devilhornsogra, got a minute for a pm ?04:13
rsalveticooloney: hey, after running 40 hours with only one cpu I'm now running it again without l205:28
rsalveticooloney: 10 hours already, 4 builds, no problem05:28
rsalvetiwithout highmem, with 2 cpus and no l205:28
bizkutim running ubuntu on htc desire, chrooted of course xD05:29
cooloneyrsalveti: without l2, i still met the error06:34
avinashhmgood morning..07:02
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cooloneymy bad09:48
ogracooloney, no, hrw's ... he broke the scheme09:51
bizkuti am wrong..is it Fibonacci?i should be 509:52
StevenK0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 ...09:53
bizkutreminds me of debian :)09:54
ograapw, yo10:06
ograapw, the omap4 meta package still talks about versatile10:06
apwogra, so it does, hrm wasn't i fixing omap3 last time?10:14
ograsorry i didnt see it until i fixed the linux-header issues on arm10:15
apwogra, ok i've committed the  fix... will make the next upload10:38
ograawesome, thanks :)10:38
davidmG'day all14:27
ogramorning davidm14:37
davidmhi ogra it's finally fall here :-)14:42
ograheh, here its not really geting day14:42
ograits so grey i have to keep the light on all day14:43
davidmogra, bug #605042 is it in a happy place now?14:47
ubot2Launchpad bug 605042 in eglibc (Debian) (and 10 other projects) "[armel] java fails to start with eglibc-2.12-0ubuntu4 (affects: 2) (heat: 14)" [Unknown,Unknown] https://launchpad.net/bugs/60504214:47
davidmOr are we still looking to the kernel team for a fix14:47
ograindeed we do14:51
ograi havent heard from Nafallo yet and even if my panda is there as a temporary buildd, we still need the babbages until we can replace the whole set with 2.1 HW14:51
ograso a fix should be developed in any case14:51
ogra(also for lucid users, not only for us)14:53
ndeclool: ogra: hi! i see that systemtap has been upgraded. thx. one question: it looks like I was made the uploader. is that expected?14:58
ograndec, you filed the bug :)14:58
ograso yes, that normal14:59
ndecogra: sure. but I did not upload the package... still some launchpad magic that I don't get ;-)14:59
ograyou requested the upload :)14:59
ndecogra: it looks like as if I did the changelog for the package.14:59
ograthats right :)15:00
loolndec: it's only from the launchpad perspective that you're seen as the uploader15:02
loolndec: Basically, it recognizes that you prepared the source changes by building, and testing the new source and verifying it works15:02
ndeclool: this is right, if I apt-get source, then my name does not show up...15:03
loolndec: Which is normal, since the source was not modified from Debian15:03
loolndec: but the "change" of uploading this source to Ubuntu is your doing15:03
loolSo you showed up on maverick-changes@l.u.c15:04
loolndec: do you mind if I ask you for some guidance on a kernel bug?15:05
loolLP #636522 specifically15:05
loolHmm bug bot seems dead15:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 636522 in linux-linaro "arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap3evm.c:684: undefined reference to `usb_nop_xceiv_register' (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63652215:06
loolah thanks ubot215:06
ndeclool: you are trying to enable OMAP4 and OMAP3, right?15:08
loolndec: Eventually, yes15:08
loolndec: I don't think that's needed to trigger the FTBFS in this bug, but I'd like to solve it in a multi-OMAP friendly way15:08
lool(I realize the musb driver needs updating for OMAP4 in linux/linux-omap though)15:09
ndeclool: yes, this is correct.15:09
loolndec: This seems a bit similar to the syslink approach: it's always loaded on OMAP4, and never loaded on OMAP3, and can either be a module or builtin; I'm just not sure how to chain module initialization properly here though; I also find it fragile to have these deps on xceiv for certain boards in the musb kconfig, and I suspect we could get rid of them15:13
