tgm4883KungFuJesus, yep00:17
edbianI'm thinking of setting up a PVR (using mythbuntu).  How powerful of a system do I need?01:49
rhpot1991edbian: depends on your goals02:15
rhpot1991HD or SD?02:15
ZinnSorry I don't know about developer%02:16
rhpot1991we have a page on the site with all the developer's hardware, but the site is down :(02:17
rhpot1991my hardware is here: http://baablogic.net/drupal/node/1302:17
Zinn[baablogic.net] My MythTV Setup | www.baablogic.net02:17
rhpot1991edbian: really all depends on how powerful you want to go, you could get away with an average desktop and something that can run VDPAU and continue to expand later02:18
rhpot1991a common setup anymore is a backend out of site and a nice ION box sitting under your TV as a frontend02:18
ZinnIon Boxes make a great frontend.  http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/202:18
rhpot1991have a look, yell if you have any questions, I'll be awol walking the dogs for a few minutes02:18
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PMantisIs there a site I should use to choose the best playback profile? I have this in my frontend:  NV44 [GeForce 6200 TurboCache(TM)]06:32
fluvvellyou could start with the profile that is selected by default and see how it goes06:34
PMantisThat was "Normal". I changed it to CPU++. Things are OK, but I don't know what kind of atrifacts or blips to attribute to the video card, the CPU, network, backend storage, etc...06:35
PMantisI install Cacti to monitor the network traffic with SNMP. I think the network is well underutilized, even when playing HD06:36
PMantisI take it VDPAU is the best to use if it works?06:44
fluvvella 6200 would not be stunning performance and not capable of vdpau06:54
PMantisA few minutes ago, I enabled vdpau and tested playback successfully... must not be using that, 'cause I don't see it on the list for any level of vdpau support.06:55
fluvvellI think 8500 and above, this machine I'm on is only 7900GT and not capable07:09
womboPMantis, I think your VDPAU performance will also depend on the type of video stream being sent through it08:45
womboignore that13:41
SpaceBasshey folks13:42
SpaceBassany mythexport users? I'm looking for settings that work for the AppleTV and/or iPad - IE HD13:42
SpaceBasscurrently everything exported shows up as zero K - so somethings not right13:43
SteveGoodeyYou might try, http://www.mythbuntu.org/wiki/mythexport-215, you didn't say what distro you're using.13:58
SpaceBassthanks SteveGoodey know that page well, I'm using ubuntu 10.413:59
SteveGoodeyNo good eh?13:59
SpaceBassthink I found my problem - seems that explicitly setting -ac 2 helps13:59
MoMoif my sound if very quite ... how would I go about increasing it.  Is it something I need to address at the server?  at the client? or at the client hardware?14:11
SteveGoodeyHave you tried the hardware volume sliders? Also I believe the mythtv-setup has volume settings at about 75 percent as default.14:15
MoMoyes i tried both of those14:16
MoMoi didn't know if there was something i should consider in the backend14:16
SteveGoodeyI have only used combined front/backend so can't help there, sorry. New Install/upgrade?14:17
MoMonew install ... dedicated backend dedicated front end .. over wifi14:18
SteveGoodeyHave you tried sound on the frontend outside of mythtv, xine/VLC mp3 file. Volume low with those?14:19
MoMothats a good idea -- no i haven't14:19
MoMothat would give me a good control i suppose ... thanks14:20
MoMoI've been watching TV for a little bit, testing this and it's ending with an error: Video frame buffering failed too many times14:28
Zinn[ubuntuforums.org]  Video frame buffering failed too many times - mythbuntu 9.10 - Ubuntu Forums14:30
SteveGoodeyMight be more clues in the logs, "how about the front end/back end log files and dmesg?"14:32
Shred00i'm noticing that somewhere between 0.23.1+fixes26407-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu2 and 0.23.1+fixes26434-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu2 the cron.daily job got dropped from mythtv-backend.  is this intentional?14:34
rhpot1991SpaceBass: all good now?14:36
SpaceBassrhpot1991, think so - thanks for asking! I'm doing an encode right now, will test once it is finished14:36
rhpot1991Shred00: what did it do, the db optimizer?14:36
Shred00filldatabase and optimize, yes14:37
rhpot1991auto mythfilldatabase can be enabled in mythtv-setup14:37
SpaceBasson to a different questions...14:38
Shred00rhpot1991: yes, of course.  but if one doesn't want to do it that way.14:38
Shred00but more importantly, yes, the database optimize14:38
SpaceBassanyone know how to make a job auto-run for every recording? IE default as on14:38
rhpot1991SpaceBass: I normally enable it per recordings that I want14:39
rhpot1991SpaceBass: might want to check the userjob page in mythtv-setup, general > page 10 or so14:39
rhpot1991there are 2 user job pages, if it exists it should be in there14:39
