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jbowtieAre there any plans to provide anything like the graphs we can get out of Hudson? I'm thinking test coverage graphs specifically at the moment.03:39
thumperjbowtie: nothing that I know of right now04:47
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ftabigjools, hi, another of my sftp upload disappeared into thin air (pushed to ppa.l.n)09:11
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ochosiis it in any way planned to have ppa user stats? (meaning: how many people are using a ppa)10:39
bigjoolsyes, see bug 13985510:40
ubot5`Launchpad bug 139855 in Soyuz "Display stats about PPA usage (affected: 29, heat: 205)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13985510:40
ochosithanks for the info bigjools10:43
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ochosihi, ff doesn't let me post comments on launchpad, it throws me an error message (http://pastebin.com/wYC2g9p5). filing a bug and anything else works (ff 3.6.10 on xubuntu maverick). how can i debug this?11:05
ochosibtw, network.http.sendRefererHeader in ff:about:config is "1"11:07
ochosiah right, sry people, forget this. seems putting it to "2" resolves the issue...11:08
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ftabigjools, (bis) hi, another of my sftp upload disappeared into thin air (pushed to ppa.l.n)13:31
ftaif you care to have a look13:31
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bigjoolsfta: what time and what package name please14:03
ftabigjools, https://edge.launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa/+packages  chromium, 535, hardy (where other dists have 536)14:04
bigjoolsfta: what time did you upload?14:05
fta4:18am today (paris time)14:05
bigjools0218 UTC then14:06
bigjoolsfta: all your sessions close in about 300 milliseconds14:06
bigjoolsI don't think you uploaded anything14:06
bigjoolsI see everyone else staying connected for a few seconds at a time14:07
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ftai sure did, it's the same code for all dists, in a loop. only maverick has the tarball, all older dists only have the diff and small files14:08
ftai didn't change the code of my bot in months, the only change is my dput config for ftp -> sftp14:09
ftai have the trace if you want, but it's not showing anything unexpected14:10
ftahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/501471/  (it's the last one)14:11
ftabigjools, ^^14:11
bigjoolsfta: dude, your session is crashing14:12
bigjoolssee line 30 for example14:12
ftanope, it's harmless, someone told me here that's it's a known issue, but it's uploaded properly, and it builds anyway14:15
ftawell, at least it works 99% of the time, just one or two missing uploads per week while i upload two dozens pkgs per day14:16
ftabigjools, ^^  Sep 08 21:02:52 <jelmer>        fta: afaik that's a known bug in python-paramiko14:18
bigjoolsfta: there's nothing else I can do, your session is closed at the client side very quickly14:19
ftaso if it's that unreliable, bye bye sftp14:19
bigjoolseveryone else's uploads work14:19
bigjoolsso there's a bug in your setup14:19
bigjoolsit's not unreliable14:19
ftai probably upload more than most, hence i see a bug that other missed14:19
ftaanyway, i'm tired of this, back to ftp :(14:20
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bigjoolsfta: ok I may have been a bit quick to dismiss your upload, I can see it getting processed successfully - I guess you must have a fast connection14:26
bigjoolsso it was *only* the 535 version on hardy?14:27
* bigjools hunts for it14:27
bigjoolsfta ^14:28
ftayep, everything else worked fine (at least in that ppa)14:28
bigjoolsfta: did you upload a 536 for hardy?14:29
ftait's in the pastebin14:29
bigjoolsah right, sorry14:29
ftai usually notice it on my dashboard: http://people.ubuntu.com/~fta/ppa-dashboard/chromium-daily.html or when users complain to me directly14:30
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bigjoolsfta: so, I've no idea why it's not getting processed.  I can see the session opening on the sftp server, and I can see all the other changes files getting subsequently processed, just not the hardy one.  I wonder if it's a coincidence that it's the last one uploaded.14:38
bigjoolscan you try re-ordering them for your next run?14:38
bigjoolsand we'll see if it's consistently hardy or consistently the last one uploaded14:38
ftabigjools, it's not always the last one from the batch, last time, it was the 3rd out of 714:39
ftaand it was jaunty14:39
bigjoolsfta: ok interesting14:39
bigjoolsfta: thanks for letting me know14:39
