claydohtrichard: http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=151600:04
claydohI think thats the one00:04
trichardclaydoh: ok thanks. I'll take a look tomorrow00:06
trichardi need to go now00:06
claydohtrichard: many thanks00:06
mellhenhey @all. wi would like to test the new ubuntu font in kubuntu. where can i start?00:29
James147system settings > appaerence > fonts probally00:30
mellhenis not available00:32
mellhenthe font is not available in systemsettings00:33
James147mellhen: is it installed?00:33
mellhenJames147: no00:33
mellhenJames147: i do not know how00:33
mellhenJames147: currently using 10.04. is it in 10.10 already?00:33
James147mellhen: dont know sorry, but there are allot of xfont-* packages, see if its in one of them :)00:34
James147xfonts-* ^^00:34
mellhenJames147: there was a hint in here https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/kubuntu-devel/2010-August/004561.html00:35
James147mellhen: also, you could ask in #ubuntu+1 about maverick00:35
mellhenok nice idea00:35
claydohmellhen: I don't think is yet available to the general pubic, you have to at least registerted on Launchad00:36
mellhenclaydoh: iam since yeas00:36
claydohmellhen: you may also need to have Ubuntu/Kubuntu membership00:37
mellhenclaydoh: iam also kubuntu member00:37
mellhenclaydoh: https://launchpad.net/~hir-i-mogul-gmail00:38
claydohmellhen: then go to your launchpad page and look for the "view your private PPA subscriptions" next to the Create PPA link00:40
claydohI am not sure if 'kubuntu-users' membership is enough, but if it is, you will see that link00:41
damianI have some extrage problem with printing00:41
damiancolours are too dark00:42
claydohmellhen: yes, kubuntu-users should e able to get the font :)00:42
damianand in another pc using the same options and the same program (gwenview) it's better00:42
mellhenclaydoh: i cant find it.00:42
damianthe only difference I could find it's cups version00:42
mellhenclaydoh: do you mean at the team page00:42
damianany idea?00:42
mellhenclaydoh: found it ;)00:43
claydohoops bad paste00:43
claydohor maybe not00:43
claydohdamian: no idea here, my printer is black and white and prints fine00:44
claydohdamian: printer model might help :)00:44
mellhenclaydoh: i never used such a ppa before......00:44
mellhenclaydoh: thanks00:45
damianforgot that haha00:46
damiansamsung laser printer00:47
damianworks ok in opensuse 11.200:47
damianwith the same image00:47
damianboth printing in gwenview with exact same settings and foo2qpdl driver00:47
damianIs there any way to know if it's the driver or cups?00:48
claydohdamian: maybe different drivers between the distros? gutenprint vs foomatic?00:48
claydohdamian: I do not know00:48
damianThe driver on both is foomatic/foo2qpdl00:48
damianMaybe the version is different00:48
damianbut I don't know where to check00:49
damianalso cups for some reason doesn't seem to have printer options on the web interface, I can only acces it in printer properties00:49
claydohbut you should be able to adjust the settings, either from the printer applet or from http://localhost:63100:49
claydohdamian: sorry I am slow :)00:50
damianno problem :)00:50
claydohdamian: try scrolling down on the cups web pages00:50
claydohI just had that happen to me a couple days ago00:50
damianI'm in printer administration > clp-31500:51
damianI hace maintenance and administration menues00:51
damianeither of them has printer options as far as I can see00:51
damianSorry, just found it00:52
damianalf an hour looking for it and just after I ask, it appears00:52
claydohhehe happens every day to someone :)00:52
* Diziara just installed the ubuntu font. <#00:53
DiziaraThank you mellhen for asking about it, and claydoh for the info on how to get it. <300:53
mellhenDiziara: do you know how the package is called?00:53
mellhenDiziara: thanks00:54
DiziaraUseful information can be found there. :D00:54
* Diziara has been dorking out over the font ever since she heard about it. :D00:54
mellhenDiziara: installed. Nice00:54
Diziara...there isn't a fixed width version of this font yet, is there?00:56
mellhenDiziara: last question. how ist the font called... do i have to restart X before?00:56
DiziaraI'm not sure if you need to restart x, the name of the font should be on that page that I linked you to.00:57
=== jawad is now known as Kvark
KvarkS'up gaise?01:00
DiziaraMmm, I like the look of this font. It needs to come in a fixed width style so I can use it on the IRC.01:01
DiziaraAnyone have advice on what program to use to create an OpenPGP key?01:20
James147Diziara: kgpg?01:21
* Diziara will look into that. Thank you. :D01:21
oldirty84hey everybody!01:29
oldirty84nobody home, huh?01:31
James147oldirty84: some of us are, but quite a few have gone to sleep :001:31
oldirty84sleeping?! it's only 2030 here. you guys must be mostly from europe01:32
James147oldirty84: also, this is a support channel, so often people dont respond to just hi :)01:32
oldirty84oh, well that's perfect. i've got a great question01:33
James147oldirty84: sleeping... or doing other things, it tends to be quite at around this time01:33
oldirty84how do i get back to the interface to change the actions associated with mouse buttons? I seem to have outsmarted myself trying to set up a left handed mousing environment01:34
oldirty84yeah, i would probably be making dinner if I wasn't drinking :)01:34
oldirty84I can't seem to find anything about it on google, but I've been busy bothering you guys instead of reading :D01:35
James147oldirty84: system settings > keyboard & mouse > mouse?01:35
oldirty84eh, that has exactly what I SHOULD have done, but I set the right click button to list my virtual desktops and now I can't get to the right click menu mouse module to switch it back01:36
oldirty84khotkeys maybe?01:37
James147what did you do to change what the left mouse button does?01:37
James147right ^^01:37
oldirty84is there documentation for khotkeysrc newer than kde3.2?01:38
James147oldirty84: you could try: alt+f2 > type "System settings" to open system settings01:40
James147should beable to navagate it mostly by keyboard :)01:41
James147although I havnt tryed01:41
oldirty84I can still navigate with my mouse, left click still selects items01:41
oldirty84i just don't get a menu when I right click :|01:42
oldirty84you are a saint for trying though, sir.01:43
oldirty84Got it. Ctrl+F12 to bring up the widget dashboard, right click still brings up the desktop activity module which in turn lets me into the mouse actions widget01:46
