ruben23hi guys..00:12
ruben23anyone have idea how to run wireshark on commandline..?00:13
theyranosruben23:  sudo apt-get install tshark00:16
Four2zerohas the file permissions changed in 10.10, cuz when i want to take ownership of the directorys on ext device with command " chown -R user:user /srv/storage/ ''00:17
Four2zeroit still shows root as owner.00:18
Four2zeroI have set fstab as so: '' /dev/sdb1 /srv/storage auto auto,user,uid=1000,gid=1000 ntfs 0 2 ''00:19
ruben23theyranos: yes  but how to run and start capturing packets..?00:21
Four2zeroeasy, follow the guide or tutorial who's ever network your trying to hack !!!00:23
Four2zerohacking other peoples network for free internet is against the law, illegal in the U.S.A !00:24
theyranosruben23: sudo tshark -w filename will load filename with something in pcap format. man tshark for more information.00:24
ScottKFour2zero: There are plenty of legitimate reasons to run wireshark.  No need to make negative assumptions.00:24
Four2zeroScottK im not assuming, im letting them be aware of it.00:29
coafcvhey. what do I have to install to make the PHP postgresql functions available?00:29
coafcvPHP says it cannot find pg_connect.00:29
theyranoscoafcv: php5-pgsql   (apt-cache search postgre | grep php)00:30
coafcvtheyranos: thanks for the explanation of what you did, this helps. I entered php- and hit tab, no wonder I haven't found anything.00:31
coafcvtheyranos: and it worked, thanks00:32
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ScuniziHow do I change the domain/workgroup name of the computer?01:19
ScuniziIs this done only in the smb.conf file or is there another file I can do that with?01:22
wdaroshUbuntu Server 10.04 is no longe booting-  Unit is reporting that it is unable to find /dev/root /sys/root and then crashes out unable to load.  System has been booted via Live CD and unit is showing access to SDA5.  SDA1 is showing up as LVM2 Format and is inaccessable.  Is there a way to get the unit to boot?01:25
pudgypawppl online?01:32
wdaroshIs there a chance of data recovery if I were to convert the LVM2 Partition into ext3?01:33
pudgypawisn't it currently ext4?01:34
wdaroshcurrently the /dev/sda1 is listed as Linux LVM in fdisk01:36
pudgypawi wouldn't know, i just got into the room but everyone seems unresponsive01:36
pudgypawanyone else home?01:37
coafcvyes, but I'm without any clue either.01:38
coafcvI'm just listening to what other people say...01:38
wdaroshThanks anyway01:38
coafcvnext time, stay a little longer.01:39
pudgypawok i did come in with a question of my own01:40
pudgypawbut it's about EC2 cloud computing, dunno if anyone in the house knows about the AMI ami-12f3a25701:41
pudgypawEC2 cloud computing, dunno if anyone in the house knows about the AMI ami-12f3a25702:04
fakhirhello I am wondering why Disk Swap is being used when over 50% of my RAM is being used for cache.02:05
MTecknologySo.. I'm trying to run dpkg-reconfigure locales ... but it hates me :S02:08
MTecknologyI'm getting this - http://dpaste.com/248164/02:09
pudgypawlooks like "no locale or directory"02:10
pudgypawwonder if u make a dummy directory they'll complain about something else XD02:11
MTecknologywhat directory is it looking for?02:11
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four2zerohey guys is there a fix for "vino" for 10.10 ?02:27
four2zeroor can i just sudo apt-get remove vino02:27
MTecknologyCan I get php5-5.3.3 for Ubuntu 10.04? I'm trying to find a PPA for it..02:27
four2zeroMTecknology: go to howto forge02:28
four2zerothe perfect server setup for ubuntu 10.0402:28
MTecknologyfour2zero: you mean this? http://www.howtoforge.com/installing-php-5.3-nginx-and-php-fpm-on-ubuntu-debian02:28
four2zeroit will show you how to install php02:28
MTecknologyI've found a world of breakage in howtoforge and I tend to not follow then anymore..02:29
four2zerowill show you how to properly install php 5.302:30
MTecknologythat looks directed for apache02:31
four2zerookay i have another link02:31
four2zeroMTecknology: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/php5.html02:34
four2zerothat will help you02:34
MTecknologythat doesn't discuss 5.3.3 :P02:36
four2zerogood luck02:36
MTecknologyI'll try to wade cautiously through howtoforge02:36
four2zerophp5 is 5.3.302:36
four2zeroall you need : sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php502:37
four2zerominus the libapache202:37
four2zeroif your not running apache202:37
MTecknologyI need 5.3.3 specifically02:37
MTecknology!info php502:38
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.5 (lucid), package size 1 kB, installed size 20 kB02:38
four2zeroMTecknology: apt-get install -t experimental php502:40
pudgypaw!info php502:40
ubottuphp5 (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 5.3.2-1ubuntu4.5 (lucid), package size 1 kB, installed size 20 kB02:40
four2zeroor go to #php02:41
pudgypawHere's my current issue w/ php02:41
pudgypawserver 10.04 LAMP stack works great on virtual host02:41
MTecknologyfour2zero: does that pull from 11.04?02:41
pudgypawbut i tried EC2 micro instance and php throws me a WSOD02:41
meh2hey guys, i installed webmin on a VPS to test it, it supports https, but when i go to https://myvps.com it tells me the certifacte is broken and its untrusted website.. any ideas how to fix this?02:42
pudgypawcurrently trying to debug but i jsut might hitup a diff image02:42
MTecknologyfour2zero: oh......02:42
MTecknologyfour2zero: spiffy02:42
four2zeroMTecknology: did it work ?02:42
MTecknologyfour2zero: I started going the howtoforge route.. I like what you said a lot better....02:43
MTecknologyfour2zero: how hard would it be to purge everything installed from dotdeb and the .debs ?02:43
four2zeronot hard at all just sudo apt-get purge <package>02:44
MTecknologythen rm the line from sources.list, apt-get update, and anythign else?02:45
four2zerodamn vino is broken on ubuntu-server 10.1002:45
MTecknologyyup... looks like that worked grand02:46
MTecknologyfour2zero: I just tried to do apt-get install -t experimental php5-fpm02:47
MTecknology!info php5-fpm maverick02:47
ubottuphp5-fpm (source: php5): server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (FPM-CGI binary). In component universe, is optional. Version 5.3.3-1ubuntu9 (maverick), package size 2875 kB, installed size 7624 kB02:47
MTecknologyfour2zero: -t experimental doesn't seem to be looking at maverick02:50
MTecknology-t maverick doesn't seem to be either02:50
kbutlerI'm running ubuntu server 8.10. Something screwy just started happening with my filesystem tonight. I can no longer create directories anywhere. mount says that the filesystem is mounted rw, and umounting it or remounting it rw doesn't affect the problem03:20
kbutlerany suggestions?03:20
kbutlerBasically the filesystem appears to be readonly, even though it's mounted rw03:21
kbutlerwe noticed because php can no longer create sessions :/03:21
ScottKkbutler: If you are really on 8.10, then the first suggestion is upgrade since that version is no longer supported.03:28
jjcmHey all, I'm trying to get mail stuffs set up properly on my server. I use google apps for my domain, so my mail server isn't the same as my local box. However right now when sending soemthing to one of my google apps emails from sendmail, the relay gets set to local (which obv isn't correct as the mail servers are googles)03:32
