the most useful now05:50
sybok. I can login to Launchpad later.05:51
rhpot1991repos are locked, so I'm prob gonna have to go out of my way to get the fix in05:51
* rhpot1991 checks his box to see how he missed that05:51
sybrhpot1991: And the nice layout tweaks I've done on my copy today - bug report in Launchpad too?05:52
sybrhpot1991: And one spelling mistake in save_system_setup.cgi - s/You man need/You may need/05:52
rhpot1991ya LP is prob the best, trying to think if there is a better place for the tweaks05:53
rhpot1991what kinda layout tweaks did you do?05:54
sybAnd is the 2.2 series meant to be able to run without a "mythexport_settings.cfg"? I tried that and found otg.cgi fails without it.05:54
rhpot1991syb: ya I started to outline the new configuration method in the wiki05:55
rhpot1991trying to simplify things so people aren't so confused by all the inputs, and keep it open enough that you can customize it to your liking05:56
sybrhpot1991: Layout tweaks: Adjusting whitespace in setup.cgi, adding heading tags, css font size tweak. Just making it easier to scan down the page.05:57
rhpot1991make a bug about the otg.cgi failing too, and I'll check that out, make sure you mention what configs you don't have and what the error is05:57
rhpot1991I prob shoulda nuked everything off this box while testing, old files around seem to have caused a few issues there05:58
rhpot1991throw them in a patch in a bug report I think, and I'll see what I can get pushed in and what I can't, SRUs are a pain05:58
rhpot1991try to pay attention if I update the bug reports, I'll need you to give any fixes a thumbs up at a later point05:59
sybrhpot1991: Yer, I like the new configuration method better, except that I think user defined configurations should go in /etc/mythtv/mythexport/configs/05:59
sybrhpot1991: Ok then, I'll file several bug reports with patches attached. "bzr diff" output good enough for you?06:00
rhpot1991web interface definitely needs some work, so any changes there are much appreciated06:00
rhpot1991it gets neglected each release06:00
rhpot1991syb: ya that should do06:01
rhpot1991for the little thigns you don't really need patches06:01
rhpot1991just say whats wrong and as long as I have a bug to remind me thats good06:01
sybrhpot1991: Ok. I'll test my ExportToMP3.pm configuration module then go sleep before the sun rises... ;-)06:02
rhpot1991syb: mp3 is pretty easy you can rook the ffmpeg from the old source if you need.  I plan on doing the old configs on my site to download like the wiki/web interface links to, just haven't gotten them done yet06:04
rhpot1991also notice you can use things not ffmpeg now if you want :)06:04
rhpot1991ffmpeg -y -i <input> -acodec libmp3lame -ac 2 -ab $audioBR -vn  <output>06:06
sybrhpot1991: Yer, like send email or upload a recording somewhere or instant message notification. :-)06:06
maeglinrhpot1991: thanks for the help. Note to self - make backups after every step :)06:49
tmbahi all, I upgraded my mythbuntu from 9.10 to 10.04 on both frontend and backend. Now I get the error "Error: MythTV database has newer TV schema (1254) than expected (1244)."..   Googling the problem it seems my backend and14:00
tmba frontend are running different versions of ythtv and that I need to upgrade one of the systems (I guess frontend?). The strange thing is, both systems were upgraded simultaneaously. I'm happy to do the upgrade, but not sure  how as all seems to be up-to-date on both systems right now. How to fix?14:00
tmbanah, never mind. I just found out about auto-builds. I'm sure enabling those will help solve my issue.14:20
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surlyjakei set up a mythbuntu backend without intending to connect another computer running a frontend. how do i reconfigure the backend to allow a remote frontend to connect?17:58
tgm4883surlyjake, use MCC and active the mysql service (or is it mythtv service?)18:01
surlyjakeok. so mysql needs to run on eth0 instead of just the loopback?18:03
rhpot1991your backend then has to use the external facing ip and not localhost too18:09
tgm4883true, you need to set it up on each system18:22
qwebirc69293I am trying Mythbuntu live and i had to log out and log in. What is the live cd username and password?18:56
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].19:00
Zinn!help For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].19:00
ZinnIf 9.10 upgrade broke auto-login for you, please see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/46331419:01
* rhpot1991 goes to help only to realize they are gone19:07
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