ScottLpersia, #606533 is asking (plus on #ubuntu-devel) to upgrade lmms to 0.4.7 and the developer is asking to upgrade to 0.4.800:33
ScottLpersia, ubuntu has 0.4.5 and debian has 0.4.700:34
ScottLpersia, reading the changelog it looks like 0.4.8 fixes many bugs (including crashes) so it seems sane to upgrade this00:34
ScottLpersia, any opinion on it?00:34
ScottLbug 60653300:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 606533 in lmms (Ubuntu) "Please merge lmms 0.4.7-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60653300:34
* holstein +1 on the upgrade :)00:37
persiaScottL, lmms is mostly self-contained (not so many rdepends), and SevenMachines tends to do careful work.00:39
persiaMy recommendation would be to get someone you trust to test SevenMachines' build, and if it seems clean, approve it.00:40
persiaUpstream may want 0.4.8, but you'd need to find someone to merge that into Debian before saying "Yes", and you want to get it tested.00:41
ScottLpersia,  i have already sent quadrispro a memo about it00:53
ronjcould anyone confirm ISO installation still fails? LP #64240501:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 642405 in ubuntustudio-meta (Ubuntu) "package conflict (foomatic-db / foomatic-db-compressed-ppds) causes Ubuntu Studio installation to fail" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64240501:00
ScottLpersia, ugh, sevenmachine's lmms wants to install wine and ttf-mscorefonts-installer?01:07
persiaThat would be unsuitable for install by default, now wouldn't it.01:15
persiaBest would probably be to discuss/explain the reasons we need it different and get an update.01:18
persiaOther than that, I'm unsure: updating and dropping from the seeds would be bad, and might question why you would approve the update.01:19
ScottLpersia, dropping lmms in natty...i understand your point01:32
ScottLronj, :(01:33
ronjScottL, indeed, but also :) to discover it now01:34
ronjbut it's true it's now been a long long time with an uninstallable iso, and the release is approaching...01:35
ScottLsorry, working with daughter on homework01:49
TheMusoOk, found the problem for real this time. Seems Colin forgot to remove foomatic-db-hpijs from the seeds, which is a virtual package, replaced by foomatic-db, which is a dep of foomatic-db-compressed-ppds02:04
ronjTheMuso, :D02:08
TheMusoOk new meta uploaded.02:24
ronjyay! will test tomorrow once the iso is rebuilt02:53
TheMusoAssuming it is let through the queue in time.02:55
ScottLoh good, thanks TheMuso  :)03:01
ScottLpersia, i don't think i want to approve the lmms freeze exception03:02
persiaScottL, OK.  There are some bugfixes: you could ask for the interested parties to change things before you'd accept it.03:03
persiaBut it's really a judgement call: what gives the users the best experience: older lmms or mostly untested lmms based on what can get done in the next week or so.03:03
persiaBut you're in charge: you get to decide :)03:04
ScottLyay!   </sarcasm off>03:04
persiaSo if you don't want to do it, don't do it.  if someone *really* wants it, you'll get argument, so be prepared to explain why.03:04
persiayeah, well.  There are benefits to being in charge, although it doesn't always seem that way :)03:04
ScottLi'll see if i can catch quadrispro and ask his opinion about it, he might be able to get 0.4.8 ready without any problem03:05
ScottLthen we can test a few times03:05
persiaI'd recommend chasing SevenMachines about it: he's been working with the code recently, and has been doing other useful stuff (like fixing musecore a couple days back)03:05
persiaUnless quadrispro is very unbusy for some reason :)03:05
ScottLsome of my concerns are the ttf-mscorefont-installer in sevenmachine's build, 0.4.7 vs 0.4.8, possibly dropping it in natty03:06
ScottLAND this isn't an lts release03:06
ScottLi would certainly be willing to jump through more hoops for an lts03:06
persiaI agree with all your reservations.03:07
persiaThat said, I try very hard not to be in charge of anything :)03:07
persia(mostly because I don't like making those decisions)03:07
ScottLbut i'll talk to sevenmachines as well, he deserves the courtesy if nothing else :)03:07
persiaThat's the core of my point, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was willing to add delta if it was required for a known reason (like being part of the US install)03:08
ScottLhi hansfbaier 04:03
hansfbaierScottL: Hi.04:03
hansfbaierScottL: ????04:28
ScottLjust saying hi hansfbaier  :)04:44
* ScottL was away at other computer answering emails04:44
hansfbaierScottL: Ah, ok.....04:44
ScottLi was just noticing that this channel is more occupied than it has been in a while04:47
persiaOf course.  Releases are exciting :)04:47
scott-workhi abogani, how are you today?14:50
astraljavaI see that ronj had been asking about install image last night? I'll be testing during the weekend, but are there results already after the -meta update?15:22
scott-workastraljava: luke made the changes again last night and had concerns that it they were done in time to queue up for building the images, so today's ISO might still have the bad -meta in it :(15:23
scott-workastraljava: however, surely by tomorrow it should be resolved :)15:24
astraljavascott-work: Alright, then I'll download tomorrow and test on Sunday. Thanks!15:24
scott-workalthough i saw a new email from colin this morning about some unistallable binary this morning :/15:24
astraljavascott-work: But that was about fglrx, might not stop the installation as I have nVidia card.15:25
aboganiscott-work: Fine thanks16:02
aboganiscott-work: And you?16:02
scott-workabogani: i'm doing nicely, thank you :)16:06
scott-workof course it is a Friday afterall :D16:06
aboganiscott-work: :-D16:10

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