bigjoolsfta: does it always happen or just sometimes?14:41
ftaand it never happened with ftp. started with sftp, or with the last lp upgrade, which happened almost the same date14:41
fta|15:16] <fta> well, at least it works 99% of the time, just one or two missing uploads per week while i upload two dozens pkgs per day14:41
bigjoolsok thanks14:42
bigjoolsfta: I filed bug 648917 if you want to subscribe.14:46
ubot5`Launchpad bug 648917 in Soyuz "SFTP uploads randomly disappearing (affected: 1, heat: 6)" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64891714:46
ftasure, thanks14:46
nprasath002hi, when i try to push a code to launchpad i get the following error!!!14:49
nprasath002 bzr: ERROR: Target directory lp:~n-prasath-002/remotepress/main already exists, but does not have a .bzr directory. Supply --use-existing-dir to push there anyway.14:49
nprasath002what i do now?14:49
bilalakhtarnprasath002: Use the --use-existing-dir switch15:00
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sjamaanHi, is something the matter with staging?15:18
sjamaanI keep getting timeouts when visiting project pages15:19
derycksjamaan, hi.  I can access staging pages fine.  It has a lower timeout than other lp hosts, and sometimes needs a reload or two to prime caches.15:32
sjamaanyeah, it's working now15:33
sjamaanweird, I tried several reloads15:33
sjamaanBut now it's working15:33
sjamaanHow do I create polls, btw?15:34
sjamaanI think I saw that on some project15:35
sjamaanLOL, a search turned up this one: https://launchpad.net/~launchpad/+poll/launchpad-sucks15:38
sjamaanah, it's on the team page, not the project page15:39
sjamaan"A poll cannot open less than 12 hours after it's created."15:41
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dawsis there a channel for the ti launchpad?16:15
gnomefreakseems Lp is taking forever to load16:16
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nprasath002what is a series and what is a branch??17:02
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plitterHello, I have a Sony Vaio vpcf12s1e and the mouse is not recognized properly, my mic is also not working, could someone help me make a bug?17:20
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plitteroops, sorry for spamming, my laptop froze, I was wondering if someone could help me make a bug at launchpad for my mic and touchpad17:28
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plittermagic word please?17:35
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maxbplitter: Hi, #launchpad is mostly for help using the Launchpad website. For assistance with Ubuntu bug reports, please see #ubuntu-bugs18:01
plittermaxb: thanks for clarifying, will go there now. (Almost feels like calling support and getting tossed around:P)18:02
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charlie-tcaHmm, Error adding a comment to a bug report:18:47
charlie-tcaThe following errors were encountered: Object:,name:u'267'18:47
charlie-tcaThere is an OK button, but there does not appear to be a way to add my comment to the bug18:48
deryckcharlie-tca, hi.  What bug number?18:49
charlie-tcabug 44183518:49
ubot5`Launchpad bug 441835 in udisks (Ubuntu Lucid) "Clicking on floppy gives "no device media found" (affected: 56, heat: 307)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44183518:49
deryckcharlie-tca, was this on edge.lp.net or lp.net?18:49
charlie-tcaWasn't on edge this time18:51
deryckcharlie-tca, can you try posting at edge url and see if that works:  https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/44183518:51
ubot5`Launchpad bug 441835 in udisks (Ubuntu Lucid) "Clicking on floppy gives "no device media found" (affected: 56, heat: 307)" [High,Triaged]18:51
deryckthis smells like a bug I just fixed.18:52
deryckactually if edge works it's a good thing :-)18:52
charlie-tcatrying it18:52
charlie-tcaedge worked18:53
charlie-tcaThank you18:53
deryckexcellent.  Glad it worked and is fixed now.18:53
charlie-tcaanything I can do to help with lp itself now/18:54
deryckcharlie-tca, what do you mean?  To get the fix out to lpnet?19:14
charlie-tcaI mean any other information I can give to help you with it?19:15
* charlie-tca can not do the fixing, normally19:15
deryckcharlie-tca, ah, ok.  I think we're good on that fix.  Thanks for the offer, though!19:18
charlie-tcaThank you for the help19:19
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mwhudsonlvh: hello19:48
lvhHas anyone considered having more plans for commercial Launchpad projects? Perhaps limiting the amount of contributors, or somesuch.19:48
