Sarvattso, after disabling DRI on sandybridge, is it worth another upload reverting the compiz blacklist?02:34
RAOFI'd guess yes; who's maintaining compiz nowadays?  Still mvo?02:36
SarvattRAOF: ok we need to --disable-gallium-radeon whenever we update mesa again next02:40
Sarvattthey made r300g the default02:40
Sarvattbuilt by default, takes the place of r300g I think in the build output?02:41
RAOFSo we need to update the bit of the rules file where we delete that, then.02:41
Sarvattmight be confusing it with intel, hmm02:41
Sarvatterr r300c02:41
RAOFIt still ends up in gallium/r300_dri.so, right?02:41
RAOF(Because we'd still quite like r300g for the egl/gles/openvg stuff)02:41
Sarvattdoesn't look like they moved it so yeah02:42
Sarvattsorry, got mixed up. the mesa build gives me a headache :)02:43
RAOFHeh :)02:43
Sarvattadding a new build target for llvm will be fun if we ever do it! :)02:43
RAOFWe'll just turn it on unconditionally on amd64, and ignore it for i386 :)02:44
RAOFWe don't need to build mesa any *more* times! :)02:44
Sarvatttoo bad i believe most of the people who benefit the most from llvm will be stuck on i386 (old ati IGPs)02:45
Sarvattpentium m and earlier era ones02:46
Sarvatt* Add kubuntu_29_fallback_to_xrender_compositing.diff02:47
Sarvatt fallback to XRender compositing in case of Software Rasterizer.02:47
Sarvatt (backport from trunk)02:47
Sarvatt\o/ \o/02:47
SarvattScottK: that was the fix for swrast?02:48
Sarvatti was kind of hoping they would just make the GL compositing fall back to xrender instead of disabled02:48
ScottKSarvatt: I think that's what it does.02:49
Sarvattahh ok02:49
ScottK(the kwin patch)02:49
Sarvattawesome if so, fixes a lot more than swrast then02:49
ScottKSarvatt: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdebase-workspace/ubuntu/annotate/head:/debian/patches/kubuntu_29_fallback_to_xrender_compositing.diff02:51
Sarvattthanks, was just digging for it :)02:51
ScottKI think it's just swrast02:51
Sarvattah only swrast :(02:51
ScottKYou can talk to mgraesslin in person at UDS about extending it for KDE 4.6.02:52
RAOFI should point him at the GL|ES 2.0 docs; apparently mesa should be growing a “ES compatibility in desktop GL” mode, and (also apparently) the ES docs have a nice appendix with “here's all the stuff we mandate that various hardware doesn't implement”02:54
Sarvattoh really? it's got a nice list of hardware limitations?03:05
Sarvattthat's exactly what i've been looking for03:05
RAOFI haven't read it, but the “What GL calls can you safely use” session basically ended with “Look at the ES docs!”03:06
Sarvattnot seeing it, maybe in the GL 4.1 docs since thats where the ES compat stuff was added. hmm03:09
RAOFThat might be it?03:09
RAOFFrom memory, it should be appendix A03:09
Sarvattcan't find it in any of these, but this will be good reading material for the flights to UDS and plumbers at least :)03:15
RAOFThat might fix kwin desktop effects switching!03:21
Sarvattwhat, the commit 2 hours after you packaged one for ScottK last night? :)03:22
* ScottK waits to try.03:22
RAOFYou mean "hold on to drawables if we're just switching to another context"?03:23
Sarvattsaw that on master and of course it was cherry picked right after you packaged one up :)03:24
RAOFScottK: Building the sucker right now for you.03:25
Sarvattthe bug was saying the problem it was fixing was caused by one of the commits we reverted in 0ubuntu2 and it was still broken there, but there have been a bunch of other changes that might interact with it03:32
RAOFYes.  The patch on the bug doesn't apply, because it was against the 7.8 code that we reverted to in 0ubuntu2 that was removed in 7.9 (and hence doesn't appear in ubuntu1 or ubuntu3).03:34
SarvattI meant https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=30234 referenced in that commit's log03:36
ubot4Freedesktop bug 30234 in Mesa core "Mesa xdemo manywin aborted" [Major,Resolved: fixed]03:36
RAOFAh, right.  Yeah.03:36
Sarvatthmm yeah blender's user preferences is broken here too03:38
brycehwhat's the problem?03:40
Sarvattand i've got that commit, odd03:41
Sarvattthere's a freeze on kwin effect setting changes on intel, and raof just spotted a commit that might fix it. i was just off in lala land testing out the other broken things mentioned in the bug for that commit03:45
