akgranerpopey, ping16:40
akgranerhow's the migration coming for the fridge files?16:41
akgranerHow is everyone for their sections this week? highvoltage holstein nigelb Pendulum?16:48
holsteinakgraner: i havnet checked in yet16:48
* holstein looking :)16:48
akgranerI'll pull GCN once all the sections are in place...16:48
akgranerok remember the dates of the posted article need to fall between the on or between the dates the newsletter covers16:49
akgranerholstein, not meant for just you16:49
akgranersorry to make it sound that way :-/16:49
holsteinakgraner: no worries :)16:50
holsteinyou have those links handy?16:50
holsteinfor the Gdoc and the etherpad?16:50
* holstein was thinking about adding them to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NewsTeam16:51
holsteinso i can always find them16:51
akgranernot news team they need to be added the Ubuntu Weekly News16:52
akgranerI'll add them :-)16:52
akgranerThey are in your email as well16:52
akgranerthe reminder one :-)16:52
holsteini'll check my email16:53
* holstein is on a new install16:53
holsteinand i havnet moved quite all the little stuff i need yet16:54
akgraneradded to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter17:01
akgranerholstein, no worries :-)17:01
highvoltageakgraner: I haven't started yet, I'm planning to start tonight (if there's nothing happening) or tomorrow morning. this week has been kind of crazy with haveing to schedule downtime with clients for security kernel updates17:06
highvoltageakgraner: btw, I'm quite curious about the new fridge site, is there any information available on it somewhere? is there a site that's accessable yet?17:07
akgranerhighvoltage, it's accessable - but not ready for the public yet..17:07
akgranerhighvoltage, see pm17:10
akgranerI'll probably be pulling some links as I go through things so you all may see some titles and links in your sections on the wiki...please check there as well17:12
highvoltageakgraner: tx17:16
pleia2https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2010-September/001166.html good for fridge?19:50
pleia2working on it now..19:51
pleia2akgraner: or someone, can you review? http://fridge.ubuntu.com/node/213219:55
* akgraner looks19:56
akgranerpleia2, thanks for posting that :-)  I was lookign for it but hadn't had a chance to post it :-/19:56
pleia2sure thing, any problems?19:57
akgranernot that I see19:57
pleia2ok cool, posting19:57
akgranerI'm outta here for this evening - I'll be back in the morning - gotta go play band mom tonight :-)  Gotta luv HS football games!21:02
Pendulumakgraner: take it easy on your toe :P21:04
=== MTeck is now known as MTecknology

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