lvh(I'm picking a project management thing, preferably hosted, for my startup. I'm hovering between Github and Launchpad, and it's mostly a few dumb things Github does that make me favor LP -- the thing is, I'm a Bazaar junkie, and I'd be willing to do lots of things to keep my favorite VCS. I'm just thinking that other people might not pick you guys because they don't like Bzr as much as I do.)19:51
lvhI mean, it's not that you're expensive as much as it's the competition being really, really cheap.19:51
lvhEspecially Bitbucket.19:51
lvh(Granted, you deliver a lot more service, too.)19:51
lvhI realise the comparison is a bit skewed, but still: LP's $250 a year for a project of any size, whereas Bitbucket would cost about a quarter and give me *five* repos.19:54
beunolvh, I agree that LP needs to work better at its commercial story19:57
beunoI think the focus of the team right now is to make it work very well for Ubuntu and upstreams19:57
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beunorather than making it a super attractive commercial product19:57
beunobac would know more, but he's in Vietnam somewhere right now19:58
lvhbeuno: yeah, it's definitely doing that now19:58
bacno, here i am!19:58
beunooh look!19:58
lvhbeuno: but if you look at merge requests, they're already miles ahead of what github and bitbucket have19:58
beunoit's a bac!19:58
* bac not gone yet19:58
beunolvh, yes, we worked hard on merge proposals  :)19:59
lvhmostly because the underlying vcs makes this weird distinction between branches in the local repo and branches somewhere else19:59
lvhbeuno: and it shows, and I want this for my startup19:59
lvhbeuno: but github's getting there19:59
beunolvh, I think the current unbeatable story for LP is for products delivering software in Ubuntu20:00
beunowith the PPAs and such20:00
lvhbasically I'm convinced a lot of stuff is better -- I'm just not sure it's good enough for me to convince other people it's $200 a year better for 4 person dev shops20:00
* beuno nods20:00
lvhbeuno: preaching to the choir20:00
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* beuno hands lvh's suggestion to bac and goes back to running against his deadlines20:01
bacbeuno: FTR, mrevell is now the go-to-guy on commercial stuffs, though i'm always glad to help20:01
baclvh: i understand your position or how our pricing model is not favorable for you but for other projects it works out well.20:02
lvhbac: forget about me, I'm sold20:03
lvhbac: I'm just having a hard time convincing other people that aren't and won't be customers20:03
baclvh: yes, i know the battle well!  :)20:03
lvhbac: and yes, I'm not sure if it makes sense for a hypothetical commercial project the size of mysql, launchpad, landscape... to be as expensive to host as yet another iphone fart app20:04
AnAntHello, what's wrong with launchpad bug reporting ?!20:06
mwhudsonAnAnt: what do yo umean?20:10
AnAntfor the last two days I try to report a bug against maverick's kernel in launchpad, yet after I write the bug report I get an oops20:10
AnAntnow, I am getting something difference20:11
AnAntnow, I am getting something different20:11
AnAntI run: ubuntu-bug linux, so after I get asked the apport questions, apport *decides* that my bug has already been reported as bug #<whatever>20:11
mwhudsonthe oops (timeouts?) are known, though i guess that doesn't help you20:13
mwhudsonapport isn't maintained by the same people as launchpad, some #ubuntu channel would be better for that...20:13
AnAntmwhudson: ok, thanks20:14
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chxis it possible to merge directly from launchpad? if the diff does not show conflicts, it should just work . it'd be so great.20:43
mwhudsonchx: rockstar is working on stuff related to that right now20:44
* chx grins widely20:44
chxis there anything i can help with?20:44
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rockstarchx, mwhudson, I'm *kinda* working on that right now.20:47
rockstarchx, doing the merging inside launchpad is possible, but we like to encourage people to have tests and stuff that get run right before a commit, so we keep everything working as best as possible.20:47
rockstarI'm sure at some point, we'll have the one-click merge, but not just yet.20:47
chxrockstar: oooo it's already possible? tell me more.20:48
rockstarchx, er, I shouldn't say "possible" in that "users can use it right now" but just "developers could make the feature in the future" - Right now, most everyone uses Tarmac to land stuff for them.20:49
chxso i install https://launchpad.net/tarmac and the approved merges just happen?20:50
rockstarchx, yeah.  See the README, but basically, yeah, approved merges with a commit message just happen.20:51
