thune3Kyle__: this is a standard install or a VM?00:00
ZykoticK9tru3fate, keep it in channel please00:00
nixboxJordan_U: i don't want that, because i need to do some dev work on wireless-testing00:00
askhaderWhat is the name of the command that invokes the gnome network manager?00:00
ZykoticK9askhader, nm-applet perhaps?00:00
SomelauwOkee, I got the dvd running and it is showing the main menu, but when I click play, it just shows me some snow.00:00
zatanis anybody of you using "MOCP" audio console player?00:00
dotanitisZykoticK9, Im trying to store file path in a variable and afterward to send in to file util.00:01
tru3fateok i removed kvm00:01
kens1962how can i find a program i just installed?!!!!00:01
ZykoticK9tru3fate, when you removed kvm did it say certain packages where no longer needed?  have you rebooted the system?00:01
divertedwhats the matter with chroot? i dont understand it. I followed the instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DebootstrapChroot but when i use schroot -l i get "deprecated key 'location' used and it tells me to update my configuration. i keep getting this message also if i type schroot and then use auto complete on my chroots00:01
Somelauwaccerimer, ZykoticK9, blakkeim, it starts and shows the main menu, but when I try to play it, it just shows me some snow.00:02
Jordan_Ukens1962: dpkg -L packagename00:02
ZykoticK9dotanitis, the file path?  do you mean $PATH as it's already a variable!?  you can do something like "echo $PATH > filename" to output it to a file!?00:02
ZykoticK9Somelauw, try another dvd first00:02
kens1962i just installed a program through terminal where do i find it now00:03
Somelauwokay, I'll try00:03
tru3fateZykoticK9, no nothing just remove00:03
ZykoticK9tru3fate, have you tried vbox again?00:04
Jordan_Udotanitis: file_path="/path to /file with spaces"; file "$file_path"00:04
divertedcan someone please help me with schroot?00:04
tru3fateZykoticK9, same error with it remove00:04
mkquistkens1962: whereis in the terminal and name of program00:04
ZykoticK9tru3fate, have you rebooted?00:04
mkquistkens1962: as in "whereis k3b"00:04
tru3fateZykoticK9, reboot my box , or virtualbox00:05
mkquistkens1962: did you get that?00:05
kens1962its bittorrent00:06
boywonderhi,is it possible to run windows remote desktop thru ubuntu?00:06
mkquistkens1962: which client are you using?00:06
kens1962i guess newest version of bittorrent00:06
ZykoticK9tru3fate, if it's a kernel module that's loaded, it might still be loaded even though you've uninstalled kvm (which i'm unsure if it uninstalled the kvm kernel stuff!), but rebooted would clear that stuff up - so i'd try it (it would be possible to do without rebooting if we knew the module name that kvm loads)00:06
mkquistkens1962: transmission, vuze?00:06
mkquistkens1962: it should be in ur menut00:07
dotanitisJordan_U, Thanks! but it doesn't work, but when writing file "/path to /file with spaces" its works..?!..00:07
Somelauwaccerimer, ZykoticK9, blakkeim, I tried another dvd and that one works correctly.00:07
thune3diverted: you followed the instructions "Note: In lucid the filename must not contain '.' , it should be lucid_i386_conf" ?00:07
kens1962it isnt00:07
kens1962wat do i go 2 lemme check00:07
mkquistkens1962: if not then open a terminal and type whereis transmission, but i think it comes packaged in ubuntu by default00:08
Jordan_Udotanitis: What is the exact code you're using?00:08
tru3fateZykoticK9, i dont know if this helps (VERR_VMX_IN_VMX_ROOT_MODE) it also has that in the error00:08
xbonesxwhats the current most recommended back up utility? I was just browsing through info about Sbackup? any other recommendations?00:08
mkquistkens1962: open a terminal and type transmission, that will start it00:08
kens1962im searchin for a song its not searchin00:09
ZykoticK9tru3fate, doesn't help me i'm affraid - i haven't used kvm in a million years, i only use vbox now (& vmware for school) - but this kvm/vbox issue has been around for a long time!00:09
mkquistkens1962: what do you mean your searching?00:09
m0rTaLi have no mouse.. could I control my mouse with the arrow keys (in X - fluxbox/Debian5)00:10
kens1962in the search bar im tryin to download a song00:10
dotanitisJordan_U: have the file "./b c/f2", writing the command: HI="./b c/f2"; file $HI but got error message...00:10
tru3fateim just trying to install some type of VM00:10
Jordan_Udotanitis: You forgot quotes around the variable where you used it: file "$HI"00:10
mkquistkens1962: transmissions a client do download from the bittorrent network, it doenst work like that00:10
kens1962i want to download music how do i00:11
kens1962i thought bittorrent does that00:11
dotanitisJordan_U: Thanks!00:11
Jordan_Udotanitis: You're welcome.00:11
tru3fateZykoticK9, is there another type i can use that is more useful less errors00:11
n8wive formated my swap partition n since then i keep gettin: swapon: cannot find the device for UUID=f3c84cbe-4f72-4921-a73c-1b7b7a7e330d00:11
n8wfor swapon -a00:12
divertedthune3, ok good point, i really had that wrong. so after renaming it i run debootstrap again? because at first after doing it i got success message00:12
dotanitisZykoticK9: "Thanks & sorry about the PM thing... my bad..."00:12
thune3diverted: i'm not sure, the message you posted above seems like more of a warning than an error.00:12
divertedok so i will do it again just to be sure00:13
kens1962how do i download music00:13
ZykoticK9tru3fate, your current issue is due to having too many installed at one time, i doubt adding more would help ;)  vbox is GREAT for me, but VMware is good as well.  i don't like kvm/qemu nearly as much, but it's all personal preferences/needs.00:13
kens1962wit this bittorrent00:13
dotanitisJordan_U: just to be sure, every time that i need to fatch the variable value, i need to use quotes?00:13
ZykoticK9dotanitis, all good man.  hope you get your variable thing working00:14
ActionParsnipkens1962: find a torrent file and open it with the client00:14
mkquistkens1962: are you registered with freenode?00:14
jdolanhm, .. Not starting NFS kernel daemon: no support in current kernel00:14
hiexpoif i were president of us right now i would say release my people they are not spys < if they refuse level iran  \00:14
jdolan10.04 server00:14
tru3fateZykoticK9, ok so ill uninstall everything dealing with vbox00:14
MarcusEbyHi fellow bunters.00:14
ActionParsnipkens1962: yes, thats how all clients work00:14
m0rTaLcan i control my mouse cursor with the arrow keys?00:14
madfoxhi! | MarcusEby00:14
madfox1hi | MarcusEby00:14
dotanitisZykoticK9: thanks to Jordan_U.00:14
madfox!hi | MarcusEby00:14
ZykoticK9tru3fate, i think vbox is the one you should use ;)  it's all up to you.00:14
ubottuMarcusEby: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!00:14
kens1962well wat can i download through terminal so i can get music00:14
mkquistkens1962: try googling bit torrent and maybe sniff around www.thepiratebay.org - of course were talking legal content here...  but this is getting a little off topic00:15
ActionParsnipm0rTaL: http://superuser.com/questions/122142/control-mouse-with-keyboard-in-ubuntu00:15
kens1962i cant just get a program through terminal00:15
ActionParsnipkens1962: i dont follow you00:15
MarcusEbyI need some help: (hey who doesn't) I recently updated from Lucid to Maverick, and lost my X11 settings and all my PPA-EDGERS plugins, now my graphic settings are all shot. How can I reinstall edgers or reset it?00:15
Scunizim0rTaL: yes.. try shift + numlock to put it in that mode00:15
ZykoticK9gotta run, l8r everyone.  best of luck.00:15
obscenekens1962: what r u looking for?00:15
ActionParsnipkens1962: if you want to install apps via terminal you can use apt-get00:15
goddardis google really evil now?00:15
kens1962i want to download music00:15
mkquistkens1962: try googling bit torrent and maybe sniff around www.thepiratebay.org - of course were talking legal content here...  but this is getting a little off topic00:16
kens1962wat can i find through terminal00:16
kevrlol mkquist .00:16
MarcusEbygoddard: google was never evil.00:16
kevrDon't joke yourself.00:16
kevrIt is illegal content.00:16
ActionParsnipkens1962: then find torrents for music and open it with the terminal, you can download the .torrent via terminal with wget if you wis00:16
divertedthune3, well i ran debootstrap again and got success again, however the 'schroot -l' still isnt working.00:16
hiexpogoddard, why would you say that ? is google evil ?00:16
=== ahmed is now known as Guest36222
MarcusEbyDoes anyone know how to remove, reset and reinstall ppa-edgers?00:16
goddardMarcusEby do you know what their doing now?00:16
ActionParsnipkevr: not all torrents are illegal00:16
MarcusEbygoddard: stealing children?00:16
tru3fateZykoticK9, Vbox is same as virtualbox right?00:16
Scunizitru3fate: yep00:17
kevrActionParsnip: obviously00:17
kevrActionParsnip: but all the mp3 rips of real artists, are00:17
goddardhiexp do a search there is more than I could ever tell you00:17
divertedthune3, thats what i get: http://pastebin.com/EixHK3kc00:17
goddardhiexp but do it on yahoo or bing :D00:17
ActionParsnipMarcusEby: do you mean xorg edgers?00:17
mkquistkevr: well, I'm just sayin, he should stick to the 'legal' stuff, thats all  =P00:17
MarcusEbyActionParsnip: Yes.00:17
* kevr teh FBI is watching00:17
ActionParsnipkevr: no, they can happily give away their own material, myspace allows fully legal mp3 downloads00:17
ActionParsnipMarcusEby: then its not 'ppa-edgers'00:18
englandflaghi.. i have a problem with a flexlm tool on ubuntu :(00:18
boywonderhi,is it possible to run windows remote desktop thru ubuntu?, as to previous q, i know know of a package rdesktop, my host will be cygwin and i can use putty to connect to it, does putty allow me to connect to remote desktop or do i need to config rdesktop,what will work? thanks in advance00:18
kevrActionParsnip: thats because myspace got licenses to do so, but torrents don't - find me one legal torrent music rip00:18
kevrHave fun trying for a year00:18
MarcusEbyActionParsnip: hey but at least you knew what I was talking about, that makes one of us.00:18
ActionParsnipkevr: still a legal mp3 by "real" bands00:18
mattgyverboywonder, you will need to either setup VNC or Terminal Services on that windows machine00:18
Scuniziboywonder: you want to use ubuntu to connect to windows and see the windows desktop right?00:18
englandflagcan somebody help me with a ubuntu problem? :(00:18
MarcusEbyActionParsnip: so would you happen to know the answer please?00:19
kevrKeep sugarcoating it for yourself why don't ya00:19
ActionParsnipMarcusEby: sudo ppa-purge xorg-edgers    will remove the ppa00:19
mkquist* sliding 'further' off topic maybe?00:19
Dravekxis there a way to re-install ubuntu server via ssh?00:19
kevrIt's pirating00:19
kevrEnd of story.00:19
dotanitisJordan_U: Can I ask another question regarding my problem?00:19
Scuniziboywonder: there is a built in app for that, that will do RDP or VNC .. check in Accessories>Internet00:19
MarcusEbyActionParsnip: then to reinstall it?00:19
well_laid_lawnkevr:  look at mininova.org - nothing but legal mp3s these days00:19
len_guys, after a lot of work I got my sound card to work for myself, but now everytime it starts, i need to load the sound module to make it work00:19
hiexpothe only one who is owner is buyer00:19
ActionParsnipkevr: if the artists give the songs away for free its fine, not all big bands charge00:19
len_how can I tell ubuntu to auto load the module?00:19
ActionParsnipMarcusEby: says on: https://launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa00:19
kevrwell_laid_lawn: mininova also sucks at search results these days00:19
blakkheimlen_: add the modprobe to your startup items then00:19
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well_laid_lawnkevr:  sites searching ability wasn't the point00:20
boywonderScunizi, i dont have accesories>internet??00:20
kevrthe point is the only reason they have nothing but legal is because they got into a lawsuit00:20
len_blakkheim, you mean on /etc/bash.bashrc?00:20
kevrand got fined SHITloads of money00:20
FloodBot2kevr: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:20
Scuniziboywonder: just a sec.. loading gnome in a vm right now.00:20
blakkheimlen_: no. what window manager/desktop environment do you use?00:20
kevrthe reason you cant find shit there anymore, is because they dont post shit thats not legal00:20
MarcusEbyActionParsnip: do you think thats why I lost all of my graphics settings? Was because Maverick didn't work with all of the xorg-edgers stuff after the upgrade? Or did I miss a step, not purging before I did the upgrade?00:20
kevrthats why you go to another torrent site00:20
blakkheim!ot > kevr00:21
ubottukevr, please see my private message00:21
len_blakkheim, gnome00:21
well_laid_lawn!language | kevr00:21
ubottukevr: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.00:21
kevrblakkheim: don't send me PM's00:21
hiexpoi don't agree but illegal is illegal00:21
kevrwell_laid_lawn: enforce it00:21
thune3diverted: checking some stuff...00:21
blakkheimlen_: you should have a list of startup items under system>administration00:21
Scuniziboywonder: sorry.. Applications>Internet>Remote Desktop Viewer or Terminal Server Client .. one does RDP protocol the other VNC00:21
blakkheimkevr: i didn't00:21
well_laid_lawnkevr:  bitter much ?00:21
divertedthune3, thanks00:21
kevrBunch of joke kids here.00:21
ActionParsnipkevr: http://bt.etree.org/   completely free bootleg recordings of unknown artists, completely free00:21
ActionParsnipkevr: just because you don't know about it doesn;t mean it doesn't exist00:22
len_blakkheim, what's the name of the program i should look for?00:22
boywonderScunizi, can i use ssh?00:22
ActionParsnipkevr: try being less ignorant, you'll get further in life00:22
blakkheimlen_: you want the modprobe command to load the module for the card, "sudo modprobe nameofmodule" for example00:22
MrUnagihow can i tell if an untrusted certificate is truely from my server?00:23
blakkheimMrUnagi: for ssh?00:23
MarcusEbyActionParsnip: Thanks a ton. But before I do the purge, I just wanted to get your opinion. Before the upgrade I used xorg-edgers with the latest kernel builds, I did the upgrade without a purge, and now nothing I put in my xorg.conf seems to do anything. In your opinion what is the problem?00:24
mattgyverblakkheim, I think you can add the module to the bottom of /etc/modules and it will start on boot00:24
Scuniziboywonder: ssh from ubuntu to windows and display the windows desktop.. well there are threads on how to use ssh and vnc together to accomplish that.. I"ve never done it though.00:24
len_blakkheim, yes I want to do that. I was thinking in put it on /etc/bash.bashrc00:24
blakkheimmattgyver: that works just fine too00:24
blakkheimlen_: then it would load it whenever you opened a shell00:25
ActionParsnipMarcusEby: the edgers packages are hugely experimental, i'd point to that first00:25
boywonderScunizi,  ok thanks alot00:25
mattgyverthen it starts for every user too00:25
MarcusEbyActionParsnip: Do you think the purge will fix it?00:25
Sandys /nick culseg00:25
Scuniziboywonder: sure.. by the way you can use putty to connect to ubuntu and display the gnome desktop :)00:25
ActionParsnipMarcusEby: its a good step, getting back to stable xorg version00:25
boywonderyes just the host is windowz00:25
MarcusEbyActionParsnip: Thanks I just needed mental backup on that. Thanks again.00:26
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mattgyverblakkheim, oh crap sorry that should have been directed to len_  :)00:27
goddardIs google evil? http://ultraparanoid.wordpress.com/2007/06/19/why-google-is-evil™/00:27
Kendaljahello all00:27
KendaljaWhen I click on "Network" on the menu, then double click on the name of the server I want to connect to, how do I get it to ask for user name and password?00:27
kevrsorry, was in the shower00:27
KendaljaI am not asked for a username and password00:27
mattgyverKendalja, perhaps you added it to the keyring on mistake?00:28
ActionParsnipKendalja: what service are you connecting to?00:28
cjae_can vurtualbox access usb? e.g usb thumb drive? with guestadditions00:28
goddardanother reason you might think google being evil http://www.google-watch.org/bigbro.html00:28
mattgyvercjae_, yes00:28
divertedhow to set up a working chroot system so i can run 32bit programs on 64bit ubuntu?00:28
ActionParsnipcjae_: the closed source one can00:28
blakkheimcjae_: the proprietary version can, but not the open source00:28
kevrActionParsnip: sorry, i just find it funny when people act like they only download legal torrents. It's called pirating, one way or another, you have illegal files after doing more than a few times -- furthermore, im a proud company-ripoff - Thanks for your goods, I'm not paying $450.00 for a M$ application/os. Ever.00:28
KendaljaI am connecting via SMB in mac OSX 10.500:28
Jordan_U!ot | goddard00:28
kevrStop acting like a goodie two shoes, no one is going to lawsuit you.00:28
ubottugoddard: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:28
ActionParsnipdiverted: you dont need a chroot, you can install ia32-libs and do it00:29
Kendaljahow do I access the keyring?00:29
len_blakkheim, so whats the name of the program I should look under system/administration?00:29
blakkheimlen_: startup items, login items, something along those lines (i don't use gnome)00:29
divertedActionParsnip, do i need to recompile the program after installing the ia32-libs?00:29
kevrGet the hell of nubuntu and spread further in knowledge, buddy00:29
ActionParsnipkevr: if the artists and production are giving the files away for free, its not pirating.00:29
kevrYou aren't getting my point00:29
ubottuPlease don't use "LOL" and "OMG" and so forth on a regular basis. This is IRC, not IM, and using those lines on their own is not required, and it is rather annoying to the rest of the people in the channel; thanks.00:29
kevrim saying there's only a minority of torrents that are legal00:30
kevrthe majority, are not00:30
divertedActionParsnip, because i compiled and installed the program successfully using my 64bit ubuntu without having ia32-libs but the program didnt work. afterwards i installed ia32-libs but it still doesnt work00:30
ActionParsnipdiverted: no, you will just need to force install the packages, as well as manually satisfy deps for libs by extracting the 32bit deb files and put the .so in /usr/lib3200:30
goddardubottu you speak for everyone in this channel?00:30
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:30
ActionParsnipdiverted: a chroot may actually be cleaner00:30
ActionParsnip!chroot | diverted00:30
ubottudiverted: A chroot is used to make programs believe that the directory they are running in is really the root directory. It can be used to stop programs accessing files outside of that directory, or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment - see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot00:30
ActionParsnipkevr: oh absolutely but legal ones do completely exist (like the ubuntu iso for one ;))00:31
kevryeah, sorry, i wasnt saying they dont00:31
thune3diverted: according to manpage of chroot.conf, there is a key directory=directory00:31
kevrconfusion $_$00:31
thune3diverted: where it says "This  option  was  previously named location, but was renamed..."00:32
thune3diverted: "The name location  is  deprecated,  but  still  valid;"00:32
goddardchroot is good stuff but it is easier to just have a second computer or virtual machine00:32
ActionParsniptrue, its all good, lets help some folks now :)00:33
kevrgoddard: not true in all cases... it's very useful for people who need to run in full cross arch environments00:33
divertedthune3, so.. where am i supposed to change anything now?00:33
goddardkevr i dont even know what you mean by that so ill just go along with it "D00:34
divertedthune3, if i use whereis chroot.conf i only find it inside some .gz files00:34
thune3diverted: it is referring to the format of the lucid_i386_conf file. If you change the key "location" (line 2) to "directory", the warning message will diappear.00:35
kevrgoddard: just read the last line that ubottu said00:35
kevr'or for compiling 32bit applications in a 64bit environment'00:35
frank___<mattgyver> ?00:36
kevrthough these days with true multilib, i suppose 32-bit chroots arent as necessary anymore for that00:36
thune3diverted: but it seems it is just a warning message, and isn't the source of any problems. location is "still valid"00:36
mattgyverfrank__, yeah sent you over my suggestion.  dunno if it will help you or not00:36
divertedthune3, yes i changed the line but i get the same message00:36
divertedthune3, christoph@F:/etc/schroot/chroot.d$ schroot -d00:37
divertedE: required parameter is missing in 'directory'00:37
divertedI: Run “schroot --help” to list usage example and all available options00:37
divertedthune3, thats when i try with -d param00:37
divertedthune3, nvm my last msg..00:37
BK_MANhaving trouble installing an application00:38
BK_MANdownloaded zip file, unzipped it, folder contains:00:39
BK_MANcommon.c crctable_osdep.h linux.o network.h osdep.h common.h libosdep.a Makefile network.o osdep.o00:39
BK_MANcommon.o linux.c network.c osdep.c packed.h00:39
blakkheimBK_MAN: it's the source code, you have to compile it00:39
BK_MANran make command came back with errors00:39
divertedthune3, im running debootstrap again and hope it works then00:39
umanHi, how can I permanently disable Compiz in Ubuntu 10.04?00:39
thune3diverted: not clear on your status (which msg to ignore and which to heed)00:39
tensorpuddinguman: turn off desktop effects00:39
BK_MANblakkheim: newbie question of the day, how do i do this?00:40
ActionParsnipuman: add a startup entry to run: metacity --replace00:40
divertedthune3, the one where i gave the output of schroot -d.. it didnt matter00:40
blakkheimBK_MAN: what program is it?00:40
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: read the README and INSTALL files if they exist00:40
umantensorpudding: where?00:40
thune3diverted: so you changed the file and still get the error message?00:40
BK_MANblakkheim: WiFish Finder00:40
divertedthune3, yes00:41
tensorpuddinguman: under the Visual Effects tab in Appearance00:41
divertedthune3, funniest thing: i use schroot -a and get it too!00:41
BK_MANtensorpudding: no config, readme or install files00:41
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: check the website for the program00:41
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: make sure you have installed the build-essential package, and all the libraries that the software requires00:42
divertedwhen i run: sudo debootstrap --variant=buildd --arch i386 lucid /var/chroot/ http://mirror.url.com/ubuntu/     then after unpacking and installing i get: I: Base system installed successfully.00:42
BK_MANtensorpudding: build-essential is installed how do i know what other libraries are needed00:43
umantensorpudding: thanks00:43
divertedthune3, for mirror url put archive.ubuntu, the actual location.. i just copied wrong link, rest is fine00:43
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: you need to read the information on the website, and sometimes you might be able to guess depending on what build errors you get00:43
tensorpuddingultimately there is no guarantee that this software will compile for your platform at all00:43
kevrActionParsnip: btw, sorry if i came off rude - was just in a bit of a hurry to get to the shower00:44
kevrdidn't mean to.00:44
BK_MANtensorpudding: wifishfinder.c:3191: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments00:44
BK_MANwifishfinder.c:3203: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments00:44
Gbrinohi l need help!00:44
tensorpuddingthat isn't the kind of parse error you get when you are missing headers00:45
divertedthune3, so what i have atm: inside /srv/chroot i have the typical hierarchy which i also find in my /00:45
ActionParsnipkevr: me too dude, we both sucked :)00:45
tensorpuddingit looks more like a real bug00:45
kens1962what program can i use to burn cd's for linux00:45
ActionParsnip!burner | kens196200:45
ubottukens1962: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto00:45
scott_inokens1962, umm brasero, k3b00:45
edbiankens1962, Rhythmbox, k3b00:45
edbiankens1962, brasero00:45
ActionParsnipgnomebaker everytime here00:46
kens1962what can i get through terminal00:46
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: what is on that line?00:46
BK_MANtensorpudding: bummer, thanks for the tips00:46
ActionParsnipkens1962: you can install them all via terminal00:46
kens1962alright give me 1 name again00:46
m_fulderI've hosted a webserver using apache on my comp but I don't have the permission to view my www/ though internet :S (my www folder has already chmod 777)00:46
edbiankens1962, You want to do the burning in the terminal or installing in the term?00:46
ActionParsnipkens1962: you can use wodim for cli burning00:46
len_mattgyver, hey it worked :) tyyy so much00:46
BK_MANtensorpudding: sorry, what is on what line?00:47
m_fulderwhy is that? link:  h20n2-ld-c-a31.ias.bredband.telia.com00:47
ActionParsnipm_fulder: 777 on www folder is asking for problems00:47
kens1962i just want a program i can burn cd's with00:47
kens1962just tell me sudo apt-get install blah blah blah00:47
ActionParsnipkens1962: any in the list ubottu gave willwork00:47
scott_inokens1962, there's tons, one of which is even installed by default00:47
m_fulderwell not 777 then .. but 744 or something00:47
kens1962where can i find it00:47
ActionParsnipkens1962: ubuntu comes with brasero by default00:47
kens1962how do i find00:47
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: the line mentioned on the error messages00:48
ActionParsnipkens1962: its under sound / video00:48
ActionParsnipkens1962: the package names are also the SAME as the things ubottu said, so you can use those in the apt-get command00:48
ActionParsnipkens1962: yes00:48
BK_MANtensorpudding: when i unzipped the file, the directory contains a makefile, i ran it and00:48
BK_MANtensorpudding: it returned the following00:49
BK_MANtensorpudding: make -C osdep00:49
BK_MANmake[1]: Entering directory `/home/brian/Downloads/WiFishFinder-v0.2/osdep'00:49
BK_MANBuilding for Linux00:49
BK_MANmake[2]: Entering directory `/home/brian/Downloads/WiFishFinder-v0.2/osdep'00:49
BK_MANmake[2]: `.os.Linux' is up to date.00:49
FloodBot2BK_MAN: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:49
BK_MANmake[2]: Leaving directory `/home/brian/Downloads/WiFishFinder-v0.2/osdep'00:49
kens1962how do i find brasero00:49
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: no, what is on the line 3191 in wifishfinder.c00:49
ActionParsnipkens1962: http://linux.dsplabs.com.au/files/p79-ubuntu/ubuntu-804-hardy-heron-beta-screenshots-menu-brasero-disc-burning-small.png00:50
goddardis Arch the best linux OS?00:50
Flare183kens1962: Its in your applications menu under sound and video00:50
hiexposudo apt-get install bressaro i think00:50
=== douglas is now known as speedrunnerG55
tensorpudding!best | goddard00:50
Flare183!best | goddard00:50
ubottugoddard: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.00:50
CondorDeltajoin /ubuntu-es00:50
ActionParsnipgoddard: there is no best ANYTHING in life00:50
macmichael01I hope I am in the right channel to ask this question. I've been playing around with a unix utility called 'at' and I am trying to use if for a simple queuing system for a python web app that I have. The problem is that when using python's subprocess lib through apache, the www-data user does not have permission to execute the request. Is there a secure way to give www-data permissions to use 'at' for the apache user?00:50
kens1962i dont see sound or video in applications00:50
well_laid_lawnCondorDelta:  try /join #ubuntu-es00:50
goddardActionParsnip i just figured some one to give an opinion isn't it fun to take ownership?00:51
scott_inokens1962, correct title is "Sound and video"00:51
ActionParsnipmacmichael01: use: sudo at    then configure the schedule00:51
CondorDeltaups sorry00:51
obengdakokens1962 then just type Alt F2 then run brasero00:51
CondorDeltathanks well_laid_lawn00:51
well_laid_lawnnp :]00:51
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.00:51
BK_MANtensorpudding: wifishfinder.c:3191: error: format not a string literal and no format arguments00:51
obengdakokens1962 if it works, right click your menu00:52
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: what is on that line, in the file00:52
ActionParsnipgoddard: doesnt make it the best though, just another opinion, try a few distros and see which you like. They all have different goals00:52
obengdakokens1962 and make brasero active in your application list00:52
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: that is, open the file in a text editor, and read what that line says00:52
prettyrobotsHow do I install postfix without the prompt?00:53
prettyrobotsNo dialogs. Just install.00:53
macmichael01ActionParsnip: I can't use sudo b/c its a web app so it would ask me for password every time right?00:53
BK_MANtensorpudding: i will check it00:53
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: actually, this is too off-topic for this channel, you would be better served asking in ##c since they actually deal with C programs00:53
prettyrobotsCan't find a place where I can specify the postfix configuartion without runing thorugh the dialogs.00:53
goddardActionParsnip why do you like Ubuntu?00:53
ActionParsnipmacmichael01: only to set it up, if you use sudo at, the command will run as root and not need password00:53
goddardActionParsnip your in here all the time00:53
=== Claudio is now known as Guest65504
BK_MANtensorpudding:                 printf( usage );00:54
adzydoes python come standard with ubuntu 10.04??00:54
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: okay, where did you get this software from?00:54
jribadzy: yes00:54
adzyhow do i launch it ?00:55
ActionParsnipgoddard: i work 12 hour shifts and I want an easy life when I et in.Ubuntu is very bloated compared to most other distros but it does what it says on the tin and all my hardware works.I also use puppy and xpud, my fileserver used to run gentoo but it died and I cant be bothered to run through the install again00:55
booiadzy, type python00:55
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: edit the file by putting // in front of the printf, and do the same for the other line mentioned in the error message00:55
Flare183goddard: I use it because, its awesome for me. I've got it on all my machines00:55
BK_MANtensorpudding:  the file is from http://www.airtightnetworks.com/home/resources/knowledge-center/wifish-finder.html00:56
hiexpogoddard,  why you like it also here in ubuntu ?00:56
BK_MANtensorpudding:     i will edit the file00:56
ActionParsnipgoddard: xpud is stupendously light but ha few drivers by default and only about 5 apps but it boots damn fast (less than 3 seconds here). Puppy again is light and quick00:56
cjae_would dd if=~/Downloads/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdh make a bootable usb stick?00:56
blakkheimcjae_: no00:56
adzydoes it come with GUI or just pure txt driven00:56
cjae_blakkheim: how do I make it bootable?00:57
edbiancjae_, No because it would not install a bootloader.00:57
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: it doesn't seem very likely at all that this code is provided any support00:57
blakkheimcjae_: try unetbootin00:57
macmichael01ActionParsnip: right but again this is a webapp that I pipe out to the commandline from python and I would never want to be hassled with a password just to set a schedule. Here is a snippet of what I am doing: http://dpaste.com/248135/00:57
Flare183!who | adzy00:58
ubottuadzy: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:58
BK_MANtensorpudding:  i think you are right, but it seems like a slick app00:58
booiadzy, seriously? http://lmgtfy.com/?q=python&l=100:58
adzysorry im newb, i never heard of it before00:58
cjae_blakkheim: I just want to be able to install FROM the usb stick not run an OS on it00:58
ActionParsnipcjae_: you need usb-creator for that, if you use the netbook img it will work00:58
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: after you commented out those printf lines, try running make again00:58
tripelbgoogle open dns has one error on its "how to setup" page. The dns's need to be sparated with a COMMA not SPACE as it says00:58
coreycan anyone tell me why my cursor skips when i type (and its not my mouse)00:59
adzybooi: thanks ill read up on that :D00:59
tripelbif you unplug your mouse does it still skip corey ?00:59
ActionParsnipcorey: try the boot options: i8024.reset   i8024.nomux=1    irqpoll    in various combinations00:59
misteralexandercorey: PC or Laptop?00:59
cjae_ActionParsnip: why is the netbook image different?00:59
tripelbnevermind my suggestion00:59
BK_MANtensorpudding:  tried it new error c:3202: error: label at end of compound statement00:59
ActionParsnipcjae_: different data structure afaik00:59
coreyactionparsnip i dont understand?01:00
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: there is no guarantee that this code compiles at all, you might have to rewrite a lot of it, and since you don't know C that might be tough01:00
Flare183corey: Its an option on the mouse settings, you'll have to uncheck it.01:00
BK_MANtensorpudding:  true story01:00
ActionParsnipcorey: try those 3 boot options on the system. They are great at helping laptops with weird touchpads and keyboard01:01
dogmatic69hi all01:01
coreyok thanks ill look into it right now01:01
misteralexanderdogmatic69: hi.01:01
dogmatic69could someone help me out with a permission error?01:01
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: if they were bad enough to leave broken printf statements in there, it's probable that they've not recently tested to see if it actually builds before posting the source01:01
bsmith093im trying to burn a disc and it wants to rename the files for "full windows compatability" to 64 characters. will not doing this really affect the disc in any way if i play it on windows?01:01
dogmatic69apache cant read my .htaccess01:01
stbaindogmatic69, what are the permissions on the .htaccess file?01:01
BK_MANtensorpudding:  so its not a version thing, like will not run on 10.0401:02
ScuniziHow do I change the "network" name the computer belongs to.. ??  for instance I have several computers all using "Workgroup" as the network name..01:02
macmichael01ActionParsnip: Is there something that I could at to the sudoers file that would allow www-data the ability to set the 'at' queue without ever asking for a password but not become some sort of security risk.01:02
coreysorry guys im really confused i just checked my mouse settings and i dont see anything about boot options for the mouse or i8024.reset01:02
boywonderScunizi,  you still about?01:02
Scuniziboywonder: yep01:02
dogmatic69stbain: -rwxr-xrwx01:02
dogmatic69and i own it01:03
misteralexanderHow do I change the "Volume Lable" of my external media?  I have tried & it says "Operation Isn't Supported By Backend" . . . any ideas?01:03
tensorpuddingBK_MAN: It most probably isn't an Ubuntu issue, it might be old software that depends on features from old versions of GCC, or just really badly coded01:03
BK_MANtensorpudding:  OK thanks for all the help!01:03
stbaindogmatic69, might just be that apache is not configured to AllowOverride01:03
boywonderScunizi,  ive been looking into putty to use with cygwin(if you heard of that?) now the x in putty is confusing me,can you help out ?01:03
ActionParsnipmacmichael01: i guess, i've not played with sudoers though01:03
dogmatic69stbain: yes.. that is it i think01:04
dogmatic69had this before and could not remember the issue, but you reminded me01:04
edbianboywonder, I've heard of that.01:04
jrib!label | misteralexander01:04
ubottumisteralexander: To rename the labels of your partitions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive.01:04
stbaindogmatic69, you may want to look that up in the Apache docs and ask in the #apache channel01:04
Flare183corey: I'll show you hold on01:04
Kendaljawell wtf01:04
Scuniziboywonder: not much.. just that if you're going to run remote X in windows via putty you have to install X in windows.01:04
