cjwatsonsuperm1: could you reupload ubiquity 2.4.2 without the config.log dropping in the source package, please?  (you don't have to bump the version - there can be multiple copies of a package at the same version in the queue)01:37
superm1cjwatson, sure, not sure how that got in there03:16
evsuperm1: thanks for the upload09:15
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r4406 ubiquity/debian/ (changelog control ubiquity.install-any):12:37
CIA-28ubiquity: pixmaps/cd_in_tray.png has moved back to ubiquity-frontend-gtk. Remove12:37
CIA-28ubiquity: it from ubiquity.12:37
CIA-28ubiquity: cjwatson * r4407 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.4.313:56
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Riddellev: is wubi in good shape for RC?17:21
cjwatsonit was working last week ...17:30
Riddellthat's a good sign17:30
highvoltageIt's nice when things work.17:52
NCommandercjwatson: got an annoying issue w.r.t. to ubiquity's icon on dove, as in, its not there19:20
NCommanderIts getting diverted by oem-config, which is explicately seeded on ARM for pre-installs, which causes my non-preinstall dove images to loose it's ubiquity icon and instead have the finalization icon in its place in System19:21
NCommandercjwatson: ogra says we can't deseed oem-config-gtk because we need it so the right UI gets pulled in19:21
NCommandermy first through was to put something in livecd-rootfs, but that's just a hack and I was hoping there was a saner way to solve tihs19:21
NCommanderev: ^ - maybe you know about how best to solve my oem-config issue20:09
shtylman_I know this is probly a dumb question.. but is there any way to get *less* email from launchpad... :)20:23
NCommandershtylman_: I recommend email filters, or failing than, finding were the LP devs live and start begging,or failing that, use the source. You also might be able ot get somewhere selling your soul, but the redemption rates for that can be pretty low :-/20:25
shtylman_I was hoping to be able to keep my soul20:30
superm1NCommander, what about deseeding oem-config-gtk and preseeding a late_command to touch the file that enables oem config?20:40
NCommandersuperm1: I don't think that can work for jasper. ogra_cmpc -^20:45
ogra_acNCommander, i dont think that would work20:47
ogra_acerr, wait20:48
* NCommander notes that ogra is multipling ...20:48
ogra_acthat is what we do, the prob is not on our side here but the diversion in the oem-config-gtk package20:48
ogra_acsuperm1, jasper already does what we need wrt enabling oem-config, that works since months ... the prob is that for NCommander the ubiquity ,desktop file vanishes thought the diversion20:50
NCommanderogra_ac: I think oem-config also ends up in the installed image which is annoying20:50
ogra_acon dove ?20:50
NCommanderer, nm20:50
NCommanderno it doesn't20:50
NCommanderclean up step does the right thing20:51
ogra_acit's definitely removed on the preinstalled inages20:51
superm1what about undoing the diversion in jasper then?20:51
NCommanderogra_ac: yeah, my brain is fried20:51
NCommandersuperm1: casper is only used on pre-installed20:51
NCommanderWe're talking bog standard images where we hit this problem20:51
ogra_acsuperm1, NCommander doesnt use jasper (which is the main prob here )20:51
NCommanderMy solution simply to remove oem-config in the CD image step, but thisis obviously a hack20:51
ogra_achis image differs from all the opthers20:51
NCommanderWhich is why I want a better solution hence the consultation with the experts20:51
superm1so in NCommander's case do what i was saying above - dont include oem-config in the base image20:51
NCommandersuperm1: well, that would be great, expect we need oem-config-{gtk|kde} seeded :-)20:52
superm1just let it install from the standard methods and touch the file to enable it in late_command20:52
ogra_acsuperm1, then it is missing for the rest of us too20:52
superm1well that's just messy then :)20:52
ogra_acthe point is, NCommander wants ubiquity20:52
NCommandersuperm1: yes well, so is our image building :-)20:52
ogra_acwe dont20:52
superm1NCommander, so what about doing a casper plugin only used in your instance  that cleans this up?20:52
