highvoltagehow is everyone doing?01:29
nUboon2Ageakgraner, i just figured out what was causing the problem -- etherpad wants to set a cookie.  problem solved.04:07
akgranernUboon2Age, great glad you got it figured out :-)04:14
nUboon2Ageyeah it was puzzling, but then i realized i'd tightened my security on cookies and that' what was causing it.04:16
zkriessewazup ya'll04:16
alouriegood morning08:15
akgranergood morning!08:23
akgranerHey all I am going to grab a few hours of sleep - If you all can check Issue 212 for spelling errors that would be great...08:24
akgranerI think I have all the content added and I have double checked the links all I need to do now is add the in this issue  - I'll do that when I get up in a few hours and get this published early in the am :-)08:24
akgranerFeel free to make the spelling or camelcase fixes - for anything else let me know here and I'll look over it in a few hours08:25
akgranerthanks y'all08:25
akgraneralourie, I'll ping you after I've had some sleep and we can figure out where you can help :-)  (Thanks again!)08:26
alourieakgraner: thanks Amber08:31
alourieI'm her08:31
akgranerGood Morning :-)  Did anyone review Issue 212 yet?14:22
highvoltageit's ready for review already!? wow :)14:25
highvoltageakgraner: heh, I had some of those planet feed items in there but took them out since you said that the planet section should just be 6 items or so14:27
akgranerI know :-/14:28
akgranerpeople are writing some good stuff  - so I'll take the hit it people complain about it being to long14:28
highvoltageakgraner: I think the typical audience for UWN are people who are hungry for information and would rather have a bit too much than a bit too little14:29
akgranerIF it's too long people complain and if I don't opt to include stuff people complain - just look for a week with the least amount of complaints :-)14:29
highvoltageI think people who complain it's too long are just lazy. Reading just the headings takes less than 30s. If you're interested in something you can read more about it14:31
akgranerhighvoltage, the audience is very varied and I have to balance it with where it is syndicated as well14:31
akgranerie LWN14:32
akgranerI just have to not worry about the noise and listen to their points and see what's valid and what is just noise :-)14:33
akgranerSo did anyone review it for spelling errors or camelcases?14:33
akgranerIf not I need to do that now and get this published?14:33
akgranerApp Developer Week Starts today so I need to get this out before then14:33
highvoltageakgraner: I gave it a quick read-over and didn't see anything that's glaringly wrong, I'm on phone with client atm so don't quite have the bandwidth to do it properly, but it looks good from what I can see14:35
akgranerhighvoltage, thanks!14:35
alouriegood morning akgraner14:35
alourieslept well?14:35
akgraneryep got 4 hours or so :-)14:37
alourie4 hours of sleep??14:37
alouriethat even I do not do :-)14:37
akgranerusually I don't but I am try to get into a "normal" sleep cycle - whatever that may mean14:38
alourie4 hours is normal?14:38
akgranerI was getting very cranky and not very nice - so I am trying to get a way for the computer and get more efficient with the time I do spend online14:38
akgranernope but more normal than 2 or none14:39
alourie:-) indeed14:39
alourieakgraner: got coffee? I don't want you to get cranky and not nice :-)14:44
akgranerI do -  chocolate raspberry coffee  - yum-o14:46
akgranergive me just a few getting all the reminders out to the session leads for App Dev Week then when Pendulum gets through reviewing Issue 212 I'll publish it...14:46
alourietake your time14:51
Pendulumakgraner: looks good to me14:53
akgranerPendulum, thanks!14:55
alourieakgraner: so, got a sec?16:08
alouriethis is regarding the help thing16:17
alourieI vaguely remember you posted something like that few weeks ago16:18
akgranerI did16:21
akgranerwhat areas of UWN interest you the most- like what stories do you tend to follow more than others16:21
akgraneralourie, ^^^ sorry was watching -classroom16:22
alourieakgraner: well, I like the press, blogosphere, other news and sneak peeks16:26
akgraneralourie, want to start out and work on In the Press - there is another guy internalkernel who helps with that section as well I am sure he would like to know someone else is helping with that section as well16:28
akgranerhe travels a couple months so it gets tricky for him sometimes (like all of us)16:28
alourieakgraner: sure. How do we do that?16:29
alourieakgraner: I mean, is there a list of things we go through, or we just look for the information all around?16:30
akgraneralourie, can I email you?16:30
alourieakgraner: absolutely16:30
alourieakgraner: djay.il at gmail.com16:31
akgranerawesome - I'll get you all that in just a few hours  :-)16:31
akgranerIf you don't have it by the am please nudge me :-)16:31
alourieakgraner: sure. I'll ping you :-)16:32
=== alourie is now known as lourie
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akgranerThe new edition of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available here:23:11
akgranerAnother awesome week you all!  Issue 212 has been published the -news mailing lists and the announcement that it is available has been sent to various mailing lists, posted in the various IRC channels, as well as The Fridge, The Planet, and The Forums and we are ready for a new week in Ubuntu News - Thanks agian!23:38
akgranerIssue 213 will cover September 26th-October 2nd, 201023:38
akgranerHere are the links for working on next weeks issue:23:38
akgraner* etherpad for adding summaries -  http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN23:38
akgraner* etherpad for adding links and titles only - http://pad.ubuntu-uk.org/UWN-Ideas23:38
akgraner* googledoc - https://docs.google.com/Doc?docid=0AdKZelXU8Y2LZGNrcHRkYmhfODlkODNxNnRnZA&hl=en23:38
akgraner* wiki page - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue21323:38
akgranerMany Many Thanks!23:39

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