ScottKlex79: Is p-w-cwp a bug fix only update or new features too?00:45
ScottKlex79: Accepted.  Thanks.00:56
lex79ScottK: thanks. Changelog says it's a bugfix release and "debug information for icon codes added"01:41
macois there some command you're supposed to run in a postinst to update the list of icons? i have a .desktop file and i have .png's in all the usual places...and i'm getting a "?" for the icon :-/01:45
ScottKlex79: Sounds like it doesn't need an FFe.01:45
lex79nope, add debug code is not a new feauture01:46
ScottKmaco: Does dh_icons or dh_iconcache still do that?  I can't recall if they are both deprecated or not.01:46
lex79dh_icons is deprecated01:47
persiadh_iconcache was only an Ubuntuism, and is long deprecated.  There's a trigger that's supposed to get hit when new files get stored anywhere under /usr/share/applications/01:48
* lex79 updated a ton of packages in backports ppa01:51
persiamaco, I just installed a fresh kubuntu-desktop in a chroot, and it seems there is no trigger for /usr/share/applications being installed, which means nothing is happening.02:32
persiaThis is probably a regression, and so worth a bug and some arm-waving.02:33
macowoo not my package being broken!02:33
persiaIf anyone knows which package should be doing this for KDE menus (it's desktop-file-utils and python-gmenu for GNOME), we can fix it fairly simply.02:33
macoso hmm where does this trigger normally come from?02:34
persiamaco, To confirm, log-out/log-in makes the icon work?02:34
macono it does not02:34
macoi have rebooted02:34
persiaIf rebooting doesn't work, there's something other than the iconcache at work.02:34
maco(where rebooted = my battery died, and ive booted / logged in since)02:34
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capecan anyone help me?  i have a business type question..05:33
micahgRiddell: ping re gears07:44
markeyoh shiiiiit09:08
markeyMaverick comes with libdbus 1.309:08
markeyyou realize  that this has major issues with multithreaded apps?09:09
markeyyou should have used 1.409:09
markeyit's fixed there09:09
markeysee here:09:10
debfxmarkey: ii  libdbus-1-3                                1.2.24-3ubuntu1                                 simple interprocess messaging system09:15
debfxthat's libdbus 1.209:15
markeyVersion: 1.2.24-3ubuntu109:21
markeygeez :)09:21
markeywhat's with the stone age version? :)09:21
* micahg notes that's the version in squeeze and sid and 1.4 was uploaded to experimental 2 days before Final Freeze09:23
markeypossibly worth an exception09:24
markeyif you look at what Dolphin does with it....09:24
markeyPenz blogged about it09:24
debfxI don't think we want to upgrade such important components two weeks before release ;)09:27
markeyno risk, no fun :p09:28
markeyif Dolphin crashes left and right that kinda sucks too09:28
Mamarokriight, that explains it, so we are off to dolphin crashes for the next 6 months :(09:29
markeyand Amarok, and many more09:29
Mamarokbrilliant, all KDE apps that are mutithreaded, which is almost half of it09:30
markeyshit, I hit ctrl-l, it cleared my channel buffer09:30
markeywhat a stuoid feature :p09:30
Mamarokcourse it does :)09:30
macoRiddell: read what they said ^^^^^^^09:31
maco(figure the highlight might help)09:32
debfxwell amarok never crashed for me in maverick09:32
markeydebfx: depends on the Phonon backend, it's basically just coincidence (race conditions)09:33
markeywith VLC it crashes a lot09:33
debfxare the vlc backend crashes dbus related?09:33
markeyif they happen on track change, then yes09:34
Riddellmicahg: pong10:08
micahgRiddell: hi, chrisccoulson mentioned that kubuntu does something with gears10:10
micahgI'm considering dropping it since Google has abandoned it and it won't support Firefox 4 as far as we know10:10
RiddellScottK: nothing has been added to the ubuntu.maverick seed for some days10:11