jjcmHow can I fix this? Is it a sendmail conf?03:33
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* freeflying 03:57
ScottKjjcm: Postfix is the standard MTA for Ubuntu, so the odds of there being much Sendmail expertise here are low.04:04
Datzhi, I thought updates to the kernel were the only ones that required a system restart?04:35
DatzI've updated everything but the kernel, and it's asking for a restart.04:35
ScottKDatz: There are a few others.04:35
Datzis it dangerous in anyway to update kernel.. etc and not restart for awhile?04:37
Datzfor example if there were a power outage04:37
ScottKDatz: The major risk is that you don't gain the benefits of whatever fix the new kernel has.  So if it's a security issue, you're vulnerable until you reboot.04:40
DatzOf the other package upgrades that require restarts, are they a specific set, or random?04:51
theyranosis there an easy way to tell which package install created a particular user?04:52
ScottKDatz: It tends to be function of the specific update.04:54
ScottKSometimes service restarts that are hard to get without a reboot are required, sometimes not.04:54
DatzAh, I understand a bit better now. Thanks ScottK. :)04:59
aarcanehow to convert a standard install of ubuntu desktop to ubuntu server ?05:05
DatzI'd assume remove GUI (ubuntu-desktop) and install -server kernel version?05:10
DatzI'd just do a fresh install myself05:11
aarcaneyeah, I'd rather take a few extra hours but get it done without appreciable downtime, as it's a high visibility system.05:17
theyranoslast time I tried, apt-get remove ubuntu-desktop did precisely nothing in addition to removing the metapackage. You can get part of the way there with this http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purekde but get rid of the kubntu-desktop at the end and replace it with ubuntu-minimal.05:20
Datzlong commands :p05:22
theyranosexceptionally. and i should note that in the end, I did end up having to zero the drive and start over from a server iso05:22
theyranosalbeit for unrelated reasons05:22
theyranosone thought would be to install the server iso on a virtual machine, do apt-get install -s ubuntu-desktop and see which packages get added because of the -desktop metapackage05:23
theyranosbut certainly you'd want to actually check all those packages to make sure you're not removing something your high-visibility system needs to remain visible.05:24
aarcaneso the only differences are the presence of the GUI and the -server kernel and whatever server packages are needed?05:26
theyranospretty much. it's effectively the same OS. unless you're hurting for drive space, I'd say the safest bet is to just disable gdm and leave the packages there.05:27
Datzwould aptitude remove ubuntu-desktop work any differently?05:30
Datz(or am I a silly goose)05:30
theyranoson my desktop system (kubuntu) aptitude -s remove kubuntu-desktop just offers to delete the metapackage again05:32
theyranoscoulda sworn that worked a couple versions ago, though.05:32
Datzah, I see05:33
zanthirAnyone familiar with the Ubuntu 1:1.13.3-1ubuntu11 built-in shell (ash)?05:43
zanthirI'm just trying to re partition my hard drive.05:43
zanthirFor an Ubuntu Server install, no less.05:44
zanthirI had some problems loading the partitioner. Ended up here, in recovery mode.05:44
zanthir270 users. Are you all asleep?05:44
* theyranos is awake but not familiar with your problem05:45
zanthirThanks. I appreciate the attention.05:45
zanthirI'm just trying to do a clean install, but am having problems. My first install failed. Now I can't load the partitioner (like step 3 of the install process).05:46
zanthirBut I can get to a built-in shell (ash).05:47
theyranosany chance the fdisk command works from there?05:48
zanthirhow would I test?05:48
theyranosfdisk /dev/sd005:48
theyranosit's a command-line based partitioner that's fairly well documented05:48
zanthirunable to open /dev/sd005:49
zanthirok, I'll google it.05:49
zanthirFound it. Upon "fdisk /dev/sda" I get a WARNING: DOS-compatible mode is depreciated...something about (command 'c') and (command 'u')05:52
zanthirdoes that mean I should use "fdisk -c -u /dev/sda" or something like that?05:53
zanthirIf you couldn't tell yet, I'm quite green. :)05:53
theyranosit should have brought up an interactive shell despite the warning05:54
theyranostry "p"05:54
zanthirOh. It did. I just didn't notice.05:54
theyranostheoretically, that should show whatever your hard drive partition layout is now05:54
zanthirI have a /dev/sda1 Linux, /dev/sda2 Extended, and an sda5 Linux LVM. Which is what I was trying to setup... but I didn't finish the install...05:56
theyranosbut you did apparently successfully partition the drive05:57
theyranoswhich means i'm out of ideas05:57
zanthirI'm trying booting from my disk now... I should be able to start from scratch using fdisk though, right?05:57
theyranosoriginally, my suggestion was going to be be to manually partition the drive the way you want it, then tell the installer to skip that step and use an existing volume05:58
theyranosyes. if you can get as far as fdisk, you can wipe and replace your partition table05:58
zanthirThank for your ideas. I think they were very good. Very helpful. Booting from disk isn't working.05:58
theyranosif it failed right after the partitioner, your drive probably doesn't have a boot sector yet05:58
zanthirOnly problem is I don't know how I want it... But I'm sure I can look up some default config or something.05:59
theyranosone other thing you might try is to dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda for a few minutes to just erase the mbr and partition table entirely, then try the automatic partitioner thingy again05:59
zanthirIt actually didn't fail until it was installing software the first time, but then I went back and screwed it up good.05:59
theyranosdid you get as far as that list of checkboxes asking what software you wanted installed?06:00
zanthirYes. But that failed, and I went back one step at a time, and it kept failing at each step. Now if I start form scratch I only get as far as lodaing the partitioner.06:01
theyranosokay, yeah06:01
theyranosdd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sda06:01
theyranosthat will keep running indefinitely. let it go for about a minute then ctrl+c it06:01
theyranosthen try the installer again06:01
theyranoswhen you get to that screen with the checkboxes, leave them all blank06:01
zanthirokay. type that in to fdisk command?06:01
theyranossorry no into the shell06:01
theyranosq to get out of fdisk06:02
zanthirI'm not there any more, rebooting in recovery mode (from the CD)06:02
zanthir(since booting from the disk failed)06:02
zanthirOk. It's doing something. What is it doing?06:04
theyranoswriting 0s to your hard drive06:05
theyranosyou only really need to zero out the first few KB, though, for this to work. That's where the partition table and MBR live06:05
theyranoswhich is why you can ctrl+c it :-)06:05
zanthirSo, I'm probably good after 30 seconds or so?06:05
