MuscovyHello all.00:00
UndiFineDhey Muscovy00:13
UndiFineDI am writing up a summary00:13
MuscovyOh, what on?00:13
UndiFineDon what has happened and where work can be done00:14
MuscovyWhere are you writing it, UndiFineD?00:15
UndiFineDatm in gedit :p00:16
MuscovyNot sure if you know, but we've got basic tutorials at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuTour00:16
UndiFineDyeah I know, this is more a bit of progress overview00:17
UndiFineDwhat was done00:17
MuscovyOh ok.00:18
MadnessRed:0 someone removed my connecting to the network tour :(00:52
MuscovyAprilg did that a few days ago because there were 2.00:53
MadnessRedoh ok,00:53
MuscovyIf anything's missing in the retained one, just splice it in.00:53
MadnessReddo we have a list anywhere of things which need doing, programming wize?00:56
UndiFineDdo that in the code00:57
UndiFineDat work I tend to do that with lines starting with /* TODO: */00:58
UndiFineDso for all things todo you can search them00:58
MadnessRedI also found a list on the wiki01:01
UndiFineDpeople who read code, generally like their things todo in there, people who provide content need a separate place for that.01:13
UndiFineDsome provided html comments, but this tends to be overwritten or removed01:15
MadnessRedI have got the arrows working, look at the build test, for the latest push, rev 18901:23
UndiFineDwow, there is actually work done today :p01:47
MadnessRedok try 191, the built tests should show you how the arrows work01:51
UndiFineDnice !!!!!02:04
UndiFineDyou made it exactly as I imagined02:04
UndiFineDMadnessRed, deserves a cookie02:05
MadnessRedI would have prefered it to be a bit smoother02:06
UndiFineDAA ?02:07
UndiFineDor like it is done to fonts02:07
MadnessRedDon't think so, I am hoping to find another way of making the arrows completely02:08
MadnessRedThe arrow is actually a pygtk window02:08
UndiFineDI removed my screenshots and the proposed nl translations made by Ivo02:12
UndiFineDI will redo them in the morning02:13
UndiFineDas my vm is ready and I have a bit more time then02:14
UndiFineDit is 3 am now, so time for bed02:14
MadnessRedok, 2am here02:16
MadnessRedtalk more tomorrow02:17
webrskUndiFineD: hey :)07:46
webrskPhaiax: Hello :)09:10
webrskhope you having fun :)09:11
Phaiaxyey, i have09:11
webrskI was fixing some bug in backend code of tour..09:12
webrskwhile doing that i found the The Places page has used .svg images. Do you know is there any specific reason for using it... we can use the screenshot of places meny itself rite..!!!09:12
webrskbecause svg images arise errors !! So if i know the reason of using it, i shall think of the solution based on it...09:15
Phaiaxthe reason is that the standart icon pack uses vector based images, because they are better scalable09:19
Phaiaxah i see the error09:21
Phaiaxbut its only a GtkWarning and no error...09:21
Phaiaxi think that is no problem at all... because all gnome applicatiobs print such GtkWarnings sometimes09:21
webrskyes...but we can use the screenshot of the The Places menu itself rite...because application and system menu uses screenshots so it will be unique...09:22
webrskThis page alone getting differentiated by using Icons also the labels are not matching to the exact menu like "Desktop" is shown as "Desktop Folder"...09:23
Phaiaxhm, okay09:26
Phaiaxi'm convinced09:27
webrskAm i make sense , Phaiax ?09:27
webrskCool :)09:27
UndiFineDgood morning12:20
webrskHappy morning UndiFineD :)12:23
UndiFineDgetting side-tracked by email13:04
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UndiFineDI may be a bit slow, as I am making the dutch screenshots atm16:39
miloBingit's alright16:40
SilasleUndiFineD: I agree on everything in that "progress evaluation"!  :)  Except, fp17:45
UndiFineDhello Silasle :)17:46
Silasle*except, dp we need all those topics under missing?17:46
UndiFineDfp ?17:46
UndiFineDno we do not need all, unless we are becoming a replacement for the standard ubuntu help17:46
UndiFineDI am thinking ahead as how to get it approved as a standard package, inside the installation cd17:47
SilasleSo what do you think that really is "missing" in ubuntu-tour now?17:48
UndiFineDthen ubuntu / canonicl will set a few demands17:48
UndiFineDthe first line of missing, absolutely17:49
SilaslePrinting is not that easy :P17:49
UndiFineDeven when people will not look at the licence and disclaimer, it has to be there17:50
UndiFineDi know printing is not easy, I do not even own a printer17:50
UndiFineDbut when we provide info for scanning, printing is a must have too17:51
SilasleYes, but I still have to print whit windows on the network printer, i don't think that is possible on linux  :'(17:52
