stlsaintduanedesign: yo02:05
duanedesignstlsaint: lo02:11
stlsaintduanedesign: hows clicompanion coming?02:12
duanedesignstlsaint: have not had a chance to mess with it today :\02:19
duanedesignhopefully get a chance to test/fix it tomorrow02:19
CassandraKosCan anyone help me detect what is happening when my filesystem loses directories (or drives) full of data? I think nautilus is at the heart of my trouble as these errors only occur when I move or copy files in the GUI.02:49
stlsaintCassandraKos: you have any crash reports?02:51
CassandraKosI am hunting for appropriate threads in the forums but so far have found nothing helpful, so I hope there is someone out there with the knowledge I lack.02:51
CassandraKosNo crash reports - the system is unaware of its errors.02:51
stlsaintCassandraKos: so you are losing whole partitions?02:52
CassandraKosIt is ext3 and probably assumes it makes no mistakes - I am losing directory files - or their contents, but not whole partitions.02:52
CassandraKosI lost ten seasons of Stargate SG-102:53
stlsaintdirectory files? ones you created or default folders?02:53
CassandraKosbut all the star trek is intact on the same drive02:53
CassandraKosmy directories02:53
CassandraKosone was calles SG-1 and transformed into an avi file02:54
CassandraKosvery weird02:54
CassandraKosthe 19 files in the SG-1 directory just vanished02:54
CassandraKosand the directory name was assigned to a fle that had been in the directory02:55
stlsaintCassandraKos: have you filed a bug? or looked on launchpad for any related bugs?02:55
CassandraKospointer errors by nautilus, I suspect02:55
CassandraKoscannot find anything related - but what is the bug? I cannot quantify it until Iknow what is happening02:55
CassandraKosnot sure if it is pointers or not02:56
stlsaintCassandraKos: can you reproduce the behavior without hurting any other directorys?02:56
CassandraKosdon't know how to find out what is going wrong02:56
CassandraKosit seems to happen at random intervals and I cannot reproduce it at will or at all, it just happens ... sometimes02:57
CassandraKosthis should not hapen with a jounalling filesystem02:57
stlsaintCassandraKos: if you think it is nautilus than try installing a new DE02:58
CassandraKosany suggestions?02:58
CassandraKosthis one came with ubuntu02:58
CassandraKoshave used KDE - like Gnome better02:59
CassandraKosbut not familiar with another filemanager02:59
CassandraKosalso not sure how to get nautilus to go away if I replace it03:00
CassandraKosI hate being a beginner after 30 years using computers, but I am but an egg in Ubuntu03:01
CassandraKosappreciate any help03:01
stlsaintCassandraKos: well considering that you are losing files without knowledge i would hate to leave nautilus running i would suggest using KDE for awhile (which uses dolphin and not nautilus) to try and isolate your issue03:02
CassandraKosthanks, I will, there have been many times I have wanted to remove a package and found it wanted to take the ubuntu-desktop with it - perhaps there is a good reason for that!03:04
CassandraKosRunning in a terminal is a better learning experience, maybe I should operate without a GUI at all and get up to speed faster.03:05
stlsaintCassandraKos: hrm, i wouldnt suggest going without gui with you being new to ubuntu03:06
CassandraKosBut I am not new to cmmand line operation - I like it! (I am a strange beast.)03:10
CassandraKoshowever, I now have to update my repositories, I think, as kde is not installable because of unmet dependancies03:10
CassandraKosam installing dolphin now03:11
stlsaintCassandraKos: you just install the kubuntu-desktop-environment03:12
CassandraKosI just thought at command level I would be told more about what is happening when the system freezes up and other goodies.03:12
CassandraKosah - was asking it to install the wrong thing, my ignorance thanks you for its elimination03:12
stlsaintCassandraKos: there is nothing more that cli will give you that a gui cant03:14
stlsaintCassandraKos: as far as crash reports go that is03:14
CassandraKosyou are probably right - but it feels (just like a woman to say that) like the GUI is getting in the way of me using my computer03:15
CassandraKosand of course, the repository thing was right (I guessed as much) it says E: Couldn't find package kubuntu-desktop-environment03:16
CassandraKosI'll bet I have one somewhere about on a CD ... (hunts about in study) but adding another repository is easier03:18
CassandraKosNow there is another problem I can reproduce - the moment I put a data DVD in the drive (looking for kubuntu) the whole system froze03:20
Guest65190i was lookin to get a little help with ubuntu03:21
CassandraKosyou are in the right place03:21
Guest65190i thought maybe :)03:21
CassandraKosNot that I am brilliant - but there are those here who are wonderful - take a bow, saint03:23
CassandraKosPoor dear may not have meant to do that03:24
CassandraKosyou came back03:24
Guest65190what happened?03:24
TJ_DHi all03:24
CassandraKosthought you didn't mean to do that03:24
CassandraKosit said "´╗┐Guest65190 left the room (quit: Read error: Connection reset by peer)." to us03:25
CassandraKosWhat happened at your end is anyone's guess03:25
Guest65190well anyway, so now it says "(process:342): Glib-WARNING **: getpwuid_r(): failed due to unknown user id (0)"03:26
Guest65190i think i just lost my connection03:26
TJ_DDoes anyone know if in Terminator Terminal I can direct a command from one command line to fire in another? I'm using it to have multiple segmented terminals all on one screen and want to be able to run a command in one without switching to it03:26
CassandraKosGood question TJ - I would like the answer to that one, too, am researching it on the net atm/03:27
CassandraKosYou're back now, anyway Guest, so at least you can return if it happens again.03:27
CassandraKosperhaps we have to run processes as another user?03:27
Guest65190any guidance as to what that line means? again, i'm new to anything other than winblows, sorry lol03:28
stlsaintsup folks03:28
stlsaintsorry, what issues are you fine folks having?03:28