James147oldirty84: o that menu :) clicking on the cachew (the circle thing in the corner) should have also brought up the option to configure desktop01:49
oldirty84oh snap, it does doesn't it!01:49
oldirty84haha, need to slow down on the whiskey just a hair I suppose.01:50
oldirty84oh lawl01:55
=== root is now known as Guest51377
oldirty84probably not the best of ideas, Guest5137701:56
leifI have a problem with dolphin. Often, when I just opened a file with dolphin or when I switch back to it Dolphin hangs. (Dolphin 1.5 with KDE 4.5.1 and Kubuntu 10.04 with kernel Linux leifquad 2.6.32-25-generic #44-Ubuntu SMP Fri Sep 17 20:05:27 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:59
leifHow can I fix that?01:59
oldirty84got an strace?01:59
leifI'm a noob - I study math but I can't really program. Do you mean I should run strace dolphin?02:00
oldirty84you could do that, or start up dolphin, then attach strace (strace -p <dolphins pid> -o dolphin.out), cause it to hang , kill dolphin, and send us the dolphin.out02:01
oldirty84what that does is show us what exactly dolphin is talking with the kernel about when it dies.02:02
oldirty84also, i'm a noob too :D02:02
oldirty84i'm a linux sysadmin by trade, and i learn new stuff every day02:03
James147leif: its a bug in kde 4.5... close the "infomation" panel and disable tooltips then restart dolphin02:05
ubuntuhi everybody02:05
ubuntuwhere i can find unreal engine to linux?02:05
leifoldirty84: It's hard to reproduce. In german we have a saying: If you ty to reproduce it, it will fail, but if you try it for yourself, it will always work - also known as the "Vorf├╝hrungseffekt" (presentation effect)02:07
leifOh, I meant try02:08
oldirty84haha, i know that effect well.02:08
oldirty84try what James147 said, if that doesn't work I'll try to help you put together a decent bug report02:09
leifI'm trying right now - sometimes it happens when I want to change the directory, sometimes if I just opened a video after watching another video for some time. I have now disabled the information tab and will watch some CCC videos. If the bug is still there I will report back. Have a nice evening/night (around here it is 3 am). :)02:11
oldirty84haha, thanks you too.02:11
leifYou guys(?) are nice. Makes me proud to be part of the anti-movement, even though I'm a dummy by your standards. :)02:12
oldirty84lol, i came in here with a question not 5 minutes ago. dumb is not a lack of learning, but being unwilling to learn02:13
leifI remember what my sister's girlfriend said just a few hours ago: A real man doesn't read a manual (concerning his fridge/freezer). I wouldn know half of what I know today (including english) if I hadn't read the manuals. ;)02:17
macobah "real men" is a silly idea02:17
e_t_The next best thing to knowing everything (no one does) is knowing where to find knowledge when you need it.02:18
leifOh, btw, I meant boyfriend. Over here in germany we are rather ambigous about that. There is no distionction betweeen friend and girl-/boyfriend, so that is why I always mess it up. By girlfriend I meant friend of a specific girl. Ups.02:19
oldirty84my interview for this job consisted of showing that i knew how to read different sections of man pages and use google in lynx02:19
oldirty84it's pretty bad ass though, i live out in the country, not many linux nerds around :)02:20
e_t_At least you don't have to use google via curl.02:20
macoshould take this to #ubuntu-offtopic folks02:20
leifYeah, my sister is not really a lesbian. Sorry, guys. ;)02:21
oldirty84HEY! no more chatting in the irc channel you b@rstards!02:21
macooldirty84: oy oy no swearing, even obfuscated02:22
macoand the reason i'm directing to -ot is that this channel is for tech support, not general chatter02:22
leifOk, sorry, I didn know that. No more off-topic chatter from me.02:22
oldirty84my apologies. i will attempt to help you deal with any technical issues you have.02:22
echo__hello world test,first use this02:39
echo__where are you from02:41
oldirty84oh luls02:43
echo__never heard02:45
oldirty84Guest51377 (~root@ <-- haha02:45
slackwarebob stupid evolution.03:13
slackwarebobkeeps losing info03:13
oldirty84searching my email at work causes evolution to segfault.03:13
oldirty84could have something to do with trying to index 10000 messages at once03:14
slackwarebobwell, it's starting up with error saying error loading config/03:18
slackwareboband then goes assistant screen03:18
oldirty84try starting it from console and pm'ing me the console output?03:25
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.03:25
oldirty84that is awesome.03:26
cato37when apt-getting a package, how do i make sure that all the packages install including the recommended ones?03:38
James147cato37: with the --install-recommends flag03:41
oldirty84<James147> cato37: with the --install-recommends flag03:44
oldirty84got to help after all :D03:44
James147oldirty84: :p03:44
cato37_one more question. how do i change the name of this computer?03:52
bbigrascato37_: not sure but I think it's /etc/hostname03:53
James147cato37_: bbigras is right edit /etc/hostname03:54
cato37_k. thanx03:54
cato37_rebook bbiab03:58
len_how do you change the weather data source in kde4.5?  You used to have a choice, and I'd change it to NOAA, but now it just uses the BBC and doesn't let you chose a different data source.  The BBC doesn't include the weather station right by my house, but NOAA does.04:55
=== zack`ubuntu is now known as zack
alan__anybody wana talk :)05:49
hellslingeranyone know why amarok does not have write permission to my ipod?06:25
hellslingerhow can I fix this?06:25
optikerInstalled 10.04 dual booted with Windows XP Home. Seemed OK, but when I rebooted, the GRUB boot screen wouldn't respond to the keyboard, so I wasn't able to select booting into Windows. How do I fix, or how do I edit GRUB boot default to default to Windows?06:25
luis_is there any way to get blackberry manager?06:27
=== zack`ubuntu is now known as zackk
luis_why is it that i cant get any sound from videos in youtube?06:33
=== root is now known as Guest1258
superbobif I had added a repository that supported "edge" features, then it broke my system, so I had to boot from a USB disk, chroot the broken system, remove the edge repository.......  is there a way for me to "downgrade" the upgrades that were made?07:05
superbobplease, anyone07:07
=== mr_ is now known as outfile
_Magick3How do I set the monitor settings per user? 10.0407:33
anjDoes anyone have an idea what's keeping installed KDM themes from actually showing up on the themes tab in the login manager systemsettings?09:05
=== niels__ is now known as nielsbusch