ndeclool: i don't know enough about this to help you quickly.15:14
loolndec: I don't think this is any urgent really; I'm using this to learn my way around this stuff a bit better; if you think someone is interested in helping on the topic, that would be awesome, I suspect most people will simply make sure they dont build xceiv as a module and move on to other bugs    ;-)15:19
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seif_hey guys15:43
seif_any1 here interested in helping me try ubuntu on n90015:45
cwillu_at_workam I just odd if I don't see /usr/sbin/invoke-rc.d in sysv-rc on arm in lucid?15:54
cwillu_at_workthe hell;  it sh...15:55
* cwillu_at_work grumbles at his rootstock15:55
rlameiroGrueMaster: remeber my problem with the edirol?15:58
rlameirowell, turns out it doesnt work on my laptop either15:59
rlameiroit seems there is a lot of changes on the maverick kernel15:59
GrueMasterAh, your usb sound card.  Interesting.15:59
rlameirocrimsum told me that15:59
rlameiroproblems is that i cant track down where is the problem16:00
rsalvetirlameiro: hey, saw that your usb issue is still not fixed :-(16:00
rlameirothe board is detected16:00
rlameiroit just doesnt play16:00
rsalvetirlameiro: and probably you'll also face the issue with the stock kernel16:00
GrueMasterVery interesting.  I found an old USB sound box that provides RCA/SPDIF IN/Out.  It works fined.16:01
rlameirowell, i will need to leave something always on :D16:01
GrueMasterForgot I had it.16:01
* rsalveti out for lunch, brb16:01
rlameiroGrueMaster: yes, its possible, there is a lot of quirks on the usb sound drivers16:01
rlameiroand the architechture of the source code changed a lot the last kernel releases16:02
rlameiroso, i think, it is maybe a specific issue16:02
rlameirojo-erlend_igep: are you there? jo-erlend16:03
seif_so any help here on how i could get ubuntu running on an n90016:08
hrwthere was a project by someone to get 9.10 working on n90016:10
ian_brasil___seif_: kubuntu mobile run s on an n90016:17
=== ian_brasil___ is now known as ian_brasil
seif_ian_brasil, link?16:18
ian_brasilseif_: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu-mobile/ports/releases/16:18
ian_brasilseif_: it is a work in progress though16:19
seif_ian_brasil, so what do i do16:19
seif_i just copy paste it?16:19
ian_brasilseif_: huh?16:20
seif_how do i install it16:21
ian_brasilseif_: right ..so we need to write some docs about how to install16:24
seif_ian_brasil, maybe if u guide mwe through i can take notes and write them down16:25
ian_brasilseif_:  can you join #kubuntu-mobile16:26
hrwseif_: shortest guide: grab image, unpack, give n900 proper kernel + args and boot16:28
seif_ok got it16:28
seif_shit my memory card is 1.86 GB16:28
seif_the image when unpacked is 2GB16:28
seif_hrw, is it notmal for it to be 2 GB16:29
ograit should be even bigger, we dont support images on less than 4G cards16:29
ograit gets automatically grown on first boot16:29
hrwseif_: I do not comment on this16:30
seif_oh wow16:30
seif_ok gonna grab me a 4 GB card16:30
ograwhat you see if you *woul* unpack it (which you shouldnt) is the filled up space ...16:30
ografree space only exists after it got grown16:31
ograit also will need the initrd thats in the image, if you cant boot with the existing kernel and initrd i'd recommend rootstock instead16:32
seif_ok that was just chinese right there :)16:32
ogra(these images get only tested on beagleboards, every other subarch of omap3 is a matter of luck)16:33
ian_brasilseif_: you need a kernel from maemo16:35
ograian_brasil, then the image wont work for him16:36