CassandraKosthere should be (and probably is) a command to run a programme from a terminal window without using the use of the terminal window. (Bats eyelashes at gurus in room)03:29
stlsaintCassandraKos: you mean right click the file and select run from terminal?03:29
TJ_DGuest65190 - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1443231 this seems related to that error message if that helps03:30
CassandraKosmaybe that is what I mean03:30
stlsaintCassandraKos: well "run a command from terminal without using a terminal"...?? lol03:31
TJ_Dstlsaint I'm more or less trying to do the same. However I'm using a splitscreen display with Terminator Terminal, and I want to fire a program in one 'section' for lack of a better word ( terminator allows you to pane your open terminal windows on one screen) from another. For instance I have a main command line I use, and then three monitoring windows, I want to start up 'tail -f errorlog.txt' without actually clicking onto a03:32
TJ_DSo I was trying to find a way to send a command from one cli to another I guess03:33
aveilleuxTJ_D: You can't actually do that, since it's a security problem if you can run from one Terminal to another03:33
stlsaintTJ_D: sorry i have never nor known of any command to do that03:34
TJ_DSo everytime I start up my workstation I have to manually set it up and launch the programs, I cant have like a script that does it or something03:34
stlsaintTJ_D: yes you can, if you are wanting to have a program start than add it to yoru startup applications list03:34
CassandraKosis that the way?03:35
CassandraKosseems an overreaction to wanting to run vlc, for example, as well as dolphin03:35
stlsaintTJ_D: the other issue you are having of trying to spread a command across multiple terminals is somethign i have not seen nor used03:36
CassandraKoswould I have to reboot whenever I wanted to use another programme?03:36
CassandraKosLike the sound of that Terminator, TJ03:36
TJ_DMaybe I'm explaining wrong. All I want to do is have two of my windows run the tail program on seperate text files while the third runs a different program, wasn't sure if I had to manually open terminal and then run the program manually03:36
TJ_DCassandraKos - sudo apt-get install terminator03:37
stlsaintok CassandraKos what is the question you have?03:37
TJ_Dctrl-e and ctrl-o will split the current window horizontal/verticle03:37
TJ_D-cle +cal03:37
TJ_Drather shift-ctrl-e/o03:38
stlsaintTJ_D: you need to script something to do what you want03:38
stlsaintTJ_D: i am not much of a scripter so sorry i cant help03:38
TJ_DYeah that's what I figured, it's feasible though?03:38
stlsaintTJ_D: yes it is03:38
TJ_DMkay so I just need to find someone who can point me in the direction of how to script it then >.> Because I'm not much of one either heh.03:38
stlsaintTJ_D: do you have an account on the ubuntu forums?03:39
stlsaintTJ_D: i would suggest heading to the developing forum to see if some of them smart folks there can through a template together for ya or something03:39
aveilleuxTJ_D: I'm a BASH scripter, can you describe exactly what you want done?03:45
stlsaintTJ_D: perfect..there you go03:45
stlsaintaveilleux: heres the jist of it: op wants to startup computer, at login they want three terminal windows to open up, 2 running command: tail -f <whatever>, and the third another program03:46
CassandraKosstlsaint: I have so many question, so few answers, but I think dolphin may give me an avenue to explore03:46
aveilleuxTJ_D, That's easy. I assume you're on Ubuntu (base)?03:47
stlsaintCassandraKos: as far as the more resource heavy desktop environments, kde is my fav after gnome :D03:48
CassandraKosbut i still think operating at cli will end up suiting me best, as an old cp/m and dos user03:51
stlsaintCassandraKos: you can still work all from cli with a gui installed03:51
CassandraKos(Confesses) I am a total control freak and like to only run what I want, not what someone thinks I may want or need ...03:51
CassandraKosit is all that hidden stuff, obscured from view that happens that freaks me out03:52
stlsaintCassandraKos: heck i use irssi! I am quite fond of terminal :D03:52
CassandraKosDid I mention that I am a nephyte LFS user ...03:52
stlsainti use terminator/quake/terminal :D03:52
TJ_Daveilleux: More directly what I'm trying to do is be able to open at my leisure a program or something that will open up Terminator Terminal where I can view multiple terminal command lines on one screen split up horizontal/vertical, with three windows total, two running tail and one running another program03:56
stlsaintaveilleux: run one command in terminal1 and have it sync and span across other terminals specified03:58
aveilleuxTJ_D: Again, you're running Ubuntu? As opposed to K/X/Fluxbuntu.03:59
stlsaintaveilleux: fluxbuntu...nice, havent heard that in some time :)04:00
aveilleuxstlsaint: Fluxbox is quickly becoming my preferred DE04:00
TJ_DYes, 10.0404:00
TJ_DKinda new to the cool club, been a slave to Mr.Gates for a long time just happily pretending that WIndows was doing what I wanted it to04:00
stlsaintaveilleux: oh yea, i run it on two installs, my fav on the low resource end out of all other DE's04:01
stlsaintaveilleux: i know the fluxbox debian maintainer :D04:01
TJ_DAlso totally random but if I want to connect to this chat from my IM client how do I connect? Normally I just enter http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=ubuntu-beginners# into browser04:02
stlsaintTJ_D: install a irc client, ubuntu comes default with xchat04:03
stlsaintTJ_D: that way no need to work out of browser04:03
TJ_DI use empathy04:04
TJ_Djust not sure what to enter in connection infos04:04
stlsaintTJ_D: the server is freenode and the channel #ubuntu-beginners04:05
zkriesserenshai: Yes?04:08
TJ_DSorry that's me, was logging in from another client04:08
aveilleuxrenshai: I don't know enough about Terminator to really help you, but I'm sure there are command-line flags that can have it start in the mode you want04:11
zkriesseAbhiJit: just a little note: Saying hi in every channel you join is generaly discouraged04:25