coreyok thank you01:04
dogmatic69stbain: #httpd :P01:04
misteralexanderjrib: I'll check that out, thanks!01:04
Kendaljawhen I click on "network" my computer is there but how do I get it to ask for username and password?01:04
dogmatic69#apache only tell you to go there01:04
stbaindogmatic69, makes sense... #apache is so much more than just httpd now01:05
stbainerr... Apache, not #apache01:05
Kendaljanothing is in keyring01:05
boywonderim thinking to get me out of trouble i just need to access say the root in the windows machine01:05
boywonderim not looking to run x in ubuntu?01:05
Scuniziboywonder: it's a lot of reading..01:06
coreyflare i might add im using kubuntu 10.0401:06
stbainboywonder, you may want to look into the server version then01:06
coreyi should have said that fromt he begining sorry01:06
boywonderwell they do a cygwin-x,but if im not needing to connect win~ubuntu then it may work?01:07
boywonderto just get the command line via ssh01:07
Flare183corey: http://flare183.net/screenshots/Screenshot-Mouse%20Preferences.png01:07
boywonderoh i need to file transfer01:08
coreythat link doesnt work for me01:08
Flare183corey: it should01:08
stbainboywonder, plenty of ways to accomplish that. SCP, ftp, etc. etc.01:08
coreysays unable to connect (using firefox)01:08
Flare183corey: try it now01:08
* dddw is off01:09
coreystill nothing01:09
Flare183wow :/01:09
ScuniziHow do I change the domain/workgroup name of the computer?01:09
Kendaljahow do I get it to ask for a user name and pw?01:09
Kendaljamy network01:09
coreythe screenshot is blank too when i hover my mouse over your link01:10
Flare183corey: http://flare183.net/screenshots/Screenshot-Mouse%20Preferences.png01:10
Flare183corey: http://imagebin.org/11544301:10
coreyok i see now01:11
coreyi dont havethose settings01:11
Flare183yes you do, its in the preferences menu01:11
Flare183System, Preferences, Keyboard01:11
coreyim using kubuntu and when i click mouse and keyboard settings it doesnt have anything in there about the touch pad01:12
Flare183corey: you should have told us that01:12
coreyi did mention it awhile ago01:12
Xanocurious, anyone know what would cause the ubuntu install/Live CD to not get past the purple splash?01:12
Flare183I missed it, I'm sorry01:12
coreythats okay is houlda mentioned it sooner my bad01:12
Xanoit just sits at a flashing cursor01:13
coreyso do you know what i should do now?01:13
coreyflare if i logout and login using gnome will those settings carry over to the kubuntu kde desktop?01:13
Flare183Xano: Try going to the first or the second virtual terminals01:13
Flare183corey: I'm not sure01:13
robotti^how to change uppercase letters from filenames to lowercase? I have directory full of files names picture01.JPG picture02.JPG01:14
OY1Ri have a C-Media USB soundcard hooked to my laptop running Ubuntu 8.10, use it for ham digimodes, it works ok but the master volume always goes up to full after a while, and it's adjustment is erratic if i drag the slider it hops around and often goes down to 0. it's using alsa. help.01:14
Flare183corey: I haven't used KDE in a good long while01:14
robotti^how to change them all lowercase?01:14
coreyi guess ill try that then01:14
coreythanks for helpin me01:14
Scunizicorey: what's your kde question?01:15
coreyi just noticed something,.....under mouse settings in kubuntu, all of my touchpad settings are disabled and greyed out,.....how can i enable this01:16
coreymy touch pad is working though but i need to disable the mouse while typing so i needto get those settings working01:16
Scunizicorey: most likely those touchpad settings are for a different type of touch pad.. I'll look at mine.. but I'm running kde on a desktop.. although I do have a wacom graphics tablet plugged in. :)01:17
gswindle /join netbeans01:17
coreyok thanks01:17
gswindle#join netbeans01:17
=== _jesse__ is now known as _jesse_
Flare183gswindle: /join #netbeans01:18
jkazanarobotti^:I can't tell u  exactly but you need to use find with -exec  and mv01:18
n1ck6464hello guys, i wonder if there's around any program to record and play keyboard and mouse clicks (Macro Recorder e.g. "Jitbit" "AutoIt", but they all for windows)?01:18
icarus-crobotti^,  echo "blAhHHHH" | tc [:upper:] [:lower:]01:18
Scunizicorey: yea.. mine is greyed out too.. but then I don't have a touchpad..01:19
icarus-crobotti^,  echo "blAhHHHH" | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]  # should be tr instead of tc01:19
wdaroshAnyone got a minute - I have a bit of a situation with a server01:19
coreyScuniz my original problem is my mouse skips while i type, but it does it even when i dont hit the mouse01:19
Jordan_U!asl | wdarosh01:19
ubottuwdarosh: Most of us don't speak American Sign Language, please try english instead. ✌01:19
jkazanaicarus-s:thnx good to know01:19
Jordan_U!ask | wdarosh01:19
ubottuwdarosh: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:19
icarus-crobotti^, or you want the rename part too?01:20
Jordan_Uwdarosh: Sorry about that first message from ubottu :)01:20
coreyim using kubuntu, but if i dropped down to gnome by login out of this kde and then checked disable mouse when typing in gnome would it carry those settings over to kubuntu?01:20
robotti^icarus-c: all of them with uppercase letters to lowercase01:20
Scunizicorey: probably not01:20
coreydo you know what i can do to solve my problem?01:20
OY1Rrobotti^, Applications > Add/remove and search rename there are a few programs in there :)01:21
icarus-crobotti^,  echo "blAhHHHH" | tr [:upper:] [:lower:]  # would covert blAhHHHHH to lower case01:21
Scunizicorey: check in #kde .. they are busier than #kubuntu01:21
n1ck6464hello guys, i wonder if there's around any program to record and play keyboard and mouse clicks (Macro Recorder e.g. "Jitbit" "AutoIt", but they all for windows)?01:21
wdaroshUbuntu Server 10.04 is no longe booting-  Unit is reporting that it is unable to find /dev/root /sys/root and then crashes out unable to load.  System has been booted via Live CD and unit is showing access to SDA5.  SDA1 is showing up as LVM2 Format and is inaccessable.  Is there a way to get the unit to boot?01:21
icarus-crobotti^, so you could use that in your script to rename those files01:21
=== corey is now known as Guest74920
Guest74920am i bein kicked or something01:21
tripelbmy system thinks my monitor goes off to the right so my mouse-cursor does not "deadend" on the right border of my screen causing many enjoyable episodes of mouse-chasing-its-own-tail.  Fresh install. Can you help?01:22
Guest74920i was just in here under the name corey and i lost connection and was brought back as guest74920,...was i kicked or something?01:22
tripelbguest, no you came in though the backdoor I think Guest7492001:22
tripelbcorey, do you have a registered nick?01:23
Guest74920oh ok lolguess i just lost connection01:23
icarus-crobotti^, do you need help with the whole script?01:23
Guest74920no im new01:23
tripelbthat happens to me when I dont give the right password01:23
Guest74920i dont know how to register my nick01:23
Jordan_UGuest74920: "corey" is likely already registered.01:23
tripelb go /help register01:23
Guest74920ok thanks01:23
KB1JWQfreenode recommends setting up your nick in this fashion: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup (Please make sure you check your email to complete registration)01:23
tripelbor help nickserv register.. or listne to kbijwq01:23
Guest74920help nickserv register01:24
Jordan_Uwdarosh: Try #ubuntu-server01:24
tripelbyou forgot the slash01:24
tripelbbut that page is better01:24
Guest74920ok thanks my bad01:24
tripelband my lost cursor question will it be answered?01:25
divertedcan some kind person please help me setup a working chroot directory?01:25
tripelbmy system thinks my monitor goes off to the right so my mouse-cursor does not "deadend" on the right border of my screen causing many enjoyable episodes of mouse-chasing-its-own-tail.  Fresh install. Can you help?01:25
icarus-crobotti^,   for i in *; do mv "$i" $(echo "$i" |tr [:upper:] [:lower:]); done01:26
SgeoWhoops, wrong channel01:29
n1ck6464hello guys, i wonder if there's around any program to record and play keyboard and mouse clicks (Macro Recorder e.g. "Jitbit" "AutoIt", but they all for windows)?01:30
wasnikhi guys ubuntu does not detect my on board conexant soundcard please help01:30
Flomasterharro harro  im looking to remame every from in a frolder from   foo.jpg foo - bar.jpg  to  foo.png and foo - bar.png01:32
boywonderScunizi, thanks mate.laters01:34
Flomasteranyone familure with batch remaning?01:35
jribFlomaster: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)01:35
beilabsAnyone having issues with stalling?01:35
Flomasterjrib:  im looking to remame every from in a frolder from   foo.jpg foo - bar.jpg  to  foo.png and foo - bar.png01:36
slybootsIm having some problems using ufw with "logging"01:36
slybootsI've got ufw installed and configured; then I tried installing ulodd.. but it doesnt seem to actually do anything01:37
jribFlomaster: that made little sense to me, but use rename01:37
slybootsIm just rying to figure out a way to present the logs in a readable format01:37
dragonsaintbeilabs: yeah, sometimes i get Power Management is not responding upon logging in01:37
beilabsdragonsaint, getting "Waiting for sound system to respond"01:37
beilabsonly since last night01:37
Flomasterjrib: I have a folder of jpg files and need them to be png files  i need the file name stay the same while only changing the ext01:37
tripelbmy system thinks my monitor goes off to the right so my mouse-cursor does not "deadend" on the right border of my screen causing many enjoyable episodes of mouse-chasing-its-own-tail.  Fresh install. Can you help?01:38
jribFlomaster: so you don't want to just rename files, you want to convert jpeg to png?01:38
wasnikhi guys ubuntu does not detect my on board conexant soundcard01:38
dragonsaintbeilabs: im not getting any sound problems except w/ skype01:39
Flomasterjrib: yeah while only chaning the file extension  not the name, idon't need anything else to change but jpg01:39
jribFlomaster: mogrify -format png '*.jpg'01:39
slybootsI'vetried reading the Ubuntu guides but.. Im having no luck01:39
Flomasterjrib: its working now01:40
=== root is now known as Guest61989
slybootsanyone abel to aim me at a better guide perhaps?01:41
jribslyboots: you should keep your question in one line because I have no clue what you want a guide for01:41
Flomasterjrib: thanks it worked only a few messed up files but thatsbetter to fix then the entire folder01:41
Guest61989any body please help me to block sites using hosts file01:41
slybootsjrib: Setting up ufw logging in a way thats.. readable01:41
Guest61989please, now I have 5 more minutes left01:42
rames...hi all - can anyone explain the difference between ubuntu netbook remix and unr 2d??01:42
jribGuest61989: what aren't you sure about?01:43
blakkheimGuest61989: sitetoblock.com
williamoh, nevermind01:43
Guest61989it's not working with, the net is working through a network proxy01:43
armyriadWhich JRE should I install?01:44
jribGuest61989: you need to show the channel what you are doing exactly (use pastebin)01:44
Guest61989do I need to keep the network ip in hosts file?01:44
jrib!java > armyriad01:44
ubottuarmyriad, please see my private message01:44
armyriadjrib: I know how to install Java. I'm just wondering if I should install the official JRE from Sun or the open-source one.01:45
dubliskHi, I want to access my ubuntu desktop remotely, how do I setup the vncserver though?01:45
Guest61989there aren't any errors to use pastebin, even when I append a site to hosts, it works nicely in firefox01:45
jribarmyriad: install the one you want01:45
armyriadjrib: I want to know which one is better.01:46
umanarmyriad: if you don't care about philosophical issues of software freedom or whatever01:46
umanarmyriad: install the real oen01:46
jribarmyriad: "better" is subjective.  It depends on what you value.01:46
PrimedeathGuys, is there anyway to change how close to the edge of a window I have to be to allow resizing?01:46
umanarmyriad: if you drink Richard Stallman's kool-aid, install the OSS one01:46
Guest61989do I need to give the network proxy in hosts?01:46
PrimedeathI have a very touchy touchpad and I cannot seem to make windows smaller/bigger that easily. It's twitchy and I seem to have to be dead-on.01:46
SilverStrandanyone here ?01:47
l34kdoes ubuntu support dual screens?01:47
SilverStrandok great... :)01:47
SilverStrandive got problems with my appearance thing.01:47
Guest61989sory,time out01:47
Guest61989I have to go know01:47
SilverStrandwhenever i reboot, my appearance >> visualeffects >> are set to none01:48
Guest61989I'll be back some hours later, I'm pksadiq01:48
jribl34k: yes01:48
SilverStrandso i get no visual effects + my title bar doesnt show up01:48
SilverStrandim on 2.99 Ghz, 700 ram, intel 940 128mb ....01:48
SilverStrandusing ubuntu 10.0401:49
SilverStrandwhen i go to appearance and do "normal", it goes ok again01:49
SilverStrandpls help me01:49
Xanocurious, anyone know what would cause the ubuntu install/Live CD to not get past the purple splash?01:49
beilabsjust did a restart, now have no soundcard for input....wtf?01:49
beilabsor output01:50
PrimedeathI love Linux for my sound, Linux audio driver is the only one able to use my laptops subwoofer. :D01:50
pudgypaw@SilverStrand what graphics card u got01:50
KendaljaI have shares on my osx computer01:50
KendaljaUbuntu sees them but when I click on em i get no user name or password01:51
SilverStrandpudgypaw: intel 94001:51
RoastedSo I cannot uninstall or install anything due to mediatomb... I get an error about it being a subprocess or some garbage, even though I'm trying to install things like skype, etc. Any ideas?01:51
Kendaljahow do I setup ubuntu to ask for username and pass?01:51
pudgypawintegrated right?01:51
SilverStrandor 91001:51
SilverStrandnot sure01:51
SilverStrandbut yes01:51
FloodBot2SilverStrand: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:51
Flare183!enter | SilverStrand01:51
ubottuSilverStrand: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:51
pudgypawI got ATI and it gave me drivers for that before allowing me to switch effects up01:51
tensorpuddingKendalja: Check out the User Settings menu01:52
SilverStrandpudgypaw: everything works smooth here but...01:52
pudgypawif u go System>Admin>hardware, it can scan for hardware and new drivers01:52
SilverStrandsomethings wrong with reboot i guess01:52
tensorpuddingKendalja: make sure that your user has password asked at login01:52
pudgypaweven with me it takes 2 reboots and setting it to make changes survive reboot01:52
PrimedeathAnyone here know how I can adjust how sensitive window adjusting is? I have a touchy touchpad and I can't seem to stay on that one pixel for long enough to start window resizing.01:52
SilverStrandpudgypaw: each time i click "normal" it searches for available drivers for a while and then everything comes back01:53
tensorpuddingKendalja: sorry, Users and Groups, under System -> Administration01:53
SilverStranddunno why it cant do that automatically with ever y boot01:53
pudgypawah, then taht means it can't find any means to do 2D/3D acceleration01:53
pudgypawat least, not on startup01:53
pudgypawdunno why01:53
SilverStrandi went to harware thing u showed... it searched, but there is nothing in the list :/01:54
pudgypawbut since that graphics card is integrated not dedicated, wouldn't expect too much01:54
pudgypawprolly means ubuntu hasn't placed ur particular gcard on file01:54
pudgypawprolly cuz it's integrated01:54
SilverStrandpudgypaw: it actually runs quite smoothly with winflip and stuff..... but dunno why it cant get this in reboot :/01:54
SilverStrandintegrated sucks i know01:54
pudgypawsomeone else might be able to teach u to write some script01:55
SilverStrandany way to do it ?01:55
pudgypawand plunk it somewhere01:55
pudgypawi myself have no idea on writing one01:55
SilverStrandwho and where ?01:55
pudgypawdunno XD gotta ask someone else01:55
SilverStrandi tried forums but nothings there on it.01:55
pudgypawmaybe search "startup scripts"01:55
SilverStrandsome say u need drivers.... some say u need compizfusionicon01:55
SilverStrandstuff doesnt work anyway01:55
pudgypawnah, a version of compiz is preinstalled01:56
pudgypawmaybe try maverick01:56
SilverStrandcompiz wasnt there in mine01:56
SilverStrandi had to install it seperately01:56
SilverStrandive done so many updates on ubuntu with my sucking net that im really not enthusiatic about reinstalling it01:57
SilverStrandi do think that ive screwed up someting somewhere but... i hope not01:57
SilverStrandpudgypaw: speed is good.01:57
SilverStrandno no01:57
SilverStrandspeed is ok sorta01:57
FloodBot2SilverStrand: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:57
SilverStrandwill take around 2 hrs to do all updates so far01:57
SilverStrandi thought u were asking pc speed :P01:58
SilverStrandsilly me01:58
xaseThis bot has a terrible concept of flooding.01:59
SilverStrandim new to ubuntu, so dont know a ting about scripting01:59
SilverStrandxase: yeah !01:59
xaseSilverStrand, what are you trying to script?01:59
SilverStrandxase: im trying to do anything that will allow me to do this : Appearance >> Visual Effects >> normal02:00
SilverStrandwith every reboot02:00
JoTedMy ubuntu laptop just has a problem now. I installed it with the encrypted option for the alternative disc. My laptop has worked fine for the last several months. Now when I boot, after I put in my cryptfs password, I get 'No init found. Try passing init= bootarg., I get an (initramfs) boot terminal. How can I fix this?02:00
xaseJust uninstall compiz?02:00
SilverStrandby default, it doesnt02:00
SilverStrandxase: NO !02:00
SilverStrandi need the effects02:00
xasebut you want them disabled?02:00
FloodBot2xase: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:00
SilverStrandthats the fun of it02:00
SilverStrandno i dont wanna disable them02:01
FloodBot2SilverStrand: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:01
SilverStrandfor effects i want, themes + windowglow + win flip02:01
SilverStrandnothing else02:01
xaseThen set it up using CCSM02:01
SilverStrandpudgypaw: yeah... the blue glow that u get... from window borders02:01
xaseMines green ;)02:02
SilverStrandk wotever :P02:02
fakhirhello I am wondering why Disk Swap is being used when over 50% of my RAM is being used for cache.02:02
SilverStrandu can configure it02:02
xaseWith Compiz Config Settings Manager02:02
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz02:02
tcliam_I have an XP virtual machine running on Virtualbox in my ubuntu host. I am having a problem where they can't connect to each other no ping or anything. they were working when I first set them up however. Any ideas of what might be stopping them from connecting to one another?02:02
SilverStrandxase : its in window decorations02:02
xase... are you talking KDE or GNOME?02:02
SilverStrandim on ubuntu02:03
xaseThen what do your visual effects have to do with window decorations?02:03
SilverStrandxase: when i reboot, it doesnt show my title bar...02:03
xaseDecorations are just looks, every piece of eyecandy otherwise is compiz.02:03
xaseYou're using Emerald?02:03
pudgypaw@tcliam_, I think under internet settings u can switch to bridged02:03
SilverStrandso when i go to appearance and visual effect and do it normal, it all comes back02:03
pudgypawwhen the VM isn't running02:03
SilverStrandxase: i tried sudo aptget remove emerald02:03
xaseCompiz seems setup to do something weird.02:04
SilverStrandit said i dont have it02:04
SilverStrandemerald thing was on some forum but it doesnt work for me i guess02:04
xaseBut compiz might still be trying to use it, if the use window decorations is enabled in your config.02:04
xaseDid you try emerald --replace ?02:04
SilverStrandwot ?02:04
xaseOr running it as a start up script?02:04
misteralexanderI'm trying to get HDMI Out working on 10.04 x64 . . . does it not work out of the box?02:04
SilverStrandxase: pls explain some more, i dont know this stuff02:04
SilverStrandim new to ubuntu02:05
xaseOr using compiz-fusion icon to manage even more settings like turning compiz off and on the fly.02:05
SilverStrandhow do i do that ?02:05
xasesudo apt-get install compizconfig-settings-manager02:05
xaseor you could use simple-ccsm02:05
xaseI prefer the full blown.02:06
SilverStrandits already there it says02:06
xasePress alt+f202:06
Andre_Gondimhow may I finish my session with command line?02:06
xaseand type in compizconfig-settings manager02:06
xaseAndre_Gondim, 'exit' ?02:06
xasemisteralexander, good luck on HDMI out.02:06
pudgypaw@misteralexander - make sure your drivers are installed first02:06
Andre_Gondimxase, this only finish my terminal, I said my gnome, for example02:07
SilverStrandxase: couldnt open02:07
Andre_Gondimand goes to gdm02:07
theDrPoOis there a way of allowing a user to execute a command that only admin users can, but without giving that user admin privileges?02:07
pudgypawmine worked out of the box but then again, my gcard only output DVI and i use a converter02:07
xaseSilverStrand, try installing simple ccsm02:07
SilverStrandand how do i do that ?02:07
xasetheDrPoO, sudo02:07
xaseSilverStrand, sudo apt-get install simple-ccsm02:07
xaseor use synaptic if you don't like the terminal.02:08
theDrPoOxase, but i dont want to give the user sudo privileges02:08
SilverStrandok thanks :)02:08
xaseWell theDrPoO you can make a new group and add the user to it.02:08
xaseand set it to be able to do the task you want it.02:08
xaseBut that's out of my scope.02:08
xaseSilverStrand, look in the appearance under visual effects02:08
xasethere should be a button now to configure compiz02:09
SilverStrandi got a custom button02:09
theDrPoOxase, but can i give the group permissions to execute a command?02:09
meh2hey guys, anyone know how to completely remove openvpn?02:09
meh2i installed it to test with and now i want to start it again from scratch02:10
pudgypawerrrr... sudo apt-get remove openvpn?02:11
xlivewhats up guys02:11
well_laid_lawnmeh2:  try in terminal   sudo apt-get --purge remove openvpn02:11
xliveum guys .. Im kinda new to Linux .. Im mofuckin tired of using windows shit02:12
xliveI need you guys help 2 b with linux02:13
well_laid_lawn!language | xlive02:13
ubottuxlive: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:13
xliveumm Im kinda aranging my desktp02:13
misteralexanderxase: pudgypaw: HDMI worked like a charm!  Straight outta the box, no hassle.02:13
xliveguys .. I wana add some panels to my side in the desktop02:13
xlivewhat u guys call that02:13
misteralexanderxase: pudgypaw: I only asked before I tried because I assumed it was going to be a bitch.  Worked like a charm on my laptop.  Integrated Intel Graphics though, but still, IT WORKED!02:14
pudgypawmisteralexander: good to hear =]02:14
well_laid_lawnxlive:  right click the panel02:14
pudgypawxlive: google screenlets02:15
Danielsomeone may help me?02:15
Danieli have some problem with02:15
Danielthe vissual effects02:15
SilverStrandhow do i install compiz fusion icon ?02:15
pudgypawdaniel and silverstrand have same issue i think02:15
tcliam_@pudgypaw thanks that worked02:15
SilverStrandsudo apt-get install compiz-fusion-icon ?02:15
Danielin ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala02:16
pudgypaw@tclaim_ - np =]02:16
ZykoticK9SilverStrand, "sudo apt-get install fusion-icon"02:16
Danielsilverstand: do you have the same problem than me?02:16
xliveGuys IM talking about this kinda panel on the side http://www.tweakhound.com/images/susedesktop_17aug07.png . that has meters and everything02:16
misteralexanderpudgypaw: do you know where I configure it so when I close the lid on my laptop, nothing happens?  No hibernate, no sleep, no suspend.02:16
xlivewhat do you call that ?02:16
SilverStrandDaniel: wots ur prob ?02:16
SilverStrandim having probs with title bars and effects02:17
Danielmy pc is getting frozen02:17
Danielwhen i activate the vissual effects02:17
SilverStrandsorry, no frozen pc in here...02:17
pudgypaw@misteralexander: i think that's in power settings02:17
SilverStrandDaniel: maybe ur graphic card is low02:17
Danielno way02:17
misteralexanderpudgypaw: k, thanks.02:17
Danielhold on02:17
pudgypawlike, system>admin> powersettings02:17
pudgypawor something like that02:17
SilverStrandOMFG !!!!! 96 mb for fusionicon thingy ?!?!??!02:18
Danielit's a PCI Express02:18
javatexanhelp....I had wine die on me, so i completely uninstalled it and erased the shorcuts out of main menu (so it wouldn't duplicate), but when I install wine now, I get no shortcuts in gnome main menu....02:18
javatexanhow do I get the shortcuts back?02:19
Danieli have 1GB of RAM02:19
Danielcome on!02:19
SilverStrandDaniel: :/ no idea02:19
Danieli looked everywhere02:19
Danielfor that issue02:19
SilverStrandcan u play games having 3d stuff ?02:19
Danieland i found ANYTHING02:19
Danieli don't know02:19
SilverStrandoh u dont play i guess ?!02:20
Danieli didn't tried that02:20
Danieli'm new in ubuntu02:20
SilverStrandoh hi |_ocke02:20
SilverStrandme too dani02:20
xaseSilverStrand, you can02:20
xaseI have played Crisis on low settings on linux on a sheisty laptop02:20
SilverStrandxase: i can whoat ?02:20
xase3d games02:20
SilverStrandu gotta be kiddin me02:20
SilverStrandhey hey02:20
xaseBest to be turning off compiz though with the compiz fusion icon02:21
SilverStrandu sayin i can play crisis game on this shit ?02:21
SilverStrandim on intel 910 something02:21
xasedepends on your computer.02:21
pudgypawgo to applications>UbuntuSoftwareCenter and search PlayOnLinux02:21
SilverStrand845/910 GL02:21
FloodBot2SilverStrand: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:21
misteralexanderpudgypaw: yep, worked perfect!02:21
Danielyou must be kidding02:21
xaseNot sure about that one.02:21
Danielif tried to run Crysis02:21
Danielin Windows02:21
Danielthat looks like scrap02:21
SilverStrandi could play nfs mw on 1024 but without reflection02:21
pudgypawmisteralexander: np =]02:21
=== ThomasG33K is now known as TomRone
SilverStrandxase, is that good enough ?02:22
xaseNot sure at all silverstrand.02:22
xaseIt's not even that great of a game imo02:22
pudgypawif u wanna play a 3d game NOW i suggest grabbing Warzone 2100 on PlayonLinux02:22
xaseI had a nvidia integrated crap card02:22
Danielit's a lot of people02:22
SilverStrandxase, nvidia rocks02:22
xaseI like nexuiz myself.02:22
Danielyeah me too02:23
Danielmy nvidia is broken02:23
Danieli don't know why02:23
Danielis rare02:23
xaseI am in need of ddr 2 ram for my desktop.02:23
Danielpardon my english02:23
Danieli'm from colombia02:23
xaseIt's alright.02:23
xaseI'm from North America and my English sucks.02:23
javatexanis there a way to get ubuntu to recreate the shortcuts in main menu for wine?02:23
xasejavatexan, it should do that natively?02:24
xaseIt does for me.02:24
SwamFin99i cant send to the arch channel02:24
SwamFin99anyoen know why?02:24
well_laid_lawnSwamFin99:  you need to be registered02:24
javatexanxase: it did that the first time, but since I removed them to do "reinstall", they won't come back02:24
SwamFin99where do i register?02:24
|Sacred|via nickserv02:24
rwwubottu: register | SwamFin9902:24
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode02:24
ubottuSwamFin99: please see above02:24
SwamFin99sweet thx man02:25
|Sacred|welcome to irc :D02:25
SwamFin99i havent used *nix in 5 years02:25
SwamFin99ubuntu has changed a fuckton02:25
notheoneis there any more irc serverlist02:25
SilverStrandhey guys !! can i delete the stuff that this terminal thingy downloads ?02:25
Danieli think ubuntu02:25
Danielis better than windows02:25
Danielit's free02:25
SwamFin99bought a netbook02:25
SilverStrandcuz  i think im gonna run short of space on ubuntu drive02:25
Danieland easy02:25
SwamFin99slow as hell on win702:25
FloodBot2Daniel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:25
SwamFin99so i put 10.04 on02:25
SwamFin99not a massive fan02:25
notheoneI fail to use internet02:26
SwamFin99still too slow on crappy netbook hardware haha02:26
Danielminimun requirements in win702:26
SwamFin99teh integration is awesome though02:26
SwamFin99its come a long way02:26
Danieli had win702:26
Danielit's pretty good02:26
SilverStrandhey guys !! can i delete the stuff that this terminal thingy downloads ?02:26
SilverStrandcuz  i think im gonna run short of space on ubuntu drive02:26
Danielbut at the same time02:26
Danielis a scrap02:26
|Sacred|SilverStrand ?02:26
Danieli had deactivated vissual effects and superfetch02:27
|Sacred|you mean delete the files used after wget or something?02:27
=== cyberpunk is now known as Guest76615
Danieland it's still conssupting 780MB of Ram02:27
|Sacred|or via apt?02:27
Danieli have 1 GB02:27
SgeoHow do I get Firefox to import Chromium's settings?02:27
SwamFin99ubuntu has gotten so ridiculously big though02:27
Guest76615guys whats the best player to watch dvds on ubuntu02:27
|Sacred|sure, after you do what you need to with the files, delete em if you want02:27
Danielthis is an ubuntu irc02:27
SwamFin99i mustvwe used it back at like 5.0402:27
SilverStrandlike... delete whatever packages it downloaded02:27
=== Guest76615 is now known as Xlive
SilverStrandonce its installed02:27
Danielmaybe the default02:28
=== SwamFin99 is now known as sheeoyd
SilverStrand|Sacred|: how do i delete them ?02:28
|Sacred|SilverStrand yes, once you've completed what you want to do with the files, or even after extraction, rm em02:28
Danielyou can download codecs for it02:28
SilverStrandfrom where ?02:28
|Sacred|from wherever you downloaded them to02:28
SilverStrandno !02:28
|Sacred|probably in ~/home02:28
Danielwhe you are attempting to open a file02:28
SilverStrandit was in terminal  so i dunno where it did02:28
Daniela video a .mp302:28
Danielor something02:28
|Sacred|check home dir02:28
Danielif this doesn't have the codecs02:28
Danielit tells you02:29
Danielif you want to look for that codecs02:29
Danieland the applicattion makes everything for you02:29
aj00200I have a Toshiba Satellite (L655D-S5050) laptop, but I can't connect to the internet through WiFi, or a Ethernet cable. Any ideas?02:29
Danielmaybe is the network manager02:30
Danieli had a huawei e156b02:30
Danielwith comcel02:30
Danielat first02:30
FloodBot2Daniel: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:30
Danielrecognized it02:30
XliveI have another question .. when I was using windows I was able to do few downloads without getting my connection slow . but when I moved to linux net sufing get alot slower when I dwnload somthing02:31
Xlivewhy is that ?02:31
Danielmaybe is the server02:32
|Sacred|have you tried doing a speedtest?02:32
aj00200Xlive: that depends on a lot of things, from the speed of the server your downloading from, to how many other things your downloading, and even how many people are using your ISP at that time02:32
|Sacred|at least do a speedtest02:32
Xliveumm well hold on a sec .. lets do a speed test 1st02:32
|Sacred|might just be remote servers over-loaded02:32
XliveIm download vlc player and I can even go to the google :(02:33
BHSPitMonkeyWhen I updated from Karmic to Lucid, my GDM theme stayed the same. How can I change it, now that the old GDM theme settings options are gone?02:33
=== Jason is now known as Guest22429
Xliveok I took a speed test02:35
Xlivewell speed is normal like this02:35
Xlivebut when I download somthing .. it gets damn slow :(02:35
Xlivecant even goto the google02:35
Guest22429I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 as well as mediatomb from the software center. Now mediatomb is giving me massive issues. I cannot uninstall or install ANYTHING. It gives me an error about dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: and mentions mediatomb. Any ideas?02:36
Danielwhich is your download speed?02:36
Xlivemy connection is a 512/kbps connection02:36
Blue1the answeris 42!02:36
Danieli have a 300kbps02:37
Daniel30 /kbps download02:37
Danielis pretty fast02:37
Xlivewell it is fast when ur doing one thing02:37
Xlivewhen it goes like .. if u put a youtube video on buffer and gofor net surf you wont be able to do it :/02:38
sweetpioh wow 0.43Mb/s down 0.10Mb/s up no wonder its lagging02:38
Xlivei dont know about you .. but I cant =/02:38
Daniel3 hours to update the repositories02:38
Danielubuntu 9.1002:38
miststlkrhopefully a quick question, using the gnome-terminal's rename command with regexp, is there a way to string them ogether somehow rather than run the rename several times ina  row?02:38
Danielwhen i had the modem02:38
Dr_Willismiststlkr:  you want to rename se4veral files? or what exactly?02:39
Danielhuawei e 156b02:39
|Sacred|jesus, 0.43...thats horrible02:39
Xliveyea I know02:39
Danielit reached the lowest speed!!02:39
|Sacred|is that what you're paying for?02:39
[thor]miststlkr: using the && maybe?02:39
Xlivebut thats only package we get for home's02:39
thune3javatexan: the "menu" files are in .config/menus/applications-merged/ , if you still have the .desktop files in .local/share/applications/wine/Programs/ you might be able to use them to put in the menu02:39
Daniel0123 B/s02:39
[thor]miststlkr: firstcommand && secondcommand && thirdcommand02:39
|Sacred|oh thats ok, I just wondered if you were paying for 10mbit and getting that, is all02:39
miststlkr[thor]:  thanks02:39
SilverStrandguys !! can i delete stuff safely from /var/cache/ ?02:39
tyler_dmiststlkr: use a for loop, ie. for i in $(find -name "name of file") ; do "your regexp command"02:39
Xliveumm we pay like 15$02:40
Xlivefor that02:40
Danieldont know02:40
Xliveits not much .. still02:40
Dr_WillisSilverStrand:  Some things can be delete4d safely.. somt things can cause issues if deleted02:40
Danieli must try that02:40
SilverStrandDr_Willis: even in cache ?02:40
SamualHey, I seem to have an issue with Compiz, afer a while (2 hours uptime this time) it just starts to perform really badly (At 1fps the whole time) whereas normally it's fine. There's no extra swap/RAM/CPU usage, it's just slower. If I replace it with another WM after it becomes slow, it's back to normal02:40
Danieli recommend you Kleansweep02:40
Danielits dangerous02:40
miststlkrDr_Willis:  multiple.  I can get that no problem, but only figured out one change at a time.02:40
Dr_WillisSilverStrand:  yes...  you remove the wrong things in /var/cache/apt/  and you can have issues02:40
Danielyou must be careful with that thing02:40
SilverStranddamn..... thats just wot i was going to do02:41
tyler_dsamual: check your restricted video card drivers02:41
SilverStrandits the most spacekeeping thing on my drive02:41
Dr_WillisSilverStrand:  apt can get mad if you remove a directrory name from its /var/cache/apt dir....02:41
Samualtyler_d, they're already installed though?02:41
SamualCompositing is enabled of course.02:41
Danielif wanna clean your pc02:41
Dr_WillisSilverStrand:   theres parts of it you can clean out.. the apt cache may be the biggest thing.. theres comm,ands to clean that02:41
Danielyou must download the ubuclenaer02:41
tyler_dSamual: try a different one and see if it helps at all.02:42
SilverStrandDr_Willis: there are 275 mb of deb files02:42
SilverStrandcan i delete tem ?02:42
Danielor you can try this02:42
Dr_WillisUSE the proper commands...02:42
Guest22429I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 as well as mediatomb from the software center. Now mediatomb is giving me massive issues. I cannot uninstall or install ANYTHING. It gives me an error about dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: and mentions mediatomb. Any ideas?02:42
SilverStrandcant i just "shift+delte" them ?02:42
thune3SilverStrand: exactly, use apt-get clean02:42
Danielsudo apt-get install clean02:42
Dr_WillisSilverStrand:  sudo apt-get autoremove or clean02:42
Danielsudo apt-get install autoclean02:42
Danielsudo apt-get install autoremove02:42
SilverStrandurm k02:43
Dr_WillisDaniel:  err... try again. :)02:43
Dr_Willisno 'install' in those commands Daniel02:43
Danielit's install02:43
Samualtyler_d, that makes no sense.. it's the current version... The recommended one.02:43
Danieli did it02:43
Danielwith install02:43
Dr_Willissudo apt-get auto<TAB>02:43
Dr_Willis sudo apt-get auto02:43
Dr_Willisautoclean   autoremove02:43
Samualtyler_d, if it was the driver, iother people would have this issue.02:43
Dr_WillisTab completion works with apt-get :)02:43
Danieli'm gonna try that02:44