jexmex_I am having a problem installing jdk09:18
jexmex_I get this error: /var/cache/apt/archives/sun-java6-jre_6.20dlj-1ubuntu3_all.deb09:18
jexmex_thats all it says09:18
vbgunzI've got backports enabled. I am on KDE 4.5.1. I just did an apt-get update/dist-upgrade and have something huge coming down the pipeline. 130 packages need upgrading. whats up? this is lucid09:43
=== avihay_ is now known as avihay
thealido you know solution to this kbluetooth bug?: kbluetooth doesn't see any adapter (hcitool works fine), and outputs error/warrning to the console "kde4Factory: The library "/usr/lib/kde4/solid_bluez.so" does not offer a qt_plugin_instance function."11:45
glaucousIs it possible to get/set automatic standby/sleep with bash/sh? I need to enable and disable it.11:59
repeteHow do I make phonon use gstreamer as a backend in Kubuntu 10.10?12:00
mudassarHello people please help me recovering odg file in kubuntu .. it is no longer opening in OpenOffice Draw application12:12
mudassari m starting believing now that we shouldn't rely on opensource this much ...12:13
mudassarany body alive here ?12:16
mudassarplease help12:24
prowerhello :> there was a new kernel available in bug fixes so i updated to it...probably a bad choice :> now when i login kde is saying that pulseaudio is no longer available as a sound input/output resource?12:43
gvandeweyerIs there a good manual on how to set the user-selection list for KDM login in kubuntu 10.04 ?12:46
gvandeweyerI believe I have setup everything correct but the list is just not visible, no matter what settings i try12:46
glaucousWhat update came from the ppa today? dist-upgraded.12:56
glaucousThe backports ppa that is12:57
progre55hi guys. for some reason my cursor in kubuntu lucid turned into a vertical line, about 2cm13:01
progre55dont want to restart..13:01
progre55any solutions, please?13:01
glaucousprogre55: Restart x-server, or that's out of the question as well I guess?13:07
Mamarokprogre55: in all applications or just one?13:10
progre55well, I just moved it around, and it got fixed13:11
progre55but it's really weird..13:11
jexmex_I am having a problem installing jdk13:12
jexmex_I get this error: /var/cache/apt/archives/sun-java6-jre_6.20dlj-1ubuntu3_all.deb13:12
jexmex_thats all it says13:12
James147jexmex_: try deleting that file :(13:15
thealianybody have got BT working on kde4?13:16
James147theali: not really, but maverick has been mixing up the blue tooth stuff so there might be more hope there13:17
n8wim havin a small issue, ive got one disk devided into two partitions(ntfs(win7),ext3(linux)) the problem is that i cant see some files on ntfs when im in linux...13:25
n8wanyone havin an idea what could b the cause?13:25
James147n8w: some of the files?13:25
n8wfiles that i cant see r just regular docx files...so no hidden files or anythin13:25
n8wJames147:  hey James147 :)13:26
n8wJames147:  ye just some of them...in this case, docx files in one particular folder13:26
James147n8w: hey :) never seen that before, are you sure they are in the right location? ... win7 has a horrble habbit of being very disorgnised :p13:26
n8wJames147: ye im sure...when i reboot to win7 all the files r there, but when im in linux i cant see them13:27
n8wJames147:  i have never seen it before either13:27
James147n8w: you wouldnt be happening to be browsing the win7 "librarys" would you? they are a horrble mess of virtual folders that try to combine the many many document locations in win7 rather then actual combine the many many document folder in win7 into one folder :p13:28
* James147 love the idea, hates how win7 implmented it13:29
James147n8w: btw, have you tryed searching for it? (ctrl + f in  dolphin)13:38
=== angelo is now known as angelo_
n8wJames147:  hmm nope i havent..gonna try13:39
James147(or looked in teh various *Documents* folders that windows seems to accumalate :)13:39
n8wJames147:  well i have fortunately uploaded it to my dropbox,so i can access it...but its enoyin anywai13:41
n8wJames147:  btw would u know what this means: okular(17633): Session bus not found13:41
angelo_ho un problema con il compaq 6715s13:41
n8wJames147:  thats what happens when i try to lunch a program under a different user name13:41
James147n8w: probally because that user dosnt have dbus running13:42
n8wJames147:  i always have to run this: export $(dbus-launch) in order ti b able to run an appz13:42
n8wJames147:  ye but this has started with no reasson...just all the sudden it was there13:43
n8wi dont get it13:43
James147n8w: might want to ask on #kde  they are more likly to know13:43
n8wJames147:  ye will do that13:44
amichairAnyone know of a good (free) hypervisor or some way to run multiple vms on a desktop? (like virtualbox, but without host-guest relationship - all top-level OSes)13:46
arowcan anybody tell me why my mic doesnt work?13:52
James147arow: first thing to check is to run "alsamixer" in terminal and see if its muted (or add the mic channel in kmix and check there)13:54
arowJames147: in the mixer, there's no mic13:55
James147arow: kmixer or alsamixer?13:55
James147!sound | arow13:56
ubottuarow: If you're having problems with sound see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP313:56
James147sorry, dont know much about sound problems13:56
=== mren|off is now known as mren
arowJames147: i checked all those docs :)13:56
BluesKajarow, what kind of mic connection ?13:57
James147arow: then I suggest you try the fourms, or ask here again in a while (with as much details as you can)13:57
arowBluesKaj: analog13:57
BluesKajmics are mostly analog m usb miniplug ?13:58
arowBluesKaj: no usb,its just a normal jack (with red connector)13:59
arowJames147: thx14:00
BluesKajplug the mic into your soundcarsd and check alsamixer., arow14:00
arowBluesKaj: i did, but still no "mic" channel in alsamixer14:02
BluesKajIhave to ask arow , did you use the arrow keys to navigate the ctrls in alsamixer in order to see them all ?14:04
arowBluesKaj: yes, I pressed F5 to show all. In KMix there isn't a Mic channel also14:07
BluesKajarow, f5 ? . that doesn't work on my KB14:09
arowBluesKaj: in alsamixer I use it to show all channels14:10
BluesKajmic is usually beside line14:10
BluesKajthen you need a better soundcard driver , onr that recognizes HW better ...what soundcard? , lspci | grep -i audio14:12
BluesKajthe card will show up in alsamixer as well, arow14:14
arowBluesKaj: Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller14:14
ubottuFor fixing your Intel HDA sound this page has useful information https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HdaIntelSoundHowto14:15