AbhiJitzkriesse, oh ok04:26
zkriesseAbhiJit: but anyway...how's things?04:26
AbhiJitzkriesse, yah busy in college minii project! :)04:27
renshaiHi again all - looking more into my problem with figuring out how to setup gnome terminator terminal how I want it, maybe it's just my newbieness in regards to terminal/cli in the first place.04:40
renshaiReading this: http://www.tenshu.net/wp-content/uploads/terminator_config.html - it seems like it should be a pretty simple thing to have this program load up like. A profile or initial configuration file with the setup I'd like04:41
renshaiBut I just dont understand enough of what it's saying to whip it together >.>04:41
renshaiAnyone awake familiar with gnome terminator terminal at all?05:16
=== JoeMaverickSett is now known as Guest26266
aveilleuxHi there07:11
mccrase90*sigh* ubuntu is nice....07:12
CassandraKosisn't it07:12
mccrase90i'm glad i switched, no more winbloz07:12
CassandraKoscongratulate mccrase - a new install after a shaky start07:14
CassandraKosrenshai: I am installin Terminator now, will be up to speed in about an hour07:17
renshaiI've learned a good deal on my own I can help with07:17
renshaiThere is some support for saving layouts and firing an initial command upon running the program in each terminal07:18
CassandraKosthere you go - we all help each other and we learn together07:18
CassandraKosI need a better manual than the MAN pages for this one, too!07:18
renshaiSo you can save a shortcut to it that loads your layouts, which you can setup to run a program/open a file/whatever in each terminal07:18
renshaiadvise you to do 'terminator -h' when you first install it07:19
CassandraKossounds like terminator is a better teminal07:19
renshaithen after you run right click in the main terminal and select preferences, from there you can config everything as much or more than normal gnome terminal07:19
CassandraKosit is still downloading - my connection is being shared too many ways07:19
renshaiIt's funny right as you said that I had just had my breakthrough in figuring the program out, heh.07:20
CassandraKosbut I expect -h is much as its info or man page?07:20
renshaino it's just a list of the commands you can modify startup with07:20
CassandraKosI know what that is like07:20
renshaimost notable being 'terminator --layout=(layouts name)'07:20
renshaiAfter you setup your preferences and such07:21
CassandraKosthat will make sense when i have finished its intall, no doubt07:21
CassandraKosbeen using the default terminal in gname and not happy about all of what I can do that way yet07:22
renshaiSure, let me know if you have questions and I'll try to help, it wasn't all that intuitive to pickup but I'm new to CLI intensive work so I assumed that'd happen07:22
renshaiThis is very similar to gnome terminal really, just with a few features added07:22
CassandraKoscli is old hat to me, but I am still a Linux newbie07:22
CassandraKosat least terminator was available from one of my souces.list07:24
renshaiYet to figure out how to get it to save my resizing of terminals, but it opens them all in the proper place and with th e proper program running, so I can live with resizing by hand for now07:24
CassandraKosthat is a good start07:24
CassandraKosthank goodness for the whole X windows system, god bless the developers of that, whoever they are (or were)07:25
aveilleuxrenshai: Does Terminator support --geometry like gnome-terminal does?07:25
CassandraKosseems to think it does, according to the webpage I'm reading07:26
renshaiYeah think so07:26
renshaiYes, but not sure how to specify which terminal I'm resizing, more looks to resize the initial window07:26
aveilleuxrenshai: You want more than one terminal? Then run something like terminator --whateverflags & <newline> terminator--whateverotherflags & and so on07:27
renshaiNo, terminator allows you to view multiple terminals on one screen07:28
aveilleuxrenshai: I seem to recall something like... opening two terminal windows, one with two panels? I have poor recall skills07:28
renshaidivided up horizontal or vertical and resized at will07:28
aveilleuxrenshai: Shouldn't all of the terminals resize to fit the window...?07:28
aveilleuxrenshai: Oh, you want to change the size of the panels, not the size of the whole window.07:29
renshaisorry if I was unclear07:29
renshaiHave trouble vocalizing what I'm thinking sometimes07:29
renshaihmm, it has an option to run a custom command when it creates each terminal panel, wonder if I can configure it to resize AND run the programs I need somehow07:31
renshaiRight now it's setup to run the programs I call on07:31
CassandraKosrenshai ; this looks good, something to play with when I'm bored07:32
aveilleuxrenshai: You can call multiple commands on the same line with the &&, eg command1 && command207:33
renshaiYeah looking for a command to resize now07:33
CassandraKosanyone got any idea why my USB hdd is invisible to the hal?08:14
seidosCassandraKos, erm, not sure.  did you try lsusb in a terminal to see if it is listed there?08:37
* seidos grabs his flash drive08:37
seidosCassandraKos, yeah, if it's not listed in lsusb you might want to check that it is plugged in properly.08:40
CassandraKosseidos: I am sure i am plugging the drives in correctly, as one drive out of them works, but the other three do not.08:46
CassandraKoshowever, the three that will not work on this (ubuntu) system work on the other (kubuntuu/xubuntu) system, which is weird08:47
seidosCassandraKos, if it's not showing up in lsusb, then it might as well be unplugged according to the system O_o.  at any rate, lsusb is where i would start out.08:48
CassandraKosit is where I started, but all it says is that i have nothing attached08:49
CassandraKosnot to worry - this is not a critical issue08:50
CassandraKoshowever, while i have been here, my computer has thrown away two drives worth of data and now i am in trouble for sure08:51
seidoswhat version of ubuntu are you using?08:52
seidosmaybe there's a bug in launchpad08:52
