nigelbAlanBell: that is a newspaper report about Sofware Freedom day02:23
nigelbBut the point is dholbach was on the paper :)02:23
duanedesignmorning mr nigel02:24
nigelbmorning duanedesign :)02:24
nigelbduanedesign: oh oh http://www.cvoid.com/ubuntu/bqueries/ways-to-know-the-world-of-ubuntu/03:12
duanedesignnigelb: cool03:14
duanedesignthats great that -classroom got mentioned03:15
nhandlernigelb: Who made that post?03:17
nigelbnhandler: no clue.03:19
nigelbJust found it off some tweet03:19
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doctormohttp://1roxtar.deviantart.com/art/Ubuntu-Life-Re-Started-180640652 <- This is why we do Ubuntu04:58
nigelbdoctormo: good one05:19
doctormonigelb: Part of the reason I watch the art community, it's full of brand new users who aren't connected at all to the rest of the community yet.05:22
doctormoYou know I have blog entries scheduled until Wednesday :-D It's been a busy weekend.05:23
doctormonigelb: We have 447 members and clocking up still, I'm waiting for 500 and then I'll make a post about the awesome group and some awesome artwork.05:28
duanedesigndoctormo: kind of reminds me of a poster i did a log time ago. In theme, not style. http://spreadubuntu.neomenlo.org/files/UbuntuPoster-Small-Virus.png05:39
doctormoduanedesign: Ah you did that! it's very good :-D05:40
duanedesigndoctormo: i am doing less graphic design for work these days, so i hope to do more for fun now05:41
doctormoduanedesign: Please do show us your stuff, maybe do an art swap or collab with me.05:42
duanedesigni just noticed some spam links in the descriptions on spreadubuntu05:48
duanedesigndarn spammers05:49
JanCdoctormo: maybe also watch a person operating under the name "bartart3d" (or "bartart3dbe" on youtube) then   ☺05:49
doctormoJanC: A known ubuntu artist who helps out in the community?05:51
JanCcurrently he's not active in the community, but I know him since before he started using Ubuntu, so I know some of the things he's capable of  ☺05:53
JanCif I would need somebody to do something music-related I would call him though  ☺05:53
JanCactually, I should try to see him again some time, it's been 3 or 4 years  :-/05:54
doctormoJanC: We have a music competition going on in dA, I'm in a band entering doing the lyrics, one other is doing the cover and one other still is doing the music. fun on a bun05:58
JanCdA = DeviantArt I suppose?06:00
JanCthey do music now?06:00
JanChe actually started to use open source *after* I last saw him, which is quite funny  ☺06:02
JanCsomehow he started to play with Blender (after trying & throwing away limited "student/test versions" of commercial tools) and was so impressed that he thought maybe other open source software was capable too  ☺06:04
duanedesignthats nice, I often think FireFox is a good tool for that06:08
duanedesignShowing people FOSS is capable an that open source != crap. Asking someone to try FF is also a much smaller step then an entire OS06:09
JanCwell, he probably knew firefox already too, but firefox doesn't make it as obvious that it's open source (*all* web browsers are available for free after all)06:10
JanCbut when professional 3D tools cost somewhere between 500 & 10000 EUR, en then Blender costs 0 EUR, people start to look why, I guess06:14
JanCwell, and > 10000 EUR too of course06:15
JanChttp://www.youtube.com/user/bartart3dbe#p/u/3/rsRa_RvqjAQ is a video clip of one of the music projects he was involved in (but not exactly the most "poppy" one, this is sort of industrial noise ;) )06:26
nigelbczajkowski: heya!07:35
aragood morning!07:43
kim0Morning folks08:04
duanedesignmorning ara kim010:01
aramorning duanedesign10:03
* duanedesign has been learning about the opensource 3d printer project this morning10:05
AlanBellit is cool10:10
AlanBelland it can print itself, which is really cool10:10
duanedesignAlanBell: yes, i was just trying to find a local usergroup. Looks like there is one just 1.5 hours down the highway :)10:17
nigelbmorning duanedesign :)10:33
nigelbI suppose you don't have sleep anymore10:33
duanedesignnigelb: i was off between 1:36 and 4:03 :)10:35
duanedesignnigelb: have you found out about your visa yet?10:36
jussiduanedesign: keepassx seems to be something similar - you can save the password file to a mounted share, whcih seems to acheive what we are after.10:47
duanedesignjussi: aha, thank you11:27
* duanedesign is working on a creative uses for ubuntu one blog post.11:37
duanedesignbut i am having trouble coming up with a cron job that will take a screenshot of your desktop every N minutes and save with a unique name.11:37
popeydownloading torrents being a good thing to promote?11:39
popey(Yes, I know fully that it's _possible_ to download legal content via torrent)11:40
jussipopey: we promote torrents for all ubuntu releases, why not for other stuff?11:50
popeyother stuff like?11:54
AlanBelldebian releases11:59