=== ani1 is now known as an1
BluesKajI should have asked that question first14:16
=== an1 is now known as anirudh
Lymphocytehow u ask a girl out?14:16
Lymphocytehow u ask a girl out?14:17
Lymphocytehow u ask a girl out?14:17
FloodBotK2Lymphocyte: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.14:17
Lymphocytefuck you14:17
Lymphocytei aint flooding14:17
* James147 disagrees 14:18
BluesKaj!ops | Lymphocyte14:18
ubottuLymphocyte: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger14:18
BluesKajno need for juvey offtopic trolls14:19
txwikingerLymphocyte: please behave according to the CoC or you will be banned. Thank you14:20
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct is a community etiquette document to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere, and can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/ .  For information on how to electronically sign the CoC, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SigningCodeofConduct .14:20
arowBluesKaj: my soundcard uses codec VIA ID 441, and i dont see support for this card14:21
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger14:21
bazhangLymphocyte, they are here already14:21
Lymphocytefuck u14:21
Lymphocyteban me bitch14:22
progre55lol, what was that )14:24
BluesKajsome of these juveniles will do negative stuff for attention , always find that starnge14:24
bazhangglitch in the matrix14:24
* progre55 lols14:25
progre55the guy wanted some attention, so what? =)14:25
BluesKajthere's a bot / script -alias the comes in everyday to !list for mp3s or whatever , that IP should be banned as well, it's in Italy14:27
BluesKajwell, he got it :)14:28
* Pici reminds everyone that this is still a support channel.14:29
arowBluesKaj: tnx for your help14:32
arowi will search on14:32
BluesKajarow,  yes research is good ..I know there 's a driver that will work, don't get sidetracked by model numbers. Some of the intel drivers cover several different models that have the same chipsets14:35
arowBluesKaj: okay, i will.14:36
PhoenixzI remember that, in some past, KDE filemanager would show a directory, and images would show up as thumbnails, and video' s would even show a thumbnail of a framegram of that video.. Now, I see (honestly, rather ugly) image icons, and video icons.. What happened? Do I need to install an extra package to see those again?14:37
PhoenixzIm talking dolphin here, by the way14:37
James147Phoenixz: have you enabled the previews in dolphin?14:38
James147(view > preview ... you can cofigure them in the settings as well)14:38
PhoenixzJames147: ah, didnt know that required a configuration now.. lets see...14:39
James147Phoenixz: images and such should work if you enable previews14:40
BajKdoes anyone have experiences concerning the new wireless trackman by Logitech? The one with blue marble and back/forward buttons? Do they work and is it recommended? (Although I dont wand a wireless mouse)14:40
James147Phoenixz: although I think video needs an extra package14:40
PhoenixzJames147: ok, just enabled those previews (why are those not enabled by default? They change the view from just plain usefull to actually looking rather slick.. :)14:41
PhoenixzJames147: Changed the previews, I still see no icons.. restart dolphin?14:41
James147Phoenixz: for videos you might need to install mplayerthumbs14:41
James147Phoenixz: didnt think it needed a restart, but it shouldnt hurt14:42
PhoenixzJames147: installed those already14:42
PhoenixzJames147: well, configured, restarted dolphin, no effect.. Restart computer maybe? I'm NOT running windows here! :)14:43
James147Phoenixz: defently not...14:44
=== petr is now known as Guest31511
James147Phoenixz: have you enabled the previews? (View > Preview)?14:44
=== Guest31511 is now known as allnigro
=== allnigro is now known as assnigro
PhoenixzJames147: Yep14:44
assnigroget back mather fucka your money...14:44
PhoenixzJames147: First only enabled previews of images, then of just about everything just to be sure, but no result14:45
James147Phoenixz: what kde version?14:45
assnigro"get back - ludacris"   ---  best song that I ever listen14:45
Pici!ot|  assnigro14:46
ubottuassnigro: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!14:46
BluesKajBajK, I'm using a wireless mouse and KB from MS , works ok out of the box , I just had to strart typing and clicking for about 5 secs and the seup worked , default module drivers were obviously already loaded14:47
PhoenixzJames147: KDE 4.5.114:47
James147Phoenixz: I presume you have enabled the ones you want here: Settings > configure dolphin > general > previews?14:48
sanoop./configure error specify build can anyone help14:48
sanoop./configure error specify build can anyone help14:49
James147sanoop: no need to ask twice, and you need to tell us teh error and it would help to know what you are tring to build14:49
sanoop./configure error specify build can HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:49
Picisanoop: You need to answer the questions we're asking your first.14:50
PiciLike, what error? What are you trying to compile?14:51
sanoop./configure error specify build can HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!14:51
Picisanoop: stop.14:51
Picisanoop: If you don't answer our questions we can't help you.14:52
PhoenixzJames147: correct!14:52
sanoopam trying to install pidgin latest version14:53
Phoenixzwerd_: Hi too!14:53
sanoopchecking build system type... /bin/bash: ./config.guess: No such file or directory14:54
sanoopconfigure: error: cannot guess build type; you must specify one14:54
James147Phoenixz: I am not sure then :s it works here on the same version... :S only thing I can really suggest is you try to reset dolphins settings to see if that helps (rename ~/.kde/share/config/dolphinrc you can rename it back to restore the settings, best to do it when tis not running)14:56
James147Phoenixz: or try a new user if you dont want to rename the file :)14:57
sanoop"configure: error: cannot guess build type; you must specify one" this is the error i am getting while typing ./configure14:58
PhoenixzJames147: I can try to rename the file.. Will attempt that in a minute, gotta fix another problem first14:59
BluesKajsanoop, pidgin is in your package manager , just use that to install it15:01
James147sanoop: ^^ otherwise try this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=1121174&postcount=215:04
sanoopBluesKaj.how to use it15:05
BluesKaj!packages | sanoop15:06
ubottusanoop: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Adept, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 20000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!15:06