CassandraKosthere is something very strange going on in my system08:53
seidosoh, your question is more specific than i thought08:53
CassandraKosyou looked up?08:53
CassandraKosa directory has just emptied itself08:53
seidosyou said it is invisible to the hal.  i'm not even certain that usb devices go through the hal first.08:54
CassandraKosah, the USB, no, I don't think it does, just the port is visible, mores the pity08:54
CassandraKosI spent ages trying to find it in hal before i worked out that it will never be there08:55
CassandraKosthe joy of being a newbie08:55
seidoswell, i had trouble with my usb flash drive not showing up in lsusb.  it is intermittent though.  what you are describing is different.08:56
CassandraKosbut i think I just broke my system by installing dolphin, which is a bigger problem than just not being able to do backups08:56
seidosi think you are more knowledgeable than i am.08:56
CassandraKosmy flash drives show up in lsusb, but not my imation 500Gb08:56
seidossounds like you've done your research08:56
CassandraKosI try08:57
CassandraKosbut I am not knowledgeable, as i think i just killed my filemanager08:57
seidoswell, it could be a bug with your configuration.08:58
seidosknowledge is relative.08:58
CassandraKosI think it is, but how to find it is another issue!08:58
CassandraKosI have been suspecting nautilus, but since i was not using it when the files went away, it is looking less like the culprit08:59
seidoswell, i'm not really sure what you've tried, or what you are doing.08:59
CassandraKosI am going to remove the whole flipping GUI and see if that helps08:59
CassandraKosI may be gone a while08:59
seidosyou could just boot up, don't log in to the gui, then open a tty using alt-f109:00
CassandraKosthe gui starts without my help - there may be a cli login somewhere ... but I dunno where09:01
seidosthere's the login window.  i guess it's a gui, but i know it doesn't load gnome unless you login.09:03
seidosyour best bet actually would be to try a different linux kernel i think.  assuming your usb hd works on other systems.09:04
seidossame linux kernel on the other machines you tried it on?09:04
CassandraKosdoubt it09:05
CassandraKosAusu are pretty close-mouthed on that system and the terminal window is so small, I can't read the print09:05
seidoswell, you can check what linux kernel the other systems are using if you want.09:06
CassandraKosseidor: I don't get a login window, but I think i can fix that09:06
seidos!tab | CassandraKos09:07
ubot2CassandraKos: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.09:07
CassandraKosthat's clever09:08
CassandraKoswhat i know about irc could be written on an aspirin with a housebrick with room to sign your name09:09
CassandraKosbeen using tab at cli and it is useful09:09
seidosyeah, i don't know much about irc either.09:09
CassandraKos´╗┐meanwhile, this filesystem error I have takes priority over the USB issue. I now have three of four drives that are pretending to be empty, but if I restart the computer, some of the directories and files will return, but not all. This is a big problem, as it means my system is no longer reliable.09:10
seidosi don't really know what the situation is.  but if i can help, i will.  if nothing else i can try to provide moral support09:10
CassandraKosit as all fine until I tried to upgrade from 8.04 to 10.0409:10
seidosthere there09:10
* seidos pats CassandraKos 09:10
CassandraKosta - feels soothed09:11
seidos10.04 huh?09:11
CassandraKoswish I'd never heard of it09:11
CassandraKoshate that update manager programme09:11
seidos<whisper>a 10.04 cd wouldn't work on my notebook</whisper>09:11
CassandraKosthat was the case with someone else earlier, but 8.04 installed and all he's having is wifi issues now09:12
seidosyeah, ubuntu didn't get a module for my wireless chipset until 9.04 i think it was.  at least, as far as i know.09:13
seidosi didn't really get how modules worked in ubuntu at the time, so didn't think to try modprobe ath5k09:13
seidosi don't think the ath5k module was on my system at the time though09:13
CassandraKosanyway, after the upgrade failed, I restarted and the fs was dead, so I ended up reinstalling 8.04, but the damage has been done to my data drives and i cannot work out how to fix them09:13
CassandraKosmy friend has tired installing some athethos drivers, but he got sleepy and stopped before he got it going09:14
seidosoh, so there is corruption on your hard disks.  you already installed 8.04 over your previous installation?09:14
CassandraKosyes and no09:14
CassandraKosmy OS lives on one drive and my data on others09:15
CassandraKosI installed 8.04 as a clean install09:15
CassandraKosthen added the ubuntu-desktop09:16
CassandraKosbut something weird is happening on my data drives09:16
CassandraKosand I can't make back-ups because I can't get my DVD writer to work or plug in my big USB drives.09:17
CassandraKosI keep crying, but that doesn't help at all09:17
seidosis the system with the problem connected to the internet?09:17
CassandraKoscomputers are unmoved by tears09:17
CassandraKosthis is the system with the problem09:18
CassandraKosI think my directory files are being corrupted, but I do not know how or why09:19
seidoswhy don't you try transferring the data over the network?09:19
seidosin order to backup09:19
CassandraKosbecause we are talking about two terabytes of data09:20
seidosmaybe your syslog will have some clues09:20
CassandraKosit would take about two weeks to back up09:20
CassandraKosmaybe - syslog, eh? I'll see if I can find it09:20
seidoswell, it should take 44 hours over 100 megabit network09:21
seidosjust install apache and the system that is messed up09:22
seidoson too09:22
seidosthen download over lan?09:22
CassandraKosbut where would it go? I can't be paying someone to keep all my data for me, and have to dl it when i want to use it09:23
CassandraKosI have heard of apache, but have no idea what it is09:23
CassandraKosthe point is, though, that directories should not empty themselves anyway09:23
seidosi thought you said you had extra computers09:23
seidosoh i agree with you, i'm just concerned about your data09:24