markey[10:56] <CIA-37> Edward Hades master * rv2.3.2-69-g9f9ada8 /cmake/modules/FindMtp.cmake: FindMtp.cmake: Fixed mistyped variable10:14
markeyshadeslayer: debfx: it was a typo....10:14
markeyone wrong character :p10:14
micahgRiddell: any idea about gears?10:33
Riddellmicahg: dunno about gears, we have support for Plasma to use google gadgets with plasma-scriptengine-googlegadgets10:39
Riddellas far as I know Google Gears is a mozilla extension and we don't have anything to do with that10:39
markeywhat was the PPA for the new Choqok again? someone here in the channel gave it to10:41
markey(worked great)10:41
markeywas it ScottK?10:41
micahgRiddell: k, thanks, makes sense10:42
jussigood morning all10:48
markeyMamarok: found it :)10:50
markey[11:41] <markey> what was the PPA for the new Choqok again?10:50
markey(sry, paste fail)10:50
Mamarokmarkey: only thing we need to find now is a PPA with a more recent libdbus...10:54
markeyMamarok: I doubt you can simply upgrade that, it could have side effects on other packages10:54
markeymaybe you can10:55
* Riddell uploads liblastfm with fix requested by Leo12:18
* Riddell uploads the qtreeview scroll fix requested for qt12:23
markeyRiddell: thanks :)12:35
markeynow upload libdbus 1.4 for Maverick too ;)12:35
markeythen we're happy12:35
Riddellmm, that's a pain, I wish I'd noticed that release earlier12:35
RiddellI suspect it's too late now12:36
markeyDolphin is very crashy / laggy now12:36
markeyif you can, at least try to get it in12:36
markeytalk to your boss or something12:36
markeyThiago recommends to upgrade ASAP in all distros12:36
Riddellmarkey: do you have the links to the relevant KDE and freedesktop.org bugs?12:38
markeyRiddell: for a start, I have this: http://lists.kde.org/?t=128514970000004&r=1&w=212:39
markeyRiddell: https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1775412:39
ubottuFreedesktop bug 17754 in core "Race condition in protected_change_timeout" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]12:39
markeyand here is Penz ranting about the bug: http://dot.kde.org/2010/08/31/kde-releases-45112:40
markeyhe's a sad panda12:40
\shRiddell: moins12:47
\shRiddell: you removed on request libbeagle source + binaries from maverick...can we get rid of kio-beagle too? it build-depends  on it12:47
\shRiddell: oh...sorry..there is already a removal request for kio-beagle pending12:48
Riddell\sh: can do, what's the beastie numbet?12:49
\shbug #64796012:49
ubottuLaunchpad bug 647960 in kio-beagle (Ubuntu) "Please remove kio-beagle from the archive" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64796012:49
\shRiddell: you rock :)12:52
\shRiddell: what about "hotswap" source? it needs mcopidl but I don't find it anymore in maverick12:58
\shRiddell: http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~lucas/ubuntu-nbs/32/hotswap_0.4.0-11_lubuntu32.buildlog :)12:58
Riddell\sh: I'll remove it13:01
\shRiddell: ok :)13:01
micahgugh, no update in 2 yrs...13:02
* \sh meeting now... bbi 1h13:02
glaucousWhat exactly was the dist-upgrade that came today (or yesterday?)? Maverick beta?13:12
Riddellglaucous: gg:maverick-changes13:13
Riddellouch http://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/tmp/dbus_1.4.0-0ubuntu1.debdiff13:15
glaucousRiddell: All right, thanks. time to restart and test it out13:16
ScottKRiddell: I seen to have a problem on my netbook that the top ribbon on the application windows is no longer removed.  13:34
ScottKFirst time I've touched the netbook since last week, so not sure when it appeared.13:34
Riddellwhat top ribbon?13:36
glaucousRiddell: Looks like last dist-upgrade killed ATI drivers 10.9 (did try reinstall), anything I could try out?13:39
shadeslayermarkey: bahahaha :P13:39
glaucousSeems like Xorg 1.9 isn't supported in ATI latest drivers, is it possible to downgrade to a previous version?13:41
shadeslayerwheee... got my passport :)13:42
Riddellglaucous: I don't know, we mostly just do KDE here, X developers are elsewhere13:43