rhpot1991could check the recording profiles as well14:40
SpaceBassthanks! I've not see in it in the setup options, I'll check recording profiles14:41
rhpot1991Shred00: check the mysql tab in MCC14:42
Shred00rhpot1991: i don't run MCC here14:42
rhpot1991Shred00: that is what creates the optimize tables cronjob14:42
Shred00hrm.  why wouldn't that just be a default thing for any mythtv-database/backend machine to do rather than having to require a user to enable it?14:43
rhpot1991Shred00: http://pastebin.com/5nefuWBs14:43
rhpot1991paste that into your /etc/cron.daily14:43
Shred00rhpot1991: i already have that in /usr/share/doc/mythtv-backend/contrib/maintenance/optimize_mythdb.pl so i'd really only need to add a call to that in my cron.daily.  but my point here is not my particular installation (which i can fix easily) but the bigger picture.  i wonder why it was removed from being the default for all installations to being something that somebody has to enable via the "MCC".14:47
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rhpot1991Shred00: as far as I'm aware it has been that way for quite some time14:48
Shred00rhpot1991: so my backups seem to reveal also.  i just wonder what the motivation behind the change is.14:49
Shred00is mythbuntu under an SCM that i could browse for a commit message perhaps?14:49
rhpot1991Shred00: I'm not aware of it ever being included by default14:50
rhpot1991yep on launchpad14:50
Zinn[code.launchpad.net] mythtv-fixes : Code : MythTV14:51
Shred00rhpot1991: it must have been in 0.23.1+fixes26407-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu2:14:56
Shred00ii  mythtv-backend 0.23.1+fixes26407-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu2 A personal video recorder application (server)14:56
Shred00$ dpkg -S /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-backend14:56
Shred00mythtv-backend: /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-backend14:56
tgm4883optimize_mythdb.pl has been enabled in MCC for as long as I can remember14:57
rhpot1991tgm4883: yep14:57
tgm4883it was definitly before 0.23.114:58
rhpot1991yep, once upon a time I used to enable it by hand, that was before foxbuntu (I think) added it to MCC, which was quite some time ago15:01
Shred00hrm.  this is strange.  debian/changelog says:15:02
Shred00mythtv (0.20-svn20070122-0.0ubuntu2) feisty; urgency=low15:02
Shred00  * Removed debian/mythtv-backend.cron.daily; the database fill must15:02
Shred00    happen from backend scheduler to take advantage of next-run hints.15:02
Shred00yet my backend, on 0.23.1+fixes26407-0ubuntu0+mythbuntu2 still says /etc/cron.daily/mythtv-backed is coming from the mythtv-backend package15:02
Shred00$ dpkg -L mythtv-backend | grep daily15:03
rhpot1991Shred00: upgraded install?15:05
Shred00rhpot1991: sure15:05
rhpot1991Shred00: I'd venture its left over from the old days15:06
Shred00rhpot1991: yeah, but the current 0.23.1-fixes package is reporting that file per the above dpkg -L output15:06
rhpot1991that comment seems to indicate it was removed from code, debian.\/postinst would have to remove it to get it off of your system15:06
rhpot1991woops debian/postinst15:06
rhpot1991john@ultramagnus:/etc/cron.daily$ dpkg -L mythtv-backend | grep daily15:07
rhpot1991nothing for me15:07
Shred00rhpot1991: indeed.  so why is my installation reporting it?  it's very strange.15:08
rhpot1991Shred00: left over from a previous install, it will not remove it unless you remove the package, or we explicitly remove it in postinst15:08
rhpot1991superm1: should this have been done? ^15:09
Shred00tbh, i have never used MCC on my mythbuntu installations.15:10
Shred00is MCC an "on-screen" (i.e. on the TV) app?  does it come up before the main mythtv menu or something?15:10
rhpot1991Shred00: its an X application that should be found under the administration menu15:12
rhpot1991outside of mythtv15:12
rhpot1991Shred00: are you running mythbuntu or ubuntu + mythtv?15:12
Shred00rhpot1991: it was installed as ubuntu a long time ago and then i added the required mythtv packages from mythbuntu and it's been upgraded through about half a dozen ubuntu releases since, so there never was an MCC on it.  never been a need.15:14
Shred00so if my mythtv installation is a stand-alone "set top box" type installation where it powers on and up to the mythtv screen (like any appliance should) how does MCC fit in?15:14
rhpot1991Shred00: its pretty much only used in the setup phase15:15
rhpot1991you use it to setup things like your remote15:15
rhpot1991and then don't open it anymore15:15
silverdulcetI'm having an issue with MythExport 2.1.5, on Mythbuntu 10.04 with 23.1 fixes. After starting the userjob, mythtranscode runs the lossless transcode to cut the commercials (i.e. -honorcutlist) and outputs to a .mpg.tmp file, once that completes the job shows as successful even though the ffmpeg portion of the job hasn't completed. The ffmpeg portion runs fine, but since this is a combined frontend/backend I'd like it to shut down16:26