tyler_dSamual: k sorry then. have to wait for another suggestion.02:44
Dr_Willis$ sudo apt-get install autoremove02:44
miststlkr[thor]: no luck there.  I tried as follows:    rename 's/./ /' * && rename 's/ avi/.avi/' *   and tried leaving out the second "rename" and just putting in the two regexp with the &&'s between them, neither worked02:44
Dr_WillisE: Unable to locate package autoremove02:44
SilverStrandit juist cleaned 55 mb :/02:44
SilverStrandnot all02:44
Danielyeah i'm wrong02:44
Danielwithout install02:44
Dr_WillisSilverStrand:  if you are worrying about 55mb.. it may be time to buy a biger HD,02:45
thune3SilverStrand: apt-get clean will purge all .deb files, as opposed to just those not needed02:45
SilverStrandi got 135 mb free on my hd can u imagine that ?02:45
SilverStrandim on 65 gb hd02:45
Dr_Willismy /var/cache is 2.2 gb02:45
Dr_Willisive seen it much higher02:45
Dr_WillisI got 6gb of just wallpaper and themes and icons  on here.02:46
SilverStrandrite now its 220 mb02:46
* SilverStrand robs Dr_Willis' hd02:46
Dr_Willis!info bleachbit02:46
ubottubleachbit (source: bleachbit): delete unnecessary files from the system. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.7.3-1 (lucid), package size 211 kB, installed size 1488 kB02:46
Dr_WillisSilverStrand:  2TB hds on sale $10802:46
Guest22429I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 as well as mediatomb from the software center. Now mediatomb is giving me massive issues. I cannot uninstall or install ANYTHING. It gives me an error about dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting: and mentions mediatomb. Any ideas?02:46
SilverStrandDr_Willis: ive seen them much lower02:47
SilverStrand~70 $s02:47
Dr_WillisSilverStrand:  these were external USB02:47
SilverStrandbut i cant buy them02:47
SilverStrandim not in us02:47
Dr_Willisthe internal were same $$ this was about a month ago. i got 2. :)02:47
slybootsGuest22429: apt-get remove --purge mediatomb02:47
slybootsOr sudo apt-get install autoinstall -f02:47
Guest22429slyboots, if I went into synaptic and did "completely remote" could that be the same thing as remove --purge?02:47
Guest22429slyboots, tried that too, the install -f. didnt help02:48
SilverStrandi think ill have to reframe my drives..... freeu p some space02:48
SilverStrandand then... reinstall ubuntu :/02:48
miststlkranyone with another suggestion perhaps?  pass the results of a rename command into another02:48
Dr_WillisSilverStrand:  sounds like windows thinking...02:48
Dr_Willismiststlkr:  clarify exactly what you are doing and how/what/why02:48
miststlkrDr_Willis:  I did above.  rather than run, for example, rename 'y/./ /' * [enter] rename 's/ avi/.avi/' * [enter]  etc, pass them all in one line02:50
blkpnthrhello all02:50
Danielsomeone can bring me a tutorial for wxGlade?02:51
pw-toxicim trying to install vnc4server and in the wiki it says that i have to configure /etc/vnc.conf but this file doesnt exist?02:51
thune3miststlkr: you might try ; instead of &&, it will execute the next command regardless of the "success" of the previous command.02:52
miststlkrthune3:   thanks, giving it a shot now.02:52
miststlkrthune3:  no luck.02:53
Dr_Willismiststlkr:  i tend to use 'qmv' to do complex renaming of lots of files..  'qmv -f do -e geany' edit the list how i like.. save/exit.. all changes get applied02:53
Dr_Willisbye all02:53
MattTheComputerGIs it easy to install Ubuntu server over gentoo, my gento installation has teo drives "Drive 0 is the O.S." "drive 2 is the home Dir"02:54
miststlkrDr_Willis:  not heard of that one, I'll look into it.  Thanks.02:54
RoastedHey guys - error when installing/uninstalling anything. This is the error when I try to install an app from software center - installArchives() failed: dpkg: unrecoverable fatal error, aborting:02:54
Roasted syntax error: unknown user 'mediatomb' in statoverride file02:54
thune3miststlkr: where are you putting this command?02:54
miststlkrgnome terminal02:54
zeroedouthi. I want to upgrade quassel on lucid to the Marverick version. what's the best way to do this? I was thinking of adding the maverick repos, upgrading quassel, then reverting back to lucid ones. would that cause any problems?02:54
jiohdianyone know where I can find a decent tutorial about unity desktop02:55
Danielis something from dpkg02:55
Danieltry reinstalling ubuntu02:56
Roastedwho are you talking to02:56
Danielto you Roasted02:56
Roasteduh, no02:56
RoastedI will not reinstall ubuntu... because I just DID install ubuntu02:56
Roastedthis install is less than 24 hrs old02:56
pw-toxichow can I access the english ubuntu wiki for users?02:56
pw-toxici think the english wiki is more up to date02:57
jiohdiRoasted: trust me, installing is easy... dont it a dozen times.... in one week :)02:57
Danieli can format02:57
Roastedjiohdi, if I wanted to be on windows, I would be. But Im on linux. I am not reinstalling already.02:57
Danielmy computer02:57
Danielevery 23 hours02:57
RoastedLOL OMG REALLY?!02:58
Roastedis there anybody here who could possibly give me any constructive help?02:58
Danieli had windows02:58
jiohdiRoasted: I have not had to re-install since 10.4 which is the good news :)02:58
Danielbut windows sucks02:58
Danielubuntu is easier, faster and free02:58
pw-toxiccan please someone tell me how i can access the english ubuntu wiki?02:58
Blue1ubuntu is NOT as easy as making toast.02:58
tensorpuddingRoasted: have you tried searching google for that error?02:59
RoastedI get one response back. my thread on the ubuntuforums. lol.02:59
notworkingI have a synaptic reload problem.. Can someone look at the pastebin and suggest a solution.. I am not really good at linux yet.. thanks http://pastebin.com/hYsDf45H02:59
tensorpuddingRoasted: there's a bug filed on it02:59
Roastedtensorpudding, oh really?03:00
tensorpuddingit seems that the removal script wants to delete a user/group that doesn't exist03:00
Roastedtensorpudding, I dont even want mediatomb. I just want my system working....03:00
Roastedtensorpudding, but why does it effect EVERYTHING?03:00
=== Dink|W is now known as Dink
RoastedI cant install cheese. flash. audacious. vlc. I cant do anything because of it.03:00
RoastedEverything I do yields that error.03:00
tensorpuddingdpkg is designed such that if it encounters an error, it doesn't let you make the error worse03:00
Danielso bad03:00
Roastedthats all well and good, but I want my system *working*. Do you have any ideas??03:01
Danieldo you have internet access?03:01
tensorpuddingadd the user and group that it claims aren't there03:01
tensorpuddingthen run dpkg -P mediatomb-daemon03:01
Roastedwhat user, and what group?03:01
tensorpuddingmediatomb and mediatomb03:01
Roastedthe funny thing is03:02
Roastedmediatomb isnt installed03:02
pw-toxicDaniell can you read my messsage?03:02
tensorpuddingit could have been that when the package was installed there was some kind of error that shouldn't happen03:02
Roastedyet its preventing everything else from installing03:02
Danielwhat message?03:02
tensorpuddingthat is, instead of failing atomically, it partly-installed03:02
tensorpuddingRoasted: are you sure mediatomb isn't installed?03:02
Roastedtensorpudding, do you think it'd be wise of me to install it and maybe uninstall in hopes of it completing?03:03
pw-toxicim just curious because i dont get any answer by anyone for about 3 hours ;)03:03
Roastedtensorpudding, it was installed, it no longer is though03:03
tensorpuddingRoasted: it sounds like it was only partially removed03:03
TaymonHello. Can anyone help me?03:03
lordresubuntu spanish?03:03
tensorpuddingRoasted: try dpkg -C03:03
tensorpuddingthat audits the package database for mis-installed packages03:03
Roastedjust sudo dpkg -C?03:03
tensorpuddingRoasted: yes03:03
Roastedit does nothing03:04
well_laid_lawn!es | lordres03:04
slooksterpsvpw-toxic what was ur question? same with Taymon03:04
ubottulordres: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:04
TaymonI'm pretty new to IRC, so I apologize if I do anything wrong.03:04
TaymonI can't play sound.03:04
TaymonI've tried every source I could think of.03:04
slooksterpsvTaymon, you're good - what kind of a system do you have03:04
tensorpuddingRoasted: did you do the commands I said earlier, creating the user/group and running dpkg -P mediatomb-daemon?03:04
RoastedI have the user/group, but I did not run that command. my bad.03:04
TaymonYou mean what version of Ubuntu am I running?03:04
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, i want to set up a vnc server.. for this i tried the tutorial in the ubuntu wiki, but it is not up to date because the file /etc/vnc.conf doesnt exist. Therefore i want to access the english ubuntuusers wiki, but i dont know how to access it03:04
slooksterpsvTaymon, yeah that and what is your hardware, acer, gateway, specific version03:04
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, i only can see the german wiki03:04
slooksterpsvpw-toxic let me see if I can find that for you03:05
thune3notworking: work through instructions given in this post (Method 2): http://www.ubuntugeek.com/virtualbox-3-2-released-and-ubuntu-installation-instructions-included.html03:05
Danielgotta go to sleep03:05
Danielbye and thanks for all03:05
Danielsudo apt-get exit03:05
Taymon10.04, Dell Studio 14/145803:05
notworkingthune3 thank you Ill try to get through it..03:06
TaymonAlso, I've already cleared my .asoundrc file. It didn't help.03:06
thune3notworking: substituting actual version you are trying to install (instead of 3-2)03:06
Roastedtensorpudding, I think that worked...03:06
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kain#join /ubuntu03:07
slooksterpsvpw-toxic what vnc server are you using?03:07
pw-toxici have installed vnc4server, vnc-common, vnc-java and tightvncserver xtightvncviwer and tightvnc-java03:08
tensorpuddingRoasted: try running sudo aptitude update, and see if that works03:08
Xanocurious, anyone know what would cause the ubuntu install/Live CD to not get past the purple splash?  I asked earlier but i missed the answer03:08
tensorpuddingRoasted: if it does, it should be working fine now03:08
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, my wiki says that they share the same configuration file03:08
slooksterpsvTaymon what does head -n 1 /proc/asound/card0/codec* - give you03:08
XanoIt just goes to a flashing cursor after the purple splash screen that comes after the ISOLINUX text on screen03:09
kainhi, can anyone help me with using/installing FreeNX?03:09
TaymonCodec: Realtek ID 66503:09
slooksterpsvtaymon - go through this area, there's a fix in here, trying to find it: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=127814603:09
quietonecan anyone talk me through what I should do to connect to internet via bluetooth to 3G phone. DUN/NAP/PAN/pan0/bnep0/WAP/ppp0! which ones do I need?03:10
slooksterpsvpw-toxic what configuration changes are you trying to make?03:11
pw-toxicthe one proposed in the wiki page03:11
Xanono one has any ideaso n my issue?03:11
pw-toxicim setting up a server03:11
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, and the server is running without a monitor03:11
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, i need vnc to be available from start03:11
dugger5688quietone: what kind of phone?03:12
quietonedugger5688, nokia 2730 classic03:12
slooksterpsvpw-toxic - try this guide, I've done this one before (it's the lower portion) http://theseekersquill.wordpress.com/2010/03/16/vnc-server-ubuntu-windows/03:13
dugger5688quietone: Sorry, can't help you there but keep asking, someone is bound to know.03:13
Roastedtensorpudding, yeah things look good now. I had to manually remove the mediatomb group, but the user wasnt there. Do you know a way I can scan to see if the user mediatomb exists anywhere just to make sure?03:13
Eighteensquestion, i was testing my connection speed in ubuntu at speedtest.net, but noticed it was half the speed i get in windows, do i need to edit a file, and increse the mtu or something03:13
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/VNC  this is the wiki page im looking at.. is there a wiki like this in english?03:13
XanoTroubles getting past splash screen, just after ISOLINUX verbage appears on screen.  After splash it shows a blinking cursor ( _ ) and nothing else.03:14
vipjerrysi have ubuntu now want to ultimate edition 2.2 it will load03:14
dugger5688Eighteens: On wireless or wired?03:15
slooksterpsvpw-toxic - http://translate.google.com/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwiki.ubuntuusers.de%2FVNC&act=url03:15
quietonedugger5688, thx. can you explain DUN?03:15
slooksterpsvI can read it perfect using google translate - pw-toxic03:15
ryan_someone help me?03:15
ryan_Can anyone help me?03:15
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, im german myself.. i just thought that the english wiki entries are more up to date03:15
ryan_how doi add or remove programs in 10.4?03:16
XanoUbuntu Software Centre03:16
dugger5688ryan_ Applications->Ubuntu software center03:16
Xanoor use apt-get remove03:16
slooksterpsvpw-toxic it looks like the regular wiki page is months old https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers - I only use the ubuntu.com community wikis03:16
XanoTroubles getting past splash screen, just after ISOLINUX verbage appears on screen.  After splash it shows a blinking cursor ( _ ) and nothing else.03:16
slooksterpsvTaymon - OSS that's what you need to install is OSS03:17
ryan_thanks i have not used ubuntu in a year and i did not see the ad/remove programs03:17
enavburn your Cd to 4 or 8 X   and try again  this is a common error when the CD have corrupted data03:17
Xanogood deal, thanks enav03:17
ryan_bye guys03:18
slooksterpsvpw-toxic guess it's not a wiki but more of a common documentation, not sure about a specific wiki regarding that, sorry :(03:18
Xanoi tried again but at full speed, ill have to redownload and attempt a full slow write03:18
tensorpuddingRoasted: if it isn't in /etc/passwd, it doesn't exist03:18
TaymonWhat's OSS? I just installed the drivers that I was given the link to.03:18
enavredownload?  why... just burn the image again03:18
slooksterpsvTaymon - perfect I think its opensound system03:18
Xanojust in case its the file itself on my HDD that is corrupt03:18
dugger5688Xano: Try to do it on a Desktop as well. I've noticed that laptops tend not to write very reliably and the CDs they make tend to wear out.03:18
MattTheComputerGIs it easy to install Ubuntu server over gentoo, my gento installation has teo drives "Drive 0 is the O.S." "drive 2 is the home Dir"03:19
slooksterpsvTaymon, yeah after you've installed that, restart and let me know if that worked for you03:19
supercom32If your logged in to a machine multiple times, how do you kill every instance except the one your using?03:19
Roastedtensorpudding, it does exist, but it has "nologin" in the entry. mediatomb: usr/sbin/nologin. Should I delete?03:19
Xanodugger, i would but i actually dont own a desktop anymore :P03:19
TaymonRestarting. Hope it works.03:19
LucidGuyRecommendations for a decent/simple apache access.log analyzer?03:19
misteralexanderI need some help with understanding the HDMI specification . . .03:20
supercom32If your logged in to a machine multiple times, how do you kill every instance except the one your using?03:20
slooksterpsvMattTheComputerG - be sure to backup drive 2 or not delete it when reformatting, I'm not sure if you can install Ubuntu server over gentoo without it reformatting the partition, but drive 2 sounds like it's your home directory which is its own drive which you shouldn't delete/format that partition/drive03:20
dugger5688Xano: Yeah man, I was in the same situation awhile ago. Just put the notebook on a table and burn it slow :-)03:21
Xanogood deal, thanks again for the help all03:21
MattTheComputerGSlooksterpsv, i dont wan any part of the instalation no even the home Dir...03:22
misteralexanderIs HDMI a "Direction Specific" technology?  If I buy an HDMI splitter & it has 3 input and one output . . . can i just flip that around and make it 1 input and 3 output?  and still switch?03:22
mobasherwhat is a good firewall i can use easy to configure i'm running a webserver on local ip03:23
kbutlercan anyone think of a reason why a filesystem would -appear- to be mounted rw, but would actually be ro? Ubuntu 8.10.03:23
slooksterpsvMattTheComputerG - then backup what data you need to either cds,dvds,another drive, etc. as well as configuration files (e.g. apache2 virtual host files) and then reformat, you will have to setup the services and that again though on Ubuntu Server as it will need to reinstall the programs03:23
Crash1hdhmm this makes no sense I followed the instructions to add an account to evolution to set it as Standard Unix mbox with /var/mail/ but it wont let me set the user as well no emails get recieved03:23
misteralexanderI'm asking because I have a laptop that I'd like to plug up and switch between to separate TV's . . .03:23
ActionParsnipmisteralexander: thats not an ubuntu question, i'd ask in ##hardware03:23
kbutlerI tried remountinng already03:23
slooksterpsvLucid: awstats looks awesome, I want it, it does analyze apache log files03:23
misteralexanderActionParsnip: okay . . . sorry.  Thanks!03:23
thune3kbutler: a filesystem that encounters errors may be remounted read-only. check dmesg, you may need an fsck03:23
multipassanyone able to help me with a Kate editor FTP problem?03:23
slooksterpsv** LucidGuy: awstats.sourceforge.net that thing looks amazing for analyzing logs, and simple too, I'd try that, don't know how well it works personally but from the screenshots it looks amazing03:24
kbutlerthune3, when I umounted the partition and ran fdisk, I got this: /sbin/fdisk: Input/output error03:24
kbutlerany suggestions? :/03:24
TaymonIt works! Thanks!03:24
LucidGuyslooksterpsv, thanks .. will check it out.03:25
slooksterpsvTaymon you're welcome =D03:25
slooksterpsvLucidGuy: let me know I'm going to have my friend try it out on his server03:25
IzinucsAnyone have a functional smb.conf file they'd be willing to pastebin for me.. one that work on a LAN with or without user authentication?03:25
mobasherwhat is a good firewall i can use easy to configure i'm running a webserver on local ip?03:25
slooksterpsvmobasher, gui or command line?03:25
LucidGuyslooksterpsv, will do.03:27
tab_how come centos debootstrap doesnt come with an install script for lucid?03:27
iqbalnick at freenode03:28
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lordrestodo bien03:28
multipassanyone able to help me with a Kate editor FTP problem(cant change login/pw credentials)?03:28
thune3kbutler: dmesg | grep sdc (or whatever device)03:28
lordresubuntu en español en donde03:29
Izinucsmultipass: tell me what you're trying to do.. use kate to edit a conf file?03:29
kbutlerthune3, /bin/dmesg: Input/output error03:29
thune3kbutler: you force unmounted your root partition?03:30
enavlordres: /join #ubuntu-es03:30
kbutlerI have not (yet). Should I?03:30
multipassIzinucs: im just using kate for web dev stuff... editing files live. i entered some ftp username with restricted access just to try it, now i want to change the username... but cant figure out how03:30
thune3kbutler: no, i'm trying to understand your error.03:30
tab_where can i get 1.0.23 debootstrap for centos?03:31
kbutleryeah, lots of commands just return that input/output error >___<;;03:31
kbutlervery worrisome03:31
Izinucsmultipass: have you tried closing the connection to the server and reconnecting?03:31
mobasherslooksterpsv=}} don't think matters whatever03:31
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, in the page you showed me, they also say something about /etc/vnc.conf03:31
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, but this file doesnt exist..03:31
enavtab_ google it03:31
tab_enav: i cant find it.. been looking.03:31
slooksterpsvpw-toxic, vnc.conf isn't on mine when I installed it03:32
multipassIzinucs: yeah, not sure that u can do that, but i have closed and reopened.03:32
enavtry centos channel03:32
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, so what do i do then?03:32
jjcmHey all, I'm trying to get mail stuffs set up properly on my server. I use google apps for my domain, so my mail server isn't the same as my local box. However right now when sending soemthing to one of my google apps emails from sendmail, the relay gets set to local (which obv isn't correct as the mail servers are googles)03:32
jjcmHow can I fix this? Is it a sendmail conf?03:32
slooksterpsvmobasher, gufw is awesome, it's simple, and uses ufw, but in a gui form03:32
rifathi all03:32
Izinucsmultipass: how (specifically) are you connecting with kate to the server?03:32
slooksterpsvpw-toxic hmmm I think we may need to create that config file for use03:32
kbutlerthune3, btw, this is on an amazon ec2 server. So I don't think it's the hardware03:32
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, yes but where do i get the content for this file?03:33
enavjjcm: how are you trying to do this  on PHP?03:33
pw-toxicthe wiki page tells me to uncomment lines.. so it expect to have some contetn03:33
mobasherslooksterpsv=}} cool thanks mate ..going to give a shot now and see..thanks :)03:33
multipassIzinucs: i'm using the filesystem browser plugin, changing it to FTP protocol, then connecting to a ftp server...03:33
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redblacktreeFrom my googling, it seems that this is a common problem, but I find no workable solutions.  I want to boot a ubuntu machine without a monitor, and be able to VNC into the machine.  No hardware hacks, please. :)03:34
thune3kbutler: oh ok. sounds your mount to / got severed. sounds like a restart is in order, i don't know what else to recommend.03:34
Izinucsmultipass: the plugin for FF or a different browser?03:34
jjcmenav: No, just using sendmail directly03:34
jjcmenav: so, `sendmail jjcm@foo.com < "my message"`03:35
enavyou are using a local or public IP?03:35
multipassIzinucs: this is for Kate-Editor, an advanced text editor03:35
jjcmenav: Using the domain name of the server03:35
thune3kbutler: before i knew ec2, i was going to recommend shutting down forcibly, booting livecd, and checking your filesystems03:35
slooksterpsvpw-toxic trying to find that now03:35
mobasherslooksterpsv=}} for webserver it's the port 80 or 8000 that i have to open ?03:36
jjcmenav: I know it's routing locally because /var/log/mail.log updates with relay=local03:36
rifatcan you give me a link, describing  runlevels and daemons as with we can change the daemons on the arch by just editing the rc.conf file? How can we manage this applications? thank you for your interests.03:36
jjcmenav: (and because I get mail delivered locally)03:36
slooksterpsvmobasher, port 80, you may need others like 8080 or 8888 for other services, but apache uses 8003:36
slooksterpsvpw-toxic - http://www.fifi.org/cgi-bin/man2html/usr/X11R6/man/man5/vnc.conf.5x.gz - has a bunch of options you can set in the vnc.conf file03:36
kbutleris there a more foolproof way to restart than telinit 6? it didn't error, but it also didn't restart03:36
kbutler/sbin/reboot returned a input/output error >__<;03:36
kbutlerthose are the two ways I do things03:37
thune3kbutler: did you *do* something significant to the system before it started to fall apart?03:37
Roastedtensorpudding, you still out there bro03:37
kbutlerthune3, nope03:37
mobasherslooksterpsv=}} thx :)03:37
Izinucsmultipass: I'm familure with kate.. but it's not a browser per-se .. Unfortunately I'm not at my kde machine to look.. my suspicion is that the user name and pass is stored in the program that keeps track of that.. forgot the name .. but look there03:37
Kill_windowshola como le va a la gente ?03:37
slooksterpsvmobasher - yw =D03:37
kbutlerit's not possible to pass the reisub sysreq via ssh, is it? :/03:38
Kill_windowskomo era el tema para crear la sala para gente que habla español03:38
icarus-ckbutler, yes you can't03:38
icarus-cKill_windows, this is an english only channel03:38
RoastedI'm having a very strange problem with my new Ubuntu 10.04 install. I installed mediatomb, and began experiencing errors. I was unable to install/uninstall anything. After some help here in IRC, it's an error regarding mediatomb the user. In order for ANYTHING to work, I need to have mediatomb (the user) added to my system to install stuff. Uh? How can I fix that?03:38
icarus-cKill_windows, or you could try  #ubuntu-es03:38
Kill_windows#ubuntu es03:39
Kill_windows#ubuntu <es>03:39
icarus-cKill_windows,  /join #ubuntu-es03:39
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.03:39
Kill_windowsok thank you ;D03:39
multipassanyone able to help me with a Kate editor FTP problem(cant change login/pw credentials for a site)?03:39
slooksterpsvpw-toxic - do you need multiple desktop instances running, cause the ssh with X, I like it better personally03:39
slooksterpsvpw-toxic ssh with X forwarding works for single user use03:40
Izinucsmultipass: check in #kde .. there's help there.. sorry I can't be more specific right now.03:40
multipassIzinucs: ok cool, thanks03:41
teamz1hey guys, I have a hardware related question, does anyone know of a channel dedicated to that? thanks03:41
enavjjcm: i dont know about your network settings but HTTP and SMTP port are blocked on regular internet connections03:41
RoastedI'm having a very strange problem with my new Ubuntu 10.04 install. I installed mediatomb, and began experiencing errors. I was unable to install/uninstall anything. After some help here in IRC, it's an error regarding mediatomb the user. In order for ANYTHING to work, I need to have mediatomb (the user) added to my system to install stuff. Uh? How can I fix that?03:41
kbutlerso, anyone. better way to reboot than telinit 6 or /sbin/reboot?03:41
kbutlerNeither is working on my server03:41
teamz1#hardware is invite only03:41
redblacktreefuck it... i'll just use XP03:42
icarus-cteamz1, i don't think so but you may need to registry your nick on freenode03:42
Izinucskbutler: sudo reboot now03:42
Roastedholy language03:42
Pentium3kbutler: try the reset switch on front lol03:42
kbutlerIzinucs, that returns input/output error03:42
kbutlerPentium3, amazon ec2 instance :/03:42
slooksterpsvpw-toxic - well maybe ssh can do more than one user... I must try this =D03:42
Izinucskbutler: ah.. thought it was a stand-a-lone server.. sorry03:43
Pentium3kbutler: sorry, try halting it and then turning it back on..03:43
enavredblacktree: what are you trying to do03:43
icarus-credblacktree, just so you know, X11 server is called a server03:43
JoTedhttp://pastebin.ca/1947967 ... my filesystem crapped out. So I loaded a livecd, but I am not able to do a filesystem check on /dev/mapper/home2, any ideas?03:43
icarus-c:D  i was about to tell him x11vnc03:44
MattTheComputerGhow do i identify if my server is 32 bit or 64 bit within the terminal interface03:45
IdleOneMattTheComputerG: type uname -a03:45
enavJoTed: run a live cd, run disk utility and give me SMART details03:45
slooksterpsvx86_64 = 64-bit x86 = 32-bit03:45
duckx0rcan anyone tell me what is wrong with this fstab entry? for some reason it is trying to mount BEFORE the network is up:            //        /home/username/phone  cifs  defaults,_netdev 0  003:45
jjcmenav: this is a server03:46
jjcmenav: mail works fine to all other domains03:46
jjcmno ports are blocked03:46
jjcmonly issue is sending mail to the same domain as the server03:46
jjcmsendmail isn't respecting the MX entries in the DNS03:46
enavjjcm: your server ahve static IP?03:46
JoTedenav I am in a livecd now, I ran smartctl -t long /dev/sda, smartctl -l selftest /dev/sda didn't show anything.03:47
brian___Anyone here that can help me with some networking and screen issues03:47
=== Aaron5367 is now known as Aaron5367|detach
brian___I recently purchased an Inspiron 176403:47
brian___and it's having some issues03:48
davefromcamphow do you have a 'sudo' command autmatically startup with your computer?03:48
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: what?03:48
enavJoTed: open system-> disk utility >   select your disk and give me a resume of the SMART data03:48
DeluxxCan someone help me pick a Linuxx to go with?03:48
davefromcampie I need to run my mpd using sudo03:48
_Neytiri_i am havieng trobble partitioning my drives manuall fir a desktop install03:48
davefromcampand I want it to start up without typing in my root password everytime03:49
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: oh03:49
Gneadavefromcamp: that's the point of sudo03:49
jjcmenav: yea03:49
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: there is something called init, which allows services to start at boot03:49
JoTedenav is says the disk is healthy03:49
DeluxxSorry, did anyone get my question?03:49
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: you need to configure mpd to start at boot03:49
DeluxxI'm new so not sure03:49
enavDeluxx: what do you mena?03:49
supercom32If a user is flagged as a Desktop user, does he cache any kind of information like thumbnails, videos, what have you outside of his home directory?03:49
davefromcampyes I do03:49
DoyleDeluxx: Well, this is the Ubuntu channel, use Ubuntu03:49
jjcmenav: Although that wouldn't affect it either way03:49
_Neytiri_can someoen point me to a good tutorial showing me exactly what i need ?03:49
jjcmenav: As the MX servers are hosted elsewhere03:50
davefromcampif I just run mpd it gives me a network error03:50
howie30Deluxx > For ease of us, and because you're in the ubuntu channel, I'd use UBUNTU!03:50
four2zero_does vino work on ubuntu-server 10.10 ?03:50
davefromcampso I've been running using sudo03:50
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: you should not let it run as root, though03:50
icarus-csupercom32, unlikely03:50
DeluxxI have 500mb of ram and Pentium 3GHz, that's good for it?03:50
davefromcampwhy is that?03:50
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: have you configured mpd to run as a different user?03:50
icarus-csupercom32, but maybe /tmp03:51
xangua!maverick | four2zero_03:51
ubottufour2zero_: Maverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10, due October 2010 - Maverick is NOT released and NOT Stable, discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:51
DoyleDeluxx: more ram03:51
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: applications that run as root are running using administrative capabilities, and are thus vulnerable to privilege escalation bugs03:51
DeluxxHow much more?03:51
xanguaDeluxx: for ubuntu¿ better try lubuntu03:51
ubottulubuntu is a project to create a derivative of Ubuntu using the LXDE desktop environment. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu03:51
icarus-cDeluxx, what are you going to do with the machine?03:51
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: it's more secure to have them run as a specified user, like mpd, which I believe is the default behavior in fact03:51
Doyle1.5GB... probably cheaper to buy a 2GB kit and toss the extra 500mb in the garbage03:51
slooksterpsvfour2zero - I would wait, I had to reformat today cause I had problems with 10.10 beta03:52
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: have you edited /etc/mpd.conf? that is where the configuration is, and there is a section related to users03:52
supercom32icarus: So if a user was manipulating images in gnome, watching videos using VLC/Mplayer, etc, there's no guarantee any of those actions would be private right?03:52
DeluxxBrowse/youtube and things like java games here and there03:52
icarus-cDeluxx, GNOME desktop environment takes about 200MB at least, other system component takes <100MB,  so you have about 200 for other application.  (firefox takes up all that already)03:52
JoTedSetting up lvm2 (2.02.54-1ubuntu4) ... update-initramfs is disabled since running on read-only media03:52
davefromcampyeah and the user is correct03:53
enavjjcm let me see your server deliver mail locally but not to internet? this is correct?03:53
JoTedHow can I install lvm2 to repair a disc on the Ubuntu livecd?03:53
icarus-csupercom32, you should work on file permission so that the user could only access to his $HOME  and /tmp03:53
multipasscan anyone reccomend a good text editor for webstuff? tabbed windows/highlighting/dual views/etc ?? thanks03:53
jgaltJust installed my nvidia drivers, So far it works perfectly besides the fact that when I full screen flash videos in a browser the video goes to my secondary monitor, I've selected a primary in drivers and that doesn't seem to help03:53
DeluxxSo is there one that would go with the little amount of ram I have?03:53
jjcmenav: no.03:53
davefromcampother big question is there a way to run a script at a certain time?03:53
jjcmenav: So my server is at jjcm.org03:54
davefromcampie I want my mpd db file to 'auto update'03:54
jjcmenav: I can send email to anywhere except jjcm.org03:54
DeluxxI have another computer with 4 gigs, just wanted to put linux on this one to hopefylly make it faster (from what I read)03:54
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: the script which starts mpd is probably in /etc/init.d/mpd03:54
jjcmenav: instead, it routs it locally03:54
jjcmenav: which is incorrect, because the mx servers are elsewhere03:54
icarus-cDeluxx, you should look at some lightweight desktop environment like xfce, lxde, enlightenment...etc  or Window Manager based setup03:54
ubottuFor help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, !QtParted (!Kubuntu 8.10 and lower) or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap03:54
davefromcampI tried that and it works thanks03:54
slooksterpsvDeluxx crunchbang may work better03:54
tensorpuddingdavefromcamp: system v init scripts are started depending on the runlevel, check out https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBootupHowto03:54
howie30Deluxx > there are ton of variations of linux that will run on limited machines, You could try some with xfce for less graphical use, but I've used puppylinux on slower machines, it works.. but it's not Ubuntu03:55
daddysmurfI think I might have messed up my fstab, and now my box doesn't boot. I also think the cd drive is messed up on it, because it won't boot a cd. How can I edit my fstab?03:55
MattTheComputerGwhen i enter "uname -a" it gives some basic system specs and its sys my processoe is i886 pent3 so is it a 64 or 32bit03:55
DeluxxYeah, puppylinux is the one I read some about03:55
icarus-cDeluxx, yes it would certainly be fast with Linux, but the problem is that 500MB is a little low for modern applications.  like firefox browsing google, facebook, twitter could easily use 300MB ram03:56
DeluxxI think it said like 60mb of ram so I wasn't sure if I was going "too low"03:56
daddysmurfhowie30: why not simple debian? can't you pick and choose the packages such that the size and requirements of the system are at your descretion?03:56
slooksterpsvMattTheComputerG - 32-bit, it would say x86_64 or that if it were 64-bit03:56
icarus-cDeluxx, using lightweight Desktop environment like xfce, lxde instead of GNOME should save ~100MB of ram03:56
howie30Daddysmurf> completely true, just giving alternative options03:56
enavjjcm: check your  smtp client setting and your firewall03:56
slooksterpsvbrb all gotta reboot03:57
jjcmenav: there's no firewall, and the smtp is fine, it's sending mail as expected except for on localhost03:58
MattTheComputerGok thx no i can install Heavan(Ubuntu) and get rid or Hell(Gentoo)03:58
etherealitecan initrd in a normal 10.4 install  read the cdrom drive?03:58
jgaltI've been having a hard time setting twinview for my vid drivers, Can't properly force a primary monitor, has anyone had this problem?03:58
DeluxxSo xfce would be recommended for a 500mb ram? I'd plan on upgrading to 2 gigs sometime but wanted to see what would work for now03:58
enavjjcm: well sounds like a misconfiguration,   find some exaple configuration file on internet and compare it with yours03:59
jjcmIt's the default config03:59
jjcmIt's a fresh install03:59
PrimedeathDeluxx, I'd just use Ubuntu. If you h ave any problems go to xfce.03:59
jjcmFrom what it looks like, this is the default action03:59
PrimedeathNo need to change from xfce to Gnome.04:00
jjcmOthers are having this issue as well (then again, it might not be considered an issue because what I'm trying to do is abnormal behavior)04:00