Sarvattsince restarting into KDE on the only machine I use IRC on is a PITA :)03:46
RAOFAh, mesa.  sink of endless CPU time.04:20
RAOFWe should probably ensure libGL doesn't needlessly link to libstdc++ for natty.04:39
Sarvattthats just the swx11 libGL isn't it?04:43
Sarvatt(that the warning is for)04:43
RAOFPossibly.  I was just watching the warnings stroll past.04:45
RAOFScottK: New packages are available for your testing pleasure; again on cooperteam.net/Packages04:47
brycehRAOF, file a bug for now?04:47
SarvattI'm still wondering if we should be shipping gl.pc from the dri build target04:50
Sarvattin libgl1-mesa-dev, it has a bunch of extra Requires.private packages in it compared to the one we ship04:51
RAOFInteresting.  That could well be important.04:51
SarvattRequires.private: libdrm >= 2.4.15 dri2proto >= 2.1 glproto >= 1.4.11 x11 xext xdamage xfixes xxf86vm is what libgl1-mesa-glx actually needs04:52
SarvattRequires.private: x11 xext is what the one we ship from another build target has04:52
Sarvattwell thats edgers and probably only there from another confflag i'm using, the one in maverick might not have anything04:52
ScottKInstalled.  We'll see.04:53
ScottKRAOF: Victory!04:59
ScottKAlso I had effect on login an that very rarely happens on this machine (it does sometimes, so I might have just been lucky).04:59
ScottKI was able to reset effect with them enabled and neither freeze nor crash.05:00
ScottKRAOF and Sarvatt: My hope is we'll try and get this tested and get it in before RC if it makes sense.05:02
RAOFOh, man.  This fixes so much kde.05:04
SarvattScottK: what would you consider the absolute latest deadline for that to be for future reference? It would be extremely nice if we could time it with an actual release instead of another git checkout05:04
RAOFPresent windows also now has actual windows.05:04
ScottKSarvatt: It would need to be in the archive on Monday.05:05
Sarvattgot ya, so testing what you have there it is05:05
RAOFAhem.  And has just locked the GPU, so it's not _all_ peaches and cream.  But it did that before.05:05
ScottKWell sure.  If Mesa ever was fully tamed you'd be dissapointed and board.05:06
SarvattRAOF: tried  INTEL_NEW_FS=1 on your gm45 lately?05:10
Sarvattsupposedly wins as many piglits as the old one now05:11
RAOFI have not tried that.05:11
Sarvattman, no touchpad scroll *really* sucks, poor people stuck with alps touchpads05:15
RAOFHm.  Yep, it really is present windows that's locking the GPU.05:17
RAOFI should really switch the alt-tab away from that :/05:17
Sarvatti still can't believe we got a fglrx that works with xserver 1.9 and its not on phoronix yet :)05:32
Sarvatthmm quite a few id's were ripped out of here in these maverick ones05:35
Sarvatt1002:17xx? never seen those before, maybe its hd 6xxx series but they are gone from the 8.780 ones05:37
dandelIs it a bug to be unable to change the tv format on live cd of ubuntu 10.10 (using kms and xrandr)08:10
RAOFdandel: With which video driver?  Most should have an xrandr property to change that, I believe, although I think nouveau takes that as a module parameter instead.08:16
dandelhmm... radeon driver.... got it figured out a bit08:17
dandeli just happend to crash the xserver a few times by using this command (drm failure)... xrandr --output s-video --set tv_standard ntsc08:20
dandelit didn't crash when i changed the output to a valid target tho lol.08:20
RAOFFeel free to file a bug if you can get a backtrace of that.08:21
RAOFBut also good to hear that it works, too :)08:21
dandelnow for a slight kicker... I'm using this to help fix another driver (namely the lack of analog support happauge hvr 1250 tuner cards)08:24
dandeli got short backtrace on the laptop also... one sec while i get the xorg file08:24
dandelRAOF, here's the backtrace: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/499512/08:27
dandelhappens on any invalid output08:29
RAOFHm.  That's not very useful :)08:30
RAOFBacktracing X is a somewhat arcane art, though.08:30
dandelone sec... i'll see if 10.04 reproduces.08:30
RAOFwiki.ubuntu.com/X/Backtracing gives some clues.08:31
dandeli'm on a laptop which is fairly new which has a little effect.08:31
dandelhowever, it's not new enough to cause too much problems08:32
RAOFI'm surprised that backtrace doesn't appear to have any driver-related frames at all.08:42