UndiFineDand my thoughts wander off to "the paperless office of 15 years ago"17:52
UndiFineDit is possible17:53
SilasleIt's an photo printer17:53
UndiFineDnetwork printers are even eassier than lpt / scsi / usb connected ones17:53
UndiFineDnetwork printers do not require drivers17:54
UndiFineDeverything is handled by cups / gutenprint17:54
SilasleMaybe i'll try again when maverick comes out17:54
UndiFineDit's already out in alpha17:54
UndiFineDworks quite well, just a few minor issues17:55
UndiFineDthe screenshot cd, is maverick alpha17:55
SilasleI wait for the real release.17:55
UndiFineDanyway I am busy making dutch screenshots17:57
UndiFineDand switch screens often17:58
SilasleCreating screenshots is not my problem, i'm an programmer. ;)17:58
UndiFineDso am I, but still have to learn python17:59
* UndiFineD is away for diner18:04
* UndiFineD is back18:51
jasonoI can revise.19:04
UndiFineDhey jason,19:05
UndiFineDhere as announced on the mailing list19:05
UndiFineDI think a few others will join in, later tonight19:06
UndiFineD(20:06 here)19:06
jasonoI'm a newbie at this. How do I add things to bzzr. What country? I'll add it to my Panel.19:06
jasono14:07 here in AMerica19:07
UndiFineDbazaar is explained here: http://ubuntutour.org/contribute/branch/19:07
jasonoI've been there but I can't get it. There's a folder that's been download to my 'Home' folder. Is that where I put in my contributions?19:08
jasonoTo upload my work.19:09
UndiFineDyou get a local folder called ~/ubuntu-tour19:09
jasonoYes I got that.19:09
UndiFineDthis happened during bzr pull19:09
SilasleYou can edit in ~/ubuntu-tour19:10
UndiFineDthat is also the way to get others revisions19:10
Silasleand then push your work up to the server whit bzr push19:10
jasonoHow do I edit in  ~/ubuntu-tour? BY the Terminal?19:10
UndiFineDwhen you made changes there, first pull again, to make sure your changes do not conflict with others,19:11
SilasleEdit how you want, gedit, xemacs or some other editor19:11
UndiFineDthen bzr add && bzr commit -m "your descriptive message here" && bzr push lp:ubuntu-tour19:12
jasonoSo the Ubuntu tour folder in my home folder is on a server. So I can edit it's content then run the bzr ubuntu tour terminal command to save/push it to the server for evryone to see?19:13
UndiFineDtou get a local copy that you can change in whatever way you like, and by push-ing you upload your commited changes19:14
jasonoOkay. So when I edit the contents in the Ubuntu tour folder. What terminal command do I run to upload it?19:15
UndiFineDif a conflict happens, this can easily be resolved by bzr merge19:15
UndiFineDI use bazaar explorer to do some thing in a gui and that allows easy access to the log of commits19:16
UndiFineDso I can see what others typed and did19:16
jasonoHow did you learn this?19:16
jasonoI want to learn.19:16
UndiFineDreading mostly :)19:17
jasonoOh. :(19:17
UndiFineDeverywhere, you can find so much information locally and online19:18
UndiFineDanything you do not know and want to learn about you can google19:18
jasonoI want this to be so easy for me. I'm teaching myself programming but it seems so hard.... :(19:18
UndiFineDprogramming is more a state of mind, how do things happen logically19:19
UndiFineDI was already programming before I owned a computer, this was in 1988, I got books from the library and learned basic19:20
jasonoI ran bzr pull to update the copy of the branch and it gave me this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/499879/19:21
jasonoOh I read a book on BASIC19:21
jasonoBut it's old, we don't use that anymore.19:21
UndiFineDpython is basic but with left out characters19:21
UndiFineDand line numbers19:21
UndiFineDactually, people are still actively doingg basic programming19:22
jasonoInteresting......... :)19:23
UndiFineDfire up synaptic, select all, and search for basic19:23
jasonoI will.19:23
jasonoWhich one? Gave me a list including: basic25619:24
UndiFineDwhichever you thing will help you19:26
jasonoBaic256 installed.19:28
SilasleI did UBasic some years ago, for the camera.19:33
OmegaGood day guys.19:33
jasonoWell if you can recommend me some sites or books I would greatly appreciate it!19:34
SilasleHi Omega19:34
OmegaPython is not BASIC, and thank god it isn't too.19:34
SilasleBasic was fun :P19:35
UndiFineDhey Omega19:35
SilasleBut jasono, do you want python or basic? I would learn python19:35
jasonoHello OMegam.19:35
UndiFineDNo I merely wanted to point out it is a state of mind, python and basic are very diffirent, but once tyou have the state of mind, the programming language does not matter19:35
