kklimondahey BUGabundo00:05
BUGabundohey kklimonda00:08
BUGabundodid you drop me on your JID list?00:08
kklimondaBUGabundo: no00:08
kklimondaBUGabundo: hmm, you don't get messages from me?00:09
kklimondaoh, you did00:09
archerhi repost my issue : amd 64 failed to hibernate or sleep with on screen message: drm atom_bios loop, drm atom_execute_table_locked.00:14
archerit is a L310 cpu with ati 3200 HD. someone here?00:15
BUGabundosome are00:16
archernice to hear that.00:16
archerThe error message was not recorded in any written log. And the unit finally comes to a shutdown.00:17
archeri didn't not remember them all, but it appears that maverick meets a dead loop with bios and don't know how to deal with such operation request00:18
BUGabundoarcher: really???00:21
shilowhas anyone solved the problem with  dpkg-reconfigure and   cron  once i upgraded to   10.10 i haven't been able to  run dpkg-reconfigure -a  because it  stops  after it hits cron00:22
archeryes. BUGabundo00:22
BUGabundowhy the whois ?00:22
shilowive  did the  good ol google but  i havent found any answers00:23
archershilow, I have no clue.00:23
archerwhat is your local time, BUGabundo00:23
BUGabundoGMT +100:24
jbroomeah, KVM/apparmor wasn't happy with my .img files in a non-std location.  put them back rebooted and VM started00:24
archertoday's update : ia32-libs (20090808ubuntu6) ...00:33
archerg_module_open() failed for /usr/lib32/gdk-pixbuf-2.0/2.10.0/loaders/libpixbufloader-jasper.so: libjasper.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory00:33
kklimondaia32-libs strikes again00:35
mellhenHy @all00:35
mellheni would like to test the new ubuntu font in kubuntu00:36
mellhenhow can i do that?00:36
archeryes it appears to ia32libs00:39
archerlaunchpad bug board said it is already fixed . but update is not helpful yet00:40
Blue1seem to be having X issues with my nvidia card, known problem?00:58
jbroomeBlue1: did you re-reun the nvidia installer after a kernel upgrade?00:59
Blue1well I did ALL the upgrades, then apt-get the nividia-185 driver --01:00
Blue1iow it worked in 10.04, but didn't in 10.10 -- in drivers were ever installed.01:00
Blue1fresh install btw, NOT upgrade01:01
archerATI even worse.01:01
archeri give up anyhow01:02
yofelBlue1: there is no 185 driver in lucid and maverick, in lucid it should pull in 195, in maverick I don't know01:02
yofelthe new nvidia package is nvidia-current01:03
bjsniderthere is a 185 driver package in maverick, but it's a dummy that pulls in nvidia-current01:03
archermy hd3200 has been never correctly recognized by fglrx.01:03
bjsniderpeople should be using jockey to instal it01:03
archerhow to use jockey?01:03
archerno such button or so01:04
Blue1i think I tryed jockey-gtk iirc01:04
archerneed to  reboot. brb01:05
Blue1well it hauled in to drivers, I was surprised.01:05
archeryou are already a worrier to use maverick01:06
archerthe first reason to try maverick, was that lucid doesn't support my hardware01:10
archerwhat will happen if i remove ia32-libs01:12
Quutarwierd question... I run Ubuntu in VirtualBox... 10.04.1 works fine in it... but when i upgrade to 10.10 the video driver reverts back to 800x600 and the bidirectional clipboard goes away01:13
kklimondaarcher: there is a backported kernel from maverick for lucid01:13
Quutaris there a new guestOS drivers setup for 10.10?01:14
archerkklimonda,  that is to say it is still some kind of kernal>?01:14
kklimondaarcher: ?01:14
archeris it safe to remove that ia32-lib ?01:15
kklimondaarcher: well, it's been a comment to your previous statement about running maverick because lucid doesn't support your hardware.01:15
kklimondaarcher: yeah, it is01:15
kklimondaas long as you don't plan on running 32bit applications01:15
Blue1how about that - intalled a vanila xorg.conf and 10.10 came up.01:16
yofelBlue1: if you installed nvidia without jockey you need to create a xorg.conf yourself, yes...01:16
archerat least flash is 32bit,01:16
yofelor run nvidia-xconfig for that matter01:16
kklimondaarcher: there is a 64bit flash available from adobe01:16
kklimondait works better here then the 32bit version01:17
archerremove it01:17
Blue1kklimonda: yesh the 64 bit flash plugin works way way better then the 32 bit shoe horned version on 64 bit systems01:17
archerbut i am still afraid01:18
archerthat libsound32 is ..01:18
kklimondathen don't use beta software01:18
kklimondawhat about it?01:18
archerlib32sound2 is very important01:18
archerfor skype some player01:19
archerwho care, remove first01:19
archeri hate to read error report01:19
kklimondawhat are you trying to accomplish?01:19
archeravoid chain effect from ia3201:20
kklimondawhy are you removing it?01:20
kklimondaoh, cool01:22
archerlaunchpad error01:22
archerincorrectly displaying some items01:22
kklimondaI don't think how is it related to ia32-libs?01:23
archerafter a error on apt-get upgrade01:24
archeryeap i don;'t believe it is even related01:25
archerbut after removal , all the desktop interface appears correct01:25
archersince that error message was the only clue to me01:26
archeryou know01:27
archerthere are running tasks, date, time, im, power-off items on gnome01:27
archerwith that error message, date,time,power off are in a mess01:28
archeri got it01:30
archerthat might explain why i cannot install ATI version display driver.01:31
archerwith ia32 in bugs itself, how can its 32bit driver program be reliable? and ati drop latest xorg01:31
yofelerm, you can't install 32bit drivers on a 64bit system01:36
archeris that true that adobe player is mroe laggy01:36
yofelapplications mights still work with ia32-libs, but to use 32bit device drivers you need a 32bit kernel01:36
archeryofel,  please refer to ati driver release note01:37
yofelarcher: and where do I find that note? (I don't know much about ati)01:37
archerit is said ... need to compile it with 32 kernal for 64 bits system or so01:37
yofelassumed it worked the same as the nvidia ones, and they have seperate 32 and 64 bit drivers01:38
archeryeah. that is why nv is more friendly01:38
archerbut you have no choice if you buy an amd notebook01:38
archerAMD-ATI they are from the same plant01:40
archerat least brand01:40
archerati open source drive doesn't support opengl hadware accel.01:44
archeras a netbook it is for sure a pitty if you cannot install official property driver01:44
* archer disconnects himself by rebooting the router --- is adoble wrapper really more laggy?01:46