enavanyway for more accurate help try /join #ubuntu-server04:00
etherealiteGnome is lighter wieght than xfce04:00
jjcmAll I'm wondering is how I can configure sendmail to respect mx settings04:00
jiohdiDeluxx: for 500mb icewm is better than xfce perhaps even lxde04:00
jjcmenav: Already in there, waiting on answer04:00
enavyep they are slow or busy04:01
etherealitejjcm first off don't use sendmail04:01
thune3Deluxx: if you can put swap on a different hard drive from / and /home, you could squeak by on gnome if you don't run too many apps simultaneously. (gnome isn't as heavy as it used to be)04:01
etherealiteDeluxx dont use xfce it sucks on ubuntu04:02
DeluxxI'm thinking about lxde since I also read about it earlier and seemed like the right choice04:02
jiohdiDeluxx: lxde is hardly any different from xfce... someways better04:03
etherealiteDeluxx install the lubuntu package, works great if you don't have dual monitors.04:03
etherealiteit wrox xfce04:03
etherealitecan initrd in a normal 10.4 install  read the cdrom drive?04:03
slooksterpsvok almost back, kvm disables 64-bit for virtualbox - ok bb in 5 min.04:04
supercom32Is it me, or in Lucid is it not possible to unlock the "Login screen settings"?04:07
jiohdisupercom32: you can unlock it with your root password04:07
=== SoulShadow is now known as Shadows`away
supercom32jiohdi: I click unlock, but nothing comes up. Not even a password prompt.04:08
jiohdisupercom32: that dont sound good04:08
supercom32Perhaps a reboot is in order.04:08
qsxqsxwhat version of linux is?04:09
qsxqsxwhat distribution04:09
slooksterpsvok anyone I was talking to, I'm back04:11
etherealiteIf I break a cd with a small but sensitive file on it, in half, how easy it04:12
etherealiteIf I break a cd with a small but sensitive file on it, in half what are the chances someone could recover the file?04:12
iFireis it theoretically possible to have a linux machine output a usb3 virtual drive that acts like a real one?04:13
KB1JWQetherealite: Depends how dedicated they are.04:13
davefromcampusually cd shatter04:13
iFirevirtual in that it's a raid seen as one drive04:13
KB1JWQetherealite: Throw it in the microwave for ten seconds.04:13
etherealiteKB1JWQ ha, now theres an awesome lo-tech idea.04:14
slooksterpsvetherealite it shouldn't hurt the microwave, but don't leave in there too long lol04:14
davefromcampdoes anyone know if mpd auto updates its db or do I have to restart the server if I add music files?04:15
etherealiteslooksterpsv can initrd in a normal 10.4 install  read the cdrom drive?04:15
Chr|show do I remove the docky anchor button?04:15
Crash1hdIs there a difference between this cron */30 * * * * curl... and this cron 30 * * * * * curl...04:16
slooksterpsvetherealite I would assume, but I don't know for sure04:16
Kevin1aHey everyone.  I'm put together an XP/Ubuntu/Meego system and everything seems good, except that grub is not seeing meego.  I ran grub-update and it sees an unknown linux distro, but it doesn't show up in the list on the next boot.  Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?04:17
mrjnhey guys, I want to connect IR blaster from my hd-pvr to myth-tv running on Ubuntu 10.04. Do I need to compile a kernel?04:18
slooksterpsvKevin1a I'll see if I can find an answer to your question, give me a few04:18
Kevin1aOK, I'll be here.  Thankyou.04:19
slooksterpsvKevin1a it uses syslinux, grub won't be able to autodetect that04:19
etherealitemrjn find the kernel mods you need, then modprobe, if its not there, then probably yes.04:19
etherealitemrjn that is assuming that you've already install mythbuntu package.04:20
Deluxxis there guide to follow for installing lubuntu? (for a complete linux newb)04:20
mrjnetherealite: mythubuntu.. no. I just installed myth-tv packages04:20
slooksterpsvDeluxx - try it on your own it's simple really, let me know if you have questions and I can help04:21
Kevin1aOK, I know what syslinux is (I'm finally learning).  So I'll have to add it manually, or am I going to have to chainload?04:21
JapaHi, my computer is restarting every time it reaches grub. is there an easy way to fix this without reinstalling?04:21
mohan1111Hii In this image : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_1PykOXo2c5I/TBQFQIGZspI/AAAAAAAAAUg/MRO7Fkt04tM/s1600/4.jpg   There is a bar at the end with usage, network etc... How do i install this on my computer?04:21
slooksterpsvKevin1a, that I don't know if you can manually add it, that'd be great, I don't know how you can do syslinux on grub, trying to find that out now04:21
mrjnetherealite, I do see this: dmesg | grep lirc04:21
davefromcampthanks everyone for the help!04:21
mrjn[ 4119.437256] lirc_dev: IR Remote Control driver registered, major 6104:21
DeluxxWell, I downloaded "lubuntu 10.04" but none of the files seem like they can run (I'm on windows xp btw)04:21
etherealitemrjn check the mythbuntu meta package and see if it has your ir kernel mods, i think the module might be in there.04:21
slooksterpsvDeluxx - if memory serves correctly it doesn't have a WUBI option so all you can do is use isorecorder to burn the iso to a cd/dvd and boot from that04:22
jiohdiDeluxx: if you have ubuntu up and running you can aptitude install lxde and then just chose it at login04:22
jiohdiDeluxx: its not exactly lubuntu but it works just the same04:22
DeluxxI'm on windows xp. I downloaded it from the site ubuntu, but it's not?04:23
jiohdiDeluxx: be careful about wubi installs... they tend to work until you update and then they can crash and take the windows with it04:23
slooksterpsvKevin1a if it has btrfs grub doesn't support btrfs yet04:23
EsatHow to open .class files on Java?04:23
etherealiteDeluxx get it form here https://lists.launchpad.net/lubuntu-desktop/msg01319.html04:24
DeluxxYeah, I ran one of those some time early ago and gave me a "windos no disk" error04:24
slooksterpsvjava <filenamewith.class>04:24
Kevin1aOK, so I guess I'm going to have to chainload it, or maybe I can get the meego bootloader to see ubuntu and XP04:24
slooksterpsvEsat - you would need to go into terminal and to it04:24
DeluxxOk nice, a torrent download04:24
Esatslooksterpsv,  let me do that04:25
slooksterpsvKevin1a, try that see what happens04:25
mohan1111 Hii In this image : http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_1PykOXo2c5I/TBQFQIGZspI/AAAAAAAAAUg/MRO7Fkt04tM/s1600/4.jpg   There is a bar at the end with usage, network etc... How do i install this on my computer?04:25
Chr|show do I remove the docky anchor button?04:25
slooksterpsvKevin1a let me know if it works with chainload04:25
JapaWubi installs don't work easilly with Windows 7, as there's a hidden boot partition, so the wubi loader tries to get the files from the wrong drive04:25
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, it works!!04:25
slooksterpsvpw-toxic, awesome! =D04:25
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, can you tell me how i can automatically start the server?04:26
slooksterpsvmohan1111 do you mean at the bottom? that's conky04:26
slooksterpsvpw-toxic_ are you doing it via ssh or vnc4server?04:26
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, i'm using ebox.. the problem was the firewall04:26
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, tightvncserver04:26
Esatslooksterpsv, where need i start in terminal: for example /home?04:26
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, the only thing im doing is tightvncserver -nolisten tcp :104:26
mohan1111Chr|s: gconftool-2 –type Boolean –set /apps/docky-2/Docky/Items/DockyItem/ShowDockyItem False04:26
pw-toxic_i need this command to be started every time ubuntu starts04:26
mohan1111Chr|s: run that command04:26
slooksterpsvpw-toxic_ we need to put it in the startup area, where is that at...04:27
slooksterpsvEsat, where is the class file located at?04:27
Chr|smohan1111: ok thanks04:27
slooksterpsvEsat documents, downloads, music, etc.04:27
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, its is enough if you show me a tutorial04:27
DeluxxThe direct download gave me a rar file, I'm assuming I burn an iso image from in there to a cd?04:27
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, or wiki.. whatever04:27
mohan1111slooksterpsv: thanks04:27
doctorHello Everyone04:27
Esattheye are in downloaded folder04:27
slooksterpsvpw-toxic_ Add the command to the /etc/rc.local script before the exit 0 and it should run it as the last step in the boot process.04:27
DeluxxI had also downloaded "InfraRecorder", go with "write image" right?04:28
slooksterpsvEsat so in terminal type in cd ~/Downloads <enter> then type in: java ./filename.class04:28
slooksterpsvwhere filename is the file name04:28
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, is this the normal procedure to do this? im trying to make a really clean server setup04:28
Esatslooksterpsv,  let me try again04:29
slooksterpsvpw-toxic_ yes, that way if you need specific services or programs, even ones you made/make to load on startup, this is wher eyou'd add them04:29
slooksterpsvDeluxx - that should work04:29
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, thanks04:29
slooksterpsvDeluxx yeah sorry lol yeah04:29
DeluxxHmm.. can't find the iso file from the rar, am I missing something?04:29
slooksterpsvDeluxx did you extract the rar file with izarc or winrar?04:30
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, i should have looked up the script before asking.. im sorry..  the script is quite empty so its looks quite "clean" ;))))04:30
Aemaethhow do i set a script so that i can run it anywhere without the file being in the directory?04:31
DeluxxThere's a "lubuntu" file but doesn't show up as an iso file04:31
Kevin1aI'll be back later.  I'm not sure exactly what I'm doing, so this might take me half the night.  Thanks for the help04:31
slooksterpsvKevin1a let us know we can help ya out ok =D04:31
slooksterpsvDeluxx - how large is the lubuntu file?04:32
Esatslooksterpsv, : the files in this folder: /home/yusuf/İndirilenler/electric_8.10-1_all.deb/data/usr/share/java/electric/com/sun/electric/04:32
slooksterpsvDeluxx it should be around 533 mb04:32
jiffe99question, I am trying to start 2 instances of mysql-proxy, so I created 2 init scripts and have same named files under /etc/default, their own pids, even their own symlinks to the daemon binary, but I can only start one at a time, any idea why?04:32
didiIs it possible to make Metacity don't decorate the windows? I would like to get rid of the upper bar.04:32
UltraParadigmI got my Google App Engine program ready to publish, but I can't create my account because they want to authenticate with a cell phone number.04:32
UltraParadigmNo way in hell I'm giving them a cell phone number04:32
Deluxx48mb wow.. no wonder it downloaded so fast (for the second time).. let me just wait for the torrent04:33
purrdetaget a google voice number :P04:33
Deluxxdidn't even think to check file size :s04:33
slooksterpsvEsat haha ok, you have to extract the deb file, type in the following04:33
=== gonzalo_ is now known as gasalla
UltraParadigmDoes google voice support SMS?04:33
UltraParadigmhmm, Well worth a try04:33
purrdetaIt may work *shrug*04:33
jiffe99yeah I use google voice for all my smsing04:33
UltraParadigmMy cell phone is a virgin moble prepaid because i don't rely need one, only for emergencies04:33
purrdetaah yes04:34
jiffe99wish they supported multiple recipients though04:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:34
Esatslooksterpsv, i extract the deb already04:34
UltraParadigmI don't know if they suport that04:34
slooksterpsvEsat dpkg -x ./electric_8.10-1_all.deb ./electric - and it'll extract it to the folder electric04:34
doctorIt's really very hot04:34
slooksterpsvEsat ok, perfect, then just cd to that directory (cd = change directory), so cd /home/yusuf/İndirilenler/electric_8.10-1_all.deb/data/usr/share/java/electric/com/sun/electric/04:34
slooksterpsvEsat: then press enter and type in: java ./filename.class04:35
Crash1hdIS there a way to stop cron form email 1 of the cron jobs? while still emailing others?04:35
mrjnetherealite, I'm able to modprobe lirc_mceusb04:35
Esatslooksterpsv, i m here: yusuf@yusuf:~/İndirilenler/electric_8.10-1_all.deb/data/usr/share/java/electric/04:35
etherealitemrjn sounds like it should be working to me then. Beyond that I can't help you.04:36
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, the server didnt start automatically ;(((04:36
slooksterpsvEsatok then what is the class name called04:36
slooksterpsv*Esat what is the class file name04:36
slooksterpsvpw-toxic, dang lemme see04:36
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, i guess i did something wrong.. but i dont know how to debug04:37
slooksterpsvEsat run java ./client.class04:37
slooksterpsvpw-toxic is the command before exit 0?04:37
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, yes04:37
Agent001How can i burn an audio cd on ubuntu?04:37
pw-toxica question: rc.local is exeuted as root?04:37
Agent001The default burner only burns data disc04:37
slooksterpsvpw-toxic it's executed at the runlevel so yes04:38
Esatwhen i run this command, it says me this: Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: //client/class04:38
slooksterpsvEsat, hmmmm, I don't know how to debug java04:38
wcheungHas anyone setup Ubuntu 10.04.1 as a NIS client to a Solaris NIS server that uses shadow passwords?04:38
Esatslooksterpsv, May i open .class files with GUI software like Class Editor?04:39
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, my german wiki tells me, that since ubuntu 10.04  this file is replaced by Upstart04:39
slooksterpsvesat, sure04:39
slooksterpsvpw-toxic I forgot about upstart04:39
Esatslooksterpsv, i open the .class file, but there is not ant text04:40
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, there is a wiki entry.. ill try it and tell you if it worked04:40
thune3Crash1hd: i think if you push all output to /dev/null then no mail will occur, but i'm not 100%. command >/dev/null 2>&104:40
wcheungOr is familiar with whatver pam.d changes are needed to read NIS-provided shadow passwords?  I thought pam_unix.so would just work?04:40
Crash1hdthune3, will give it a try thanks :) I have a cron that runs every 1/2 hr04:40
Esatslooksterpsv,  have you ever used the Class Editor?04:41
slooksterpsvEsat I have not04:41
Esatslooksterpsv,  ok, thanks04:41
thune3Crash1hd: a variation is to just redirect stdout to /dev/null (>/dev/null), and leave stderr to send a mail if error output is produced.04:41
supercom32Hrmm.... When I try to "Unlock" the Login Screen Settings, I get this in Lucid: "Failed to unlock: The name org.gnome.DisplayManager was not provided by any .service files"04:42
=== david is now known as Guest29087
slooksterpsvEsat I'm downloading the file right now, I'll see if I can help you out, I know how to program so I may be able to help in the lingo sense04:42
Crash1hdthune3, is that by doing without the 2>&104:42
=== spartan is now known as spartan117
thune3Crash1hd: right04:42
Esatslooksterpsv,  thank you04:42
Esatslooksterpsv,  i will wait your answer04:43
h00k!cn | sunwear04:43
Crash1hdthune3, ok was googling what that does :)04:43
ubottusunwear: For Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk04:43
Crash1hdthune3, thanks :)04:43
wcheungAnybody setup Ubuntu as a NIS client?04:43
sunweari know04:44
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, do you know about runlevels?04:44
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, "start on runlevel [2345]" ... what runlevel should i choose for tightvncserver?04:44
quietonecan anyone talk me through what I should do to connect to internet via bluetooth 3G phone. DUN/NAP/PAN/pan0/bnep0/WAP/ppp0! which ones do I need?04:45
EsatHow to edit .class files to use Java Class Editor software?04:45
slooksterpsvpw-toxic I believe... 2 is what you want04:46
enav.class files are the binary outcome of compitation procces04:46
Esatenav, are there language codes ?04:47
supercom32Can anyone with Lucid unlock the Login Screen Settings successfully? Or is this a bug?04:47
enavjust machine language  not source code04:47
enavbits  010101000001010104:48
slooksterpsvEsat enav is right it's already compiled, so you can't read it04:48
enavwell humans can't...  to make a binary file readable for humand you need to decompile the code04:48
Esatslooksterpsv, i want to translate software's to my parent language04:48
enavuse some java decompilator04:48
Esatenav, Java Class Editor is not compilator?04:49
Agent001How can i burn an audio cd on ubuntu?04:49
Agent001The default burner only burns data disc04:49
enavi d k04:49
enavAgent001: that is not true04:49
Agent001its true04:49
enav100 buck is false04:50
=== _BEAST is now known as MAD_BEAST
EsatWhat can i do to translate the software to another language? slooksterpsv04:50
Agent001OK, then how do i set it audio burn?04:50
slooksterpsvpw-toxic_ did 2 work?04:50
tensorpuddingEsat: Java Class Editor seems to use javaprec to compile programs in a way that they can be edited at runtime04:50
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, nope ;/04:50
slooksterpsvEsat do you have the source04:50
tensorpuddingEsat: assuming you're talking about http://class-editor.sourceforge.net/04:50
Esatslooksterpsv, i dont know, i habe many folder in this directory04:51
enavopen applications ---> sound & video --> Brasero burning04:51
MAD_BEASTanyone know how to ping gps satellites with morris code ?04:51
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, anyway rc.local should still work because its only deprecated.. not removed04:51
enavthe first option says  AUDIO project04:51
Esattensorpudding, : yes04:51
slooksterpsvpw-toxic_ http://www.ivankristianto.com/os/ubuntu/howto-run-script-on-boot-process-in-ubuntu/1171/ yeah04:51
enavMAD_BEAST: ping what?????04:51
tensorpuddingEsat: you need to use that ROM thing, have you read the instructions on that site?04:51
Agent001ok east04:51
slooksterpsvpw-toxic_ the rc.local in init.d should work04:51
Agent001u're right04:51
Agent001cool man thx04:51
enavburn your stuff to 19 X04:52
tensorpuddingEsat: if your goal is to port this software to a different language, you almost certainly don't want to use this, though.04:52
enav10 X04:52
thune3supercom32: you run ldxe as well as gnome from gdm?04:52
bpatelI need help getting wifi running on my laptop ThinkPad T510 Intel Wifi Link 625004:52
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, when im booting I only see a ubuntu logo.. i want to see more!!  what is ubuntu doing on startup etc.. some feedback... is there an option?04:52
etherealiteCan someone tell me which cli cd burning tool to install?04:52
MAD_BEASTwrong channel sorry , I knew the answer to my question04:52
Agent001east, why 19x?04:52
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, and since this is very fast.. where can i access what happened at startup?04:52
Esattensorpudding, so what can i do to translate?04:52
enavAgent001: 10 X04:53
enavor lower04:53
tensorpuddingEsat: What are you trying to translate it to?04:53
tensorpuddingEsat: And why?04:53
Agent001east, why though?04:53
MAD_BEASTanyone know a good channel for wifi umm scripting ?04:53
Esattensorpudding, i want to translate all of the software to my parent language: For example: the menüs, the dialogs04:53
Esatcoz, it is English software04:54
Esatand open source04:54
Agent001why at 10x? and not maximum?04:54
tensorpuddingEsat: Using the runtime class editor for that is stupid04:54
Agent001wouldnt that be slower04:54
=== aybabtu is now known as Guest52665
Esattensorpudding, so what can i do?04:54
tensorpuddingEsat: The best way to translate is to edit the source code04:54
enavAgent001: maximun speed cause some times writte erros04:54
slooksterpsvpw-toxic_  hmmm trying to find how we do that04:54
=== MAD_BEAST is now known as TeTH3R
Agent001and 10x is guranteed?04:55
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, going for reboot now... when i connect with new name like _... im back04:55
Esattensorpudding,  where can i know which ones are source codes?04:55
enavAgent001: some cheap chineese CD player can read cd burned at 12 X  for example04:55
tensorpuddingEsat: Presumably the GUI code that includes error messages, and just about anything where text is printed to the user, can be edited to take into account locale information, with some work, and provide the right language.04:55
slooksterpsvpw_toxic_ found the info we need lol04:55
tensorpuddingEsat: Do you know anything about Java, or programming?04:56
enavi recommend burn data at 8X   audio CD to04:56
Esati just want to translate04:56
Agent001my entire system just ffroze  and i can only type in this chat box04:56
tensorpuddingEsat: Basically, you could just look for wherever there is a printed string, and translate it.04:56
Agent001cool man, 10x!!04:56
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, still doesnt work... really strange04:57
Esattensorpudding,  there are hundreds files in this software. how can i find which one i will translate?04:57
tensorpuddingEsat: There are probably quite a few files you'll have to check for strings to translate.04:58
slooksterpsvpw_toxic ok gimme a sec04:58
scribawfkernal won't update any suggestions, please?04:58
enavEsat: what app you want to translate04:58
Esatenav: Electrical CAD system which in in Ubuntu repositories04:59
Esatyou can access it with Ubuntu Software Center04:59
enavEsat: and what language?04:59
enavgermany? spanish?04:59
Esatit is orjinally English04:59
tensorpuddingEsat: You probably need to know a little bit about the organization of the source to find out which files to translate.04:59
Esattensorpudding,  yes05:00
Esatall of the source code is on my hard disk05:00
Esatbut i cant find them05:00
pw-toxicdoes anyone know a webpage where i can see a list of helpful ubuntu programs?05:00
tensorpuddingEsat: the "right" way to do it would be to make it so that the translation is maintainable, by removing the hardcoded language strings and enabling it to determine language through locale settings05:00
pw-toxicfor example like an automatic backup program?05:01
pw-toxicor gnome-do?05:01
enavEsat withc language you want to translate to05:01
Esatenav, Turkish05:01
AbhiJitpw-toxic, you can find list in software center05:01
tensorpuddingEsat: but that would actually require you to know Java, and to communicate with the developers of this software.05:01
pw-toxicAbhiJit, where do i find software center?05:01
icarus-cpw-toxic, i think software center does the job05:01
AbhiJitpw-toxic, application=>software center05:02
Esattensorpudding, why i need to comminication with the developers?05:02
Agent001btw, i didn't fall for your trap enav05:02
icarus-cpw-toxic, ew,  GNOME menu: Applications -> Ubuntu software center05:02
Agent001I'm burning at max speed05:02
pw-toxicicarus-c, lol cool! thx05:02
tensorpuddingEsat: because if your translation doesn't keep up-to-date with the upstream devs, it will never get kept up-to-date with the latest version, unless you handle that yourself05:02
enavEsat let me help you with this...  translating is a good way to collaborate with open source comunity05:02
icarus-cpw-toxic, for backup, a nice tool is backintime05:02
Esattensorpudding,  i know something about programming,05:02
aslamhello I am using ubuntu 10 I am not able to use copy and paste like unix terminal05:02
enavAgent001: what?05:03
icarus-cpw-toxic, it is like Mac OS X' Time machine05:03
Esatenav, : i am waiting your answer05:03
AbhiJitaslam, 10.??05:03
aslamthe new one05:03
enavEsat  im cheking electrical CAD web site05:03
AbhiJitaslam, 10.04 or 10.1005:03
enavEsat give me a sec05:03
Esatenav, : ok05:03
multipassCan anyone reccomend some advanced text editors like Kate or Notepad++???05:03
icarus-cpw-toxic, backintime is a GUI frontend to command line utility like rsync, rdiff05:03
icarus-cmultipass, vim, emacs05:03
aslamLinux aslam-laptop 2.6.32-24-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Thu Sep 16 14:17:33 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux05:03
pw-toxicicarus-c, yes i know backintime.. i was using it but i didnt remember the name because i have set up my serveral totally new ;)05:03
Esattensorpudding,  if you also help me about this, it is very good for our languages improve05:03
icarus-cmultipass, notepad++ is kinda weak comparing with them :)05:04
multipassicarus-c: im sure, but im mearly doing web development, so it might be over the top05:04
pw-toxicicarus-c, i have a 5TB fileserver on my server running making automatic backups with backintime.. i LOVE it05:04
tensorpuddingEsat: i.e. if you translate version 2.0, and they release an update to 2.1, you need to update your translation to 2.1 by taking all your translation patches and fixing them to apply to 2.1, and then adding new patches to patch the new things added in the release.05:04
aslamyou there05:04
aslamcan you tell me how to check the version05:04
aslamis it uname -a05:04
multipassicarus-c: i did try them out to, kinda was hard to get the hang of after using stuff like notepad++05:04
AbhiJitaslam, lsb_release -a05:04
icarus-cmultipass, some good "casual" text editors are gedit , kwrite, kate05:05
aslammine is 10.04.105:05
tensorpuddingEsat: I'm pretty sure that the Ubuntu/Gnome teams design their software to be easily translated, especially by people who don't know how to program, but this software probably is not.05:05
nataliДоброе время суток...05:05
tensorpudding!ru | natali05:05
ubottunatali: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke05:05
Esattensorpudding, : i know05:06
Deluxxdownloaded Puppy Linux and the iso file came as a rar, is that normal? because I can't find a .iso in there05:06
icarus-ctensorpudding, yes. translation is modular05:06
AbhiJitaslam, so what actually issue with copy pasting?05:06
aslami am not able to copy and paste via mouse selection05:06
AbhiJitaslam, in terminal?05:06
multipassicarus-c: so can gedit be modded out to be near notepadd++ any idea?05:06
^LestatIs this the channel for "Im used to windows, can I get help here?"05:06
etherealiteWhy isn't this working: sudo wodim -scanbus ????05:06
MasterofPuppetsHey guys. Laptop sees wireless networks but can't connect. Drivers are updated. Advice?05:06
AbhiJitaslam, did you first just select text with mouse and then in terminal right press the mouse wheel? what doesw it to?05:07
icarus-cmultipass, i don't know what notepad++ you need, so the best would be you try by yourself05:07
AbhiJit^Lestat, no05:07
AbhiJit!windows | ^Lestat05:07
ubottu^Lestat: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents05:07
nataliA chto? tut Russko yazi4nih net ?05:07
TeTH3Rmaster use only one wifi  software to connect05:07
aslami am using a laptop05:07
Esattensorpudding, the most important thing which to translate orjinally software05:07
enavEsat where you get the source05:07
aslamwith the touch pads05:07
Esatthe others are easy05:07
AbhiJitaslam, you mean are refferering mouse to your touchpad?05:07
^LestatAbhiJit: Is there an irc channel for guys like me?05:07
Aciidgeeez people are random here05:07
icarus-cmultipass, after all,  if you are stuck with notepad++, you could use it with Wine on Linux05:07
slooksterpsvpw_toxic not gonna work with tightvncserver05:07
multipassicarus-c: ok, will do-- tabbed windows, dual views(side by side), syntax highoighting, possibly ftp...05:07
Esatenav,  i dowanloaded the .deb05:08
aslamAbhi, yes05:08
tensorpuddingEsat: but anyway, you probably should find this project's mailing list, and get acquainted with them and tell them about your interest to translate the project. They might make changes to make it easier for you to translate.05:08
AbhiJit^Lestat, for windows there is channel ##windows to join type /j ##windows. this is ubuntu support channel05:08
aslamI have not connected any mouse05:08
Esatbut i dont remember where i downloaded it05:08
TeTH3Rrandom and a little to serious05:08
multipassicarus-c: yeah, i am considering it, but not sure yet :b seing whats out there05:08
AbhiJitaslam, did that worked before?05:08
enavEsat: are you java programmer?05:08
Esattensorpudding, maybe i wil contact with them05:08
Esatenav,  no05:08
AbhiJitaslam, because i dunno if we can do that using touchpad i never done that05:08
^Lestatthats whut I meant. Im a windows user, but am now running ubuntu05:08
^Lestatand I am LOVING this.05:08
AbhiJit^Lestat, you want support for ubuntu?05:08
Jesdisciplethen ur an X-Windows user =p05:09
aslambut why do I need to go to windows05:09
Esatit is not important , i know what i translate05:09
TeTH3Rwhat is your goal05:09
AbhiJitaslam, who told you to go to windows?05:09
^Lestatwell, I would like help linking my pidgin in ubuntu to my dropbox05:09
^Lestatbut when Ive read online is confusing to me05:09
aslamwell I am new to IRC05:09
TeTH3Rpidgin ? AKAMAI05:09
^LestatIve got dropbox installed05:09
Deluxxcan someone help me with installing puppy linux?05:09
Esatenav, if you want i can type what folder are there05:09
jimbozokay, so...I just switched from win7 to ubuntu for fun05:10
aslamno clue how things goes here05:10
AbhiJitDeluxx, this is ubuntu support channel.05:10
^Lestatinstalling stuff so far has been easy05:10
jimbozand the one thing I miss is the ability to change the color saturation of my display via software05:10
aslamjust saw that go to #window or some thing05:10
AbhiJit!guidelines | askhl this may help you understand how things goes here!05:10
ubottuaskhl this may help you understand how things goes here!: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines05:10
jimbozthe intel graphics panel let me do just that05:10
TeTH3ROh geez05:10
AbhiJitaslam, that go to #windows was not for yoou05:10
enavEsat: the best you can do is contac the development team of this software here http://www.gnu.org/software/electric/    and request the language pack to do a new translation... or just request support from the development team to get information about how to translate that software05:10
jimbozso i'm wondering can i do this in ubuntu?05:10
TeTH3Rlive a little05:10
aslamoh okay05:10
Esatenav, ,  had better to do that05:11
aslamso do you know any clue why is like that05:11
AbhiJitbut aht guidelies was for you aslam ^^ see above ubottu's msg of !guidelines05:11
TeTH3Rits open source you can build defense systems or make video games05:11
AbhiJitaslam, does the touchpad copy pasting worked before?05:11
aslamyeah I clicked that05:11
aslamwell n05:12
Agent001enav, burn done in 3 mintues, no error05:12
enavEsat translate a program is not like translate a openoffice document...   is not impossible but need some theoretical firmament to do that....    just contac the development team... im sure they will be happy to have a translator05:12
aslamabhijith, did you get what i ment05:12
AbhiJitaslam, ammm you mean you want the touchpad to act like mouse and to that  copy paste thingy? right?05:13
aslamlike in bash shell you can just copy and paist with right and left click for your mouse right05:13
enavAgent001:  cool... i just burn all my disc to 10 X   just for precaution05:13
Esatenav, : i am trying to contact with them05:13
AbhiJitaslam, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=96112205:13
Esatenav,  thank you so much05:13
Agent001I think you're just paranoid05:13
Agent001but thanks05:13
TeTH3Rwho is paranoid05:13
enavAgent001: lol05:13
^LestatDocky is jewl ;D05:13
TeTH3Rabout what05:13
TeTH3Rplease make my night05:13
jimbozanyone know how to adjust the color saturation in ubuntu?05:14
vrakeshneed help with thunderbird05:14
AbhiJitvrakesh, ask. to channel. in general. with details in one line.05:14
TeTH3Rwhat in thundderbird ?05:14
TeTH3Rwhat the NOID story05:14
vrakeshi installed enigmail in thunderbird... now i am not able to saw the images in mails05:14
enavAgent001: my theory have a scientific explanation... I'm not dancing with ghosts05:14
vrakeshTeTH3r: yes PGP05:15
TeTH3Rwhats the problem its as easy as PGP gets05:15
vrakeshnow i uninstalled it but still not able to see the images in mails05:15
TeTH3Rshow remote content05:15
AbhiJitvrakesh, try in #thunderbird on server irc.mozilla.org05:15
flan_suseFreenode webchat05:15
vrakeshAbhijit, can you pls explain me more05:16
TeTH3RPGP in Thunderbird in ubuntu05:16
AbhiJitvrakesh, no.05:16
MasterofPuppetsHey guys. Laptop sees wireless networks but can't connect. Drivers are updated. Advice?05:16
TeTH3Riwconfig  master05:16
vrakeshany help?05:16
vedderQUE WEBBA05:17
AbhiJitvrakesh, type /newserver irc.mozilla.org it will take you to their irc server after that either it will ask you to type channel name or you manualy type /j #thunderbird then ask your question there05:17
^Lestatso does using the cmd line get easier over time?05:17
TeTH3Ryou cant see pics ?05:17
enavactually i got 15 SCVs fixing my computer05:17
songervedder: no escribas todo en mayusculas, va contra las normas. La proxima vez seras expulsado.05:17
vrakeshTeTH3r: yes i cant pictures05:17
TeTH3Rlestat yes05:17
veddery eso por que?05:17
pineapplezafternoon gents05:17
aslamAbi, thanks05:17
TeTH3Rcan you encrypt and sign05:17
veddercuales normas?05:17
^LestatTheres a lot of flags and such to remember05:17
AbhiJitaslam, did that worked? :o05:18
aslamI am just reading05:18
pineapplezquick question gents05:18
aslamlooks like it the same05:18
tensorpuddingvedder: /join #ubuntu-es, por favor05:18
AbhiJitaslam, bye.05:18
TeTH3Rits default to send in HTML and I have had a similar issue05:18
AbhiJitbye all! :)05:18
vedderpor favor que?05:18
tensorpudding!es | vedder05:18
ubottuvedder: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.05:18
pineapplezthe "Use system defaults" in the Terminal Prefs for Color and Background is nice .. but where can i change the system defaults ???05:19
vedderexpliquenme que pasa05:19
TeTH3Rbuenos noches hombre05:19
vedderah ok05:19
veddergracias mas05:19
slooksterpsvpw-toxic still working on this dude lol05:19
^LestatI started by installing v9 and Have since upgraded to 10.405:19
TeTH3Rsudo man good stuff ;)05:19
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, me too ;05:19
Krishnandupineapplez, Edit > Profile Preferences05:20
^LestatNow when I start up using the default kernel, I get a black/ blank screen ;(05:20
TeTH3RPGP guy where you at05:20
supercom32In Ubuntu's System Monitor, I see 4 CPU's. I thought because I'm running an Intel Atom 330, I should only have 2 cores?05:20
^LestatI I have to 'esc' at the grub and choose 1 later version05:20
^LestatIs there a way to adjust the grub so it just loads the 2nd kernel as default?05:20
^Lestatum, and wuts a kernel?05:21
Krishnandu^Lestat, edit menu.list05:21
supercom32In Ubuntu's System Monitor, I see 4 CPU's. I thought because I'm running an Intel Atom 330, I should only have 2 cores?05:21
PrimedeathIs there any way to set the ALT+MIDDLE Click for Resizing windows to ALT+Right click?05:22
^LestatI suppose there are a lot of reasons why it does not like kernel option #105:22
jimbozi'm looking for an EQ app that'll let me tweak the saturation of my display05:23
^LestatRunning 10.4 on an old Lattitude d500. I wish I had the guts to mess with ubuntu years ago. This is pretty slick for FREE05:23
ashok_shettyhey any body tell me how to find installed programmes05:24
=== TeTH3R is now known as G1Bs0N
Krishnanduashok_shetty, Applications > Ubuntu Software Center05:24
Zelozelosashok_shetty, goto the ubuntu software center05:24
pineapplezAnyone knows how to change the Default system theme options as to the Terminal Colours?05:24
Zelozelospineapplez, open a terminal, goto edit, properties r smthin like that05:25
vrakeshTeTH3r: im still stuck05:25
Zelozelospineapplez, profile options it called05:26
ashok_shettyKrishnandu: dude i didt find the one  check in terminalwich im looking for tell me how to05:26
ashok_shettyKrishnandu: : dude i didt find the one wich im looking for tell me how to find in terminal05:26
Seven_Six_TwoI have logged in to a remote Solaris server with ssh -X and started gnome-session to get a desktop. I get the desktop successfully, but I can't get a panel because I can't stop gnome-panel without it restarting. The only guide I could find said to look for session manager, but that's not listed in my menus. Is there another way to temporarily disable gnome-panel without having to start it by hand every time I log in?05:27