sanoopBluesKaj.you mean synaptic package manager15:07
BluesKajsanoop, what desktop are you running , i see you in #ubuntu too15:08
BluesKajsanoop, gnome or kde ?15:09
sanoopBluesKaj.ubuntu ultimate edition 215:09
BluesKajsanoop, use synaptic15:09
sanoopBluesKaj.but how to find the package in synaptic15:10
BluesKajclick on search type pidgin , then a list will show in the text , look for pidgin , check it, then click apply15:11
=== lindonato is now known as Lindonato
sanoopBluesKaj.simply update the package?15:12
sanoopBluesKaj.too slow connection speed15:12
BluesKajsanoop, is it already installed?15:13
=== ubuntu is now known as babu__
=== anirudh is now known as an1
BluesKaj James147 , what's the command to bring up the gui to control usb devices?15:27
* James147 isnt sure what BluesKaj wants15:28
BluesKajJames147, I think it was yesterday someone had a usb audio device / mic , I think < and you gave the guy a command that popped up adialog to control the device ...at least I think it was you :)15:30
James147dont remember that15:31
amichairAnyone know of a good (free) hypervisor or some way to run multiple vms on a desktop? (like virtualbox, but without host-guest relationship - all top-level OSes)15:32
frimouss`*~`~`;;.~`;.*`;. `~`~`*~`;.~`;.*`;`~; ~`*~~`;.~`;.*`;.`~; ;.~`;.*`;. `~`~`*~`;.~`;.*`;.~;*`;.`~; ~`*~`~`;.~`;.*`;.`~; ;.~`;.*`;. `~`~`*~`;.~`;.*`;.~;*`;.`~; ~`*~`~` .~`;. *`;.`~; ;.~  $$1  `;.;.`~`~`*~`;.~ `;.*`;.~;*`;.`~; ~ `*,`~`;.~`;.*`;.`~; ;.~`;.*`;. `~`~,`*~`;.~`;.*`;.~;*`;.`~; ~`*~`~`;.~`;.*`;.`~; ;.~`;.*`;. `~`~`*~`;.~`;.*`;.~;*`;.`~; ~`*~`~`;.~`;.*`;.~;*`;.`~; ~`*~`15:35
PiciFloodBotK2: Please don't do that.15:36
Picioh well.15:36
compilerwriterDarthFrog: Are you around?15:54
=== phil is now known as Phil_Ewert
compilerwriterblueskaj you around.15:56
trichardhmm, there seems to be an unresolved dependency in the kubuntu backports ppa15:57
compilerwriterBluesKaj: Are you availiable?15:57
BluesKajcompilerwriter, yup15:58
jimmy51_how can i install lilo on my usb flash drive i have plugged in and mounted as /dev/flashdisk?15:58
compilerwritergood you will know what to do about this I am sure.15:59
compilerwriterSince we are not too far away from an upgrade I was on irc trying to figure out a few things.15:59
compilerwriterI think with your help BluesKaj I set up a seperate home partition for myself.  I also complied with my inner magpie and encrypted it.  Those damned shiny buttons :-)16:01
johnny66How can i enter the kde network manager using kdesu? (I cant find out how to enter it as admin in any other way...)16:02
compilerwriterI was trying to figure out how I went about doing the upgrade to the os without messing with my home partitions when darthfrog offered some help and then he was not sure that I had actually managed a seperate home partition BluesKaj.16:02
compilerwriterBluesKaj:  what I need to know is did I manage the seperate partitions and if so how do I do the upgrade without destroying my home partition.16:03
compilerwriterHow is maverick going for those of you who are using it?16:03
compilerwriterwere you able to follow my ramblings BluesKaj?16:04
BluesKajcompilerwriter, run df -h ..thta will show your /home partition amongst others16:05
compilerwriterhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/501533/ BluesKaj16:07
BluesKajcompilerwriter, hmm, I'm not sure about that list , James147 ?16:10
BluesKajcompilerwriter, run sudo fdisk -l16:10
compilerwriterhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/501538/ BluesKaj16:12
James147compilerwriter: how do youi want to upgrade? a fresh install?16:13
johnny66no ideas?16:13
shafiqSo... I accidentally formatted one of my external ext3 hard drives (i cried). Does anyone know of any programs that may help to restore some of the information?16:14
James147johnny66: what do you want to launch knetworkmanager as root?16:14
James147why ^^16:14
compilerwriterI was going to do an upgrade, but maybe should do a fresh install James14716:14
James147compilerwriter: well, an upgrade shouldnt ruin your home drive, it dosnt need to be on a seperate partition for that16:15
James147compilerwriter: actually, a fresh install (as long as you DO NOT format the partitions) should also not touch your home drive... although it is a more dangrous route to take16:16
trichardshafiq: take a look here: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk16:16
James147compilerwriter: either way I **highly** recomend backing up any important data before you try upgrading16:17
compilerwriterWere I to do a fresh install, however, that would be another story unless I do it properly though? James14716:17
compilerwriterBackups are of course the only way to go and I will back things up.16:19
shafiqtrichard: thank you,w ill look into it16:19
James147compilerwriter: Assuming you do a fresh install properly (i would chose manual partitions... and make sure you do not format the drive with /home on) then /home wont be touched16:19
BluesKajcompilerwriter, yes the procedure James147 just described is one I've used afew times,,,, some of the apps that you installed manually will be missing but their config files will remain intact and just reinstalling them will retain all your old settings16:19
James147compilerwriter: but taking that path has a greater chance of you accdently deleting everything :016:19
James147compilerwriter: I would abckup no matter what you do :) its the safest way incase something does go wrong, but either method i decribed shouldnt touch your home drive (so long as you dont format anything)16:21
James147compilerwriter: although your drive layout does confues my slightly16:21
James147compilerwriter: which might complicate things :)16:22
BluesKajyeah confused me too16:22
James147compilerwriter: If you want we can talk you through tring to figure out whats up with it (assunming you dont already know)16:22
compilerwriterone of the partitions is actually a secure home folder that remains unmounted until I need to get to it. I think that is what it is.16:23
James147compilerwriter: ahh16:23
compilerwriterJames147: yes talk me through it.  I think sda five is the actual secure drive.16:23
James147but yeah, that would complcate things :S I am not sure what doing a freshinstall would do in that situation I am afraid16:23
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
* BluesKaj detects Darthfrogs fine hand at work there :)16:23
compilerwriterDarthFrog: didn't do it.  I think I did it when I learned that I could.  DarthFrog did say it would appeal to his inner magpie though.  Shiny new buttons; damn them.16:25