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eboyjrHas anyone noticed the the mouse cursor in 10.04 doesn't have the click point (i dont know the real name) at its tip? It's a few pixels down and it make precision not as good01:52
archerhot spot01:53
eboyjrYes, lol01:53
eboyjrI know it's not a major issue but I want to bring it up for discussion01:54
derekshello. recently on meekrat, my sound stopped working. i get the startup sound from GDM, but when i log in, sound does not work... anyone have any ideas where to look01:54
archerhum another ia32 issue01:54
archerdereks,  with my laptop, it is auto___ muted at logging-in01:57
dereksarcher: nope, i have played with gnome, seems it should be playing01:57
archersorry. is that to say you cannot make it un-muted?01:58
dereksit isn't muted01:58
derekswell, according to the preferences01:59
archerno clue01:59
dereksweird, just solved it by turning up in alsamixer02:00
archerhaha almost muted02:01
Blue1yofel: yeah you can install 32 bit apps on 64 bit system02:04
Blue1yofel: force install02:04
derekswhy would alsa have it muted?02:04
dereksthe gui tools didn't...02:05
Blue1yofel: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LightScribe02:05
archerBlue1, how to install adobe-flashplugin please02:05
Blue1archer: you are using the squre whatever it's called from adobe?02:06
archeryes from its webpage02:06
archerubuntu one is luanched but nothing in process02:06
Blue1archer: you are looking for the 64 bit flash correct?02:07
Blue1archer: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html02:08
archerwill try02:08
Blue1archer: just untar it, I'll get the locations in a sec02:08
Blue1archer: this has the right locations:  (old article so ignore the alpha flash plugin, but locations are correct)  http://pkill-9.com/wordpress/?p=16102:09
archeri am reading labs02:12
archergnash has a server problem. with its cache managment and connection02:13
Blue1dunno what gnash is.02:13
archerfirefox plugin02:14
archeris that possbile to make use of offical .so file?02:15
yofelarcher: just follow the instructions, it will put the .so at the right place02:16
archerthanks reading02:16
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archergood thanks02:22
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janakaclkIs it true that gnome 3 wont come with 10.10?03:38
zeroedoutuh, gnome 3 has been delayed till 2011 last I heard03:38
bullgard4When trying to open /proc/kcore for read mc warns: "nm: /proc/kcore: File format not recognized." What does »nm« stand for?04:36
glebihanbullgard4: nm lists symbols from object files, see "man nm" for details04:38
bullgard4glebihan: Ah! Excellent! I just read man nm. But is »nm« a acronym? What do the letters n and m stand for?04:40
glebihanbullgard4: not sure, but I'd say it stands for "nomenclature"04:42
bullgard4glebihan: I see. Thank you very much for your help.04:42
glebihanbullgard4: you're welcome04:42
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lucentfound serious data corruption with new firewire stack and an adapter I was using (previously without corruption) before05:52
lucentwhat to do about it?   anyone familiar with hunting firewire bugs happen to be watching here?05:52
kklimondalucent: you will have more luck on #ubuntu-kernel probably, but in few hours.05:54
lucentoh, thank you for the advice then :)05:54
volodyaI have "gg:foo" open up konqueror and I would like rekonq instead. Changing file associations for text/html, which used to work before, no longer works. Any ideas?06:50
MTecknologyI can create an XFS partition just fine.. but then I can't mount it ... -_-    mount: unknown filesystem type 'xfs'07:00
kklimondawell, creating a partition requires only tools but to mount it you need a kernel module ;)07:03
MTecknologykklimonda: indeed... wrong kernel was being used... thanks :D07:04
MTecknologyxfs is supposed to be really fast but less reliable, isn't it?07:31
vega_repos broken ? W: Failed to fetch http://se.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/maverick/universe/binary-amd64/Packages.bz2  Hash Sum mismatch07:31
vega_hmm, fi/se broken.. nl works07:32
MTecknologyvega_: apt-get update07:32
vega_that doesn't fix broken repos07:32
MTecknologyvega_: the package you're trying to download might have been updated07:32
vega_.. no, i'm just trying to run "apt-get update && apt-get -u dist-upgrade"07:33
MTecknologyI should have read that better..07:34
vega_nl.archive.ubuntu.com works ok, so guess it's just those two broken (fi/se)07:35
DanaGSay, how do I edit a bug's title?07:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 612591 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Maverick] Kernel treats 3-button touchpad as 1-button ClickPad" [Undecided,New]07:53
DanaGI need to tweak that wording: "Can't use physical middle button on touchpad"07:54
lucentpart of updating the bug with a reply, I think07:55
kklimondaDanaG: there is a little, yellow icon next to the title07:55
lucentyou might not have permission to do that, someone will07:55
DanaGah, it is my own bug.  There's an exclamation-point icon next to description, but not next to title.07:56
DanaGThat bug is a real showstopper... I just plain can't use the Maverick kernel as long as that bug is unfixed.07:57
kklimondaDanaG: https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/612591/+edit07:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 612591 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Maverick] Kernel treats 3-button touchpad as 1-button ClickPad" [Undecided,New]07:57
lucentDanaG: mouse preferences not helpful?07:58
DanaGNope.  It thinks I have a ClickPad.07:59
DanaGSo it breaks my middle button, and makes it into a left button if my finger is on the left side of the pad, and a right button if my finger is on the right side.07:59
DanaGs/and a/or a/07:59
DanaGTweaked description:08:00
DanaG[Maverick] Kernel treats touchpad's middle button as ClickPad08:01
DanaGOr remove brackets.. Maverick kernel...08:01
kklimondaDanaG: have you tried raising this issue with ubuntu-kernel guts?08:01
preecheri dloaded the 10.10 beta--now my sound and video dont do right when i go to a youtube vid--it kinda like hangs and drags if that is understandable--anyway of fixin without havn to do a reinstall?08:13
kklimondaDanaG: yeah08:14
DanaGI've pasted the link there.08:14
vinokhi guys08:19
preechercan i go back to 10.4 lts from the 10.10 beta without havn to do a complete re-install?08:25
preecherany chance of changing pulse audio then to something else? my sound dont work right after i dloaded the beta08:27