zanthirfdisk, p, p: not found.06:06
zanthirI'll try the partitioner again...06:06
theyranosbest of luck. since it worked before, there's no reason it shouldn't work now06:07
theyranosbut in my experience, installing stuff with those checkboxes is unreliable06:07
theyranosso i'd strongly recommend leaving them blank and just using apt-get install once you've got a live system.06:07
zanthirOk. You suggest installing nothing, then adding software after the initial install?06:07
theyranosyup :-)06:07
zanthirSounds like a plan to me.06:07
zanthirYou're the best!06:08
theyranosnah, I'm just bored watching progress bars06:08
theyranosmigrating some services from one virtual machine to another on a different host06:08
zanthirhm, interesting. I thought about that. I run a web site on an OpenSolaris machine, but have no idea how to use most of the stuff on that OS, so I'm setting this up, because it seems a little easier to find people who are doing what I want to. Basically, games, web sites, the usual.06:09
theyranosah, yeah. Solaris variants take quite a bit of getting used to.06:10
zanthirI feel like Linux is probably a good stepping stone from windows to Solaris. The ZFS seems very cool, but I didn't even get as far as turning it on.06:11
theyranoswell, yes and no06:11
theyranosone one hand, linux and ubuntu in particular is trivially easy to operate when compared with solaris06:12
theyranoson the other, once you use ubuntu for a while, if you want to go to solaris it'll be similar enough that you'll spend half your days banging your head against a monitor screaming "why must they make this so complicated?"06:12
zanthirpartitioning failed again. At least the partitioner loaded and tried though.06:13
theyranoscould your drive be bad?06:14
theyranosi'm really reaching now06:14
theyranosno error message?06:14
zanthirguiding me to remove /dev/sda5 now. That is the problem.06:15
zanthirError message was "look at virtual terminal 4" which I knew by reading the Ubuntu book that I could look at by pressing Alt+F4.06:17
theyranoswhat was there?06:18
* theyranos is trying to guess at what might be happening to your machine06:18
zanthirOh, I forget, but now I'm watching here to realize that something is actually happening while I'm stuck at 60% done partitioning.06:18
theyranosi'm tempted to try to reproduce this in a virtual machine, but i don't think i have time before my progress bars finish06:20
zanthirI'm getting messages that look like Sep 24 05:20:16 kernel: [ 724.544667] ata1: EH complete06:20
zanthirand Sep 24 05:20:16 kernel: [ 724.544667] Buffer I/O error on device dm-0, logical block106:22
zanthir....end_request error: I/O ...06:22
theyranosokay, the EH complete one can be safely ignored06:22
theyranosthe others suggest your hard drive is actually failing06:22
zanthir...failed command: READ MULTIPLE06:23
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zanthir...exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0...06:23
theyranosgot another drive floating around?06:23
zanthirOn terminal 1 it says, "computing the new partitions," for the LVM I guess.06:24
theyranosyeah... but that shouldn't be generating kernel IO errors on a healthy drive.06:24
zanthirIt probably is working, I just need to let it do its thing, and not worry that it is stuck at some specific %06:24
zanthirbad drive then, probably. Lol.06:24
theyranosthere is a chance that if you just let it sit for a while, it'll successfully mark all the bad sectors and avoid them from now on06:24
zanthirRight, which would be cool...06:25
theyranosbut in general, by then you're just gambling anyway06:25
zanthirOk, GF says I have to go to bed. She's so smart. I do go to work in 7 hours.06:25
theyranosyou might boot six times, get it configured just the way you want, and then have the MBR turn into a brick.06:25
theyranosbest of luck, though06:25
theyranosyes, listen to the gf :-)06:25
zanthirnice to meet you06:26
theyranosthanks. ditto.06:26
MTecknology!info libxml206:34
ubottulibxml2 (source: libxml2): GNOME XML library. In component main, is standard. Version 2.7.6.dfsg-1ubuntu1 (lucid), package size 807 kB, installed size 1588 kB06:35
theyranosMTecknology: just on the off chance you don't know, you can get that same information locally with apt-cache show libxml2 typed from a terminal06:42
MTecknologytheyranos: I was comparing what I have to what's installed.. I don't know what's broken. :(06:44
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hungnvI got stuck with OpenVZ on Ubuntu 9.04. I cannot stop, restart a VE, or enter to it.07:51
hungnvso, someone can tell me how can I kill that VE process to start it again?07:51
hungnvthank youi07:51
hungnvanyone, please?08:05
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uvirtbotNew bug: #646617 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-client-core-5.1 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: trying to overwrite '/usr/bin/mysql', which is also in package mysql-cluster-client-5.1 0:7.0.9-1ubuntu7" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64661708:16
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IanY57newbie question: have 10.4 server - bind9 running behind a router with static IP - have domain name - do i put the static IP address or the server (local 10.1.1.XXX) into the default db.file?10:22
uvirtbotNew bug: #646694 in autofs (main) "autofs does not stop when the system is halted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64669411:06
sorenjdstrand: Your comment wanted on bug 646706.11:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 646706 in libvirt "NWFilter support broken due to Apparmour restrictions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64670611:10
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sorenjdstrand: I desperately need it for EC2 style security groups to work in Nova.11:10
uvirtbotNew bug: #646706 in libvirt (main) "NWFilter support broken due to Apparmour restrictions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64670611:16
ttxDaviey: did smoketest basic install on today's ISO -- will smoketest UEC topo1/amd64 now11:20
Davieyttx: Ok.. dandy, i'm reproducing some upgrade results at the moment11:21
ttxDaviey: I'm concentrating on pre-RC smoketests right now11:21
Davieyttx: Ok.. i was also taking a sniff at the image proxy user-non-admin bug11:22
Davieybut i don't think it is release crticial11:22
ttxDaviey: btw I'll be at a conference Thursday, so I'll rely on you and mathiaz for release management coverage11:22
ttxwill travel a few hours on Wednesday too11:23
Davieyttx: Ok.. It would be handy to have a hand over briefing of things you are concerned about.. Wednesday lunchtime?11:23
ttxI'm leaving at 1000 UTC, then back online ~1400 UTC11:24
ttxhm, make that 0900 and 1300.11:24
ttxDaviey: my gcal is up to date11:25
Davieyttx: Ok.. great - fancy picking a time that suites you to schedule a quick call?11:26
Davieyor jot it in an email, what ever suites11:26
sorenttx: Oh, you're only going to be there Thursday?11:40
ttxsoren: and Friday11:58
ttxbut Friday is post-RC so nobody carez11:59
sorenttx: Ah, gotcha.11:59
dokottx: is it correct that heartbeat can be demoted to universe for maverick?13:13