James147compilerwriter: I would think the safest option then is to do an upgrade as a pose to a fresh install... dont have any experence with encrypted drives so I cannot say what will happen (remember... backup ;)  )16:25
James147compilerwriter: btw, what are you upgrading to?16:25
James147 /from?16:25
compilerwriterI was just mentally trying to prepare for when Maverick goes final.16:26
BluesKajJames147, btw that command for outboard usb audio devices is gstreamer-properties ..do you recall ?16:26
James147BluesKaj: dont know that command :)16:26
compilerwritertrying to get the ducks in a row for the upgrade from lucid.16:26
James147compilerwriter: always a good thing to do :)16:26
BluesKajwell it worked for a bose usb speaker system that some poor soul probly paid thru the nose for16:27
James147compilerwriter: although its usually recomended to wait a week or two after release as there are sometimes  a few glitches in that first week or two :)16:27
johnny66How can i enter System settings as admin?16:28
James147johnny66: "kdesudo systemsettings" in krunner or konsole16:28
* BluesKaj worries that the old desktop will be left behind in the dust in maverick ...the ati graphics support is practically nonexistent for older pcs :(16:28
compilerwriterHow would one find out if one is running 64 bit or not.  I can't remember how I did that. I know I tried 64 bit then had problems and may have done 32 bit to save my sanity;  On the other hand I may have gotten enough help from BluesKaj, DarthFrog, and the like to get things working and left it 64 bit.16:29
BluesKajguess I'll have to invest in a nvidia pci card16:30
compilerwriterBluesKaj: I've had nothing but trouble with nvidia and linux :-)16:30
BluesKajcompilerwriter, uname -a16:31
compilerwriterLinux toccata 2.6.32-24-generic #43-Ubuntu SMP Thu Sep 16 14:58:24 UTC 2010 x86_64 GNU/Linux16:31
compilerwriter Appears 64 bit to me.16:31
johnny66James147: Im certain that ive typed the correct pass can it be that kdesudo does not auth correctly?16:32
shafiqtrichard: have you ever used Teskdisk before?16:32
compilerwriterSo then could one do a fresh install 32 bit, or would one have to convert ones text files?16:33
James147johnny66: whos password did you type into it?16:35
James147johnny66: you shouldnt have a root password :) sudo and kdesudo work off you password16:36
compilerwriterjohnny66 did you enable the root account and give it a password?16:36
* compilerwriter another shiny button best left alone.16:37
James147compilerwriter: johnny66: its not advised to do that, sudo and kdesudo should be enough to gain root access (both use your password)16:37
BluesKajjohnny66, try kdesudo dolphin or konqueror since you're opening a dir16:37
=== bones is now known as _8on3s_
compilerwriterI know James147 but I felt the question needed to be asked.  I hope you saw my comment about that particular thing.16:38
James147compilerwriter: I was jsut stating it to be clear :)16:43
BluesKajcompilerwriter, I'm not talking about a new nvidia card...I'm going to buy a 7 series nvidia that's mfgd arouned the same time as my 5 yr old pc ,and the se cards are well supportd in Linux , i'm running one on my media server16:56
BluesKajok BBL16:57
Reign1hi, guys how to disable tooltips in kubuntu 10.04?17:00
James147Reign1: which tool tips?17:00
Reign1eg. taskbar17:00
Reign1removing check in taskbar properties doesnt help17:01
James147Reign1: they can be disabled in the workspace part of system settings.... I think its located at system settings > desktop > workspace in kde 4.4, but can never remember :)17:01
Jontyhow do I make konqueror browse my obex server? whenever i put in an obex:// address it just searches for it on google. i'm on lucid.17:02
oldirtyjonty: tried hostname:port?17:03
Reign1James147: workspace is empty, only dashboard option17:03
Jontyoldirty: I have now17:04
Jontystill doesn't work17:04
James147Reign1: but be an addition to kde 4.5 then :S its the "informational tips" option, or it might just have been moved17:04
James147might be ^^17:06
Jontyit really does seem like bluetooth support has gone backwards this release17:08
Jontywhen i tried this last year I just needed to connect to the device and click something and konqueror would open up for file browsing17:08
Jontynow i've been trying for days and the best i can get is a flaky FUSE wrapper17:08
Reign1James147: could you repeat?17:08
Reign1just rejoinedf17:09
James147Reign1: the option might have been added in kde 4.5, or might ahve been move from somewhere else...17:09
Reign1ok so as this should be very simple option, who can tell me how do disable tooltips on 10.04?17:10
James147Jonty: they have been doing some things with bluetooth on maverick... not sure if its any better or worst (dont really use it) but I would expect they are tring to fix it :S17:10
oldirtyjust noticed on my fresh install of lucid that the kdebluetooth package isn't installed17:16
oldirtymaybe check that, that includes the kioslaves for the obex:// protocol17:16
oldirtyalthough aptitude says it may be removed after installation. it's worth a shot17:17
James147oldirty: kdebluetooth is replaced by kbluetooth17:19
lucitujust did an update and noticed some alternatives for xinput-JP,KR,CN,TW,HK,SG.  why would I ineed these if EN is my language?17:43
lucituhow to get rid of these? any ideas?17:44
naftilos76hi eveyone, i have Kubuntu 10.04 fully updated and latest KDE 4.5.1 (backports). I cannot see the CD in the DVD-RW drive. I can only get a "Copy with K3b" notification in the available devices. Any ideas what may be wrong? The DVD drive works fine in windows!17:46
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ShorTiehello, was wondering how to upgrade to a new kernel image, apt-get upgrade has linux-image-2.6.32-25-generic-paealong with the new headers but does not upgrade them18:43
DarthFrogAre you running a PAE kernel now?18:51
wispursheya, im havin a problem with my default settings reverting. Im new to linux and have been playing with little things like themes and customingzing the task bars etc, but everytime i turn my computer off and back on, the custom image i set to be used for the top and bottom task bars keep reverting back to defaults.  Is there anyway to fix this?19:07
James147wispurs: what version of kubuntu and kde are you using?19:10
wispursoh, im sorry, ubuntu 10.419:10
James147wispurs: ubuntu? you might want to try asking on #ubuntu19:11
wispursok, thank you19:11
* wispurs gently kisses james forehead19:11
wispurstnx bb19:11
