satellit_afkdefarning: had a bad time trying to do install to HD with USR latest. CD install to USB HD could not find boot device  made installer USB will try with that. USR runs fine live....: )00:35
satellit_afkused external USB HD as before  don't know what happened00:36
satellit_afktried 921 and 92200:36
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satellit_defarning: error: file not found  grub rescue     when I try to install with either USB or CD USR 922 or 921? will try 907 again to see if different : /03:00
satellit_dfarning: FYI: Acer Aspire One will not boot USR on external USB Drive03:49
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USR922-satellitdfarning: USR-922 with surf-115.xo drag dropped and Analyze and IRC downloaded from ASLO11:00
* USR922-satellit It turns out that EeePC1000HE would not boot Hard Disk with USR-922....using Acer Aspire One here11:01
satellit_dfarning updated http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/go/Community/Distributions/Ubuntu and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Sugar for USR 922 info12:32
manusheelsatellit_: Great work, Thomas.13:05
satellit_USRopps wrong channel13:17
satellit_USRmanusheel: I can use Ubuntu Desktop to access all kinds of applications plus sugar-emulator of USR sugar13:18
satellit_USRusing Xchat on ubuntu 10.10 desktop13:19
manusheeldipankar: Hi Dipankar.14:53
dipankarmanusheel, hello sir14:53
manusheeldipankar: I would like you to work with Ishan on bug no. 2318.14:53
dipankarmanusheel, sure14:54
manusheeldipankar: Kindly get started on bug #2318.15:05
ubot2Launchpad bug 2318 in gnumeric (Ubuntu) "Should be able to add names to cells via context click (heat: 1)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/231815:05
dipankarmanusheel, looking at it15:05
ishandipankar, sir from i have gathered is that there is a class browsebutton at the bottom of volumestoolbar.py15:06
dipankarishan, What all have you found out15:06
dipankar^^ ishan sorry15:06
dipankarishan, ohk.15:07
ishandipankar, we have to basically copy some part from class volumepalette in palettes.py to display the status bar for journal as well as it comes for external devices15:08
ishan*we have to copy some part and modify it15:08
dipankarishan, but mine is showing status bar.15:09
ishandipankar, the volumes toolbar is the toolbar which comes at bottom when we open journal15:09
dipankarishan, didn't get you15:11
ishandipankar, sir when you open journal, can you see a toolbar at bottom15:11
dipankarishan, ok15:12
dipankarishan, ok15:12
dipankarishan, now I get it15:12
ishandipankar, great sir15:13
ishandipankar, so basically we have to copy the code from palette.py to the class journalbutton15:13
dipankarishan, so we want the volume to appear just like the sidebars right?15:13
ishandipankar, right15:13
ishandipankar, but there is a big problem15:14
dipankarishan, hehe.15:14
ishandipankar, sir when we make changes in the class journalbutton the journal button disappears from home view of sugar15:14
dipankarishan, ok15:17
dipankarishan, palette.py is in artworks right?15:18
ishandipankar, nope15:18
ishanit is present in view folder under sugar in jhbuild15:18
dipankarishan, which dir? path please15:21
dipankarishan, found. Journal right?15:22
dipankarishan, whats the volumeviewestoolbar.py?15:24
ishan__dipankar, try the file which i send to you on the sugar installed15:48
ishan__your journal button will disappear15:48
dipankarishan__, sure15:48
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dipankaralsroot, ping16:01
alsrootdipankar: hi16:01
ishan_alsroot, can you tell me where is the createpalette function present in volumestoolbar.py being called from16:03
dipankaralsroot, ^^16:03
alsrootishan_: VolumeButton.create_palette16:05
alsrootishan_: it will be called from invoker16:05
alsrootishan_: see palettewindow.py16:06
alsroot..in sugar-toolkit16:06
dipankaralsroot, thanks16:06
dipankaralsroot, it for this bug only: http://bugs.sugarlabs.org/ticket/231816:06
alsroot..just grep for "create_palette"16:06
ishan_alsroot, thanks16:07
manusheeldipankar: Did you get an understanding on the issue?16:12
dipankarmanusheel, yes, somewhat, just check for where we have the journal palette being called16:12
manusheeldipankar: Ok.16:13
mukulhi alsroot16:16
* dipankar will brb16:17
alsrootmukul: hi16:18
mukulalsroot, Can you tell me how to get FONT_SIZE from gconf16:19
mukulalsroot, I mean I want to use the font size settings from gconf in turtleart16:19
alsrootmukul: you don't need to use gconf directly, just use FONT_SIZE constant from style.py16:20
mukulalsroot, Is this the way, how we should use FONT_SIZE self.scale = 0.67 * FONT_SIZE?16:22
alsrootmukul: no ideas, it depends on what you are going to achieve16:23
mukulalsroot, ok16:24
dipankaralsroot, can you explain the flow of calling of create_palette() from JournalPalette() class?16:28
dipankarI tried tracking but am unsuccessful16:29