glaucousRiddell: That does make sense :)13:44
markeyRiddell: what news wrt libdbus?13:44
ScottKRiddell: The one that has the icon, title, maximize/minimize/close buttons.13:44
ScottKThose aren13:44
ScottKaren't supposed to be there on netbook.13:44
RiddellScottK: trying today's live image I have no window borders on maximised windows13:45
ScottKRiddell: OK.  Thanks. Probably some local config thing.  I'll fiddle with it.13:46
ScottKI'm glad to know it's not general.13:46
shadeslayerjussi: congrats :D14:15
shadeslayerRiddell: pingly14:27
shadeslayerRiddell: bug 64810314:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 648103 in kplayer (Ubuntu) "Please move kplayer from multiverse to universe" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64810314:28
Riddellshadeslayer: hi14:30
* shadeslayer waves14:31
shadeslayerah thanks :D14:32
dantti_workagateau: ping14:53
agateaudantti_work: pong14:53
dantti_workRiddell: when is the dead line for bug fixes? :)14:53
dantti_workagateau: hey, the KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter has a bug :P14:53
agateaudantti_work: fix it! :)14:54
dantti_workagateau: iirc you are the maintaner right ?14:54
agateaudantti_work: sort of14:54
dantti_workyou know it better :P14:54
dantti_workif KPixmapSequence cannot load the pixmap KPixmapSequenceOverlayPainter crashes the app14:54
agateaudantti_work: actually this class was written by Sebastian Trueg14:54
agateaudantti_work: wow14:55
dantti_workso should I poke him?14:55
agateaudantti_work: should be an easy fix14:55
dantti_worka KPackageKit user which was using ubuntu studio icon theme reported this14:55
dantti_workand he had the oxygem theme14:55
agateaudantti_work: do you have the backtrace?14:55
dantti_workno but it's easy to do, let me remove the animation file14:56
Riddelldantti_work: freeze for RC is tomorrow European morning, it'll be less frozen (still manual review) after Thursday until final final freeze a week tomorrow14:56
dantti_workagateau: actually the bt on the bug is ok https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=25226314:56
ubottuKDE bug 252263 in general "Kpackagekit crashes every time I attempt to use it" [Crash,Resolved: waitingforinfo]14:56
dantti_workRiddell: k, I'll try to fix the tray icon, and I think I'll disable animations since the got blurred after qt 4.714:57
Riddelldantti_work: great, those are the two obvious issues14:58
dantti_workRiddell: yes, btw if I have time I'm planning to write docs, is it a problem for it to be added (surelly they won't be translated)14:59
Riddelldantti_work: I'd say it's too late for that, it would change the size of the CDs and they wouldn't be translated15:01
dantti_workRiddell: k, so less work to do now :P15:01
agateaudantti_work: Can you try this patch? http://pastebin.com/SgEqeUth15:14
\shRiddell: what about kvdr? as well the "mcopidl" problem15:16
dantti_workagateau: I can but it will take a bit of time since I have to download the source for that file and make it compile togheter with kpk :P since I have no trunk instalation...15:16
Riddell\sh: consider it dead15:17
agateaudantti_work: oh :/15:18
agateaudantti_work: as a kde developer you should always have a compiled copy of kdelibs handy somewhere15:18
agateaudantti_work: it helps a lot for debugging (and fixing occasional bugs in the libs themselves)15:19
dantti_workagateau: nah.. too much work :P15:19
dantti_worklast fix I did in kdelibs I did the same...15:19
agateaudantti_work: "kdesrc-build kdelibs" is all it takes15:19
dantti_workit takes a lot of time to download, setup, i prefer to focus on coding..15:19
glaucousThe Kubuntu backports, did the latest update contain Xorg 1.9?15:20
agateaudantti_work: kdesrc-build takes care of downloading, updating, building and installing in a separate dir15:20
agateaudantti_work: all you have to do is set it up *once*15:20
dantti_workagateau: not counting the hd space which I don't have much15:20