Krishnanduashok_shetty, go to software center then click installed software. It'll list all the installed softwares on your system.05:27
znishere any point in using software raid on a laptop?05:28
^Lestatis "kernel" the same as OS?05:28
znisi only have one harddisk05:28
aetaric!kernel | ^Lestat05:28
ubottu^Lestat: The core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages05:28
tensorpudding^Lestat: no05:28
^Lestatheh, Im already on that wiki page.05:28
ashok_shettyKrishnandu: dude i checked but it didt showed wich im looking for ysterday i installed keylooger , but now i want to find whether it s installed r not05:28
vrakeshall: i installed openPGP/enigmail in thunderbird.... but i am not able to see the pictures in mails... can anyone help me with this05:28
Destonedi need assistance please05:29
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, with Linux, the kernel gives Linux its name, but they aren't interchangeable.05:29
^Lestatsure sounds like one05:29
jimbozyo yo yo05:29
Krishnanduashok_shetty, if you've installed it it would be there.05:29
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, an OS is more than just the kernel05:29
aetarictensorpudding: pretty sure the OS you run if you are running Ubuntu is Linux and Linux refers to the Kernel.. The DISTRO is Ubuntu05:29
=== spartan117 is now known as spartan
DestonedQuestion #1: Does anyone play minecraft on linux? i need assistance setting up womclient on linux, it may seem stupid but i am really in a rush05:29
ashok_shettyKrishnandu: installation failed05:29
^Lestatso So ubuntu is the OS using a linux kernel?05:29
Krishnanduashok_shetty, so how would it come there..??05:29
Zelozelos^Lestat simply put, the kernal translates the 1's n 0's for the processor, the os is the code thats translated05:29
Krishnanduashok_shetty, it's not installed05:29
Gnea^Lestat: correct.05:29
Zelozelosi think05:29
tensorpuddingThe OS is not the same as the kernel, though.05:29
=== spartan is now known as Guest86247
ashok_shettyKrishnandu: ya ur rite05:30
^Lestatand both are open source05:30
aetaric^Lestat: no ubuntu is a Distro of Linux05:30
=== Guest86247 is now known as spartan117
^Lestatoi. Im so confused05:30
icarus-caetaric, and a linux distro is an OS05:30
jimbozis there a tweak to change the saturation or vibrance of my display? :)P05:30
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, any results? ;)05:30
Krishnanduashok_shetty, :)05:30
aetaricicarus-c: yep. just being difficult :)05:31
aetaricwell, more like precise05:31
icarus-c^Lestat,   ubuntu (a linux distro)  runs on Linux05:31
ZykoticK9^Lestat, linux kernel + GNU tools = linux OS, ubuntu is a distro of linux05:31
icarus-c^Lestat, that distro is an OS05:31
PrimedeathLinux running Linux within Linux.05:31
G1Bs0NLestat what are your goals05:31
DestonedIs anyone here familiar with Minecraft / WOMCLIENT?05:32
didiIs it possible to change the gdm's theme?05:32
icarus-c^Lestat, generally, by saying  GNU/Linux we refer to a linux distribution, hence, a OS.   when we say Linux,  we refer to the kernel05:32
aetaric!repeat | Destoned05:32
ubottuDestoned: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://ubuntu.stackexchange.com05:32
^LestatMy goal is currently just to undersetand what Im working with before I dknow the "how" ;D05:32
tensorpuddingThe kernel is not the only thing, though, otherwise Android would rightly be called Linux too.05:32
G1Bs0Ncrawl before you walk05:32
Krishnandudidi, right click on desktop > change desktop background > theme05:32
aetaricandroid is a linux distro05:32
G1Bs0Nit is linux05:33
^LestatIts just amazing that its free05:33
aetarici know. that was a statement05:33
Blue1G1Bs0N: can you root an android device?05:33
G1Bs0Nall of them05:33
aetaricBlue1: old news man05:33
G1Bs0Nsamsung htc whatever you got05:33
icarus-c^Lestat, yesterday someone wasn't like you, he go kernel.org and download Linux before he understand what's linux and a linux distro05:34
Blue1aetaric: well I don't use a cell phone but about 5-10 min/month so I don't know.05:34
Pentium3Good evening05:34
didiKrishnandu: I don't see anything specifically to gdm. Am I missing something?05:34
G1Bs0Nold news but i have old roots that are stripped of code05:34
aetaricBlue1: a smiple google sells you it is. :p05:34
aemaethI need to know how i can import a script file so i can call it in any directory in my cli without needing the file there, how would i do this?05:34
Krishnandudidi, you want to change the theme right...??05:34
^Lestatheh Im not going to mess with this menu list until I learn more.05:34
G1Bs0NBlue1: what up05:34
Pentium3aemaeth: i think you put it in /sbin/05:35
didiKrishnandu: Yes. But not of Metacity. From gdm, the login stage.05:35
aemaethPentium3, i'll try that now05:35
aetaricaemaeth: sudo cp /path/to/script /usr/bin05:35
Seven_Six_Twomy first install was Debian Woody doing manual package selection (I thought I was a smarty-pants). It was a very long and drawn out FAIL05:35
Emanonaemaeth: like the word used to animate the golem?05:35
aetaricPentium3: it is a user script, therefore, /usr/bin05:36
aemaethaetaric, i actually tried /usr/bin and it won't work05:36
G1Bs0NBlue1: you get a droid ?05:36
aetarictype $PATH in the terminal05:36
aemaethor maybe i don't know how to call it properly, tried tab to complete and nothing, typed mantually and nothing05:36
Pentium3aetaric: sorry, its getting late for me :)05:36
glebihandidi: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/gdm2-setup-a-login-interface-management-utility-for-the-new-gdm.html05:36
Krishnandudidi, ohh sorry...dunno that..but I think removing / changing that will make your system unstable coz of plymouth...05:36
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, did you create a separate partition for your /home   ?05:36
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, you still there? ;)05:37
^LestatI just ran with the default setup05:37
* quiesense dies.05:37
aemaethaetaric, what do you need from that?05:37
quiesensesilly router05:37
slooksterpsvpw-toxic yeah still working on it lol05:37
slooksterpsvpw-toxic this is tough05:37
aemaethi do see many places with bin05:37
aetaricaemaeth: you can put it in any of those dirs as long as the script has execute perms on it05:37
aemaethi see, it could be as simple as they don't have those permissions05:38
aetaricchmod 777 scriptname will do the trick05:38
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, on what are you working? showing more information on startup or getting my tightvncviewer running on startup? ;)05:38
aetaricthen copy it05:38
didiKrishnandu: Really? Hum... That's a shame. Thank you, anyway.05:38
slooksterpsvpw-toxic not tightvncserver but any vncserver to work05:38
DestonedAnyone Familiar with .sh files, Minecraft, and WOMCLIENT?05:38
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, the vnc server works.. but not on startup05:39
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, i have to call it manually05:39
alesterWhat's preferred package maanger these days?05:39
aetaric!anyone | Destoned05:39
ubottuDestoned: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?05:39
G1Bs0Ntry metaspolit05:39
Destonedthat was my real question05:39
aemaethaetaric, thank you very much, this has solved my problem05:39
Krishnandudidi, I'm nt sure...try what glebihan suggested05:39
aetaricno problem aemaeth, glad i could help05:39
didiglebihan: Oh, I see. But it's sad that I need to install a third party software to do something that I was always able to do.05:39
ashok_shettyim getting error while installing lkl keylogger05:40
didiglebihan: Thank you, by the way.05:40
MAUOP#alternc go05:40
G1Bs0Nkeylogger whaaaaa05:40
glebihandidi: yes the configuration options have been removed since lucid05:40
MAUOP#alternc go05:40
aetaricwait... you WANT to install a keylogger?05:40
MAUOP#alternc go05:40
KrishnanduDestoned, what's problem with .sh files..?? Though I'm not an expert05:40
DestonedUbuntuwhat ubuntu help channels are available?05:40
glebihandidi: don't know why05:40
Destonedi just need to get it to run05:40
Destonedits associated with java05:40
jimbozanyone know how to adjust the color saturation in ubuntu?05:41
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, what irc program are you using? If you type the first few characters of someone's nickname and hit tab, it should autocomplete in most cases. That makes it easier to see replies. Also, if you create a separate /home partition, you don't have to worry about breaking anything. A reinstall (manual partitioning again) you can select "don't format" for your home partition, and all of your files, settings etc will still be th05:41
Seven_Six_Twoere after the reinstall.05:41
jukso if i have sshd running and my root pass is 12345 everyone is welcome to be root on my my machine05:41
jimboz(sorry for repeating the questions so much)05:41
^Lestatok so bootstrap says "Hey Mr Kernel, please instantiate with these paramters"05:41
Krishnanduglebihan, didi just coz of plymouth...!!05:41
Destonedim assuming no reply means no idea?05:41
KrishnanduDestoned, what's your query buddy..??05:41
Destonedwhat is that..?05:41
JeffersonWondering if someone could help me out I have a Asus Labtop thats a G50VT, and its running ubuntu 8.10 on it, and with the wireless then its kinda of having problems05:42
^LestatSeven_Six_Two: Pidgin05:42
Seven_Six_Twojuk, if you forward the ssh port from your router and your isp doesn't block05:42
didiKrishnandu: But plymouth runs before gdm. And gdm has nothing to do with boot.05:42
aetaricDestoned: if you just ask the actual question, i'm sure we can help you05:42
mocha0rangeDestoned: sorry, just got here - what seems to be the problem? it's not running... what's the error/output?05:42
glebihanKrishnandu: I hate plymouth... can't even get to have a splash screen working on startup...05:42
Krishnandudidi, well....I said I'm not sure...05:42
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, oh I'm not sure about how Pidgin works. I hop between xchat and irssi05:42
didiKrishnandu: OK.05:42
aetaricirssi is ftw05:42
Jeffersonif I have a password on the internet then when I enter it into the network configuration then sometimes it'll connect and work, but it also like encrypts the password05:42
Destoned"minecraft-osx.sh" is an executable text file.05:42
^LestatSeven_Six_Two: Any recomends for /home partition size?05:42
Destonedwhen i try running it05:42
Krishnandudidi, coz plymouth is integrated such that changing anything related to it will harm the system05:42
Destonedthere is a way to run it, i just dont know how05:43
Jeffersonbut if i take the password off the internet then the wireless on my labtop works jst find05:43
Krishnanduglebihan, ya :(05:43
Jeffersonwould anyone know a solution05:43
mocha0rangeDestoned: ./script.sh05:43
slooksterpsvpw-toxic - OMG I GOT IT!05:43
ashok_shettyhow to chect installed soft..in terminal05:43
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, I allow about 2GB for swap, 10GB for / and the rest for home (and another for storage) taking up the rest of the space05:43
Destonedwhat mocha0range?05:43
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, so let me know ;)05:43
Artemis3ashok_shetty, dpkg -l05:43
KrishnanduDestoned, are yaar...what are you asking..??05:43
slooksterpsvpw-toxic - in /etc/rc.local type in the following, (and replace user with your user or the user who you're vncing in as): su user -c "cd ~user && vncserver :1"05:44
Destonedim wondering how to run "minecraft-osx.sh" is an executable text file.05:44
^LestatSeven_Six_Two: I take it you are refering to /myName and not fileSystem/home ?05:44
mocha0rangeDestoned: to run the script, when you're in that folder, run "./scriptname.sh"05:44
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, you might want to allow a bit more for / if you're going to install all kinds of programs to try them out05:44
aetaricDestoned: you joined #ubuntu for help with OS X?05:44
KrishnanduDestoned, We know .sh are shell script files...but what the problem...??05:44
mocha0rangeDestoned: also, what aetaric said05:44
Destonedno its not on a mac05:44
Destonedits on linux05:44
ashok_shettyArtemis3: what about to check particular soft..05:44
=== tab_ is now known as troy-
slooksterpsvpw-toxic we're at a start, I was booted from vnc but not sure if it was timeout reasons or what05:44
Destonedi know people that have run it on linux, i cant get ahold of them atm05:44
aemaethaetaric, one script calling another can't access the 2nd, know how i can fix this?05:44
scottjIs there a way to have notify-osd be able to display more than one notification at a time? right now it waits till the first has disappeared before showing the next05:45
^LestatSeven_Six_Two: I do understand thats all subjective. Can I just use gparted to repartition?05:45
icarus-cDestoned, bash minecraft-osx.sh05:45
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, after the && i can do my own vnc command?05:45
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, not sure what you mean. I have /home  mounted on its own partition. all users are on that one for their homes as well05:45
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, since im using tightvncserver05:45
slooksterpsvpw-toxic sure05:45
KrishnanduDestoned, can you please explain what you want to achieve..?? What's your goal..??05:45
slooksterpsvpw-toxic but that'll only run after the vnc session is ended05:45
Destonedi want it to run minecraft.jar05:45
glebihanscottj: I don't think there's a userside way05:45
Destonedthat is its purpose05:45
Artemis3ashok_shetty, you could also run aptitude05:45
Destonedits a custom client for minecraft05:45
aetaricaemaeth: use absolute pathnames, or move whatever extra script you are running into the same dir.05:45
^Lestatphew busy channel05:45
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, it's possible, but you'd be a lot better off doing a fresh install instead of trying to resize (shrink) a partition05:45
KrishnanduDestoned, do you have jre installed...??05:46
icarus-cDestoned, minecraft-osx.sh  is supposed to be a shell script.   bash could execute the script05:46
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, i dont know what you are meaning with user05:46
pw-toxicthere are currently two users05:46
aemaethaetaric, thanks, i see what you mean now05:46
pw-toxicroot and pw-toxic05:46
Destonedwhat is bash?05:46
jukSeven_Six_Two:isn't there's a secure way via ssh gpg or ssl keys?05:46
Destonedim very new to linux/terminal05:46
KrishnanduDestoned, shell05:46
slooksterpsvso user would be pw-toxic05:46
aetaricDestoned: the shell05:46
scottjWhat's the best alternative to notify-osd? (that can display more than one notification at a time)05:46
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, I would only resize if I'm enlarging one05:46
scottjglebihan: thanks05:46
^LestatSeven_Six_Two: I would. But when I tried instlaling fresh 10.4 it failed and I did not have the different kernel load options.05:46
Krishnandu!bash | Destoned05:46
ashok_shettyArtemis3: dude to find particular soft what is the code to find05:46
ubottuDestoned: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:46
Seven_Six_Twojuk, sorry, I'm not sure what you're referring to05:46
Destonedcan u expand on that explamation?05:46
icarus-cDestoned, like Windows command prompt is a shell05:46
_numbershow do i enable a service on runlevels 2, 3, 5 from cli05:47
Jeffersonso would anyone know what would be the problem with my wireless05:47
aetaricDestoned: to be more precise, the magic thing that accepts the commands05:47
Artemis3ashok_shetty, which soft?05:47
^LestatSeven_Six_Two:  Whatever comes with 10.4 my laptop does not like.05:47
Destonedoh terminal05:47
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, ill give it a try05:47
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, brb05:47
aemaethaetaric, yes, wonderful, they are all working together now, my grandchildren will sing songs in praise of your name05:47
KrishnanduDestoned, yaa..!! And the GUI you are using right now is also a shell05:47
ashok_shettyArtemis3: example vlc05:47
icarus-cterminal is not a precise description though..05:47
Artemis3ashok_shetty, dpkg -l | grep vlc05:47
Krishnandu!shell | Destoned05:47
ubottuDestoned: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:47
^LestatSeven_Six_Two: I think I will lurk here and just see what I learn. Thanks for helping me ;))05:47
Destonedok so type what in terminal?05:47
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, in what way? is it a fairly old laptop? I've gone from 8.04-10.10 on my laptop without too many issues05:48
KrishnanduDestoned, sh yourfilename.sh05:48
icarus-cDestoned, bash /path/to/minecraft-osx.sh05:48
KrishnanduDestoned, or what icarus-c suggested. Both the method will work05:48
^LestatSeven_Six_Two: Upgrading went well, but a direct install is what broke for me. Just loads to a blank screen after install05:48
logan_wolfhi all05:48
aetaricDestoned: really, the terminal accepts your login credentials and then opens your login shell (by default /bin/bash)... but this is the technical way to look at it05:48
Krishnanduhi logan_wolf05:48
icarus-cKrishnandu, not if the file isn't in current working directory05:48
ashok_shettyArtemis3: what is dpkg05:48
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, sorry I missed your previous message. did you install boot loader to MBR?05:48
Destoned<logan_wolf> hi all05:48
Destoned<aetaric> Destoned: really, the terminal accepts your login credentials and then opens your login shell (by default /bin/bash)... but this is the technical way to look at it05:48
Destoned<Krishnandu> hi logan_wolf05:48
FloodBot2Destoned: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:48
Krishnanduicarus-c, ya..!! :)05:49
Destonedomg, thats not what i copied05:49
Destonedsays sh: cannot run minecraft-osx.sh05:49
glebihanscottj: not sure but I don't think there is an alternative, because an application that uses notify-osd calls specific methods for osd05:49
mocha0rangeDestoned: try running "chmod +x /path/to/your/file.sh"05:49
mocha0rangeDestoned: then the command you tried before05:49
icarus-cmocha0range, it shouldn't matter when you run it with the shell specifically05:50
scottjglebihan: I'm actually writing my own program for my own use so that would be ok05:50
KrishnanduDestoned, are you in the dir where your .sh file resides..??05:50
aetaricDestoned: OR chmod +x minecraft-osx.sh05:50
Destonedsame error05:50
logan_wolfKrishnandu, hey man05:50
mocha0rangeicarus-c: oh, you mean using the 'sh' command?05:50
KrishnanduDestoned, are you in the same dir where your .sh file resides..?? If not then go to that dir with cd05:50
icarus-cyou only need to give it execute right if you want to run it by "./minecraft-osx.sh" instead of  bash  minecraft-osx.sh05:51
Destonedone sec05:51
pw-toxic_slooksterpsv, didnt work either ;(05:51
mocha0rangeicarus-c: good to know, thanks05:51
logan_wolfKrishnandu, I am still facing that problem that I am not able to install any software from software centre though I can do the same from CLI05:51
Seven_Six_TwoI have logged in to a remote Solaris server with ssh -X and started gnome-session to get a desktop. I get the desktop successfully, but I can't get a panel because I can't stop gnome-panel without it restarting. The only guide I could find said to look for session manager, but that's not listed in my menus. Is there another way to temporarily disable gnome-panel without having to start it by hand every time I log in?05:51
Destonedok now im there05:51
Krishnandulogan_wolf, lol...!! No idea..!!05:51
slooksterpsvpw-toxic, really? I used Remote Desktop Viewer and it worked for me doing (where :1 = display05:51
KrishnanduDestoned, how run what icarus-c said05:51
Artemis3this minecraft thing... could run like: java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -jar minecraft.jar (assuming you installed sun java)05:51
logan_wolfKrishnandu, ha ha ha05:51
KrishnanduDestoned, that chmod +x yourfilename.sh05:52
aetaricSeven_Six_Two: so you came to #ubuntu for help with solaris?05:52
icarus-cDestoned, that means  "bash  /path/to/the/minecraft-osx.sh"05:52
KrishnanduDestoned, and then ./yourfilename.sh05:52
Seven_Six_Twoaetaric, no, I came to Ubuntu for help with temporarily disabling the auto-restart of gnome-panel05:52
Krishnandulogan_wolf, try asking again here...lets see if some-one can help..!!05:52
Seven_Six_Twoaetaric, solaris just won't give me its panel while my local one is running05:53
aetaricSeven_Six_Two: in my many years of breaking and fixing linux systems... i'm not even sure if you can stop it from starting05:53
logan_wolfI am facing an issue with the new box on which I installed lucid........... I am not able to install softwares from software centre though I can do the same via sudo apt-get install05:53
Krishnandulogan_wolf, what error does it throws..??05:53
Seven_Six_Twoaetaric, oh, there's a way. It just might not be pretty.    ;)05:54
logan_wolfKrishnandu, that is the whole problem its not throwing any error05:54
Destonedthat link please05:54
Krishnandulogan_wolf, what error it throws when you try to install through software center...??05:54
aetaricquality is better than quantity...05:54
logan_wolfKrishnandu, when I click on the install button it just clicks and ............. nothing05:54
Seven_Six_Twologan_wolf, and can you install with synaptic?05:54
Krishnandulogan_wolf, mmm...one min...you are saying you are not able to install sftwr thru sftwr centr right..?? So what does it shows..?? What happens when you try to install sftwr??05:54
icarus-cDestoned, simple.  "No such file or directory"05:54
mocha0rangeDestoned: ah, okay, the problem is your file isn't on your desktop - which is where you're trying to run the command. Do you know where the file is located?05:55
logan_wolfKrishnandu, just a click on install button and then ........ dead nothing happens .......... and I just keep on waiting that it will install :P05:55
Destoneddesktop/womclient/ HERE05:55
Seven_Six_Twoor the file is on your desktop, and you opened a terminal (defaults to your home dir)05:55
icarus-cDestoned, cd ~/Desktop/womclient    # note that upper/lower case matters05:56
logan_wolfSeven_Six_Two, yeah man its installing via synaptic05:56
Krishnandulogan_wolf, hmmm...05:56
Krishnandulogan_wolf, no idea..!! :)05:57
crucialhoaxDoes anyone know if clonezilla has an irc channel?05:57
Destonedicarus-c thats where it WAS05:57
icarus-ccrucialhoax, maybe on irc.mozilla.org05:57
Destonedlook at the link again05:57
crucialhoaxicarus-c, Thank you!05:57
logan_wolfKrishnandu, no issues man thnx for the time ;)05:57
=== Catalyst is now known as Guest76872
glebihanscottj: there doesn't seem to be many alternatives to notify-osd05:57
Krishnandulogan_wolf, it's ok buddy :)05:58
Artemis3actually clonezilla has no relation with mozilla ^^!05:58
raveni need a http proxy on any other port than 80 - any ideas?05:58
logan_wolfKrishnandu, where you from ??05:58
glebihanscottj: maybe your best option would be to write a custom notification system for your program ?05:58
Seven_Six_Tworaven, to what end?05:58
Krishnandulogan_wolf, India, n u..??05:58
icarus-cDestoned, no matter what you say, the fact is "~/Desktop/Womclient/womclient-osx.sh"  does NOT exist05:58
etherealiteHow can I change my initrd settings?05:59
KrishnanduDestoned, where have you saved your file..??05:59
logan_wolfKrishnandu, India05:59
Krishnandulogan_wolf, where in India..??05:59
ravenSeven_Six_Two, port 80 is closed so i need any other port to the proxy05:59
logan_wolfKrishnandu, delhi05:59
G1Bs0NIndia WiniT ?05:59
logan_wolfKrishnandu, u??05:59
Krishnanduicarus-c, I think if he've saved it by-default, it would have got saved in his home..!!05:59
Seven_Six_Tworaven, but what are you trying to do? there are different kinds of proxies, and they do different things05:59
Krishnandulogan_wolf, Kolkata n u..??05:59
logan_wolfKrishnandu, delhi06:00
icarus-cKrishnandu, we can't know that :)06:00
Krishnandulogan_wolf, Aww..!!06:00
ravenSeven_Six_Two, i am trying to access the web while port 80 is closed06:00
Krishnanduicarus-c, :P06:00
logan_wolfKrishnandu, you a programmer ???06:00
Krishnandulogan_wolf, yup..!!06:00
Krishnandulogan_wolf, n u..??06:00
logan_wolfKrishnandu, what language do you program in06:00
Seven_Six_Tworaven, oh you're trying to bypass security on a router that you don't control?06:00
KrishnanduDestoned, can you see the file thru GUI..??06:00
Destonedwhat do i do after Chmod +X filename06:01
icarus-ccrucialhoax, oops, clonezilla has no relation to mozilla :P06:01
G1Bs0Nsocks 5 or l1 http06:01
logan_wolfKrishnandu, yup....... C, C++06:01
ravenSeven_Six_Two, right06:01
ashok_shettywhere and to find keylogger package06:01
etherealiteHow can I get initrd to mount a cd at boot?06:01
logan_wolfKrishnandu, though I am right now doing a job in LAMP development06:01
Krishnandulogan_wolf, well...not like that...I've learned many languages...and right now I'm not using any specific language06:01
Seven_Six_Tworaven, you'd need to find a web proxy outside your own system that accepts connections on nonstandard ports? Not sure if you'll find one for free.06:01
Krishnandulogan_wolf, right now I'm using Gambus06:02
glebihanetherealite: that would be done by adding an entry in fstab, but I doubt it's a very good idea06:02
icarus-cSeven_Six_Two, raven, there's TOR  (the onion router) :P06:02
etherealiteglebihan why is it such a bad idea?06:02
ravenSeven_Six_Two, i just found one on xroxy06:02
KrishnanduDestoned, Yaar...leave command line and try finding the file using Graphical Interface06:02
ravenicarus-c, i know but its too slow06:03
icarus-craven, true06:03
logan_wolfKrishnandu, good for you .......... a new one for me06:03
Seven_Six_Twoicarus-c, that stops the webservers from tracking, but does that bypass 80, or just make all traffic disperse to nodes?06:03
Destonedgraphical interface? can you speak english?06:03
glebihanetherealite: because if the disk is not present, it could prevent your system from booting06:03
Krishnandulogan_wolf, Well...Gambus is VB for Linux..!!06:03
mocha0rangeraven: oh no kidding, it's like surfing the web through molasses when you're connecting through russia06:03
logan_wolfKrishnandu, hmmmm good man06:03
Krishnandulogan_wolf, Though Linux is not new for me...I'm using it from class 706:03
etherealiteglebihan don't the hooks need to be written in C?06:03
logan_wolfKrishnandu, thats cool man06:04
DestonedKrishnandu wtf is a graphical interface06:04
Krishnandu!GUI | Destoned06:04
ubottuDestoned: The graphical user interface (GUI) in Ubuntu is composed of many elements, including the !X server, a window manager, and a desktop environment such as !GNOME or !KDE (which themselves use the !GTK and !Qt toolkits respectively)06:04
^LestatDestoned: GUI ?06:04
icarus-cDestoned, navigate to the file in concern in File Explorer (nautilus) , right click the script file -> Properties -> Permission,  TICK Owner's Execute right,  now double click on the file and select  Run in Terminal when asked06:04
logan_wolfKrishnandu, I have started using it resently.............. I have been programming since class 7 :)06:04
Destonedyes i see it in a window06:04
Krishnandulogan_wolf, ohh..!! Thats nice..!!06:04
KrishnanduDestoned, thats gr8...say the path06:04
Destonedin the file WOMCLIENT which is on the Desktop06:04
Seven_Six_TwoDestoned, it's a GUI. it's everything graphical. You'll know GUI when you feel its lack the first time06:04
KrishnanduSeven_Six_Two, lol...thats a nice ans..!!06:05
glebihanetherealite: I don't think there's anything to write in C to make it work06:05
mocha0rangeSeven_Six_Two: haha, so true06:05
logan_wolfKrishnandu, I found lucid very good06:05
Artemis3Destoned, same way you just used wtf instead of writting the three words, ppl use gui and cli very often06:05
* ^Lestat is quite pleased with gEdit06:05
icarus-cDestoned, ..................  bash Desktop/Womclient/Minecraft-osx.sh06:05
icarus-cDestoned, ..................  bash ~/Desktop/Womclient/Minecraft-osx.sh06:05
KrishnanduDestoned, gr8...now to go to terminal and type cd /Desktop/Womclient06:05
glebihanetherealite: I don't know exactly how a missing disk would be handled06:05
ashok_shettywhat is nautilus06:06
mocha0rangeSeven_Six_Two: first time I got a job doing server admin work taught me that REALLY quick - before then i had only had to use the shell to do stuff once in a while06:06
KrishnanduDestoned, or what icarus-c is suggesting06:06
Seven_Six_Twoglebihan, drop the leading /06:06
icarus-c!nautilus | glebihan06:06
tensorpuddingashok_shetty: It's the file manager used by GNOME06:06
etherealiteglebihan can it be done it grub? I could modify the menu entry?06:06
Krishnandulogan_wolf, ya...ubuntu is really good for newbies...a good solutions for start learning linux06:06
icarus-cno worries glebihan06:06
ashok_shettytensorpudding: thanks06:06
Destonedits telling me theres no such file or directory06:06
Seven_Six_TwoGlebelg, Destoned don't put /Desktop as Desktop isn't at the root of the filesystem06:07
Destonedeverything IS spelt correctly06:07
logan_wolfKrishnandu, though I have started working just on CLI but still the GUI is really good06:07
glebihanetherealite: I don't think you can do it in grub, grub runs way before file systems are mounted06:07
glebihanSeven_Six_Two: ?06:07
ashok_shettytensorpudding: can v change the root settings thier06:07
Krishnandulogan_wolf, hmm :)06:07
icarus-cDestoned, cd ~/Desktop/Womclient/  && bash Minecraft-osx.sh   # don't even change a letter : )06:07
Krishnandulogan_wolf, so you are using it for LAMP development..??06:07
glebihanetherealite: you could try with fstab and change it back if it doesn't work (if you have a live cd)06:07
logan_wolfKrishnandu, yup06:07
Krishnanduicarus-c, I hope he doesn't copy after # :)06:08
icarus-cKrishnandu, that doesn't matter. comment :)06:08
Seven_Six_Twoglebihan, Destoned   /home/username/Desktop  is ok and so is ~/Desktop and so is Desktop/whatever (if you'r currently in /home/username06:08
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, lol looks like it is a very hard task for ubuntu to get a programm running on startup..06:08
Krishnandulogan_wolf, Good..!! I too did use LAMP thrice in college...but I don't found any good editor...like Dreamweaver06:08
icarus-cSeven_Six_Two, i would suggest not to confuse him further..06:08
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/VNC there is a big script i ahve tested too..06:08
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, is there a bootup log?06:08
Destonedok seriously. Im in Desktop/Womclient in the terminal06:08
Artemis3isn't there a "Downloads" folder nowdays? i think his file might be elsewhere...06:09
Krishnanduicarus-c, Ohh i didn't know that..!! Does bash too treats that as comment..??06:09
Destonedi type bash minecraft-osx.sh06:09
Destonedit says it doesnt exsist. ITS RIGHT THERE06:09
icarus-cDestoned, Minecraft-osx.sh06:09
Destonediv tried it with a capitl and no capital06:09
slooksterpsvpw-toxic I'm having trouble staying connected and even the keyboard functioning06:09
icarus-cDestoned, note the letter case06:09
logan_wolfKrishnandu, By LAMP i mean platform LAMP........ Linux.... Apache...Mysql....Php06:09
KrishnanduDestoned, god...just copy what icarus-c suggested06:09
mocha0rangeDestoned: type "ls -la" - do you see a list of files; then is the file you're looking for in that list?06:09
Artemis3or maybe the script is calling a file which doesn't exist...06:09
Seven_Six_TwoDestoned, can you do    ls -l in that directory and paste the line with the file here?06:09
Krishnandulogan_wolf, I know buddy...!!06:09
icarus-cDestoned, cd ~/Desktop/Womclient/  && bash Minecraft-osx.sh06:09
Krishnandulogan_wolf, ohh you mean you06:10
Krishnandulogan_wolf, ohh you mean you're working as admin..??06:10
Destoned-rwxr-xr-x 1 destoned destoned  543 2009-11-20 23:03 minecraft-osx.sh06:10
Destonedsee its there06:10
glebihanSeven_Six_Two: didn't understand what you were talking about, was a message from Krishnandu06:10
icarus-cDestoned, cd ~/Desktop/Womclient/  && bash minecraft-osx.sh06:10
logan_wolfno no no ........ I am a fresher yaar............ I am just a developer right now06:10
Krishnanduohh it would be minecraft-osx.sh06:10
Artemis3cat minecraft-osx.sh and paste the result in pastebin06:10
mocha0rangeArtemis3: if that was the case, wouldn't it give you an output error, not just a file not found?06:11
Seven_Six_Twoglebihan, np.06:11
icarus-cArtemis3, bash would complain loudly if the script isn06:11
icarus-c'isn't right or not a script at all06:11
Krishnandulogan_wolf, ohh..!!06:11
Artemis3try for yourself, make a "script" which calls something which doesnt exist ^^06:11
Krishnanduglebihan, wat..??06:11
glebihanetherealite: by the way why do you need to do this ?06:12
glebihanKrishnandu: About the "/Desktop"06:12
icarus-cArtemis3, bash blah06:12
icarus-cbash: blah: No such file or directory06:12
mocha0rangeArtemis3, icarus-c: haha, looks like a script error afterall06:12
Artemis3oh lol06:12
etherealiteglebihan to read a luks key to mount my encrypted root files system at boot.06:12
Krishnanduglebihan, ohh...!!06:12
^LestatAre there a few 'best practice' addressses for other software ?06:12
^Lestat(in software sources)06:12
Artemis3Destoned, type this command: cat minecraft-osx.sh and put that into pastebin06:12
DestonedKrishnandu, icarus-c http://paste.ubuntu.com/499462/06:12
RufusSmdoes the Ubuntu LiveCD let me install packages by any chance? I want to a rescue package for my software RAID.06:13
G1Bs0Nubuntu geeks security software06:13
icarus-cRufusSm, yes it does06:13
glebihanetherealite: do your disk will always be present anyway ?06:13
icarus-cRufusSm, but note that the changes will vanish after reboot06:13
RufusSmicarus-c: so even if it's loaded in memory only, I can still install stuff through apt-get?06:13
icarus-cDestoned, that means the script wouldn't work on Linux without modification06:13
etherealiteglebihan it will always be in the drive.06:13
Artemis3yes, which is why i suggested to use java directly to lauch the .jar06:14
G1Bs0Ntry sudo apitude instead of apt-get06:14
benjamin_hello people, anyone have much experience getting an x-fi sound card to work? I have all the channels working, but for some reason my front channel doesn't work. No sound will come out, but my center and rear work just fine.06:14
icarus-cDestoned, this is obviously Mac OS X specific >> /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6/Home/bin/java06:14
glebihanetherealite: in that case, fstab should work fine06:14
icarus-cDestoned, maybe you could paste the script\06:14
benjamin_I'm using pretty much a vanilla 10.04 (to my knowledge I messed around with pulse for awhile, then removed it)06:14
Destonedyes, how do i modify the script06:14
KrishnanduDestoned, god...you should have said "minecraft-osx.sh: line 12: /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6/Home/bin/java: No such file or directory06:14
Krishnandu" rather than "No such file or directory"06:14
icarus-cDestoned, change "JAVA=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6/Home/bin/java"  to  "JAVA=`which java`"06:14
Seven_Six_TwoDestoned, its looking for the java virtual machine in a Mac location. find it on your computer (which java) and change that line06:15
etherealiteglebihan maybe, but it might not  work because fstab is in the root file system which is encrypted?06:15
mocha0range(( >_< ))06:15
slooksterpsvpw-toxic sorry I can't get it working :( I give up for now06:15
icarus-cDestoned, didn't you say you know how to change the script..06:15
Artemis3gedit or nano are good text editors06:15
Seven_Six_Twoicarus-c, nice. I didn't know you could do that06:15
KrishnanduDestoned, gedit finename.sh06:15
^LestatIt's certainly encouraging to see other users are as noob as myself ;)06:15
Destonedno, im very new to linux and terminal06:15
KrishnanduDestoned, gedit finename.sh06:15
glebihanetherealite: oh I get it... you need it to be done before root filesystem is mounted...06:15
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, thx anyways06:15
mocha0range^Lestat: no matter how noob you think you are, there's always someone more noob06:16
Destonedwant me to put it in pastebin?06:16
icarus-cDestoned, navigate to minecraft-osx.sh in file browser, open it with a text editor06:16
