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AlanBellhi kinouchou 09:19
kinouchouhi AlanBell09:20
feruloPendulum: ping?16:34
Pendulumferulo: hi16:47
Pendulumferulo: what's up? (sorry, I was out when you pinged)16:51
ferulohey Pendulum 16:59
feruloI have released a much improved version of dots (Braille transcription program) and I was wondering who I should poke to get this new version packaged for ubuntu17:00
Pendulumferulo: well, i'd start by packaging as a PPA yourself (if you haven't already) and then talking to TheMuso 17:01
ferulook, I also have some tricky questions about how to package some stuff17:01
ferulomostly because we depend on unreleased liblouisxml python bindings17:02
* ferulo checks the liblouisxml package maintainer17:02
feruloubuntu MOTU?17:03
dutchieferulo: it's generally a better route to get the new release into debian and allow it to filter down into ubuntu17:04
ferulothen Samuel Thibault is my guy :)17:05

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