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+113:14
pmatuliswhat was that for?13:15
* ttx is a bit lost in rhcs pacemaker transition13:15
ttxdoko: RoAkSoAx should be able to confirm that for you13:16
EvilPhoenixwrong channel sorry13:17
dokottx: US timezone?13:17
* EvilPhoenix kicks his touchpad13:17
ttxdoko: yes, eastern13:17
ttxDaviey: full success on topo1/amd64. Anything you want me to check before I tear it down ?13:21
Davieyttx: hmm... nothing coming to mind :/13:22
Davieycertainly nothing that is release blocking13:22
dokoJamesPage: hi, any chance that we can demote ant1.7 already in maverick?13:36
hggdhmorning folks13:36
JamesPagedoko: not sure what you mean by demote?13:40
* JamesPage is showing his ignorance a bit13:40
dokoJamesPage: removing from main, and putting into universe (which will only work if there no build dependencies or dependencies left in main)13:41
sorenjdstrand: You know this better than I.. The libvirt thing is clearly a bugfix. Do we need any sort of freeze exception?13:41
sorenjdstrand: It's amazing how quickly you forget these things.13:41
sorenjdstrand: /me needs to head out... will be back 1800 UTC-ish.13:43
doko-- maverick/main build deps on ant1.7:13:44
dokoso the question extends to libservlet2.4-java13:44
dokoand the question: Can libaxis-java be built with libservlet2.5-java?13:45
overlord_tmafter using vmbuilder, do i have to use virt-install for VM to show up in virtsh list?13:48
pmatulisoverlord_tm: no13:48
JamesPagedoko: thought thats what you mean't but wanted to check13:49
overlord_tmpmatulis, i ran vmbuild kvm ubuntu -c myconfig.cfg. Everything went ok, i can run machine with included run.sh script, but it does not show up in virtsh -c qemu:///system list13:50
crankygeekGood morning, I am lookking for some help setting up a SSH tunnel, to my server. What I am trying to do is tunnel to my server, change my proxy setting in internet explorer and use that to browse using the tunnel....any help?13:50
pmatulisoverlord_tm: i always use '--libvirt qemu:///system' in my vmbuilder command,  did you?13:51
crankygeekI am using PuTTY for windoze and can't seem to get a successful proxy connections13:52
overlord_tmpmatulis, http://pastebin.com/9YyvqJVB13:52
overlord_tmthis is the config i used13:52
JamesPagedoko: feels like a good bit of housekeeping13:52
pmatulisoverlord_tm: is the machine running?13:53
overlord_tmpmatulis, if i run it with sudo sh run.sh, it boots up13:54
pmatulisoverlord_tm: you'll need 'virsh list --all' to see non-running machines13:55
overlord_tmi know :)13:55
pmatulisoverlord_tm: dunno then13:55
overlord_tmbut it list only one VM (not the rigth one)13:55
pmatulisoverlord_tm: using lucid?13:55
pmatulisoverlord_tm: i heard vmbuilder was in a bad state in lucid.  i use karmic only for that13:56
JamesPagedoko: I can't see the build-dep from libaxis-java -> libservlet2.4-java http://paste.ubuntu.com/499689/13:56
overlord_tmpmatulis, thanks for info :)13:57
dokoJamesPage: ahh, libaxis-java-gcj still depends on the 2.4, not the 2.5 package ...13:58
pmatulisoverlord_tm: np.  i also don't use cfg files.  i use a single shell script with a longass vmbuilder command (using '\' of course).  that way i see everything at once14:00
JamesPagedoko: shall we continue this conversation in ubuntu-java?14:03
overlord_tmpmatulis, virt-install --import did the job i think :)14:04
dokoJamesPage: for the next one ;) fix uploaded14:07
JamesPagedoko: OK!14:08
Davieyhallyn / smoser: Any idea why i386 (maverick uec daily images), when started either through UEC (on i386) or libvirt directly are stuck at "Starting SeaBIOS (version .*)" ?14:21
=== ivoks-afk is now known as ivoks
hallynDaviey: there have been bugs about that before...  lucid?14:22
smoserDaviey, i have no idea. has there been seabios or kvm updates ?14:22
smoserand are you using the loader or the kernel?14:22
Davieysmoser: don't think so14:23
smoserthen i suspect seabios update, kvm update, or, libvirt / app armor14:23
smoseri think your h key is stuck14:24
jpdssmoser: He's merely training for the opera.14:24
zulDaviey: serenity now! serenity now! insanity later!14:25
Davieystability now please :)14:26
jdstrandsoren: I don't think we need a FFe-- it is like you said a bug fix, but we need the right fix14:28
jpdsDaviey: "Keep calm".14:28
hggdhactually, better would be "don't panic"14:32
hallynDaviey: 'kvm -kernel' works on 64-bit guest on maverick with 32- and 64- bit emulated cpu, at any rate.  do you have a 32-bit physical server install you can test on?14:32
hggdhDaviey, zul: eventually I will need sapodilla and soncoya, for the fully-distributed tests14:34
zulhggdh: they are all yours14:34
Davieyhggdh: you are welcome to them... thanks for lending them to us :)14:34
hggdhyou are all welcome. I will grab then, now, and try euca on all, from the current ISO14:34
Davieyi don't know if i do have any physical 32 bit servers...  this is a 64 bit arch, running i386 install14:35
Davieyhggdh: good to hear!14:35
a_okI'm trying to start a chrooted mysqld however it complains about a missing upstart socket. is this something I can fix?14:40
Davieysmoser: I see you are the maintainer of cloud-utils .. do you have an upload planned?14:42
smoserno. do you need one ?14:42
smoserwhat is needed ?14:42
Davieysmoser: have you ran uec-run-instances recently? :)14:43
Davieysmoser:  We don't have paramiko as base anymore... needs to be a depends14:44
smosercan you open a bug ?14:44
smoserand i'll try to get that fixed today.14:44
Davieysmoser: I am raising a bug right now... I don't mind fixing it, unless you really want to14:45
smoserwell, trunk is:14:45
smosergive me a bug number and i have commit ready14:48
smoserthe only issue is that there are 2 other things fixed in trunk14:49
smoserone a bug, one a feature14:49
Davieysmoser: i saw :/14:53
Davieysmoser: ^^14:53
Davieybug there... i don't care if you discard that branch..14:54
smoserso what should we do ?14:54
smoseri'm ok if we think we need to re-order and drop the feature14:54
smoserDaviey, ^14:57
loolHey folks14:58
loolI'm trying to resize a qcow2-backed kvm disk14:59
looland it's been two times that I fail and get an unbootable system and lose the data14:59
lool(fortunately, it's a copy of the data)14:59
Davieysmoser: Well... you are the maintainer :)15:00
smoserwell, i'm not the release admin15:00
smoserand it is definitely a (small) feature15:00
loolIt's a lucid vm created with ubuntu-vm-builder, which I shutdown before resizing; I do something like qemu-img convert -O raw tmpHbobjA.qcow2 rootfs.raw, dd if=/dev/zero of=rootfs.raw count=0 bs=1 seek=48G, reboot, and then I fiddle with fdisk; at that last step, the system becomes unbootable for some reason15:00
ttxsoren: you are past FinalFreeze, so you need to make that a RC issue, then convince the release team the risk/benefit tradeoff is worth it15:00
DavieyI sort of expected that the bzr branch is now pinned until Natty opens... and cherry pick backports back and apply to apt-get source15:00
Davieybut it's up to you smoser :)15:01
Davieyttx: was that for smoser ?15:01
smoserok. then, feature is no.15:01
smoserso then we have 2 bugs that can be fixed.15:02
smosershould i not fix the other ,and just get daviey's ?15:02
