ronjcould anyone confirm ISO installation still fails? LP #64240501:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 642405 in ubuntustudio-meta (Ubuntu) "package conflict (foomatic-db / foomatic-db-compressed-ppds) causes Ubuntu Studio installation to fail" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64240501:02
holsteinhey ronj01:04
holsteinits going to be a while :/01:05
ronjhai holstein01:05
holsteinim juggling a couple installs right now01:05
ronj[offtopic-shameless-self-promotion, but it may be appreciated by Ardour users] After being asked a few times the stems for my albums, I decided to package and upload them, so if anyone is interested in my dirty Ardour underwear (1. to learn a few tricks and 2. to laugh at my pitiful mixing), here they are: www.flyingmolehill.com/2010/09/source-code.html05:01
holsteincool ronj :)05:22
* holstein taking a look05:22
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mika__hi, i've just found out ubuntu studio... i need to setup a pc for record audio/video from a camcorder and eventually stream it online (i was thinking about ustream with webcamstudio)....plus record screencasts (unfortunately there is nothing for linux like camtasia :( ) and video editing... is ubuntu studio a good choice?11:06
persiaIt's not a bad choice for that: probably as stable a base for that project as anything else.  That said, I'm not sure that's one of the use cases that's well tested with Ubuntu Studio today.11:07
persiaGive it a try, explain what works and what doesn't, and we'll try to help you if you get stuck.11:08
mika__persia: ok... :)11:08
mika__do you know if ubuntu (or better linux in general) support professional external audio cards? (i actually don't have it now here so i can't tell you the model/brand)11:09
persiaDepends on the card.  We've had lots of reports of specific cards working (like mine), but some folks report struggling with theirs.11:10
persiaCome back and ask about the brand :)11:11
mika__eheh, ok...11:11
mika__thanks ;)11:11
persiaI believe we have fairly wide support for all the brands, and we strive towards leadership in that area (although we don't always succeed)11:11
mika__ok.. good to know :) when i go back home i'll check it out11:13
Indigo_Studiohello :)13:02
mika__i've found out the audio card.... it's a m-audio fast track ultra..... and for what i'm seeing it's not so good supported by linux :'(19:42
holsteinmika__: i think that can happen19:42
holsteinlet me look around for a second19:42
holsteinmika__: is that the same as http://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/M-Audio_FastTrack_Pro ??20:05
astraljavamika__: This post seems to indicate there is code for that card in ALSA: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=8671242&postcount=620:06
holsteinyeah, i see its different20:06
holsteinastraljava: COOL20:06
mika__holstein: nope, it's the ultra (not pro)... btw i've found a patch to apply to alsa which whouls more or less solve it20:06
holsteini was trying to remember :)20:06
mika__now i've just to install ubuntu studio and try it out :) (or wait for 10.10, don't know... ;) )20:06
holsteinmika__: http://opensourcemusician.libsyn.com/20:07
holsteinmika__: you dont need ubuntu studio20:07
holsteinyou dont need to re-install is what i mean20:07
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation20:07
mika__holstein: i've a clean pc with nothing on it, i've to install something btw... i'll go straight with the studio version ;) but as it's not so urgent i'm thinking about waiting 2 weeks and then install directly the 10.10 :)20:08
holsteinif your going to install 10.1020:09
holsteini think you can go for it now20:09
holsteinthere was some issues with the daily iso's20:09
holsteinfor studio20:10
holsteinbut you can install regular maverick20:10
holsteinand update from there if you have any problems20:10
mika__ok ;)20:12
mika__btw it's a pity that linux doesn't have  anygood app for making screencasts :(20:12
holsteinmika__: there are a few20:14
holsteinrecordmydekstop is the one i tried20:14
holsteini have a friend over in #opensourcemusicians that did some nice ones though20:14
holsteinwe should ask him what he used20:14
holsteini didnt need audio for the ones i did20:14
mika__i tried recordmydesktop too (the qt version) and it works... but it's not as intuitive as the competitors (read: camtasia), considering that it'll be used from not geek users20:15
mika__holstein: mmm..that would be interesting.. :)20:16
holsteini dont think recordmydesktop is competing with anyone ;)20:16
mika__i'll also check what video editing use... on my dekstop i've kdenlive, but i never tried others.. i hope that there is something good ;) (i'm kinda new on this)20:17
holsteintheres all kinds20:19
holsteinif your looking for 'final cut pro' or whatever20:21
holsteinyour not going to find it20:21
holsteini think its much better to just come to linux having not used any tools ;)20:21
holsteinother ones*20:21
holsteini used to use cubase in XP20:22
holsteinand it took quite a while to get used to the workflow of JACK and ardour20:22
holsteinreally no comparison of features in my opinion20:23
holsteinjust totally different20:23
* holstein doesnt do much video editing though20:23
holsteinbut i know folks are20:23
holsteinchrisadams over in #opensourcemusicians does20:24
holsteinmika__: http://www.youtube.com/opensaucemusic20:26
mika__holstein: ok... actually i never did any audio,video & co neither under windows, mac and linux... :)20:27
holsteinmika__: :)20:27
mika__but we're setting up our office to record tutorials and live events, and i've to set it up.. :)20:28
holsteinmika__: you might want to consider using 10.0420:29