agateaudantti_work: we are talking about around 4Gb here15:22
agateauerr 4 GB15:22
* dantti_work wishes to have 4gb of free space :P15:22
dantti_worklast time I cleaned up my hd I got 2.5 free gb15:23
agateauapt-cache clean :)15:23
dantti_workmy / is separated apt-cache clean doesn't help15:23
dantti_workwell I should buy a new hd anyways :P15:23
agateaudantti_work: ah, just put your checkout on / then :)15:24
dantti_workdammit you got me :P15:25
\shRiddell: k15:30
dantti_workagateau: great I could reproduce it at home but here it is showing that question mark :P let me try changing the icon theme15:33
shadeslayerRiddell: got a sec? PM please15:39
Riddellshadeslayer: yo15:41
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Riddelljussi: facebook is confusing me16:51
Riddellooh, canoeing at thingy16:52
RiddellRECENT ACTIVITY Jussi is married to Sari Schultink   gosh, amazing the things one learns on facebook16:54
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Maverick Beta released! | Todo: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | Milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/33p7vu3 | Final Freeze in Effect | Congratulations Jussi
rbelemRiddell, http://gitorious.org/qt-web-runtime16:55
rbelemRiddell, i married in june :-D and my son will born in the start of december :-D16:56
rbelemjussi, congrats :-D16:56
=== Riddell changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Maverick Beta released! | Todo: http://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Todo | Milestoned bugs tagged Kubuntu http://tinyurl.com/33p7vu3 | Final Freeze in Effect | Congratulations Jussi and rbelem
Quintasangod damn16:59
QuintasanI'm not going to uds16:59
Riddellaww, how not?17:00
QuintasanRiddell: too much hassle this time, I don't have time to go and get a visa, plus I'm not sure if I would be even able to get out of Poland on Sunday17:01
Quintasanand tons of important school stuff coming up17:02
Quintasanexacly at monday17:02
QuintasanRiddell: next UDS is in May?17:02
Riddellyes, then abouts17:02
QuintasanI hope it will be somewhere in Europe, I will be 18 by that time and there won't be any problems17:03
Riddellrbelem: last chance for samba stuff today, too late I presume?17:17
rbelemRiddell, I manage to update the properties plugin, but i did not finish the kcm17:20
Riddellrbelem: what does that mean the user can/can't do?17:21
rbelemRiddell, the user can't manage the shares in the system settings, just in right click -> properties17:25
rbelemon dolphin17:25
rbelemis it ok?17:26
Riddellthat's still a bit improvement17:26
rbelemRiddell, and I removed the nfs sharing stuff17:26
Riddellyes, that should go17:26
Riddellrbelem: do you have patches then?17:26
rbelemRiddell, yup17:27
rbelemRiddell, I send the kdelibs part to reviewboard17:27
rbelemand the gui just need some polish17:27
* rbelem going to lunch17:32
shadeslayerapachelogger taking a break from IRC? :P18:58
ScottKRiddell: I removed some settings and let it regenerate and it was fine, so I guess I did something screwy.  Thanks again for checking.19:50
lex79is there a chance to have a new iso cd with the last version of ubiquity before tomorrow?19:58
ScottKRiddell: ^^^20:02
ScottKlex79: What architecture?20:02
ScottKI'll ask since it doesn't seem Riddell is immediately available.20:04
lex79thanks, I want do a fresh install :)20:06
Riddelllex79: apt-get dist-upgrade works on a live CD20:10
lex79right, ok20:11
Riddellbut I can rebuild the CDs anyway if you want20:11
lex79Riddell: no needed, I will do dist-upgrade20:12
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ScottKSo the rebuild isn't needed?20:13
RiddellScottK: nope20:13
lex79ScottK: no needed, thanks20:13
Riddellrbelem: is your patch for samba in kdebase available?20:14
rbelemRiddell, not yet. i'm going to finish it20:16
rbelemRiddell, what is the deadline time? :-)20:17