Davieysmoser: you are the maintainer :)15:02
Davieymake a decision man! :P15:02
smoserfeature out. 2 bugs in.15:03
ttxDaviey: no. It was for soren.15:03
smoserit was well timed :)15:03
Davieyttx: oh, ok :)  you managed to answer two questions concurrently :)15:04
ttxI have the Ring of Timing +815:04
Davieysmoser: surely we want the bugs *out*?15:04
smoserthe rhinoceros never stood a chance.15:04
* Daviey has felt the desire of ttx's ring.15:04
ttxsmoser: it was a triceratops.15:04
smoserdid that answer anyone elses question ? (that it was a triceratops)15:05
pmatulisthe triceratops never existed15:06
patdk-wksome would say I don't exist also15:06
pmatulispatdk-wk: who would say such a thing?15:06
ttxpmatulis: I think someone already objected to that.15:06
patdk-wkmost everyone would say hatsune miku doesn't exist :)15:06
pmatulisttx: really?15:07
ttxpmatulis: see thread at https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server/2010-August/004474.html15:08
ttxin particular https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-server/2010-August/004476.html15:09
pmatulisttx: oh ok15:11
ttxand wikipedia says it existed: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triceratops15:11
pmatulisttx: well if wikipedia says it existed then it existed15:11
ttxpmatulis: or maybe.. someone is wrong on the Internet.15:12
ttxwe should ask jcastro, he is the in-house specialist.15:12
smoserdpkg-gencontrol: warning: package cloud-utils: unused substitution variable ${python:Depends}15:13
smoseri'm guessing the intent of that variable was to automatically pick up the paramiko15:13
smoserbut i know not much about that. hints ?15:13
Davieysmoser: none.. sorry.15:14
smoserDaviey, upload is done. 2 bugs fixed.15:18
smosertrunk re-worked so the feature is in 0.17ubuntu115:18
Davieysmoser: super15:18
smoserso what do i have left to do there, ?15:21
smoseri guess i need to put some justification in the bugs ?15:21
ttxSpamapS: ping15:25
zulttx: also i would like to get windows live network authenitcaion bug fixed as well15:27
ttxzul: sounds... risky15:27
uvirtbotbugzilla.samba.org bug 7577 in File services "SPNEGO auth fails when contacting Win7 system using Microsoft Live Sign-in Assistant" [Major,Resolved: fixed]15:27
* ttx looks up the patch15:27
ttxzul: sounds like a worthwhile goal15:28
ttxthe patch is reasonable15:28
ttxzul: do you have an ubuntu bug number for it ?15:29
zulttx: lemme pull up the lp bug15:29
ttxI'll add it to maverick targets of opportunity15:29
zulttx: bug #45863715:29
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 458637 in samba "Windows Live Sign-In assistant prevents samba from accessing Windows 7 shares" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45863715:29
* zul pauses15:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #646858 in dovecot (main) "dovecot-postfix and upstart incompatibility" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64685815:36
MTecknologyzul: Is there any ppa or anything I could grab php5_5.3.3 from? The dotdeb version is kinda broken. :(15:43
zulMTecknology: nope...download the maverick version and build it15:43
MTecknologyzul: it's in maverick!15:43
* MTecknology hugs zul 15:44
ttxSpamapS: ping15:52
ttxmathiaz: ping15:52
mathiazttx: o///// ^^^^^ 55555515:53
ttxmathiaz: Missing current status for server-maverick-uds-seed-review (0% completion)15:53
ttxstill on track / will potentially be completed post-release ?15:53
mathiazttx: deferred to natty15:53
ttxah, ok.15:53
mathiazttx: mainly pre-uds things15:54
ttxmathiaz: please mark items postponed then15:54
mathiazttx: will do15:54
ttxyou'll mark all postponed ?15:54
ttxi'll move it out of the releas e team radar then.15:55
=== ivoks is now known as ivoks-afk
mathiazttx: done15:55
ttxmathiaz: thanks !15:55
ttxmathiaz: i'll be at a conference on Thursday, which is RC milestone day. Will you be able to cover for me ? I already asked Dave to cover on the EU shift.15:58
mathiazttx: sure15:59
mathiazJamesPage: gobby16:03
loolOk; I solved my resizing issue16:10
hallynmathiaz: could you take a look at https://code.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/lucid/lxc/fix-separate-var and consider sponsoring, pretty-plz?16:17
SpamapSttx: pong16:27
ttxSpamapS: see pm16:27
=== ivoks-afk is now known as ivoks
ehcahhello. What is the best/safest way to connect to the server desktop gui? I currently use putty to terminal, but would like to be able to access the desktop GUI from time to time. I have enable remote desktop sharing, but that only seems to work if I leave myself logged in at the physical console?16:43
patdk-wkehcah, lots of options, vnc, nx, ...16:52
* patdk-wk doesn't think ubuntu server has a gui though16:52
ehcahI've been using vnc a bit, but it doesn't always allow me to login? I often get a connection not found message...16:56
weeklyquestion: So i have a freshly upgraded server edition ubuntu install (upgraded from 8.04 to 10.04.1) and upon restart, im greeted by a GUI login screen that should NOT be there, its a file server that does nothing but host samba shares. Now when i try to SSH in it crashes the box and makes the shares un-avaliable. What should i look at if SSH'ing in is crashing the thing?17:15
weeklyalso if i let it sit at the GUI login screen it eventualy bugs out and i get some odd messages across the screen that look like "[82962.0560046] EDAC MCO : UE page 0x0 offset, grain 536870912, row 4 label ":" i3200 UE"17:16
weeklyany help would be awsome! the shares work and people can access it an work but im afraid if i leave it too long something is gonna blow up17:18
ScottKThe GUI looking splash screen is on purpose (even if a bit unfortunate), so that part isn't a suprise.17:19
=== jj-afk is now known as jjohansen
weeklyyeah i think the guys that worked here before me tried to insall the GUI and failed, and my upgrade finished what they were starting17:20
AnirbanHazraI want to install curl on my hardy vps.. how to do that17:22
weeklyScottK, is their a command to check if everything installed correctly like the apt-get -f type deal?17:22
ScottKsudo apt-get update && apt-get -f install should do it.17:23
mealstromhi, does anybody have a problem with printing from firefox where youve got only US-letter paper size ?17:23
ScottKI suspect the kernel message is harmless, but Google may know more.17:23
weeklythanks Scott, ill try that tonight when all the employees are gone. SHould i try to re-install SSH? what command would you use to do that?17:26
AnirbanHazraI want to install curl on my hardy vps.. how to do that17:26
jrib!apt > AnirbanHazra17:27
ubottuAnirbanHazra, please see my private message17:27
aetaricAnirbanHazra: hardy!?17:27
AnirbanHazraaetaric : Ubuntu 8.10 LTS17:27
AnirbanHazrasorry Ubuntu 8.04 LTS17:28
aetaricAnirbanHazra: yeah. there is a new lts... :/17:28
AnirbanHazraaetaric: but need to upgrade my knowledge also before upgrading to 10.04 LTS. Have no time to do that. :( . help me out on the curl issue,17:29
aetaricsudo apt-get install curl17:30
AbhiJitanyone can suggest me a good step by steop guide for setting up lamp on ubuntu? for beginners?17:37
ScottKThe ssh business, I'm not sure of.17:38