Seven_Six_Two^Lestat, Destoned Once you're comfortable, don't forget to come back and help other new users06:16
^Lestatmocha0range: I promise I'm noober06:16
Destonedi will06:16
icarus-cDestoned, then in text editor, change the line :  "JAVA=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6/Home/bin/java"  to  "JAVA=`which java`"06:16
KrishnanduDestoned, no that would open the script for editing, and now edit as what icarus-c said06:16
^LestatUber Nuber!06:16
glebihanetherealite: then you'll probably have to create an upstart job and use mount06:16
QwertMany users are logging in IRC then they quit and they again log in. In the process, their address changes. How?06:16
Artemis3Destoned, the instructions in the page say to use this command:   java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar06:16
Destonedwhich java - where do i find my java06:16
^LestatSeven_Six_Two: I will most definately06:17
Artemis3Destoned, you should not need to use the .sh06:17
sadahow do i figure out what archetecture i have?06:17
sadai think i have 6406:17
^LestatOf course I still scan the forums and wiki's etc etc06:17
benjamin_uname -r06:17
^Lestatuh, more rain. I hope My basement does not flood again06:17
benjamin_that's just the kernel, I thought it might have the architecture in it06:17
histo^Lestat: get a sump pum06:17
histo^Lestat: sump pump06:18
Seven_Six_Twosada, uname -a will tell you if you're using a 64 bit kernel.06:18
etherealiteglebihan doesn't upstart run off the root partion?06:18
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, do you know where the password for the vncviewer is stored?06:18
icarus-cDestoned, damnit or in short.   cd  ~/Desktop/Womclient/ && sed -i "s,System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Versions/1.6/Home/bin/java,`which java`," minecraft-osx.sh && bash minecraft-osx.sh06:18
=== shcherba1 is now known as shcherbak
sadaSeven_Six_Two: i think i am using the wrong kernal, i want to see if i can use i6406:18
slooksterpsvpw-toxic for root it may be /root/.vncpasswd/somefile here or it's in your root folder ~/.vncpasswd06:18
ectospasmsada: uname -m will tell you the arch and nothing else06:18
Seven_Six_Twosada, try a 64 bit live cd06:19
benjamin_sada uname --all06:19
navarMigrated to Lynx from 9.04 jaunty, now I can no longer get the i8kfan plugin for gkrellm on my Dell laptop (missing from repository).  Anyone found a workaround to getting i8kfan plugin back on gkrellm?06:19
KrishnanduDestoned, you don't need to find which java...system will do that for u..!!06:19
Artemis3Destoned, ok actually the command is: java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame06:19
aburrabeetHow to install grub to recover hidden ubuntu; live on ubuntu 9.04 x64, sudo grub results command not found. What to do?06:19
sada2.6.35-20-lowlatency-pae #29-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Sep 6 10:45:54 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux06:19
benjamin_sada it'll show an x86 and an x86_64 if it's 64 bit06:19
sadathat does not help me does it?06:19
^Lestathisto: Ive got one. Found a slab of cement under my deck this summer that graded towards the house. Ive spent the last 2months jack haammering, and regrading/compacting that side of the house.06:19
adzydoes anyone know if there is a vmware for ubuntu? so i can run another OS while in ubuntu?06:19
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, i think the problem is, thatt the passwd file is not found06:19
Artemis3Destoned, if it doesn't work, you might need sun java, which is not installed by default06:19
sadabut it only means that the kernel installed is 32, i want to know if my cpu is 64bit capable06:19
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, when i execute the command manually i do it as root06:20
ectospasmadzy: VirtualBox is better06:20
benjamin_sada you're running a 64 bit extension to the x86 processors.06:20
^Lestatsada: virtual box should06:20
pw-toxic(sudo su with pw-toxic)06:20
ectospasmadzy: virtualbox.org06:20
Krishnandusada, ya uname -a doesn't tells the architechture06:20
benjamin_sada so yes, you're running 64 bit.06:20
aburrabeetadzy: use Oracle Virtual Box06:20
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, and the password is stored in /root/.svn/passwd.. where should the script know that the password is there?06:20
^Lestathow, I dont know lol. But it says it will.06:20
sadabenjamin_: how do you see that?06:20
glebihanetherealite: I don't know enough about upstart to be sure, but some jobs are run before the filesystems are mounted06:20
benjamin_sada you posted this:  2.6.35-20-lowlatency-pae #29-Ubuntu SMP PREEMPT Mon Sep 6 10:45:54 UTC 2010 i686 GNU/Linux06:20
* Qwert is getting addicted to #ubuntu06:21
benjamin_right after 2010 it says i68606:21
Krishnandusada, i68606:21
benjamin_sada that's your architecture06:21
ectospasmbenjamin_: you're wrong, that's 32buit06:21
Seven_Six_TwoKrishnandu, uname -a doesn't tell arch, but will show 64bit kernel06:21
ectospasmi686 is 32bit06:21
adzythanks guys ill check it out :D06:21
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, when i run the script manually  (./etc/init.d/tightvncserver start) it asks me for a password06:21
benjamin_ectospasm, it's a 64bit extension to 32 bit though? I thought06:21
ectospasmx86_64 is 6406:21
ectospasmbenjamin_: no.06:21
benjamin_ectospasm, I'm confused now lol. whatever.06:21
KrishnanduSeven_Six_Two, Ya..!! But he asked if his proccy is 64bit06:21
sadaclflush size    : 6406:21
sadafrom /proc/cpuinfo06:21
* Krishnandu will brb06:21
ectospasmsada: that is irrelevant06:22
^Lestathmm, chan rulez say this is logged, but are the logs public? Like put on the www?06:22
Seven_Six_TwoKrishnandu, what about proc06:22
ectospasmsada: you have a 32bit kernel.06:22
sadaso how do i figure this uot then06:22
Qwertbenjamin_ in i386,i586li686. 3,5 stands for pentium. 86 like x86 stands for architecture06:22
benjamin_ectospasm yes, you're right06:22
sadaectospasm: yes i know that but how do i figure out if my cpu is 64bit capable?06:22
bazhang!1984 > ^Lestat06:22
ubottu^Lestat, please see my private message06:22
benjamin_ectospasm, just did some reading and it;s 32 bit, not sure why I thought it was 64 bit06:22
Destonedis there a shortcut to copy06:22
ectospasmsada: /proc/cpuinfo will tell you, gimme a moment06:22
navarLestat, logs of here have been found on google searches06:22
adzyis there another site virtualbox.org isnt working06:23
ashok_shettyDestoned,ctrl c06:23
=== Z3R0B0T is now known as zbot64
Artemis3there are 2 main architectures, 32 bits shows as i686, and 64 bits show as x86_64, not pretty i know...06:23
Destonedthen whats paste?06:23
icarus-csada, grep lm /proc/cpuinfo06:23
Seven_Six_TwoDestine, ctrl+v06:23
navari8kfan plugin w/ gkrellm on Lynx anyone?06:23
Qwertashok_shetty: Were you able to use the program?06:24
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, i think i got it working.. ill try it now06:24
Qwertashok_shetty: lkl06:24
benjamin_sada, what is the model name of your cpu?06:24
icarus-csada, if that returns your cpu flags, that means it is 64bit capable06:24
Seven_Six_TwoDestoned, ctrl_v is paste. ctrl z is undo. ctrl c is copy06:24
Artemis3Destoned, sure, you can select the command, then its copied, push middle button and its pasted, see? magic!06:24
icarus-c(lm = Long Mode)06:24
ashok_shettyQwert: no06:24
DestineSeven_Six_Two, sorry?06:24
ectospasmsada: it looks like cpuinfo doesn't tell you.06:24
ashok_shettyQwert: any how thanks for ur assistance06:24
benjamin_sada cat /proc/cpuinfo06:24
Seven_Six_TwoDestine, sorry, nick autocomplete mistake06:24
icarus-cectospasm,  grep lm /proc/cpuinfo06:24
ashok_shettyQwert: the installation failed06:24
benjamin_ectospasm, but if we have him tell us the model of his cpu we can easily find out if it's 64bit comptabale06:24
DestineSeven_Six_Two, np~06:25
Qwertashok_shetty: Well, if you could have seen the installation properly i could've helped06:25
sadaflags           : fpu vme de pse tsc msr pae mce cx8 apic sep mtrr pge mca cmov pat pse36 clflush dts acpi mmx fxsr sse sse2 ss ht tm pbe nx lm constant_tsc arch_perfmon pebs bts aperfmperf pni dtes64 monitor ds_cpl vmx est tm2 ssse3 cx16 xtpr pdcm lahf_lm ida tpr_shadow vnmi flexpriority06:25
Qwertashok_shetty:huh? failed as in/>06:25
quietonecan anyone talk me through what I should do to connect to internet via bluetooth 3G phone. I am going in circles.06:25
icarus-csada, yes it is 64bit capable. (you have lm flag )06:25
^Lestatomg, Are these logs spidered?06:25
ashok_shettyQwert: ya failed im getting error duing installation stage06:25
ectospasmicarus-c: that isn't obfuscated. Nope.06:26
ashok_shettyQwert: help me to sort out06:26
sadaicarus-c: ok cool thanks :) :)06:26
Qwertashok_shetty: From where did you download the file?06:26
glebihanetherealite: you may want to have a look at this http://lfde.org/wiki/index.php/Ubuntu_Lucid_Lynx_10.04_Full_Disk_Encryption_with_USB_Key_Authentication06:26
icarus-cDestoned, cd ~/Desktop/Womclient  && java -Xmx1024M -Xms512M -cp Minecraft.jar net.minecraft.LauncherFrame06:26
Seven_Six_Twosada, and PAE so you should be able to virtualize well06:26
Artemis3Destoned, try this command: java -version06:26
Destoned&& means on another line right?06:26
ashok_shettyQwert: i don remmeber the site06:26
glebihanetherealite: it uses USB instead of CD, but it should be quite the same06:26
benjamin_does anyone know any reason my front sound channel isn't working but my rear and center channels are?06:26
icarus-cDestoned, no. && means execute the 2nd command if the first command run successfully06:26
Qwertashok_shetty: What is the file format?06:26
DestonedUnrecognized option: -06:27
DestonedCould not create the Java virtual machine.06:27
Artemis3&& means, command after command... can be in the same line, its also ;06:27
sadaSeven_Six_Two: i do not know what you mean06:27
benjamin_I can of course give more specs.06:27
ashok_shettyQwert: give me any other site wich i will downlaod again06:27
BellinXFelonhow do i change my username in xubuntu06:27
icarus-cArtemis3, it looks it missing some library, probably because he didn't run it in the Womclient directory06:27
Qwertashok_shetty: so you don't have the file?06:27
* ^Lestat hates irseek and all the likes ;/06:27
Artemis3then do ls -l and paste that ^^06:27
ashok_shettyQwert: i have it06:27
icarus-cBellinXFelon, usermod06:27
Seven_Six_Twosada, you listed the PAE flag, which iirc is an AMD thingy to allow for smooth virtualizing (virtualbox, quemu)06:27
Qwertashok_shetty: http://sourceforge.net/projects/lkl/06:28
BellinXFelonicarus-c : thanks06:28
sadado i have EM64T ? how do i figure this out?06:28
quietoneI've searched, read ubuntu forums, community docs, blueman forums etc. and still not sure how to connect to net via 3G phone.06:28
sadanot sure how to install 64bit gentoo06:28
icarus-csada, intel name their x86_64 cpu as EM64T06:28
Destonedhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/499468/     -- icarus-c06:28
sadaicarus-c: is that the one i have?06:28
Seven_Six_Twosada, nevermind. I got pae totally wrong.06:29
icarus-csada, yes06:29
mkquistbenjamin_: have you checked the obvious like sound preferences/hardware?06:29
sadasince i have 64bits + x8606:29
sadaright icarus-c ?06:29
icarus-csada, yes.  intel call the technology EM64T06:29
sadaok cool06:29
sadathis is gonna be fun06:29
bomberoi am from mexico06:30
sadacan i upgrade from 32bit to 64bit without reinstallation?06:30
benjamin_mkquist yep06:30
bazhangsada no06:30
Qwert!howdy | bombero06:30
ubottubombero: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!06:30
sadabazhang: :(06:30
adzyhow do i know if i got a 64bit platform or 32bit platform?06:30
bomberowho to speak spanish06:30
benjamin_mkquist, obviously all the volumes are up, I've researched it, I'm actuallly surprised it's working at all, not much luck with an x-fi forte or so I hear06:30
quietoneanyone know of any simple instructions for connecting via bluetooth?06:30
icarus-cDestoned, it should be :     java -classpath skin:lib/jinput.jar:lib/lwjgl.jar:lib/lwjgl_util.jar:lib/wom.jar:lib/minecraft.jar -Djava.library.path=native/macosx -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Dsun.awt.noerasebackground=true -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false -Dsun.java2d.opengl=false -Dsun.java2d.pmoffscreen=false -Xmx800M Main06:30
bazhangbombero, in #ubuntu-es06:30
mkquistbenjamin_: might wanna check the alsa site to see if the hardware is supported and drivers loaded06:31
Artemis3Destoned, try this one: java -Xms800M -Xmx800M -classpath .:lib/jinput.jar:lib/lwjgl.jar:lib/lwjgl_util.jar:lib/wom.jar:lib/minecraft.jar -Djava.library.path=native/linux Main06:31
benjamin_mkquist, but then I realized that test was working on the rear and center channels and I was like, WOW! this should be possible06:31
Destonedicarus-c type that in console?06:31
Seven_Six_Twosada, I think it can be done(not sure) but you'd have to get a new kernel *and* all of the 64bit libs06:31
benjamin_mkquist it says it... isn't :P06:31
Artemis3oh well icarus-c was faster ^^06:31
icarus-cDestoned, yes.  cd ~/Desktop/Womclient  && java -classpath skin:lib/jinput.jar:lib/lwjgl.jar:lib/lwjgl_util.jar:lib/wom.jar:lib/minecraft.jar -Djava.library.path=native/macosx -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Dsun.awt.noerasebackground=true -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false -Dsun.java2d.opengl=false -Dsun.java2d.pmoffscreen=false -Xmx800M Main06:31
benjamin_mkquist but it's a driver they have wroking with other cards (emu20k206:31
bazhangbombero, /join #ubuntu-es06:31
Seven_Six_Twosada, what I mean is it's not worth trying06:31
Destonedicarus-c IT WORKED!06:31
sadaSeven_Six_Two: how do i install 64 bit then? is there a 64bit iso? and stage?06:31
Destonedyour amazing06:31
icarus-cDestoned, the script tells06:32
Seven_Six_Twosada, yes, you can download a 64bit iso06:32
Artemis3Whats this World of of Minecraft thing anyway?06:32
mkquistbenjamin_: well, if it's not supported then...  or you just have to try to run checks and try to suse it out, might still work !sound06:32
bazhangsada stage? for ubuntu? no, that's gentoo06:32
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.06:32
mkquistbenjamin_: !sound06:32
icarus-cDestoned, between, try again with:   java -classpath skin:lib/jinput.jar:lib/lwjgl.jar:lib/lwjgl_util.jar:lib/wom.jar:lib/minecraft.jar -Djava.library.path=native/linux -Dsun.java2d.noddraw=true -Dsun.awt.noerasebackground=true -Dsun.java2d.d3d=false -Dsun.java2d.opengl=false -Dsun.java2d.pmoffscreen=false -Xmx800M Main06:32
Qwertashok_shetty: I have the folder with me now.. For which file to run were you asking help?06:32
adzy!32bit platform06:32
sadaok i will read ubuntu manual06:32
sadathank you for help06:32
icarus-cDestoned, the first one i told you was using  native/macosx . which doesn't look good06:33
mkquistbenjamin_: ok that didnt work, lol, but check the sites on my last06:33
Destonedbut it worked06:33
ashok_shettyQwert: im redownloading give me few seconds06:33
benjamin_mkquist on my last?06:33
adzy!ubuntu 64bit06:33
Artemis3icarus-c, you think he should disable opengl? i need to turn it on for stendhal ^^;06:33
mkquistbenjamin_: post06:33
icarus-cDestoned, yea. but who knows. i'm no java expert so06:33
adzy!oracle virtualbox06:33
bazhangadzy, /msg ubottu06:33
osmosisim able to get my bluetooth ear piece to pair with my laptop on ubuntu, but its not showing up as an audio device.06:34
adzybazhang: whats that do?06:34
mkquistbenjamin_: i was just popping in to burn, watching a fliic so im out...06:34
benjamin_mkquist ah, ok. thanks! but, idk. not many people trying to do what I'm doing :P so there isn't much help out there.06:34
icarus-cDestoned, besides. i would get the script to work too. it is more handy06:34
Qwertbazhang: A moment for pm please?06:34
benjamin_mkquist enjoy.06:34
bazhangadzy, it gives the info without unneccesarily adding noise to the channel06:34
adzyok :)06:35
^LestatI gotta go to bed. Gotta get up for work in 4 hrs. I just enjoy playing with stuff too much.06:35
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, guess what - it works ;)06:35
Demerzel_hello folks06:35
Artemis3icarus-c, in the forum for this game they state this is the official launcher for linux: http://www.worldofminecraft.com/H4X/linux.php06:35
slooksterpsvpw-toxic, how'd you do it?06:35
pw-toxici had to set vncpasswd as pw-toxic06:36
pw-toxicnot as root06:36
pw-toxicthen the script on this page works:06:36
kapcom01hello i have AMD HD4200 integrated graphics card, and on system>jardware drivers doesnt found anything.. when i install the drivers for AMS's website it works but there are bugs.. for example on Boxxe videos are monocromatic or black and white.. I would like to use the proprietary drivers because with MESA drivers cant play games.. Thanks.06:36
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, the page is in german but ther eis a short part about  /etc/init.d/vncserver with a large code block06:36
icarus-cArtemis3, lol don't tell me06:36
slooksterpsvpw-toxic awesom06:36
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, so now another 5 hours in setting up samba? well see ;)06:37
pw-toxicslooksterpsv, it takes a lot of time but at the end it makes fun.. dunno why ;)06:37
Demerzel_anyone know why my ubuntu machine (with pam_mount and winbind) keeps logging me off immediately after a successful login?06:37
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic, it only takes you 5 hours?06:37
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, it took me about 3-4 hors to get vnc running at startup i guess06:37
pw-toxicim not sure... but it felt quite long:D06:38
Demerzel_I keep seeing "pam_unix(login:session): session closed for user admin" immediately after I login as admin06:38
Artemis3Anyway Destoned you can make your own script, just edit a text file and put the concent of this page: http://www.worldofminecraft.com/H4X/linux.php save it as something.sh make it executable (chmod +x something.sh) and use that to launch your game afterwards06:38
Seven_Six_Twoit took me a very long time to get it working when I first used it.06:38
pw-toxicdoes anyone know how i can access the log from boot?06:38
Demerzel_this sounds like it should be unrelated to pam_mount but i figure i'd throw that out there in case it has a relationship06:38
pw-toxicfor example the output of my init.d scripts which were executed?06:38
slooksterpsvpw-toxic lol06:39
icarus-cadzy, are you still asking how to check your platform is 32bit or 64bit?06:39
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic, dmesg gives some output06:39
adzyicarus-c nope :D but im having trouble with install of virtualbox06:39
slooksterpsvphew I'mma outta here, gnight all =D06:39
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic, some of the scripts will probably have their own log files in /var/log06:40
adzyicarus-c: ok how do i find out if im 32bit or 64 bit???06:40
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, but it doesnt give me the output of my init.d scripts06:40
ashok_shettyQwert: hi download completed an downloads folder now tell me how to start installation06:41
Destonedicarus-c sorry, my internet shut down for a minute06:41
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, in the init script there is an echo...06:41
ectospasmadzy: uname -m06:41
icarus-cadzy, to check if you cpu is 64bit capable :  "grep  lm /proc/cpuinfo"06:41
ectospasmicarus-c: that wasn't his question06:41
icarus-cadzy, to check whether you are running 64bit or 32bit OS, uname -mr06:41
icarus-cum just -m would do06:42
ashok_shettyQwert: ru thr man06:42
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic, I thought they went to stdout which shows with dmesg06:42
adzyicarus-c: 2.6.32-24-generic i68606:42
adzyicarus-c: is that 32 part mean im 32bit?06:42
Qwertashok_shetty: Hold on please06:42
icarus-cadzy, no. that 32 is part of kernel version number06:43
ashok_shettyQwert: sure y not take ur own time06:43
Artemis3kapcom01, this might help you, but be careful: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146474806:43
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, it doesnt.. because the init script which was executed obviously didnt produce any output in dmesg ;/06:43
icarus-cadzy, i686 is a 32 bit cpu architecture06:43
Destonedicarus-c thank you, you were very helpful06:44
ranjanis there a way in which we can search for files with zero bytes filesize in an ftp server and to redirect the list to a local file.?06:44
icarus-cDestoned, you are welcome06:44
Krishnanduicarus-c, wow..!! is that solved...??06:45
=== _jesse_ is now known as _jesse__
* Krishnandu is back :)06:45
icarus-cDestoned, between, we found that the command shown in http://www.worldofminecraft.com/H4X/linux.php  is a better way to run it06:45
Artemis3Krishnandu, it was simply a java game ^^06:45
KrishnanduArtemis3, hmm..!! :P06:46
Qwertashok_shetty: Kindly guide yourself from the installation folder. Thank you.06:49
=== mike is now known as Guest69961
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic, well I learned something today. Thanks!     http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-newbie-8/easy-where-is-initd-log-file-253352/06:51
j-a-k-eHi, does anyone know how I would go about running a vst audio plugin within linux?06:51
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, do you know how i can execute gedit as root on vnc server? ;)06:51
sidi want to connect mysql database through gtk/c how to???06:52
* Seven_Six_Two recommends befriending google. sudo gedit &06:52
j-a-k-eor modifying a plugin so that I can use it to play audio files06:52
Krishnandupw-toxic, gksu gedit not working..??06:53
pw-toxicKrishnandu, my vncserver crashed after i did this ;)06:53
pw-toxici did gksudo06:53
Krishnanduohh...try gksu...though it's same06:53
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic, are you trying to connect to a server through vnc and then run gedit *on that machine*, or have to used ssh to log in to the server, and you need to edit the vnc server config?06:54
=== adam_ is now known as Jyard
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, i have connected via vnc on windows7 and i want to edit a config file for example with gedit06:54
Jyardanyone know any cool linux games that'll run on a netbook?06:54
KrishnanduJyard, Urt..!! U'll like it..!!06:55
Jyardurt? :D06:55
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic, can you open a terminal and type     sudo gedit &06:55
KrishnanduJyard, Urban Terror06:56
SubCoolcan someone please tell me why when i search for Android on Ubuntu and THATS IT, i dont get ANY results for it? I am looking for a beginners guide to andoid for ubuntu, so that i dont come here and ask stupid questions, But here i am. Im ready to start destoying things or something.06:56
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, which terminal? on windows?06:56
Mahjongghello, how can I install an older version of php5 in Lucid?06:56
etherealitewhat is the difference between boot scripts and hooks for makeinitramfs?06:56
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic, on the linux machine06:56
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, works!06:57
KrishnanduMahjongg, sudo apt-get php-mention-version-no06:57
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, not it doesnt work.. vnc crashed again, but only after 4 seconds ;)06:57
KrishnanduMahjongg, sudo apt-get install php-mention-version-no06:57
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, on my old machine this worked perfectly06:57
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic, ok. try          sudo vim filename.xxx06:58
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, vim is too cimplicated for me.. and anyway i dont need vnc for vim06:58
MahjonggKrishnandu, how can I see what versions exist?06:58
MahjonggKrishnandu, do several version exist in the main repository06:58
KrishnanduMahjongg, yup..!! U'll get older versions06:59
Seven_Six_Twopw-toxic,   cat /var/log/vnc-logfile.whatever06:59
quiesensepw-toxic: gksudo normally takes over the keyboard and mouse, which means things like vnc can't use the prompt, you can use gksudo -g to do it without taking over the entire screen06:59
Jyardhmm looks pretty sweet06:59
quiesensepw-toxic: so gksudo -g (command here) should technically work even over vnc07:00
pw-toxicquiesense, but my old vnc was able to do so ;(07:00
=== quiesense is now known as quiescens
KrishnanduQwert, hey buddy can u explain all these i386, i586, i686 etc..??07:00
MahjonggKrishnandu, how can I see the exact package names for different versions in the repository?07:00
quiescenspw-toxic: are you accessing a vnc specific session or are you using vnc to access an otherwise regular desktop session?07:01
KrishnanduMahjongg, you don't need to do that. apt-get will resolve the dependency07:01
pw-toxicquiescens, vnc instantly crashes after this07:01
StrangeCharmwhen i try to hibernate, my computer just switches off the screen, and locks the session. moving the mouse again brings it instantly back to the password prompt. What am i doing wrong?07:01
QwertKrishnaandu: i386, i586, i686 are part of Intel x86 microarchitecture where x stands for Pentium. Pentium 6 was done by Pentium Pro07:01
pw-toxicquiescens, the desktop session is started when booting my ubuntu07:01
StrangeCharmwhen i try to hibernate, my computer just switches off the screen, and locks the session. moving the mouse again brings it instantly back to the password prompt. What am i doing wrong?07:01
Seven_Six_TwoStrangeCharm, my laptop does that if I try to suspend with too low of a charge. Not sure how to fix it07:01
pw-toxicquiescens, i do not connect to a session i logged in on the real computer07:02
MahjonggKrishnandu, but I do not know what versions exist other than the latest version... How can I see all07:02
Krishnandugo to PHP's website07:02
QwertKrishnaandu:Where P5 is super scalar07:02
quiescenspw-toxic: mm, this sort of thing probably doesn't apply then07:03
SubCooldoes anyone here use a cell phone, with android?07:03
KrishnanduQwert, so what bout dual core, quad core, i series..??07:03
SubCoolPDA of sorts...07:03
quiescenspw-toxic: what vnc server?07:04
pw-toxicquiescens, tightvncserver07:04
QwertKrishnaandu: You are mixing it. in i series we have i3 dual core, i5 quad core etc07:04
Gryllida I entered some terminal mode when I get '^X' instead of exiting nano. How do I get unstuck?07:05
MahjonggKrishnandu, PHP tells me 5.2.13 but apt-get install php5-5.2.13 does not work...07:05
GryllidaMahjongg: apt-get search php07:05
Gryllidaer Mahjongg apt-cache search php07:05
KrishnanduMahjongg, may be thats not yet stable and tested by ubuntu. Thats y it's not on repo.07:05
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two;  thtat happens when you computer isnt setup to the hardware properly for sleeps and hibernation settings07:05
KrishnanduMahjongg, though you can use alpha/beta products by enabling backports07:06
pw-toxicquiescens, oh it works with vncserver but not with tightvncserver07:06
MahjonggGryllida, that does not list the versions07:06
QwertKrishnaandu: it means mutil core processor.. where pentium is actaully the processor, the  die (integrated circuit)07:06
KrishnanduQwert, No I mean what does i386, i586 denotes..??07:06
SubCoolSo is there like a companion for droid ro soemthing?07:06
SubCoolor... just a sync? -07:06
QwertKrishnaandu: I told you about it07:06
KrishnanduQwert, I know about cores...But can't get what does all these i386, i586, i686 means..??07:07
KrishnanduQwert, and which one should I use..?/07:07
quiescenspw-toxic: yeah, a bit of research seems to indicate its a tightvnc thingy, but I can't find any solid details07:07
SubCoolHow do you get files to the pDA? I have connected my phone to ubuntu, and its not really recognized. I thin its there if i do a lsusb - but.. if anyone knows of a link.. guide.. webite...07:07
dark_after all these years, this is the first time i managed to boot linux up07:07
pw-toxicquiescens, then i guess i just uns vnc07:07
QwertKrishnaandu: Intel released the Intel 386 (i386) in 1980. That was then followed by he 486 (i486), the Pentium (i586), and the Pentium 3/4 (i686) and AMD's Athlon/Duron/T-bird (also i686).07:07
Qwert 07:07
SubCoolanything that can prevent me from further talking to myself, and doing endlesss google searches that dont work.07:07
Seven_Six_TwoSubCool, yeah. it started when I updated to 10.10, so I'll worry about it after the final07:07
KrishnanduQwert, ok..!! Got it now..!! But how are they related to distros..??07:08
KrishnanduQwert, is that so i can't install i686 on Pentium..??07:08
QwertKrishnandu: Why do you think it shoud'nt.07:08
QwertKrishnandu: Its getting offtopic for this channel. I guess07:09
QwertKrishnandu: Which pentium?07:09
SubCoolOk- seriously? i just searched on the Ubuntu Beginners forum, for Beginners Android. NONE OF the results worked.07:09
QwertKrishnandu: You still didn't get i guess07:09
KrishnanduQwert, Coz distro's are distributed according to these...if I can install anyone on anywhere...then why these different classes..??07:09
dark_i need 3 suggestions.. a good platform for programming, web development and office07:09
SubCoolA lot of news letters though.07:09
QwertKrishnandu: You cannot install anyone on anywhere07:10
dark_programming c++*07:10
SubCoolSo if ANYONE is reading this and knows a n y t h i n g for droid.. it would be greatly apprectiated07:10
wasnikhi ubuntu does not detect my soundcard conexant hd audio, lshw , aplay -l dont dispay it, please help07:10
QwertKrishnandu: i386, i486, i586, and i686 are all intel based and will work on the P407:10
KrishnanduQwert, Ok...means these wont work on Intel Core 2 Duo or Quad Core series..??07:11
QwertKrishnandu: <uname -a> may help you07:11
nogoSubCool: i just removed droid fonts07:11
QwertKrishnandu: Nothing like that.. that is the processing unit07:11
SubCoolnogo,  what a droid font? for ubuntu?07:11
GryllidaI entered some terminal mode when I get '^X' instead of exiting nano. How do I get unstuck?07:12
KrishnanduQwert, So you mean these wont get installed in AMD..??07:12
QwertKrishnandu: Hold on07:12
KrishnanduQwert, Bt I think these are 32 bit and can be installed on AMD07:12
* Tryptych chuckles07:12
QwertKrishnandu: If  there's the choice between i386, x86_64, and ppc. How to figure out which one you need, right?07:12
j-a-k-eDoes anyone know how I would go about porting an audio vst plugin through to ubuntu so I can use it when I'm playing music? Thanks.07:13
slickrickhey quick question.  my databased got 'effed up and i had to do a restore, but my backup is a day old so i lost the recorded program data from the last day.07:13
slickrickis there anyway to have myth scan the directory and add the mpg's back to the recorded program list, even if they are missing the program data?07:13
Seven_Six_TwoSubCool, right click on your panel, and add applet "drive mounter" or similar07:13
QwertKrishnandu: What are you trying to install?07:13
KrishnanduQwert, right. And als if there are all i386, i586, i686 then also which one to choose.07:13
pw-toxicSeven_Six_Two, haha i just started my vnc as root so i dont have to do gksudo anymore ;)))07:13
Mahjonggis older versions of php5 kept in lucid repository or do I have to add other repositories for older versions of php5?07:13
KrishnanduQwert, Nothing. But I want to know these jargons..!!07:13
=== mike_ is now known as Guest39490
QwertKrishnandu: i386 - If you have a Pentium or Celeron (meaning any Pentium or Celeron, including a Pentium 4, Pentium M, etc.) or the original Core Duo (not a Core 2 Duo)07:14
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, nothing-07:14
Seven_Six_TwoSubCool, "disk mounter".   I searched "ubuntu sync android" in google and got about 530,000 results07:14
KrishnanduQwert, Ok...you mean i386 for upto Pentium series.07:14
TryptychKrishnandu: you're overcomplicating things. all you need to look for is if its 64 bit or not.07:14
QwertKrishnandu: Pretty much same goes for x86 for x being 4,5,6  as i said07:14
QwertKrishnandu: x86_64 - If you have a Core 2 Duo, Core Solo, Opteron, Athlon 64, Turion 64, or Sempron. (This also includes the new "Intel Mac" machines.)07:15
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, oh- i bet.. there are a bunch of bs threads Ya...07:15
KrishnanduQwert, Well..I know that..But what if I don't want to install 64bit...on Core 2 Duo or AMD proccys07:15
wasnik Black Holes, Information and the String Theory Revolution by Leonard Susskind and James Lindsay07:15
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, if any of them actualy have a guide, or basic info.. or well anything that walks or talks aperson into a new technooogy sure. but to read down a 100 peoples chat on what they THINKG about the stuff in stead of giving info? that there is none07:15
SubCoolJust simple back and forth chatter about something i know nothing about.07:16
ranjanhi all is there any software that can copy text which are on applications window?07:16
QwertKrishnandu: ppc -  This is power pc - Any modern Mac that's not an Intel Mac.07:16
wasnikhi guys my ubuntu does not detect my soundcards07:16
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, so just pretend all of them are in Vulcan or something-07:16
QwertKrishnandu: You won't be able to anyways07:16
Seven_Six_Twocan you get "add to panel" window? I have "disk mounter" there, but I don't know where the panel applets are installed from07:16
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, and from what i have searched, there really isnt a worry/need to sync it on ubuntu, because of some wireless interface? Got me- im not that far yet. I wanna connect it- add music.. and read abou tit.07:17
QwertKrishnandu: .. if yours is not 64 bit07:17
Seven_Six_TwoSubCool, That's exactly how I learned. I read 95% garbage (but tried stuff) on forums and used irc. Most answers I've found on forums, but there's a lot of reading07:17
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, ya, i thik my issue is the source.. i have an aweful time added plasma stuff- None of them are in any kinda name that fits them.07:17
* Qwert There are two major products that come out of Berkeley: LSD and UNIX. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. - Jeremy S. Anderson07:17
Seven_Six_TwoSubCool, you're in KDE?07:17
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, ya, im like 30 dude, i have beend doin this since i was 13. Im done- i have had enough. Im pissed angry... just fed up07:18
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two,  ya kde07:18
Seven_Six_Twooh sorry. I thought you were in gnome07:18
Seven_Six_Twodoes it show up in /dev  ?07:18
SubCoolReading through other peoples converstaions trying to get something out of it is the most stupid method of learning. i have fought it since i got into forums, but they havent changed what so every.07:18
wasnikhi guys my ubuntu does not detect my soundcards07:18
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, should it?07:18
Seven_Six_TwoSubCool, yes. it should show up as a drive07:19
Seven_Six_Twojust like a thumbdrive does07:19
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, thats the thing, i dont get a pop or anything when its connected..07:20
SubCooli have like 50 things in /dev07:20
=== Gryllida is now known as Guest38794
Seven_Six_TwoSubCool, it might not be automounting. it will probably be /dev/sdb# or something. maybe /dev/sdc07:20
wasnikhi guys my ubuntu does not detect my soundcards please help07:21
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, i just ran lsusb, what would it be there? i dont see it... i dont think?07:21
Seven_Six_Twols -l /dev | grep sd07:22
SubCooli got a bunch of drives...07:22
andycc"sudo fdisk -l" to see all drives, if that's what you want.07:22
Seven_Six_Twowhat's the last one?07:22
SubCoolsdc, sdc107:23
SubCoolandycc, nah- trying to manage my new droid phone. i just got it today, and dont know how to connect it to my comp07:23
andycc!hi | Roush07:23
ubottuRoush: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!07:23
Roushwow, you learn new stuff about Linux practically by the minute07:23
SubCooli really just want to get some of my audio files on it before i goto bed at this point07:24
andyccSubCool: didn't it ask you to switch to usb storage?07:24