holsteinthe LTS20:30
holsteinfor things like that20:30
holsteinwhere stability is preffered over the latest and greatest20:30
holsteinmika__: also, look into http://www.ustream.tv/20:31
holsteinall the 'heavy lifting' is done on thier servers ;)20:31
holsteini run an icecast server here20:31
holsteinand stream audio20:31
mika__i think i'll try both (as a old gentoo user i'm more for the latest :) )20:31
holsteinit'll do video20:31
holsteinbut im suspicious of my bandwidth20:32
holsteinto support video properly20:32
holsteinfor more than a couple viewers20:32
mika__yeah, i know ustream... we'll use it for streaming... (with webcamstudio IIRC)... so there will be a camcorder attached to the pc, and mics to the mixer then the audio card and then the pc.. it'll record the audio&video and stream it... i hope that the pc will survive it :) (as it's not a very recent machine)20:33
holsteinyeah, linux is light-weight20:33
holsteinusually the best choice for reviving old hardware20:34
holsteinP4 ??20:34
mika__bw it's the bad thing.. we've a slow line (fiber don't reach us :( ), but using ustream (which they'll then stream to the users with their bw) i think that 1 mbps could be ok.. i hope :)20:34
holsteini would say a P4 with a gig of ram should be able to handle whatever20:35
holsteinmika__: yeah, in that case20:35
holsteinsomething with a server somewhere else might be ideal20:35
holsteinmaybe a linode server or something20:35
holsteinif you feel ustream isnt dependable20:36
mika__yeah... it's my old desktop pc, a p4 3.4 (or 3.2 i don't remember) with 4 gb of ram and a lot of disk space (at least if we use it...as it's fans are quite noisy, and having it for record tutorial could not be so good)20:36
holsteinmika__: yeah, that'll be plenty20:36
holsteini do a lot of this stuff20:36
holsteinJACK and some audio editing20:36
holsteinon an EEEpc20:36
holsteinceleron 900mhz with a gig of ram ;)20:36
holsteinnot ideal, but do-able20:37
mika__i'll check icecast too btw..it could became useful ;)20:37
holsteini used to have my PC in the closet20:38
holsteinand add extension cable20:38
holsteini stuck it in a drawer once too20:38
holsteinmy newer box is quite quiet though20:38
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holsteinalmost :)23:04
holsteinwhats up there azat :)23:05
azatsin kyttak syrlama!23:05
holsteinrlameiro: whats your schedule like?23:08
holsteinid like to do some colaborating with you23:09
holsteinwhen you have time23:09
holsteinmaybe in mumble?23:09
holsteinwrite some things, or perform some things duo23:09
rlameirowell, i would like that, but i dont have that capability now on this house, perhaps when i move to another place, without mother in law and grand mother in law :D23:11
holsteinwell, i know we had talked about it in the past23:11
holsteinand i just wanted to let you know im still into it23:11
rlameiroyes, i hope i move soon23:11
holsteinwhenever we can make it happen :)23:11
rlameiroby soon, 2-3 maybe 4 months23:11
holsteinmaybe we can take some time and get some ideas together before then23:12
holsteinand record it whenever23:12
holsteinmaybe i'll have jacktrip sorted out my then23:12
holstein                          by* ^^23:12
rlameiroand me, my arm FX box :D23:13
azatWhat is IRC?23:14
azatI'm first time here23:17
holsteinwelcome :)23:17
holsteinazat: are you using ubuntustudio ?23:17
holsteinfor audio?23:18
holsteinaudio production? video?23:18
azatI want to Audio23:19
azatdownloaded the ISO but was unable to determine//errors...23:20
azatcurrently a regular ubuntu23:20
azatsoon as possible going to the studio23:21
holsteinazat: check out23:22
ubottuTo install Ubuntu Studio on top of a vanilla Ubuntu install, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/Installation23:22
holsteinВы можете конвертировать в Ubuntu Ubuntu Studio23:30
holsteinВы можете конвертировать в Ubuntu UbuntuStudio **23:30
azatdont unerstand you=)23:32
holsteinyeah, im not sure how accurate google translate is ;)23:33
holsteinyou can convert regular ubuntu into ubuntustudio23:33
holsteinthat link ^^ explains23:34
azatCloudy Google =)23:36
holsteintotally :)23:36
azathow this can be done?23:36
holsteinin ubuntu23:36
holsteinjust open synaptic or whatever you use to install software23:37
holsteinand seach ubuntustudio23:37
holsteinand you'll see the meta-packages23:37
holsteinand you can read about them23:37
holsteini usually run23:37
azatright now, try23:37
holsteinsudo apt-get install ubuntustudio-audio ubuntustudio-audio-plugins23:38
holsteinazat: that can take some time23:39
holsteinits a lot of data23:39
azati know23:39
azatin sunaptic i find23:39
azatbut ...23:40
azatbut through the terminal it will be easier to do23:40
azati think...23:41
holsteinwhere ever your most comfortable23:41
holsteinsudo apt-get update23:41
holsteinsudo apt-cache search ubuntustudio23:41
holsteinsudo apt-get update23:42
holsteinhave you added repositories?23:43
azattry through sunaptic23:43
holsteinyou might want to look at your sources23:43
holsteinsystem - administration - software sources23:43
holsteinlook at the 'other software' tab23:44
holsteinand make sure you dont have any repos added that arent verified23:44
holsteinazat: whats the error?23:44
holsteinyou'll get an error if you have synaptic running23:45
holsteinand try to run apt-get23:45
azatprocess has gone through sunaptic=)23:45
azatAfter 40 minutes you're ready, I hopeB-)23:47
holsteinthats great23:47
* holstein gotta go make some music23:47
holsteinazat: let us know how it goes :)23:47
azatstudying English for about 9 years but really do not know...23:48
azatnet speed 141 kb/s 900mb-total size=)23:50

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