alsrootdipankar: invoker will connect to signals like enter to track when cursor under the widget, and after some timeout it will try to open palette, if palette is never created, it will call create_palette16:32
dipankaralsroot, what I am thinking is adding a function create_palette() in JournalButton() in sugar/jarabe/journal/volumestoolbar.py16:44
dipankarhow will that be called?16:45
dipankarif I want it to be invoked with the JournalButton16:45
alsrootdipankar: JournalButton is already have an invoker (created in base class)16:47
alsrootdipankar: you just need to add create_palette(016:47
dipankaralsroot, ok16:48
dipankaralsroot, this is strange :?17:26
dipankaralsroot, I wrote the code for create_palette() in JournalButton17:27
dipankaralsroot, but nothing is happening17:27
alsrootdipankar: create_palette was never called?17:28
dipankaralsroot, I don't think so17:28
dipankaralsroot, here is the modified code17:29
alsrootdipankar: why JournalPalette and self._mount?, JournalPalette takes different argument (see sources) and there is no self._mount in JournalButton17:31
dipankaralsroot, oops, I just got that point right now17:32
dipankaralsroot, not working.17:35
alsrootdipankar: see shell.log17:36
dipankaralsroot, I passed mount point as '/' and now the journal icon on Home view vanished!17:38
dipankaralsroot, ohk, got an error : NameError: global name 'mount_point' is not defined17:41
dipankaralsroot, I have removed the error, but still the bug is not removed17:45
alsrootdipankar: shell doesn't log other errors?17:45
dipankaralsroot, no17:46
alsrootdipankar: what palette class you are returning in create_palette()?17:47
dipankaralsroot: JournalPalette17:48
dipankaralsroot, oops17:48
dipankaralsroot, sorry I went to another code by mistake17:48
dipankaralsroot, The code that i am using is this one only: http://paste.ubuntu.com/499819/17:49
dipankaralsroot, manusheel : The bug #2318, I found something which might work.17:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 2318 in gnumeric (Ubuntu) "Should be able to add names to cells via context click (heat: 1)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/231817:51
alsrootdipankar: what you pass to JournalPalette?, code you posted should not work17:51
dipankaralsroot, oops17:51
dipankaralsroot, I am passing (mount = '/')17:52
alsrootdipankar: but JournalPalette does not have mount argument, it has home_activity17:52
dipankaralsroot, manusheel : The volume info only appears on buttons where right click works. The particular button in consideration doesn't seem to have a right click event handler17:53
manusheeldipankar: Ok.17:56
manusheeldipankar: Interesting that it does not have a right click event handler.17:57
dipankaralsroot, what is home_activity for?17:57
alsrootdipankar: JournalPalette takes only one argument, home_activity17:57
dipankaralsroot, would be great if you could provide some info on home_activity, spec. it's use and importance17:58
alsrootdipankar: btw do you really need JournalPalette?, it contains item "Show the Journal" which is useless, why not creating new palette w/ only free space progress bar18:00
dipankaralsroot, can I do that? Will that be accepted in sugar mainline?18:01
alsrootdipankar: why not? just follow regular procedure, post your patch to sugar-devel@ w/ CCing to sugar maintainer, after getting responce, tweak the patch18:04
dipankaralsroot, ok. I thought adding a new class will not be accepted :)18:05
dipankaralsroot, what about it's argument?18:05
alsrootdipankar: well, just post a patch, you think is the best implementation, and wait for reply from maintainer or from other people18:07
dipankaralsroot, the home_activity, what is this class?18:10
alsrootdipankar: in what context? if you are about what I was meaning, it is was JournalPalette argument18:12
dipankaralsroot, ok. But I wanted to know what is that class for exactly?18:13
alsrootdipankar: to display free space progress bar (like other volume palettes)18:20
dipankaralsroot, thanks18:20
oly562hello I have a few questions about sugar18:24
oly562is it a GUI for kids?18:25
oly562maple syrup with sugar?18:25
alsrootoly562: well different people might have different opinions :), but you can grab some info on http://www.sugarlabs.org/ and http://wiki.sugarlabs.org/18:29
lfaraonedfarning: should we have a USR Plymouth bootscreen?19:25
sugar-959cUSR-922 as VirtualBox appliance with edited IRC to log in to #sugar and #ubuntu-sugarteam22:17
satellit_lfaraone USR 922 has a non-functioning shutdown in drop down menu of sugar. (have to log off then use right bottom bar to shutdown even if single user logged in...22:19
* satellit_ confusing22:19
sugar-959ctesting clone for IRC login.22:37
dfarningsatellit_, Nice job with the wiki pages!  I'll poke round and see what is causing the install problems.23:50
dfarninglfaraone, yes a boot screen would be nice....23:51

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