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Guest60854Hey bot, why did you take my nick da away from me?20:19
Guest60854Iwant my nick of"da" back, and I don't know how to get back.please help20:22
PiciGuest60854: /join #freenode     and ask20:22
snarkster_i need alittle help with fsck for very large ext4 partition20:25
snarkster_i dont want to lose everything on it just yet.20:25
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dasKreechAnyone has issues with skype corrupting the config files?21:23
=== promulo_ is now known as promulo
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dasKreech!hi | biblioteca22:26
ubottubiblioteca: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines . Enjoy your stay!22:26
Lars_GDoes akonadi on 4.5 drive you all insane too?22:34
Lars_GI have a connection to an LDAP directory which is up sometimes, and not sometimes22:35
Lars_Gand it wont take the hint to cache the dir for offline use, and once it can't connect (quick enough too) to the ldap directory, it'll disable and not enable it back22:35
Lars_GIs there any magic pill to make it more reliable? any tips?22:35
slackwarebobHello People.22:37
slackwarebobinstalled kubuntu. trying to install windows xp next. does anyone know where to copy off the grub file from? if there is one?22:37
James147slackwarebob: normally its best to install xp, then to install linux22:38
dasKreechLars_G: Not sure. :-) poke people in #akonadi22:38
slackwarebobJames147: true that. but now it's already installed. I'm hoping that I can just copy off the grub info, install xp, and then boot from livecd and reinstall grub.22:38
dasKreech!grub | slackwarebob22:38
ubottuslackwarebob: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.22:38
dasKreech!grub2 | slackwarebob This too :)22:39
ubottuslackwarebob This too :): GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub222:39
James147slackwarebob: you should need to copy off the grub info, just boot form a live cd and reinstall grub22:39
slackwarebobJames147: that's pretty much what I wanted to do. :)22:39
slackwarebobthanks all.22:39
James147that is assuming xp dosnt complain about there being a linux install before it :) vista and win7 both complain about that with me and refuse to install22:39
Lars_GdasKreech: I will22:39
slackwarebobxp will be alright.22:40
slackwarebobthere's a partition for it ready.22:40
James147before or after the linux one?22:40
slackwarebobso Ig euss the last question is that I don't see a menu.lst in /boot/grub. it that normal?22:41
slackwarebobJames147: I put xp first since it's boot load might crap out.22:41
James147slackwarebob: grub 2 auto generates a menu22:41
James147slackwarebob: when you run "sudo update-grub" that is22:41
slackwarebobJames147: grub2, eh? I don't know which grub I normally use. I didn't care.22:42
dasKreechslackwarebob: They changed to grub2 in Karmic22:42
James147!grub2 | slackwarebob  :)22:42
ubottuslackwarebob  :): GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since Ubuntu 9.10.  For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub222:42
slackwarebobgrub vs. grub2 section talks about that crap. then was using grub. so g2 is new.22:42
slackwarebobuhoh, years of knowledge gone down the drain.22:43
slackwareboblearn new bootloader?22:43
slackwarebobcan you still hit c and go to console?22:43
James147slackwarebob: I find it simpiler then grub1... at least when it behaves and doesnt fail to auto detect the operating systems :)22:43
dasKreechslackwarebob: Nope :) they changed all theshortcuts which is annoying22:44
James147slackwarebob: you can get to console, not sure about the key combo... and its hold shift  during boot rather then esc to get the grub menu22:44
slackwarebobI kinda like dthe shortcuts.22:44
slackwarebobtha'ts how I installed the kubuntu .22:44
slackwarebobI have xubuntu livecd.22:44
oldirtygrub 2 is not production ready imo, i switched to grub legacy before i installed skype...22:45
slackwareboblaunched kubuntu installer by after installing xubuntu.22:45
slackwarebobtook a while. but it worked. I like manual kernel load .22:45
slackwarebobHello People.22:47
slackwareboboh wow, kubuntu reboot shutdown says ubuntu with purple.22:54
slackwarebobcrap the iso I just burnt with xp isn't bootable.22:54
slackwarebobdoes windowsxp do pxe install?22:55
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
oldirtydo you have a pxe server set up?23:01
oldirtytftp even?23:01
slackwarebobno, but it would be faster than downloading the darn iso from work again and burning a xp dvd.23:02
slackwarebobI have never done pxe install before. but I guess it's fun to geek out.23:03
slackwarebob21:59 < oldirty> http://www.kegel.com/linux/pxe.html23:03
slackwarebobstupid putty23:04
slackwarebobright-click is for menu. not pasting.23:04
ubu_cr@ck t'es ou ??23:04
slackwarebobnow if I can get ssh installed on the kubuntu machine.23:06
oldirtywhy wouldn't it already be there?23:06
slackwarebobssh is already installed.23:07
oldirtyoh holy cow, it's not is it...23:07
James147ssh-client is installed, ssh-server isent23:07
oldirtythis is almost windows...23:07
slackwarebobssh to it from other machine says connection refused.23:07
oldirtyno apache either!?23:07
slackwarebobso it's either not on, or not started.23:07
oldirtynah, it would have a script in /etc/init.d if it was installed23:08
slackwareboblet's see if it's on there.\23:08
slackwarebobkde  has come a long way tho.23:09
slackwarebobI remember kde 4.0 then 4.0.123:10
oldirtyindeed, not much as pretty as my desktop right now23:10
slackwarebobkde 4.0 was elegant. but this is way more elegant.23:10
=== root is now known as Guest39465
slackwarebobanother root logging in?23:12
slackwarebobwhy would someone be root on kubuntu?23:12
oldirtybecause they hate themselves23:12
slackwarebobor they unlocked the root.23:12
oldirtywho wouldn't?23:12
slackwarebobor they actually do sudo irssi.23:12
slackwarebobI leave it locked.23:13
slackwarebobthe user can sudo everything.23:13
oldirtyyou should at least know the password in case you need to fsck during bootup or something23:13
slackwarebobif I need to fsck a machine, that's an interesting scenario.23:14
slackwarebobI guess I'd just boot off the livecd.23:14
oldirtyyou chuckle now, my friend :P23:14
slackwarebobno, I just never thought of it.23:14
oldirtyhaving to root your own machine is embarassing23:15
slackwarebobI backup all data to the server. so the laptop is easy to just re-install honestly.23:15
slackwarebobnot that I've had to do it before. I use netbuntu on netbook.23:15