AlanBellI would say just add an example to the article of a perfecly legitimate torrent download that one might want to add remotely12:00
popeyless ambiguous12:00
AlanBellduanedesign: so add to that paragraph: so whilst out and about you can add the torrent link to the latest Ubuntu server and have the .iso ready to burn when you get home12:01
popeythe prime example of how not to do this was the blog post Danny P wrote about 'first thing to do after you install ubuntu' and showed himself downloading all kinds of TV programmes, and music..12:01
AlanBellor something like that12:01
duanedesignAlanBell: popey thank you, good advice12:04
popeyI still think the webcam idea is a good one12:04
popeyremotely monitor your home12:04
doctormojussi: Nice catch on my blog, fully updated and should be much more correct now.12:06
duanedesignpopey: and the commandline tool for that is 'webcam'?12:09
doctormoJanC: Yes but Blender3D cost $100,000 when it was bought from NeoGeo's assets auction. Yet another example of free and open source _not_ being free, but merely paid for by someone else.12:10
doctormopopey: Download Sita Sings the Blues via torrent :-)12:11
doctormoduanedesign: Re your cron job problem, could it be the problem with cronjobs not having access to Xserver environment variables?12:22
duanedesigndoctormo: hmmm, that would explain why $HOME/screenshots didnt work :P12:36
doctormoAnyone notice how that wikileaked EU doc 'propritary' and replaces it with 'commercial'. It bloody annoys me to know to know that this can still work.12:37
greg-gpopey, AlanBell jussi: use legaltorrents.com, maybe? :)13:47
jcastroanyone interested in a quick project?14:03
jcastrocan someone find out how debian/ubuntu friendly these licenses are?14:04
AlanBellvery, they are mostly OFL14:04
AlanBellwhich is specifically DFSG friendly14:04
jcastrooh nice14:04
jcastroso basically, we just need them packaged up14:04
AlanBellproject complete!14:04
AlanBellyeah, by the sound of it Mark wants the new Ubuntu font to be submitted there as well14:05
jcastrothat would be slick14:05
jcastroso people can just use it on their websites14:05
AlanBellit will be hosted on font.ubuntu.com too, but putting it on google means more people will discover it's awesomeness14:06
jcastrooh, nice14:06
jussisome nice stuff there14:06
jcastroI didn't know about font.u.c14:06
jussinor did I14:07
jcastroI'll ask Ken to package em up14:09
AlanBelldo you happen to know who does Evolution stuff?14:13
AlanBellhere are all the fonts in the google web font thing http://code.google.com/p/googlefontdirectory/source/browse/14:14
AlanBellsome are apache, some are OFL14:16
AlanBelloh, looks like there are some issues on some of the OFL.txt files!14:16
AlanBellthey just dropped the license text in without filling in the blanks14:17
ubot2Ubuntu bug 648873 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] Google Fonts (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,New]14:17
jcastrooh awesome, AlanBell can you add that to the bug report?14:17
ubot2Debian bug 583619 in wnpp "RFP: otf-googlefonts -- Free Web Fonts by Google" [Wishlist,Open]14:18
paultagupstream jcastro, AlanBell14:18
jcastronice, thanks!14:18
jcastroI will link14:19
paultaggood luck, thanks yall,  that would rock14:19
paultagRighto, off to the pool for a swim14:19
jcastrooff to get caffeine14:19
akgranerwoo hoo - App Developer Week Starts today :-)14:23
akgranerAlanBell, are you using slides today for your session?14:24
doctormoakgraner: What time am I on?14:25
akgranerdoctormo, 1700 UTC14:25
AlanBellakgraner: I am not going to do anything special with lernid or anything, might just refer to some links as I go along14:26
doctormoTah luv14:26
akgranerAlanBell, okie dokie - that makes it easier14:26
doctormojcastro: That fonts link crashes Firefox in lucid, reproducibly :-/14:27
akgranerfor me anyway  - b/c I would have to find someone to make sure Lernid and Classbot are pulling in the information for your slides and I don't know how to do that part...14:27
jcastropopey: pitivi uses submodules in git, so I couldn't import their code into lp.14:33
jcastropopey: other than that, everything else would work, (heh)14:33
jcastropopey: I am going to help the shotwell guys set up this week.14:33
duanedesignthanks for the reminder akgraner. my reminder failed to go off this morning to remind me of app dev week14:36
popeynnice one jcastro14:37
akgranerduanedesign, you are most welcome14:37
duanedesignneed to start tweeting/denting and an email to the Beginners Team ML to pass on the reminder14:38
akgranerclassbot will start doing that soon as well - but yep that's a good idea :-)14:40
akgranerjcastro, cc'd you on the reminder email to the session leaders for today14:56
jcastrookey dokey!14:57
jcastrolol I guess I better check on the OW speakers14:57
akgranerjcastro, speaking of OW did you see my email to you about that14:57
jcastroyeah didn't we talk about that last week?14:57