kklimondayou can try disabling it, check google for steps to do that (it's something like echo "autospawn = no" >> ~/.pulse/client.conf && pulse -k but I'm writing it from my memory)08:29
lucentfried cheese for dinner, yum. waiting for some kernel inclined folks to make an appearance08:32
TiKpreecher: don't use the beta?08:34
preecherive done dloaded it08:34
preecheror should say "upgraded" to it08:35
preecherbecause i seen on the ubuntu page it was being offered so i went for it08:36
TiKpulseaudio or ubuntu 10.10?08:36
preecherthe 10.10----i think the pulse came with it--something changed anyway because before my sound/video was working perfect but i suppose probs are to be expected on a beta08:37
preecherits just aggravating is all---i can do without youtube but i dont want to08:38
preecherand i really dont wanna do a complete reinstall either08:39
TiKprob have o modify the file in /etc/modprobe.d/also something08:40
preecherim lookn at the ubuntu forum now to see what i can find08:41
kklimondapreecher:  your i seem to be broken.. and o,w,n.. and few other letters (don't abbreviaiate words - doing that makes it harder for non-native speakers to read your statements)08:43
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killer999any application that support metalinks downloads in ubuntu?09:36
killer999ubuntu daily build metalink09:37
killer999from cdimage.com09:37
jpdsProbably not.09:38
killer999ah....i thought metainks are like torrents and they can be opened with transmission09:39
jpdskiller999: What would be the benefit?09:39
killer999i need a daily build torrent file09:39
kklimondathere isn't one09:39
virtualdkiller999: you mean magnet links?09:40
jpdskiller999: Who will be seeding an ISO image that's generated everyday?09:41
archersomeone ?09:41
killer999uhm...i don't know.....are metalinks and megnet links are same....look at the metalink file, http://pastebin.com/mVs8X6BF09:42
killer999actuallu I am using chromium and it breaks long downloads....thats why i am looking for a torrent09:43
glebihankiller999: no metafiles and magnet links are not the same09:43
kklimondakiller999: use wget09:43
kklimondaor firefox09:43
glebihankiller999: where did you get this metafile from ?09:43
jpdsWait; if you're downloading on a daily basis, why not use rsync or zsync?09:44
killer999how to use that...sorry I am a bit new to ubuntu09:44
glebihankiller999: it seems that the informations in this file are incorrect, the torrent link points to a file that does not exist09:45
killer999hmm....guess i will have to use use firefox09:46
adv_is there a tool that lets me setup which daemons i want to run on startup? with a current available list or smth?09:46
glebihankiller999: I'd suggest zsync09:46
killer999ok...I got the solution....i have added the download url to steadyflow download manager...it can pause and resume too...so no need for torrent09:47
adv_glebihan, what's the difference of zsync from rsync09:53
glebihanadv_: zsync uses the rsync protocol, but zsync is designed for distribution, see http://zsync.moria.org.uk/ for details09:55
adv_glebihan, distribution? what do you mean09:56
glebihanadv_: zsync is intended to be used to distribute files from one server to many users, whereas rsync is originally intended to be used for synchronization09:57
adv_ah thanks09:57
glebihanadv_: you're welcome09:57
archersleeping doesn't turn lcd backlight off. sleep/hibernate meets drm atom_bios_loop , drm atom_execute_table_lock error. any suggestion10:01
adv_how can i check what runlevel im currently in?10:04
yofelarcher: can you file a bug against linux after following? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspendHibernateResume#Debugging%20Suspend10:07
archerexcuse me. but i don't think it is any related, yofel10:08
archersince it is a drm err msg10:08
howlymowlyhi poeple...  short question about kmail:  when I start kmail I always have to click on "inbox", so kamil connects to the imap-server and downloads the mail..  is there any way to do this automatically? best would be that i launch kamil and I am automatically in the specified inbox folder with downloaded mails...10:10
archeryofel,  how to post a feed a bug against that link?10:12
adv_how can i check what runlevel im currently in?10:13
glebihanadv_: when do you want to test that10:14
adv_glebihan, hm? now10:14
yofeladv_: run 'runlevel' without arguments, it will tell you which one you're running10:15
adv_N 210:15
yofelnot that upstart cares much about runlevels these days10:15
adv_does that mean runlevel 2?10:15
glebihanadv_: when the system is running, you're in runlevel 210:15
adv_so 2 is default one?10:15
glebihanadv_: yes10:15
yofelarcher: ok, could be a libdrm bug indeed, I suggested linux as the kernel apport hook gathers most information about your system. And what do you meen by 'feed bug' ?10:16
archerhaha. file it10:16
yofelarcher: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs10:17
archerthe case is, after xorg is closed or at least log of xorg is no longer recorded, no more information could be gathered by apport10:17
archeri think the action of auto shutdown is to protect the unit from overheating from dead loop10:19
archerso, yofel. how can i file this bug? no more info avail10:20
yofelarcher: that's pretty much what I know about suspend debugging, maybe the others in #ubuntu-bugs know more10:22
archerty . trying that channel10:22
archeryofel,  that channel is XXXXXXX quiet10:28
yofelwell, I'm not sure what you're used to, but I don't call a channel quiet until there hasn't been at least 3h of inactivity10:29
yofelit's not like there's an official staff looking just at the channel all the time10:29
yofelsomebody will answer you once they see your message10:30
archeri could not be there for over 2 hrs10:30
archerusually we expect some response in 30 min10:34
AlanBellhi all, anyone having issues with the size of the evolution preferences window?10:47
AlanBellfor me it won't go smaller than 690x780 thus won't fit on a 768 tall screen10:48
vishAlanBell: its a known issue..10:51
vega_AlanBell: yes known issue, somebody reported it also few days ago...10:51
AlanBellok, evolution really needs to sort itself out with resizable stuff10:52
vishAlanBell: not sure when that would change , its been around since 2005 ;)  » Bug #2381010:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 23810 in evolution (Ubuntu) "Evolution is unusable in 800x600" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2381010:54