CassandraKosplenty - but only one internet connection09:24
seidosplus, i have no idea what might be causing it09:24
seidosit's such a strange problem, i thought you might have been cracked09:24
seidosprobably not though09:25
CassandraKosthat is where i am, too, but i figure, if I start out with a minimal system, maybe i can track what happens09:25
seidoswell, you did a reinstall already and that didn't fix it09:25
CassandraKosI think it is the journaling nature of ext3 at the heart of the issue09:25
seidosbut did the problem happen before you upgraded?09:25
CassandraKosI think it may have happened once before, and i did not notice it09:26
seidosi doubt it's caused by the "journaling nature of ext3"09:26
CassandraKosbut it may have never happened before my aborted upgrade attempt09:26
seidosah, it was an aborted upgrade attempt now.09:27
CassandraKosfair enough - it should not be, but i had this idea that the directory file may be not being written before the system does something else and journaling is an overhead on the fs09:27
CassandraKosthe upgrade failed and my system froze, I left it alone for three days, in case it sorted itself out, then took away its power and restarted it - I think you'd call that an abotive attempt at an upgrade09:28
seidosi think that would be called a failed upgrade attempt09:29
CassandraKosfair enough09:29
CassandraKosI would call it failed if it said so, but aborted if you had to restart the system09:30
CassandraKosbut that is just semantics09:30
seidosnot sure.09:32
seidosi just heard that ext3 is part of the kernel.09:32
seidoswhat did /var/log have to say?09:32
seidosoh, that isn't true?09:32
CassandraKosext3 is a system like JFS, ext2, NTFS or FAT32/1609:33
CassandraKosah, the log, I haven't read it yet, have to less it09:34
seidosbacking up your data should take priority.  do you have another computer on your lan?09:35
CassandraKosit is still scrolling after I cat-ed it09:35
CassandraKoshave no lan atm09:35
seidosoh, try vim or gedit to read the logs?09:36
CassandraKosI agree, I want to backup before i do anything else09:36
CassandraKoswill try gedit09:36
seidoswell, not sure how to get your usb drive working.  i'm really out of ideas.  oh!  do you have other linux kernels available when you boot up?09:36
seidosfrom grub?09:36
seidosdang 2TB of data.  that's a lot.09:37
CassandraKosdon't hink there are other kernels installed - used to get a menu with one distro (Mepis?) and pick one, but don't get that option these days09:38
seidosi can only imagine what you have on there.09:38
CassandraKosthat 2Tb is what is left after some vanished ...09:38
seidosyou're using multiple distros?09:38
CassandraKosall my stargate sg1 files are missing in action and half my doctor whos09:38
CassandraKosonly one distro at a time one any system09:39
CassandraKosI have documentaries and films, comedies and scifi files09:39
CassandraKosbut no access to tlevision09:40
CassandraKosmy computer is my media provide09:40
seidossame here.09:40
seidosi'm reading about mepis.  thanks.09:40
CassandraKosmepis is alright, but I could not get it to run samba successfully09:41
seidoswhy did you want samba?  you had windows clients accessing your system?09:42
seidosbtw, haven't found anything in launchpad09:42
CassandraKosone xp system09:42
seidoshaven't found a need for samba.09:43
CassandraKosme too - have been trawling launchpad about my fs issues for several weeks now09:43
seidosbut i don't have anything to share.  i just share stuff on bit torrent09:43
seidosseveral weeks!09:43
CassandraKosdo not need filesharing atm as the router power adapter broke a year ago in a thunderstorm09:43
seidosoh!  fsck.  i'm sure you tried this already :/09:44
CassandraKosfsck only wants to look at my smallest drive, I think09:45
seidosi should've thought of this earlier...but that doesn't solve the usb drive problem, unless it isn't connecting because of the corruption on your drive.  is the corruption you are noticing occurring on the drive with the os installed?09:45
CassandraKosno, the one reliable drive is the os one - it is an ancient 6Gb IDE drive that is fine09:46
CassandraKosI just tried fsck again, and it did it again - told me it can't run, an error about being unable to resolve a UUID09:47
seidoshow did you run it?09:47
CassandraKosI had forgotten what it said last time, but this was it09:47
seidosi'm reading the man page :/09:47
CassandraKosin a terminal window - maybe I should be root to run it09:47
CassandraKosI'll try that09:47
CassandraKosah - it likes me as root - but it want me to umount my filesystem first? how do you do that if you're running fsck from within the filesystem09:49
seidosthat's why i'm reading the man page :/09:49
CassandraKosgood luck - I read that one and it was all greek to me09:49
seidoswell, if your drive is a data drive only, you should be able to unmount it without a problem09:51
seidoswhile your system is logged in09:51
seidosbut you'll want to specify the data filesystem09:51
CassandraKosright - I need to issue parameters to fsck so it addresses the right drive/s09:52
seidosshould be /dev/sdb-something-something09:52
seidosthat's why i was asking how you were executing fsck09:52
CassandraKosI can do that. Which of them to try first? I think the least critical, with the incomplete files.09:52
seidosah!  i could try on my usb flash drive09:52
CassandraKoswas a good question09:53
CassandraKosyou could09:53
seidosyou shouldn't give up on reading the man page09:53
seidosit's good times09:53
seidoswooooo man pages!09:53
CassandraKosI want a better man page reader than opening them in termianl09:54
CassandraKossometimes I want to see two at once and couldn't manage that09:54
seidosyou can use screen...i just open multiple terminal windows09:54
CassandraKosmaybe thiis terminator programme will let me do that09:54
seidosi think duanedesign is working on a tabbed terminal...or something.09:55
seidoshaven't tried terminator, someone was mentioning it earlier.09:55
seidosdo you have to compile it?09:55
