thorwildoctormo: got any other "Community Feedback", aside of the one reply on the list?12:05
doctormothorwil: 1 more from the list and 1 on dA, not thrilling response I must say.12:06
thorwilnot a thrilling response -- there's a pattern12:15
doctormothorwil: But at least there are some helpful pointers to how we can improve connectiveness in the community.12:23
doctormoIn the report12:23
Nulo_Pxhi, does anyone know anything for real, about the new highly expected font?15:15
Nulo_Px(the topic was set on July)15:15
vishNulo_Px: Read all about it at ยป bug 629622 ;)15:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 629622 in ubuntu (and 2 other projects) "MIR+FFE: Inclusion of Ubuntu Font Family ~0.70 in Maverick (10.10) (affects: 10) (heat: 96)" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/62962215:18
doctormoNulo_Px: It's called 'Ubuntu' was commissioned by Canonical and made by a professional font forge. It's an open use license and full foss compatible.15:18
Nulo_Pxthis new font is fantastic, the first time I find a font really beautiful and easy to read15:27
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* vish spies someone named t-w- subscribed to the wiki pages again! ;p16:48
vishgah! i really need to check if people are around :(16:48
vish * vish  spies someone named t-w- subscribed to the wiki pages again! ;p19:16
thorwilvish: and here i refrained from making a remark regarding you remembering the link of that restored page, to not reveal this :)19:20
thorwilspreadubuntu will see a facelift and i have been asked if i would like to help with the logo design19:21
vishthorwil: yea, finally thought i should lookup that page..  ;)19:21
vishthorwil: wasnt tough to revert.. thanks for the tip :)19:21
vishwell, it actually turned out that i was pretty smart back then when i deleted the main page!  ;p19:24
thorwilwonder if the spreadubuntu/art.ubuntu-owl.org split makes sense on a technical level19:24
thorwilvish: how so?19:24
vishthe page i was actually looking for was /not/ deleted19:24
vishthorwil: i thought i deleted > https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/HumanityIcons/Guidelines  , but i think i knew i might need it at some point ;)19:25
vishthorwil: well, having spreadubuntu as a part of the owl site would be much better..19:26
vishspread ubuntu doesnt even have a decent enough link to atleast look official!19:27
thorwilvish: seems they had some plan involving some action from canonical. i guess about an ubuntu subdomain. obviously didn't happen19:29
vishthorwil: yeah, i'v been asking around for an art.ubuntu.com link as well.. if there is a need for it ;)19:30
vishthorwil: instead of having the info on the wiki , the art.ubuntu.com site can be a hug for info and a collection of blogs from people contributing to artwork19:31
vishhub even!19:31
thorwilvish: if you blog, it could syndicate ... 4 people!!!19:32
vish 4 wow!19:32
vishthorwil: well , planet now aggregates blogs from Ubuntu members , but art.ubuntu.com can be just for people who have done some artwork for Ubuntu at some point..19:33
vishi thing it would be an encouragement , sorta19:33
vishqa.ubuntu.com does not mandate being an Ubuntu member19:34
vishbut very few non-ubuntu members have started blogging there..19:34
vishbut they can..19:34
thorwilgood evening jpgnizak19:46
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