aetaricto remove and reinstall ssh?17:38
aetaricsudo apt-get purge openssh; sudo apt-get install openssh17:39
* AbhiJit just found one!17:41
=== wieshka_ is now known as wieshka
weeklythanks aetaric ill try that17:42
AbhiJitmysql -u root17:43
AbhiJitERROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO)17:43
AbhiJitwhile configuring mysql getting that error! any help?17:43
AbhiJitaetaric, yes?17:44
aetaricmysql -u root -p17:44
AbhiJitaetaric, thanks!17:44
aetaricno problem17:44
woodsmanAnyone have any experience getting ubuntu server to deploy from cobbler?17:48
AbhiJitwhile trying to do this command sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql phpmyadmin after insatllation it is now asking me to choose between two servers apache2 and lighttpd17:50
AbhiJitwhich one to select?17:50
AbhiJitanyone please tell me?17:51
AbhiJiti am stuck in middle of that installation?17:52
AbhiJitaetaric, help?17:52
* AbhiJit selected apache217:54
ScottKAbhiJit: Either are fine http servers.   apache2 is the one that's the most supported by Ubuntu server, so if you don't know, I'd go with that one.17:57
AbhiJitScottK, yah i selected that only17:58
AbhiJitaetaric, yah thanks!18:02
mathiazhallyn: looking at https://code.launchpad.net/~serge-hallyn/ubuntu/lucid/lxc/fix-separate-var18:30
mathiazhallyn: bug 566827 - IIUC it's fixed in maverick?18:33
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 566827 in lxc "[lucid] 0.6.5 cannot umount /var properly if it is on a separate partition - container does not start" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56682718:34
hallynmathiaz: yup, maverick has 0.7.2, which has the fix18:34
ScottKmathiaz: Do you think you could arrange for someone who knows about perl and backtraces to have a look at the last comment in Bug #64500918:34
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 645009 in spamassassin "spamd segfaults a message" [Medium,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64500918:34
mathiazhallyn: ok18:34
mathiazScottK: you may wanna ask jiboumans about perl backtraces18:35
ScottKmathiaz: I think you just did.18:36
mathiazhallyn: ok - I've update bug 56682718:36
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 566827 in lxc "[lucid] 0.6.5 cannot umount /var properly if it is on a separate partition - container does not start" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/56682718:37
mathiazhallyn: so that it can be turned into a SRU18:37
mathiazhallyn: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates outlines the process18:37
mathiazhallyn: what I did was to make sure the bug was fixed in the development release (ie maverick)18:37
mathiazhallyn: and then accepted the lucid nomination18:37
mathiazhallyn: as a prerequisite of an SRU is to fix the bug in the develpment version18:38
hallynmathiaz: i noted in the description that it was fixed in amverick...18:38
hallynwell lemme go see what you did18:38
hallynmathiaz: i see.  got it.  thanks!18:39
mathiazhallyn: no problem.18:39
mathiazhallyn: I don't think you can accept a nomination yet18:39
mathiazhallyn: I don't know which team you need to be part of to do so18:39
mathiazhallyn: accepting a nomination allows to create lucid task18:40
mathiazhallyn: you've correctly nominated the bug for a specific release18:40
mathiazhallyn: I've just accepted your nomination18:40
mathiazhallyn: at some point down the line you'll be able to nominate+accept a bug in one step18:40
hallyni'm pretty sure that my lack of clearly understanding what you're saying means i'm not ready for that yet anyway :)18:40
mathiazhallyn: :)18:41
hallynbut i think i've got it, thanks again.18:41
* mathiaz looks at the merge proposal18:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #647038 in apache2 (main) "package apache2.2-common 2.2.14-5ubuntu8.2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64703819:02
alex88hi, i'm trying to use aria2 to download a file, but the download won't start..for example i use: aria2c http://www.google.it and it stays to [#1 SIZE:0B/0B CN:1 SPD:0Bs]..no way to go on..19:05
=== ehcah-Temp is now known as ehcah
AbhiJitnewbie question19:15
AbhiJitplease help19:15
EvilPhoenixAbhiJit, ask your question please19:16
AbhiJitafter installing lamp where is that 'www' folder where i suppose to keep .php files and etc19:16
EvilPhoenixAbhiJit, /var/www19:16
AbhiJitEvilPhoenix, ^^ please help19:16
AbhiJitEvilPhoenix, that one is there but i cant save file there it needs sudo19:16
AbhiJitis that ok?19:16
AbhiJiti mean normal?19:16
EvilPhoenixAbhiJit, the default web directory is /var/www.  use sudo to write to it19:16
AbhiJitEvilPhoenix, ok thanks19:16
EvilPhoenixit doesnt hurt to move files to there with sudo19:16
EvilPhoenixit keeps other ssh users from messing with the files too x]19:17
EvilPhoenixbut cp files to ther19:17
EvilPhoenixnot mv19:17
EvilPhoenixor edit them with sudo nano <file>19:17
EvilPhoenixor whatever editor you like19:17
AbhiJityah done EvilPhoenix thanks!19:17
EvilPhoenixAbhiJit, no problem, I have that setup for all my servers: root only can write to the www dir19:18
EvilPhoenixor sudo users x]19:18
EvilPhoenixits also by default...19:18
mdlueckI have documented a kernel regression with the latest 10.04 kernel. I have purged off of my server older kernels already. Where can I fetch an older build of the kernel from so that the regression may be worked around. (Yes, I know "with known security risk".)19:41
mdeslaurmdlueck: from launchpad: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+publishinghistory19:43
mdlueckI believe I have seen sub-revisions of the 2.6.32-24 kernel install19:43
mdeslaurmdlueck: click on the version you want, and then click on the right on the architecture you want19:43
mdeslaurand you should get a list of binaries you can click to download19:43
mdlueckmdeslaur: aahhh, thanks19:43
failoverHey, my postfix send messages to procmail, procmail can delivery messages to /var/mail/sysadmin/new but can't delivery to /var/mail/sysadmin/.Junk/ show this error on log: procmail: Unable to treat as directory "/var/mail/sysadmin/.Junk"19:52
failoverAnyone know why this happens ?19:53
sorenzul: Ok, so according to ttx, I need to get bug 646706 considered an RC issue before I'm allowed to fix it. What's the trick?20:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 646706 in libvirt "NWFilter support broken due to Apparmour restrictions" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64670620:05
sorenzul: I imagine it involves subscribing ubuntu-release. What else? Should I target it for the release or is that only for the release team?20:05
zulsoren: looking20:06
ScottKsoren: "Before you upload, please let the release team know about it." is satisfied by subscribing us to the bug, which you've done.  I'd say fire away.20:07
zulsoren: looks good to me...i nominated it for maverick and subscribed the release team just ping them in #ubuntu-release20:08
sorenScottK: Excellent, thanks.20:08
qjcg1is there a package for the Amazon elastic load balancing API tools somewhere?20:09
qjcg1(ie http://developer.amazonwebservices.com/connect/entry.jspa?categoryID=88&externalID=2536 )20:09
zoopsterqjcg1: unlikely...Amazon has an unfriendly license20:10