ScottKAbout 5 hours from now, I believe.20:21
rbelemScottK, i think i manage to finish. i just need to finish some stuff of my job and then i will back to ksamba gui20:25
danttiis it possible to install kubuntu over an already installed linux? (it does not boot the usb stick, the cd rom drive does not work and I have no floppy disks anymore :P )20:39
rbelemdantti, yuo20:40
danttirbelem: how :D ?20:41
rbelemdantti, http://www.underhanded.org/papers/debian-conversion/remotedeb.html20:43
rbelemdantti, :-)20:43
danttirbelem: thanks ;)20:43
sheytan_dantti what should i do again? :D20:45
danttisheytan_: so do you know the process-working animation?20:46
sheytan_dantti this means? :D20:46
danttisheytan_: /usr/share/icons/oxygen/22x22/animations/process-working-kde.png20:47
sheytan_dantti got it, now what? :D20:47
danttiwell in kpk/animations/scalable you have all the frames20:48
danttiyou just need to export and create a wide png like this20:48
danttionce you got the idea and have any idea for a removing animation would be nice too :D20:49
sheytan_dantti i don't have 'animations' folder in my kpk svn20:49
sheytan_got it :D20:49
sheytan_dantti: but the icons works now and they're are the cooler one now ;D20:50
sheytan_so the deal is to replace them with some oxygen onse?20:50
danttisheytan_: no, the problem is that qt4.7 for some reason renders the .mng (png movie) blurred20:51
sheytan_dantti: oooh, that's the problem. Hmmm20:51
danttiwith this instead of using .mng files we use a single .png that contains the frames and won't be blurred (I hope :P )20:52
danttiat least the process-working is not blurred20:52
sheytan_dantti: this sounds like some work for Thursday20:54
sheytan_can't tomorrow, girlfriend comes :D20:54
sheytan_but i'll take a look at it now ;)20:54
danttisheytan_: no hurry :) 20:55
sheytan_dantti: ok ok :)20:55
sheytan_dantti: should it have a fixed size?20:57
sheytan_like 64px?20:57
danttisheytan_: the current one is 48px21:02
sheytan_dantti: ok, so i'll make it 48 ;)21:04
lex79ScottK: do you have time to sync plasma-widget-cwp?21:05
danttisheytan_: thanks21:06
ScottKlex79: I can't do sync's.  One needs shell access for that.21:06
ScottKRiddell might be around to do it.21:06
sheytan_dantti: welcome ;)21:06
lex79ah ok21:06
RiddellI'm busy approving bloody gnome uploads21:07
lex79just a sync Riddell, gnome can wait21:07
lex79bug 64840221:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 648402 in plasma-widget-cwp (Ubuntu) "Please sync plasma-widget-cwp 1.2.2-1 with Debian experimental" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64840221:07
ScottKOK, so take a break and do something important (i.e. lex79's Universe KDE sync)21:07
RiddellScottK: what should I do with this mesa upload?21:08
Riddell[Nothing to update] plasma-widget-cwp (1.2.1-1 [ubuntu] >= 1.1.1-3 [debian])21:08
Riddelllex79: ^^21:08
ScottKRiddell: I'd say accept it.  I've tested it on my netbook and it makes things better.21:08
lex79Riddell: uh? with experimental?21:08
ScottKIf it breaks Unity again, blame RAOF.21:08
Riddelllex79: ah well, you didn't say experimental21:09
lex79gnome stuff makes you insanity, I wrote there ^21:10
Riddell2010-09-27 20:09:52 INFO      - <plasma-widget-cwp_1.2.2-1.dsc: downloading from http://ftp.debian.org/debian/>21:10
Riddelllex79: voila21:10
lex79good thanks21:10
ulyssesJontheEchidna: in src:/kded/UpdateEvent/UpdateEvent.cpp:53 there is a typo: „secuirty”21:12
sabdflScottK, Riddell: lp:ubuntu-font-licence should give you the 1.021:25
ScottKsabdfl: I heard it was decided (and from what I've heard, I agree).  Last I looked it wasn't published yet.21:26
* ScottK looks again.21:26
sabdfli just pushed it there :-)21:26
Riddellsabdfl: awooga!21:29
macoah licence...british...right21:30
* sabdfl guesses that's Scottish for "Phew in the nick of time" :)21:30
sabdflmaco: you make it sound like they didn't actually invent the language ;-)21:30