dandelI know, and I'm not exactly certain as to what happened either.08:44
andrewacltIs the wiki correct in saying that I need to intall the mainline kernel in lucid to debug intel gpu freezes?14:16
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tseliotmvo: have you had the chance to have a look at bug 645064 ?15:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 645064 in update-manager (Ubuntu) (and 1 other project) "nvidia-current from Ubuntu-X-Swat PPA is blocking the upgrade from Lucid to Maverick (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64506415:04
mvotseliot: not yet, sorry, was hunting a race all afternoon (frustrating that)15:05
tseliotmvo: np, I can understand ;)15:06
Sarvattthe sandybridge pain never ends, now tiling has to be disabled for resume to work properly on .3516:05
cwillu_at_work[672621.387536] [drm] nouveau 0000:01:00.0: no space while hiding cursor17:19
cwillu_at_workunder nouveaux with compiz, lucid, 2.6.36-rc4 kernel17:19
cwillu_at_workfew hundred in dmesg, occurs when moving the mouse from my left monitor to the right monitor;  an extra cursor is left behind on the left monitor until I bring the mouse back17:20
cwillu_at_workalso triggers while typing after mouse movement (i.e., when the mouse cursor would normally be hidden)17:22
Sarvattusing xorg-edgers or something?17:22
cwillu_at_workhow else do I get compiz love out of nouveau? :p17:23
Sarvatton lucid? rebuild mesa from maverick :D17:23
Sarvattbut wouldn't work with that kernel anyway17:24
Sarvattif it doesn't happen without nouveau_dri.so its pretty much guaranteed upstream wont care about a bug report17:25
cwillu_at_workI haven't run into this on earlier kernels;  I'm assuming it's just something out of sync then?17:25
* cwillu_at_work shrugs and puts maverick on this box :p17:25
cwillu_at_workincidently, if any of you recall my babbling about broken suspend in a slightly odd fashion earlier this year, I tripped over an lkml thread from the 2.6.28 release cycle talking about a fairly common problem with 64kb lowmem corruption;  maverick's kernel has some debugging enabled to detect such corruption, which also has the effect of avoiding those crashes (as the kernel avoids using that memory), with the cute side effect that the laptop now sus17:27
cwillu_at_workpends and resumes fine :p17:27
Sarvattodd, that kernel config option has been enabled since 2.6.28 i'm pretty sure17:28
* Sarvatt remembers disabling it specifically in his own kernels during 2.6.2917:28
cwillu_at_workSarvatt, I'm getting the memory corruption warnings in dmesg now, which I never got before17:29
Sarvattoh maybe it was fixed to actually work now then! :D17:29
SarvattRAOF: from idr - "I'd like to have a 7.9 release candidate on Monday (9/27).  Assuming there are no major issues, I'd like to have a final release on the following Monday (10/4).  Does that work for people?"17:34
Sarvattyeah intel guy handling the mesa release17:36
Sarvattcutting it so close :(17:36
tseliotare we still considering 7.9 for inclusion?17:36
Sarvatt7.9 is already in17:36
tseliotoh, I didn't notice17:37
ScottKSounds like the best plan is an updated snapshot next monday (after testing), the mesa RC after Ubuntu RC and then SRU to 7.9 final.17:37
tseliothaving an RC would be more than welcome then ;)17:37
tseliotScottK: +117:37
Sarvattneed to check if there are mesa 7.9-devel specific KDE blacklist strings because the version string will change and the blacklists will be lost17:39
* Sarvatt goes digging17:39
Sarvattlooks fine to me, its only got 7.7.1 and 7.8.2 in the blacklist17:42
Sarvattnew snapshot->RC will have a very minor amount of changes, the crack commiters are focused on 7.10 already :)17:45
SarvattScottK: so the new snapshot did fix your KDE freezing problem? sounded like RAOF's freeze was with a specific plugin not enabled by default?17:48
ScottKSarvatt: It did.17:48
ScottKStill can't logout though ....17:49
SarvattRAOF: can you please push what you have to git? I'm going to screw you up if I do it again when you already have it locally :)17:49
SarvattRAOF seems confident he can get that fixed up ASAP, holding off on another major bug fix x-x-v-intel upload until he cracks it 17:50
ScottKOK.  Great.17:51
andrewacltDo I have to run a mainline kernel to debug intel gpu freezes?18:18
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