qjcg1zoopster: ok thanks, good to know20:11
fx3is there any way to handle boot errors that are after bios but pre init 4 on a headless server?20:24
zulhave a good weekend20:29
sorenjdstrand: Ok, now I'm confused.20:38
sorenjdstrand: The problem the bug from earlier was meant to address was seen on an older kernel.20:38
sorenjdstrand: On the current Maverick kernel, I cannot reproduce it.20:38
sorenjdstrand: Which baffles me. I see the socket call in strace, but it's not being blocked by apparmour?20:39
jdstrandsoren: you might see it again. there were some problems with network mediation. ask jjohansen for details20:39
jdstrandsoren: that sounds consistent with the problems with network mediation that are going to be fixed in a 0day maverick kernel20:39
jdstrandsoren: ie, you want to fix it20:40
sorenjdstrand: Ah, so the fact that apparmour isn't blocking it is a bug?20:40
jdstrandsoren: yes20:40
sorenjdstrand: That's good, I suppose. It makes providing a test case kind of difficult, though.20:41
sorenI can test it on the box with the older kernel, though, I suppose.20:41
jjohansensoren: I can provide you with a test kernel20:41
sorenjjohansen: I have a lucid box and a backported libvirt.20:41
sorenjjohansen: The apparmour profiles should be compatible, right?20:41
jjohansenthat should work20:42
sorenGreat, thanks.20:42
sorenjdstrand: Do I need to do anything clever at postinst time to make this apply or does magic just happen?20:42
jjohansensoren: just make sure to use apparmor restart, it will regenerate caches, and make sure the new profile is loaded20:43
jdstrandsoren: it should just happen20:43
sorenjdstrand: Yup, just found the snippet in postinst. Great.20:44
jjohansenjdstrand: hrmm, what do you mean just happen?  Don't you have to trigger a restart/reload20:44
sorenjjohansen: That libvirt-bin postinst already does that.20:44
sorenjjohansen: So magic needs to be done, but I don't need to do it myself.20:44
jdstrandjjohansen: libvirt's postinst uses apparmor_parser20:46
jjohansenjdstrand: right, libvirt is special20:47
jdstrandjjohansen: well, it is in its VMs, but the use of apparmor_parser is how we do all packages with apparmor profiles these days20:47
jjohansenah, I wasn't aware we had done that20:48
jdstrandjjohansen: ie, there is no reason to invalidate all the cache everytime a package is updated when only the one profile needs to be updated20:48
jdstranddh_apparmor was written to do all the magic20:48
jdstrandit uses -r -W -T20:48
jjohansenright, I need to finish getting the update flag in so only those that require updates are done20:49
jdstrandsome packages don't use dh_apparmor, but they do the equivalent20:49
jdstrandno big woo20:49
jdstrandit works fine for now20:49
QwertAre mirror servers slow today?20:50
sorenI would be surprised if all >100 mirrors all decided to be slow on the same day.20:50
Nafallosoren: you haven't been around at release day, have you? ;-)20:51
sorenLet me rephrase. :)20:52
sorenI would be surprised if all >100 mirrors all decided to be slow today.20:52
ScottKjdstrand: After soren uploads is fix, I'd appreciate it if you'd review/comment in the bug on it.21:17
jdstrandScottK: k21:18
pudgypawhey guys, i have trouble getting php to parse21:22
pudgypawit worked before but yesterday my setup suddenly quit on me, can anyone walk it through w/ me?21:22
pudgypawI can try apache+php or nginx+php whichever will work21:23
EvilPhoenixwhat's your current setup21:24
pudgypawvirtualbox, bridged internet, openSSH and LAMP stack installed21:24
EvilPhoenixdoesnt LAMP come with apache or smth?21:24
* EvilPhoenix yawns21:25
EvilPhoenixforgive me if i state the obvious21:25
EvilPhoenixbeen awake several days now21:25
pudgypawI used this: LAMP, zip, php for cmd line21:25
pudgypaw$ tasksel install lamp-server21:25
pudgypaw$ apt-get install zip php5-cli21:25
pudgypawwhoah sleep is needed man @_@21:25
EvilPhoenixnot if you have an unlimited supply of BAWLS or COFFEE21:25
EvilPhoenixnever used lamp-server21:26
EvilPhoenixmy system's a VPS, but apache + phpaddin for it has worked21:26
EvilPhoenixgot phpBB running to prove it21:26
EvilPhoenixi digress21:26
EvilPhoenixyou could always try loading apache221:26
EvilPhoenixand its php addons21:26
EvilPhoenixehh darn21:26
pudgypawI've tried that too, used21:26
EvilPhoenixwhich ones are they21:26
pudgypawsudo apt-get install apache2 lib-apache2modsomethinglikethat php521:26
EvilPhoenix*opens Synaptic*21:26
EvilPhoenixlibapache2-mod-php5 would probably work21:27
EvilPhoenixlemme check aptitude on my server21:27
pudgypawlet me try that..21:27
pudgypawroot@ubuntu:/etc/apache2# sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-php521:28
pudgypawReading package lists... Done21:28
pudgypawBuilding dependency tree21:28
pudgypawReading state information... Done21:28
pudgypawlibapache2-mod-php5 is already the newest version.21:28
pudgypaw0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 22 not upgraded.21:28
EvilPhoenixyou restarted LAMP or Apache2 (assuming you have apache2)21:28
pudgypawdarn thing is.. my setup worked for 6 straight months21:29
EvilPhoenixcheck to make sure the php packages are updated21:29
pudgypawdon't know why  it suddenly doesn't work anymore, tried apache, nginx abunch of different setups21:29
EvilPhoenixwhats your version of php5-* btw21:30
pudgypawI also did virtualbox, VMware, amazonEC2, all the same issue21:30
EvilPhoenixthey should be all the same21:30
pudgypawlatest one from repos21:30
EvilPhoenixjust tell me the version you have of php521:30
pudgypawlemme check (yeah lucid)21:30
EvilPhoenixthat should be 5.3.2-1ubublah21:30
pudgypawphp 5.321:30
pudgypawyeah that one21:30
EvilPhoenixi'm looking at aptitude now (dual screens ftw)21:30
EvilPhoenixi dont know what to say21:31
pudgypawi was starting to think the php repository is handing out buggy ones now21:31
EvilPhoenixfrom scratch21:31
EvilPhoenixuninstall keep configs21:31
EvilPhoenixand rebuild21:31
pudgypawrebuilt 20 times in past 3 days x.x21:31
qman__clear your apt cache too21:31
EvilPhoenixoyea what qman said21:31
pudgypawwell it's all virtual instances so it's ok but, yeah lots of code 14hrs straight everyday21:31
qman__one corrupt download could be throwing the whole thing off21:32
qman__I helped a guy about a week ago and that was the case21:32
EvilPhoenixdidnt even think about othat there qman21:32
EvilPhoenixmust mean i'm dead tired21:32
pudgypawhow do i purse the apt cache?21:32
EvilPhoenixdarn *away*21:32
qman__remove all .deb files in /var/cache/apt/archive21:32
pudgypawkk *goes to remove*21:32
qman__then rebuild21:32
pudgypawtasksel: aptitude failed (100)21:34
pudgypawhmmm, i'm gonna re-build from scratch, and slam a sudo apt-get update && upgrade first21:38
dokoRoAkSoAx: ping21:48
zanthirpong [round trip: 2 minutes]21:51
sorenScottK, jdstrand: I'll get it done today, the real world is just quite demanding on me right now.21:51
zanthirer, 3 minutes, if you actually look at the clock...21:52
mathiazScottK: hi - could you help out on moving things forward on bug 638213?22:10
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 638213 in lucid-backports "Please backport puppet 2.6.1-0ubuntu2 from maverick" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63821322:10