slackwareboband kubuntu is a new install. previous was gentoo on it.23:15
oldirtyjust put together gentoo on my work machine23:16
slackwarebobthe un-loseable data is on server23:16
slackwarebobusing gentoo to raid.23:16
James147oldirty: why would you need to root your own comp... the recovery mode offer a root prompt23:16
oldirtyit still prompts for a password.23:16
James147oldirty: dosent here23:16
James147(at least last time i tried)23:16
slackwarebobJames147: that would suck. that means anyone can goot your machine and root in.23:17
oldirty"Enter the root password for system maintanence or press Ctrl+D to continue"23:17
oldirtywell, you would boot into single user mode... i guess that might not prompt for a password?23:17
James147slackwarebob: if anyone knows what they are doing and has access to your comp they can always boot a live cd...23:17
slackwarebobJames147: true. but that means they carry a livecd.23:18
oldirtyor a bootable thumb drive23:18
James147you can always password protect the recovery entry in grub23:18
James147slackwarebob: why wouldnt they? i do :D23:18
slackwarebobif you lose it at starbucks and the girl next to your machine roots in and changes your wallpaper to britney spears, you'll wish you have locked the account!!!23:18
James147(usb drive at least)23:18
oldirtyor steals your ssh/gpg keys and bank account information to pay for next weeks latte23:19
James147slackwarebob: if they did that I would just wipe my netbook and reinstall :) assuming I can get it back23:19
slackwarebobright, but you have to delete it 7 times off the disk before it's really gone.23:19
James147oldirty: thats what home drive encryption is for... with phical access its not hard to get root23:20
slackwarebobI often wonder about drive encryption.23:20
oldirtyi just ran into that problem trying to get a custom wpa_supplicant.conf file out of my home directory last week23:20
slackwarebobthat would be my next setup to have encrypted raid 1 server.23:20
oldirtyencrypted lvm is actually not hard to do with k/ubuntu23:21
oldirtyor debian even23:21
James147slackwarebob: yeah, i am gona trial encrpyting my netbook in maverick... since all the data on that tends to be on other computers anyway :)23:21
slackwarebobi wonder if you can do that after install.23:23
slackwarebobor if it must be done at install time.23:23
James147slackwarebob: dont see why you cant do it after, might need to from a livecd23:23
oldirtytry ecryptfs-setup-private23:24
oldirtythat will automatically decrypt your home directory when you authenticate through pamd23:25
oldirtyecryptfs-migrate-home looks interesting as well... thanks tab complete!23:26
slackwarebobwhat happens when you have to do recovery?23:26
oldirtyfrom root, su <your user> -23:26
oldirtythen su back to root, it will keep your home dir decrypted since you're already authenticated23:27
slackwarebobwhat if the system is gone. you just hook up the drive to another system to read data off?23:27
oldirtyhope you have backups23:27
slackwareboblol. I'm thinking of encrypting each of the RAID disks on server.23:28
slackwarebobthat is the backup.23:28
oldirtytheoretically since it's just looking for the proper passphrase, you should be able to decrypt it but i'm not familiar with the tools to do that23:28
oldirtyman ecryptfs would probably be a good place to start23:28
slackwarebobright. just thought you might have done that.23:29
oldirtynah, not yet23:29
James147oldirty: think i am gona playabout with it on my netbook tomorrow, see if i can recover /home if i reinstall :23:29
oldirtywhy would you encrypt your backup server anyway?23:29
* James147 is wondering taht as well23:29
oldirtylet me know what you find out james23:29
slackwarebobraid server is the backup. if has all the financial data.23:30
slackwarebobin the wrong hands, the disk could be password database to my accounts.23:30
oldirtyemerge ecryptfs-utils23:31
slackwarebobemail, bank, etc.23:31
James147slackwarebob: you could just encrpty that data :)23:31
oldirtyencrypt the sensitive stuff that never changes, leave the rest alone23:31
oldirtyhttp://www.gentoo-wiki.info/ECryptfs looks promising23:31
slackwarebobJames147: I was using gnupg or something. but it's a hassle. I'd rather have the whole disk encrypted. so read/write is seamless but booting outside of the OS is unreadable.23:32
slackwarebobor maybe I could use the encryptfs to encrypt a small partition with the sensitive data.23:32
slackwarebobno need to encrypt multimedia23:32
James147slackwarebob: i would create a file with an encrpted fs on that and mount it as a loop back device23:33
slackwarebobJames147: now, you're talking.23:33
oldirtybut you have to name it something that you won't forget like "IMPORTSUPERSECRETACCOUNTINFO.fs23:33
slackwarebobno, you n00b.23:34
slackwarebobit's passwords.fs23:34
oldirtyhaha exactly23:34
slackwareboband maybea script to help decrypt in a rush.23:34
slackwarebobstored in plaintext23:34
oldirtyyou are a genius my good man23:34
slackwarebob# dear God, please don't let this fall in the wrong hands.23:34
oldirtyhaha, you must know the wordpress developers23:35
slackwarebobno, it's just something I did.23:35
oldirtyso did they23:35
slackwarebobencrypt/decrypt shell scripts to encrypt and decrypt the file using gnupg util. but I didn't wanna remember the syntax.23:35
rysiek|plon an unrelated note, Windows Live Spaces moves to Wordpress...23:35
slackwarebobthere's a reason for that!23:36
slackwareboblive spaces sucked23:36
rysiek|plno way!23:36
* rysiek|pl looks for the irony mark he put somewhere23:36
rysiek|plit's never there when it's needed!23:36
slackwarebobmine was the smart aleck comment.23:37
slackwarebobyou can respond to that with irony23:37
slackwarebobhmmm, I wonder if I can encrypt my raid partition.23:38
craigI just installed the latest AMD64 Kubuntu 10.10 Beta 1: I'm having trouble installing kbluetooth: I just installed aptitude but it claims the package kbluetooth doesn't even exist.  Do I need to enable an extra Repo to get Kbluetooth?  Or how exactly do I get Kbluetooth installed...?23:48
James147craig: they seemed to be changing bluetooth in maverick... try asking in #ubuntu+123:50
slackwarebobJames147: ^23:52
slackwarebobinteresting stuff. just reading up on disk enc.23:52
James147:) gona read up on it tomorrow, far to tired to think now :)23:53
slackwarebobhehe, so ultimately they all can be cracked.23:53
slackwarebobyou just have to figure if one loses the drive by mistake that the average thief just treats it as extra storage and basically repurposes the space23:54

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