CassandraKoseven so, the pages are still a bit beyond me sometimes09:55
CassandraKosno - just apt-get it09:55
seidosi find that hard to believe09:55
seidoswell, they're beyond me also, but that's the point of reading i guess09:56
CassandraKosyes, but a human being can help you find the command you need and you'd have to read and remember all the man pages for that09:56
CassandraKosI want to be able to search the text of the man pages for terms of interest09:57
seidoswhoa, cool09:57
seidosterminator has tabs.  thanks09:57
CassandraKosI could probbly grep the data, if i could get the hang of grepping09:57
seidosi suck at grepping.  i also forgot where the search string goes, either before or after the file(s) i am grepping through09:58
CassandraKosthank sfsaint (or something like that) who told me about it09:58
CassandraKosthink it was that one - talked to lots of folk today09:59
seidossorry, we're kind of getting off topic09:59
CassandraKosI'm fed up with my topic, my fs and all problems - I need a drink or something10:00
CassandraKoshappy to discuss philosophy10:00
CassandraKosor how to grep10:00
seidoswell, they say a glass of wine is good for your how10:01
seidosi'm trying to grep now10:01
CassandraKosas a break in the disaster stream10:01
seidos/usr/share/man right?10:01
seidosphilosophy?  well here's some philosophy, what if your computer breaking is just bad karma...10:01
CassandraKosI don't yet have my grepping licence, so I only grep under instruction10:01
seidoshow would you know?  O_o10:01
CassandraKosnah, not bad karma10:01
seidoswell my teacher isn't around, so all i can do is drive haphazardly hoping not to hit anything.10:02
CassandraKosdon't have any of that10:02
seidosi'm not sure10:02
CassandraKosI am my teacher, which is not good, but can't be helped10:02
seidosi am my teacher when my teacher isn't around...which is most of the time10:03
CassandraKosthe breaking thing is because i use old hardware and ask it to do more than it can10:03
CassandraKosor more than it thinks it can, anyway10:03
CassandraKosthis is a 500MHz system with a twelve-year-old mother board - it is amazing that it does anything10:04
seidosi used to play sophisticated 3d graphical games on a 450mhz system10:04
CassandraKosI still do10:05
seidoskind of wish i still had it10:05
CassandraKosAscendancy, a dos game10:05
seidosi stopped playing 3d games...my computer doesn't really support them anymore10:05
seidosyou have a dos emulator?10:05
CassandraKosI still have my old computers, most of them10:05
seidosi gave them all away except one, which i'm hoping to use as a web server some day10:05
CassandraKosI use wine for some things, but it can't play ascendancy, so it will be installed on a win98 system when I get it running10:06
seidoswell, grep isn't recursive by default...it doesn't drill into directories10:06
seidosmaybe there is an option for that though10:07
seidoswindows?  blech.10:07
CassandraKosI have about a dozen computers in this room and five times that in the storeroom10:07
seidosdude, you're lucky.10:07
seidosi wish i could do that.10:07
seidosi couldn't afford the electricity10:07
CassandraKosI seem to recall grep has a recursive option10:07
CassandraKosonly two are using power atm10:08
CassandraKosall the others are ladies in waiting - systems aiting for me to help them work again10:08
CassandraKosI can relate  to that alias10:09
seidosso can i10:09
CassandraKosI think computers laugh at us sometimes10:10
CassandraKosI would, if I was one10:10
seidosinteresting idea10:11
seidoscould probably program a computer to emit a laugh sound10:11
CassandraKosthey made a movie like that, I think it is called the matrix10:11
seidoswhere the computer laughs at humans?10:11
CassandraKosyou can write a sound file that mimics laughter10:11
CassandraKosI think the computer thinks it is human or something like that, but I don't think it laughs10:12
CassandraKosthe easy way would be record yourself laughing - but a midi file could do it10:13
CassandraKosI could do it in PASCAL on my old Apple, but how to do it in c? Not there yet10:13
CassandraKosask me in a month or to10:13
CassandraKosam trying to learn c10:14
seidosfair enough10:14
seidosi already tried to learn c10:14
seidosand failed10:14
seidosi tried to learn spanish too10:14
CassandraKosI had a progrmme on my hitchi (in 1981 or 1982) that winked and laughed at people10:15
CassandraKoshitachi computer, that was10:15
CassandraKoscan't speak spanish either10:16
seidosi thought it would be cool if i could program my computer to talk to me10:16
CassandraKosbut c, I will learn10:16
seidosi guess it kind of sings to me.10:16
CassandraKoslots of accessibility software to use your computer by voice control10:17
seidosare you good with bash?10:17
CassandraKosmy Asus notebook does that10:17
seidosi tried using orca.  didn't work out so well.10:17
CassandraKoshaven't met orca10:17
CassandraKosI'm not good with bash, but I use it all the time10:18
seidosit's supposedly for accessibility.10:18
CassandraKosam working through a bash tutorial atm10:18
seidosi'm not good with bash either.  i'm just not very good at thinking like a computer scientist10:18
CassandraKosthat, I can do10:18
seidosi have a python book that i need to read.  learn python the hard way10:19
CassandraKosthinking like a human, now, that is not my forte10:19
CassandraKospython just strangled me10:19
seidoscomputer scientists are human10:19
CassandraKosare we?10:19
seidoswell, i suppose, they need not be.10:19
seidosbut if you are a human, and you're thinking like a computer scientist, aren't you thinking like a human?10:19
seidosi must not know what you mean by "thinking like a human"10:20
CassandraKoslet me just run that process a while and see10:20
seidosperhaps you mean in non-logical ways10:20
CassandraKosI seem to not think the way other people do10:20
CassandraKoslogic is another idea10:21
seidosmaybe.  i don't know.10:21
CassandraKosdon't think I use it all the time10:21
seidosperhaps you don't think like humans because you know more than they know?10:21
CassandraKosbut I can be logical, which is almost the same thing10:21