hrwian_brasil: 2.6.35-meego is too good?16:36
seif_ogra, if i have a kernal from meego would it work16:37
ian_brasilogra: no..you need to extract the image to the mmc card and use the kernel fro maemo16:38
seif_so there is no way to test it on the n90016:38
ian_brasilas well as the dsme package from maemo16:38
ograian_brasil, the initrd contains essential bits without them the image will not work16:38
ograhe should use rootstock if he cant use the image kernel16:39
seif_ok what is rootstock16:39
ian_brasilbut the meamo kernel does not have an initrd16:40
ograseif_, see the channel topic ... how to build a rootfs from scratch16:44
ograian_brasil, worse ... it doesnt have *our* initrd from the image16:44
hrwian_brasil: maemo kernel supports initrd16:59
* hrw -> out16:59
=== hrw is now known as hrw|gone
GrueMasterGrrr.  Omap images are bad today.17:13
GrueMasterNo filesystem.17:13
GrueMasterogra: ^^^17:13
ograGrueMaster, already fixed17:13
ograomap4 is fine though17:14
GrueMasterYes.  I see omap4 is ok.  respin on omap or wait till tomorrow?17:14
GrueMasterWho is our dove kernel guy?  Bug 634161 is still not fixed.  3 weeks to turn of parport_pc.17:17
ubot2Launchpad bug 634161 in linux-mvl-dove (Ubuntu) "Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 0ce003be - parport_pc driver load issue (affects: 1) (heat: 192)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63416117:17
ograwait til tomorrow17:17
ograwell, i could fire up a respin as well17:17
ograone sec17:17
GrueMasterI'll keep 1 groggy eye open for it.17:19
ograyeah, no hurry17:19
ograthe switch to linaro uboot didnt relly work ...17:19
ograso test if they still boot17:19
ograthey are now switched for sure :)17:19
NCommanderogra_cmpc: please go join #ubuntu-installer :-)19:23
GrueMasterogra_cmpc: omap failed to build.  Image builder crashed?19:29
ogra_cmpcGrueMaster, nope19:30
ogra_cmpcrace, there is a log19:30
ogra_cmpcpython-virtkey seems ot have failed to install19:30
GrueMasterI take it you got Ubuntu on your AC100?20:24
ogra_acGrueMaster, well, kind of20:25
ogra_acubuntu chroot from USB stick with the android kernel20:25
ogra_acbut it works20:25
ogra_acand is really snappy20:25
ogra_acsadly android blocks all network access as user :(20:25
GrueMasterNow to get our kernel working and get a preinstall image done.20:26
* ogra_ac wont go *that* far :)20:26
ogra_aca real linux kernel would rock though20:26
ogra_ac2.6.29 android isnt really suitable20:27
ogra_acand using ubuntu in a proper way would rock even more (no upstart means you have to fire up everything by hand)20:27
ogra_acand booting without having to use a second laptop would also be helpful :)20:28
ojnogra_ac: nice20:31
ogra_acojn, well ... hackish but works :)20:31
ojnogra_ac: yeah. It's the easy part. :)20:32
* ogra_ac wants kernel source20:32
ojnogra_ac: for the android tree or for a mainline-ish kernel?20:33
ogra_aca linux kernel :)20:33
ojnogra_ac: I bet you DON'T want to see the sources for the kernel running on that system right now. The ones coming out of nvidia are _nasty_. The rewrite by the android guys is much better.20:33
ogra_acwell, i'd even take an nvidia tree if it would boot20:34
ojnogra_ac: http://android.git.kernel.org/?p=kernel/tegra.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/linux-tegra-2.6.3520:34
ogra_acdoesnt work20:34
* ogra_ac tried that one today20:34
ojnWhat's the firmware on there again? fastboot?20:34
ogra_acthere are toshiba patches20:34
ogra_aci cant get the lcd to work for example20:34
ojnof course. :) Are they still using 3333 for machine id as well?20:34
ogra_acnor HDMI20:34
ogra_acwhich is a blind flight without any console20:35
ojnYeah, no serial makes it no fun20:35