ogra_accurrently jasper depends on oem-config in the preinstalled images20:53
NCommandersuperm1: *groan*, that's fugly20:53
ogra_acbutv to get the right frontend we use the seeds20:53
NCommanderThough slightly less fugly20:53
ogra_ac(which is the proper way imho)20:53
* NCommander thinks that if he could do it again, he would insist on building alternates vs. live images, lot less pain.20:53
ogra_acso kde images get the kde frontend, gtk images get the gtk one20:53
NCommander*/2 cents*20:53
ogra_acbased on seeds20:53
ogra_acNCommander, in case you have to build dove in natty i'll be with you20:54
NCommandersuperm1: I rather fix this before it hits the image if possible. Having to make casper be smart with oem-config going to be frustatingly annoyed20:54
NCommanderogra_ac: \o/.20:54
NCommanderogra_ac: I only built a live image cause there's annoying bugs with building alternate netboot. Given what we've gone through, I'm willing to go fix that instead20:54
ogra_acgiven ther will be no users for that image anyway it doesnt make much sense to invest so much time20:54
NCommanderogra_ac: yes, well, that's completely beside the point ;-)20:55
superm1well when that diversion was added, there wasn't any anticipation of a need to leave the ubiquity icon in place when oem-config was in the image as well, that's for sure20:55
NCommandersuperm1: yeah, but I don't want the "Prepare and finalize system" icon20:55
NCommanderI want oem-config off my image, simply removing the diversion isn't a fix20:55
ogra_acright, a diversion removal casper script based on archdetect should do fine here20:55
ogra_acNCommander, why ?20:56
ogra_acit will never run20:56
NCommanderogra_ac: ugh, that's hidiously specific. My livecd.sh kludge simply checks if we're preinstall, and then apt-get remove's oem-config if we aren't20:56
ogra_acand will get removed with ubiquity20:56
ogra_acbut why ?20:56
NCommanderogra_ac: yes, but while I'm shipping an unused image, I rather it not have fugly unusable icons20:56
ogra_acjust leave it there and let ubiquity do the job20:56
ogra_acso make your script rm it20:57
NCommanderogra_ac: the correct solution is to remove oem-config. That's what I'm going to do, the question is where that will happen, in casper or at image build time20:57
ogra_acyou are fiddling with the diversion anyway already20:57
NCommanderI rather do it at build time because then the correct behavior is selected based on image time, and not voodo20:57
ogra_acjust leave it where it is, whats so bad about having oem-config installed until ubiquity removes it20:58
* ogra_ac doesnt really see the point20:58
NCommanderogra_ac: right, I need to do a hack to remove the diversion. I can remove oem-config for the same amount of effort and it doesn't suck as much20:58
* NCommander decides to wait for cjwatwon's opinion on how to properly fix this.20:58
ogra_acyeah, well, then let casper purge it20:58
NCommanderogra_ac: I'd prefer to do it at image build time, but YMMV. Hence waiting for cjwatson20:59
ogra_acits an image with no users at all, dont put so much effort in20:59
NCommander]I'm AFk for a bit21:07
cjwatsonat this point, I'd recommend a solution that doesn't involve changing ubiquity, because there are way too many semi-conflicting users and I'm scared that we might break something.  beyond that, it's 9pm and I'm not sure I have enough brain to work this out21:13
ogra_accjwatson, yeah, i think a csaper script is the least intrusive way atm21:15
NCommanderogra_ac: fair enough, casper script it is. I think if we just sense for the squashfs and if we are on ARM is good enough22:20
ogra_acwell, you have archdetect available22:20
ogra_acso you can even do it for dove only22:21
NCommanderogra_ac: I didn't realize we had archdetect in the initrd22:22
ogra_acnot in th einitrd22:23
ogra_acbut your script needs a mounted root anyway :)22:23
ogra_acso just run your check chrooted22:23
NCommanderogra_ac: heh22:35
CIA-28ubiquity: superm1 * r4408 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog src/panel/panel.c): manually update indicators ABI in panel source.22:35
CIA-28ubiquity: superm1 * r4409 ubiquity/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.4.422:36

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