akgranerI know you were looking for new session leads but is it ok to send it out to the past session leaders14:58
jcastroman, only one post on my call for instructors on the forums. :(14:58
akgranernot about that that I recall14:58
jcastrooh yeah, I believe I read that last night and was supposed to tell you something like "you've done like 5 of these there's no reason to ask me for permission for anything"14:58
jcastroaka. go ahead!14:58
akgranerjcastro, :-P ok point taken14:59
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sensegood afternoon15:10
cjohnstongood morning15:11
doctormohey sense15:16
jcastrohi sense15:16
sensehello cjohnston, doctormo, jcastro!15:16
akgranerjcastro, here is what apw had to say about OW - <apw> akgraner, have we really scheduled the next openweek the day after release, when half the team will have been working all weekend? apw> akgraner, heh good luck with that15:31
* highvoltage happens to kind of agree :)15:35
jonohey all15:43
AlanBellhi jono15:45
doctormoMorning Jono15:46
jonohey AlanBell, doctormo15:47
akgranerhey jcastro are you join -classroom -chat and -backstage?16:04
nigelbheya all16:05
nigelbakgraner: heh, Nice mail16:05
nigelb(the one about open week)16:06
akgranerahh ok16:06
doctormoI love geek jokes, ubuntu one's are even better: http://alkore31.deviantart.com/art/Resistance2-18070875816:52
doctormoI'm after some graph visualisation software, I was going to use Graph::Render perl lib, but I'd rather not write my own if one exists already to show data over time.17:28
jcastro<--- lunch17:52
nigelboh, jcastro is around :/18:00
nigelbPendulum, akgraner: ^^ Here is the elusive Jorge O Castro18:00
Pendulumnigelb: well, not now18:00
doctormoready and waiting18:02
JFoJorge O'Castro?18:02
JFoI didn't know jcastro was Irish!?18:02
nigelbJFo: Jorge O. Casto18:02
JFoI think it is a conspiracy between him and Jon O'Bacon18:03
* maco remembers JFo's Jon O'Bacon shirt18:03
nigelbJFo: hahhah18:04
nigelbJFo: hrm, you seem to be back your normal self, I presume you're back home?18:04
JFoyes, but I am not yet on the right sleep schedule18:04
nigelbthat reminds me I should sleep18:05
* JFo pretends nigelb is a snipe and beats the brush18:05
* nigelb cries unfair.18:06
nigelbJFo: Its 10:30 pm, I have my rights :p18:06
JFothe right to remain silent ;-)18:06
doctormoslides don't work18:07
Technovikingjono: ping18:47
jonohey Technoviking18:48
Technovikingjono: Do you want to talk to the people on the ubuntu-users mailing list that is popey headaches? I was going to move he be ban from the list, but wanted to see if you wanted to have a talk with him first18:50
jonoTechnoviking, I just haven't had time to check into it yet, can you give me a few hours to catch up?18:52
jonoI think Iwill talk to him18:52
Technovikingjono: no problems18:52
Technovikingjono: thanks! let us know how it goes18:53
jonothanks, pal!18:53
jonojcastro, can we delay our call until later?18:55
jonoI am slammed18:55
jcastroyes please18:55
jcastroI am in the same boat18:55
jonogood man18:56
jonothanks, pal18:56
jcastrojust whenever is fine with me18:56
* Technoviking orders more coffee and metal for Mr. castro and Mr. Bacon18:56
jonoTechnoviking, cheers, dude!18:56
jonosend over some meth while you are at it18:56
jcastrometh? I've graduated to pure heroin!18:57
paultagerm, awesome.18:58
paultagjcastro, I see you're living like a true Michigan-er18:58
Technovikingcrap, I'm still at beer and scotch level, have not unlocked meth and herion achivement:)18:59
AlanBellnigelb: seen the new rupee symbol?19:19
doctormoAlanBell: Show us!19:30
AlanBellbug 64598719:32
ubot2Launchpad bug 645987 in ubuntu-font-family "Symbol: add U+20B9 INDIAN RUPEE SIGN to currency block (affects: 1) (heat: 8)" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/64598719:32
AlanBellhttp://www.idc.iitb.ac.in/events/Indian_Rupee_Symbol.pdf the definition of it is really cool19:38
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jcastro<-- caffeine break20:30
doctormojcastro: You have special breaks for caffeine?20:32
senseA last notice to people planning to travel to the US from the EU soon: if you travel to the US you will have to fill in online information before you can depart. This online registration costs 15 dollar and can only be paid for with a creditcard. The creditcard data will be kept for (at least) a year. Combined with the renewed SWIFT treaty you should be careful when picking a creditcard, and you can do nothing against entering the general20:37
sense information online, which will also be kept.20:37
* highvoltage wishes that traveling to the US was more avoidable20:40
jcastrodoctormo: that was a special way of saying "I'll be gone for 10 minutes while I hit the corner store"20:41
doctormoAh, thanks. UDS planning going well?20:42
jcastroif "totally empty schedule" is well, then YEP!20:44
doctormoAt least empty means "full of possibilities"21:17

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