ojnWhat kind of panel does it have? similar to what harmony uses? (1024x600)?20:35
ogra_ac1024x600 but some special thing i guess20:35
ogra_aci tried the different harmony options20:35
ogra_acnothing boots :(20:36
ojnI don't think they do any harmony panel setup in the linux-tegra tree at the moment. I've checked in local setup in our tree but I haven't ported it over and submitted it for theirs yet. So you might be better off trying ours and enabling FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE:20:36
ojnYou'll have to add the 3333 machine id and alias it to harmony20:37
ojnof course, chances are they moved around the backlight GPIOs20:37
ogra_acare you working with one of the toshiba devices ?20:37
ojnwell, backlight, lvds_enable, lcd power, etc, etc. there's 5 or 6 gpios that all have to be set. :(20:37
ojnogra_ac: no20:37
ogra_acor just the devboard20:37
ojnI have harmony and a board called seaboard here20:38
ogra_acgetting the kbd to work was a challenge :)20:38
ogra_acneeds a special ioctl sent to some special device20:38
ojnIf the day had another 6 or 7 hours I'd be happy to tinker with it, but right now there's no spare cycles in my life for it (the 6 or 7 hours would be needed because there are already 5-6 hours claimed by other things :-)20:39
ogra_acwell, i would think chromium woud be a good candidate OS for it20:40
ogra_ac(i prefer ubuntu indeed, but thats because i use it everywhere else, android really is unusable on it)20:40
ojnchromium os? Yeah, maybe. 512MB isn't much fun these days, unfortunately.20:40
ogra_acsufficient for ubuntu-netbook apparently20:41
ogra_aceven when run in a chroot :)20:41
ogra_acojn, http://paste.ubuntu.com/501682/ btw20:41
ojnSure, you can bring it up, but open up 15 browser tabs?20:41
ogra_aclet me try20:41
ojnogra_ac: ok a design with custom EC. sucks.20:42
ojnogra_ac: a couple of gmail logins, facebook, youtube, nytimes.com, etc. It'll start to use up available memory pretty quickly20:42
ogra_ac5 browser tabs and the whole netbook UI seem to eat 180M according to htop20:43
ogra_achmm, but firefox lost its snappieness20:45
ogra_acthough given its all fbdev its still impressing20:46
ojnDidn't that happen years ago? :)20:46
prpplagueogra_ac: hey you around?21:20
ogra_acprpplague, sure21:21
prpplagueogra_ac: hey question, i need to force xorg to run at a specific bpp, what's the easiest way to do that?21:21
ogra_aci'm not up to date on that, with the old gdm you could set it in the config file21:22
ogra_acbeyond gdm, i think there is an option21:22
prpplagueoh and what is the default console user name and password for the ubuntu builds?21:22
ogra_acthere is none21:22
ogra_acit runs oem-config to configure the system and create the user21:23
ogra_acits all automatic21:23
rsalvetiprpplague: probably you need to create a x11 config file and set the bpp there by hand21:23
rsalvetias currently x11 tries to be smart21:23
rsalvetiand select the "best" option for you21:23
prpplaguersalveti: yea, looks like that is what is happening21:23
prpplaguersalveti: the "container" is 32bit wide, but its actually just 24bpp21:24
prpplaguersalveti: ubuntu seems to be trying to do 32bit21:24
ogra_ac /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ is the new place for that i think21:24
robclarkprpplague: w/ xf86-video-fbdev, by default it just uses the default from omapfb21:24
prpplaguerobclark: yea, omapfb is reporting 32bpp21:25
robclarkif you also have xf86-video-v4l2 installed, then it will change to ARGB for alpha blending with video overlay21:25
rsalvetiit'll just get the info from the fb and try to use it21:25
robclarkomapfb reports 32bpp, but r/g/b=8 and a=021:25
ogra_acthogh /etc/X11/xorg.conf should still be supported21:25
prpplaguerobclark: maybe you need to come by my cube and have a quick look21:25