incentienthello was wondering if someone can help, i lost /bin/ls and a few other commands, ownership changed on them to 122 and group haldaemon22:18
incentienthow is it possible ownership changed on these by themselves?22:19
incentientcan anyone help me with this?22:19
jribincentient: solar radiation?22:20
incentienti saw haldaemon i figured mat daemon22:20
incentientit's happening on almost all of my ubuntu-server deployments, he's been busy22:21
jribincentient: on lucid?22:22
incentientactually on 9.10 and 10.0422:24
incentientthe one im looking at is 9.1022:25
pudgypawwell I just tried scratch start from AmazonEC2, Virtualbox, VMware, SliceHost, all with new apt-get update/upgrade. Still can't get php to parse22:38
incentientare there alot of problems with the 64 bit version?22:38
pudgypawi'm so confused as to why will php parse last week but not this week, nginx setup, apache/lamp setup, all fail. I'm seriously eyeballin the php repository as broken22:38
pudgypawoh yeah, ur right, i'm doing x64 builds so far22:39
pudgypawbut it worked without fail for past 6 months22:39
incentientevery install of ubuntu 64 i have is breaking22:39
incentienti lost ls22:39
pudgypawyou lost ls?!?22:39
incentient122 haldaemono now owns ps, ls, netstat22:39
pudgypaweven on fresh builds?22:39
incentienton production servers this keeps happening randomly22:39
incentientno rhyme or reason22:39
incentientyea well22:39
incentienti built one last week 10days22:40
incentienthappened already on ls22:40
incentienteventually scp, ssh22:40
incentientprob happen in a few days... i dont get it22:40
pudgypawshould we downgrade for stabilityi?22:40
incentientmy vm of ubuntu is fine htough, this is happening only on deployments22:40
incentienthah chill imean this might just be my problem22:40
incentienti still have no idea what's wrong.. someone made a comment tome22:40
pudgypawnot sure about that, all my new setups are breaking, only one still alive is production22:40
sorenjdstrand, ScottK: Uploaded libvirt.22:41
incentientwhats your situation22:41
pudgypawi didn't touch that for 3 months tho22:41
pudgypawbasically php will give me either WSOD or no-parse22:41
incentientphp version ?22:41
pudgypawmy setup suddenly no longer works, same build etc22:41
incentientwe use 5.3.2?22:41
incentientwhen does that happen22:42
incentienti havent seen mine do anythign like that22:42
pudgypawI've been doing various builds at least several times a week w/ no issues till this week22:42
pudgypawwas wondering if the repo system for php went buggy22:42
incentientphp commabnd line doesnt work?22:42
pudgypawthat works22:43
incentienti use dotdeb's package22:43
pudgypawhmm, let me look at taht22:43
incentientadd them to to the repos22:43
incentienti didnt know ubuntu had 5.3 in it's default repos yet22:43
pudgypawinterestingly, i think i only started seeing that this week22:45
incentientwe started seeing all this happen within a few months22:45
incentientbut now more often22:45
incentienta server we installed 6 months ago was solid until we began sshing into it to pull code22:45
incentientnow has these syptoms22:45
incentientand one i built 10 days ago same thing22:46
incentientin fact the older ones running desktop 9.10 64 bit22:46
incentientnewer one is runinng 10.04 server22:46
incentientboth have same thing22:46
pudgypawdid you set them to autoupdate?22:47
incentienthmm on the new one owner is 122, group is 114 instead of root root22:47
incentientdef not22:47
incentientthats default no i think22:47
incentienti dont know much about haldaemon22:48
jdstrandScottK: bug ACKd22:48
incentientwhy the heck would ls become owned by that22:49
jdstrandScottK: err, soren's bug ACKd (646706)22:49
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illytacosHi folks, long story but I'm trying to take users and file permissions from a server running ubuntu 9.04 and put them on a different server running 10.04. I'm trying to build a test environment without having to recreate all the groups and users. Any easy way to do this?? Thanks for the amazing work and taking the time to help!!22:56
_Techie_illytacos, i would think rsync would handle the file permissions22:57
_Techie_illytacos, but as far as migrating the user database, i dont know22:58
illytacoshm yeah I'm trying to move it over so that I am able to recreate the exact same environment without having to create the file permissions from scratch. that would take a while....22:58
_Techie_illytacos, http://nigibox.wordpress.com/2010/01/20/migrate-user-from-old-server-to-new-server-for-debian-ubuntu-or-linux-generally/22:59
jribillytacos: would just copying the relevant parts of /etc/passwd /etc/group and /etc/shadow not work?  (while preserving permissions on the user's files during the transfer of course)22:59
illytacosahhhh no I'm not trying to migrate all the files. I already did that. Just the users and permissions23:00
illytacossorry i should have been more clear23:00
illytacosjrib: I have no idea never tried. :)23:00
_Techie_illytacos, okay, then i got another tutorial that tells you whats what23:01
_Techie_i would just ignore /var/spool/mail and /home23:01
illytacosah thanks folks! between the two of you I think I have my answer. I was trying to search on the net and I ended up with tonnes of documentation on how to create and change permissions and groups but not much on how to migrate them. Thanks folks!23:01
_Techie_illytacos, galad we could help23:02
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illytacosI'm a total noob but in an org with no IT support23:03
MattTheComputerGI just installed the latest ubuntu-server over an old gentoo installation, snd now the bios hangs when its gose to list the drives, it also dose the same thing when i try to enter the bios23:09
MattTheComputerGcan anyvody help, or is anybody even here?23:09
RoAkSoAxdoko: pong23:11
pudgypawim here, but struggling w/ php issues23:14
ScottKsoren and jdstrand: accepted.  Thanks.23:23
_Techie_is anyone able to tell me what they think a fair charge for creating a dialip modem box for someone would be?23:25
MattTheComputerGcan anyvody help, or is anybody even here?23:26
jdstrandScottK: thanks23:26
ScottKjdstrand: Always nice to have someone to share the blame with if something goes wrong.  Thanks for reviewing.23:27
_Techie_MattTheComputerG, bios hangs can be caused by bad formatting23:28
jdstrandScottK: hehe. if something goes wrong with that patch, that is pretty bad ;)23:29
jdstrandScottK: but absolutely23:29
* ScottK doesn't touch apparmor profiles without you checking them ...23:30
jdstrandScottK: I think that is wise. not for you or me specifically, but to get someone from the security to ack a change is appropriate23:30
uvirtbotNew bug: #647195 in samba (main) "Package Manager freezes while "Entpacke Ersatz für libwbclient0"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64719523:52
VerahsaDoes someone have a few minutes to help me setup a newly installed ubuntu server as a caching DNS server & file server? :) I attempted to go through the server guide, but for whatever reason it's not cooperating.23:56

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