macosabdfl: nah, i concede that they have authority over it :) just screws up my typing when i hit those -ence words (ive got -ise down pretty well though)21:31
Riddelljust remember the verb is license and you'll be fine21:32
JontheEchidnaulysses: thanks21:38
CIA-116[muon] jmthomas * 1180388 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/kded/UpdateEvent/UpdateEvent.cpp typo--21:39
CIA-116[muon] jmthomas * 1180390 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/updater/main.cpp Use the muon catalog as the main l10n catalog21:42
CIA-116[muon] jmthomas * 1180391 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/kded/MuonNotifier.cpp Notifier l10n is in the muon catalog too, so use it21:43
RiddellJontheEchidna, neversfelde, rgreening: council ping, can we agree to put the ubuntu font on the CD?  won't be default, but we have enough space for it21:46
JontheEchidna+1 Shouldn't be a controversy if it's licensed properly and isn't default21:46
RiddellJontheEchidna: lp:ubuntu-font-licence has the licence, it's all good21:46
ScottK+1 from me.21:46
macoRiddell: wait what? you have BOTH license AND licence?22:06
Riddellmaco: as different words yes22:08
macooh boo! now that's too confusing22:08
CIA-116[muon] jmthomas * 1180397 * trunk/extragear/sysadmin/muon/installer/ (Application.cpp main.cpp) Add i18n support for app-install-data translations22:10
dasKreechmaco: Why?22:11
dasKreechSame as colour and color 22:11
macono, they always use colour, dont they?22:11
macoRiddell's saying license and licence are both valid en_UK depending on whether you need a noun or a verb22:12
maco(though...hmm...trusting Riddell's spelling skills...)22:12
Riddellit's always colour22:12
Riddelland we license the licence correctly22:12
dasKreechAh right yes in that sense it's correct as well22:13
dasKreechlike center and centre 22:13
macoi thought they always used centre too!22:14
JontheEchidna!find !find es/LC_MESSAGES/app-install-data22:15
ubottues/LC_MESSAGES/app-install-data is not a valid distribution: hardy, hardy-backports, hardy-proposed, jaunty, jaunty-backports, jaunty-proposed, karmic, karmic-backports, karmic-proposed, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, maverick, maverick-backports, maverick-proposed, medibuntu, partner, stable, testing, unstable22:15
Riddellit's always centre22:15
JontheEchidna!find es/LC_MESSAGES/app-install-data22:15
ubottuFile es/LC_MESSAGES/app-install-data found in language-pack-gnome-es-base22:15
JontheEchidnano wonder I don't have it22:15
Riddellwhat are you trying to do?22:15
JontheEchidnatest my muon-installer changes22:15
JontheEchidnabut the app-install-data.mo is in the stinky gnome packages22:15
JontheEchidnano dpm around... I should file a bug22:18
JontheEchidnabug 649339, if anyone was interested22:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 649339 in Ubuntu Translations "app-install-data.mo is in -gnome language packs when it is useful in other DE's" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64933922:28
neversfeldeRiddell: sounds ok to me22:29
* ScottK considers the irony of Riddell defending the spelling practices of his imperial overlords...22:41
dasKreechIt's the Queens English22:42
ScottKRight.  That would be the imperial overlord in chief.22:43
ScottK(at least in a symbolic, can't actually do anything way)22:43
dasKreechYou mean the queen is symbolic and can't actually do anythign?22:44
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lex79he's right :)23:30
lex79ScottK: something that Luca Falavigna (DktrKranz) wants show you: http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/55/dokos.png23:38
ScottKIt's slightly more complex than that of course.23:43
eMyllerhello again23:50
eMylleris any of you running kubuntu on top of a ck-patched kernel?23:50
eMylleri'm willing to test it in my pc, my i want to follow a kickass and failsafe guide..23:51

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