AlanBellyeah, there are a load of bugs like that, especially when the 1024x600 screen was popular10:55
vishsince 2004 in bgo …10:55
* AlanBell is checking out the bzr source of evolution to fix the damn problem10:55
AlanBellis there a way to check out just the current revision, so far I have 383MB of stuff in the .bzr directory and no sign of the current code yet10:57
archerAlanBell, there is alt key in the keyboard11:03
AlanBellarcher: what do you mean?11:03
archerpress alt and drag the window. will it help11:03
AlanBellarcher: not if you have y constrain in compiz enabled as is the default11:04
AlanBellanyhow, I don't have a problem, I have a 2048x1152 monitor, the point is that the code is broken11:04
AlanBellgot a bug number for the evolution preferences window?11:53
AlanBellthe problem is the email preferences-general preferences tab has so much crud on it that it pushes out the minimum size of the window11:53
AlanBellso that needs a scrollbox outside it, which I think needs to be added around line 530 of widgets/misc/e-preferences-window.c11:54
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tukadafoondayso guys, just downloaded and tried to install Ubuntu 10.10 and when it tried to start the Xserver the video obviously hung and locked the whole system up and therefore i was unable to carry out my installation.13:08
tukadafoondaySo instead i had to install 10.04.13:08
gratz|workWith Hal now deprecated (at least it seems to be.. no longer appearing in d-feet on Ubuntu 10.10 beta - meerkat), what is the best way to programmatically detect device inserts for things like usb devices? Before I could watch for a 'DeviceAdded' signal on Hal.Manager..13:29
archeryofel,  3 hrs already13:31
archerit is as quiet as the tomb . I have to walk my dog13:31
yofelok, it *is* unusually quiet today.. everyone's busy I guess13:32
bjsnidergratz|work, you're always going to see something in dmesg13:33
ectospasmI installed 2.6.35-19 on Lucid (see launchpad bug #131094), and now I get a bunch of kernel errors regarding AppArmor userspace utilities needing to be upgraded.  Will I be fighting a neverending battle, fixing each little issue, until I upgrade to Maverick?13:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 131094 in linux (Ubuntu) "Heavy Disk I/O harms desktop responsiveness" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/13109413:38
gratz|workbjsnider, was hoping for a nicer way13:40
gratz|workthere's udev i guess13:40
bjsnideri'm not sure you're going to get an answer in this channel. you need to talk to an ubuntu hacker, and they just don't live here13:44
jaredcan anyone help me with terminal crashing in xubuntu maverick?13:45
gratz|worksorted it, udev :) thx all / bjsnider13:55
glaucousI'm looking for the Ubuntu 10.10 repository, I'm not officially using Ubuntu 10.10 (sitting on backports). Apparently the .10 repository has the latest Catalyst/AMD/ATI fglrx drivers which I need for Xorg 1.9. Somehow I can't find the repo13:58
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ryeIs there any bug report regarding  Alt+PrintScreen not working in Maverick?14:06
ryei mean is there anybody else suffering from this14:07
BajKnice :) They finally fixed the start splash in 10.10, now it says "Kubuntu"14:18
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blue_annaI got this error this morning runniing the update manager: http://nopaste.dk/p247614:28
blue_annawell I ran it again from the cl after the update manager failed14:29
BajKblue_anna: did you try update? sudo apt-get update14:29
BajKto refresh package list and might fix broken urls14:29
blue_annaI did that first, but the results were not unusual so I didnt include them14:29
yofelblue_anna: can you try to run 'sudo dpkg --purge --force-depends python-virtkey' and try to install it again after that?14:35
blue_annaBajK, there is no broken url14:35
BajKah right, did not read properly ;)14:35
blue_annahow do I get info on a package?14:36
blue_annaonboard requires python-virtkey14:36
blue_annabut I dont know what that is14:37
yofelapt-cache show $packagename14:37
blue_annayofel, thank you14:37
blue_annaoo I dont need that14:37
yofelok, python-virtkey just failed to upgrade here too :(14:38
blue_annafor my use -- its cool because I know I dont need the onboard package. thank you, the purge fixes my issue14:40
yofelalready reported as bug 64869514:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 648695 in virtkey (Ubuntu) "package python-virtkey (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: file does not exist: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/python_virtkey-0.60.0.egg-info" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64869514:40
JAMD456I got an odd error using the Update Manager, something about the Package updater failing14:41
yofelJAMD456: open a terminal and run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' and tell me what package failed14:43
JAMD456 onboard14:43
yofelok, that's bug 64869514:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 648695 in virtkey (Ubuntu) "package python-virtkey (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: file does not exist: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/python_virtkey-0.60.0.egg-info" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64869514:43
JAMD456Why is the error "Critical"?14:46
PiciBecause that package is part of ubuntu-desktop.14:47
bilalakhtarOn my maverick system, update of package python-virtkey is failing because of the absense of a .egg file. Anyone else facing the same problem?14:53
yofelbug 64869514:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 648695 in virtkey (Ubuntu) "package python-virtkey (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: file does not exist: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/python_virtkey-0.60.0.egg-info" [Critical,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64869514:53
bilalakhtarThanks yofel !14:54
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mikebeechamhi guys....I have a disturbing no boot-up after running update manager14:56
mikebeechamevery time I try to boot, I get as far as "all: disconnected from Plymouth"14:56
mikebeechamand nothing else14:56
mikebeechamcan anyone help me get back to a working desktop?14:57
bilalakhtarmikebeecham: Once you get it, press Ctrl+Alt+F2 and log in with your credentials and type startx in the command line that comes14:57
bilalakhtarand tell us if that works14:57
mikebeechamfatal server error14:57
mikebeechamno screens found14:57
mikebeechamclosing log14:58