robclarkprpplague: ok.. give me a few21:25
* prpplague what the heck they did for username/password on this build21:35
ogra_acprpplague, the internal build ?21:36
ogra_aci think thats ubuntu/ubuntu (just guessing though, but there was an indian colleague whom i helped debugging where that worked)21:36
prpplagueneither worked21:38
ogra_acwell, rip out the SD and look at /ect/passwd then :)21:39
ogra_acfrom your netbook21:39
prpplagueogra_ac: yea gonna have to do that21:41
devilhornsogra_ac, need 2 seconds of your time for a pm :)21:42
ogra_acdevilhorns, shoot21:42
prpplaguersalveti: don't support you can give me an example xorg.conf file22:02
rsalvetisure, let me check the fbdev options22:06
ogra_aci think it doesnt accept depth options22:07
ogra_acxorg has a -depth option though22:08
rsalvetiprpplague: http://paste.ubuntu.com/501771/22:09
rsalvetimaybe something like this22:09
rsalvetiogra_ac: yup, -depth and DefaultDepth should work22:09
ogra_acprobably worth a try22:10
rsalvetithere's also DefaultFbBpp if just DefaultDepth doesn't work22:10
rsalvetifbdev just has the fb device to use, shadowfb support and rotate22:12
rsalvetiprpplague: man xorg.conf should give you all the options22:13
rsalvetiquite good man page, wasn't expecting :-)22:13
* prpplague has trouble with userspace stuff22:15
prpplaguersalveti: so put that into /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?22:16
ogra_acuse the paste from above22:16
rsalvetiyup, should work22:16
rsalvetiprpplague: /var/log/Xorg.0.log should tell you if it worked or not22:17
prpplaguedidn't start x22:19
ogra_accheck the log22:19
* prpplague screams22:21
prpplaguethis ubuntu build is killing me22:22
ogra_acwhats the error ?22:22
prpplaguei can't get user account working22:22
prpplagueogra_ac: ok user accounts fixed, whats the easiest way to start up in text only mode?22:39
robclarkprpplague: add "text" to bootargs22:39
ogra_acadd text as option to the kernel cmdline22:40
rlameiroevening ogra, rsalveti, persia et al22:40
ndecogra: you here?22:40
rlameirojo-erlend: evening22:41
rsalvetirlameiro: hey22:41
rlameiroare you still with video problems?22:41
ogra_acndec, indeed i am22:41
ndecogra: hey... quite late ;-)22:41
ndecogra: as you know in our PPA we will have gst packages that are based on the ones in main/universe22:42
ndecogra: the UNE comes with gst core and plugins base, and I need to make sure that when installing omap4-extra they and upgraded or downgraded to match what is in the ppa.22:42
ndecogra: is that going to work for both upgrade (if my version is more recent) or downgrade too?22:43
ogra_acdowngrade most likely wont22:43
ndecogra: if i hard code the version in the depends of omap4-extras, will it force the upgrade or downgrade?22:43
ogra_acwhy didnt you pick a higher version as we discussed before ?22:44
mpoirierGrueMaster: do I need a shell script (like panda's) to get sound going on beagle ?22:45
ndecwell, right now I am using the same version as the one in ubuntu, and I add +tixx at the end.22:45
ogra_acmpoirier, on C4 it should just work22:45
ogra_acXM has issues i heard22:45
ndecfunny... you heard ;-)22:45
ogra_acndec, right, that should be fine22:45
GrueMasterMaybe.  I just unmute a couple of switches and increase the volume.22:45
ogra_acndec, haha22:45
ndecogra: what should be fine?22:46
ogra_acto add +tixx at the end22:46
ndecbut then if there is an update in main/updates then I will no longer be more recent...22:47
ndecshould i use 99.0.10-2ubuntu3+tixx instead?22:47
ogra_acright, you need to update along with that22:47
GrueMasterSorry, phone call.22:47
mpoirierGrueMaster: therefore the setting don't work right off the bat - correct ?22:47
