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humphreybcwho's around?06:47
* nisshh waves!06:47
humphreybchey Ryan06:47
humphreybcwarm weather over there?06:47
nisshhin the mid 20's id say06:48
humphreybcIt got to a whole 18 degrees here today, SO warm!06:48
nisshhits been nice here for the last month or two :)06:48
humphreybchow hot does it get in the peak of summer?06:48
nisshhthe record for around here is 46 C06:48
nisshhbut generally it only hits high 30's06:48
nisshhand thats during a hot summer06:49
humphreybci haven't been in here for about a week, what's new?06:49
humphreybcthis cycle has just been disastrous for me06:49
nisshhhumphreybc, work on the maverick manual was picking up the pace a week or two ago, but its slow again now06:51
nisshhlast commit was 5 days ago06:52
humphreybcI wish I could help06:52
humphreybcbut I am so bogged down with work06:52
nisshhhumphreybc, has a release manager for every second cycle been chosen yet?06:53
humphreybcbut we can work that out later06:53
nisshhyea, after natty cycle i guess06:53
humphreybcI'll be able to commit to release manager for natty. Uni starts in March though, so I might have to pull back a bit in the last month or two of release. But for the first four months, should be sweet as06:54
nisshhthats good06:54
nisshhill go through and update the glossary and index again at some point06:54
nisshhbeen pretty busy myself these last few weeks06:55
ChrisWoollardthorwil: ping13:43
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* daker afk14:09
bilalakhtarhumphreybc: Hey, Which OS are you using that you are unable to find empathy? Windows?14:11
humphreybcno, i'm on ubuntu and I clicked the wrong thing and Empathy popped up14:11
bilalakhtarhumphreybc: And, what about UbuntuGamer? Who is going to launch it? Joey?14:12
humphreybcyou'll find out soon enough14:12
humphreybcright now, i'm incredibly frustrated and angry14:12
bilalakhtarhumphreybc: Exams over?14:12
humphreybcprobably not the best time to ask me about Ubuntu Gamer14:13
humphreybcno, not at all14:13
* bilalakhtar understands14:13
nisshhhumphreybc, here: /join #rantandswear :)14:14
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popeynot #ubuntugamer?14:27
humphreybcI think we might be sorting it out now. People have decided to make an appearance.14:28
dakergodbyk, anything about the staging site ?14:39
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