mikebeechamjust tried a second time14:58
mikebeechamsame thing14:58
bilalakhtarI cannot help then14:59
mikebeechammind you...it was a HUGE list of update14:59
mikebeechamcan anyone else help?14:59
bilalakhtarAnyone here who can help mikebeecham ?14:59
mikebeechamunable to connect to X server14:59
mikebeechamNo such process (errno 3): Server error14:59
yofelmikebeecham: can you pastebin you /var/log/Xorg.0.log? (using pastebinit)15:00
mikebeechamyofel, you might need to guide me, I've only ever pastebinned, through desktop15:01
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com15:01
yofelwell, just run 'sudo apt-get install pastebinit; pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log'15:01
mikebeechaminstalling it15:01
mikebeechamthanks so much for your help guys15:02
yofeldoes 'lsmod | grep nvidia' show something?15:03
mikebeechamnvidia    9327267   015:04
mikebeechamagpgart   32011    2    nvidia,via_agp15:04
yofelok... are you using gnome, kde, xfce, lxde..?15:04
mikebeechamgnome sir15:04
yofelthen try to restart gdm, sudo service gdm restart15:05
mikebeechamgdm start/running, process 168615:05
mikebeechamif I do it again, I get a different number...this time 171515:06
yofelyeah, and x still doesn't come up?15:06
mikebeechamnope...I remain in ttyl15:06
yofelswitching to tty7 or 8 gives you a black screen?15:07
mikebeechamsorry, how?15:07
yofelctrl+alt+f7 / f815:07
mikebeechamahhh ok15:07
mikebeechamwell, f8 does nothing15:07
mikebeechamit's trying to mount my cifs shares at the momebnt, but has terminated the first two with status 3215:08
mikebeechamnow all I have is a blinking cursor15:08
mikebeechamstill blinking15:09
yofelodd.. go  back to tty2 and reinstall the nvidia driver15:09
mikebeechamsorry mate...how?15:09
mikebeechamsudo apt-get install nvidia-common?15:09
yofelsudo apt-get remove nvidia-current && sudo apt-get install nvidia-current15:09
mikebeechamok...removing now15:10
mikebeechami wonder if it has anything to do with the nvidia beta drivers I installed recently?  I installed them as I experienced nvidia lag since upgrading to maverick15:11
mikebeechamanyway, it's installing current drivers at the moment15:11
yofelyou didn't by chance use the drivers from the nvidia site?15:11
yofelthe .run15:11
mikebeecham*feels shame coming on*15:11
mikebeechamyou should probably slap me about now, huh?15:12
yofelno, you can use them if you know what you're doing, but they don't play well with our package management and updating process15:12
mikebeechamahhh ok15:12
yofelmikebeecham: remove the nvidia-current package and install the .run file again15:12
mikebeechamnormally I stick with what Ubuntu serves up....however I noticed the lag that was documented on OMG Ubuntu15:13
mikebeechamwell let me get back to a desktop first before I dice with desktop death again :D15:13
wzssyqais ubiquity-frontend-gtk broken?15:13
mikebeechamalmost there yofel15:14
mikebeechamand again...thanks for your time15:14
yofelmikebeecham: about beta drivers: there is 260.19.06 in the x-updates ppa https://edge.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-updates/15:15
mikebeechamto be honest, I'm not sure I even kept the .run drivers15:15
mikebeechamunpacking drivers15:15
mikebeechamright...back to cursor15:16
mikebeechamwhat now mate?15:16
mikebeechamhopefully, Ill get past plymouth this time15:17
mikebeechamgoodne4ss I hate plymouth...it dont even look right15:17
mikebeechamnope...back to ttyl15:18
mikebeechamUbuntu Maverick (development branch)15:18
mikebeechami'm trying tty715:19
mikebeechamstarting winbind maemon winbind15:19
mikebeechamnothing but flashing cursor15:19
yofelwhat does your Xorg.0.log say this time? same error?15:19
mikebeechamwill pastebin it15:20
mikebeechamabove my login on tty115:20
mikebeechamYour CPU appears to be lacking expected security protections.  Please check your bios settings15:21
mikebeechamand my pastebin:15:21
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blue_annaIm debugging a xwindows internals problem on my machine too, what is yours? is there a launcpad ticket?15:22
mikebeechamblue_anna:  me?15:22
blue_annaits you who cant start x right?15:22
mikebeechamthats right....carried out an Update Manager update15:23
mikebeechamrebooted and BAM15:23
mikebeechamno X15:23
yofelmikebeecham: ok, now the driver is there, but can't be loaded... can you run 'dmesg | tail -n 100 | pastebinit' ?15:23
mikebeechamok sec15:23
blue_annaafter a fresh upgrade I had no X .. I had to remove my old /etc/X11/xorg.conf file .. and then I found it was using the fbdev driver instead of the one for nvidia15:24
yofelright, nvidia needs xorg.conf - the proprietary driver at least15:24
mikebeechamblue_anna: well I have a very nicce gentlemain helping me since I'm a compelte OAF in this area15:24
brobostigonwhen i apt-get upgraded earlier, i am getting dpkg errors with python-virtkey and onboard,is this already known ?15:25
yofelbrobostigon: see topic15:25
blue_annamikebeecham, yes I see :) Iḿ listening for hints for myself too ;)15:25
brobostigonyofel: i wasnt concentrating, sorry, thank you.15:25
blue_annabrobostigon, I just hit that this morning. I just uninstalled onboard .. do you need it?15:25
brobostigonblue_anna: onscreen keyboard, no,15:26
yofelmikebeecham: ok... what I suspect what happened: you installed the .run, UM updated some Xorg files owerwriting some of the nvidia installed ones, now you have installed the nvidia-current package providing some of them again, but the module is from the beta package. And trying to mix 2 different nvidia driver versions doesn't work15:27
mikebeechamok, makes sense mate15:27
yofeleasiest way would be you remove nvidia-current again, fetch the .run and install that again15:28
mikebeechamnotably cause I was trying to be cleverer than I actually am!15:28
yofelrecovering a system after having an nvidia.run installed ones isn't too easy15:28
mikebeechamok, but how would I get the .run if I cant get to the nivida website15:28
yofelor... hm15:28
bourboni like color hues of ATI card better than nvidia15:29
bjsnideruse the .run with --uninstall15:29
mikebeechambjsnider: now you're going way past my experience level :(15:30
yofelmikebeecham: well.. either download the file on another pc and use an usb drive to copy it or use a terminal browser like lynx15:30
mikebeechamwell I can do the first thing15:30
blue_annaif anyone knows how the xinput methods work I am having a keyboard issue15:30