OmegaNo-one uses BASIC.19:35
SilasleI used this: http://docs.python.org/release/2.5.2/tut/tut.html19:36
UndiFineDthough it would be fun to see the old basic code working that used to handle floppy drives19:37
jasonoThank you.19:37
Omega2.5 is old now19:38
Omega2.7 is what you should use19:38
SilasleNo big changes19:38
jasonoThanks alot.19:39
jasonoAnd if I can revise online for now, it would be easier.19:40
UndiFineDwith bazaar you mean ?19:40
jasonoOh. Then I guess.19:41
jasonoIf you can show me.19:41
SilasleIt is easy if you did it once19:41
jasonoI never have.19:41
SilasleHmm, i where going to send jasono an short tutorial :(19:47
UndiFineDI already pointed to our branch manual19:48
UndiFineDit does not get any clearer than that19:48
SilasleNo, but some people need more explanation.19:50
UndiFineDindeed, some people are very scared to do something wrong19:51
Silaslejasono: Try the manual at ubuntutour.org and ask if you need some help19:52
jasonoThank you.19:53
SilasleHey, bug  636618 isn't fixed!21:03
SilasleBut i think i know how to fix it21:04
UndiFineDgreat :)21:05
MuscovyWHat's the bug?21:05
UndiFineDi just mentioned some bugs have had their fixes21:05
UndiFineDMuscovy, your into the code as well, aren't you ?21:05
MuscovyOmega, you here?21:05
MuscovyUndiFineD: Kinda. I can code, but I'm not at all used to GTK stuff.21:06
SilasleSo, I pushed that fix21:06
UndiFineDI was wondering if we could have language independant next and previous buttons too21:06
SilasleMuscovy: The "When first opened, tour window shows redundant scrollbar" bug21:07
OmegaMuscovy: I am.21:07
MuscovyOmega, did you file the Ubottu request?21:07
MuscovyI remembered that just now with the mention of bugs.21:10
OmegaMuscovy: Yes.21:11
MuscovyIt took about a week for the ubuntulo1 request to go through.21:12
SilasleUndiFineD: Doesn't gtk.Button(stock=gtk.STOCK_GO_FORWARD) fix that whit the language?21:14
UndiFineDnot for me21:14
UndiFineDwhen I do21:14
OmegaMuscovy: Oh, this is a different request?21:15
UndiFineD$ LANG=nl_NL.utf8 && python ubuntu-tour.py21:15
SilasleIs that changing the language?21:15
MuscovyOmega: yeah. Ubottu is the bot for generic responses and buginfo and so on, Ubuntulo1 is the log bot.21:16
SilasleI think i just have english installed.21:16
SilasleSo i cant try21:16
UndiFineDinstalling a langage pack should make a diffirent language available in gnome21:18
UndiFineDwhich should change when LANG is set21:18
SilasleCan you try http://paste.ubuntu.com/499940/ (replace ubuntu-tour.py) ?21:18
UndiFineD$ LANG=nl_NL.utf8 && python try.py <-- showing correct language buttons21:21
Silasleis try.py my file?21:21
SilasleSo we can change that in the trunk?21:21
UndiFineDi think so21:21
SilasleBut then we get forward instead of next21:21
UndiFineD"Klik op <b>Volgende</b> om te beginnen." matches my button text21:22
UndiFineDI don't know, maybe there is a en_GB / en_US diffirence ?21:23
UndiFineDI'll try21:23
SilasleDutch isn't that difficult if you can speak german :P21:24
UndiFineDno appearantly not21:24
SilasleNo, but we set the text to next manually before.21:24
SilasleSo  i commit and then we change the text files using next?21:25
UndiFineDthat might be easiest21:25
UndiFineDI had 4 years of german education in school I and I still don't get it21:26
UndiFineDkino, sounds more like a red-light district thing21:27
* Silasle has parents from Germany but lives in Sweden.21:27
SilasleThe code is commited21:28
UndiFineDSilasle, I will remove my try.py21:28
UndiFineDso it doesn't clutter up bazaar21:29
SilasleI will change next to forward.21:29
SilasleWe are at revision 200! Nice Work!21:32
SilasleThat logo on the first page is enormous.21:35
MuscovyI keep meaning to build a nicer one.21:36
UndiFineDI liked the bus21:41
UndiFineDit seemed engaging21:42
SilasleBetter then the one we have now21:42
UndiFineDat it brought a smile to my 9yo daughter21:43
UndiFineDyes I have a test crowd :p21:43
MuscovyReally? I didn't like the bus.21:44
MuscovyI figured a prominent desktop screenshot (maybe larger than now) would be a good base.21:44
SilasleWho created the one we have now?21:44
UndiFineDif it is larger, you can read the language21:44
SilasleYou can already21:45
UndiFineDthen my eyes are getting worse21:46
MuscovyI edited the bus one and stuck the screenshot there.21:46
SilasleBut the username is alex21:47
SilasleOk, your name is Alexander21:47
MuscovyI go by both, so I just alex as my username just 'cause it's shorter.21:49
UndiFineDabout ubuntu nl_NL screenshots ready22:56
UndiFineDso content is similar to english22:56

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