ubottuQuake runs natively under Ubuntu - See http://zerowing.idsoftware.com/linux/quake4/ for details03:27
jrmy!quake 303:27
ubuXubugood morning people of xubuntu.05:53
ubuXubucan xubuntu be fine tuned to use a flash drive as virtual memory (pagefile) to increase its overall memory?06:00
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visitor1anybody in here managed to get smooth 1080p playback from mkv. files?12:06
edakiriIs there a convenient image viewer which will not bring down a computer by attempting to thumbnail very large dimensioned images (which may be small in file size) in a directory?12:06
visitor1i already tried smplayer but to no good12:07
edakiriNo (mkv)12:07
edakirivisitor1: best luck i have had is with mplayer.  see doc or faq for speeding playback12:07
eeffocs always so many people in here for no one to ever be talking, lmao...13:25
Sysi-xubuntu works too well :P13:25
eeffocThis is true! Maybe I'll join the Windows chat! hahaha13:25
eeffocThere are never any problems with xubuntu, it's just inexperienced users like myself looking for help.13:27
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:28
visitor1anybody in here managed to get smooth 1080p playback from mkv. files?13:29
visitor1the hardware should be powerfull enough13:30
visitor1its a pentium 5200 with onboard nvidia 940013:31
Sysi-visitor1: propietary driver?13:31
Sysi-do you use compositing?13:32
visitor1i use the nvidia driver,195.36.24, and no compositing13:33
Sysi-have you tried vlc?13:34
visitor1yes, i think ihave tried all the usual video player for ubuntu lol13:34
visitor1also this vdpau stuff13:35
Sysi-then i think that nvidia isn't enough :P13:35
visitor1well i wouldnt think so but maybe you are right,have to test with windows13:36
nikolamI would like to set up my eeepc nbook, to be locked after coming back from screensaver/standy15:32
nikolamalso xscreensaver does not allow to switch user on xubuntu 10.0415:32
nikolamso i had to instal gnome-screensaver instead15:32
well_laid_lawnI thought gnomescreensaver had that as an option15:35
eeffocif you want to set it up to lock from screensaver; make sure /usr/bin/gnome-screensaver is added as an "Autostarted Application under Xfce -> Settings -> Autostarted Applications15:43
charlie-tcanikolam: you could just add the user-switcher applet to the panel15:44
charlie-tcaI don't think either screensaver has a "switch user" option. It is a separate applet in Ubuntu and Xubuntu15:45
Aicasnin a shell script, what would case $UID not to be set?15:55
Aicasn#!/bin/sh -e echo $UID prints nothing15:55
well_laid_lawnAicasn:  try  #!/bin/bash - sh = dash15:57
Aicasntrue.  dash doesn't track $UID ?15:57
well_laid_lawnobviously not...15:58
Aicasnhmm. what's the POSIX way to check that user == superuser?15:58
well_laid_lawnI don't know if dash has a -e option even15:58
Aicasnit does15:59
well_laid_lawnwhoami   maybe ?16:00
nikolamcharlie-tca, xscreensaver have "switch" but not working anymore on 10.04. Alo gnome-screensaver has switch user and it is working. It is important in times when screen is locked and someone else need to use desktop without logging off current user .16:01
nikolamBut my personal problem now is how to force screen locking when going on standby oand on screen saver activation16:01
nikolambecause it si nbook16:01
nikolamit worked on 9.1016:02
charlie-tcaAdd the user switch applet to the pane, then you can switch users anytime you want to16:02
nikolamcharlie-tca, right. but pane is not accesible if compoutee is locked!16:02
nikolammy solution is to use gnome-screensaver16:03
charlie-tcayou are right. If the screen is locked, there should be no other user using it. If they can use it, they can also access your files16:03
nikolamcharlie-tca, they can not see other people files because they log in under separate loging credentials. Home user directory is preventing them from it16:04
nikolamit is very normal on linux desktop to log in on same machine several times for several users16:05
charlie-tcaIf I can log in on any name, I can also force the system to show me any files16:05
nikolamonly those that know username/password for user can use that user account. that is normal setting on any unix-like system.16:05
charlie-tcaIf you think so16:06
Sysi-xscreensaver does have option for "new login"?16:06
nikolamSysi, yes but not working pas 9.1016:06
nikolami put gnome-screensaver package and it does what is suposed to. (removing xscreensaver)16:06
nikolamproblem I have is that does not get locked after coming up out of standby16:11
likemindeadHowdy, slow-motion.16:12
slow-motionhi likemindead16:12
resixiani made a desktop launcher for a custom shell script. the icon is present on the desktop but double clicking it only opens the file in mousepad17:25
charlie-tcaDid you make the file executable?17:26
charlie-tcachmod +x FILENAME17:26
resixianthe .desktop file must be +x  ?17:27
charlie-tcano, the file you are trying to run, if it is a script17:27
resixianit is a script and its 74417:27
resixianand i also tried another launcher with /bin/bash ~/.bin/myscript.sh17:28
charlie-tcaif ~/.bin/myscript.sh is not executable, it will not work17:28
resixianit is executable. hence the '744'17:29
resixian7 meaning user has +rwx17:29
resixianbut thats not really the point anyway17:30
resixiansomehow xfce is not associated *.desktop files with the exo-<whatever the launcher app is>17:30
Sysi-resixian: do you want it to be runned in xfce4-terminal from desktop?17:30
charlie-tca744 is executable only by owner. I think you need others too17:31
Sysi-launcher would then be 'xfce4-terminal -x ~/.bin/myscript.sh'17:31
resixianno terminal. its just a bash script that launches python gui17:32
resixianbut i got it17:32
charlie-tca744 is executable only by owner. I think you need others too17:32
resixianthe tilde is not expanded17:32
resixiane.g. ~/.bin/myscript is not found17:33
charlie-tcaMaybe it is using dash, which does not expand it17:33
resixiani found this by trying 'exo-open ~/Desktop/Foo.desktop'17:33
Sysi-try absolute path17:33
resixianthe absolute path is only needed int he .desktop file. from the cli ~ is expanded17:34
resixianstill had to associate the file with 'exo-open'17:35
resixianwhich is wierd to me17:35
resixianty for the help17:36
resixiancharlie-tca: also 744 was enough17:37
charlie-tcaOkay. Glad you got it.17:38
resixiananother question. i keep having to re-enter wpa keys across reboots (for the same ap)17:42
resixianon <my usual distro> i enter this in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf17:43
resixianis there something i must do from the network manager to make these persistent?17:43
charlie-tcaNot that I know of17:45
charlie-tcaI don't use wireless, myself17:45
charlie-tcaumm, have you tried entering it in /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf ?17:45
resixianthere doesn't seem to be one in xubuntu17:47
resixianactually the whole network startup is borked.17:47
* charlie-tca seems to two for two today. That's enough, maybe17:48
resixianafter boot neither eth0 or wlan0 are brought up.17:48
charlie-tcaI don't get a network manager icon, but it connects anyway17:49
Sysi-my nm just connects to available network17:52
resixianmy interfaces are not even brought up17:53
resixianifconfig ath0/wlan0/eth1 all report 'no such device'17:53
resixianarg.. except rebooting fixed that.17:54
resixianmust be some eeepc quirk.18:00

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