bjsnidermikebeecham, pardon me, but you used the .run once already, correct? just add --uninstall at the end of it this time15:31
blue_annathe keyobard mostly doesnt work, is the issue. if I replug it in, it works in xfce, but not in gnome. xev shows the keyboard is physically working, its a software issue.15:31
blue_annain gnome, changing the input manager (for example, from None to ibus) makes the keyboard function for a tiny length of time .. but one-two seconds later it will stop working again.15:31
brobostigonok, thanks guys and gals. bye.15:31
mikebeechambjsnider: hi mate...I dont have the file anymore....can I just type in the command anyway?15:31
blue_annaI can keep changing the input manager. but that kinda sucks :P15:32
mikebeechambjsnider: it just told me that it cant open that file15:33
mikebeechamI guess because I dont have it15:33
mikebeechamyofel: I'm downloading them now15:36
yofelmikebeecham: you'll need the file first, best you use the .run with --uninstall and install the beta driver from the x-update ppa after that15:36
mikebeechamhow will I access the pen drive?  is there a particular drive label it will assign?15:37
TiKno you have to set a label with gparter15:38
yofelno, once you plug it in, run 'dmesg' and it will show as what the drive was added, you'll need the entry with the number like /dev/sdb1, after that run 'sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt' and you can access the driver from /mnt15:38
blue_annaor cehck in /media after it mounts15:39
TiKone plugged it it will automount an be in /media15:39
yofelerm, folks, auto-mount only works if you have a desktop environment running...15:39
TiKi didnt read the question ;)15:39
yofelTiK: he needs to mount the drive in tty as he can't start X15:40
blue_annaok, I get it. plug it in and scan lsusb -v .. kind of a pain in the neck but you might find the /dev device there I guess15:41
blue_annathen you can mount that with the mount command and a spare directory :P15:41
TiKusb drive?15:42
blue_annayea he said pendrive15:42
TiKyou woud hve to know what it is in /dev15:43
yofelwell, lsusb -v is a bit overkill, as the kernel will print a device add message in the kernel log with the drive name15:43
blue_annaI guess dmesg would be easier15:43
ryesudo fdisk -l15:43
TiKmine is /dev/sdb115:43
ryeblue_anna, ^ will show what disk devices kernel sees15:43
yofelright, fdisk would be good too15:43
blue_annaso mkdir ~/pen && mount /dev/sdb1 ~/pen15:44
yofelerm, why not just use /mnt ?15:44
TiKso mount -t fat32 /dev/sdb1 /usb15:44
yofelthat's what the folder is there for after all15:44
TiKdoesn't matter15:44
yofelwell true15:45
TiKless typing15:45
blue_annaTiK, looks like a plan :)15:45
mikebeechamgetting there15:51
mikebeechamstill downloaduing drivers15:51
mikebeechamyofel: will be right with you :)15:51
halvorsI get an apt error i have tryed "dpkg --configure -a" but it does not work: http://pastebin.com/AJn3S0Y915:52
Picihalvors: I mentioned to look at the topic for a reason.  ( https://launchpad.net/bugs/64869515:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 648695 in virtkey (Ubuntu Maverick) "package python-virtkey (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: file does not exist: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/python_virtkey-0.60.0.egg-info" [Critical,Fix committed]15:53
mikebeechamright, I've mounted /dev/sdb115:57
mikebeechamhow to I get onto that mount?15:57
yofelmikebeecham: cd /mng15:57
yofelcd /mnt15:57
yofel(if that's where you mounted it)15:57
yofelfor future reference, read this ;)15:58
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal or type in it: man intro15:58
mikebeechamtried to uninstall...got a lot of errors, but I'm now back to my cursor15:59
mikebeechamis it worth trying to install the current drivers?15:59
yofelwell, try it, if the .run is properly removed it should work now15:59
mikebeechaminstalling now16:00
mikebeechamif this does not work...is there a way to completely purge all video drviers and reinstall from scratch?16:00
mikebeechamyou're a star mate16:02
mikebeechami'm back onto my desktop16:02
* yofel just had his experince with nvidia .run files some 3 years ago...16:03
yofelahh, the memories/nightmares...16:03
mikebeechamtell you what...let's not go down thatr oute again16:03
mikebeechamhowever, I wonder if I'm going to experience the lag issues now that I'm back onto current drivers?16:03
mikebeechamwhich started this whole debarcle off to begin with16:04
yofelwell, possibly, you can install the packaged beta driver from the x-update ppa, just add the ppa and update16:04
mikebeechamwhat is the difference between the packaged beta and the .run?16:04
yofelthe packaged beta doesn't destroy your system :P16:05
mikebeechamfair play16:05
yofelwell, it's installed in a way that makes it not mess with the other system files16:05
mikebeechamwhereas nvidia just runs riot like a fat kid in a cake shop?16:06
bjsnidernvidia does not even recommend using its own installer. there's a sticky post on their forums where they're telling people to use the distribution installer instead16:06
* gnomefreak went away for ~1 week and i have 290 upgraded apps16:06
gnomefreaksory 19016:07
mikebeechamyofel: I cant thank you enough sir16:08
mikebeechamone beer or two?16:08
yofelgive me one, you take the other one ;)16:09
mikebeechamwe can chink our bottles together, watching the sun go do.....oh no, thats brokeback mountain.  I'll post it to you16:09
mikebeechamholy schmoley....85 updates to download16:10
gnomefreakonly 8516:11
mikebeechamupdating cache is taking a scary amount of 'waiting' time16:11
mikebeechami need a shower...brb16:11
gnomefreake17 still not respun16:12
* gnomefreak not going to have time before release16:13
notlistening Hi just used the 10.10 live daily build or tired and ubiqity hung at the country selection page this been reported?16:13
gnomefreaknot sure you would have to sift through them, if no one knows16:14
gnomefreakam i here?16:14
gnomefreaklooks like i am16:16
charlie-tcagnomefreak: yes, you are here16:17
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notlisteningAmazing this is going out in three days :D16:18
gnomefreakcharlie-tca: thanks16:18
Picinotlistening: 10.10 doesn't release until the 10th of October.16:18
gnomefreakyofel: re spin with current depends16:18
gnomefreakRC is out thursday16:19
gnomefreakas late as monday but schedule thurs16:20
i_is_brokeanyone else having issues with updating?16:22
i_is_brokeim getting a python error.16:22
DaekdroomI am.16:22
gnomefreaknot here yet16:22