MasterofPuppetsHey guys, trying to run some commands. Can anybody tell me how to fix this? http://pastebin.org/114094907:24
andyccSubCool: it should automount in GNOME, then07:24
SubCoolMasterofPuppets, a hammer07:24
Seven_Six_TwoSubCool, do you know what filesystem is on the sd card?07:24
RoushHas anyone heard of any new legit games coming out for Linux?07:24
SubCoolandycc, kde07:24
SubCoolSeven_Six_Two, nope- lol.07:25
andyccSubCool: should automount in KDE too...07:25
andyccAlso, Android uses FAT32 for the card IIRC07:25
SubCoolandycc, i have automoutn disabled i think...07:25
andyccSubCool: type in terminal07:25
Seven_Six_TwoSubCool,    sudo mkdir /media/android && sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sdc1 /media/android07:25
SubCoolandycc, Seven_Six_Two i cant imagine it not using that. It has to go across all three platforms07:26
andyccOh, too late again.07:26
Seven_Six_Twolol. FIRST! haha07:26
Seven_Six_Twounless I made a mistake on the mount syntax07:27
SubCoolguess i got lagged on that, i think a iran across that command in one of the threads, but it was for some weird issue..07:27
andyccNope, the syntax is OK.07:27
MasterofPuppetsSubCool: Interesting proposition07:27
SubCoolMasterofPuppets, i have one in my car im about to rip out, a lone with a nail gun.07:28
SubCoolsuch a bad bad day07:28
SubCoolandycc, Seven_Six_Two i just reconnected my phone, but nothing. im still looking for a guide or soemthing.07:29
andyccSubCool: enable automount. Or connect your phone, THEN run Seven_Six_Two's command.07:30
xiaoshenanyone have used IBM websphere application server?07:30
airtonix!anyone > xiaoshen07:31
ubottuxiaoshen, please see my private message07:31
SubCoolandycc, i had the phone connected before when i ran the command. nothing happen07:31
andyccSubCool: did you enable USB mass storage on your phone? Or does Android enable it automatically?07:31
QuaxirHeyd, which folder Lynx saves downloaded files by default?07:31
andyccSubCool: also, go to /media/android after that, don't expect KDE to give you a popup.07:32
SamualI have an issue with Compiz Fusion --- After about two hours after running it, it becomes extremely slow (To the point of like 1 frame per second) making it almost useless/unresponsive07:32
SamualThe time seems random07:32
xiaoshendoes  anyone have used IBM websphere application server?07:32
andycc!repeat > xiaoshen07:32
ubottuxiaoshen, please see my private message07:32
soreauSamual: Perhaps a driver memory leak. nvidia drivers?07:32
SubCoolandycc, lol- i thought so, but-- when i goto the directory, it bring me to my USB drive connected to the hub07:32
SubCoolwhich remind me i have to initiate a 64bit usb stick.07:33
Samualsoreau, Indeed -- nVidia recommended drivers from the restricted hardware section07:33
andyccSubCool: Oh. Then why don07:33
Samualsoreau, let me find the exact release though07:33
andycc*'t you run sudo fdisk -l with the droid plugged in.07:33
theadis there a more usable system volume control to install? - the default one in 10.4 is really crappy.07:33
Eryn_1983_FLhey peeps07:33
Eryn_1983_FLum  how do i figure out which  GUI i am using on  netbook remix?07:33
soreauSamual: nvidia drivers are notorious for their performance, bugs and memory leaks ;)07:33
Seven_Six_TwoSamual, try running  top  in a console and use  <  and   >  to change which columns to sort by. look for what's using all the cpu07:34
Eryn_1983_FLis it gnome  kde or  soemthing you guys made custom?07:34
SubCoolandycc, haha- just like u said before07:34
Eryn_1983_FLits all pretty but i need to make some keyboard shotcuts07:34
SamualSeven_Six_Two, i've already watched it with htop a lot -- Nothing changes07:34
andyccSubCool: fdisk -l is more detailed than ls /dev/ | grep sd07:34
SamualNo changes in RAM or CPU usage....07:34
Seven_Six_TwoEryn_1983_FL, do you have a panel on the left side?07:34
SubCoolandycc, it only shows my two usb drives..07:34
Samualsoreau, yup, i'm aware of that :P Any ideas?07:34
Eryn_1983_FLjus the  top07:34
Eryn_1983_FLone  tool bar07:34
Eryn_1983_FLwith the  startmenue  etc07:35
ubottuPlease remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.07:35
Samual*other* than switching to ATI cards, preferably.07:35
andyccSubCool: then your droid isn't in mass storage mode or the USB cable is really messed up.07:35
airtonixSamual, lol07:35
QwertReminder alone. Not specific.07:35
MasterofPuppetsHey guys, trying to run some commands. Can anybody tell me how to fix this? http://pastebin.org/114094907:35
Seven_Six_TwoEryn_1983_FL, what are your menus labeled?  applications places system            or      K07:35
airtonixSamual, if you think you're having it bad with nVidia then do not switch to ati07:35
andyccSamual: switch to an intel card.07:35
soreauSamual: Use latest nouveau bits and start helping the nouveau developers support your card. Or, try a bunch of different versions of nvidia's blob07:35
=== VanDyke__ is now known as VanDyke
Eryn_1983_FLfavorites files and folder  accesoriies07:36
Seven_Six_TwoEryn_1983_FL, please don't use the enter key as punctuation07:36
=== Freejack is now known as Freejack`
Eryn_1983_FLit does goes to the left side...07:36
Eryn_1983_FLwhen i  click the menu07:36
airtonix!enter | Eryn_1983_FL07:36
ubottuEryn_1983_FL: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:36
Samualsoreau, i'll probably go with the nvidia driver testing FIRST, then maybe that :P -- I am a programmer afterall.. and I have a friend who has contributed to nouveau07:36
Eryn_1983_FLso is it gnome or kde?07:37
andyccEryn_1983_FL: is it blue or brown?07:37
Eryn_1983_FLclear and purple07:37
andyccEryn_1983_FL: it's gnome.07:37
Eryn_1983_FLits what  ever the latest  verion of netbook  uses default07:37
andyccGNOME, then07:37
Seven_Six_TwoEryn_1983_FL, UNR is its own desktop07:38
andyccEryn_1983_FL: So, what are you exactly trying to do? Just find out what it is?07:38
andyccSeven_Six_Two: no, it's just GNOME with the UNR launcher.07:39
Eryn_1983_FLthat so i can setup keyboard shortcuts  etc  and  maybe  get some funcion keys working in the long run07:39
andyccEryn_1983_FL: look your netbook up on Google.07:39
Seven_Six_Twoandycc, Unity is Gnome?07:40
Eryn_1983_FL there is an error when i open up the shortcuts icon in the system folder07:40
andyccSeven_Six_Two: yes, as far as I know Unity is GNOME with that fancy launcher written in Clutter.07:40
Eryn_1983_FLsomething about Dbus and another system tool  getting in the way07:41
andyccEryn_1983_FL: you're not using Maverick, are you?07:41
Eryn_1983_FLwhats that  andycc ?07:41
andyccEryn_1983_FL: type "/exec -o lsb_release -r" here (in IRC), without the quotes.07:42
andyccEryn_1983_FL: unless you're using webchat.07:42
SubCoolandycc, got it- it was my usb hub.07:43
Eryn_1983_FLandycc:  that is not  going to work  tunneled in to home on  several remote  servers...07:43
andyccSubCool: glad to hear that.07:43
Eryn_1983_FLthat helpp>07:44
andyccEryn_1983_FL: so you're not using Maverick.07:44
Eryn_1983_FLoh ok  now i understand07:45
Seven_Six_Twoandycc, I see.  http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/383    they're not the same, but are like siblings07:46
Kartagishas anybody worked with HandBrakeCLI before and tried to embed a subtitle?07:46
SubCoolandycc, ya, fun right? thanks!! i still havent found a beginners guide really though,07:46
Seven_Six_TwoI'm using maverick. it's 50 flavours of awesome07:47
Seven_Six_TwoKartagis, isn't handbrake for mac? I use devede07:47
andyccLooking at Maverick's new features reminded me, I need to get rid of Thunderbird.07:47
KartagisSeven_Six_Two it has a linux version too07:47
Seven_Six_TwoKartagis, I didn't know that. devede may still do what you need. it's a nice interface07:48
etherealiteHow do I keep updstart from starting the sshd?07:48
anand_23try out this theme ... its really awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee07:49
KartagisSeven_Six_Two can you encode to mp4 with devede and does it have a CLI?07:49
airtonixKartagis, no devede is gui only07:49
Paddy_NIKartagis, If you need cli then I would suggest handbrake or ffmpeg07:50
fratzbcanybody expert with NDP (neighbor discovery) for ipv6?07:51
Seven_Six_TwoKartagis, Its a frontend for ffmpeg or mencoder07:51
Seven_Six_Twoand I can encode to mp407:51
KartagisPaddy_NI I can work with HandBrakeCLI perfectly, except I'm having trouble with embedding subtitle07:52
Seven_Six_Twosorry. *it can encode to mp4 or anything that the backend can do.07:52
Paddy_NIKartagis, Ah I would suggest the handbrake forums or possibly the ubuntu forums for that one07:52
OperaKennelcan i have latest ubuntu07:53
OperaKenneldesktop and server07:53
Seven_Six_TwoOperaKennel, sure you can. Stable or unstable?07:54
OperaKennelguy where can i request to have ubuntu copy07:54
Seven_Six_Twoyou can download a cd image and burn it to a disc.07:54
OperaKennelhow about ship it07:54
Seven_Six_Twoor you can go to distrowatch.org and pick one of the vendors. I don't know. is shipit still going? I thought I read that it was ending?07:55
OperaKennelthey say that i will be eligible once i join in this room07:55
rockhopperOperaKennel, you have to create an account and you can do it!07:55
rockhopperOperaKennel, afaik you don't need to join this room to get a cd.07:55
OperaKennelsorry rockhopper...07:56
Seven_Six_Twomaybe you need a launchpad.net account?07:56
rockhopper!shippit | openvpn200907:56
ServerTech|LaptoHmm, i get a message. Your CPU seems to be lacking expected security expectations. Please run /usr/bin/check-bios-nx --verbose for more info. It tells me that my CPU supports LX protection and tells me to enable it. There is no option in my BIOS to enable it OR disable it. How can i remove that message or how can i enable it however.07:56
OperaKenneli am also ubuntu enthusiast07:56
rockhoppergo to that site OperaKennel07:56
OperaKennelthanks rockhopper07:56
=== ServerTech|Lapto is now known as ServerTechLaptop
whereamiI'm trying to install the 10.10 beta. It's failing to install the bootloader. I'm installing ubuntu on a new 100GB partition on sda5.07:57
rockhopper!shipit | OperaKennel07:57
ubottuOperaKennel: Shipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu and Kubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org - Shipit will send !Lucid (10.04) CDs07:57
Jordan_Uwhereami: #ubuntu+1 for 10.1007:57
whereamik, thanks07:57
LuckySMackwhats the diff between the sun-java6* and the openjdk packages for running/developing jar files.07:57
Seven_Six_Twowhereami, is there another os installed?07:57
SubCoolEitherway, thanks a lot andycc and Seveas07:58
LuckySMackwell i dont really mean for development, i guess mostly normal use07:58
whereamiSeven_Six_Two, yes, Win 7 (I feel shame, I haven't used windows in like 5 years)07:58
Kartagisit seems that HandBrakeCLI doesn't burn .srt files INTO the mp4 file07:58
Seven_Six_Twowhereami, where are you trying to install the bootloader?07:58
OperaKennelrockhopper it says that i am not eligible to receive new release from shippit since i already receive CD07:59
whereamiSeven_Six_Two, MBR (/dev/sda)07:59
rockhopperOperaKennel, Have  you applied already?07:59
OperaKennel3 years ago...07:59
OperaKenneli think i receive too much from shippit08:00
rockhopperOperaKennel, oh, then you'll have to mail them about the problem.08:00
jeka_idite na huy08:00
pw-toxichi, can someone tell me, how I can persist my network settings i have done via ip and ifconfig?08:01
OperaKennelthank you for the enlightment08:01
Seven_Six_Twowhereami, does your bios write-protect the mbr?08:01
whereamiSeven_Six_Two, I've never heard of such a thing... I guess I should check that. Is that something Dell does to their systems?08:03
=== mike is now known as Guest70602
Seven_Six_Twowhereami, that's just a guess, but I know the bios can protect some parts. and if anyone does it, it's Dell. or Gateway.08:05
tripelbin windows I use sumatra as a pdf reader and I'm very happy with it. what is good for ubuntu?08:05
th3hateI upgraded ubuntu to 10.10, now launching ubuntu-kernel.35 only brings a terminal screen. Could someone help?08:06
eltigrehey, I need help with a startup script for my server08:06
eltigreI read all tutorials I could find and it still doesn't work08:06
Jordan_Uth3hate: #ubuntu+1 for 10.1008:06
eltigrecan somebody please help me debug this problem? The startup script works fine on it's own...08:07
tensorpuddingtripelb: Ubuntu comes with Evince, it can read several formats besides just PDF.08:07
tripelbI do not think that the bios has a setting to "protect" the MBR. Every OS installer writes the MBR. So do some viruses.08:07
Kartagis!find srtutil08:07
ubottuPackage/file srtutil does not exist in lucid08:07
tripelbtensorpudding,  well then why does clicking on a pdf ask me to download Adome Reader?08:07
OperaKennelguys my sound is not working...08:07
tensorpuddingtripelb: Where are you clicking on this PDF?08:08
OperaKennelany help regarding sound devices08:08
tensorpuddingtripelb: I'm pretty sure that Firefox will open PDF's in Evince by default, I'm not 100% sure though.08:09
tripelbtensorpudding, are yo a physicist? (Just spent an hour on a Feynman video - consumer level, lol) but I've got a firm science background and have this personal expression for a certain idea I call "Godpudding" (it's all one).  Thought you might be thinking in similar lines. --- I'll get you the link. I use chrome.08:10
tripelbtensorpudding,  could this webpage have restricted me to Adome? http://www.scriptorpress.com/cenacle/73-74.html08:10
SubCoolandycc, could u help me associate firefox with Dolphin for viewing of folders... ? Please? im ready to destroy this machine.08:11
eltigrehow can I debug a startup script in ubuntu?08:11
eltigredo I just have to hope it works?08:11
=== Qwert is now known as qwert
andyccSubCool: sorry, I tried to do that once, but failed.08:11
eltigrebecause it doesn't work, case closed, or what?08:11
tripelbtensorpudding, I dont see Evince in Internet or in Office (under Applications)08:11
tensorpuddingtripelb: That's different, the file almost surely will open in Evince after you download it. It's just saying you need Adobe REader because on Windows there isn't a PDF reader included.08:11
ServerTechLaptopHmm, i get a message. Your CPU seems to be lacking expected security expectations. Please run /usr/bin/check-bios-nx --verbose for more info. It tells me that my CPU supports LX protection and tells me to enable it. There is no option in my BIOS to enable it OR disable it. How can i remove that message or how can i enable it however.08:11
andyccSubCool: also, I'm getting late for school.08:11
tripelbtensorpudding, what happens when you click on it?08:12
tensorpuddingtripelb: It begins downloading the file.08:12
SubCoolandycc, ah sorry, thought u might know. I know its a stupid request. I mean firefox.. started with linux so long ago- the only thign that has chaged is dolphin instead of nautilis .... You woudl THINK IT WOULD WORK BY NOW08:12
tensorpuddingtripelb: Are you clicking on the link with Adobe REader, or the picture? You should click the picture.08:12
tensorpuddingtripelb: also it is normally called Document Viewer in the menus, but the program's actual name is evince.08:13
tensorpuddingit's kinda spotty on that, annoyingly.08:13
tensorpuddingcalling it Document Viewer some places, Evince in others08:14
airtonixI'm using lucid liveusb, and at somepoint accidentally chose to install nvidia drivers. point is it wants to update the initramfs but can't because it can't make the changes to the read only filesystem... everytime i install other packages it wants to keep trying to install initramfs again... how to tell it not to keep trying ?08:14
tripelbtensorpudding, Yea, I figured it out the wrong link. Yep "Document Viewer  Using poppler/cairo (0.12.4) -- by the authors of evince. - as you said.08:14
tman482Anyone think of a reason dwm would heat up my lappy a bit more than openbox or musca? Can't figure it.08:14
tripelbtensorpudding, attracted by the green print, lol. And your name, can you tell me what it means. PM is ok if not here.08:15
th3hatehow do i get ubuntu to start normally instead of bringing a terminal screen with Desktop Login:08:15
RyanT5000can anyone here recommend a good hierarchical outline editor?08:17
jitshi .. i am trying to setup a network gateway using a ubuntu server .. but i am unable to share internte without squid proxy .. i have added ip_forward in sysctl but the computers across a different router are not able to see it..08:17
RyanT5000by which i mean something like OOo's hierarchical bulleting... except good08:17
redHow do I recursively use find to locate every file called something.php and open them up with gedit ?08:18
rockhopperred try *.php08:18
rockhopperI don't think you can recursively open em.08:19
RyanT5000red: find dir_to_search_in -name "*.php" -exec gedit {} \;08:19
RyanT5000er, that'll probably wait until you close gedit each time08:19
RyanT5000i'm not sure whether find waits for its children to finish08:19
redlets see08:20
redit would be cool to be able to08:20
wasnikubuntu does not detect my soundcards please help08:20
RyanT5000actually, this might work, alternatively: find dir -name "*.php" | xargs gedit08:20
RyanT5000(that may break if there are spaces in your filenames)08:21
redhehe, i have a compiz effect on for when I press backspace or something too many times and instead of a pc beep the window will wobble a bit08:21
redthat first command made it so my terminal is wobbling furiously :D08:21
RyanT5000well, that's better than your speakers screaming at you08:21
redpeople at work looking me like a madman when i bursted into laugh08:22
redlets try xargs08:22
RyanT5000well, here's what i just did, which has crashed gedit08:23
RyanT5000(so presumably it worked)08:23
redi actually use geany and not gedit, brainfart, worth a test08:23
RyanT5000find dir -name "*.php" -print0 | xargs -0 gedit08:23
redxargs isnt opening anything it seems08:23
redill try that08:23
RyanT5000the -print0 and -0 deal with spaces nicely08:23
redthe first command opened like 200 odd random files to geany =)08:23
RyanT5000(uses null characters as separators instead of spaces)08:24
samfisherHi. I have a ubuntu machine with no internet access. How can I update/upgrade the machine using a usb thumbdrive? I don't want to burn cds08:24
tensorpuddingsamfisher: where do you suppose you'll get the updates from?08:25
samfishertensorpudding: from another machine, with internet access08:26
eustoi'm having trouble changing folder permissions for a mounted drive. sudo chown myuser.mygroup on that path does nothing08:26
eustosame thing using folder permissions from gnome08:27
redeusto: i've bumped into that problem myself, pretty annoying08:27
eustored: have you found a fix for it?08:27
RyanT5000eusto: how did you mount it?08:27
tensorpuddingsamfisher: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingSoftware#Installing packages without an Internet connection08:27
eustoRyanT5000: not really sure. it's an external disk that was connected to the computer when i've installed ubuntu and was mounted by default08:28
redfind . -name "tuner.php" -print0 | xargs -0 geany // nothing seems to be opening up, thought im running the command on a folder that is a sshfs mount of our dev server so traversing the paths could be slow08:28
eustocan you tell me where to look?08:28
RyanT5000red: you could redirect into a file, wait for that to finish, then redirect the file into xargs08:28
RyanT5000red: then you'd know when find had finished08:29
uLinuxsomebody knows how to show a specific partition in conky?08:29
RyanT5000eusto: well, you could look in /etc/fstab; if the mountpoint and drive are listed there, that's probably how it's getting mounted08:29
redryant5000: tested it in a subfolder, which has more subfolders and one of them has the tuner.php08:29
redit worked08:29
redso guess I'll just go put some coffee into the machine and take a smoke :)08:29
RyanT5000red: cool; it may just be too many files08:29
redit should open them all up eventually, right?08:30
RyanT5000red: or crash :P08:30
redgiven no crash08:30
RyanT5000eusto: i'm not actually sure how to look up the options with which a filesystem was mounted08:30
redno verbose so dunno what its doing08:30
redseems to be working and running still tho08:30
thune3eusto: output of "mount" will show options in use08:31
eustoRyanT5000: it's not in /etc/fstab. Everytime i reboot, there's a shortcut to it on the desktop and it gets mounted first time i click it08:31
RyanT5000eusto: what does the output of your mount command (thanks thune3) show?08:31
eustothune3: /dev/sdb1 on /media/My Book type fuseblk (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,blksize=4096,default_permissions)08:31
uLinuxSomebody knows how to show a specific partition in conky? in my case.. /home?08:33
ShapeShifter499how do I apt pin a ppa repo in debian?08:33
RyanT5000eusto: it looks like that's an NTFS disk; unfortunately, i don't really know anything about how permissions work with NTFS on Linux08:33
ShapeShifter499oops not the debian channel08:33
vrakeshhi... i installed enigmail/openPGP in thunderbird... but the pictures in mail werent displaying... so i uninstalled it... still the pictures arent showing up...can anyone pls help me with this?08:34
fred2040hi, I need a little help... how to open manuals-> 'man' with gedit or another text visor...08:34
Doyleanyone used irssi before? I'd like a similar program for linux if anyone knows of one08:34
Paddy_NIDoyle, how about irssi?08:35
Doylefred2040: type 'man <command>'08:35
DoylePaddy_NI: work in linux?08:35
Paddy_NIDoyle, its native08:35
Doylefred2040: all man pages are available online also08:35
uLinuxDoyle: im using irssi08:35
fred2040ty Doyle, but man opens the manual on the console08:35
DoylePaddy_NI: nooooooooo!08:35
ubottuIrssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen08:35
uLinuxif you want GUI use xchat08:36
fred2040ohh nice, where i can find it?08:36
DoylePaddy_NI: dangit, I'm using irssi now too... I meant ircle08:36
=== nosrepa is now known as aperson
fred2040Doyle its this http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/karmic/en/?08:39
fred2040Doyle thks very much!08:39
Doyleexactly, anytime08:39
=== FireCrotch_ is now known as FireCrotch
sd-dhow to install 10.04 lst server edition08:41
Lollipophi everybody08:42
sd-dhow to install 10.04 lst server edition08:43
th_im not sure what i did but now guake is starting 2 times at the startup. is there a way to trace what is launcing it?08:43
gp5sthi, i'm in an odd situation. so, i'm on the live cd and i need to set up grub on a partition on the harddisk, not just on /sda, but on /sda3 because that's linux and there are other os's on the disk.  I'm trying to follow http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=224351 but the find command he states doesn't work.  on /dev/sda3 there is a /boot/grub/stage1.  could i just skip to do 'setup (hd0,3)'? or are grubs partitions differently numbered?08:44
sd-dhow can i install the ubuntu 10.04 LST server edition08:44
gp5stdoesn't work as it says error 15 file not found08:44
fratzbcsd-d: put in the cd and boot?08:44
fratzbcsd-d: can you be more specific?08:45
gp5stsd-d: have you downloaded it and tried to run it on a computer off of a cd?08:45
sd-dfratzbc, ya can you give me08:45
gp5stthis is an ext4 partion.  is that my problem?08:46
spikebi have an acer aspire one d260, and i'd like to disable tap-to-click, but the setting under the mouse preferences app doesn't do anything. any suggestions?08:46
sd-dfratzbc, i have srever edition can i install within windows08:48
alexxiocant install skype because i need libxssl, but is not in my repository..where can i find it_08:48
edakiriWhat software is good for maintaining time lines?08:49
ppqalexxio, there's also a statically linked version of skype. use this to avoid foreign repos08:49
goddardwhat web browser doesn't do any extra garbage besides show you the webpage you requested?08:49
sd-dalexxio, ya you can go into ubuntu software center and search it08:50
tensorpuddinggoddard: uzbl maybe08:50
alexxioppq> what a static link is? that in skype.com website?08:50
chuchegoddard, you can try Miro or download adblock for Firefox or Google Chrome/Chromium08:50
chuchegoddard, I'm sorry, I meant Midori08:50
ppqgoddard, kazehakase, chromium, epiphany..08:50
ravenany web-proxy accessable on port 53?08:51
goddardGoogle Chrome tracks you08:51
goddardso does Opera08:51
chuchegoddard, then I suggest stick with Midori or Firefox08:51
allannbhow do I set a password with only 5 digits? how do I force the system?08:52
goddardFirefox is legit about being just a web browser?08:52
vu1kangoddard: firefox with adblock plus and beeftaco08:52
ppqalexxio, statically linkes means, the needed libs are already integrated in the package and are loaded in every case, even if an identical lib is already loaded. pros: a bit faster and no dependencies. cons: uses a little bit more ram08:52
goddardThen how do they stick around?08:52
goddardMozilla has to make money some how08:52
sd-dany can toled me how to i install 10.04 LST server edition within windows08:52
ppqgoddard, you can configure chromium not to collect and send data to google08:52
chuchegoddard, they adopted the Free and Open Source business model08:53
ppqgoddard, thats done with a few clicks..08:53
goddardppq sadly they still track extra things08:53
goddardI just want a web browser no life changing experience08:54
ppqgoddard, for chrome, this is true. but for the chromium in the ubuntu repos not08:54
chuchegoddard, try Midori then08:54
vu1kan!wubi | sd-d08:54
ubottusd-d: Wubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug.08:54
goddardppq really?08:54
ppqgoddard, wait a sec, there is a site where this is explained08:54
goddardto bad about Opera I really liked the interface08:55
chuchehi all. is there a way to start an "instance" of wine at startup?08:55
th_im not sure what i did but now guake is starting 2 times at the startup. is there a way to trace what is launcing it?08:56
ppqgoddard, well, it's german, but you can try to translate it via google (:D) http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Chromium#Datenschutz-und-Privatsphaere08:56
chucheI play Warcraft III and everytime I start the executable it takes a while08:56
chucheBut the second time i start it after I quit the first time it is really fast08:56
goddardppq I am not using Google any more to much bad stuff going on08:56
chuchei want to be able to preload an "instance" of wine but I don't know how or even know if its possible08:57
ppqchuche, "preload" loads libraries when booting up, basing on using statistics08:57
goddardBesides no one company should be that powerful honestly08:57
alexxioppq: the skype static link is that on the website? or where can i find it? and how to install it?08:57
ppqchuche, just install the package 'preload' and ou're done - no conf needed08:57
chucheppq, thank you :)08:57
goddardOpera must use WebKit as well because this seems similar08:57
allannbhow do I force GNOME Users and Groups to allow setting a password that's only 5 digits?08:58
edakirichuche: Firefox does much network activity unrequested, in the default configuration08:58
ppqgoddard, thats a good attitude :) unfortunately i cant life without their services. do you know googlesharing? it's a poxy based anonymization service that can also be used with chromium, with the add on "proxy switchy"08:58
Jordan_Ugp5st: What version of Ubuntu, and are you sure you need to install the bootloader to a partition? Grub should be able to boot all your various operating systems, and installing to a partition requires blocklists which are unreliable.08:58
allannb'cause I changed my password from 5 digits to a longer one. now, I can't start my GNOME session because of permission problems. I just want to revert to my old password08:58
edakirialexxio: need voice chat?  you can also use XMPP with pidgin or SIP with ekiga08:58
chucheedakiri, that's why I suggested Firefox with Adblock08:58
ppqalexxio, yes, the version on the skype website (.deb) is the statical one08:58
edakirichuche: it still does, even with adblock08:58
edakirichuche: i will get you a good link08:59
alexxioppq: thanks08:59
chucheedakiri, oh? thx for the links08:59
ppqalexxio, i think there also is a repo containing the statical version, i'll look08:59
goddardppq that doesn't help because Google still knows08:59
alexxioedaikiri: i-d like to try those programs but actually i-m just installing ubuntu on an old pc to make my old uncle chat with his relatives in the world and they have skype too :)09:00
goddardppq I was using all Google services but I think I am going to spread it out a bit from now on Google rubbed me the wrong way with the news I've been hearing09:00
chuchegoddard, what news is that? can i get a link?09:01
edakirichuche, goddard: here are documented (all or most of ) the many hoops you must jump through to configure firefox to not do unrequested network activity:  http://support.mozilla.com/en-US/kb/Firefox+makes+unrequested+connections  I don't know that microsummaries (a.k.a. Live _____ ) are completely documented.09:01
ppqgoddard, i tried to avoid google for a time, too.. used scroogle instead etc. but its just not the same09:01
goddardchuche there is tons go search bing or yahoo or dogpile even09:02
vu1kan<sudo ufw disable && ufw default deny incoming && ufw default deny outgoing && ufw allow 8000/tcp && ufw enable> will this set ufw to deny all traffic except on port 8000, or is that too many commands to chain like that?09:02
chuchegoddar, oh... old news to me :) i thought it was something new/recent09:02
alexxiocant find subprogram 'ar' ... what is it? :P09:02
quietoneCan anyone help me connect to net via bluetooth mobile?09:03
goddardchuche no unless you didn't hear the plan with android and that wireless plan09:03
gp5stJordan_U: it's my guess.  It's a mac pro using efi.  I um have efi seeing the partition (as a legacy os, not as linux, which bothers me) and when I go to that partition toboot it says "os not found" I'm running 10.04 (upgraded continuously since like 8.x).  I had a disk almost fail, so i reinstalled mac os to another disk (so that i could set up refit to allow me to boot other OS's and have an efi shell.  Then I just copied all the files over and set09:03
=== llutz_ is now known as llutz
edakirigoddard: I think google is better (ethically) than yahoo or bing09:03
edakiriI notice I'm getting very off-topic09:04
goddardedakiri people have used yahoo for years and bing atleast you know what your getting when you mess with Microsoft.....Google is doing all new crazy stuff and messing with Net Nuetraility is not right09:04
Jordan_Ugp5st: You should install to the mbr, but only grub2. I'm not sure if grub legacy deals with GPT properly, but I know grub2 does.09:04
=== inovaspa is now known as lorenzom
chuchegoddard, i have no choice but to recommend Midori then. It is based on WebKit and AFAIK won't make any unrequested connections to the internet09:05
Jordan_Ugp5st: Follow this guide: http://grub.enbug.org/Grub2LiveCdInstallGuide09:05
goddardchuche its already downloaded and being tested seems similar to Opera and Chrome09:05
gp5stJordan_U: thanks. how do i not find these links:(09:05
goddardchuche thats nice...I assume it still has the network keep alive features?09:05
=== inovaspa is now known as lorenzom
Jordan_Ugp5st: If you can, you should also create a BIOS boot partition http://grub.enbug.org/BIOS_Boot_Partition (but head the warning at the bottom of the page).09:06
chuchegoddard, AFAIK only the Update Software app can update Midori09:06
th3hateCould someone check the error i get when i boot ubuntu: http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/3453/20100924002.jpg09:06
gp5sttanks Jordan_U i'll see what i can do with this now09:07
Jordan_Ugp5st: You're welcome.09:07
gp5stthanks* :)09:07
chucheJordan_U, you don't happen to be the thisweekinlinux guy over at YouTube right?09:08
goddardchuche on a lot of servers in the protocol they have a web keep alive features because it supposedly speeds things up....I don't understand it myself seems stupid to maintain 100 pings for people who left their computer while a web browser was open09:08
Jordan_Uchuche: No.09:08
gp5sti wish this server room's ac wouldn't blow right on me:(09:09
goddardwatch the network it will keep running for hours sending pings09:09
chuchegoddard, that also depends on what site you are on and if it has ads or not09:09
ljsoftnetcan i adjust my cpu fan speed?09:10
=== Gugu is now known as Gurty`
chuchegoddard, i go on my Google Voice account and it has to send pings occasionally to keep refreshing my inbox09:10
chuchegoddard, most social networking sites have ads, banners, etc. even Phoronix, Linux.com, slashdot, pretty much everything nowadays09:11
ravenany web-proxy accessable on port 53?09:11
ravenany web-proxy accessable on port 53?09:13
LapsusIs there anyone out there willing to help this poor sap get his secondary monitor working properly with the nvidia drivers in 10.04? It won't find the proper resolution or frequency, yet before I had the drivers installed, everything was working reasonably well.09:14
alexxioppq: actually the deb files i download is opened (with double click) with archive extractor, it seems i miss some package to install it09:14
alexxioi-m under lxde09:15
LapsusIt also has no problem with my primary, identical monitor09:15
ImaginaryFriendi have linux-running NAS that serves as a wifi router - could anyone recommend a tool for monitoring bandwidth consumption by specific computers in the local network?09:16
ugliefrogJOIN /BLENDER09:16
ugliefrogjoin #blender09:16
ImaginaryFriendugliefrog: never chat when you are drunk09:16
ServerTech|LaptoHow do i find my current local ip?09:17
ravenServerTech|Lapto, ifconfig09:17
ImaginaryFriendServerTech|Lapto: read the result of ifconfig09:17
ugliefrogImaginaryFriend, Lol...sad thing is , im nott :)09:17
ravenany web-proxy accessable on port 53?09:17
LapsusAnyone know how to set custom resolutions/modes/whatever for a secondary monitor with the latest nvidia drivers?09:17
ImaginaryFriendLapsus: im not sure but try Ubuntu Tweak09:18
ServerTech|LaptoI cant see the network manager icon on the top panel... Why?09:18
QwertIs there a channel for openDNS?09:19
ibizatryxtry /list open09:20
ImaginaryFriendanyone to recommend a tool for monitoring bandwidth consumption by specific computers in local network from debian router?09:21
LapsusImaginaryFriend: I can't seem to find anything remotely related to resolution settings in there09:21
Qwertibizatryx: Not working09:21
ravenany web-proxy accessable on port 53?09:21
LapsusI just need my second display at 1600x1200@75Hz instead of whatever the hell the nvidia driver thinks it's doing09:21
QwertLapsus: Whas the issue?09:22
sinani'm having trouble with my wireless connection. the network manager says i am connected, "ifconfig" shows i have obtained an IP address, "route -n" shows the default gateway is correct, but i can't ping any IPs (all hosts are unreachable). any idea?09:22
QwertLapsus: k09:22
LapsusQwert: dual monitors working fine with a clean install, nvidia drivers can't comprehend two monitors at 1600x120009:22
vu1kanLapsus: do you have nvidia-settings?09:23
QwertLapsus: Are you on laptop or desktop?09:23
Lapsusvu1kan: that's what I'm trying to use, yes.09:23
LapsusQwert: Desktop09:23
QwertLapsus: Whats the problem in using nvidia-settings?09:23
ravenany web-proxy accessable on port 53?09:24
hetiiHello :) how in ubuntu server restart inet that will use new file from /etc/init ?09:24
ravenhetii, sudo /etc/init.d networking restart09:24
hetiinetworkings ??09:24
LapsusQwert: It can't seem to tell what my second monitor is, and won't offer the right resolution or frequency for it, yet it has detected and is happily using my other, identical monitor as the main display09:24
ravenhetii, like i wrote09:25
hetiiwhat networking has to do to inet process ?09:25
alexxioraven: are you italian?09:25
alexxioraven: answer09:26
LapsusQwert: leaving it on auto gets me 1360x768@60Hz, it's listed as CRT-1, instead of SUN, like my other display09:26
alexxioreading how you typed, i just was wondering if you were italian, i-m italian ..09:26
quiescenshetii: sudi service (name) restart09:27
quiescenshetii: sudo service (name) restart09:27
LapsusQwert: Should I repeat that? :p09:27