CassandraKosno, I know so little, that is not it10:22
seidoshad this idea that intuition is really just a form of logic.10:22
CassandraKosI know lots of people know lots more than me10:22
seidosnot sure what else there is to human thought.  feelings...logic.  what else is there?10:22
CassandraKosintuition is fast logic10:22
seidosunverified logic.10:23
CassandraKosthoguht is not always logical10:23
CassandraKosneither are my fingers10:23
CassandraKosbad typist10:23
CassandraKosintuition can operate within a verified framework, but it is not easy10:24
shesaidshewas18i have some problem that i think is serious10:24
CassandraKosverifying the framework is the tricky bit10:24
CassandraKosif you think it is serious, you are probably right10:25
CassandraKoswould you like to tell us about it?10:25
CassandraKostell us about it, i810:25
CassandraKosI think fsck is gonna help me, so seidos must be a genius10:26
seidosi am no genius10:27
CassandraKosyou suggested I try that again after I had discarded it10:27
CassandraKostwo heads are better than one10:27
seidosif it works, then i got lucky.  but genius?  no.10:27
CassandraKosgenius is opportunity plus luck10:28
seidosthought it was like 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration or something O_o10:28
CassandraKosto quote edison, 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration10:28
CassandraKosthat, too, may be genius10:29
CassandraKosor common insanity10:29
CassandraKosI hope it was not serious10:30
seidosthey never said their problem, must not have been10:30
CassandraKoswell, I did ask ...10:31
CassandraKossometimes even I can help10:31
seidosme too10:34
seidosbut rarely10:34
CassandraKosall i need to know now is how to tell fsc which drive to check - I have tried three ways and it hated them all10:35
CassandraKos(reads man pages with puzzled look)10:35
seidosnot sure, still trying to figure it out myself10:36
philinuxfsck /dev/sdx where x is the drive in questio liek a or etc10:37
philinuxa or b or c etc10:37
CassandraKosah - I was not root10:37
CassandraKosa, this time, and it has errors, says fsck, so IT WORKS10:38
philinuxI would use fsck -v /dev/sd? the -v is for verbose mode10:38
CassandraKosthe fs really is broken10:38
philinuxfsck can fix it though10:39
CassandraKosgood idea10:39
CassandraKosah - next problem - it is an ext3 system and fsck want it to be ext210:39
CassandraKosis there an fsck for ext3?10:40
CassandraKosI think I was here a few weeks ago10:40
CassandraKosand there wasn't10:40
CassandraKos(looks for that python to strangle self again)10:41
philinuxfsck can fix ext 2 3 and 410:41
CassandraKosI still admire you seidos10:41
CassandraKosit seems to think not10:42
seidosCassandraKos, for what?  gave you no reason to10:42
CassandraKosit is complaining about it10:42
philinuxwhat is the output of fsck -v /dev/sd?10:42
CassandraKosfsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)10:42
CassandraKose2fsck 1.40.8 (13-Mar-2008)10:42
CassandraKosfsck.ext2: Superblock invalid, trying backup blocks...10:42
CassandraKosfsck.ext2: Bad magic number in super-block while trying to open /dev/sda10:42
CassandraKosThe superblock could not be read or does not describe a correct ext210:42
CassandraKosfilesystem.  If the device is valid and it really contains an ext210:42
CassandraKosfilesystem (and not swap or ufs or something else), then the superblock10:42
CassandraKosis corrupt, and you might try running e2fsck with an alternate superblock:10:42
CassandraKos    e2fsck -b 8193 <device>10:42
philinuxAre you doing this from a livecd as the file system needs to unmounted10:42
CassandraKosno, I am only asking it to look at a drive I umounted10:43
CassandraKosor should that be umount-ed?10:43
CassandraKosnot game to try a live cd yet, in case something i am running has my missing directory entries hidden within it10:44
philinuxRun it from the recovery mode then10:45
CassandraKosmaybe I just need to pass it an ext3 parameter10:45
CassandraKostsck, I mean10:45
CassandraKosdon't want to end this session yet, there are logs I can explore that might go away10:46
CassandraKosI have not learned how to find the logs of previous sessions yet10:48
seidoswhat happened to /var/log ?10:49
seidoswell, that might not be what you're looking for10:49
CassandraKosI am ploughing through /var/log now, much says things I then have to look up, it will take a while10:50
CassandraKosam wikipedia-ing and looking elsewhere to explain what the log says10:51
seidostried running fsck -ARa but it doesn't do anything.  i don't really have an umounted file system to check though.  ah, i know what to try.10:51
CassandraKosso far I haven't found anything  in the syslog that talks about any error, but I'm not expecting it to have called them that10:52
CassandraKosubuntu usually tells you about errors, this problem, it is oblivious to10:53
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CassandraKosI have one error at startup that might be my problem, but I can't find out what it means - the log says sr: Sense Key : Hardware Error [current]  so I am looking that up but it seems to be about my cdrom, which I already know has issues10:57
seidoshow do you know it's happening at start up?10:59
CassandraKosthese are the early lines in syslog, and it is a kernel error11:00
seidosmakes sense11:01
CassandraKosit says it lots of times before it gives up and does something else11:01
CassandraKosthere are over 13,000 lines in this log11:01
CassandraKosit will take some time to read them all11:01
seidosjust scan it...or search for the word "error"11:02
CassandraKosit seems to be a complete record of everything that has happened since boot-up, as one might expect, and the word error appears on almost every line for the first few thousand lines11:03
CassandraKosany of them might be the culprit, if there is one11:03
CassandraKosI love computers11:03
seidosi'm trying to figure out how to set fsck to run on next boot11:03
CassandraKosif you can work that out, please tell me11:04
seidosthat doesn't sound good.11:04
seidospaste your syslog...i'd like to look at it11:04