i_is_brokeok as long as its just not me..lol16:22
gnomefreakbut i am still updating16:22
yofelsee topic...16:22
DaekdroomYes, we know16:22
i_is_brokeyofel, well if they know its a issue, do they have a work around for it?16:24
yofeli_is_broke: there is a workaround on the bug16:24
i_is_broketried it, it felled.16:24
i_is_brokewith a big F16:24
yofelreally? let me try16:24
PiciWhy does there need to be a workaround?16:24
i_is_brokeill try again and see if it works.16:24
i_is_brokepici, cause it wont let me update.16:25
gnomefreakwell im updating but not yet installing updates16:26
i_is_brokegnomefreak: thats when it broke on me, is the install part.16:27
charlie-tcaIt will break16:29
* gnomefreak has no doubt16:29
charlie-tcaWell, at least it will give you a crash16:29
gnomefreaksomething always breaks for me ;)16:30
yofelhm, e17 is a problem, as it doesn't build with current libecore :S16:30
gnomefreakyofel: yeap i already filed bug16:30
gnomefreakweeks ago16:30
gnomefreakyofel: see bug 61327116:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 613271 in e17 (Ubuntu) "E17 is not installible due to unmet depends" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61327116:32
yofelhm, would need a FFE now, but since it's in universe and not seeded should be possible16:32
yofellet's see if the debian package builds fine16:32
gnomefreakbe back smoke16:32
bullgard4 /etc/mc/filehighlight.ini seems to define and list those file categories that mc displays in different colors. What file determines what color mc actually uses? ~/.mc/filehighlight.ini does not exist.16:44
mikebeechamyofel: back, and all running great!!16:48
yofelgood to hear :)16:48
charlie-tcanotlistening: The latest desktop cd for Ubuntu Maverick installs without errors17:01
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dylan_Accidently deleted the Networking Applet from my panel, can't get it back, deleted and reinstalled, and still can't find it to get it on the panel...18:22
dylan_Ok, so on the main panel, the Messages applet disappeared, and now Empathy has it's own applet. And the messages one is nowhere to be found.19:30
dylan_Anybody know how to bring the messages applet back?19:31
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »19:32
dylan_this won't effect a Cairo Dock will it?19:32
dylan_Worked. Cairo came right back. thanks.19:33
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Acidphasehey uh, not sure if someone can help me with this but I cant seem to get sound in either UT or UT2004 ,  2.6.35-22-generic #33-Ubuntu19:51
gverigRunning ubuntu 10.10, in tomboy notes, the panel plugin- note titles are invisible (I see note icons and can opten them but can't see the text title). Worked fine on Friday. Any thoughts?19:52
charlie-tcagverig: bug filed19:54
charlie-tcabug 62774419:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 627744 in tomboy (Ubuntu) "Tomboy note names are blank in the Application Indicator fallback menu" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62774419:54
gverigcharlie-tca: thanks!! I did look at launchpad... not good enough apparently :)19:56
charlie-tcano problem19:56
charlie-tcabugs are hard to find, sometimes.19:57
IsraphelI need to change permission to a file20:10
Israphelto restore the read permission20:11
IsraphelI removed it 'cause it was a workaround for the ia32-libs recent bugggg20:11
halvorsHow fix this bug on my PC?20:38
ubottuLaunchpad bug 648695 in virtkey (Ubuntu Maverick) "package python-virtkey (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: file does not exist: /usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/python_virtkey-0.60.0.egg-info" [Critical,Fix released]20:38
killer999kubuntu 10.10 installer crashes in virtualbox....is there a cli or any other method to install??20:59
charlie-tcaTry the alternate image?21:07
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ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »21:43
GA_BullWell. I reseted my panel, and Network Manager's applet is still missing.........21:44
glebihanGA_Bull: launch "nm-applet"21:45
GA_Bullgot this response21:46
GA_BullAn instance of nm-applet is already running.21:46
GA_Bull** (nm-applet:2518): WARNING **: <WARN>  constructor(): Couldn't initialize the D-Bus manager.21:46
glebihanGA_Bull: trying killing the running nm-applet and start it again21:47
GA_Bullkilled it, and brought it back, and got this response21:49
GA_Bulldylan@Dylan-Ubuntu:~$ nm-applet21:49
GA_Bull** Message: applet now removed from the notification area21:49
GA_Bull** (nm-applet:2631): DEBUG: old state indicates that this was not a disconnect 021:49
GA_Bulli'm going to try to kill it a second time. and see if it works.21:50
GA_Bullok, back, now i'm going to try to kill it and bring it back....21:56
GA_Bullcan't even get it to let me kill it now... still getting the first message...21:58
GA_Bulldylan@Dylan-Ubuntu:~$ nm-applet21:58
GA_Bull** Message: applet now removed from the notification area21:58
GA_Bull** (nm-applet:4577): DEBUG: old state indicates that this was not a disconnect 021:58
glebihanGA_Bull: do you get to launch nm-connection-editor ?21:59
GA_Bulli can try. one sec.22:00
GA_Bullyup, it runs just fine.22:00
glebihanGA_Bull: what you try is first killing nm-applet, then restart network-manager (sudo service network-manager restart) and then restart nm-applet22:01
glebihanwhat you *can* try22:01
GA_Bullok. i'm still trying to get it to let me kill nm-applet again. it won'd pgrep it now.22:02
glebihanthen it's probably not running22:03
GA_Bullok, just tried the process you gave me... and i'm still getting the same message.22:04
GA_Bulldylan@Dylan-Ubuntu:~$ nm-applet22:06
GA_Bull** Message: applet now removed from the notification area22:06
GA_Bull** (nm-applet:4806): DEBUG: old state indicates that this was not a disconnect 022:06
GA_Bullrunning it as sudo doesn't work either.22:09
glebihanGA_Bull: I think it's a known bug22:10
glebihanbug 58936222:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 589362 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu) "NM-applet doesn't start" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/58936222:10
GA_Bullhadn't checked that. doh.22:10
GA_Bullwell. I can live without it for a while. I can still connect to networks.22:11
GA_Bulli'm going to try one more panel reset.22:18
ubottuTo reset the panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »22:18
GA_Bulland now gnome-power-manager crashed.22:18
GA_Bullok, it's back.22:18