QwertLapsus: No, sorry. I was out. I'll scroll and see09:28
ravenany web-proxy accessable on port 53?09:28
LapsusQwert: No worries09:28
hetiiinet/inetd/init: unrecognized service09:28
Lapsusin theory I could somehow remove the nvidia drivers, but I'd prefer not to >.>09:29
alexxiothe most asked question i think in this channel!!! how to tell dpkg /i to install all dependencies??09:29
quiescenshetii: what are you trying to do?09:29
quiescenshetii: do you actually have an inetd running?09:30
hetiii add new config file to path: /etc/init/ to respawn one of my critical daemon (its handled by screen session)09:30
hetiiso if this daemon will die the screen will die also and system should start it again09:31
hetiii dont know if its handled by inetd or upstart or whatever but as i see i had other configuration file on /etc/init so there is some process that use them09:32
quiescensif you've added a file to /etc/init and want to start it without rebooting or waiting for a runlevel change you'll have to do sudo service (name of your new service) start09:32
vu1kanLapsus: can you manually set the resolution you want using <xrandr>?09:32
hetiiahh :)09:32
hetiiso simple :)09:32
LapsusI'll give it a try vu1kan09:32
vu1kanLapsus: check the man page09:32
vega_even simpler: sudo start <service>, sudo stop <service>, ....09:33
hetiibut something goes wrong i had now a lot of screen session09:33
JonniBravohello room09:33
JonniBravoany1 here know where I can find a android development chat room????09:33
Lapsusokay, apparently I need to use a seperate x creen for that09:33
ravenany web-proxy accessable on port 53?09:34
Lapsushow would I go about restarting x? :p09:34
gp5stJordan_U: thanks, with a little googling I think I got it all working09:34
johnxth3hate, hey09:34
th3hatejohnx, yo09:34
th3hateexited nano09:35
johnxso next thing: cd /etc/X1109:35
johnxtell me if there is anything there that looks like a backed up version of an xorg.conf file09:35
johnxlike xorg.conf.dpkg-old or something like that09:35
Jordan_Ugp5st: You're welcome.09:36
johnxis that the date you upgraded?09:36
th3hateyea to 10.1009:36
johnxand you're positive that xorg.conf is empty? because if you accidentally typed the wrong file name it would give you a blank file as well09:37
th3hatecan you give me the nano command again09:37
johnxsudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf09:37
th3hatejohnx, no its not empty by bad..09:38
johnxno worries09:38
johnxthat's why I double checked :D09:38
th3hatedriver "nvidia"09:38
th3hateedit this?09:38
johnxfind it, replace nvidia with nv09:38
alexxiohow to make setxkbmap permanent?09:38
th3hatehow to save?09:39
vega_alexxio: that's one thing i'd like to know as well..09:39
alexxiovega: ^^09:39
th3hatejohnx, how to save nano?09:39
johnxth3hate, ctrl+x09:39
Myrttith3hate: ctrl-x should prompt to save09:39
johnxit will ask you to save09:39
vega_alexxio: i have finnish selected *everywhere*, /etc/default/console, gnome, ... but still have to do "setxkbmap fi" manually after every login/boot09:39
th3hatepressed Y and saved09:40
johnxsudo restart gdm09:40
hetiiQ: if i had new service config file and run some process that print his message on standard output is there some place where this is redirect by service daemon ?09:40
th3hatejohnx, X finally worked!!09:40
Novice_hi there09:40
ashok_shettyQwert: hi ry thr09:41
th3hatejohnx, i finally got my gui back thanks :P09:41
Novice_I should add the USB boot support to my GRUB anybody knows how to help me?09:41
johnxth3hate, hot sauce. next part is to get the nvidia driver setup properly so you have 3D and stuff09:41
vega_hetii: don't know, but it should be documented somewhere in upstart docs.. try upstart.ubuntu.com09:41
ljsoftnetcan i adjust my cpu fan speed?09:41
th3hatejohnx, download from nvidia.com?09:41
johnxth3hate, hit administration -> additional drivers09:41
Novice_I should add the USB boot support to my GRUB anybody knows how to help me?09:42
th3hatejohnx, it's searching09:42
johnxit should offer you "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version current)"09:42
vega_ljsoftnet: you mean by software means? if it's connected with 3-pin connector then there's a chane..09:42
johnxchoose that, hit install09:42
th3hatejohnx, yep (version current) (recommeneded)09:42
johnxgreat, and it's not marked as currently installed, right?09:43
th3hatejohnx, it says this driver is not activated09:43
th3hateactivate it?09:43
th3hatejohnx, downloading and installing09:43
johnxmissing that driver was the whole problem. it will grab the driver and fix your xorg.conf file :)09:43
th3hatejohnx, what caused this problem in the first place?09:44
ljsoftnetvega_ yeah by software, yes it has a 3-pin connector09:44
johnxth3hate, dunno exactly. between 10.04 and 10.10 it looks like the nvidia driver changed quite a bit and for some reason the new one wasn't automatically downloaded and installed during the upgraded process09:45
vega_ljsoftnet: then keywords would be lm-sensors, fancontrol, thinkfan, ...09:46
Xanojust want to say, im really tempted to test out the new 10.1009:46
johnxXano, have an nvidia card? :D09:46
Xanohaha yes, unfortunately09:46
vega_and perhaps google: "ubuntu control fan speed"09:46
Novice_Hey ANYBODY knows how to add the USB support to GRUB?09:46
ubottuMaverick Meerkat is the codename for Ubuntu 10.10 - Maverick is NOT released and is NOT stable - Discussion and support only in #ubuntu+109:46
johnxXano, works fine. switch to the nv driver before upgraded, and switch back to the nvidia driver after upgrade. :)09:47
Xano310M isnt fully supported yet anyways from what ive seen09:47
Myrttiremember, this channel is for the support of the officially released version :-)09:47
Xanois there a discussion channel, so i dont flood this one with fun stuff?09:47
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!09:47
Xano:) thanks09:47
bazhangXano, #ubuntu-offtopic09:47
johnxubottu, sorry, didn't know the rules. I'll pickup camp and move09:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:48
vega_#ubuntu+1 is for maverick09:48
vega_ah, it was there already..09:48
th3hateCannot join #ubuntu-offtopic (You are banned) , oops why? never entered it before09:49
johnxth3hate, anyways, catch me back on #maemo or #ubuntu+1 if things don't work09:49
th3hatejohnx, thanks for help09:49
ashok_shettyQwert: hello ru thr09:49
Qwertashok_shetty: Ya..09:49
ashok_shettyQwert: ya tell me how to install now dear09:50
Qwertashok_shetty: Self service on keylogger.09:50
Tribaal\join #satchmo09:51
Qwertashok_shetty: imho, you should try it by yourself09:51
ashok_shettyQwert: k wil try09:51
QwertTribaal: </join #satchmo >09:51
TribaalYeah sorry09:51
QwertNo problem09:52
ljsoftnethow do i use thinkfan?09:54
IIVQhello, can I ask kubuntu questions here as well?09:54
Myrtti#kubuntu would work for that, IIVQ09:55
IIVQmyrtii: that channel is neigh dead09:55
MyrttiIIVQ: patience is a virtue, we're all volunteers09:55
IIVQI know myrtti09:55
|2exxhi all09:56
icarus-cIIVQ, as long as you are sure that it is not KDE / kubuntu specific question, you could try us09:56
IIVQI don't know whether it's KDE-kubuntu-specific09:56
ljsoftnet@vega_ how do i use thinkfan?09:56
glebihanIIVQ: ask, we'll see09:56
IIVQwhat happened is I seem to have lost the WM09:56
IIVQsymptoms: no window borders/titles09:56
icarus-cIIVQ, that's KDE specific.  but you could try restart kwin09:57
IIVQkeyboard stays on the last opened window (thought I can do mouse actions in others)09:57
broadcom_tomHi - trying to install Broadcom BCM4306 wifi drivers on a dell lattitude D600- using Ubuntu 10.04 livecd.  Followed the bcm43xx instructions, but no driver is listed after I install bcmwl-kernel-source.  Any advice appreciated (not a linux expert)09:57
XanoIIVQ: worst case, you could reinstall the KDE packages09:57
IIVQcould you give me any tips on how I could get into something terminalish?09:57
IIVQas alt-f2 doesn09:58
IIVQ't work09:58
IIVQand ctral-alt-fX never has worked for me09:58
icarus-cXano, reinstalling usually isn't the way to fix issue on Linux or Unix-like OS though09:58
icarus-cIIVQ, i think you could still right click on desktop and run terminal09:58
|2exx@broadcom_tom I think you can edit your wlan0 with ifconfig09:58
Xanono, but on a strange situation like that, it could be corruption of the code09:58
icarus-cXano, or bad config/ kwin crash :)09:59
Xanotrue, which is why i said worst case ;)09:59
IIVQah I have alt-f209:59
maik_hi @ all09:59
IIVQbut it was hiding09:59
IIVQI still can't type in it09:59
iflemabroadcom_tom: try removing bcmwl-kernel-source and install b43-fwcutter, it will install the legacy firmware for the driver which is built in to the kernel10:00
broadcom_tom@|2exx ifconfig says no wireless adaptor present10:00
icarus-cIIVQ, can you right click on desktop and run terminal?10:00
IIVQicarus: no, I can do run command10:00
broadcom_tom@iflema what commands do I need to do that please?10:00
icarus-cIIVQ, run command10:00
IIVQbtw: I do have a "start bar" (don't knwo what it's called in linux) and normal desktop background10:01
gp5stso, now i have this issue where if i boot off the live cd, run grub-install on my partition and reboot it all works and i can boot that partition, but when i restart the machine, i can no longer boot the parition10:01
IIVQbut if I do run command, I can't actually type in that window10:01
IIVQit's as if the last window stole keyboard focus10:01
ljsoftnethow do i use thinkfan to set my cpu fan speed to low?10:01
IIVQbut I don't know which is that last window10:01
maik_i'm searching a database-management-tool which can connect via ssh-tunnel to my webservers mysql database, does anyone knows such a tool?10:01
icarus-cIIVQ, anyway, does logout/in make things work again?10:02
IIVQicarus: no10:02
IIVQhave tried that, thx10:02
IIVQtried a full reboot even10:02
IIVQi can try rebooting now that only terminal is open10:02
iflemabroadcom_tom: the removal and b43-fwcutter oinstall can be done intthe  synaptic package manager or in a terminal sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source followed by sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter10:02
icarus-cIIVQ, could you try to run kwin in terminal?10:03
iflemabroadcom_tom: it the computer in question on the Internet?10:03
|2exxDoes anyone here have an Android device?10:03
icarus-cIIVQ, maybe switch to tty and run  "DISPLAY=:0  kwin" ?10:03
IIVQicarus-c, yeah, I'm trying to reboot to see if I can actually get to type something in kwin10:03
icarus-c|2exx, what about it10:03
IIVQicarus-c: tty never worked for me10:03
icarus-cIIVQ, what do you mean?10:03
|2exxicarus, I loaded cyanogenmod a while back and I'm still having trouble mounting the sdcard10:04
IIVQif I press ctrl-alt-F2 I go to a black screen10:04
|2exxI tried the mke2fs10:04
IIVQor sometimes flickering random10:04
|2exxfor mmcblk010:04
icarus-cIIVQ, don't you get a terminal there?  (command prompt  in Windows terminology)10:04
IIVQdon't get anything to work except alt-prtsc-sub10:04
icarus-cIIVQ, um. right that looks like a graphics driver problem to me10:04
iflemabroadcom_tom: is the computer in question online allready?10:04
ResQueanyone know of a good partitioning tool that doesnt use parted. i am having problem becuase i created a NTFS disk with it and it auto put in a mftfs flag that stops mac osx disk util from reading the disk properly10:05
IIVQI can not TYPE into my terminal10:05
icarus-cIIVQ, um.. you should do  alt-sysrq-[resiub] instead of just sub10:06
IIVQbut I can copy/paste into it10:06
mrehis there a package for the divx codec?10:06
icarus-cmreh, is it avi you are talking about?10:06
IIVQand appearently kwin is not installed10:06
iflemabroadcom_tom: also check if you are able to activate the wifi card under the dektop menu System / Administration / Hardware Drivers10:06
dancekResQue, cfdisk/fdisk?10:06
IIVQI did apt-get autoremove yesterday10:06
ResQuedan2, thanks i will try them now10:07
dpac_maik_: Why don't you setup a ssh tunnel and then use phpmyadmin to use that settings10:07
IIVQwhich disinstalled 3 or 4 packages that didn't seem important or outdated. kwin wasn't one of them10:07
ljsoftnethow do i use thinkfan to set my cpu fan speed to low?10:07
mrehicarus-c, avi is a format, that's idependent of the codec isn't it?10:07
dancekResQue, since you've already got the partition fdisk should be enough. It doesn't do resizing live partitions like parted.10:07
icarus-cljsoftnet, man thinkfan?10:07
icarus-cmreh, right.10:07
|2exxdoes anyone know a good process to make my sdcard partition?10:08
mrehicarus-c: I have files ending .divx, so I'm assuming they are divx encoded10:08
icarus-cmreh, anyway, i would just go and install all gstreamer plugins and ffmpeg.  everything should play just fine afterwards10:08
ResQuedancek, thanks a lot. i only need to delete the partition10:08
mrehicarus-c: okay, I've got ffmpeg, I'll see about gstreamer. Thanks10:08
icarus-cmreh, you need gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg too10:09
ljsoftneticarus-c how do i set my cpu fan to low speed, it doesn't say anything in the man pages?10:09
maik_dpac_, i'm a ubuntu newbie, can u give me an short explanation or give me a link where this is explained?10:09
IIVQicarus: you're my hero10:09
icarus-cIIVQ, why's that10:09
dpac_maik_: Sure. This explains how to setup the ssh tunnel. http://www.revsys.com/writings/quicktips/ssh-tunnel.html10:10
IIVQby helping me giving me enough hints10:10
IIVQand I must say I'm pretty nerdy10:10
IIVQby managing to type sudo apt-get install kwin, and my password10:10
ResQuedancek, i get the error "unsupported GPT GUID partition table detected"10:10
dpac_maik_: What database is there on your server? MySQL?10:10
IIVQonly from diving into the bash command history and getting those letters10:10
IIVQhardest was getting a capital P (which is in my password somewhere)10:11
ResQuedancek, any ideas?10:11
gp5stso, now i have this issue where if i boot off the live cd, run grub-install on my partition and reboot it all works and i can boot that partition, but when i restart the machine, i can no longer boot the parition10:11
IIVQbut I've installed and ran kwin and it seems ok now10:11
ResQueIIVQ, was is Password?10:11
IanY57newbie question: have 10.4 server - bind9 running behind a router with static IP - have domain name - do i put the static IP address or the server (local 10.1.1.XXX) into the default db.file?10:11
icarus-cIIVQ, nice...10:11
ljsoftneticarus-c how do i set my cpu fan to low speed, it doesn't say anything in the man pages?10:11
ashok_shettyQwert: ry thr10:11
icarus-cljsoftnet, maybe  thinkfan --help10:11
Qwertashok_shetty: Yes.10:11
gp5stit's like the boot flag gets taken off10:12
ashok_shettywhen i run in terminal im getting segmentation fault as error10:12
gp5stashok_shetty: that sucks10:12
dancekResQue, then try gdisk10:12
icarus-cljsoftnet, no idea. you should consult thinkfan's manual10:12
ashok_shettygp5st, what to do man10:12
gp5stashok_shetty: what program is it?10:13
IIVQresQue: no it's not Password :-P10:13
gp5stthey are just hard bugs to track down10:13
ljsoftneticarus-c, where do i look for it?10:13
ashok_shettygp5st, lkl keylogger dude10:13
IIVQit's weak, but NOT a dictionary words10:13
ashok_shettyQwert: when i run in terminal im getting segmentation fault as error10:13
BlaDe^Hi guys, just upgraded to 10.04 -- Rhythmbox wont start though, it says "Starting Rhytmbox" in my taskbar, then it dies -- I've tried remove/installing again. Any ideas?10:14
maik_dpac_,  that means i have to run the commandlines from the howto and than set my mysql-manager to connect on localhost with the given port?10:14
dpac_maik_: Okay, then you can configure phpmyadmin config file to connect to your localhost for ssh-tunneled mysql administration.10:14
dpac_maik_: Exactly!10:15
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  tried starting it from terminal to catch errors?10:15
maik_dpac_, one moment, let me try10:15
BlaDe^well_laid_lawn:  rhythmbox: error while loading shared libraries: libtotem-plparser.so.12: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:15
IanY57newbie question: have 10.4 server - bind9 running behind a router with static IP - have domain name - do i put the static IP address or the server (local 10.1.1.XXX) into the default db.file?10:15
well_laid_lawn!find libtotem-plparser | BlaDe^10:16
ubottuBlaDe^: Found: libtotem-plparser-dbg, libtotem-plparser-dev, libtotem-plparser1710:16
vu1kanBlaDe^: try <sudo apt-get purge rythmbox> then reinstall?10:16
maik_omg ^^ "Linux is like a wigwam: No windows. No gates. Apache inside." great10:16
BlaDe^libtotem-plparser-dev is already the newest version.10:16
broadcom_tom@iflema any ideas?10:16
iflemabroadcom_tom: the removal and b43-fwcutter oinstall can be done intthe  synaptic package manager or in a terminal sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source followed by sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter10:17
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  then the other one10:17
iflemabroadcom_tom: is the computer in question online allready? =)10:17
iflemabroadcom_tom: also check if you are able to activate the wifi card under the dektop menu System / Administration / Hardware Drivers10:17
iflemabroadcom_tom: =)10:17
ubottumaik_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)10:17
icarus-cljsoftnet, anyway, i found this http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_control_fan_speed10:18
ashok_shettyQwert: when i run in terminal im getting segmentation fault as error10:18
ashok_shettyQwert: u thr10:18
BlaDe^well_laid_lawn:  libtotem-plparser17 is already the newest version.10:18
maik_ubottu, ok10:18
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)10:18
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  everything is from the repos? - nothing you installed from somewhere else?10:19
bazhangashok_shetty, why do you want or need a keylogger10:19
BlaDe^indeed-- and it worked before i upgraded to 10.0410:19
broadcom_tomiflema: i removed bcmwl-kernel-source successfully.  b43-fwcutter was already installed, and I was unable to activate the wifi card in the Hardware drivers menu, as it was not listed (thanks for your help btw!)10:19
=== ryanakca is now known as Guest10569
maik_dpac_, i didn't get it :/10:19
dr0idia quick question, I have this command -> "grep --directories=recurse attributes /var/www/fw" but I want it to exclude all JS files, how can I do that?10:19
BlaDe^im purging/re-installing totem-- see if that helps10:20
dpac_maik_: Any errors?10:20
BlaDe^nope- same10:20
ashok_shettybazhang: just want to try once curious dude10:20
dr0idiBlaDe^: heya10:20
bazhangashok_shetty, try with what, for what purpose, whose computer10:20
icarus-cdr0idi, pipe that to  grep -iv .js maybe?10:20
broadcom_tomiflema: I'm on a readonly livecd install currently, need to check wifi drivers work before I install on laptop10:20
gp5stwhat is the equiv to the grub program in grub2?10:21
gp5sterr grub-pc10:21
Qwertashok_shetty: bazhang will assist you10:21
dr0idiicarus-c: can you give me the exact command ?10:21
icarus-cdr0idi, i mean  "grep --directories=recurse attributes /var/www/fw | grep -iv .js"10:21
maik_dpac_, mysql navigator says "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)"10:21
BlaDe^well_laid_lawn:  it's because of a version mismatch10:21
ashok_shettybazhang: mine dude10:21
icarus-cdr0idi, assuming the javascript files has filename extension ".js"10:21
dr0idiyeah, wait10:21
iflemabroadcom_tom: try in a terminal sudo dpkg-reconfigure ?? if not uninstall/reistall b43-fwcutter so you can go through the steps it requires....10:21
bazhangashok_shetty, for what purpose, clarify please10:22
dr0idithanks bro :)10:22
icarus-cdr0idi, cheers10:22
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  if things are from the repos that shouldn't happen10:22
dr0idiicarus-c: and how to exclde .js and .css ?10:22
BlaDe^well_laid_lawn:  they do when you update to 10.04 by the looks of it10:22
iflemabroadcom_tom: sudo dpkg-reconfigure b43-fwcutter     sorry =)10:22
BlaDe^it looks like it updated rhythmbox but totem is still old10:23
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  you're the first having that issue that I've seen10:23
vu1kanBlaDe^: <sudo apt-get update && apt-get upgrade> will bring all your packages up to date10:23
BlaDe^quite a few there it seems10:23
ashok_shettybazhang: curious to know how it works and heard it logs every stroke want see whether it really logs or not10:23
llutzdr0idi: man fgrep (--exclude)10:24
bazhangashok_shetty, package in the repos?10:24
icarus-cdr0idi, grep -viE ".js|.css"  instead10:24
BlaDe^(rhythmbox:3250): Rhythmbox-WARNING **: /usr/local/lib/rhythmbox/plugins/generic-player/libgeneric-player.so: undefined symbol: totem_pl_parser_write_with_title10:24
BlaDe^still not completely working though10:24
BlaDe^that's by doing: sudo cp /usr/lib/libtotem-plparser.so /usr/lib/libtotem-plparser.so.1210:24
broadcom_tomiflema: reconfigure downloaded & extracted a load of drivers, but when I go to the hardware drivers window, still nothing is listed!10:25
ashok_shettybazhang: what10:25
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  tried   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade?10:25
BlaDe^yeah, the only thing to upgrade is chrome10:25
Qwertashok_shetty: bazhang will answer you.. hold on10:26
th_hi all. can i change manually what applet gnome runs?10:26
pshrth_, what kind of applet are you talking about ?10:27
iflemabroadcom_tom: in a terminal try (livecd you say?) sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl followed by a sudo modprobe b4310:27
maik_dpac_, mysql navigator says "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2)"10:28
broadcom_tomiflema: FATAL: Module not found10:28
dpac_maik_: You connected it to the localhost and correct port?10:28
broadcom_tomiflema: FATAL: Module wl not found10:29
iflemabroadcom_tom: error from first command or the second?10:29
broadcom_tomiflema: It was the first command10:29
iflemabroadcom_tom: that ok... do the second10:29
phetipsCan anyone shed any light on why the sendmail binary (postfix sendmail) is not sending any e-mail? I didn't have any MTA installed previously, installed postfix. I have tested postfix through sending an e-mail conntected with telnet, that worked. Somehow the sendmail binary that is installed with postfix just won't send any mail at all10:29
maik_dpac_,  the command was: "ssh -L 3007:my-domain.de:3306 web0@my-domain.de"10:29
iflemabroadcom_tom: wl is the sta driver10:30
broadcom_tomiflema:   :) :) :) the driver is activated and in use!10:30
iflemabroadcom_tom: and wait a moment thn check for a list of wireless connectios available10:30
broadcom_tomiflema: :) many thanks!10:30
iflemabroadcom_tom: good one10:30
dpac_maik_: Why didn't you use -f and -N switches?10:30
BlaDe^well_laid_lawn:  repos have 0.12.8 so I'm grabbing 0.13.1 from their svn :)10:30
Jordan_Ugp5st: You should install to the mbr, not to a partition. And be sure you have a BIOS boot partition. That's hte only way to get a truly reliable configuration (though I'm surprised it's failing quite that often).10:30
mrehI've had to d/l w32codecs from medibuntu10:30
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  good luck :]10:31
phetipsAnyone willing to help me with postfix?10:31
iflemait should go ok on a full install =)10:31
maik_dpac_, oh... my fault i'll try it again with the switches10:31
juknmap found 0 open ports, is transmission should be still able to download???10:31
MarcoPauhello, I can't play the cue file that contains the playlist of an ape. it actually looks for wav files... do you have any hint?10:31
jukcoz am in doubt is it blocked from tracker or my router or iptables???10:32
th_pshr, fast switch applet.10:32
phetipsCCan anyone shed any light on why the sendmail binary (sendmail) is not sending any e-mail? I didn't have any MTA previously, installed postfix. I have tested through sending an e-mail conntected with telnet, that worked. Somehow the sendmail binary that is installed with postfix just won't send any mail at all.10:32
xbonesxCould someone help me understand exactly what this file is doing, I need to understand it so i can add more too it (http://img251.imageshack.us/img251/89/screenshotmenulstmultib.png)10:32
dpac_maik_: After that, instead of using mysql navigator, try using mysql --host=localhost --port=3007 --username=yourusername --password=yourpassword10:32
jukphetips:check for opened 25 port on your router?10:33
gp5stJordan_U: instead of grub-install /dev/sda3 i did grub-install /dev/sda and it seems to work and didn't mess up the other os's. sorry i'm still a  n00b at grub and the fine art of partitions and disk structure:(10:33
phetipsjuk: i can connect to the smtp and send mail with telnet, works fine. it just doesn't do anything when i call the sendmail binary directly on the server10:33
th_how i can manually disable a gnome applet?10:34
maik_dpac_, have to install mysql first mom10:34
dpac_maik_: Do that10:35
Jordan_Ugp5st: Np, there are still a lot of people who recommend, incorrectly, to install grub2 to a partition with intel macs. The only reason, as far as I can tell, is that grub *legacy* used to overwrite the GPT data when you did this as it doesn't understand GPT. Grub2 has no such problem, but it's still a very common misconception.10:35
icarus-cth_, right click on that -> Remove from panel10:35
th_icarus-c, it doesnt start. gives an error :(10:35
gp5stJordan_U: thanks:)10:36
Jordan_Ugp5st: You're welcome :)10:36
spid3rxxhai evry 110:36
jukphetips:posting exact command you giving and output would be appreciated10:37
icarus-cth_, um.. so you have an applet set to run with gnome panel, but it error at startup and didn't show at all, hence can't right click?10:37
=== root is now known as Guest48279
spid3rxxhow sent email using konsole10:37
th_icarus-c, exactly10:37
spid3rxxcat msg txt10:38
maik_dpac_, >>ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) <<10:38
phetipsjuk: daan@daan-desktop:~$ sendmail -t < testmail.txt10:38
spid3rxxme too i have the same probleme maik10:38
phetipsto: daan@pitgroup.nl10:39
phetipssubject: test10:39
phetipsfrom: test@test.nl10:39
FloodBot2phetips: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:39
icarus-cth_, afaik, the only way to remove it is to use "gconf-editor"  navigate to  apps/panel/applets . click on each and view its bonobo_lid name to determine which applet is the one you want to remove,  then   "rm -r ~/.gconf/apps/panel/applets/<that_applet_id>"10:39
spid3rxxyou sur10:39
phetipsspid3rxx: ?10:39
th_icarus-c, thanks. that seems to be what i wanted. brb10:40
spid3rxxok let my try10:40
agiaWhen someone gets a moment I could use some help with a graphics card issue =)10:41
jukphetips: as I still remember, it was printf "From: me@host\nTo:user@host\nSubject:test\nHello,blala\n.\n" | sendmail -t user@host10:41
spid3rxxdont work10:41
phetipsspid3rxx: yes?10:42
spid3rxxi have try10:42
bazhang!work | spid3rxx10:42
ubottuspid3rxx: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.10:42
mgolischmaik_: why do you connect to a unix socket if you want to use ssh tunnels?10:42
spid3rxxok let retry10:42
dpacmaik_: Got disconnected10:42
dpacmaik_: Talk here10:43
ubottupostfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer10:43
phetipsyeah read that =\10:43
phetipseverything seems to be correct, it should be sending mail10:43
th_icarus-c, do you think this is it?: fast_user_switch_screen0/10:44
bazhangspid3rxx, stop that10:44
phetipsif i telnet to the postfix server it sends mail just fine,10:44
dpacmaik_: Did it work?10:44
phetipsbut if i follow exact instructions from man sendmail10:44
maik_dpac, no10:44
phetipsit just doesn't send10:44
icarus-cth_, lol i don't know what is the applet with problem on YOUR system10:44
dpacmaik_: Any error?10:44
agiaAnyone here use a Hd 4670 graphics card?10:44
spid3rxxtelnet yes but ...10:44
maik_dpac_, >>ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock' (2) << i have no idea what that means with the socket10:45
phetipsspid3rxx: are you trying to say something ;p?10:45
th_icarus-c, oh sorry thought i told that10:45
spid3rxxlike what10:45
dpacmaik_: Do you have mysql-server installed?10:45
juksendmail -t < testmail.txt10:45
phetipsno idea,10:45
dpacmaik_: I think you'll need that10:45
maik_on my local machine?10:45
phetipsjuk: yeah that's what i did10:45
BlaDe^well_laid_lawn: I've compiled and installed from scratch the latest version10:45
phetipstestmail.txt is in your pm10:45
BlaDe^now I get: rhythmbox: error while loading shared libraries: librhythmbox-core.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory10:46
BlaDe^lol, so .1 instead of .1210:46
well_laid_lawn  heh10:46
jukphetips:I think you should provide email address with flag -t10:46
icarus-cth_, or simply  "mv ~/.gconf/apps/panel   ~/panel-gconf"10:46
icarus-cth_, then restart gnome-panel10:46
dpacmaik_: Yes10:46
maik_dpac, why do i need that?10:46
BlaDe^ah wait err with core, not totem this time well_laid_lawn10:46
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  is there a bug registered at launchpad for the issue you have?10:47
icarus-cth_, i would think configure panel from scratch would be easier to fix10:47
th_icarus-c, hmm i dont see how that works?10:47
redAnyone found a way to alter Google Chrome \ Chromium bookmark bar font size or icon size?10:47
=== jordan is now known as wildcat86
BlaDe^I don't know how to check10:47
redThey are like 14 or 16px10:47
phetipsjuk: hmm still not sending either if i provide address as an argument =\10:47
spid3rxxi guess it work juk10:47
xbonesxCould someone help me understand a "menu.lst" file please, I need to understand it so that i can do manual entries...10:47
dpacmaik_: I am not sure. But when you have an error about socket, it means you need to run mysqld (mysql daemon)10:47
th_icarus-c, and it didnt work. how i can reset the whole panel?10:48
its__Have anyone got a Belkin Smartbeam USB IrDA working on Ubuntu? lsusb lists it as Bus 005 Device 002: ID 066f:4200 SigmaTel, Inc. STIr4200 IrDA Bridge10:48
Destonedvery simple question this time - How do i get a divx player/ plugin for firefox/chromium10:49
XVampireXhello, I can't share on samba anymore... it gives me "Unable to mount location... failed to mount windows share"10:49
dpac!panel | th_10:49
vu1kanxbonesx: is that in connection with grub?(the old ver)10:49
icarus-cth_, remove  ~/.gconf/apps/panel   and then restart gnome-panel   "killall gnome-panel"10:49
dpac!panels | th_10:49
ubottuth_: To reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »10:49
xbonesxvu1kan: yes, i believe its a variation of it yes10:49
icarus-cth_, um maybe killall -9 gnome-panel10:49
vu1kan!grub | xbonesx10:49
ubottuxbonesx: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.10:49
vu1kanthose links should get ya started :)10:50
icarus-cth_, don't know if gnome-panel would try to write current config at program termination10:50
Destonedicarus-c how do i get divx running? i need it to watch a movie online10:50
th_icarus-c, wtf? i know how to kill a program10:50
xbonesxvu1kan: to be more specific, its grub4dos... used it too make a liveusb, but i want to add another iso of ubuntu to the drive and then enter the credential manually into the menu.lst10:51
icarus-cDestoned, try VLC player10:51
Destonedfor watching a movie through my browser?10:51
Destonedi already have vlc player*10:51
vu1kanxbonesx: i'm not personally familiar, i just recall reading something about grub and menu.lst when i was on 8.04...ah, the salad days...10:52
xbonesxvu1kan: lol10:52
icarus-cDestoned, you need mozilla-plugin-vlc i suppose10:52
Destonedok and where can i get that10:52
its__Destoned: If you use Firefox, you could try the plugin 'Media Player Connectivity' which lets you set the vlc plugin as default player10:52
Destonedi google'd those plugins10:52
dpacDestoned: sudo apt-get install mozilla-plugin-vlc10:52
Destonedplugin-vlc not found10:53
icarus-cth_, try logout/in10:53
maik_dpac, ok it worked ... the error don't acure anymore but i can't connect yet because: "Access denied for user 'web0'@'localhost' (using password: YES)"10:53
jukphetips: you sure your 25 port is open?10:54
dpacmaik_: Great! Use the username as web0@my-domain.de10:54
phetipsjuk that should not matter right? i'm running the sendmail binary from the server command line itself10:55
phetipsand connecting to 25 from localhost worked10:55
Destonedinvalid operation / version pugin-vlc not found10:55
SubCoolcan anyone suggest a good way to Move my user from here, to another computer? i know not the user itself, but ike EVERYTHING apart of it? packages, settings (screen view) - I know because of linux, and certain being hidden, i cant pull everything. But it would be nice to like just move mostly everything,a nd then have a package list that it auto runs or something10:55
dpacDestoned: Why don't you copy paste what I typed in terminal10:55
Destonedi did10:56
dpacDestoned: sudo apt-get install mozilla-plugin-vlc10:56
maik_dpac, can u explain that? (did u mean 'web0@my-domain'  as user?)10:56
its__Destoned: If you did, it would have found it... My new installation finds it just find10:56
icarus-cth_, yea you have to logout/in to make it take effect.10:56
Destonedworked that time10:57
dpacmaik_: Yeah, try that.10:57
its__Have anyone got a Belkin Smartbeam USB IrDA working on Ubuntu? lsusb lists it as Bus 005 Device 002: ID 066f:4200 SigmaTel, Inc. STIr4200 IrDA Bridge10:57
Destonedmustv been a extra space or something10:57
Tyzaoim thinking to install ubuntu10:57
maik_dpac, access denied10:57
Tyzaobut i have debian on my system now10:57
Tyzaois ubuntu easier?10:57
Destonedis there one of those for chromium?10:57
Destonedi  prefer that browser...10:58
dpacmaik_: You are using command line mysql? Try mysql navigator if it works10:58
Tyzaowhat advantages does ubuntu have10:58
phetipsTyzao: all10:58
bazhangTyzao, #ubuntu-offtopic please10:58
erUSULSubCool: move the home folder and use the steps in the clone factoid10:58
BlaDe^well_laid_lawn:  installed via software centre and it seems to work.. doesn't pickup my iPhone though so same as with 9.1010:58
erUSUL!clone | SubCool10:58
ubottuSubCool: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate10:58
DestonedFirefox still says it requires the latest divx addon to run10:58
well_laid_lawn!iphone | BlaDe^10:59
ubottuBlaDe^: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod10:59
maik_dpac_, both access denied10:59
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  glad it at least kinda works :]10:59
icarus-cTyzao, ubuntu basically is Debian SID + some ubuntu specific changes10:59
jukphetips: are you refering sendmail to postfix11:00
Destonedicarus-c do you know how to get divx addon working for a web browser?11:00
erUSULSubCool: to move the home folder just tar it up « tar cvzpf /path/to/data/disk/home_backup.tar.gz $HOME »11:00
SubCoolerUSUL, Awesome- thanks!11:00
dpacmaik_: I am out of ideas, should've worked11:00
SubCoolya, i have to get the big stuff out of it first..11:00
vu1kanDestoned: maybe try <sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras>?11:00
BlaDe^well_laid_lawn:  i've seen those, gtkpod doesn't find my iPhone either11:00
maik_but if i enter the userdata of my local mysql server, i can connect to the local server, even if i enter the port i've routed the server to11:00
SubCoolThanks a lot-!!!11:00
erUSULSubCool: depending on what you tweked installed you may want to transfer spome files from /etc/11:00
well_laid_lawnBlaDe^:  I know nothing about anything mac sorry11:00
dpacmaik_: Check if your username and password is correct11:01
erUSULSubCool: no problem11:01
SubCoolerUSUL, ya, im going to run into some issues with that, but i havent gotten to far in this installation- Thats y im doing this, getting my practice for up and go.11:01
Destonedmight have the divx plugin in there vulkan?11:01
maik_dpac, everything correct :(11:01
vu1kanDestoned: it's a bunch of media codecs, so, ya, mebbe11:01
erUSULSubCool: you may have to chown the entire home to the new user11:02
Destonedvulkan: those work for any browser?11:02
Destonedor just the default firefox11:02
enviromet1Would anyone familiar with getting setup for docbooks pm me?11:02
=== jrib is now known as Guest99083
enviromet1Havinga bit of trouble getting it setup.11:03