silverdulcet after its finished transcoding, with the userjob showing completed it would shut down while ffmpeg is still running.16:26
rhpot1991silverdulcet: hmmm thats not gonna work too well16:28
rhpot1991the userjob itself queues up a task for mythexport and then reports as completed16:28
rhpot1991silverdulcet: do you have another backend?16:28
rhpot1991or is this the only one?16:28
silverdulcetsilverdulcet: nope, just a single backend.16:29
rhpot1991why are you shutting it down then, aren't you going to miss recordings?16:29
silverdulcetrhpot1991: I use mythwelcome and acpi wakeup, it sets the rtc alarm to wakeup 5 min before the next recording.16:29
rhpot1991silverdulcet: know perl at all?16:31
silverdulcetrhpot1991: when I'm done using mythtv/queuing a transcode it exits to mythwelcome, then if it isn't recording/transcoding it will shutdown.16:31
silverdulcetrhpot1991: no...;-(16:31
rhpot1991so if the userjob remained open until everything was done, that would essentially fix the issue, right?16:32
silverdulcetrhpot1991: exactly, it must remain open until ffmpeg completes..16:32
* rhpot1991 thinks about it for a little16:32
silverdulcetrhpot1991: I assumed that was what mythexport did, but I guess its mostly designed for a backend running 24/7?16:33
rhpot1991silverdulcet: ya I moved most of the code into a daemon so that it could do some of the other features like file maintenance16:34
rhpot1991so all the userjob really does is makes a mysql entry that the daemon reads16:35
silverdulcetwhich points to the name of the job configured in mythexport_settings.cfg16:37
rhpot1991unfortunately the userjob doesn't know the resulting filename or we could just watch that16:38
rhpot1991I'm thinking the easiest work around would be to have the userjob touch a file and the daemon delete it, then the userjob would complete once that file is gone16:39
rhpot1991and in theory the backend should know that it has userjobs queue'd up and not shut down till they are all done16:39
rhpot1991I'm worried about multiple instances though16:40
rhpot19912 userjobs run, they each create a sql instance, mythexport starts running the first, deletes the file when its done, then starts running the 2nd16:41
rhpot1991meanwhile the backend sees that both jobs completed and shuts down16:41
silverdulcetperhaps mythnuv2mkv can give a clue? it assigns a job number to each transcode job queued.16:42
silverdulcetI would like to still use that, but for some reason after upgrading to mythtv .23 I only get 3fps when doing an xvid transcode where I used to get 20-30. I still get 20fps when doing h264 mkv encodes.16:43
rhpot1991silverdulcet: well part of the issue is that I can't push any new features into ubuntu until after the maverick release16:44
rhpot1991so I'd like to give you a chunk of code you can place in your files to fix the issue for now and then tackle it at a later point16:44
rhpot1991actually I could prob just reuse the id from the sql table and make a unique file which would work out well16:46
* rhpot1991 is thinking out loud, don't mind16:46
silverdulcetrhpot1991: well I'm willing to test it, until then I think I'll just do mythshutdown -l to lock the system from shutting down while I transcode things.16:46
rhpot1991silverdulcet: shoot me an email, and I'll get you something to test when I get a chance16:48
rhpot1991my irc nick @ubuntu.com16:48
rhpot1991actually make a bug instead please: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythexport16:49
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bugs : “mythexport” package : Ubuntu16:49
silverdulcetrhpot1991: ok16:50
silverdulcetrhpot1991: it looks as if there already is one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythexport/+bug/596251 shall I add something to that? Its the exact issue I mentioned.16:53
Zinn[bugs.launchpad.net] Bug #596251 in mythexport (Ubuntu): “mythexport reports start and finish of jobs at the same second”16:53
rhpot1991silverdulcet: thanks17:21
Riddellsuperm1: is mythbuntu in good shape to start testing for RC tomorrow?17:23
womboRiddell, I have been running the testing releases for a long time with very very few problems.17:34
womboBut I have not done a fresh install since 10.04; so I cannot comment on any changes to the fresh install changes17:34
Riddellwell it's fresh installs that need tested17:35
wombohehe yeah17:36
superm1Riddell, yes it's looking pretty good imo18:06
superm1the problems we had at beta should be cleaned up now18:06
Riddellgroovy, thanks superm118:06
superm1rhpot1991, it's a conffile, it would only stay if it was hand modified normally18:07
superm1if we still have that postinst code in place18:07
rhpot1991superm1: figured so much, also this is the first we've heard about it and thats an old change18:08
tgm4883kees, can I bug you for about 5 minutes for a security question?20:44
keestgm4883: sure thing20:48
tgm4883kees, ok thanks, PM20:50

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