GrueMasterYes.  I'm trying to remember the mixer controls (don't have a current image running).  I thought I had it documented in the bug report.22:48
mpoirierGrueMaster: the bug report, is it the same as omap4 or a different one ?22:49
ndecogra: so if omap4-extras depends on libgst, and libgst is already installed, as it is with UNE. will it upgrade it from PPA if PPA version is higher? my feeling is that since libgst is already installed it won't be upgraded, unless if I force the version in omap4-extras.22:49
GrueMasterLooking, one sec.22:49
ogra_acndec, you should use >= for that22:50
GrueMastermpoirier: I will need to drop work on dove for a bit to redocument what needs to happen on omap.  Will get back to you in ~10 minutes.22:52
ogra_acgst-blergh (>= 99.0.10-2ubuntu3+tixx)22:52
mpoirierGrueMaster: hold on friend.22:52
mpoirierAll I need you to confirm is that default sound settings don't work - that is all.22:53
prpplaguerobclark: ok i confirmed that the omapfb is setting it to 32bpp22:53
robclarkprpplague: but x11 is still seeing 16?22:54
GrueMasterYes.  They don't.  But all that needs to happen is a couple of lines need to be unmuted and a couple of volume controls need to be adjusted.  I just can't remember off hand what they are.22:54
prpplaguerobclark: yea22:54
prpplaguerobclark: and i can't seem to figure out where to place that xorg.conf22:55
GrueMasterprpplague: xorg.conf should be in /etc/X1122:55
mpoirierGrueMaster: it simply highlights that beagle could also use a .conf file under /usr/share/alsa/cards/, like we intend to do for panda.22:55
prpplagueGrueMaster: thats what i thought, but when i place one there x never starts22:55
robclarkGrueMaster: fwiw, I think prpplague has a lucid filesystem.. so xorg.conf.d in /usr/lib/X11/xorg.conf.d22:56
ogra_acprpplague, whats the error ?22:56
ogra_acrobclark, /etc/X11 still works22:56
robclarkahh.. ok22:56
ogra_acxorg merges22:56
rsalvetipaste us the log, maybe we can check what's wrong with it22:56
GrueMastermpoirier: I am not sure an alsa.conf file is what is needed.  More like an asound.state.22:57
GrueMasterMight work though.  I never delved into the alsa.conf stuff, as I was told a long time ago that it was going to disappear.22:59
mpoirierGrueMaster: whatever, I'm just trying to unify the way we setup sound on our platform.22:59
* prpplague grumbles23:00
ogra_acand asound.state is created on shutdown23:00
prpplaguelooks like my rootfs is corrupted23:00
mpoirierGrueMaster: I don't know how tightly alsa.conf and /usr/share/alsa/cards are related.23:01
mpoirierGrueMaster: on the other hand I know we'll solve our panda problem with a file under /usr/share/alsa/cards23:02
mpoirierI also know that both beagle, beagle XM and gumstix all report the same information under /proc/alsa/cards,23:02
GrueMasterIt is the format used by  /usr/share/alsa/cards/*.conf23:03
GrueMasterThe actual alsa.conf file also loads the correct  /usr/share/alsa/cards/*.conf if it exsists.23:04
mpoirierGrueMaster: I also know that if we want sound going (without alteration) on our cards, we will need to make differentiation to the information rendered by /proc/alsa/cards.23:04
mpoirierGrueMaster: and carve out a .conf file for all our cards.23:04
ogra_acmpoirier, that will be tricky for Xm vs C423:05
GrueMasterJust remember that next cycle we will need to revisit this as alsa is shifting towards UCM.23:05
GrueMasterogra_cmpc: They are the same.23:05
ogra_acthere is no easy way to distinguish between them from userspace23:05
GrueMasterI have confirmed it.23:05
ogra_acsound wise ?23:05
mpoirierogra_ac: I know.23:05
GrueMasterYes.  They expose the exact same controls, and they require the exact same changes to make sound work.23:06
ogra_acah, great23:06
ogra_aci thought there was a differende23:06
mpoirierogra_ac: GrueMaster: we are lucky.23:06