chxrockstar: ok, i have grabbed tarmac, ran python setup.py install20:55
chxrockstar: i can't find anything like tarmac-authenticate20:56
rockstarchx, `tarmac authenticate`20:56
* rockstar should update the docs...20:56
chxrockstar: i know ths is a stupid question but how do i set to a merge request to approved?20:59
rockstarchx, in the merge request, there's a status up at the top.  If you have write permissions to the target branch, you can set it to approved.20:59
chxrockstar: Status: Needs Review,there is a yellow exclamation mark, clicking it does not do anything20:59
chxI most certainly have write permission....20:59
rockstarchx, what browser are you using?21:00
chxrockstar: Chrome21:00
chxshould i try firefox?21:00
rockstarchx, try refreshing the page?  You should at least get taken to an form view, even if the javascript is broken.21:01
chxWorks with FF21:01
chxChrome hates it21:01
chxrockstar: watching Chrome devtools shows me it loads the overlay in the DOM but it does not display in the browser.21:02
rockstarchx, that's odd.  It works fine here.21:04
chxrockstar: i am on 7.0.517.5-r5901821:04
chxrockstar: we have seen funny things with Chrome, there is an extension that works with Chrome 7 but not with Chrome 6.21:04
chxrockstar: so it might be that i am too bleeding edge.21:04
chxrockstar: going on,  tarmac help merge says Usage:   bzr merge [BRANCH_URL] <= that should be tarmac, no?21:07
chxrockstar: and tarmac merge -v lp:~examiner-dev/examiner/trunk does not display anything. i have authenticaed.21:07
rockstarchx, #tarmac is probably a better venue for your questions.21:07
chxoh you have a separate channelf or that?21:08
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Kmoswhy bzr commit --fixes lp:529041 -m "Show message when a package isn't in Debian testing" lp:~gothicx/ubuntu-dev-tools/pull_source_not_in_testing22:01
Kmosdoesnt work?22:01
maxbKmos: It makes no sense to supply a branch location to "bzr commit"22:18
Kmosmaxb: hmm.. it still says lockdir without it22:20
Kmosi can't remember how to use it.. i used this some months ago22:20
maxbPlease explain in more detail what the problem is22:20
Kmosi've trying to commit a change locally, so I can push it after to my personal branch, because I don't have permission to push it directly22:21
maxbErm, that's not making sense22:21
maxbWrite access is write access, no matter whether you're committing directly or pushing22:22
KmosI'm trying to do..22:23
Kmos1. bzr branch lp:ubuntu-dev-tools22:23
Kmos2. modify file22:23
Kmos3. commit changes22:23
Kmos4. push to my personal branch, so it can be reviewed22:24
maxbFirst 'bzr commit', THEN 'bzr push lp:......'22:24
KmosI'm doing the bzr commit, and it shows me error..22:25
Kmosbzr: ERROR: Cannot lock LockDir(lp-77407824:///%2Bbranch/ubuntu-dev-tools/.bzr/branchlock): Transport operation not possible: readonly transport22:25
KmosI've done this before =) something musd be wrong22:26
maxbApparently you're trying to commit back to lp:ubuntu-dev-tools22:26
maxbPlease run 'bzr info' in your local branch, and paste the first line of the output into the channel22:26
Kmos  checkout of branch: bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%2Bbranch/ubuntu-dev-tools/22:27
maxbRight, so you ran 'bzr checkout', not 'bzr branch'22:27
maxbIf you want to be where you would have been had you initially run 'bzr branch', you need to now run 'bzr unbind'22:28
Kmosthat's why not working :(22:28
Kmosnow it works22:28
Kmosthank you so much22:28
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bialixhey, what is Opinion status for a bug means?22:58
jbowtiebialix: Depends slightly on the project, but mostly its to flag bugs that are actually debates rather than something immediately actionable.22:59
jbowtieIt doesn't close the bug but takes it off the developer's to-do list.23:01
bialixso people can continue to argue about it?23:02
jbowtieYes. ;;)23:03
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jbowtieBefore, the only option was to close the bug, which some people interpreted as trying to shut down the debate.23:04
jbowtieWhile bug trackers aren't the best place to have a discussion (mailing lists are better) for larger projects or noteworthy bugs sometimes it happens anyway.23:06
jbowtieAt some points the developers just want to get back to work, so now they can makr the bug as "Opinion" (and split out anything actionable that still remains in the bug)23:07
jbowtieThere's a blog post about it: http://blog.launchpad.net/bug-tracking/new-bugs-status-opinion23:08
bialixoh, thank you!23:08
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