iConfusedhttp://demandprogress.org/blacklist/?source=bb < Help stop internet censorship in the US GOGOGO D:22:49
notlisteningI have just installed the latest 10.10 build and updates are broken any clues...?22:50
uvacavanyone have any issues with wireless running really slow on 10.10 beta rls? Im getting updates at 10kb/sec.22:50
ChogyDannotlistening: do you get an error?22:50
notlisteningyeah two i will just get the laptop and it is when i run apt-get update22:51
killer999_i am getting an strange error after today's update : E: python-virtkey: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 122:51
killer999_E: onboard: dependency problems - leaving unconfigured22:51
duffydackkiller999_,  I had that.  I just removed it22:52
killer999_is this related to virtualbox?22:52
ChogyDankiller999_: see /topic22:52
duffydackI dont use onboard so I figured, why not22:52
killer999_uhm...what should i remove?22:52
duffydackI removed both onboard and python-virtkey, but thats upto you if you want to.22:53
duffydackor wait for a fix..22:53
notlisteningChogyDan, seems like it is unable to talk to some repositories for updates22:55
notlisteningalso getting problems with internet traffic22:56
uvacavkiller999 i had the same problem22:56
notlisteningconnected directly into the hub of my router22:56
killer999_so removing is the only solution as of now as this happens with every app I install??22:56
uvacavnotlistening: same problems i am having22:57
ChogyDankiller999_: just wait a bit, the update is coming soon22:57
uvacavnotlistening: although mine is over wireless22:57
notlisteninguvacav, it is a networking issue or...?22:57
killer999_uvacav, if you mean today itself, then I can wait22:57
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notlisteninguvacav, I also had problems initally running update22:58
uvacavkiller999_ : that was choggydan who said to wait22:58
killer999_ma bad22:58
notlisteninguvacav, seems that it is not my network card then...?22:58
killer999_ChogyDan,  if you mean today itself, then I can wait22:58
uvacavnotlistening: all i know is i just installed  the beta rls (not daily rls), and my connection is really slow AND i cant update22:58
notlisteninguvacav, went back and installed the beta as the daily build kept hanging22:58
yofelthe python-virtkey bug is fixed, you just have to wait until the fix has made it to all mirrors22:59
ChogyDankiller999_: I just got it myself.22:59
uvacavnotlistening: same exact thing i did22:59
uvacavnotlistening: my updates are failing with "(-5 - No address associated with hostname)"22:59
notlisteninguvacav what hardware is the wirless card?23:00
killer999_oh...BTW I have heard 'yofel' name somewhere else...23:00
uvacavnotlistening: atheros, ar928523:00
yofelkiller999_: I tend to stray around a bit from time to time, so quite possible23:01
notlisteningtotally different, have you made any progress, it seems to hit some repositories and not others23:01
killer999_lol no i mean in some ppa package23:01
killer999_yofel, you maintain a ppa by any chance?23:01
uvacavnotlistening: nope first thing i did is come here, i'll let u know if i figure something out.. out of curiosity what router are you using23:01
yofelkiller999_: I have a few, see my LP page https://launchpad.net/~yofel23:02
bjsnideruvacav, there may be a better driver for that card in the backports-wireless package23:02
bjsniderit's ath9k in any event23:02
uvacavbjsnider: i'l check that out, thanks23:03
notlisteningThompson - TG585v723:04
bjsnideri'm not sure if the kernel team has that package set up for maverick yet23:04
bjsnider!info linux-backports-wireless-generic maverick23:04
ubottuPackage linux-backports-wireless-generic does not exist in maverick23:04
notlisteningjust a box supplied by my board band supplier23:05
notlisteningI will go dig deeper23:05
yofel!info linux-backports-modules-wireless-maverick-generic23:05
ubottulinux-backports-modules-wireless-maverick-generic (source: linux-meta): Backported wireless drivers for generic kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 4 kB, installed size 32 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 lpia all armel)23:05
bjsnideruvacav, install that and reboot23:06
uvacavnotlistening: its not verizon fios is it? maybe some sort of ipv6 thing i dunno..23:07
uvacavbjsnider: i will try that, thanks23:07
scummoshi, is there kde 4.5.1 packages available for ubuntu 10.10?23:07
scummosor 4.5.x23:07
yofelscummos: maverick has 4.5.123:09
scummosyofel: okay, cool23:11
killer999_yofel, uhm ok...now I know23:11
Ian_corneLP down?23:34
scummosanyone knows how to boot 10.10 using unetbootin? i currently get an "no init found" error23:34
duffydackgnome-terminal vanished.. and I get some error when trying to install it23:35
yofelIan_corne: not here23:36
notlisteningMy problem with updating seems to be that apt can not resolve ubuntu.com23:38
Ian_corneI'm really not getting anything through23:38
notlisteningI have tried UK server and Main Server23:38
Ian_corneError reading https://launchpad.net/api/1.0/~banshee-team/+archive/banshee-unstable: <urlopen error [Errno 110] Connection timed out>23:38
notlisteningand ssh is no longer included on the CD..?23:39
Ian_cornessh server never was preinstalled23:39
Ian_corneif that's what you're talking about23:40
notlisteningnot pre install but i can not access internet updates but i have forced it to use the sources on CD and no ssh..?23:40
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pegasusbillis the release v10.10 oct 1st?23:47
Daekdroompegasusbill, October 10th23:49
craigI just installed the latest AMD64 Kubuntu 10.10 Beta 1: I'm having trouble installing kbluetooth: I just installed aptitude but it claims the package kbluetooth doesn't even exist.  Do I need to enable an extra Repo to get Kbluetooth?  Or how exactly do I get Kbluetooth installed...?23:51
notlisteningFixed the updating proglem ;)23:53
notlisteningshame he has gone :P23:53
notlisteningHave there been any other reports of the update issue..?23:54
yofelnotlistening: you mean python-virtkey? that's fixed23:54
notlisteningno apt not being able to resiolve ubuntu.com23:55
yofelthat sounds like a DNS issue to me23:55
notlisteningyeah i think it is but not with my DNS as all my other machines run normally23:56
notlisteningping works find23:56
notlisteningbut apt doesn't23:56
yofelcraig: kbluetooth is deprecated, maverick uses bluedevil23:56
notlisteningadded ubuntu.com to /etc/hosts and hey presto it worked23:56
yofelthat's odd..23:56

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