ogra_acthanks to TI :)23:06
mpoirierogra_ac: we have to look at alsa UCM seriously.23:07
* ogra_ac wishes this ac100 would have an OMAP4 23:07
mpoirierogra_ac: I just had a *very* fruitfull chat with "broonie" on alsa-soc.23:07
rsalvetiogra_ac: just waits for a panda-based netbook :-)23:08
mpoirierogra_ac: simply put, implementors of the soc sound purposely pushed out any board specific config to user space.23:09
GrueMasterCould be worse.  Marvell has changed codecs on their dove boards.  The A0 doesn't even appear to have the HP jack wired.23:09
GrueMasterUnless it uses a GPIO to enable.23:09
mpoirierogra_ac: therefore we can't push config for cards to the kernel.23:09
mpoirierogra_ac: implementing something, even if it is well done, would not get accepted upstream.23:10
GrueMastermpoirier: Well, we can for Maverick.  UCM isn't available yet, but will be in Natty.23:10
mpoirierGrueMaster: I know, which is why we may have to live with what we currently have.23:10
mpoiriera.k.a a .conf file under /usr/share/alsa/cards/23:11
mpoirierGrueMaster: what is the difference between "linux-meta-ti-omap4" and "linux-ti-omap4" ?23:24
ogra_acmpoirier, heh, you should know as a kernel guy :)23:24
ogra_acone is a metapackage23:24
GrueMasterThe name?  Ask a kernel guy, I just test things.  :P23:24
ogra_acthe other the actual kernel23:24
rlameirothe meta install the latest available kernel23:25
rlameiroits only a selector23:25
ogra_acthe metapackage depends on the right abi23:25
ogra_acso you can do updates of the actual kernel without bumping the abi all the time23:25
mpoirierGrueMaster: bug 644714, why "meta" ?23:26
ubot2Launchpad bug 644714 in linux-meta-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu) "Screen corruption waking from screen blank if no monitor present (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64471423:26
NCommanderogra_ac: I've got a casper patch cooked off, will poke you tomorrow to sponsor23:27
GrueMasterWell, as the title implied, I had screen corruption going on, so I was flying blind.  Change the package in the bug (or I can).23:27
ogra_acNCommander, send me a mail so i can get to it forst thing in the morning, not sure when the RC freeze kicks in23:27
DanaGHow do you even suspend the OMAP?  Last time I tried it with omap3, it didn't work well.23:30
DanaGOr at least, had no way to wake it reliably.23:30
GrueMastermpoirier: Also, in answer to your question on the bug report, apport picked that package over linux-ti-omap4.23:30
mpoirierGrueMaster: thanks.23:31
GrueMasterBut I have now updated it.  jfo will probably slap me for it.23:31
ogra_acand he's taller than you !23:31
GrueMasterYea, but I'm fatter.23:33
GrueMasterProbably shouldn't have said that out loud.23:33
gourneauHowdy Y'all,  I am looking for a cheap, hackable, small (4-7 inch) ARM machine to run Ubuntu, with a host USB port.  The best I have found is a SmartQ v3 (http://j.mp/9t0tYk). Anyone know of anything better?23:34
mpoirierrsalveti: ogra_ac: did you receive a patch from either berco or Igr concerning bug 637947 ?23:35
ubot2Launchpad bug 637947 in linux-ti-omap4 (Ubuntu Maverick) (and 1 other project) "no sound devices on current ES2.0 boards (affects: 1) (heat: 12)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63794723:35
gourneauOh sorry, also it needs to be battery powered.23:35
rsalvetimpoirier: not directly, just the patches that are attached already23:36
GrueMastergourneau: http://www.alfonsomartone.itb.it/qcblft.html23:37
GrueMasterLots of ideas.  The base system is hella-cheap and low power.23:40
gourneauThanks for those links, the tablet pack looks very close to what I want.23:43
=== renato is now known as renato_zZz

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