CassandraKosit never runs since I upgraded my fs from FAT32 toext311:04
CassandraKosnot here - it is really long - or is there a clever way to minimise its impact on the chat screen?11:05
seidosoh, yeah, use http://paste.ubuntu.com11:05
CassandraKosit is 13573 lines - I will try that11:06
seidosCassandraKos, just read something about ext3 getting fragmented over time on the wiki.  maybe formatting and restoring from backup is your only hope since there is no defrag for ext3 :(11:28
philinuxseidos: Only on systems with huge files like on a server.11:32
seidosphilinux, CassandraKos said he had 2TB of data that is "disappearing"11:35
philinuxseidos: Disappearing. Must have missed that before I joined11:35
seidosphilinux, yeah.  i think that's what he said.  or vanishing.  well, it started out as "my external usb drive isn't working"11:36
duanedesignhello philinux11:39
philinuxYo SF12:11
Silver_Fox_Hello philinux :)12:15
philinuxHow's the moderatin going12:19
Silver_Fox_Not bad,  think I have only upset one person so far ;)12:19
CassandraKosthat took a while - I said paste to ubunut pastebin and everything went phut until just now12:29
CassandraKospatience is a virtue - that fragmenting thing sounds like a lead12:30
CassandraKosstarted out trying to bak up to usb or cd when I realised the stargate directory was empty12:31
CassandraKosstill trying to work out what happened so I can stop it happening again - maybe switch to ext212:32
CassandraKosI wonder what would have happened if I had pasted my syslog here when sidos asked me to? would you all have gone phut and would you have not welcomed me back? I am so glad i did not do that.12:36
CassandraKosI think the address of the syslog post is http://paste.ubuntu.com/501430/ but seidos has left13:01
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Silver_Fox_Hello AbhiJit16:03
AbhiJithi Silver_Fox_ :)16:03
duanedesignubuntu app developer week sessions starting now in #ubuntu-classroom16:21
duanedesignAbhiJit: you can find the weeks schedule here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuAppDeveloperWeek?action=show&redirect=UbuntuOpportunisticDeveloperWeek16:22
AbhiJitduanedesign, thanks16:23
AbhiJitduanedesign, is there any way to get the information / updates / keep up to date etc with all the 'user days' ?? i mean 'all'??16:26
duanedesignAbhiJit: there is a Google calendar that lists all the sessions that happen in #ubuntu-classroom16:28
AbhiJitduanedesign, ok i wll look thank you16:28
duanedesignopen week, developer week, dev academy classes, packaging classes, etc16:28
AbhiJitduanedesign, now i added it to my google calender. but how will now google tell me 'automatically' one day before or so about an event?16:30
AbhiJitin ubuntu classrom that is.16:30
duanedesignAbhiJit: you can find the events you want reminders for and click on the event and select 'more details' there you can set a reminder for that event16:33
AbhiJitduanedesign, ok.16:33
duanedesignI also copy the event to 'my calendar'16:33
duanedesignif you click on the event that is the other option next to my details16:34
sinmansomehow I'm getting the command prompt to login, how can i get the graphical login to start, from my understsanding the runlevel had some how of might of chaqnged on me18:09
philinuxsinman: what happens if you use startx from the prompt18:10
sinmanit starts my desktop18:10
sinmanI have to do that everytime i start or restart my computer18:11
philinuxAh so everything is ok until you rebbot again18:11
sinmanwhen i reboot have to typoe in my username.password at the command prompt and the type in startx18:12
philinuxSounds like runlevel1 which is single user mode aka recovery18:12
philinuxrunlevel3 is the norm18:13
sinmanhow would i change the runlevel so it would be runlevel 318:14
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sinmanhow can i view the start up logs19:37
paultagtail /var/log/boot.log19:37
paultagor something like that19:37
paultagI don't know how much will be there, ymmv19:38
hobgoblinsys -- admin - log file viewer19:38
paultagty there hobgoblin19:38
hobgoblinwelcome paultag :)19:39
sinmanhobgoblin: thanxs19:40
sinmanwhat i'm trying to figure out is why X starting on boot up19:41
bodhi_zazen'lo all20:28
bodhi_zazenAnyone willing to proof a web page ?20:28
drubinbodhi_zazen: looking good so far!20:30
drubinbodhi_zazen: only issue is "Firewall" make a note that be careful when doing this over ssh.20:31
bodhi_zazengood one drubin20:32
drubinbodhi_zazen: other then that very very informative!20:33
mccrase90hello everybody20:36
bodhi_zazenThought you might like it drubin20:41
bodhi_zazenI tried not to make it too long, lol20:41
hobgoblinwhich was very very very hard20:42
bodhi_zazenI have one on TOR which is almost too long, lol20:44
bodhi_zazenputting the finishing touches on that one now, adding some screen shots.20:44
hobgoblina hill in cornwall drubin20:49
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matrixOracleis there a program that allows me to create rota's and store / print them?21:33
bodhi_zazen'lo Silver_Fox_21:35
bodhi_zazenmatrixOracle: what is a rota ?21:36
matrixOracletells staff what time theyare at work. and for how long21:36
matrixOraclei have a program on windows. b8ut want to scrap windows ad use ubuntu21:36
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bodhi_zazenwow, this channel is quiet23:43
pedro3005one might view it as such23:43
tenachhello pedro3005 and bodhi_zazen23:49
* pedro3005 tips hat at tenach 23:49
bodhi_zazen'lo tenach23:50
tenachLong time to see bodhi_zazen23:50
stlsaintbodhi_zazen: yo yo yo23:50
stlsaintbodhi_zazen: hey i came across a vps site owner in the nginx channel who gave me a template already preconfigured with nginx and rest of LAMP (minus the A ) :D23:51
bodhi_zazennice stl =)23:54
bodhi_zazennice stlsaint =)23:54
stlsaintbodhi_zazen: still trying to wrap my head around nginx but im getting there23:55
stlsaintbodhi_zazen: thanks also, my server is running great23:55
stlsaintpedro3005: yo23:56

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